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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 18, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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they changed all of these conceivable terror attacks, et cetera. our nation owns gratitude to these american heroes. >> dana: it's also the cia's the 70th birthday. i know that because of president trump. "hannity" is up next. >> sean: many thanks to all our friends on "the five." welcome to "hannity." we have a very big announcement about the show. we are following for major breaking news stories. now putting the u.n. on notice as he meets with world leaders. and he is planning on singling out north korea and iran. we will have a preview of his big major speech and of course, out of touch hollywood liberal elitist viciously attacking the president at the emmys and congressional republicans are on the verge of many major breakthroughs and finally passing the president's agenda. it's time for the g.o.p. to keep their promises and serve the american people.
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all of that into nights opening monologue. president trump arrived at the united nations earlier today and wasted little time and calling out the organization's many, many failures. take a look at this. >> in recent years, the united nations had not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. we seek the united nations that regains the trust around the world and in order to achieve this, the united nations must hold every level of management accountable, protect whistle-blowers and focus on results rather than processes. further, we encourage all member states to look at ways to take bold stands at the united nations with an eye towards changing business as usual and not being beholden to ways of the past. >> sean: that was really refreshing for an american president to call out the u.n. because for years, we've seen
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the organization repeatedly attack israel and push their leftist, global's agenda that does not respect the sovereignty of individual countries including the u.s. this of course comes despite the fact that the u.s. provides 22% of the funding to the u.n. and the regular budget and 28% of the money that goes to u.n. peacekeeping measures. president trump's criticism of the u.n. comes ahead of his speech to the general assembly happening tomorrow morning, according to a senior trump administration official, the president will focus on his policy of principled realism. for all u.n. members to do more across the globe and condemned these rogue regimes of north korea and iran. president trump speech could not come at a more important time. with north korea ripping up their missile and nuclear weapons program when it comes to this north korean threat, the trump administration is keeping every option on the table. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, made it very clear
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yesterday that pyongyang's aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. this is coming to a head. watch this. >> i think we all know that basically, if north korea keep some with this reckless behavior, if the united states has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, north korea will be destroyed. we all know that and none of us want that. none of us want more. we also have to look at the fact that you are dealing with someone who is being reckless, irresponsible, and continuing to give threat not only to the united states but all of their allies. something's going to happen to be done. we are trying every other possibility that we have but there's a whole lot of military option on the table. >> sean: yeah, it will be destructive and they will be incinerated as we've been saying on this program. there are not a lot of good solutions to the dangerous situation with north korea. john bolton will join us in a few minutes. leftist hollywood elites
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smearing, slandering, besmirching the character of president trump at the emmys. take a look at some of the comments from these overpaid, out of touch pampered hollywood liberals and the kind of dumb and hypocritical -- including the host, stephen colbert. watch. >> you can't deny that every show was influenced by donald trump. all the late-night shows, the cards, the new season of american horror story, and of course, next year's latin grammys hosted by sheriff joe arpaio. i thought you people loved morally compromised anti-american heroes. you love walter white. he is just walter much wider. >> here is your enemy. >> we refuse to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying bigot. and in 2017, we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist,
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egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot. >> i want to thank trump for making black people number one on the most depressed list. >> sean: the person that stole the show was former white house press secretary sean spicer. one minute of levity. take a look. >> unfortunately at this point, we have no way of knowing how big our audience is. is there anyone who could say how big the audience is? sean, do you know? [laughter] >> this will be the largest audience to witness an enemy, period. >> sean: not exactly. while all these hollywood leftists were hysterical over sean spicer's joke about crowd size, it turns out the american people did not really care to watch the hollywood hate fest. last night's award show just barely missed setting a record.
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the least watched emmys ever. for good reason. hollywood is unseen and the unhinged hatred for the president is unlike anything we've ever seen. look at how actors and musicians have repeatedly threatened or encouraged violence against the president. these people have become unhinged, deranged and in a weird way, obsessed with the president. it shows how out of touched and oblivious they are to the american people. and the agenda that you voted for. by the way, when we have an awards show for carpenters and doctors that save lives and nurses and people that do plumbing and heating and make our lives better every day? truck drivers that bring us all the food and materials we need? do they ever get an award show ever? speaking of agendas, it appears that senate republicans are interested in keeping their promises that they made about repealing and replacing obamacare. all right, let's not get our expectations up too high. after the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell fared
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spectacularly to get enough votes back in july, bill cassidy and lindsey graham are offering up a new amendment to get rid of obamacare once and for all. here are some of the highlights of this plan that replaces obamacare subsidies with blocked grants to the states. one-size-fits-all approach dictated by washington, they will choose how they want to spend the money. it ends both the crushing individual and employer mandates, the massive and medicaid will be scaled back. more flexibility to offer catastrophic plans. currently illegal under obamacare and get rid of a lot of obamacare regulations. by the way, health savings accounts be expanded. same with health cooperatives. and those are all republican ideas and principles. i kept saying that during that debate. where the republicans ideas we talked about for 15 years? republicans do need to get this done before september 30th. that's when the budget reconciliation process window
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closes. they will need 60 votes to repeal and replace obamacare. after that, and will be -- senator mitch mcconnell will do anything in the power to get it passed. while the president waits on republicans to get their act together, his administration is moving ahead on a plane that would allow studies to be conducted on energy exploration and water, the wildlife refuge in alaska. millions of high-paying career jobs are at stake. the number of oil reserve between four and almost 12 billion barrels of oil. one of the major promises, allowing drilling in a region we've shown pictures before, it's a vast wilderness. a huge step in american independence. congress will need to move forward on tax reform. the plan is simple. seven brackets to three. 15% corporate rate to make
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american businesses more competitive. they will invest in factories, manufacturing centers, allowing multinational corporations, repatriating trillions at a low rate because they don't want to ping the money into the u.s. they pay a high rate now. they will be investing in american products, all of this helps the forgotten men and women in this country that were key in the last election. if you do all of this, you got regulations like the president has been doing -- unleash the american economy, that's great for everybody. finally, we cannot forget that congress needs to fund the border wall. get the money first. that money needs to be secured first before any other deal is made on immigration. period. end of sentence. you always get the tax increase, never the spending bucks. we always get some type of conciliation on whatever it happens to be. you never get the promised border security. here with reaction, rnc spokesperson, kayleigh mcenany.
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geraldo rivera. pam bondi. we will start with you, pam. a lot issues. where would you want to start? >> very important issues. let's start with the u.n. since we are in new york. i'm speaking at the concordia summit tomorrow on human trafficking which of course is very near. >> sean: big part of immigration. sure. >> we've been working with the mexican government. that's why i am on building a wall. and african government. human trafficking. china has to come to the table. president trump has made that very clear. >> sean: they have to come to the table on north korea. >> that's what i'm talking about, sean. they absolutely do. they have a tremendous amount of power with north korea and that's how we can stop this mad man, this maniac from going forward. >> sean: geraldo, i thought of you. we are both big freedom of speech guys. i don't call for boycotts. i don't call for firing people. not even in isis pose with the
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severed head of a president but you suggested it could be a crime as a threat to the president. it seems like the intolerance in this country is almost solely on the left. any conservative spoke at the emmys about obama the way they speak about donald trump, our president, the fast and furious -- they'd probably end up being fired. >> of the united nations, it was dysfunctional and bloated. the same thing about the emmy award show. it was dysfunctional and bloated. it gets so predictable. they are to hit trump, with whatever their acceptance speeches. they will wind it around until finally they can take a jab at the president. ironically, i thought the pros to the best job -- stephen colbert was funny. the bit was with sean spicer. it's funny when you can poke fun at yourself and disarm the audience.
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i think sean did a lot of good for himself. he jacked up his speaking fee. >> sean: [laughs] he jacked up his speaking fee. you go right to the business aspect. that cracks me up. i couldn't watch it. it's intolerable to me. one thing that's of a note. all of the lies that are told every 2-4 years in elections in this country by democrats, republicans are racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. that's what they believe. they believe the democratic ally. the president is on my past presidents. he is fighting back against the lies. i think it's refreshing because it's something that so vicious
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that they've gotten away with. it's now made it to the mainstream where people believe this garbage. >> sean, it's so sad. you are exactly right. it's out of the playbook of the left. the demonization philosophy. go back to 1980, ronald reagan. they said ronald reagan raised the specter of white sheets. voting for ronald reagan was like a good german voting in hitler's germany. on and on and so on and so forth. demonizing him as a racist and misogynist is the same thing they are saying about president trump. it's false and defamatory and president trump is fighting back. it kills those liberals in the hollywood elites. they use their entire platform to skewer the president. >> sean: let's go to the agenda, pam bondi. i think the president -- they'd got to get the funding first. i think you would agree it would be a good thing, as conservatives, don't we want to always send things back to the states? the health care -- if gets his tax plan in place, getting rid of the alternative minimum, the debt tax. energy independence, i think that's something we've never seen since reagan. >> of course, we have a businessman that is president of the united states. that's what the liberal elite
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cannot handle. they are not going to get to president trump. we know him. he's not going to be affected by it. he's going to charge forward with his agenda to fix our country. it's gotta start with tax reform. we have to build a wall, repeal and replace obamacare. my stage, we are lead counsel on that. that's very important to us in the entire country. he's not going to stop. >> sean: geraldo, for the first time in a long time after talking to a lot of the leadership this week in the house and talking to a lot of rank and file in the house and senate, i'm thinking the items i just mentioned actually could get done. i did not believe it up until now. >> i think you may be a bit optimistic, sean. the one issue you haven't really focused on this evening is the priority, north korea has the possibility of affecting all of our lives in a way 9/11 did for the worst. >> sean: we have john bolton in the next segment. i had mentioned in my opening monologue. >> in terms of obamacare, i
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don't know where people are getting the optimism that this time the g.o.p. will get their act together. >> sean: they are one vote away. the house is going to support it. >> remember what john mccain did? is john mccain the tainted war hero? >> sean: his best buddy lindsey graham that sponsored the bill, they can get all these people promised -- susan collins can hold it up and rand paul. >> in terms of domestic policy, let them focus on something that is attainable. >> sean: death attainable. >> we've been spending the last few weeks focusing on tax reform. a fashion three tax rate instead of seven. so forth and so on. why can't we concentrate? after 7.5 years. >> sean: obamacare phony balone. why can't we do something we can actually achieve? >> sean: you may be right.
7:16 pm
most people can walk and chew gum. most people have the sense of urgency, they work 16 hours a day and don't take off months at a time. you might be right. i hate to concede the point that they are lazy and never underestimate their incompetence but i will give kayleigh up chance to respond. >> attainable or unattainable, this is indefensible to the well-being of the american people. i want to point out to your viewers, if graham and cassidy passes, look what past. going back to conservative principles, the decision making in the states and not the federal government. i know ag pam bondi fought diligently for. >> sean: from your lips to god's ears. geraldo, my adopted brother. >> i love you, brother. >> sean: you've been so nice to me. kayleigh, we love having appeared the worst person you are dealing with is not van jones but geraldo? [laughter] >> we love geraldo. >> sean: he is not that bad.
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he's a good guy and one of my best friends. when they come back, talking about north korea -- former ambassador john bolton ways in and we will talk about the president's speech to the u.n. tomorrow. a one-on-one "hannity" shoot out with a formal obama economic advisor, austan goolsbee. we have a big announcement at the end of the show. something i think you are going to like. straightus ahead. (woman scream) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪
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>> this is a fox news alert. i am mike tobin in st. louis for the skies have opened up and thinned the number of demonstrators out on the streets with sheets and sheets of rain. it's still hard core group remains in front of justice center. they've been chanting free our people. the 123 people that were picked up last night. groups of vandals marauding downtown blocking intersections. they broke up flower pots and use the concrete to smash windows and numbers of businesses. all of this follows the judge's decision to acquit a white former police officer who shot and killed a black man after a high-speed chase. police, city leaders to, and state leaders are watching a fourth night of demonstrations. three of them have been violent and destructive. they are hoping to get through this night without any violence and without major destruction. now, back to "hannity."
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." president trump made his first appearance at the u.n. meeting in new york city as commander in chief. it's been historically anti-american and anti-semitic. take a look. >> the united nations was founded on truly noble goals. these include affirming the dignity and worth of the human person and striving for international peace. the united nations has helped advance towards these goals. in so many ways. to honor the people of our nation. we must ensure that no one and no member state shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden and that is militarily or financially. >> sean: here with reacts and become a former u.s. ambassador,
7:23 pm
john bolton. at first react to the president's comments and then my comments. i saw you look at me when you mentioned how i feel about the u.n. >> the president is an optimistic man. he laid out his criticisms not like it was a campaign speech, he hopes we can get reform. i wish him all the best. i don't think it's going to happen. i've watched these efforts for 25 years or more. , it's been negligible. my view is -- the only thing that can get the attention of the secretariat and other member nations of the u.n. is for the u.s. to move unilaterally to a system of voluntarily contributions. based on this revolutionary principle. we pay only for what we want and reese insist we get what we want. >> sean: 28% of the money for u.n. peacekeeping and the majority of forces. they are almost universally a majority of american -- all the time. >> an interesting statistic.
7:24 pm
china, which everyone is telling us their economy is almost as big as ours china will surpass. they take 7% of the u.n.'s budget. >> sean: they have the same power we do. >> that's why i say people take this 22%, 28% as an entitlement. the best run programs in the u.n. today, they tend to be those funded by voluntary contributions. a lot of our european friends won't like it. life is hard. you know, i think we need to go to voluntary contributions and do it unilaterally if the others will not go along. then they will pay attention. >> sean: by using hyperbole, am i wrong, am i being unfair to say the organization generally speaking is voting over the years has been anti-semitic and anti-american? >> no question. if you look at votes in the u.n. general assembly. whenever we stand on principle, we lose. whenever we insist on trying to live up to the u.n.'s ideals, we
7:25 pm
lose. that's been true for decades. and yet, we put this kick me sign on us and pay for it as well. >> one of the things that frustrates me is -- by the way, they are in new york. you can't budge in new york. >> good exercise. >> sean: listen, i am not complaining or whining, we have good lives. that's not the point. i don't think they've done anything effective in terms of what their mission was. at some point, i like your idea about doing it voluntarily but a bigger point is if they cannot do it and function. if you can't have iran on the human rights -- really, what goes wrong? really, let's start with a country that kills gays and lesbians. how do you put them on the human rights condition?
7:26 pm
>> resigned from the human rights council right now. in 2006, the bush administration -- to vote against creating this new body. it was not of reform of its predecessor. we have to get off of it and defunded immediately. >> sean: nikki haley talking about the possibility of destruction of north korea. i've been using the word "incinerate." we will get into that. what about the nuclear deal with chiron? that go away and i go one-on-one, "hannity" shoot-out. austan goolsbee. and we have a little announcement. we hope you will stand by. it's important. straight ahead. forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. my doctor recommended i switch laxatives.
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go. >> i want to say under your leadership, the alliance between america and israel has never been stronger. never been deeper. only forward with addressing what you rightly called a terrible nuclear deal with iran and how to roll back the growing aggression in the region. >> sean: president trump and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaking at the u.n. we continue with former u.s. investor to the u.n. john bolton. nikki haley said and i agree with her -- if north korea continues to save her rally and fires missiles over japan and we know they have nuclear capability, so they can reach the continental united states, it's only a prescription in my opinion, she said destruction. i would use the word consideration. without country would have to be incinerated. there would be no option. >> north korea is very close to
7:32 pm
hit any target it wants in the continental united states with informal nuclear weapon. it's unacceptable for the united states and our innocent population to have to with that threat. when this present crisis ends, if north korea still has nuclear weapons capabilities, we have lost. susan rice, she recently said we tried for 25 years to stop north korea. i guess we failed. we have to learn to live with it as we learn to live with nuclear weapons with the soviet union. we don't. we did not. it's a fast file analogy. >> sean: bill clinton announces the nuclear deal when we -- oh, a good deal for the american people. all right, good deal. he has a nuclear weapons. that we promise we wouldn't connect -- they wouldn't have. i'm listening to the israeli prime minister. dying of radical islam married
7:33 pm
to weapons of mass destruction. that to me is a squared b squared c squared formula. radical islamists, nuclear weapons, modern-day holocaust. >> it only gets worse after that. whenever capability north korea has, iran can have to mark. i hope this meeting today between bibi netanyahu and president trump gave netanyahu a chance to explain why the president has to get the united states out of this nuclear deal by october. >> sean: if he finds in any way that they are not living up to the agreement of the deal, the president -- i think it's month by month. >> every 90 days. if he simply says this deal -- which it manifestly is not, he certifies he also has to get out of the deal. he asked to provide political and moral clarity. i hope his advisors give them a chance. >> sean: i have the egyptian
7:34 pm
president, el-sisi who had shown great courage in standing up to the terrorist group -- the islamic brotherhood. he's shown great courage taking on radical islam. in talking about how islam needs a reformation, if you will. a dramatic change. i'm sure he put himself at great risk but it seems that israel, the saudis, the egyptians, jordanians and other gulf states have aligned because of a fear of iranian the jenna lee and the reason. >> i hope the president lays out tomorrow why the iranian threat is not confined only to its nuclear program but to its continuing support for international terrorism, its efforts to dominate the middle east, threat to israel and us. >> sean: all right, ambassador. very troubled times. i think north korea, we are on
7:35 pm
the verge. do you agree? this is going to happen. >> a decision has to be made. >> sean: i think we have to take out their muscles on the launchpad. >> we can't leave women with nuclear weapons. even if i did not have ballistic missile capability, they could sell it. >> sean: very dangerous. when we come back, hillary clinton tells npr -- you are not going to rule out questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 election results? can you say crybaby? if new information about the russia election information? there's no information. the "hannity" shoot-out. austan goolsbee and a big announcement tonight. coming up at the end of the show. straight ahead. eryone's got to .
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7:40 pm
monday morning and add to the devastation already caused by hurricane irma. former campaign manager paul manafort -- they plan to indict him according to "the new york times," robert mueller followed the july search of paul manafort's homes. possible tax law violation and failure to disclose foreign lobbying. spokesmen for both mueller and manafort have the client comment. i am kelly wright. now back to "hannity." >> sean: welcome back to the "hannity." hillary clinton refuses to accept the fact that she lost the election to president trump. she won't rule out contesting the election and the election results. if there is actual proof of russia election interference. this is the exact opposite of what clinton tweeted about donald trump last october.
7:41 pm
she tweeted... here now, austan goolsbee. all right, the media and on the conspiracy theorists on other cable channels in "the new york times" and "washington post," they've been telling us russia, prussia, russia. you follow the news as closely as anybody i know. can you name one piece of evidence that we have of trump-russia collusion in the election. >> you backed away, now it's only donald trump himself? a couple of months ago, you told me there was no evidence of the campaigns collusion. >> sean: okay -- i will help you out. can you name any specific evidence that has been cited of trump campaign and russia collusion in the election or the dnc emails or jump at emails? do you have --
7:42 pm
>> there's a suggestive evidence. >> sean: no, give me a little meat on a bone. >> the fact that they sent an email to don, jr., saying we have dirt on hillary clinton and he said i love it, let's have a meeting. >> sean: all right, it is not any different -- that's evidence of the collusion. evidence of collusion. when a dnc staffer met with the ukrainian embassy -- with the ukrainian ambassador at the embassy and reported back to the dnc and reported back to hillary clinton's campaign, is that worse than what you are saying it's a little tiny meat on the bone? what you are giving me is maybe a morsel -- >> i don't know on ukraine. >> >> sean: oh, you don't want o talk about it. >> i haven't seen the argument that the ukraine --
7:43 pm
>> >> sean: the dnc paid staffer met with ukrainian pastor. >> sean, we're old friends and i will concede your point. in my opinion, it is not hillary clinton's place to declare that she considers the election suspect or not. she was a candidate. thus for the american people and the u.s. -- >> sean: tell me what the crime is. you and i are running against each other for president. let's make everyone laugh for a second. something that will never happen. plus, i would win. >> i am a good-looking one in that. >> sean: if you consider losing lucky. i'm okay with that. we are running against each other for president. all of a sudden, someone tells me i've got information. you need to know about austan goolsbee. it's going to impact the selection and the american people need to know. is there any crime if i meet with him and try to find out what they had?
7:44 pm
>> there could be but let me say this -- >> where with the crime be? >> i will tell them to go sit and spin and if they are the russians, i will call the fbi. >> sean: you're going to call the fbi? you are not going to listen? >> if the russians called me up? and said they had dirt on you? >> sean: you know who i would cite as my resource? alan dershowitz, is he liberal enough for you? right there with you. kind of close liberal with you. >> yeah, i don't think -- >> sean: he agrees with me. >> he agrees with you but sean, we have not gotten the report from mueller and the fbi. i hope that there is no crime and if there's anything that there was some marginal person in the campaign and that person tells the account if it has nothing to do with the president, if it goes higher,
7:45 pm
then we would be in a constitutional crisis and i don't want that to happen. >> sean: we don't have a constitutional crisis and after everybody in the country for a year, even comey and clapper and brandon and everybody in the intelligence community says there's no evidence but there is smoke. give me some meat on the bone. or it's gotta go away. this is a distraction and an attempt to delegitimize a duly elected president and you should be asking your side to knock it off because it's hurting the country. >> i have. i don't think hillary clinton should be getting up and saying she doesn't -- she is uncertified. >> sean: we agree, half. i would like. you versus me, it's over. you supported obama's failed economic agenda. food stamps, 8 million more in poverty. most labor participation rate under you.
7:46 pm
>> look with the president is. >> sean: yes, donald trump. thank god. when we come back, the enemies take a hard left turn with the onslaught of trump bashing. they are like drug addicts. addicted to it. country music legend big and rich weigh in on that. i have an announcement at the end of the show i want to share with you. straightet ahead. prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." at the emmys last night, the liberals took a cheap shot. here with reaction and in studio, their new cd is out, country music legend superstars. big kenny and john rich. also known as big and rich. did it for the party. california, top-selling signal. how are you doing? kenny, did you know that he writes liners for my radio show customer >> i heard about this. >> sean: firing torpedoes of truth against a wall of lies. >> [laughs] >> sean: i've never gotten another line. that was five years ago. >> it was over a good cigar. >> sean: any time you hang out with john rich, you smoke a good cigar and drink crown royal. timmy, that's like the worst medicine.
7:51 pm
>> a pretty good one. >> in tennessee, i give shout out to granny rich. she sitting and watching right now. >> sean: i granny. you come from a background, your dad was a preacher. >> still. >> sean: i think holy -- >> holy water. >> sean: pop song, when i saw the video, it became instantly one of my favorite videos. >> we still play on the show. we hear people yelling from the crowd, play "holy water." one thing about our music, we have rocking songs. but then you have songs like "holy water." it becomes a huge song for veterans and active duty. big kenny and i have brought up members of active duty. >> sean: you say come on up if you are active duty? >> we say their name and rank and let them say whatever they want to the audience bear that's become a tradition. >> sean: one more question,
7:52 pm
big kenny. he and i. we battle politics like day and night. you are not as political. >> you know what, man, i was raised by her father who wasn't necessarily a preacher but just a hardworking farmer. back when i came from -- in virginia. we raised cattle. in the community, they built a church, the fire department, they started the rescue squad, my father's served on the school board. board of education. making sure everyone got a light bulb. all about doing. >> sean: you are with us in april, 2010. there were 30,000 people there. that was the start of the t pali rally. you sing on stage. the tea party rally. you guys have got to love that. it becomes alive. he wants people sing your songs, how is that? how cool is that?
7:53 pm
>> we were in falcon stadium two nights ago. >> sean: in atlanta? >> in colorado, the air force academy. we are singing. >> sean: sorry. >> everyone's making a joyful noise. nothing better than that. >> sean: this is what i think is a great artist, you have serious, rocking fun. people dancing all over the place. just take everybody with a range of emotion. you fight, you fall in love. you get divorced, you fall in love. we rekindled the relationship. >> that's country music. >> that's life. >> anybody that is really performing their own stuff, they are basically writing time capsules every time you put out another record. >> sean: when you had your baby? >> i had two sons. kenny had two sons. i think you would like that, we have a song called my son. art imitates life.
7:54 pm
it's all kind of one thing. >> sean: you seen me saying the devil went down to georgia? >> that's what you were doing? >> sean: all right, i'll take that. all right, you know what? i break everything in the studio. that thing over there is like $500 million. anyway, the cd is phenomenal. you guys are going to be on tour all over the country. i love you guys. awesome music. i've been a fan forever. you touch people's hearts and souls and that's what i love about what music does. you can't teach me how to sing, right? >> we can try. >> we can teach you how to party. we did it for the party. >> sean: six in the morning. it's not good. i've done it twice. we'll be quebec, a big announcement about this show and they are dying to hear it. they don't even know. straight ahead. ♪
7:55 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to the fox news channel. we do have a big announcement. starting monday september 25th
7:59 pm
we are going to be moving to 9:00 p.m. eastern, back where we started and we are very happy about it. by the way, all my career i started out behind the eight ball. in the month of august, number two in cable because for some bizarre reason conspiracy theory tv is working right now. but with your help and if you help us spread the word, give us a little time, we are planning on being number one with your help. we also really want to congratulate our good friend of the program, laura ingraham, she is going to be taking over the 10:00 p.m. slot at the end of october. as i wrote on twitter earlier today, when you really think about it, i never expected that i would be the bridge between two generations of the fox news channel, this is the next generation and now we've had some changes obviously, greta and bill and megan have all left, i'm glad to be back in my own time slot, it all starts next monday. we are very proud of tucker, martha and of course no laura. we will see you monday.
8:00 pm
monday night at 9:00. anyway, we will always be fair and balanced. thanks for being with us, we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: could evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. the emmy awards aired last night in prime time. if you didn't watch you weren't alone and by the way, we don't judge. even by the usual standards of show business, last night show was a remarkable triumph of identity politics over art and entertainment. even before it began an actress called issa rae told the reporters she was going to judge the anomalies with solely on their skin color without reference to the town or achievement. she wasn't the only one. >> who are you rooting for them a? >> i'm for everybody black. >> i want to make dominic thankedim


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