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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 18, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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monday night at 9:00. anyway, we will always be fair and balanced. thanks for being with us, we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: could evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. the emmy awards aired last night in prime time. if you didn't watch you weren't alone and by the way, we don't judge. even by the usual standards of show business, last night show was a remarkable triumph of identity politics over art and entertainment. even before it began an actress called issa rae told the reporters she was going to judge the anomalies with solely on their skin color without reference to the town or achievement. she wasn't the only one. >> who are you rooting for them a? >> i'm for everybody black. >> i want to make dominic thanked him for making black people number one of the most
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depressed list. he's the reason and probably appear. >> tucker: those comments didn't seem to raise an eyebrow, but of course they didn't. it's 2017, so we are used to open rates open race hostility from the left, so used with that many of us no longer even notic notice. the entire show was like that. ithe came closer to political indoctrination than entertainment. as a u selection. >> unlike the presidency, mas go to the winner of the popular vote. >> i suppose i would say at long last mr. president, here is youu are emmy. >> in 2017 we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical wine, hypocritical bacon dominic they get. spiritualist liberties are liberal, they don't like trump, that's normal. last night show wasn't really about term, it was an expression of the contempt america's ruling class has for the rest of the
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country. the zip codes they don't live in.. the middle class elected donald trump last november. last night holly would denounce them for doing it. don't kid yourself, you could have heard the exact same contempt for middle america at any google board meeting or facebook employees retreat or for that matter at any bar in washington for fund-raisers from both parties regularly gather. watching now is no longer a debate between conservatives and liberals, it's an unbridgeable divide when those who have reaped the massive benefits of global capitalism and the rest of a the country, which has not. the winners justify their immense wealth and power by imagining they deserve it. they are simply better and more deserving than everyone else. the people beneath them deserve what they get too. they are disgusting, how do you know they are? they voted for donald trump. that's what's going on here. it is missing from voters as evil allows those actors on stage last night, not to mention tech moguls and boardrooms in the entire political establishment heren in d.c., to sustain the current, very warped system and still believe they are not just good people, but
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the very best people. last night show also exposed something else,me many of america's most famous artists aren't really artists, they are hacks. their shows are dumb, their art is crap, they are not impressive. john oliver's weekly sanctimony fast one best variety series? ines what world? and utterly distorted world, a place warped by ideology or political imperatives supersede art, a place where everybody has to pretend they write well. a country in which the wooden stupidity of the handmaid's tale is ignored because the story's message is just so very important at a critical time like this. that show won five awards last night, by the way. of course it did. it never improves art, it only corrupts art, in turning freethinkers into robots and beauty into propaganda. we should not be surprised. wendy is a professor of education at john hopkins university and she joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >>ng thank you for having me. >> tucker: just to be clear,
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i'm not whining that liberals are acting liberal or that hollywood is liberal, i knew that. i'm bothered by the distorting effects that politics has on art and i fear that no one on stage last night was even allowed to offer a contrary opinion, not just about trump but about america itself. there's this orthodoxy that produces really crappy art. that bothers me. >> as americans it's okay for us to be critical of our president. >> tucker: i agree. >> that's the beauty of the >> tucker: amen. >> president trump is not beyond reproach. but as entertainers and comedians is they use we elect to entertain. we see that take center stage when we see s alec baldwin winng an emmy for his portrayal of donald trump. we see kate mckinnon winning an emmy for her portrayal of hillary clinton as well as kellyanne conway. what happens here is when you elect a reality start as president and he becomes a celebrity and commander in
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chief, you cannot w be mad whene n-is center stage and he is the brunt of allll jokes. >> tucker: i'm not, actually. i think he wants to be center stage and i get it, i understand it's funny, some of it ista funny. pico absolutely. >> tucker: what bothers me is that there's clearly a kind of erpolitical affirmative action network where -- handmaid's tale, are you serious? wins five awards? not because the story is convincing or elevated or interesting anything other than boarding or some are , because s an allegory that's important. if that devalues art. do you see? >>d no, because art is what we make it. >> tucker: [laughs] >> it's true! beauty has the ability to be interpreted differently. >> tucker: that's true, there's a subjective element but there's also like at least an idea of excellence. you shouldn't be rewarded for mouthing the same stupid slogans that everybody else is and then have the gall to call yourself an artist or a freethinker, you were merely a robot going along
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with the crowd as these people are. >> the problem with a set on the emmys or what they're doing when they are acting up or train? >> tucker: i think the whole thing is distorted. i'm not mocking this or any other president, but those views aren't allowed. if you have to prescribe to a certain worldview. that's the opposite of rethinking. these are just political functionaries, bureaucrats! >> there are people in hollywood who have different thinking whether you look att kaitlin jenner, there are people who have different thinking, not everyone in hollywood is liberal and not everyone in hollywood bebeld be up liberal. the beauty of the country's diversity and not just who we are, but how we w think. at the end of the day, no one ideology should lead us. whether you want hollywood or anywhere else. >> tucker: i believe not completely. if you treat people with individuals, judge them by what they do not wear it by where they were born or how they look. with that in mind, the actress at the outset was that she was rooting for anyone who was
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black, i just thought, look, i don't think she should be in jaill for but if someone were to say because they're white i would say that's disgusting. you should treat people as individuals but nobody said anything about it, why? >> i think knowing her show, which is very diverse and having watched it a few times, i cannot speak for her because i am not in her head, but from my thought process in seeing the diversity ofvi her show, she saying that e wants to see individuals won and have a diverse background when it comes to emmys. yesterday we saw that. we saw the first african-american woman win for writing a comedic play. >> tucker: i've never seen the show, i'm not against her personally. >> it's very diverse. >> tucker: it seems the opposite of diverse, it seems monochromatic. she saying i want people of one specific color to women, that is the opposite of diversity and it also suggests that a person's color is the most important thing about that person and i just don't believe that and it hope that nobody else believes that because it's wrong. >> our country wasn't founded on
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that and what matters is not your color, what matters is us coming together. again, not being in her head but to see and her art form time time again, she is a diverse thinker and she was basically trying to say it will be great if we escape from the norm and we have individuals who represent allll walks of life walking across that stage. yesterday we had that. >> tucker: she only mentioned one group. i think it's a divisive habit of thought. >> the first muslim and first south asian actually won an award for acting yesterday and that's diversity we need in this country. >> tucker: i think looking at the world like that gets you to actually. i think you should look to people first as individuals. >> absolutely. >> tucker: what does this person to come what does she believe? and as soon as you see people from indistinguishable from anybody else, that's what people really start hating each other.i >> what you don't see that is divisive saying you are rooting for people just by how they look great >> again, i'm not in her head but looking at her artwork and her art products, what i
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have seen from her has been diversity and inclusion i believe what she was trying to say is we want to see people walk across that stage or diverse. so you mean she basically meant the exact opposite of what she said? >> should ask her! >> tucker: i don't want to ask this one person about who i know nothing. she seems like a metaphor for a kind of thinking that's very pervasive, i'm rooting for my group or my team or my tribe and i just think that that -- i think we should think of each other as americans. the emmys, the numbers are going down. it does make me wonder, maybe there are lots of reasons for that but it makes me wonder, they don't care that americans want to watch their political lectures but they keep giving the same lectures, why do you think that is? >> when you frame it like that, that statistically dubious. when you look at the totality, the numbers to go down, they also went on 2015 and it was a 5% drop from the numbers they are before. what we are seeing is not just witht emmys, award shows across the board, their numbers are
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going down. i would appeal to the people who run these works out and fit within the award viewership is going down. it happened during the obama administration that the numbers were going down and this year's emmys, just to put it into context, it has same viewership at last year's emmys. >> tucker: you make a fair point. maybe america just doesn't have an appetite for watching which people celebrate themselves. how many more times do we have to watch workbooks people give themselves awards? >> whether you are richch or no, you deserve an award. >> tucker: handmaid's tale, it's a parody. >> i heard it's great. thank you for having me. >> tucker: a singer and songwriter who notably, bravely, may be recklessly for a donald trump themed gown to the 2017 grammy awards, that's her wearing it right there. joins us tonight. >> high tucker! >> tucker: i don't think you need to be a trump supporters to recognize the boldness of a move like that. but whatever have happened you think if you wear that outfit to the emmys last night?
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>> they just would have lambasted me. a they lambasted me after the grammys and wendy, which is too afraid to say, she's being flat-out present rest andri borderline racism think she's only going to support people who are black. that's when diversity goes way too far and in fact it's the opposite of diversity. it's i'm going to support my people because that's what i should do s right now. hollywood has such a bloated ego about themselves, they think anything they say will be taken straightforward and really we are laughing at them. >> tucker: that's my question, what do i know? it's not my world at all, it's more yours. do you think when they come off a show like last night they think that was really important work that we did. if we really helped america understand where we are. >> absolutely, they are patting themselves on the back. they are drinking whiskey shots, they are saying you d were grea, no, you were great! know you weret, great! we were all great!
8:12 pm
>> tucker: [laughs] is that really i true? >> yes. >> tucker:ha nightmare of self-satisfied out of touch losers. >> and if you think any different then you are lambasted, you are put in the corner and you are no longer allowed to play ball and that's why the diversity lie is a lie. the diversity of color, diversityf of texture, of flavo, all these different cultures, but not diversity of thought as we saw on the emmys. if you hate trump you get a price. if you love him you get ignored. >> tucker: doesn't creativity require as a prerequisite,ow freethinking? how can you be creative if you were told what the conclusion has to be? >> a totally should. ifho that's the thing, there iso more creativity. we see remake after remake. we see sequels, we see books that are being made into movies because there's no longer any free thought. there's no freethinking, there's no free artistry and if there's no artistry, honestly, hollywood is just rehashing the same thing and they are patting themselves on the back about it in the
8:13 pm
emmys was a disgusting display of bloated mess that we saw last night. >> tucker: i want to make sure rich people get enough awards. >> they need it. >> tucker: my understanding of the economics of this is the domestic audience is shrinking because honestly, who would watch that garbage? but they are sustained by the international audience. i guess what bothersat me is ths is the world window into america, the stuff that these people produce, am i getting that right? >> i think so. i think internationally they will stop buying that b.s. too. i think all the numbers are going down, they are tanking. people are just not buying this anymore. it's the same old story being sold and honestly i think foreign talents are probably ahead of usrising because they are starting to think outsidead the box even though they supposedly have less free-speech than us, we are supposed to be the country of the first amendment but as we see in hollywood they no longer care about that. >> tucker: you are the bravest. wearing a trump outfit to an award show, that's like ordering a ribeye at the vegetarian
8:14 pm
convention. really off the grid! i love it. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, tucker! >> tucker: hurricanes harvey and irma weren't enough. apparently. up next it's going to be updated hurricane maria. headed straight for puerto rico tonight. plus... >> you've asked some questions! okay. thank you, thank you! >> tucker: illegal immigration activist picked a fight with an unlikely target, democratic leader nancy pelosi, what were they angry about? we will show you just ahead, stay tuned. ♪ introducing walkabout wednesdays.
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. 2017's devastating hurricane season continues. hurricane mariaia barrelling toward puerto rico at this hour. it's expected to approach puerto rico by wednesday morning. it could add to the devastation already caused by hurricane irma. we'll track it and bring you the latest. so many deadly storms in the past. y many have sought to make a political point or draw a connection between them. many are saying the storms are proof of globalr warming. never mind their lectures that weather is not climate when it's cold or stormy. john stossel is being denounced as a denier. he joins us to explain. john you're seeing this everywhere. we have hurricanes, unprecedented hurricane season because of climate change.
8:19 pm
is that true? >> no. even the government says we don'ttr have information to proe that. it's premature to concludee they've had a detectable effect. yet the media is filled with that. d they don't say climate proves climate change is real. they say man made climate change is real. we don't know how much man did. but h they just say it. >> tucker: but doesn't that. i have the mean wait a second. you ask critical questions, and ask for data in order to come to conclusions that makes you i think a denier, right? >> well i think because i work at fox,h everything makes me a denier. but, and i am a denier of part of it. climate change is four things, is the climate changing? yes. does man play a part? i would say probably, maybe a small part. is it going to be a crisis? it might be.
8:20 pm
it's possible. but the most important one, four, is anything we do now going to make any significant difference?g and there, no. i am a denier. because we're just wasting money and hurtingu poor people doing the stuff we did under president obama and before him. >> tucker: but i mean the argument is that to act is ao moral imperative and it's immoral not to the act. do you buy that? >> it's immoral to act if it isn't going it make much difference, if it makes it harder for poor people to live. if it raises the price of energy that really hurts people. it might be a moral imperative to act on malaria or dysentery, real problems we have now but we don't know about climate change. buying all the priuses, if everybodyt followed the paris agreement, even proponents admit it would make the slightest difference. >> tucker: why does the debate
8:21 pm
about science have so many moral over tones? >> it's the new religion of the left. man polutes. man's carbon greedy industries. this has to hurt people. we have to fight this. this is their religion. >> tucker: can you think of any other species in science where asking questions is considered wrong? >> no. asking questions is good. there are no did you mean questions. >>id tucker: right. isn't skepticism the essence of the scientific method? >> yes, it's beyond that now. everybody agrees. but they don't agree it's a crisis or that we could do anything about it. as a consumer reporter i have covered so many of these scares. >> tucker: right. >> pesticides are causing the cancer epidemic. y2k is going to make all the planes crash. endlessly. they don't happen. >> tucker: can you think, imedicine is another branch of
8:22 pm
science. what would happen if you applied the same rules to medical research. anyone that asks questions is immoral andd ought to be punished, what kind of medicines do you think we would develop? >> progress would stop. remember thek researchers have n incentive to say this is a crisis. if we do this, it will make it better because then they get money.y. if they say we don't know or it might not make a difference, they don't get money. >> tucker: or this is incredibly complicated and we see part of the picture because that's the way lifely is. bottom line you're saying thereb is no consensus that climate change is responsible for more powerful hurricanes? >> that's what the -- i'm not the scientist who can make that decision but noa says it. >> tucker: interesting. john stossel, thank you for that. >> thanks tucker. >> tucker: good luck with the aftermath, blow back. nancy pelosi is pushing amnesty for hundreds of thousands of
8:23 pm
illegal immigrants. why is she under attack from the very same group? we'll have more for you next. >> you had your time. ♪ rything you've tried-- all those laxatives, daily probiotics, endless fiber-- it could be wearing on you. tell your doctor what you've tried, and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than eighteen. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage.
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8:27 pm
white-splain to them. please cover your children's ears. >> for a long time we've been fighting the fight for the dreamers. [ crowd noise ]] >> do you want to hear an answer or do you just want to shout? [ crowd noise ] >> yes. yes. yes. yes. yes i am. yes i am. you do not. you don't know what you're talking about. >> tucker: the revolution always consumes itself. why were those people so mad at pelosi? they're furious that she's
8:28 pm
negotiating with the president. they want total amnesty for 11 million immigrants. ivan is the founder. thanks for coming on. >> i am a daca beneficiary and born a crime when i was immigrating here at nine months old. >> i guess what i find so strike about that video and other things i've found in the last few weeks is the lack of gratitude and the hostility from people who are getting a pretty good deal from the united states apparently, people who are here illegally breaking u.s. law, getting benefits and yet seem hostile toward the united states. i never hear a single person say thankbe you. why not? i wonder. >> i believe that undocumented immigrants, daca recipients are reacting to what's continuing to
8:29 pm
be done over years. they're talking about us but not talking with us. they're not including us in the conversation. this is something going to be addressed. both parties will be held accountable.n peoplele have something to refer to, records to indicate how promising these agreements can be.or that's voting records. we're going to be holding people on both sides of the party who have voted t against us. that's all we have. >> tucker: wait. wait. hold on a moment. slow down. you're issuing a threat and i want to understand what that threat is. nyou're not a u.s. citizen you're saying you and others are going to hold u.s. citizens accountable for not being nice for non u.s. citizens. >> these elected officials are there to represent all citizens. we do take great part in our communit and ask to be represented. we are paying taxes, we are contributing to the community
8:30 pm
and wewe ask for representation. >> tucker: by the way, i've always been very pro immigrant and am in still ways and you're making me very anti-immigration by what you're saying because of its tone and because of the threat you just issued to people who don't see it your way. you're not a u.s. citizen. u.s. governmentwawa exists to se the needs and protect the needs of u.s. citizens, not to protect the needs of non-u.s. citizens. i think all countries are that way. >> do you understand taxation without representation? something that this country was founded on? i believe we're paying taxes and deserve to be represented. i'm not issuing any threat other than we are going to go ahead and no longer allow people that jeopardize our community behind our back. we want to have relief that includes our parents, brothers, uncles who don't fit the typical dreamer narrative per se. >> tucker: why do you have't a right to demand anything?
8:31 pm
theme be really clear for fifth time. i'm sympathetic to a lot of the daca peoplele but i'm more sympathetic to u.s. citizens because i am one. i have something in common with them because they are americans too. i don't understand on what grounds you make these demands. if i show up in another country and say i demand a political voice, benefits and respect. they would a say buzz off pal, leave. you have no position to demand those things. do you see what i mean? >> i understand. the context of the video you're referring to. those are daca beneficiaries. 800,000 which are in limbo. there isn't anything happening in the next six months. they are reacting. that these two or three people very much well involved in our communities, teaching our children, police officers, fire men, paramedics, even in the recent hurricane they were puttingng their lives on the li. >> tucker: that's just totally nonsense.
8:32 pm
some of them are great people. some of them are criminals and drug dealers, they're people. not all of them are future medal of honor recipients. let's stop with the propaganda. i'm asking what citizenship means and the rights of people from other countries to demand things from a country that's not theirs. it's an entitled posture for you to take it. i the demand this. on what grounds? >> they contribute to this country. they are not new. and that applies to every population. i know plenty of good citizens and bad citizens. >> tucker: iy agree with you. but there are citizens and non-citizens. that's the distinction that the
8:33 pm
left is seeking to erase. we're all the same. and my point is, no, the point of a government is to look out for the citizens, that's why a citizen is different from a non-citizen. you're subject to the laws ofoo and also benefitting from the protections of a government. so like everyone in the world who wants to come to the united states can show up, go on benefits, reap t the benefits of our society. why would we allow that? >>it nobody is actually doing that. there is no line right now for anyone in this country to get behind. there are applications that can apply for. we're talking about millions of people who are already here. 800,000 daca beneficiaries who are in limbo. there is no line to get behind. the immigration system is currently processing applications from 1999 something we have no control over. >> tucker: but that's not really up to you to like or dislike because you don't have grounds for that. look i would concede some of the daca kids are at. little differt because they came here as small children as you did. for the 11 to 15 million people
8:34 pm
who snuck into the country, using forged documents to work undercutting the wages of m american citizens, how do they get to tell me the i want this, i demand that? what? why would a normal society take that seriously? >> i'm one of the examples of millions who have been here for decades,of contributing. >> tucker: these are major distinctions that you're ignoring. you think that all yourhe relatives. >> there's push and pull factors for this immigration. we are the largest economy. also the push back. >> tucker: that's, you know what that's just garbage. you learned that in some school you went to. we have almost 100 million citizens not working. >> let's put it in perspective. there are 320 million u.s. population. are you going to tell me 3.5% are responsible for the other
8:35 pm
close to 95%? >> tucker: you know that's another ludicrous argument. i don't think that. >> that's what people like you are making. >> tucker:. i don't know who people p like me are. learn how to like follow a rational train of thought. i'm not saying that, i've never said. i think americans are responsible for most of their own problems. importing millions a of low wage workers into this country every year doesn't work, and you don'ter care. google has shown its willingness to crack down on speech. why are they opposing a bill aimed at going after human trafficking? plus every week brings us new examples of lunacy from antifa. some people say the movement doesn't exactly exist. antifa deniers are out there.
8:36 pm
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. >> tucker: right now the u.s. >> tucker: right now the u.s. senate is considering a bill that will be intended to combat ila bill against human trafficking, the tech giant google, mary campaigns against human trafficking, she says google has played a key roll. mary, thanks for coming on. >> tucker, nice to be here. >> i'll acknowledge nobody is for human trafficking and i'm not sure i fully understand the ramificationsan of this bill. i want to get to google's roll and big tech's role in all of this. how is google abetting human trafficking? >> we asked ourselves the very same question. when we dove into this topic we were looking at back page which has been determined to be the go-to site for commercial sites of allll kinds chewing children.
8:41 pm
of all kinds including children. several children who were victimized, sold and bought, we who were serially raped at the ages of 13, 14 and 15 sued back page to determine if they were culpable in any way. we started reading the court briefings and we noticed there were voluminous briefings filed by the electronic foundation. i scratched my head and said who could be filing in support of back page. a quick google search you'll google is the primary funder of g both organizations. it stands to reason that google would be concerned about opening up any kind of liability for online content. right?or it is the wild west on line. >> tucker: right. >> and the back pages of the world have been shielded by an outdated internet law. right? section 230 of the communications decency act which was passed 20 years ago.
8:42 pm
and it really the meant that facebook and twitter couldn't be sued for stuff people might say. it made sense, right?ou su>> tucker: right. >> there were no tools to monitor content. fast forward 20 years and there were crimes that are simply unimaginable that have moved online. yet you've got this law that is completely outdated, hasn't been tweaked, and it's simply not appropriate to continue business as usual with the wild west on we have discovered that kind of stunningly for a company whose motto is don't be evil, that google has pushed so hard to keep the wild west in place, that it has allied itself with back page and it goes beyond more complicity. in addition to contributing to back page's legal defense we know that google lawyers have met with
8:43 pm
back page lawyers to talk about tactics and best practices. and it's really shocking on really the lack of ethics around this issue for a company that is really so revered. >> tucker: it's so interesting that so many tech companies are complicit in shutting down speech in other countries, 'rright? they're complies sit with the chinese government for example, facebook and shutting down political dissent in this country and drawing a line in the sand on this? >> well you see them last week start to remove alt-right speech. if they're inciting violence that's a good laudable thing. when itch comes to section trafficking you can google buy a child for sex and within moments a child can be delivered to your home. and that is the fundamental problem. and google is right now, it is
8:44 pm
imperative for them to be on the right side of the issue. now google does fund antitrafficing organizations. again laudable. however when you looks at the timing it of when they began fund antitrafficing organizations it coincides with activists looking to tweak this law that has shielded back page why is it still legal in 2017 to host advertisements selling children? itdv is child abuse. it is serial rape and it's protected. and that just simply can't go on. >> tucker: really quickly, i'm pretty hard line on speech, i thinkic everybody should be. these are actions. there's a huge difference. >> that's a great distinction. >> tucker: here is my question.. could you host an ad selling illegal weapons? machine guns? you couldn't, right? >> you would think you couldn't.
8:45 pm
you the couldn't -- the american public would never stand for a frder for hire site. >> tucker: exactly. >> children for sale, it's kind of sort of consensual prostitution. people have no idea how this crime has changed and it's reallyle remarkable. before you let me go, the other thing is that this law that there's a hearing tomorrow on the hill it has nothing to do with speech. jane doe one, two and three sued back page in boston. the court found even in back page had participated n. was a co-conspirator of the crime of trafficking it had no choice but to dismiss this lawsuit. the first circuit called on the children and said go to congress. for google to now suggest that this is an assault on free speech that the internet isis going to break, what google is concerned about -- >> tucker: to lecture us on free speech? it's a little much. mary that was super interesting.
8:46 pm
thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me. i really appreciate it. >> tucker: we had an antifa professor on this show last week, antifa, some people claim it doesn't exist, it's fake news. more on that coming up next. ♪ with advil, you'll ask what twisted ankle? what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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>> tucker: last thursday on this show we talked to john jay college of criminal justice professor who has a side gig as an anti fascist organizer. he has been suspended. he wrote a tweet in which he said it was an honor to teach future dead cops. a that tweet was so over the top
8:51 pm
it brought new york police and bill together. we never root for anybody's firing but it is worth asking the obvious question who hired a nutt case like this guy in the first case? why was he teaching kids and this is relevant to you, hown many people just like him are stillt out there teaching your kids right now? answer, a lot of them. despite professor isaac son and routine violence in portland and berkeley, it's a fever dream invented by us has been suggested. >> his obsession with antifa, i don't understand. he has an unhealthy obsession with antifa and maybe it's because fox news, i watch foxea news for years lately they are obsessed with antifa and with stories about race, and pitting -- is the president being manipulated by fox news on
8:52 pm
these stories? >> old don lemon. he's not alone, whoopi goldberg says antifa isn't over blown, it's an out right fabrication. >> antifa is one of the things the right came up with as a catch phrase so you can say there's violence on the other side. but i don't remember violent demonstrations before the jam who is in now got in. oftentimes i've found that sometimes the side that is stretching the loudest has sort of orchestrated this so they can complain about it. >> tucker: who watches that show? now to sort out what is real and fake, we're joined by town senior column any of kurt. is it possible? i've heard people suggest this that antifa are all town
8:53 pm readers beneath the mask. >> i like to mask up and go beat peoplee in the head with a bike lock. really. it's all an illusion, tucker. you're pulling the strings on the president, you're convincing him there's not crowds of antias you bur ban rich kids acting out fantasies on our streets, no, it's all an illusion. i've hadil run-ins with don lemn inin the past. after listening to what he said you always have to wonder, has he been drinking again and after hearing him say that i have kind of hoping he has. that's the only possible explanation for that spring of words that were so stupid my head is still spinning, i don't know if i can drive home. >> tucker: i can't help myself, i still like don lemon, i don't thinkll he's responsible for wht he said. there's a radio host who took a ton of heat for
8:54 pm
suggesting that one tragedy was made up, that there were actors involved in it. i hear mainstream media figures making there same argument, this is left wing conspiracy that they're actually right wingers? i think it's insane. fire the can't melt steel as >> it's right up there with fire the can't melt steel as the kind of idiotic insight that makes me want to completely the redo our education system from k to graduate school. how dumb do they think we are? i know how did you mean the people who follow them are, and they're right. how dumb gdo they have think us normal people are? do they think we think this is happening. >> tucker: what's going to happen when you turn it over to lunatics. thankshi kurt. >> thanks for having me. >> we'll be right back.
8:55 pm
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>> tucker: unexpected fox news alert. former trump campaign manager paul manafort was wiretapped by the barack obama administration both before and after the 2016 welection. it needed approval from top justice department officials off the obama administration. according toia cnn, suggesting e was wiretapped by the obama people in trump tower may have been true all along and may have been occurring for much of the 2016mp election. if that's true, huge and shocking story. it's an actual subversion of democracy. we will be on that tomorrow. that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. get ready for our new lineup. "the five" heads back to 5:00. "hannity" moves to 9:00 right after us and the primetime debut of our friend, laura ingraham is
9:00 pm
joining the lineup next month. it should be a good show. don't miss it. have a good night. here's "the five." >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino. along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, greg gutfeld, and jesse watters. it's 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." some breaking developments tonight, there is a report that trump campaign manager paul manafort. both before and after the election. for more on this stunning story, let's bring in ed henry in washington. >> the leaks keep on coming. not just about the possibility of an indictment coming from paul manafort but also new information raising questions about whether president trump was correct


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