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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  September 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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join us again next week when the next r that does it for us. john roberts is next with the fox report. >> president trump is preparing to take center stage in new york city. the general assembly is getting underway this week. president trump will address the body for the first time. this is the fox report. i'm john roberts. >> resident trump arriving back in new york city late sunday afternoon after week in new jersey. he is a scheduled for the united nations on tuesday. north korea is expected to be at the top of the agenda as kim jong-un ramps up nuclear threats in the face of new sanctions. the president is also expected to push for reforming the united nations,
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the institution he is often criticized for. hr mcmaster previewed president trump speech on fox news sunday. listen here. >> he thanks it's a tremendous opportunity to reach so many world leaders and emphasize three thing themes. to protect the american people, promote american prosperity, and help promote accountability and sovereignty. those three themes will allow him to communicate his vision for america's role in the world, but also what his expectations are. also of other nations and the united nations. they should protect the sovereignty of their citizens and respect the sovereignty of other nations. >> christian fisher is in somerset new jersey. the general assembly doesn't start until tomorrow but important meetings are underway. >> that's right. tonight secretary of state rex tillerson will be meeting
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with the russian foreign minister for the situation in syria will be front and center. the real action will get started tomorrow, beginning with president trump hosting a un reform event. in the past, present trump has been very critical of the un. he called incompetent and threatened to cut funding. listen how the um pastor to the un, nikki haley, described it just this morning. >> it is a new day at the un. what you are now seeing is that israel bashing has become more balanced, it's action oriented. i think what we will do is see him respond to that on tuesday. >> president trump isn't expected to bash the un in his speech to the general assembly, but john, you know better than anyone that this president can change his mind up until the very last
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minute, case in point, his first big speech to nato when everyone thought they would reaffirm the article five pledge but at the last minute he decided not to do it. >> is nikki told us on friday, he will slap the right people and how the right people. north korea clearly will dominate the agenda and the president has a new nickname for that country's leader. >> from the president that brought you crooked hillary, little marco and lying ted, now we have the rocket man from north korea. he debuted this new nickname on twitter this morning. i spoke with president moon and asked him how rocket man is doing. too bad. the long gas lines he is referring to have to do with the latest sanctions that were just passed by the un security council with decreases all oil imports in
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north korea by about 30%, but despite the unanimous condemnation by the security council and despite president trump's promise just a few weeks ago to rain down fire and fury on north korea if they do not stop with all of these provocations, so far all of it has had very little impact. that prompted his national security adviser, general mcmaster to say we are out of time, we are out of road to keep kicking the can down. today, this morning on fox news sunday, chris wallace asked him, what exactly did he mean. what does it mean when you say we've run out of road? here was his response. >> it really depends on how we see this threat continue to manifest itself and our judgment about how much time we have. this regime is so close to threatening the united states and others with a nuclear weapon that we really have to
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move with a great deal of urgency on sanctions, on diplomacy, and on preparing, if necessary, a military option. >> general mcmaster made it very clear that while the u.s. would not prefer to use military options there are still plenty of military options on the table. >> the secretary state rex tillerson said there's not much runway to land on so a lot of that is being kicked around. thanks so much. more on this at the bottom of the hour the former ambassador john bolton. the u.s. is not backing off threats of military actions against north korea. this is after the rogue regime launches a ballistic missile over japan on thursday. north korea is picking up the force to build a missile capable of striking the u.s. mainland. mike brown is addressing that possibility in an appearance on sunday morning. >> he is not part of the civilized world and most certainly, you can't assume he doesn't have other types of weapons as well.
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the reality is, at this point, he does not have the huge capabilities that it will take to actually deliver such a blow. he can cause us pain and cause our allies pain and most certainly with south korea and soul he has a military force on the border. >> greg has more from seoul, south korea. >> has tensions are high here on the korean peninsula, attention is focused halfway around the world to new york for the upcoming un general assembly meeting. we been speaking with the office of the south korean president and they tell us president trump and president moon agreed to strengthen collaboration in the face of north korean provocatio provocation. they will be meeting in new york on the sidelines of the un meetings along with japanese prime minister.
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this comes in the wake of north korea launching its latest intermediate range ballistic missile. kim jong-un reportedly in attendance, getting attention to is the trump administration officials launching their own round of verbal attacks on the sunday talk shows. national security advisor hr mcmaster declared north korea had run out of road. secretary state tillerson said if diplomacy fails than the military option is the only one left. remember the north korean delegation are set to be inside the general assembly hall, not far from when president trump will give his own address. that should all be very interesting. finally, john, officials here in south korea are still watching very carefully north korea this week. he has been known to make trouble when diplomatic
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events are happening elsewhere. and he wants to stay in the public eye. >> another storm turning in the atlantic ocean as its sights are set on the caribbean island. tropical storm maria became a hurricane this afternoon. it is hanging out east of antilles. it could be on course to hit the same caribbean islands battered by hurricane irma. florida is still recovering from irma's devastation especially in the florida key. big trucks are rolling in to pick up downed trees and other debris. many are counting their blessings that their homes are still standing. >> a lot of trees down unfortunately, for the most part we were fine. we had food, water, the worst thing was not having power and air-conditioning.
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>> matt finn is on the mainland west of the keys. tired and frustrated residents are finally being let back in to the lower keys. >> one week later residents are finally allowed into all locations. behind me is a roadblock where military and police are screening people, only allowing in residence with proper documentation and as if abandoning their homes was not bad enough, many are driving back to a house that has been obliterated and sitting in the floor to heat. we talked to one family with their children who have been living in their car because they're out of money. we talked to a few other people who tonight are returning to their homes for the first time. here's what they had to say. >> it ripped the side out and took all my bird cages away, everything is gone.
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what wasn't flooded is just taken away. >> no house. i drive all the way back and have to live on my porch. >> in a few minutes, this will close and there'll be a strict curfew and the sheriff is saying there's a zero tolerance for crime after hurricane irma. >> any improvement in the basic services like cellular phone system, and getting hospitals backup. >> all week long we were in the keys and there was little to no cellular reception. it's getting better but it still spotty. there were two mobile hospitals and there are for veterinary clinics but otherwise people who choose to return face miserable and dangerous conditions in this heat. >> folks remember all too well when hurricane andrew came through. the first lawsuit has been filed in connection of the death of a people at a
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florida nursing home. they were left in the sweltering nursing home in hollywood florida after irma knocked out air-conditioning. they are seeking unspecified damages. a small memorial sits and front of the center. rick scott is launching an investigation and announcing new rules giving them just 60 days to install a backup generator and have enough fuel on had to operate for 96 hours during a power outage. >> right now police say two murders in louisiana were racially motivated. they already have a person of interest in custody. the evidence that could link this man to the crime. plus, more unrest in missouri as protesters warm city streets for a third night and how residents are reacting. >> this morning when i got up , i said there was only one thing to do, come down to clean up the city.
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. >> police in louisiana say the murders of two black men in baton rouge may have been racially motivated. they arrested the man on drug charges after finding marijuana and human growth hormone during a search of his home. he may be connected to the two murders. the shootings happen last week about 5 miles apart. the 59-year-old homeless man was shot to death in two days later of 49-year-old man was gunned down walking to work. shell casings from the shooting link the two murders in a car belonging to gleason that the description of the shooters. st. louis is bracing for a third night of protest after the acquittal of a white police officer in the death of a black man. the situation is getting out of hand on saturday when folks started hurling objects
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at officers and breaking store windows. at least nine people were arrested. here's more from missouri. what's the scene. >> another day, another demonstration. these people clearly are discouraged by anything that has happened thus far. of hundreds of people out and they mostly been marching up and down, making a lot of noise in making their voices heard. it was a different scene late last night. the demonstration went on through the day and in the opinion of someone enforcement contacts there are more than a dozen kids hell-bent on having a conflict before the night let out. those kids hung around after the demonstrators went home. around 11:00 p.m. a block to the street and stood there for a while. tensions increased. as it picked up, at some point the university or the county police came in and supplemented the numbers of
10:17 pm
the university police in large-scale. they drove the demonstrators down the street and that's when they retreated, smashing that storefront window as they went. they smashed out a long line in a number of them were arrested. here's the reaction from the governor. >> people who are peacefully protesting, people who are peaceful will be protected. people who engage in violence and vandal will immediately be arrested. >> seven were arrested by county police. to buy local police. charges range from failure to disperse to destruction of property to assault on law enforcement officers. some of the charges are felony. >> is there any outside agitators you could see that you're following. >> we been watching this pretty closely and looking for the outside agitators but there's no intelligence that people from the outsider showing up. looking at the addresses of those arrested, almost all of them are local, from missouri
10:18 pm
or close by in illinois. there's every indication this is local and homegrown and spontaneous and related to this case. >> thanks so much. americans abroad attacked with acid at the train station in france. what investigators are saying about the violence and new information we are learning about the victims. plus british authorities making a second arrest after friday's terror attack on the london subway. investigators calm the home of an elderly couple outside the city. >> i don't think it's helpful for anyone to speculate on an ongoing investigation. the police are doing the work necessary to investigate the circumstances
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we are learning more about the four americans attacked with acid at a train station in france. authorities say the victims are students who are studying abroad. they have been released from the hospital and are doing okay. this all happen at the main train station in marseille france. it is not terror related and the suspect is disturbed. the uk is lowering the threat level after making a second arrest in the bombing of the london tube. meantime, investigators conducting two searches. this one at a home belonging to an elderly couple who had taken in foster children for years, including refugees from conflict zones like syria and iraq. kitty logan has the latest from london. >> hello. two key arrests have been made in connection with the investigation. the government has felt
10:23 pm
confident enough to reduce the terror threat levels. it is now back down to severe , from critical. the second suspect is a 21-year-old man. he was detained in the district of hans low, very close to heathrow airport. just before midnight local time, please are also continuing friends at work in an area that was rated yesterday. that belongs to an elderly couple who fosters refugee children and has an 18-year-old in their care. he thought to be the same teenager who was arrested early yesterday in the port of dover. his arrest is described as very significant. he is now being questioned by police in london. please are trying to determine if more than one person may have been involved in planting this bomb on a busy commuter train on friday morning. it only partly exploded but 13 people were injured, mostly with burns but there is still much more work for police to do to determine how
10:24 pm
extensive this bomb plot may have been and how many accomplices may still be at large. >> thank you. >> president trump taking a bipartisan approach to cut a deal on some key agenda issues like tax reform. can he get both parties on board or will it be more gridlock in washington. plus the president also making his first address at the un general assembly this week, an institution he often criticizes. what should world leaders expect to hear? the investor joins us with his take, coming up next. >> the united nations has tremendous potential. there are those people who
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wow, you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. will pay me i'm john roberts. this is the fox report. president trump returns to his home state ahead of the annual un general assembly. they're arriving in new york city at the sight of this week's meeting. he is set to address the assembly on tuesday for the first time as president and he is planning to push his message of un reform and transparency during that speech. the assembly will tackle some tough issues with north korea being one of the biggest. the country vowing to continue developing its weapons program despite crippling sanctions from the u.s. rex tellis and said if diplomacy doesn't work, the only thing left is a military option.
10:29 pm
>> if our diplomatic efforts fail, our military option will be the only one left. all of this is backed up by a very strong and resolute military option. be clear, we seek a peaceful solution to this. >> joining me now is john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. the president seems to have a new nickname for kim jong-un. he asked how rocket man was doing. long gas lines are forming in north korea. too bad. the sanctions, are they having an effect. >> absolutely not. i think we need to be clear. the first un sanctions were imposed in 2006. i was there when we did it. i think you can make a case that the cumulative impact of all sanctions since 2006, right up until today, on the nuclear and ballistic missile program has been negligible.
10:30 pm
the sanctions are not enforced by china and russia. they're not being enforced today by iran. the north korean economy is pitiful to begin with, the effect of the sanctions, even if enforced would not slow these programs down. today we are running out of tim time. ironically, although the trump administration rhetoric is far tougher than the obama administration rhetoric, it is pursuing the same policies. a combination of sanctions and pharmacy. we've tried it for 25 years. it has failed for 25 years. it will fill today. >> and yet the president keep saying we did this for success of administration for years and years on end with no discernible difference in the behavior. they're doing the same thing. >> this is the power of the government bureaucracy to keep moving in a particular direction until it's told you to turn around. i think all this talk about a military option really could undermine the president's credibility down the road. if people ultimately think it's not serious, it will
10:31 pm
hurt him later. how to show it serious, he should announce on tuesday that he has ordered the withdrawal of all civilian dependent. personnel, diplomatic and military from south korea. that would be a signal were getting serious. >> on tv this morning rex tillerson said military is not the preferred method, diplomacy is, others say they want to make sanctions work but they're keeping this option on the table. let's listen to investor haley this morning. >> you have to ask the president went fire and fury meant but i think we all know, if north korea keeps on with this reckless behavior, if the united states has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, north korea will be destroyed and we all know that. we are trying every other possibility we have, but there's a whole lotta military options on the table. >> investor, a number of official said north korea
10:32 pm
will be destroyed in any military action. lives will be lost on both side. is there any military option that doesn't result with the deaths of thousands, if not millions of people in south korea. >> absolutely. look. i think the question is not what is the risk of the military option, if diplomacy fails, which it has with north korea, i think there's a diplomatic play with china to reunite the peninsula but i think the long shot. here's the question. when this crisis ends in a month, six months, whatever, the question the american people have to address is are you satisfied if north korea retains a nuclear and ballistic missile technology to enable it to threaten and attack the united states into infinity and i reject that. i agree with chairman of the joint chiefs of staff who was asked, isn't it unimaginable to consider military option and he said no it's not. what's unimaginable to me is leaving north korea with a
10:33 pm
nuclear capability. >> what you think kim jong-un play is? does he want to get a missile that is capable of hitting the united states and then say okay let's deal. >> people are very confused why north korea wants nuclear weapons. many people in the united state states, by the propaganda art, we just want the missiles to be saved from the united states. north korea wants these capabilities to ultimately take over south korea. how would they do that? they would threaten a spread they would say you remove your troops from south korea, seesaw military aid, or we will attack. >> so this isn't just propping up the regime. >> absolutely not. >> and they want to be a power in the region, and it's not just they would threaten us with missile tip nuclear weapons, they could sell them to iran or terrorist groups. they could sell them to other wannabe nuclear powers. that's why with this bizarre regime in north korea, we
10:34 pm
cannot and this crisis with them still in possession of that capabilit capability. >> what about north korea and what china. the president said they are doing something spread he couldn't tell me what but the secretary of state addressed at this morning. let's listen. >> we said, look, you have the best information. you have your hand on the bow. you set it where you think it will create the message you want to send this regime that they must change the path they are on. we are leaving it in china's hands at this point. >> the talk is, do we start to squeeze trade with china and order to get them to put pressure on north korea. is that a wise play? >> i listened to secretary tillerson and that remark and it's like life began on january the 20th of this year. china has been driving us on north korea for 25 years because they think, they
10:35 pm
thought that north korea is fundamentally our problem. i think we've got to convince china that it's fundamentally their problem to the cause if this goes on, japan will get nuclear weapons and china's stability will be threatened. ultimately, the answer is the reunification of the peninsula. we eliminate the north korean regime and we have to make the argument that in china's interest. >> let's turn to the rotter subjects. were told he will develop three things, protect the american people, promote accountability and sovereignty. nikki haley says he will slap the right people and how the right people who need slapping besides north korea and iran and who needs hugging. >> and the president has a very tough job. i think it will be fairly
10:36 pm
restrained speech. i think those are all great. when george w. bush used to come to the un, he called it his annual trip to the wax museum because that's the reaction he got. i think of president trump views it as a wax museum he should declare victory. >> you famously said if you took ten floors off, the secretary would make a lick of difference because it's so inefficient there. you still feel the same way. >> of course. nothing has changed at the un and nothing will change until we eliminate the way it's funded. eliminate the contributions and make all contributions by member states completely voluntary. that would get their attention. >> always good to talk too. thank you. fox news learn that michael : will testify before the senate intelligence committee. he confirmed he plans to meet with committee members as they prepare to conduct more interviews this month as part of their investigation into russian meddling. they say it will be a closed
10:37 pm
session meeting much like the ones given to the senate judiciary committee. the president's eldest son donald trump junior in the president's son-in-law jerrica sharp. congressman gaudi is adding to the call for james kelly to testify before congress. he is seeking answers from komi concerning the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail. this is after transcripts came to light showing he cleared clinton before interviewing her or other witnesses in the case. here is former attorney general alberto gonzales on whether that constitutes a crime. >> as to whether or not any of this raises criminal wrongdoing or the leaking of the memo and prejudging the case, whether any of that raises to criminal activity, it really, from the public record, i think it's a stretch. there are serious consequences that may arise. for example, the inspector general of the.
10:38 pm
[inaudible] they will come out with a harsh indictment of how jim exercised his authority as fbi director as interjecting himself as the prosecutor when in fact, as head of the fbi, they are in the investigators. >> he testified in june regarding allegations to shut down the russian investigation. bernie sanders criticized the democratic party after the loss of the 2016 election. >> the carbon model of the democratic party is obviously not working. the republican controlled house, the senate, they control the white house, they control two thirds of the governor's offices throughout this country. in my view, what we need to do is reach out to independents. there are heck of a lot more independence than there are republicans or democrats. i'm an independent. i have always worked within the mechanic senate and i
10:39 pm
will continue to do that. >> he also pushed back against hillary clinton's claim that he and his supporters can contributed to her defeat saying he worked as hard as he could to help clinton win. the trump administration, working hard to reach a bipartisan agreement on tax reform and immigration policy. still ahead, how lawmakers are reacting to trump's plan to the dreamers. >> we came to a basic >> we came to a basic unders
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against the clock after president trump announced he would and the law that hundreds of thousand young undocumented immigrants, dreamers, for deportation. they are reacting on how that will impact the future of immigration reform. here is illinois senator dick durbin. >> we are going forward with the understanding that we can work with the white house to come up with an agreement that includes daca and citizenship for those who are protected under the dream act and also has a substantial commitment to increased overprotection. those are the two pillars of this understanding. >> garrett joins us live from washington. what are republicans saying about the so-called understanding? >> there is still disagreement over what that understanding entails or if there was an agreement at all. in the weekly press statement, they said nothing has been agreed to and nothing changed in regard to where republicans stand on that issue.
10:44 pm
>> if we don't fix the problems we have with border security and enforcement, then we would only fix daca, we will have another problem a decade from now. that's the symptom of the problem. let's fix both. i think people are beginning to understand our position has not changed and will stay the same. >> they characterized it as the beginning of a negotiation. not what democrats but first among republicans to see what kind of immigration reform they can agree on. that's a tall order in and of itself because the number of conservative lawmakers are against any deal that gives dreamers a path to citizenship. steve king made that clear when he said the president will have a hard time getting reelected if amnesty is included in any deal. >> what ideas are republicans looking at to reach some sort of an agreement. >> there's ideas from a number of different groups.
10:45 pm
there was a working group the surprise gop lawmakers from various fashions of the party. to see what kind of immigration bill could have enough support to pass and the freedom house caucus are also working on their own pieces of legislation. whatever deal is reached, senator tom cotton is pushing for it to improve his bill. today he said it's an idea the president said he supports. >> i think the president has had publicly there's not a deal. he wants to see a deal. in fact he called me a couple nights ago to say there's no deal. he wants to make sure we protect the interest of american workers. they want to focus on a package of immigrants for illegal immigrants. we want to put american workers first. >> one thing they came to agree on is any deal with daca will not include the border wall which the president said he will still pursue, just not part of this deal. >> he does want strong border
10:46 pm
security protections. let's see if he can get that. i think the split in the republican party is one of the reasons why he is reaching out to democrats. >> absolutely. it's pay dividends in the past that we seen, we will see going forward if that continues to be the case. republicans are very divided on this issue and healthcare as well. >> congress also working on another bipartisan deal. tax reform with republicans claiming they are close to a deal. allison barber has more. >> tax reform is arguably the most important legislative issue for the white house. its top of their to do list. it's far from an easy task. republicans say they will release details of the plan the week of september 25. >> details about our business and individual rights we propose on tax reform, a dramatic simplification of how we tax so families can keep more of what they earn and our businesses ca can
10:47 pm
compete anywhere in the world and win, especially here at home. >> a small group of republicans are negotiating tax reform takes six. the chair the house ways and means committee is part of the group. before tax reform, congress needs to settle on a budget resolution. >> that gives us the runway, the rules that allow us, when the budget is complete they will begin action on tax reform. >> the white house says they want tax reform to be bipartisan. senate minority whip had this to say on fox news sunday. >> there will be differences but that's what the senate is all about. sitting down with democrats and republicans and the republicans are in the majority. early working out in amendment process that comes to a conclusion were both sides have to compromise to some degree. that's where you get the best legislation, and that's where
10:48 pm
you get something the american people can trust. >> last week president trump invited a small bipartisan group of senators to the white house for dinner to discuss this very topic. >> a mysterious illness, what the state department is considering after nearly two dozen americans become ill. >> we have it under evaluation. it's a very serious issue with respect to the harm certain individuals have sufferd esurance does insurance a smarter way.
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the trump administration now considering whether to close down the u.s. embassy in havana following an unexplained incident harming the health of american diplomats. at least 21 u.s. citizens have been affected and rex tillerson is calling this a very serious issue. they join us now from new york. brian, we the cuban government says they aren't even sure they are responsible. >> the state department believes the cuban government is at least responsible for failing to protect u.s. diplomats. the state department believes so-called sonic acoustic attacks left diplomats and
10:53 pm
their families ill, some with permanent hearing loss or concussions, nausea, headaches and ear ringing. these acoustic attacks happened as recently as a month ago. experts are baffled despite an ongoing investigation and no clear evidence of who was responsible. secretary of state rex tillerson indicated today the united states is considering closing the u.s. embassy in cuba as punishment. >> we have it under evaluation. it's a very serious issue with the harm that certain individuals have suffered. we brought some of those people home. it is under review. >> tillerson statement comes two days after republicans wrote a letter urging him to hold cuba responsible for failing to protect american diplomats. it reads in part, we urge you to remind the cuban government of its obligation and demand that it take verifiable action to remove these threats to our
10:54 pm
personnel and their family. we ask that you immediately declare all cuban diplomats in the united states persona and grotto and if they don't take tangible action, close the u.s. embassy in havana. in 2015. [inaudible] >> the situation is so bizarre. you're in one part of the room and you don't hear anything. you go lie on the bed and it's like the entire room is vibrating. what does the cuban government say. >> they did speak to the top diplomat. they have no idea where this mysterious attack is coming from. they described castro as before the even allowing them to come to havana and investigate. >> very strange. brian, thanks so much
10:55 pm
brian, i just need to know if the customer app will be live monday. can we at least analyze customer traffic? can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian... legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday?! yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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>> a new shows come into the fox news channel on sunday night. tmc creator and producer harvey 11 host a new series called objectified. it gives viewers an inside look into the lives of the biggest stars. here he is discussing how he came up with the idea. >> i'll tell you the idea. a realtor called me up, i love autobiographies and buyer fees and i wanted to the show about interesting people. i don't want to sit on the sofa and do it because it's been done that way. a realtor called me up and said, you should look at steven spielberg's house because it's amazing. he's lived there for 40 years. and he's thinking of selling it. said you walk through it and it has jaws and everything in his
10:59 pm
life and i said that's way to tell a story. you divide somebody's life up into seven chapters and those will vary from person to person. each chapter is represented by an object that person chose to keep over the years. gets you into the story and the time and why it was significant. and also the lessons they learned. it makes it where there and control and invested. what we ended up getting was intimate conversations were even they were surprised about how things connected in their lives. >> objectified premieres next on fox. in the first episode they find out what will surprise viewers most about judge judy. that's how fox reports this sunday september 26, 2017. i'm john roberts. thanks for watching ha s s s s .
11:00 pm
chris: i'm chris wallace, north korea fires another missile while london is hit by a terror attack as president trump prepares to take the world stage and address the un. ♪ >> north korea is a global threat and requires a global response. >> we have been kicking the can down the road and we are now down the road. >> i have no problem kicking it to general mattis because he has other options. chris: the president's message to the international community on north korea, iran and terror with national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster. then does president trump have an immigration deal with chuck and


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