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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 18, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that the effectiveness and legitimacy at the united nations do not improve, the u.s. will take a look at how we fund, and how we participate with united nations. that making news this hour. i am harris faulkner. here is shepard. >> shepard: it is at noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the united nations where president trump is making his debut as a leader of the free world, and an organization who once called weak and incompetent. the u.s. is putting on a show of force after the latest missile launch. we are live at before and south korea. his personal lawyer who was involved in talks of a possible trump power in moscow tells fox news he's about to meet with dots in a committee. lawyers talking about the russia investigation at a restaurant as a reporter sat at the next table. the lawyers reportedly debating how much to cooperate with the special counsel. putting documents and essay.
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plus hurricane maria. getting stronger and taking aim at some of the areas devastatin devastating, maria's path from the extreme weather center. let's get to it. >> now "america's news hq" from fox news desk. >> shepard: this monday afternoon, the united nations great. that is how he described his message to his the united nations as he made his first message as of the commander in chief. attending a meeting at the headquarters here, and calling for the world body to focus more on people and less on bureaucracy. as a candidate, mr. trump blasted the u.n. other members are not paying their fair share there. the u.n. is not a friend of democracy. and not a friend of freedom. he also called it a club for people to get together and have a good time. today, president trump said the u.n. is moving in the right direction, but he still needs to regain trust. >> in recent years, the united nations have not reached
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its full potential. because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. i know that under the secretary general, that is changing, and changing fast. >> shepard: the president keeping up-to-date with meetings with the u.n. tomorrow he is said to speak before the entire 193 member general committee. the big topic, north korea's recent nuclear military test. he's praised recent votes tightening restrictions on north korea over its missile program, despite those new punishment, north korea launch a ballistic missile over japan. analyst say it was far enough to hit the territory of guam had it taken that path. during the first ever remarks of that u.n. today, president trump opened by giving shout outs to one of his own business projects, and apartment tower near the u.n. headquarters but he said the united nations helped make it a success. >> actually saw great potential across street to be honest with
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you. and it was only for the reason that the united nations was here that it turned out to beat such a successful project. >> shepard: also meeting with the leaders of israel and france today. very busy week today. john roberts traveled to new york. >> quite a day. >> shepard: how are things over there? >> they seem to be going very well. the first bilateral meeting between benjamin yan high first time they met. he was unfriendly territory earlier, when he sat down with benjamin netanyahu. netanyahu had a lot of praise for the president saying his support for israel at the united nations was unequivocal and strong in both conviction and clarity. obviously, netanyahu. not everybody is not in love with him, but for those who do like his conservative approach to politics in israel, it puts
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to rest a lot of the pandering during which the campaign when people were expecting what kind of ally he would be with israel. the president again going to the idea that he would like to see middle east peace. dispatched his aides there are number of times, and he has been there himself. a lot of people say it is a good gordian knot that will never be untied. but he wants to give it a chanc chance. >> frankly, the other side. i think we have a chance. palestinian and israel would like to see it. i can tell you that the trump administration would like to see it. we are working very hard to see what happens. historically, people say you can and have been. i say can. >> when you look at history, shep peered history will be on your side when it cannot happen. though clinton got that in the 1990s. he thinks the opportunity. he has jared kushner going over a number of times. they have support from a lot of arab nations as well. if there's any time to be done,
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the president believes it is now. >> shepard: he talk about reforming the united nations. to see mention schematic >> not specifics, but he wants to make the united nations great saw it again, because he never thought it was great. he thinks it has been too bloated with moxie and red tape at his meeting this morning was well attended the idea of reforming the united nations. in fact, nikki haley said they need a bigger room. the president believes he has a willing audience when it comes to changing how the united nations does business. listen. >> we encourage the secretary general to use his authority to cut through the bureaucracy. reform outdated systems and make decisions to advance the united nations' core mission. further, we encourage all neighbor states to look at ways to take bold stands at the united nations with an eye toward changing business as usual. not being beholden to ways of
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the past. which were not working. >> it would appear that he was asked what keeps him up at night, he said, bureaucracy. >> shepard: north korea will be a big focus. what also be expecting? >> with the president his first speech to the united nations' general assembly tomorrow morning at 10:30. protect the american people, promote american prosperity, and promote accountability and solvency among member nations. really, dell break down into the big bogeyman of the world, it north korea and iran. the fight against terrorism, and constant nations as well. nikki haley said, during a briefing with h.r. mcmaster on friday that the president is going to slap the right people and hug the right people. >> shepard: do you know who get slapped? >> i think the north korea and iran. >> shepard: good to see you. welcome to new york. white house reporter for the
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wall street journal. what also looking forward tomorrow can make it as a big day for him. >> i think what is interesting, the candidate was very critical of the u.n. and multilateral institutions. as part of his america first theology, he would say these are drag on american people come and do not do everything for voters. it will be interesting to how he squares a circle. here he is in the belly of the beast, recognizing alliances are important. counting on nato as well in touting its benefits. the reason for that of courses north korea and iran. some of these other international challenges. the president recognizes he cannot go it alone in this environment, and he needs u.n. votes to back down north korea. >> shepard: is there a suggestion or any indication that the u.s. sanctions and others have had any effect yet
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on north korea? >> actually, really know. north korea continues to test its missiles continues to pursue its nuclear developing program. the president would like to have a show of consistence for the international community in part to push back and to some degree, that is a big part of this week's agenda at the united nations. the main thing he can accomplish some anonymity on the international front. >> shepard: what else is a priority for the president tomorrow on the world stage? >> i think iran is important. he wants to put pressure on iran. the goal of the nuclear deal that barack obama reached with iran. spoke with netanyahu about that today. i think we will see that. he wants to make a good impression. this is his first speech with the the united nations.
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at large, with the speech he speaking to them. it is a high-profile address on his part. i think he wants to show that he is part of the international community to some degree. if people have suspicions, other countries and other leaders have suspicions about whether he wants to go it alone or what "america first" means, he can put those qualms to rest. >> shepard: allowed reporting on how much help russia could be on the notion of north korea. are there any indications he will meet with any other leaders while in this forum with that goal in mind? >> russia is not going to be there nor is china, nor is germany. that is one issue. he has a complicated relationship with russia in vladimir putin. it is not clear how russia figures into the jigsaw puzzle. obviously, he would love to get russia support in bringing about more pressure on north korea and iran if possible.
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i imagine in the talks that he has come up he will try to drum up support. >> shepard: peter nicholas from "the wall street journal." i appreciate the time. again, the u.n. simile speech some 30 specific time. when he does address world leaders, he will be staring down north korea diplomats who have front row seat. we are live. on the korean peninsula between tensions between the two countries and new heights. that comes up from the fox news desk on monday afternoon. great to have you here. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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>> shepard: united states military responded to the latest missile test from north korea with another show of force. american warplanes joining fighter jets from south korea and japan, bombing drills above the korean peninsula. the drills days after it north korea fired a midrange missile over japan. it flew far enough that it could have reached the united states the territory of guam had been sent in that direction. president trump's national security advisor on fox news sunday yesterday said the united states has to act quickly in dealing with north korea. >> this regime is so close now to threatening the united states and others with a nuclear weapon that we really have to move with a great deal of urgency on
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sanctions, and diplomacy, and on preparing if necessary with those actions. >> shepard: general h.r. mcmaster did not say where he would draw the line for taking military action. greg palkot live in south korea's capital of seoul. greg? >> hello, shep pure let me give you more color on a show of force over. it was to air force b-1 bombers and 4f35 fighter jets coming out of guam and japan. basically in the same formation you would see if there was an attack been made i north korea. according to reports, they made a very close maneuver but not including the dm z and then they both dropped bombs on a test range in south korea according to neighbors, they were shaken up by it all. this on monday, we heard from the south korean defense ministry. he gave a summing up of where they stand, and it was not a
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pleasant picture. he claimed that they have physically completed their development on the intermediate range missile, the thing we saw last week. he said in the final stages of development on the icbms, those are things that could hit the u.s. mainland, and he also said they have been watching this, there could be another test at the nuclear site in north korea at any time. finally, officials here are listening to what the north koreans have been seen as well. the former ministry there for the regime, kim jong un, blasting the new sanctions that were approved by the security counsel, it would only accelerate the efforts by the regime to develop their arsenal, the missiles and nuclear weapons. the kind of thing, shep, that we will probably hear from the
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north korean minister when he takes the roster on friday. >> shepard: greg palkot live in seoul south korea. hurricane maria gain strength. that storm heading toward the same islands devastated by her mother what is the forecast we are waiting for the president to speak live with the french president. >> this program is brought to you by empire today. for your heart...
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what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> shepard: during the commercial break, president trump speaking with a fresh pleasant emmanuel macron sig. terry rex tillerson also. the present and him making first appearance with the national assembly, and it comes with a number of major issues hanging
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over the world, including the north korean nuclear threat, terrorism, climate change, french officials say president macron will try to convince president trump to stay in the iran nuclear deal and the global climate agreement known as the paris accord. about which there was a lot of reporting this weekend. president tom and white house officials say the white house will leave the paris agreement unless they can come up with a better deal. as i mentioned, they began speaking during the commercial. we will play it all back for you, and then the french president will speak, and then it appears they will answer questions. >> thank you very much, everybody. it is been great to meet with president macron of france. a great election victory of all time. an exciting evening, when i watched every moment of it. it was very, very exciting time. he is doing a terrific job in france. he is doing what has to be done. he is respected by the french
12:21 pm
people, and he is asked respected by the people of the united states. we have a lot of things to talk about. we will be discussing many different elements. maybe not all but the media, but you probably know before. i want to think you all for being here. thank the representatives for were being here. we'll have a very productive meeting. france is a great country. beautiful country. i will not soon forget the eiffel tower, and thank you very much. >> thank you, donald. thank you, everybody. i will say a few words. i concur with donald on what he was saying, so i will say a few words. so the french people here... >> shepard: at the french president will now speak in french for less than a minute.
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he is 39 years old, and was elected as our president mentioned, a landslide or in a very close victory, but a surprise for the french electorate. his approval ratings have since slipped from 66% down to the mid-30s. politics are difficult for him at the moment as well. in just a second, president trump will speak again. it appears they will answer questions. let's listen. [speaking french] >> thank you very much, emmanue
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emmanuel. i was your guest, and it was one of the greatest parades i have ever seen. it was two hours, and it was wonderful. i think a tremendous thing for france, the spirit of france. people do not know what great warriors they are in france. you see all the victories, it was a tremendous thing. to a large extent, because of what i witnessed, we may do something like that on july 4th in washington down pennsylvania avenue. i don't know. we may have to try to top it. we have a lot of planes, a lot of military might, and it was really a beautiful thing to see. they represented some different wars, and it was all done. i came back, and one of my early calls, we may have to start look at ourselves.
12:24 pm
fourth of july, pennsylvania avenue having a really great parade to show our military strength. we are spending 700 billion, the more we have ever spent on the military. it is a good thing, and i think we are looking forward to doing that. speaking with general kelly and all the people involved. we will see if you do it this year, but certainly to do that. i appreciate it. i appreciate you being here. >> thank you. i have to say to the american people, are people in france are very proud to have you with bastille day and have you in front of them. >> i was glad to be there. also when emmanuel macron called me, it had been 100 years in
12:25 pm
terms of timing since the first world war. 100 years. i said, well, that is very important. we went, and i was very proud to say that we are very, very, very, very good friends. thank you very much. thank you, everybody, . thank you all, very much. >> shepard: the president asked about the pairs climate accord. up reporting over the beacon, first they would be dropping out, now reentering the paris climate accord. no we may reach enter after new circumstances, they may be the case. no change from the previous stance by the white house. on the paris climate accord. for now at least with the united states withdrawing. on this matter of the french president in town, and 8 u.n. general assembly, lots
12:26 pm
of coverage. two hour addition of bret baier, at 5:00 eastern time, 4:00 central. right now, box extreme weather alert with hurricane maria gaining significant strength today where people are still recovering from the devastation from hurricane irma. let's go to the national hurricane center. i want to show you what happened with maria. suddenly overnight, a strong category 3 storm. forecasters say, it will get stronger as the day goes by. sustained winds at 120 miles an hour. you can see by the projections, they say it will get even stronger, up to a category 4. reports say it will go through puerto rico on wednesday. puerto rico has not been hit by major hurricane since the 1920s. hurricane watches are posted there where hurricane irma find
12:27 pm
communities less than a week ag ago. the extreme weather center has been busy, and adam klotz is there. how does a look? >> it is growing really quickly. this money coming category 1 already to a category 3. we are knocking. just another 5 miles an hour more. it has grown very quickly. quickly to become a category 4. we're looking at hurricane watch and a warning across all the islands come up because the path will be going right over and very defined line taking you over the lesser antilles, virgin islands, and then wednesday to the day, then we are looking at puerto rico getting hit out then i category 4 storm. all these islands they got hit because of hurricane irma, though get it again. here is how that plays out and it continues to track. there is euro moving across puerto rico. the big change from this and irma, it went much farther to the west and turned up florida. we will start to see this turn
12:28 pm
closer towards the eastern side of the bahamas. there's still a fairly wide berth they're going into saturday and sunday, so we have a little bit of time until we see that. still no, it is looking as though it can turn a little early. the other system, this is hurricane jose. category 1 storm. folks along the mid atlantic all of stretching to the northeast. they are going to be impacted in the next couple days, but it is a weakening system. perhaps a little bit of rain, choppy sea. we see winds going to 50-60 miles an hour on the coast, but marie had that is big storm, shep. >> shepard: leaving us cloudy and humid in new york city. >> harris: six and the weather center. the lower florida keys art returning home after they return. many of them coming back to complete devastation. the 72-year-old man in this pitcher inside his home the lower keys looking at the damage
12:29 pm
to his roof that irma made 8 miles away. this also and big pine, volunteers clearing the the de. checking ids got people heading homes in the lower keys and a woman praying in a church in marathon, florida. this is a catholic church that appeared serving as a donation center for food and other supplies. it doesn't even have electricity. so many area do not have. the upper keys were met glenn's. matt? >> the costly decision to evacuate their homes, now going to return if not entirely destroyed houses. set in the high florida heat for the past week. mold is now a major concern. today, the florida governor and
12:30 pm
the u.s., tom price, met with these tight and start residence for the two officials working with fema and other officials to return vital services and to warn people of the dangers. we talked to mother and daughter who just returned to their homes in the hot and dirty conditions but here's what they had to say. >> the seaweed was all the way up to my door now. i could not open my front door. we kicked the shutters in the wood off the front door. i can even go to my house. i can only see my backyard. >> there is mold on the floor in my bedroom is filled with water. >> people wishing to register with fema can do it in person. schools will be closed until at least next monday for the sheriff has had a zero tolerance crime policy. there is a desk to dawn curfew. it is still a daily situation here for people who do not have electricity or air conditioning. >> shepard: mighty tough. upper 90s with the humidity.
12:31 pm
matt finn. the leaders of the most powerful countries will be no-shows at the united nations this week. why are china's president and russia's leader, vladimir putin, even the german chancellor, anglo america, all staying home that is coming up is right now at the bottom of the hour. museum is something powerful about progress: direct people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime.
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>> shepard: more headlines from the fox news desk. two buses collide in new york city this morning killing at least three people and injuring more than a dozen others. investigators are unseen. they say it happened in flushing queens, main street and northern boulevard. into a fast food restaurant. the united states navy firing two more high-ranking officers after a pair deadly ship collisions killed 17 sailors. that is when a senior defense officials tells us. john mccain collide with an oil tanker last month and southeast asia. the uss fitzgerald crashed into
12:34 pm
a container shift and dune. two more victims of an acid attack in france are forgiving the suspect. that is according to a spokesperson from boston college. the women there are students and it happened yesterday at a train station in the south of france, the investigator say the suspect suffers from a mental illness. news continues after this. ne ca, he sets me up with tailored products and services. ne ca, and when my advisor is focused on my tech, i can focus on my small business. ♪ a dell advisor can help you choose the right products with powerful intel® core™ processors. ♪ i wanti did my ancestrydna and where i came from. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart.
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turned over to russian meddling. that is according to "the new york times" in a curious occasion that happened in front of a "new york times" reporter. one of its journalists overheard two of those lawyers talking about the situation in a d.c. steak house over lunch. the times reports the lawyer, ty cobb said, the white house had nothing to hide in the russian investigation, and the white house lawyers a "i'm a very conservative and what they are handing over to the special
12:37 pm
counsel, robert mueller. the white house counsel has documents they are keeping locked in a safe. meantime, another one of president trump lawyers tells fox news, he will meet with the senate intelligence committee tomorrow behind closed doors. my soul : confirmed, he took part in possible trump tower in moscow but the project never happened. the bones of this from katherine harris, whose is live in washington. >> .russian investigation are: new witnesses from the president's family to the campaign in a circle. as you mentioned, president donald trump personal attorney is expected before the senate intelligence committee. one time a political advisor, roger, is expected next week. both interviews will be behind closed doors. a transcript may be made public. senior democrat on that senate judiciary committee said, they may testify open, and no
12:38 pm
subpoena for paul metaphor if done appear but make voluntarily. they will have on before a final is made on the president trump. >> shepard: family members of michael flynn, trying to help him pay for legal bills with a go fund me. >> he launched to help pay for legal funds. it is the first among former trump advisors marked a significant development in the ever-expanding russia probe. his younger brother joe said the retired general is not wealthy after 33 years of government service, and allegations against national security interests are extremely difficult. >> this is a man who had very high offices in his life. a man who sacrificed much of his adult life, most of his adult life for this country. he did not anticipate, did not
12:39 pm
expect, and it is difficult. >> the former aide who as not to be edified, theirs has rented six-figure range, and they are witness and not a target. >> shepard: this report that two of his lawyers were speaking openly about his case at a restaurant in washington. it is hard to believe that lawyers would do such a thing. that is a serious violation, isn't it? >> here's what we have. fox news has confirmed elements of the story as you mentioned was first revealed by "the new york times" after the reporter heard the private conversation in a restaurant. his legal team is debating how much to cooperate with the special counsel robert mueller with outside counsel ty cobb providing documents, as quickly as possible to bring the probe to a speedy conclusion. they are said to favor a more method to form of cooperation, and could set a precedent for future white houses.
12:40 pm
those folks in the white house, they did not think the discussion was a big deal. suggesting the times overhyped the reporting. they did not dispute the chain of infants involved. >> shepard: captain harris in washington. let's turn it may not be a big deal, alex, but it kind of is, because the presence lawyers speaking about "the new york times" at a popular restaurant. everyone knows him with a handlebar mustache. speaking of a matter that is confidential is anything known to man. >> and you know from time and to see, you have to be careful of saying anything anywhere. so-so, it is an interesting story and turn of events. especially when they talk about something so sensitive and so internal as a legal debate about how to perceive with this russian investigation. it does -- the story really does pull back the curtain and a
12:41 pm
spiritual debate that is playing out with the administration that goes to a central question. how much to cooperate with the robert mueller pro. >> shepard: did we learn anything from this reporting if there is a decision on that? >> as it sounds like it is under discussion. the report also revealed that ty cobb will have a trove of documents to the mueller team moving forward. >> shepard: there is the suggestion from the reporting it sounds like there are documents in a safe somewhere that somebody is hiding from all thi this. >> that is the other interesting thing, which is what are these documents. what is it that don mcgann has in his possession if anything that he is does not want people to see and why does he not want people to see that? there is been some speculation that he could become a focus of
12:42 pm
the investigation. what role did he have and perhaps obstruction of justice. >> shepard: you are not allowed to keep documents in a safe in the middle of this. that is a long and short of it. >> right, right. look, it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. i wonder where the president is at this. sources inside and say anything if it were made, and simple as a traffic report and my lawyers are talking about it in open form, the first thing, very first thing i would do is find the lawyers. you cannot do that. the president cannot be pleased. >> he can't be, especially someone who is spoken so extensively on leaks. this is a leak happening out in the open, right outside the offices of "the new york times" which is a couple blocks from the white house. all right. you cannot be too happy about it. >> shepard: it would be h seem to hear when that comes out, because a well.
12:43 pm
thank you, sir. dozens of worldly leaders said to give speeches this week. what you hear from the iranian president. he will be at the podium. that is next. if you've been struggling with belly pain
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if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. >> shepard: when that president trump speaks to the united nations general assembly, a handful leaders will not be there. as i mentioned, the russian president, vladimir putin, the chinese president among them. the iranian leader, hassan rouhani, is expected to address the assembly this week. so far president trump has no plans to meet with him while he is in new york. that is according to the white house. yet, he will be speaking and a big podium it is. eric? >> hello, shep. back in 2013 at the end of the u.n. assembly when speechwriter he had phone call with president obama.
12:47 pm
not likely to see each other. he is here today. he met earlier with secretary general gutierrez, the protocol of the incoming prime minister they agreed. he will speak on thursday and will likely support the iranian nuclear deal and lash out at the u.s. when he speaks. there are those that say he should not be here in the first place. the iranian opposition said that iran is a top of the list of the state department sponsors of terrorism. it's between four, the head of that counsel says speechwriter you should not let into the doors. >> he is responsible for matt's execution for the people of syria, and iraq, and support for terrorism and pursuing nuclear
12:48 pm
weapons. >> the opposition plans to have a major rally across the street when hassan rouhani is speaking. >> shepard: how do they decide the order of speakers? >> is a delicate, diplomatic dance. it does have roots in tradition. this first speaker is always the country that is the president of the general assembly for the year. this year, the prime prime minf slovakia. and then to brazil since 1955, tradition. nobody knows why, but it is that you and tradition. then number to call, us, because we are the host country. and then the rest are based on geographic areas assessment, contribution, it three major names are not here as you pointed out. angela merkel of germany, reelection on sunday. the president of china. and vladimir putin is skipping at this year. he attended in 2015 after
12:49 pm
skipping it for ten years. the he had been the prime minister -- he is known as the george hamlet of the diplomatic court, because he is suave and smooth and suntanned appeared by the way, the final speaker, that undergoes two-term pakistan next monday eric shawn, cannot wait. >> shepard: the united states may close its embassy in cuba after american diplomats ended up with hearing loss, speech problem, brain swelling, and even mild brain injuries. in other unexplained symptoms. the diplomatic's were victims of health attacks, but the state department is calling them now incidences. it's only the state department
12:50 pm
can. the associated press reports 21 u.s. diplomats and family members came down with serious symptoms in havana. one diplomat described waking up to a blaring, grinding noise at a hotel in havana. when he moved a few feet away from the bed, it stopped. others said they felt weird vibrations. some say they do not hear or feel anything until the symptoms kept in. something strange in havana, and we may pull out. protesters in st. louis marching yet again after a judge acquitted a white former police officer of killing a black man. we will show you what last night look like, and what they are expecting, next ing. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most.
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>> shepard: police in st. louis preparing for a fourth night of protest over judges decision to acquit a white
12:54 pm
former police officer who shot and killed a black man. this morning, demonstrators like arms and march downtown st. louis toward city hall. the silent protest last night, differencing. police have their say they arrested 80 people last night alone. protesters have been in the streets on and off since friday. that is when a dutch announced they found former police officer, jason stockley, not guilty and the of anthony lamar smith. mike tobin is live. >> there is a lot of boards up. some preemptively after the verdict. this sushi restaurant, they went up because a rock went through that window. i can show you, the rock came from this contraction construc. a lot of vandalism opportunities. started after nightfall. the big demonstration was declared over at 6:30, and a group of people who according to
12:55 pm
police were hell bent on destruction. they march around the city and they started pulling things into the intersections to block traffic, and then they knocked over flowerpots and broke up concrete to throw through windows. 80 people were arrested. you did have police officers with minor injuries. the only serious injury occurred on friday night, when a police officer was hit in the jar with a brick. her jaw was broken. we're looking for for another night of demonstrations and police are hoping for the best. >> shepard: is there a sense for how long this is going to go on? >> you cannot say how long, but one thing you can say is that the demonstrators and vandals are not discouraged. we had a good bit of vandalism on saturday night. then moore showed up on sunday to run with that crowd, separating themselves from the demonstrator by hanging around it later. the one thing that could be an indicator for tonight is that rain is in the forecast. when the rain comes down, that
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: on this day and 1793, george washington made the cornerstone for the u.s. capitol building. construction took a while, a little more than a century. british forces set fire to the capital during the war of 1812, but rain help to save the building then. during the civil war, the union arvin use the capital as a hospital in barracks. that happened in so many places. now millions of people build the capitol complex each year. after first visit held a good starting, 224 years ago. today. as news breaks out, we'll break in. everything on fox news channel.
1:00 pm
"your world with neil cavuto" is next on another fantastic day for the knock market and neil will have all the details. record after record. we'll see you next time. >> neil: all right, markets night matt worried about the developers including storms, but maybe people should be worried. maria going into puerto rico. could be a category 4 storm when it hits later tonight as the northeast breaks for jose. we will be talking to the governor of puerto rico, who is already telling folks in affected areas to get out. our meteorologist on what is going on. jeff? here we go again. >> we have some local concerns and huge concerns in the caribbean. hurricane jose is going to get here close to home. it is offshore. is beginning to look a little less like a hurricane and more


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