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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 20, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> julie: let's do this again an hour. >> jon: the hurricane is battering puerto rico. will do it again an hour. >> harris: was tickled to that situation. it is dire in puerto rico right now. hurricane marie is mucking landfall as a monster category h more than 3 million people. it is packing sustained winds of more than 140 miles per hour. the strongest storm going back more than 80 years. officials are calling it a disaster in the making and warning potentially catastrophic damage, the worst of the storm far from over. steve harrigan joins us live from puerto rico's capital, san juan and they have been through this recently. how are they doing? >> they've been through arm about two weeks ago, that was a glancing blow that knocked out power for more than 1 million people. the storm was a direct hit, there is still no telling exactly what the damage is in
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terms of human life and property. from the small vantage point we have come out we can send it's going to be significant. some of these well-built hotels behind us took a pounding especially on the 9:00 hour when there were sustained gusts here of more than 140 miles per hour. much of the island has been single-family dwellings, often wooden houses, so those are going to be demolished all across the island. fema has prepositioned about 3,500 people across the island. they'll have to have an air bridge here to get supplies. right now, about 100% of the entire islanders without electricity. people have moved into shelters, but the real danger now comes from flooding now with the winds have died down a little bit. people have had to move up to higher levels and shelters, engine names and, and stadiums just get away from that floodwater. the good news at this point is the winds here and san juan dying down to about the point where first responders and police can go out and start assessing the damage, start
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rescuing people, but it's still not easy to move around with all the water in the debris. harris, back to you. >> harris: steve harrigan, thank you very much. another fox news alert. the randel taking center stage at the united nations. one day after president trump was at that same lectern. our president slammed the obama era agreement as one sided and an embarrassment to the united states and signaled he could walk away from that deal. this is "outnumbered," m harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, repugnant strategist lisa boothe, former deputy spokesperson for the state department, marie harf, and today's #oneluckyguy, salute former green beret commander and counterterrorism advisor to vice president dick cheney, lieutenant colonel michael waltz. they say he's outnumbered, but i'm guessing you never really are. >> michael: i can handle it.
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>> harris: good to seo. >> michael: no one's shooting at me today, right? >> harris: no, let's get to the news. president from telling reporters that he has made a decision about whether the united states will stay a part of the deal, the iran nuclear deal, but has not said exactly what his decision is. this is his top lip to matt gets set to lobby other countries. here he is in yesterday at the u.n. as he tore apart the deal. >> we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program. they are randel was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think we've heard the last of it,
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believe me. >> harris: those fiery remarks sparked concern among america's allies including french president emmanuel macron who used his general assembly speech to urge president trump to stick with the deal. >> we put together a solid and fair agreement with iran. renouncing it would be a grave error. it would be irresponsible for us to fail to uphold that agreement. >> harris: do we stay or get out? >> michael: let me be clear, i think this is a horrible deal. it was too narrow, and cut out things like missile support to proxies over the country, all over the world really and one of the key things that it didn't deal with was the issue of hostages. there is currently a family that's being held there, and 81-year-old u.n. worker that the
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president tweeted about in the fall that wasn't released as part of this deal that's been horribly treated and he just got a pacemaker yesterday that they won't release. it's a terrible deal. that said, we've already given them the money as part of the deal, ed's right now, taranto's buying the most advanced russian resources. i'm in the camp of let's enforce the hill out of it and let's hold their feet to the fire because i think if we walk away at this point, we're not going to have the chinese, russians -- >> sandra: you have faith we can enforce the heck out of it? i know maria joined tony we can, but you believe that? >> michael: or we hold our feet to the fire as best we can, as and as they don't listen to the military sites that are currently excluded, as merely do some thing wrong, let's put it
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on iran. >> harris: what about threats against israel? i want to go to benjamin netanyahu enjoy it when he disabled us. they've been at the front line in terms of threats to around. here's the prime minister. >> here at the u.n., we must also speak the truth about iran. as president trump did so powerfully this morning. i have listened to countless beaches in this hall, but i can say this, none were bolder, number more courageous and forthright in the one delivered by president trump today. president trump rightly called the nuclear deal with iran and embarrassment. i couldn't agree with him more. >> harris: what i hear you saying is we would actually have to come up with not just a
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backup plan, but we have to replace it with something. >> michael: that's right, the key problem with the deal in which secretary tillerson called out yesterday, essentially a lidded was kick the can down the road for 10 years. all it says we have ten years to get our own bomb. >> harris: why not put that word out there? remember the amounts of cash we gave them? >> marie: i can tell you why we didn't. not only would walking away today do the things you said, iran would be able to reset its nuclear program. you may not like the deal, but if you would have summing to replace it with, there are hundreds coming over the country to make sure the reactor cannot be started. to make sure you can't start -- and none of these things iran can do. if the trump administration
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pulls out of this deal and doesn't have anything to replace it with and then iran rushes towards the bomb, how will they prevent them from getting that weapon? >> sandra: tuesday leading up to this, he said of this president decides to back out of the tony 50 nuclear deal, he said no one will trust america again and his country will go back to work on expanding their capabilities. >> lisa: he also said death to americans, so let's not take what he says with the will graham saw. my question to you, colonel, who had the hostages. what about when we had the previous administration paying that $1.7 billion ransom? >> marie: you're not talking but that many crackly, but go ahead. >> michael: many people say that was just timing and really bad timing. i'm not sure i can lately buy that either. at the end of the day, the president is right and looking
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at the spirit of the agreement. is iran becoming a responsible actor for the region? their backing terrorists from yemen to syria, they're pressuring israel, their seeing death to israel. i completely get where he's coming from in the spirit of the agreement. my problem with backing out of the deal now is it was so bad
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know about. >> lisa: i think there's a little bit of a bias. >> harris: i want to know, where they juicy side deals that they could send us a text on? president trump is getting praise for his speech at the u.n., even from his longtime adversaries. the mainstream media are not having it. their harsh criticism and whether they're being biased or making fair points, we'll talk about it. more than 200 people have perished after a massive earthquake in mexico. the desperate search now for survivors. stay close.
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> sandra: fox news alert, more than 200 people dead in mexico after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake reduced parts of mexico city and surrounding areas to rubble. rescue teams coming through a sea of concrete slabs searching for survivors as the country's deadliest quake in decades, desperate search at a school in mexico city underway right now. it's on the anniversary of a
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1985 earthquake that killed thousands, just hours earlier, people across mexico held drills to mark the day. president trump got some big praise for his first speech to the unit a nation's general assembly. it is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu, frequent trim critic, mitt romney and jeb bush all applauding the president's remarks. the mainstream media, not so much. >> we are totally destroying a nation of 45 million people that borders on the threat of committing a war crime. the united states is the closest it has been to nuclear war since the cuban missile crisis in 1962, but a 1962, no one was worried about the mental stability of the president of the united states. no one was worried about the presidents reckless impulsiveness. no one was worried about the presidents childish need to prove himself. >> president trump spoke to the world today and for anybody
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wondering whether he would make dire threats to north korea ever some name-calling in the campaign, you can rest and see, that's what he did. >> sandra: a headline describing the speech is menacing and "the new york times" running a headline calling the speech combative. marie harf, i'm going to you first. those were news programs. >> harris: he's questioning the president's mental health. >> marie: i think that the speech was different than other speeches we've seen from presidents at the u.n. and reporters -- different president, different style. reporters are trying to capture the style of it. the speech was dark. i would say it was menacing, the tone. destroying an entire country, i'm not saying -- i think a lot
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of the language, he mentioned sovereignty, so they like 22 times and never talked abut the power of multilateralism when you're at the u.n. it's almost a complement to his and argue ration speech which is pretty dark in tone. >> sandra: hillary clinton agrees with you. she would on the late show yesterday with stephen colbert and she said this. >> i thought it was very dark, dangerous, not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering. you should lead with diplomacy, you should lead with the commitment to avoid conflict however you can. >> sandra: she was really challenged there. not by him come about by the president they responded with this tweet. after allowing north korea, hillary clinton now criticizes. i want to go back to you, but i know it's up to the kernel.
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what do you think? >> michael: tone aside and this is a lot of focus on the rocket man's comments. i'm convinced a lot of the critics did not watch the interior speech because it was very strong. we talk about the marshall plan, the 230th anniversary of our constitution. what i really like as he reminded everybody in the room from the middle east to asia to especially the europeans the sacrifices that the men and women have made to believe, literally believe for their freedom and what do we do in response, we didn't occupy, we created an institution like the united nations. on the north korea piece, we have to change the region. that message was more for china than it was for north korea and china right now is fine with the status quo.
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south korea, japan, america problem is what this is and if they believe the peninsula could fall on our terms, i don't think they'll change on their terms. >> sandra: you made a good point in having to watch the speech in its entirety. you wouldn't get that if you watched the mainstream media of this coverage the mark. >> lisa: one that is very bright and promising in the other leg north korea to continue unchecked. i think that was the point he was making there. a lot of americans and people around the world are seeing what north korea is doing and saying that looks but he dark that they're threatening guam. additionally regarding the media, they've already demonstrated their bias, that's proven. we had a survey out not too long ago of the coverage -- we have people like john dickerson
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saying the media has ruined its own reputation. when we watched some of that coverage and hyperbole that was even the media, if everything's at an 11, what's actually in 11? >> michael: he praised the african union, he talked about women entre nous' funds, so he talked about a number -- >> marie: he does things like threaten -- i'm just saying, the speech yesterday was not about multilateralism, and was about sovereignty and i don't think it's a bias statement. >> lisa: what's wrong with sovereignty?
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has president trump said anything that you approve of? >> marie: yesterday, he didn't didn't. let me talk. every problem he talked about yesterday was not something the united states consult by themselves which he said we will work together. let me finish. everything he said, his actions often end up alienating our allies when he criticizes south korea publicly. >> sandra: i don't want to cut you off. you're a green beret. >> michael: i think it's okay to hold these multilateral institutions accountable. >> harris: about the
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statistics of the media, i hold dickerson and others in a different category. we are journalists. we are not just the media. we are part of the apparatus in this country that are supposed to hold the powerful accountable. when you say the media are biased, yes, absolutely. my problem is with the journalists being biased and when you talk about subjects as important, you have to get the facts right. that's when we have to lean then because i do think they're out there fairly. most people in my category where we may not have watched that entire speech, that's the problem i have. contractually, you don't have all the facts, right? you and i are addicted to c-spa c-span. that's where we need to get to so it's not so much about who's right. >> michael: and is to be about countability. >> sandra: president trump and
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vice president pence personally making phone calls to senators to get them on board with the latest effort to repeal obamacare. whether the g.o.p. can pass the bill and whether the president can help get it done. plus, democrats are sounding the alarm trying to kill the momentum building behind that repeal bill. are they scared and will their efforts have any effect at all? after the show, he can join our live chat by clicking the overtime time at or go to that's when the gloves really come off. of course to make and sweetest during the show as well, we'll see you there. ♪
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>> sandra: the death toll has been climbing in the aftermath of this massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake in mexico city. the death toll now surpassing 200. rescue workers, you're looking
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at the sly picture of mexico city where a school was leveled. rescue workers have been listening in that rubble softly for voices, any movement coming out of that rubble. what we are learning as a small child, a girl was just found and rescued. they located her alive under the rubble. this school collapsed from the earthquake. you're looking at this being broadcast by mexican media. obviously you're seeing the helmeted workers they are working in the debris trying to rescue anybody, desperately looking for any survivors. this child is a girl, we are told. the rescuers spotted the child and shouted to her to move her hand if she could hear them and she did. they sent in a rescue dog, a search dog entered the rubbish and confirmed she was alive. a child confirmed alive in a school that was leveled from it
9:30 am
earthquake in mexico city. the rescue workers -- billy searching for any remaining survivors from that school. we'll bring you more news as we get it. >> harris: president trump and vice president pence are personally working the phones, urging lawmakers to pass the last-ditch obamacare deal. the president also taking to twitter today. while senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is sounding optimistic about the bill, he would not bring it up before the crucial deadline. >> i suspect you already know we spent time talking about graham-cassidy. lots of interest in the bill. if we were going to go forward, we're have to act before september 30th. we are in the process of
9:31 am
discussing all of this. everybody knows that the opportunity expires at the end of the month. it is better than the status quo by far and i think that's an argument we all come full makin making. >> reporter: what concerns you about time and terms of getting everything done you want to get done? >> i think we'll be fine. >> harris: meanwhile, lamar alexander and patty murray were working on a deal when negotiations broke down. democrats are blaming republicans, i'm sure it's going both ways, saying they failed to push through their new bill. chuck schumer with this statement on it. this is not about substance p or we give them any of the things they asked for, the republic and leadership is so eager to pass graham-cassidy, that they're scuttling a balance of bipartisan negotiations. colonel, what do you think? >> michael: i was just down in jacksonville where i'm from and they had horrific flooding and people down there are so fed up.
9:32 am
that's the story of the 2016 election, we are voting people out to vote people in and get stuff done. there is an expectation there whether it's tax reform, whether it's obamacare repeal and replacement, why can't we just get this done? it's critical with the republican party to get this passed and we have to get a pass to the next couple of days. >> harris: this is part of the make america great again campaign. it didn't need to be. republic and support on this for more than seven years. >> lisa: as a republican, as disappointing as a party has not been able to get this done. what we see is the party can say whatever they want and make as many promises of i want because there's no level of accountability because they knew president obama would never sign anything they voted for into la law. we'll see from a democrat party,
9:33 am
but a lot of republicans can get behind the idea of empowering the state spirit equal get some of the things they have done, with the reinsurance program, i think a lot of republicans can get behind the idea of letting the states decide what is best for their own people. >> sandra: sorry to our control men to spring this on you, if you can bring up the dowel board because it's unbelievable. the dow is up 20 points today, it's hitting record after record after record. the amount of optimism you are seeing in the u.s. stock market, you can't ignore it. talking health care reform, talking text reform, tax cuts, coming fresh off the speech at the u.n. yesterday, there is an immense amount of optimism out there and you continue to see it
9:34 am
funneled. >> michael: from my perspective, however this turns out, it has to get at the of health care. it's exploding the budget, it's exploding the defense budget. i'm a ceo of a midsize defense term firm. i sent an email out announcing yet another premium increase this just piling on and piling on, i don't think that as stewards of this country, our leaders to let obamacare continue to fail and if you have to reach across the aisle, if we have to get it done with, let's get it done. >> harris: at one point, the president said he would sign whatever republicans put on his desk. he still waiting. >> sandra: meantime, as a latest g.o.p. effort to repeal about the care pick up steam, democrats loudly sounding the alarm. house minority leader nancy pelosi and an effort to mobilize her fellow democrats issuing an emergency request. writing in a letter it is all hands on deck.
9:35 am
members are strongly urged to schedule press events, roundtables, town hall meetings between now and when we returned to washington on monday. we are hoping to have as many events as possible across the nation on saturday for our day of action. we are reminded of that news conference that she just held where she couldn't even continue, people were protesting her on daca and meeting with the president. that should get interesting. >> marie: it's going to get interesting. on the health care bill, we don't have a cbo score yet and people take issue with some of the cbo scores, but the senate has committed to having one before they vote on anything. that limits the time. if that score next week does say that costs will go up and praises and conditions will not be covered as much, if it says i like the past ones have come at
9:36 am
nancy pelosi may be wrong here. if that number doesn't significantly go up because this new bill doesn't do what they needed to do, and gets really complicated. democrats should go out and say call republican member of congress and have them explain to you why you want beginning covered. >> michael: our debt just crossed $20 trillion. we cannot afford to continue to subsidize. >> marie: they had a process in place. >> harris: you should call chuck schumer and tell him. >> lisa: he set in 2014 that passing obamacare was a mistake for the democratic party, they should have focused on issues that were more benefit the middle-class voters and here are some things we know.
9:37 am
we know estimates now show more than 45% of the counties in america are going to have just one insurer to choose from in 2018. cbo which you mentioned has as meted health care premiums are sent to rise an additional 15%. we had ceos of insurance companies say obamacare is in a death spiral. these are real things that need to be addressed and what other democratic answers, single-paye single-payer? >> harris: we head into a new weekend. it's interesting because democrats are going to be rolling this out, the pushback in every thing else. want to much of the mainstream media will cover that. you won't be seeing the stories of people who are failed by obamacare. you can make your own decision, just watch. >> michael: keep in mind that this is the individual market. this is the individual market. most people get it through their employers and the cost is affecting government provided,
9:38 am
employer-provided and individual market. i haven't seen enough from either party. >> marie: "the american medical association" hates this bill, there's a reason doctors and nurses across the country and it's not because they have lobbying efforts, it's because they know people will lose coverage. there are republican governors who hate this bill. >> sandra: new concerns about the widening scope about the russian probe as we learned special counsel robert mueller's investigation to former trump campaign chairman paul manafort spans 11 years. does this prove the investigation is turning into a witch hunt? and potentially spiraling out of control? ♪ tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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9:42 am
if we do not advocate a love of country for our children and the generations to come, then why would our children grow up in these countries? if we do not teach our children the importance of how to treat those less fortunate, wherever they may be, then why would they become caring adults to dedicate themselves to charity? if we do not ensure that our youth, their own schools, then why would he expect the new generation of leaders with a moral conscience that includes all of humanity? when we join together as parents caring for children, whatever
9:43 am
they believe in their own families across the street, across the nation, or across the globe, we claim our responsibility for the next generation to ensure they are prepared to accept the leadership for the world of tomorrow. make no mistake, this should always begin with bus coming together to embrace parents with their noble calling. nothing should be more urgent than preparing adults who drew moral clarity in their responsibility. we must come together for the good of our children because to them, our future would be defined. therefore, we must teach each child empathy and communication.
9:44 am
our own example, we must teach children to be good stewards of the world they inherit. we must remember that they are watching and listening so we must never waste an opportunity to teach many ethical lessons along the way. as adults, we are not really responsible, we are accountable. i hope you will join me to teach the next generation and honor the golden rule. it reminds our generations to
9:45 am
take responsibility for what our children learn. we must turn our focus right now to the message they exposed to on a daily basis with social media, bullying, experience online and in person and their growing global epidemic of drug addiction and drug overdose. no children several feel hungry, frightened, terrorized, bullied, or afraid. in the coming months, i hope to reach out to each one of you here today, to call on you for your support and guidance and look forward to joining you to support our next generation. i'm asking leaders on social
9:46 am
media for the products and platforms as children as well, community and educational leaders to join me in this fight for the hopes and dreams of our children. with all my heart, i want to thank you, each one of you, for being here today and tell you how much i'm looking forward to working with you on behalf of our children. god bless our children, god bless our nation, and god bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause] >> harris: you are seeing history made again as this is the first time the first lady has addressed the united nations since her husband addressed the general assembly yesterday. melania trump stepping up to the microphone to protect children around the world. just a couple of points she made, empathy and commit occasion through example was
9:47 am
something that she wants people to really as adults give a lot of thought to when they're around children. she said we need to be good teachers of how to be good stewards of the world. we brought you this event lives you could see a little bit of the texture that's happening at the united nations, not only with world leaders that are getting the attention and i see you nodding, but sometimes the first lady stepping up to the lectern and taken the spotlight on such an important issue, we wanted to share that with you. this is happening while that has been going on. a rescue of epic proportions. so much hope and what's happening right now because they've lost so many. this is the pancake remains of a school in mexico city after that huge 7.1 magnitude quake. what you need to know about this scene, 25 people, teachers, students have already died. they're hoping that what they heard just a short while ago is the miracle they were seeking. they know they could hear and
9:48 am
answer back from a little child, a little girl inside there and they're trying to reach her. this rescue is underway and we will stick with it and bring you the details as we get them. we are all over it in mexico city, stay close.
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>> harris: house minority leader nancy pelosi is speaking publicly for the first time today since this happened. >> do you want to hear an answer or do you just want to shout? do you want to listen or redo just want to shout? stop it now, just stop it now. let's stop it now. stop it. you are not helping the cause. since you don't want to listen, will have to just go. >> harris: wow, activist shouted down pelosi monday over her willingness to work with president trump to pass immigration reform. despite that, she said today in washington that she is standing by her decision to work with the
9:53 am
trump administration to protect dreamers, here it is. >> there are some who said all or none, we want to the dreamers must redo comprehensive immigration reform. we don't have that opportunity. comprehensive immigration reform is our goal and we do want to protect the families. >> harris: marie harf, what you think? >> marie: the base really wants a fix on daca. we're not going to get immigration reform, that's unrealistic. if nancy pelosi can work with president trump so these daca kids don't have to leave the country, absolutely. use chuck schumer and
9:54 am
nancy pelosi saying let's make a deal on this and if we can get daca done, i think a majority of democrats will be happy. >> lisa: i do think it demonstrates that heat the democratic party is going to ge get. what kind of pressure they get by immigration activists. as i mentioned yesterday, nancy pelosi has been out there encouraging the resistance, attending resistance rallies, encouraging the mob mentality that she just received. she's been encouraging the resistance and she got resisted yesterday. >> sandra: wasn't that a missed opportunity for her to stop and say, i'm standing here talking to you, let me listen. >> michael: when you're talking about media bias and one of the things is not cutting covered is this hangover of the bernie/clinton divide.
9:55 am
i think it speaks to a bigger issue and that any time anyone cooperates with the other side, and this case, pelosi with the president, they get challenged from the extreme left or them extreme right. i think it's one of the big problems with our political issues. >> harris: and maybe that's what happened in november. >> sandra: you just as in the, mens rea president trump. >> lisa: i would like to think it's because i was asking her earlier. >> harris: these ladies love each other. >> lisa: we actually get along along. >> michael: went to reiterate the point and that we have to get to the point where we can
9:56 am
work together to get stuff done for the macon people. they deserve it, our soldiers overseas deserve it and if i could take two seconds to give a shout out to my brothers and sisters in the national guard who have stepped up to the plate and texas and florida and now in puerto rico and are doing gods work out there. >> harris: think it to them, we are right back.
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you think the national guard for helping out with the hurricanes and also the coast guard as they do more rescues on the island of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. you are going to stick around outline online, "happening now" starting right now. >> hurricane maria making landfall in puerto rico at one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever hit the u.s. territory. >> jon: the category 4 storm causing heavy flooding and high winds. covering all the news, "happening now" ." rescue missions underway after a strong earthquake in mexico, emergency workers and civilians scramble to save anyone still stuck under the rubble after dozens of buildings collapsed. hundreds already dead on the number could rise even further. special counsel robert mueller rert


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