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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 18, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> julie: we will see you back here in one hour. just before "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we will begin with this, a historic moment for president trump and the world. making his first appearance at the united nations as leader of the free world, ahead of the highly anticipated speech before the general assembly, this is the threat of a nuclear north korea is looming large over the annual gathering of those world leaders. top diplomats to the united nation's warning that we are running out of options, diplomatically to avert a war. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. sandra smith here. and host of "kennedy," kennedy herself. julie internal, and one lucky guy, we welcome him for the first time, the editor in chief
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of "the daily caller"'s foundation, chris bedford is here, his new book, "the art of the donald" hits bookstores october 10th. welcome, great to have you. >> it is busy in d.c. >> harris: do you know where you are right now? >> outnumbered, and very lucky. it's going we will start with the news, president trump is in the spotlight as he gears up for his first address to the u.n. general assembly, a big focus of his speech is expected to be a call for the world to act tough on north korea as it steps up its missile and nuclear testing. earlier today as a first order of business, the president not holding back as he called on the u.n. to change its ways during a meeting on reform. here it is. >> that is why we commend the secretary general and his call for the united nations to focus more on people and less on
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bureaucracy. we seek the united nations that were against the trust of the people around the world in order to achieve this, the united nations must hold every level of management accountable, protect whistle-blowers, and focus on results instead of nonprofit -- -- >> harris: kellyanne conway with a preview of what we can expect from the speech tomorrow. >> the president will call on our allies and others as we come together to push back against a nuclear capable north korea. and this president has also called for a better balance, a better deal and trade deals for the country, he is putting american workers and american companies, american employers, and american interests first. how that goes into a u.n. address like this is making clear that he will always come to the table in good faith, but that these deals made to benefit americans more. the same thing with the u.n. reform, and sovereignty and accountability, we need to be a
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sovereign nation with physical borders. >> harris: one more part to the story before we talk, ambassador to the united nations nikki haley is warning that the u.s. is out of options to avoid war. >> we have exhausted all the things we can do at the security council at this point. to the fire and fury, while he said this is what we can do, we wanted to be responsible and go through diplomatic means to get their attention first. if that does not work, general mattis will take care of it. >> harris: what is impressive about ambassador haley, she is working on the speech. all hands on deck for tomorrow. what do you think we will see? >> christopher: i would like to see a little bit of what she talked about there, reliance on sovereignty that the united nations is not some world government, very few americans believe that, but in total bay, they believe that. this is the 72nd general assembly that he is addressing, is there anyone that thinks that the united nations is even capable of accomplishing any of the goals that it is set out to
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accomplish initially? to remind people about human rights, this is a body where russia sits on the council, and the saudis are in charge of looking over women, they do not show up when they need to. they do not show up in syria, cambodia, when they show up in haiti, 10,000 people get colorado, when they show up elsewhere, there is sexual abuse. we gave more money, we do not know how much, 8-$10 billion a year, i would like to see reform there, i would like to see them to call for that as well. >> harris: your numbers were spot on, they were reporting that russia puts in about three or 4% of the cost of what they do. notice though, jillian, russia is not there, angela merkel of germany is not there. >> gillian: they have seats on the security council, that is interesting. to respond to what chris said, my response is that the u.n. is
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a deeply flawed organization in many instances it has failed to carry out the core missions and objectives. at the same time, i do not think that you throw the baby out with the bathwater. i think that it has an incredibly important mission in the 21st century when countries are relying less than ever before on military force alone. i think that our best hopes are for reaffirming the u.n. as president trump wants to do and trying to get it to be more successful as core mission, core missions today around the world. >> harris: kennedy, when the president was speaking a couple of hours ago, one of the things he mentioned was the building across the street, he could maybe upgrade the u.n., rv at a point where if we are going to be paying such a huge amount compared to other countries, that we should host the club and it should be taking our roles as a nation? >> kennedy: make sense to us. you like to get what you pay for. everybody is looking for a bargain, but if you pony up, and they send you back in coach,
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because it is better if more people are in coach, regardless of what you pay, you throw a fit. you would be tossed off the plane, they would kill your rabbits, unfortunately. we should expect more. and if you buy in to something, you deserve to get more out of it. that is economic justice, and we are not getting that with the united nations. at the president has taken them to task for a couple of reasons. one is for the lopsided security funding, not to mention the general budget that we are propping up, but the peacekeeping forces around the world, and as you said, you said they are -- >> harris: percentages are very down. >> kennedy: 193 members of the united nations, why are we paying that high of a percentage when there are other operating military budgets across the globe who also have a vested interest in peace customer spill and the pushback might be on that, well, you guys are the
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biggest country in terms of the biggest military and so on and so forth, but one of the things that has been missing from the conversation is really what we do with north korea right now, what we do with those parties that are not at the table after putting this tough, tough sanction on that country. speak to the president has been careful to say that he does not want to broadcast the strategy here. that's what we hear from the white house time and time again. we are wondering what the details of the strategy are. that being said, because it is something that you cover so closely, so intimately, more of a general question as we await the president to address the u.n. general assembly, and we talk about how these world leaders will react there. how is he being seen by the world right now as far as the world leaders? what is their perception of the president. >> christopher: he is not going against the applause, president barack obama went against, by the way, getting applause as against the rules, you're not supposed to do that.
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>> gillian: they could not help themselves, so peaceful. >> christopher: he started out really happy about everything. he finished up his speech by attacking president trump, which also breaks to chrome, but we are starting with japan, south korea, two of the players that have the most to lose by far in the war coming into the potential war, south korea still fighting the war, they never even ended it. and i think that the president is going to try to, it's going to be a lot of the same that we always see. the state needs to pass more sanctions, we need to unite at the united nations, we could pass the tenth round of station stations, north korea will say that we have nukes, and it is a position that is only agreed with by them, iran, and antifa, but we will see a lot of the same, i do not look forward to a lot being accomplished. >> harris: the tone that he took when he went to nato was very tough. there were some countries that
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walked away when he said coming you know what, he was talking about ponying up your percentage with tomato, can he take the same tone at the united nations? >> kennedy: he can on certain issues he is going to come alike on reform. you will hear some harsh rhetoric that is a little bit more critical and a little bit more stinging than what we are used to hearing from the president of the united states. but i just want to point out for everything that's whatever the president says and whatever every member of the american delegation says at the united nations, general assembly will be parsed into a million pieces by the international community. it will be translated and re-translated and interpreted for days and weeks to come, and will set the tone for u.s. foreign policy for the rest of the president's term. if he has another term, then his entire presidency. it's important that he uses this as a vehicle to establish the trump doctrine. >> kennedy: you are absolutely
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right, and nikki haley is setting that up. he is taking mike pence, he is taking rex tillerson. and whatever is perceived to be the coolest heads around him, and i don't think it is a sense of him being tethered, but you are right, they are setting up what is his foreign policy? what is his outreach? what are the united states rational demands in terms of north korea and iran, and -- nikki haley, doing a very good job of setting the table for him and what the administration really wants. and he tends to do better on foreign policy, if it is a more serious sphere, and he will have teleprompter, he will stay on message. they will look for missteps every chance that they get paid but for his detractors, it will have to be nitpicking the policy aspects. they do not have a choice in what our foreign policy is. >> harris: what is being reported is everybody that you mentioned helping him to fashion his comments. you had your finger in the air.
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one last comment. >> christopher: this is one thing i would like to see. this is from the demands for democracy's, i would like to see a home i'll let her. if we pay for the school bus, we should have one person who can be tackling all of the corruption in the u.n. i think that would be a great move to reforming the institution. >> harris: inspector general at the u.n., do you want that job? >> christopher: no. >> harris: we will move on, robert mueller is hiring another democratic donor to work on his russia investigation. whether the white house should be concerned about stacking the deck, and hillary clinton has not been shy about blaming others for her presidential election loss, the said that the tarmac meeting with loretta lynch may have hurt her. is she right about that? didn't they want to investigate that? after the show you can catch us live online, click on the overtime tab when you go to, a live
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>> sandra: robert mueller hiring another democratic donor per his russia pope. record showed that kyle freeney gave money to barack obama and hillary clinton in the last three presidential elections. that makes her the ninth attorney on mueller staff who has donated to jams, and at the fifth who gave to hillary clinton. "the new york times" reporting on growing tension in the west wing on how much to cooperate in the investigation. a reporter tweeting a photo with the caption "here's a photo of trump attorney and john dowd, casually and loudly discussing details of russia investigations at blt steak d.c. while i sat at the next table." says that he was overheard saying he wants to turn over as many documents as possible in hopes of quickly ending the probe. julian looks shocked. white house costal gloom and counsel to hold back some
9:17 am
information so they can exert ee decisions. i will go to your first purchase before i had not heard that before, i just saw this live on the air, i'm thinking, oh, i know if you go anywhere in downtown d.c., you can hear some of the nation's worst kept secrets, but anything to do with people that are actively involved in the russia investigation, like you think that they would rent a conference room or something. that is shocking. >> kennedy: or whisper. >> gillian: it is so inappropriate and frankly irresponsible and dangerous. if that's reporting is true. it is really, really bad amateur move. >> kennedy: lanny davis was on the train going from d.c. to new york, two reporters simultaneously that were furiously tacking down all of the tidbits of this conversation, because he was so loudly discussing bernie sanders and joe biden, and not in glowing terms. he was just >> harris:
9:18 am
venom -- >> harris: was in here from the dnc, because remember he was on "outnumbered"? >> kennedy: yes, before that. he was the #oneluckyguy here. he entered one of the reporters he was blabbering. >> christopher: i can recommend to mr. cobb if he wants to go to to a paste place will see no new york reporters, there is a basement place, they have great chicken fingers, i tell you, you will never spot a daily caller news foundation reporter eating at blt steak, that is some fancy lunch. soon you guys are so fancy. >> sandra: let's talk about another democratic donor working on mueller's team. >> harris: i have an upside to this, i know i have been thinking about, how do you just look for the sunnyside? when they find whatever they find, and so far there has been no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia, but when they find whatever they
9:19 am
find, i am wondering since it is mostly democrats doing this now on the team, if they find nothing that depends anything on this administration or this president, can they better let it go, because i stacked the deck with their own people? >> christopher: i don't think they were of ever let it go. they will keep the investigation going. you know, it is pretty small time -- >> harris: but they are the ones doing it. >> christopher: she has donated three times, we found about $750, but out of the nine people come by and, more like six $65,000 in donations. >> kennedy: are there any republicans? mueller. he is a designated republican. not many trump fans, and people who chase money, folks who come from a democratic background, they come from the doj, and they will chase money. so there is a point, maybe we should turn over some of the documents and not let a be like a drip, drip, drip. >> kennedy: is that the most problematic thing for that
9:20 am
administration? because there has been a money laundering cases dealing with the wolf of wall street, so lawyers like that work within the system to check for clues that normally would be glossed over by less seasoned lawyers, but it seems like mueller is appointing people who have a very specific skill set going after things. >> harris: going after the cash, if they find something, it will be these very experienced people. i wonder what the clarification or the announcement will look like? >> gillian: here's a question. i am not defending the practice of hiring these people, because i think that there should be a special effort exerted to higher nonpolitically, at least explicitly politically affiliated folks, do you believe that at all these democratic leaning lawyers can set aside their politics in the pursuit of this investigation? >> harris: i hope so. that's all we can do is hope.
9:21 am
>> gillian: or there is zero chance? >> harris: he was accused of a judge of being accused of hiding information on the executive order for the dreamers. he was judged with another set of lawyers, so maybe not. >> kennedy: that is absolutely right. they were asked if they had a specific piece of information, they were like, no, nothing to see here, but the law was implemented. >> sandra: as hillary clinton promotes her book about her failed presidential campaign, she has not held back about whom she feels cost her the election. the two people not on her naughty list yet are her husband bill and former attorney general loretta lynch. while she concedes that the tarmac meeting last summer did not look good, she pins the blame on the fallout not on them, but on former fbi chief james comey. >> both my husband and loretta lynch said that they did not say a word about this. the optics were not good, i admit that, but in the chain of
9:22 am
command, if the attorney general is recused, the deputy attorney general. we know what happened is that the investigation was getting nowhere, there was nothing to find, and he was in a position of having to accept the evidence that there was no case. when you are a prosecutor or an fbi director, if there is no case, there is no case. instead he had a press conference. >> sandra: in the meantime, bernie sanders pushing back for hillary's complaint that he did not work hard enough for her. >> i worked as hard as i could after endorsing hillary clinton. i went all over this country. i would remind people, people say, well, not everybody who voted for bernie voted for hillary, no kidding. that's what happens in politics. if my memory is correct, in 2008, something like 24% of the people voted for hillary clinton in the primary, they voted for john mccain. that is the power of politics.
9:23 am
>> sandra: you are chomping at the bit. >> christopher: i think that bill clinton would be happy watching, a few decades that he has been in trouble. you heard it here first. >> sandra: unbelievable, but the tarmac meeting, let's go back. did it change the outcome of the election? >> christopher: i think a lot of things change the outcome of the election. of the russian hack that we outed it away from the rust belt and went to phoenix or boston, and the thing that made hillary clinton when they hacked into her brain and said, we need to destroy the coal industry, and jobs, there was the russian hack that caused hillary clinton to ignore working-class voters and go to the special interest groups. then there was the fact that after decades and decades, seeming, seeming corruption, never quite probing, bill clinton was golfing in the 100-degree weather in phoenix like you said, but the appearance of corruption caught up with her, and she got in trouble. and she cannot say to bernie sanders, people like you,
9:24 am
why can they like me? >> harris: he gave her a pass, he was willing to give her a pass on it. >> kennedy: yes, but she has very convenient excuses for everything. everything cost her the election. james comey, the russians, bernie sanders, the list goes on and on, interesting that she said, this has absolutely no impact on the election. how does she know? what metric is she using? what data or polling is she amassing so that she can survey? maybe she needs more time to write a book, so she actually has a foundation for making these claims. right now she is pulling things out of thin air that do not make any sense at all. bernie sanders is right, that is what happens in politics. sometimes people vote for someone else. he has that beautiful house on lake champlain, and i imagine that he might have hillary to thank for it. a working class hero. >> gillian: i feel like we, not you guys, but the bigger
9:25 am
"we" is missing the point here. if i was a leader in the democratic party, i would be looking at bernie sanders and hillary clinton and saying, you guys need to be hashing this out behind closed doors, and private. what the democratic party -- my point is that the democratic party needs to now be focusing not backwards, but forwards, there is a general election coming up -- >> kennedy: can anyone -- >> gillian: can anyone here to tell me who the top democratic contenders are for office? >> harris: he would be looked at as one. i don't know that he wants the job. he would volunteer that. nancy pelosi who calls herself a master legislator would say that people might look at her for that leadership. i don't know that that is a job that she wants. you bring up the point, it is not looking forward, but looking away from these guys, and find, sit down, take several beats. >> sandra: they should be
9:26 am
taking a leadership role. >> kennedy: that such a good point, she has no desire to do it. nothing in her book or any of these exhaustive interviews where she talks about the next generation, where she talks about men touring people. >> sandra: chris, you're being so polite. jump back in. >> christopher: some democrats have floated "the rock." >> harris: dwayne johnson? >> christopher: he is not a loser. that sets him apart from the other roster. >> harris: my husband is watching, i won't say anything. i think he is kind of cute. >> sandra: the obamacare effort is not dead, making a new effort to scrap the affordable care act. can they get the vote at this time? plus last night emmy awards turning into a bash fest on president trump, his hollywood out of touch with the american people? it did not grade 12. ♪ keeps ice for days.
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♪ >> harris: it is back on, the g.o.p.'s effort to repeal obamacare. bill cassidy and lindsey graham are pushing a new bill to replace obamacare subsidies other funding with block grant to the states. cassidy is telling reporters that they are close to getting the vote, i am pretty confident we will get there on the republican side. we are probably at 48, 49 votes, talking with two or three more. we are shooting for september 30th, if not, we will take it to the next vehicle." he also voted to support on president trump on this, and mitch mcconnell has reportedly told his caucus he will bring the bill to the floor if they can get to 50 votes. at the senate democrat chuck schumer is ready to fight. he tweeted a red alert to democrat sing, term care is back, the g.o.p. has till september 30th to pass the bill. we need your voices more than
9:32 am
ever. >> gillian: i'm confused, because i feel like i am having deja vu, didn't we go through this six months ago, and then after that about four months ago? i do not understand -- >> sandra: chuck schumer assange, get it done or else. and we are left saying, what is at stake? >> christopher: conservatives like a few things, it gets rid of the business mandate. they are probably not going to like how it sends a lot of money out. and you can have john mccain's state, set to lose a lot of money from the federal government, so does murkowski, these are votes that they need to pass this. but john mccain is personal friends with lindsey graham, and the last vote was a procedure. it was not about how he brought it up, but maybe he can be brought on, but murkowski will be hard. >> kennedy: i think that mccain comes on board, and
9:33 am
structurally, this bill is different enough, because there is a little bit more federalism in there. you are block granting a lot of money to the state, and -- >> harris: you like this plan! >> kennedy: i like it as an amendment. i did like the graham bill as an amendment, but he also rotates with mike lee, allowing a couple of things including the ability to buy insurance across state lines. so i think it is going to be a tough sell, but if they write it correctly and states are able to implicate medicare and medicaid like it is supposed to be, not one-size-fits-all according to that program in states like alaska and maine. >> harris: nothing in health care, hold on one second, i want to get to rand paul's tweet about this, because it brings in the issue of the fact that what you are pointing out, chris, this is not all that different from what we are already seeing. here's what he says. "i cannot support a bill that
9:34 am
keeps 90% of obamacare in place. graham cassidy is not repeal or replace, it is more obamacare light." and this is just interesting right now, chuck schumer, because we mention his name, so -- i'm not saying he has an event because we mention him, but wild, he is having an event. later to push against this, but democrats, how do they win if they promise to be bipartisan? >> christopher: at no point will this bill be bipartisan. maybe if they persist through on a partisan level, maybe they can come around and do some tweaks, but i doubt it. any bill that is not bipartisan is going to have a lot of trouble in the next election, because you cannot get people to help you fix it. >> harris: that's what i'm saying. how did democrats win? do they really have a message going into the midterm? and can the message at all be about health care? >> kennedy: here's the problem with the bipartisanship, still on a road to single-payer, and
9:35 am
still taking billions of dollars in propping up insurance companies. it is these subsidies that are draining the budget, and they don't solve any of the institutional problems that you see when governments and health care are in bed. because it is not sexy. >> gillian: and if it fails, the third time is not a term in this tank. it is detrimental to the president and the republican party. i was curious to know from you, chris, how do you think things have changed since chuck and nancy sat down for dinner? >> christopher: oh, not at all, when trump one man, and everybody was shell-shocked, they were waiting for the book to come out so that they could figure out why they lost -- >> harris: she is still shell-shocked. >> christopher: they said that they were willing to work with the president. and they said, no, no, no, he is mecca hitle. so the democrats ran back to the bunkers, no way that they will have bipartisan deals on
9:36 am
obamacare on any of the immigration plans that the republicans had come so they cast that out the window, and trump being willing to throw them a bone or two, his tone might change if they do not come around at all. >> harris: one thing is for sure, we are entering the zone while they were indeed more votes to pass the measure as an example, 60 rather than the majority. so the rush is on for republicans to try to get it done. california is set to officially become a sanctuary state, the entire state, the governor is expected to sign the bill into law to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation. what does this mean for the trump administration? and whether other liberal states will follow suit, we will talk about it. stay close.
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9:41 am
the state of california a sanctuary. it will expand protections for some illegals, create safe zones at hospitals, schools, courthouses, and in some cases the feds would not be allowed to ask an individual about their immigration status. one activist is applauding the move. >> when this bill passes, erisa restores a little bit. it will make us safer. there are people who do bad things, but you cannot, you cannot cast a cloud of suspicion on an entire community just because of one person. >> gillian: as you can imagine, not everyone is happy about this. >> how can you make a community safer when you are not deporting criminals? this is clearly aimed at appeasing the open borders crowd, and bringing in more illegal aliens, they want more future voters for the democrat party. >> gillian: this past friday, the federal judge blocked the
9:42 am
rule saying sanctuary cities shall cooperate with immigration agents to get to public safety grants. this is an issue that has been rolling around for months. it is something that president trump made a foundation speech on the presidential trail, this is a example of california pushing back hard? or because of donald trump is the president, or where we headed there anyway? >> christopher: i think we were headed here and wait they have led the charge on the radical agenda. and you can see it in the illegal population of california and the gang problems they have in the south. will be interesting, as more of a libertarian conservative guy, i would like it pushed back against the idea that the federal government can yank cash away from you. this will not be constitutional to ignore the federal government's power over borders and ignore an agent's power in enforcing those borders. they will get a lot of -- >> gillian: people pointing
9:43 am
out that this is not about the issue at hand. the bigger issue is not so much of these immigrants that are in california and how and why, but it is about constitutionality and states versus national level law, this is something that will be playing out regardless of what happens in this case, it is going to be playing out across the country over the next four years. >> kennedy: it is interesting coming off chicago, the federal government, playing on different pages from different rulebooks. everybody needs to get on the same page. part of that is figuring out what the immigration policy is and neutralizing some of the hostility between the states and the federal government. the federal government does have a right to dictate what its own policy is regarding immigration.
9:44 am
i think that they have lost some footing there. but on the other hand, having lived in california for the better part of 25 years coming also want to make sure coming, e wants reassurance from your governors and their mayors that where you are living is a safe place, and they are not harboring people who are going to hurt the people there. i happen to be a pro-immigration person. i think that when you have people who want to come here from horrific places and they are willing to sacrifice themselves, they work really hard, and american businesses employ them with good results, and they break we were laws, the ones that do pose a threat, there should be a mechanism in place to keep citizens safe. >> gillian: go back to the first part of your statement, these mayors have an obligation to their residents to make their city safe, that should be the priority, as we talk about this, and as we look at this news that the federal judge in chicago rud that the trump administration ct withhold the federal funds, the headline in the "chicago tribune" after this weekend, ten killed an chicago weekend shootings. look at where the priorities are for the cities and states.
9:45 am
chicago, it is unbelievable what is happening in that city every single day. it is a dangerous place, for me it is hard to see this be a priority. >> harris: that's a point that i was going to make. kennedy is laying out such a beautiful way that we look out immigration in this country, it helps us to be who we are, competitive, just a wonderful place for people who have big dreams to come, but at the same time, i do not think that that is mutually exclusive to law, and i do not think that that is mutually exclusive to homeland security, as sandra is laying out. domestic security as she is laying out. what you have done, you have made a safe space for people who have, legally. broken the law before they break others, potentially, since we have said that we want to focus on the criminals, they all have broken the law initially, and you have taken away the safe space which is assumed for all of us as americans in our
9:46 am
american city cities, it is our right to be safe, that's why we pay taxes, so that the government as we cannot do for ourselves in terms of safety and security. but now you want to give that away and make it mutually exclusive. that is a horrible position to begin. >> gillian: i think it is unnavigable, people feel it on the political side as well, you feel that you have mayors running rogue and running their own little city states within the country. it makes things difficult. >> harris: what happens when you have a situation like the family that lost her daughter to somebody who should have been deported again because of violent crimes on top of the initial crime of being here illegally? >> christopher: we empower their police, because we expect them to go by laws, not like kings. and we hire senators to pass those laws, now we are ignoring them per feelings. speed to stick with us, celebrities are getting political at this year's emmy awards, turning it into an all
9:47 am
out tromp bashing fast, is this show out of touch with the american people? if ratings are any indication, it certainly is. that is coming up next. >> why did you not give him a emmy? unlike the presidency, emmys go to the winner of the popular vote. eligible for medicare?
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>> kennedy: first to jon scott with what is coming up on the next hour of "happening now." speak at the white house looking at a possibility of an even stricter travel ban after the london terror attack. will a new strategy keep us safe? plus people getting back on their feet after hurricane irma, now bracing for another big storm as hurricane maria gains strength. we will tell you who is in the cross hairs. three straight nights of violence in iraq and st. louis after a judge clears a wide former police officer in the death of a black man. more protests today. we will take it their life at the top of the hour, "happening now" ." >> is there anyone who can say how big the audience is? sean, do you know? >> this will be the largest audience to witness and emmy
9:52 am
period. both in person and around the world! >> well, that really suits my fragile ego. >> sandra: oh, spicy, even former press secretary sean spicer getting into the mix of hollywood, took to the stage to bass president trump at the emmy awards last night, but initial ratings show this year's broadcast, did not do so well, sinking to an all-time low, down 2% from 2016. that was the lowest broadcast ever. today, "the new york post" rating that the show must go on, no punches after -- watch this. >> we all know that the emmy mean a lot to donald trump, he was nominated multiple times for "celebrity apprentice." i bet if he had won a emmy, he did not run for president. going away, this is all your fault. >> i thought i should say,
9:53 am
mr. president, here is your emmy! >> back in 1980 in the movie, where he refused to be controlled by a success, eager to, egotistical, big it. >> 2017, we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, blind, hypocritical bigot. >> kennedy: you tell them, lily. it is such a myopic view, they do not realize that half the country disagrees with them, and if you're going to make jokes, make the jokes funny part is that too much to ask? >> harris: it is a question about whether it is half the country or the entire country might want an escape. we are divided right now, do we really want to celebrate the division, or do we want to have one night where everybody can get together and go, oh, my gosh, girl, where did you get that down? >> sandra: they do not want
9:54 am
those questions on the red carpet. they do not want to be asked about their clothing. they have a bigger purpose in life. i go back to the initial point. how many jokes that we just watch, and none of us laughed, nothing was funny. >> christopher: you can tell a lot of truth to people if you have a good sense of humor, but if you have neither like they did last night, you are not going to get a big audience but even sean spicer who was a ratings bonanza for the white house and jimmy kimmel, not even bringing him on can help bring up your ratings. poor guy is getting beat on again. >> kennedy: to the point, there is no escapism, espn is so hypercritical, and every award show. meryl streep won the award, the lifetime achievement award, and she could not accept it graciously, because they have this obsession with the president. and we look around all day long, at some point he went to tune out a little bit and enjoy something, because the world is very serious, it is very fractured, can we just have a
9:55 am
dog and pony show. >> gillian: i don't watch award shows for the last few years, i tune in for the red carpet, and then i am out. i just want to see what everybody is wearing, i want to have a little bit of escapism for an hour, and you cannot get out from watching the show, because they are no longer funn funny, and b, because i do politics all day for a living, i don't want to tune in and watch celebrities as postulating about what they think is the best for the united states. >> kennedy: how do you think that reflected on sean spicer? >> christopher: it was a little rough, because he did make fun of himself, and he has been a punching bag for the last many months. a rough time, i do not envy him, most people will want to be the white house press secretary, but i don't think anybody wanted his job. i do like that he was able to laugh at himself, but it was a little bit cringeworthy. >> harris: and he took pictures with alec baldwin. >> sandra: what he was joking about there was something that got him and the president off to
9:56 am
an incredibly rocky start. was that an omission from sean spicer that he sensed the truth? >> kennedy: i will admit that we do not have as much time as we like, but more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
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st. louis. what will happen next is hundreds of demonstrators packed the city streets for a four day in a row -- also, terror rates in london lead to new


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