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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 20, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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year. >> you do starbucks? i drink some starbucks. >> is it a grande skim cappuchino? don't you love those titles? >> harris: we will give you news on hurricane maria now. she made landfall on the island of puerto rico with heavy wind and rain. puerto rico was already facing a budget crisis before the hurricane season even began. now maria just drove up the cost of recovery by a lot. i'm harris faulkner. nine people in the caribbean were killed before maria hit puerto rico as a powerful cat 4 storm today. just two weeks ago after hurricane irma punished the region. we have fox team coverage
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tracking maria and those things behind maria. >> reporter: yeah. right now let's just focus on maria. certainly maybe a little bit of a break right after this. it hit the other virgin islands. the eye wall going right over saint croix. also vieques. tracking across puerto rico. the wind gusts, 137 miles per hour on puerto rico and st. croix. rain incredible. pictures coming out from the flooding across puerto rico is incredible. it made landfall at 155 mile an hour. it spent a lot of time over land. it's weakened a little bit here. that said, structure still intact. gonna move back over water almost immediately here. center of it likely off shore.
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going to continue to pull off to the north. things here on out are looking better. this is a future model. most of the action, worst of winds will remain east of turks and caicos. they'll have strong wind. turks and caicos battered by irma. hurricane warnings are in effect for turks and caicos. after that, harris, it pulls off towards the north. there is a potential to have an impact from this storm somewhere atlantic and in towards the northeast wednesday thursday of next week. the trend will be a weaker storm. if we did have an impact it will be at the cat 4, cat 5 impact. lot of time to watch that. jose still a very strong tropical storm off the coast and towards the northeast. could be watching another storm right in that same area.
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plenty of time to track it. about to move up away from land. no land mass in sight for the center of this one. >> harris: thank you. as rick just said, hurricane maria moving in a northwest direction. our next guest is a flight director for the u.s. government noah hurricane hunters. he just took off from barbados to fly right over hurricane maria and collect some critical storm data. richard henning is on the phone. richard, you're with us? hi, harris. i can hear you just fine. >> harris: you're good. i can tell you're working. what did puerto rico take full on? details about what you've learned. >> well, puerto rico was hit by a very intense storm unfortunately crossed the island
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diagonally and is emerging back out over the water. it is likely to reintensify out over the water. good news is there's no targets out ahead of it for now as it reintensifies. our job is to collect data out in advance of the storm. that will be the most important thing we do today. we're going to be launches drop signs from an altitude of 45,000 feet. these are instrument packages that fall and measure pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction. all that data is going to be gathered into computer models and will be vital over the next couple days just trying to figure out the future track of maria. our information is hopefully going to resolve any kind of question as to whether or not this will be a threat to the east coast of the u.s.
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>> harris: i understand maria is expected to bring 12 to 18 inches of rain. from the sky, i'm curious because i can hear the ambient sound of where you are. you just took off from barbados. what is it that you are seeing and experiencing? >> we are northwest of the island of martinique. we will be flying over the storm, flying in a pattern around the storm from just south of puerto rico across to just north of puerto rico. and then we're going to be flying a pattern, again, like a lawn more pattern where we fly back and forth north of the dominican republic and puerto rico gathering that crucial information. what meteorologists call the steering currents that will
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determine the future track of the storm. we can see the storm ahead of us on our radar >> harris: what do you do to take precautions? you're out in front of the storm. i'm sure people are wondering what protects those guys? you have to get how close to drop your sensor? >> with this particular aircraft high altitude reconnaissance plane. it's a gulf stream jet that flies at 45,000 feet. the most crucial part of our mission is to drop those weather instruments. they're sort of the opposite of a weather balloon. instead of going up, they go down. sofrt same thing as having a whole bunch of weather balloons stationed out over the ocean. where we wouldn't normally have data, now we have a whole bunch of data that can get fed into the computer models. this storm doesn't penetrate the eye wall down low like our other plane does. our crews fly on both aircraft.
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plenty of missions on our p-3. that's the plane that gets down and dirty down right through the teeth of the storm between 5,000 and 10,000 feet punching through the eye wall into the eye. that plane will be flying when the storm gets north further north of the island heading toward the east coast. hopefully not at the east coast of the u.s., but we'll be keeping a close eye on it with both of our aircraft. >> harris: richard, it's no doubt what you do is dangerous up there. as you get ready to fly that other plane into or about the eye of the storm, we'll be thinking about the information you will be gathering so it can save lives in the future. richard henning with the national hurricane center, thank you, flying today, flight director for noaa. let's check in on mexico. they need a miracle there.
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crews are combing through rubble in mexico looking for that miracle. they found a little girl alive, buried underneath that rubble from yesterday's earthquake. now the job is to get to that little girl. we have a reporter near the epi center of the quake. he's joining us now by skype. what's the mood of the people there? i mean, we're watching these rescues play out. this one little girl has so many people hanging on hope. >> reporter: well, i'm in a town which was the closest municipality to the epi center of this very strong earthquake. the mood here in the town is one of still a lot of stress, a lot of shock, one of coming to terms with what has happened here. while, as you can see behind me, cathedral here famous from the 16th century. it's been completely destroyed.
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it's now impossible to go in because it's a health risk. it's a serious risk of completely collapsing at any moment. so far mexico hasn't seen any after shocks from this serious earthquake which is quite a worrying sign. usually you would expect to see them by this point. in the town here, people are telling me it was an absolutely horrible experience. they thought it was the apocalypse. they thought it was the end of the world. it's still something people are struggling to come to terms with here in central mexico. >> harris: i know they've got utilities issues, all sorts of things they're dealing with as you get farther and farther from mexico city. are people talking about what's happening there with all the people trapped? and are they dealing with their own situation? >> reporter: this is the problem, you know? people here in the streets because people here have been since yesterday's earthquake have been afraid to go back into
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their houses. while some of the town has been flattened, not even -- all the buildings in the center are considered unsafe for human habitation. there is still work going on to try to get these people out of this rubble. by now it's been 24 hours by this point. not much longer that people trapped inside rubble can hang on. one of the most horrific things i saw yesterday, people who are -- the authorities are getting involved. they're trying to get the civilians, as many hands on deck to move this rubble and get people out. one of the most horrific thing, they're calling for absolute silence in order to best locate the cries for help of the people buried in the rubble below. >> harris: that is certainly the
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case. we just showed a picture of the search for this little girl. they listened very carefully. they got the help of canines to try to listen for that voice. that silence is so important. is it hot or cold there, real quickly? i'm thinking about dehydration. you talk about how many hours you have people trapped. >> reporter: well, it's hot here. it's not humid, but it's hot. sun is very intense here in the central mexican high lands. while authorities and local shelters have been handing out water, supplies are not reaching the more rural areas and the affected areas of mexico quickly enough. >> harris: alasdair, thank you very much. republicans are breathing new life into their effort to undo obamacare with the bill gaining traction in the senate. have you heard? can they fulfill their 7-year-old promise? mitch mcconnell said we could
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see a vote next week on replacing, repealing obamacare, what it is they plan to do. more on this next when martha mccallum joins us. plus late night heat for one of the bill's authors. >> bill cassidy just lied right to my face. do you believe that every american, regardless of income, should be able to get regular checkup, maternity care, all of those things that people who have healthcare get and need? >> yep.
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they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. >> harris: so the president has endorsed the graham-cassidy healthcare bill on what else? twitter. he said i hope republican senators will vote on graham-cassidy. money direct to the states,
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exclamation point. jimmy kimmell where we go for our political news said this last night. he attacked the bill's co-sponsor, louisiana senator bill cassidy saying the bill fails to keep healthcare affordable. >> for lots of people the bill will result in higher premiums. as far as life time caps go, the states can decide on that, too, which means there will be life time caps in many states. not only did it fail the jimmy kimmell test, he failed the senator cassidy test. >> senator cassidy responded earlier on america's news room. >> i'm saying that if he understands the bill, one, he is wrong. it will increase coverage and protect those are preexisting conditions particularly for though states who have not had the benefit of medicade expansion. we help those in those states. those are millions of americans. >> harris: we need more on the story. we get that from martha
11:17 am
mccallum. the only people who matter are the millions of americans now who just hanging in the balance to see what's going to happen. are they getting answers today? >> i think what they're getting is with the alternative they have right now, what we're seeing is doctors leaving the business. doctors closing up shop. insurers deciding they don't want to be in that market place. what we're seeing is a diminishing choice for everybody in the course of this program. so what they're saying, let's kick it back to the state, similar to what happened under bill clinton and welfare. let them handle it closer to the people in their own state. with regard to all of these questions, it really gives a lot of liberty to the states to decide what's best for the people in their states. >> harris: they got duped when they were told they couldn't keep their doctor. now it sounds like they can keep their doctors because their doctors are leaving the program. the president can sometimes do a lot. he tweeted today. i hope republican senators will
11:18 am
vote for graham cassidy. money direct to the states. we want to get that message out there twice. sometimes the president can make a difference. can he make a difference this time? >> he held his cards close to the vest during the beginning of the process. i think he thought it wasn't going to go any where. lindsey graham put his stake in the ground on this. >> harris: you talked to him. >> i did. he said there was a way to revive this. then rand paul said i'm getting nervous. we all know he is a no in terms of what we've seen put forward. >> harris: how do you read i'm getting nervous? do they have enough votes without rand paul? >> he is getting nervous that they have the opportunity to pass. it got senator mccain which is a fascinating part of this story. lindsey graham and senator mccain are very very close. have they reached any kind of secret behind the scenes
11:19 am
agreement on whether or not he will be on board? or perhaps john mccain has not decided where he stands on this. governor of arizona is on board. the last time senator mccain said he couldn't get on board because ducey was not on board. that may make a difference. >> harris: 116-120% rate hikes under the current obamacare plan. there's a bipartisan group. maybe we can pop up that picture. ten governors across the country are fighting this new health care bill. what is their beef? >> basically they're afraid when things do get kicked back to the state, they're afraid their state might not get as much as they get from the government. you'll see cornhusker style deals like we saw the first time around where every state will start jockeying to be able to go home. lisa murkowsky would love to go back and be able to say this time i got you this.
11:20 am
>> harris: do you know who's got a hero? nancy pelosi. she talked specifically ab this issue today. i wonder going forward where was the genuine nature and what would it have looked like for democrats to really come on board with their own input into this? did we miss something? >> they are going to feel left out in the cold that they didn't come to the table. they tried to put together a bipartisan deal. they couldn't get traction on it. it's very easy to say the system isn't working. it seems another for them to come together and try to legislate a deal. i think with this plan you got criticism being thrown at it. it's something in the water to say this gets us somewhere towards a new plan. >> harris: before i let you go, is this like a tumbler system? i hear politicians saying, if we get one deal done, it will go on to the next. it's not working like that for the democrats. people are angry at schumer an pelosi for making a deal across the aisle with this president.
11:21 am
i don't know that they necessarily want to see another bipartisan deal. >> do you know what i think is worth watching is sort of the parallel tracks that are happening with tax reform, daca and healthcare. there was a time when thinking was, we have to vote on this, so we can't do this. daca has fallen out of the discussion. why? because this one has taken precedence. everybody's focused on healthcare. i think there will be deals made. perhaps with the white house. perhaps with lindsey graham. people may be saying, if you support me on healthcare, i can find middle road on daca. >> harris: they've got to get it done. special rules will come out. always good to see you. 7:00 p.m. eastern. i pop my corn an watch. >> thanks. >> harris: desperate search going on in mexico. we've been showing you the rescue attempt to find a little girl buried in the rubble. that work goes on. we continue with the news. stay close.
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change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> harris: it is hot and there's a little girl that's been trapped for many hours. a deadly earthquake has left a lot of situations with collapsed buildings like pan cakes south of the country's capital. there's new video coming in from our fox affiliate in los angeles. take a look at this. >> you are looking at a rescue canine on top of what was the roof of the school that collapsed here in mexico, looking for any signs of life. they're asking people to stop and be quiet. looking for possible signs of life. >> harris: crews are calling for total silence at a rescue sight after a canine dog detected
11:26 am
signs of life. rescue teams dug through rubble and crawled into crevices to search for survivors. more than 200 people are confirmed dead. adam housely is live from los angeles. i have been talking about the little girl who is trapped where 25 teachers and students have died. this is playing out over and over in town after town. i know they expect the death toll to climb. what are you hearing? >> yeah, they do. right now it's 225 officially. we're still not getting information from some of the smaller municipalities and cities outside of the capital city. those same teams we've seen in haiti and other places where the rescuers go quiet because they're literally listening. they have things spray painted on the buildings which mean silence. we know the l.a. 2 team urban search and rescue. we've seen them work in japan.
11:27 am
they've been tasked to go there. a team from israel is going. 7.1 magnitude quake. it's not massive in the sense that they've had larger ones there. but it was shallow. mexico city is built on a filled in lake. it is very vulnerable. the school where the 25 people have been dead, 21 of those children, a neighborhood in the south part of the city. it's an area that is somewhat affluent but an area that is mixed so you can see new buildings with colonial buildings. half the school came down, half did not. that's where they heard that little girl that was there. they hope to find others. there have been reports maybe some text messages may have come out. the situation's very fluid there. the situation continues to move on. those numbers will continue to fluctuate. we heard as many as 70 people have been pulled from the rubble. those numbers are not going to
11:28 am
be solid for a number of days. >> harris: we talk about kind of things being constructed the way they are around the world. you see something like this. 7.1 is huge. we're seeing so many buildings. >> it is. >> harris: you use the word pan cake. there's just nothing left. >> no. we spent a lot of time in mexico city. they've had larger earthquakes. they had over an 8 two weeks ago. the issue is this. mexico city has a variety of buildings. they have newer high rises. they have very strict building codes. you see the video of them swaying. there's no damage. they held up like they're supposed to. that's intermixed with more colonial style buildings. especially in mexico city itself. you see some other buildings that may have been built in the '20s and '30s also not up to standard. there are some buildings basically shanties. we haven't even see people's homes in the hills surrounding
11:29 am
the city. it really does remind you of the picture we saw in haiti where the building collapsed and they did find people some 20 hours later. we're hoping that's going to happen here. there's a lot of teams coming to help out. >> harris: we talked to some reporters about the heat, the sun. he said it's not humid, but you do need water if you're trapped. adam, thank you very much. >> absolutely. >> harris: let's talk weather now. there's an army base on puerto rico. eight trucks are ready to roll packed with food, basic necessitys. how our military is playing a critical role in recovery of hurricane maria. the storm that just hit them. plus, what area will monster hurricane maria hit next? does the storm pose a threat to the united states east coast? that's what we've been watching for. we're going to bring back our chief meteorologist to track the storm. stay with us. this is me when i feel controlled by frequent,
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>> harris: hurricane maria is pummelling the caribbean right now, specifically puerto rico in the cross hairs. so far torrential rains have killed at least nine people on the caribbean island as it continues to move north. the eye of the deadly storm is about 25 miles west of puerto rico's capital. that's where we find steve harrigan. steve, i know we were trying to bring up your shot.
11:34 am
you've had some weather to deal with as this thing moves through. >> reporter: that's right, harris. we've seen police and first responders go out. welcome news for the 3.5 million people on this island, many who have been suffering throughout a tough morning. those early winds, 9, 10 a.m., sustained gusts 140 miles an hour. strong enough to rip the sides off buildings, tear some roofs down, satellite dishes. everything was flying through the air as trees were being snapped. we've been trying to move around to assess the damage, just how bad things are. almost the entire island is out of electricity. as you look down a typical street, you can see downed power lines to the left and right. >> harris: you see what i was talking about. yes, this thing has moved through. you heard steve talking about 50
11:35 am
mile per hour winds. that's still a lot of weather. yes, people are starting to come out of their homes. we lost steve, but we'll get back to him as soon as possible. that's the update. even as maria moves away, those wind o winds are punishing. >> we're just right here off the coast. we're still kind of in the thick of it. one thing to also notice, it spent all this time cutting diagonal across the island. had it just hit one tip, it may not have affected the other side. because it took the path it did, 100% of the island reporting without power. i also want to point out this as it went through st. croix, an island spared by irma. now this island getting the eye going right over that island. when you don't really have any images coming out from st. croix yet. we don't really have any images coming out of puerto rico. going to move off of the
11:36 am
northwest. the biggest land mass was probably puerto rico. at this point, we'll have some impact in the dominican republic. we'll have some impact in turks and caicos. then it will stay off shore the next five days. any kind of impacts for the u.s. are still too early to say. mid-atlantic to the northeast wednesday to friday of next week. we could be seeing storms very close to the coast. beach erosion, lot of wind. we have jose out there causing problems in the northeast. another one right on its tail. any landfall across the northeast too early to say. >> harris: we know that electricity, many lines are above ground. when you have 50 mile an hour winds it will be awhile before they come back. >> they're still in the thick of this. we're not out of this for another six to eight hours. >> harris: you and i were
11:37 am
talking during the commercial break that you had friends on st. croix. they got spared when irma went through. they did not get spared this time. >> not at all. the eye wall went right over st. croix. that did not happen. it's a very small island, but a u.s. island. >> harris: it is part of the united states. >> huge impacts. we have no idea what happened. i'm sure it was a cat 5 when it went through. i'm sure there are winds of 1930 mi -- 190 miles an hour. lot of land mass. lot of islands that are in incredible need. not just one spot. >> harris: our people off the continent, the contiguous part of us. thank you very much. fema and members of the u.s. military are standing by, ready to rush aid into the hardest hit areas of puerto rico. our military at work.
11:38 am
joining me now for more on the disaster response is army brigadier general dustin schultz, first mission supporting commander in puerto rico. you're with us, general? >> absolutely. thanks for having me. >> harris: no, absolutely. we've been telling the story of what it's like there. you're ready to step up. how great the need do you think you're going to see? >> the need is going to be immense. i had the good fortune to visit st. thomas earlier this week and recognized the need before maria hit. it was absolutely devastating to see what had gone on in the islands there. just looking out today, there is extreme devastation. the people of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands are going to need our assistance, our support and our resolve. we stand ready to assist them as required. >> harris: when you are getting ready for something like this,
11:39 am
general, what is your ready position like? i mean, you've got to hunker down and stay in spacing if you're on these islands. if you're away there's a distance to come in while a storm is brewing. >> that's true. we have the good fortune of most of our formation is on puerto rico proper. our force, we're part of america's army reserve. we stand by. we are prepared and we have to move forward. we have to look at what formations are where, what is needed, what historically is needed and how we can assist. we already have soldiers that assisted with the evacuation of soldiers, individuals from the u.s. virgin islands to assist with laundry and bath support to disabled refugees.
11:40 am
that was huge. that was done under and in support of the dual status commander on the ground to make sure they had those help. >> harris: many of us have vacationed in that area. there are hill side and mountain regions to get to. when you talk about that rain and flooding that affects everybody. you have entire hill sides that are part of this. what are you anticipating in terms of rescue situations? were these people able to get out of the way? 100% no electricity on puerto rico now. >> well, what we'll be tracking is the immediate response authority and utilizing the engineers in conjunction with the civil authority under that response and requirements and identifying the need. once it is safe enough to get those individuals out to support the communities. we have to respond based on the requirement given to us by that
11:41 am
dual status commander and by the government of puerto rico. they are absolutely understanding the dynamics of this process. >> harris: how many people are you working with? >> in my formation we have over 4,500 soldiers. that's august silly is up por that we have as well. we work with the total integration of fema, prema, with the different response agencies to make sure that we're providing the support they need at this time. >> harris: army brigadier dustin schultz, thank you for your time and leadership. >> thank you for having us on today and telling the story about the puerto rico population and u.s. virgin islands. >> harris: the images following that massive earthquake in mexico are stunning and still coming in. it's still unfolding. is the united states overdue for a powerful quake?
11:42 am
we'll look at what scientists are saying at this point. and is it the last chance for republicans to undo obamacare? president trump is supporting a new senate bill, tweeting about it. kentucky's rand paul says wait a minute. >> everybody tells me they're holding their nose to vote for this thing but this is not repeal, this is not what we promised. this is not the last chance. we will have many more tunes. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here.
11:43 am
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♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> ahead the latest on the two natural disasters we're covering. one of the strongest storms ever to hit puerto rico. we'll talk to the head of fema and puerto rico's reppive in congress, who's riding out the storm in her closet. plus, fox news crews on the ground in mexico city. yesterday's quake has now killed officially 200 people. now a desperate search for survivors.
11:46 am
that's top of the hour on shepherd smith reporting. see you then. >> harris: president trump took a swipe at rand paul for opposing the republicans last gasp at repealing obamacare. the president tweeted rand paul is a friend of mine but he is such a negative force when it comes to fixing healthcare. the graham-cassidy bill is great. senator rand paul explains his resistance on fox and friends. >> it's a $1.2 trillion federal grant program. that's just not repeal. i didn't promise people to reshuffle the money among the states. it's not repeal. it's barely obamacare light. it keeps obamacare. it's not what we promised. >> harris: hash tag resisted. chris plante is a syndicated talk show host, leslie marshall is a fox news contributor and syndicated talk show host as
11:47 am
well. chris, is this gonna get done before september 30th with republicans? >> that's impossible to say. senator paul, look, there's a lot to admire about senator paul. he's a principled man. but at some point you're going to have to fish or cut bait. this is about the party, about the president's agenda. if this is the best deal he's going to be able to get. at some point principle just becomes obstructionist and he's going to have to do something. he's going to have to vote. he's going to have to side with his party and his president. principle is great. i'm in favor of more principled people on capitol hill. but if all of his principles are accommodated they're going to lose four votes on the other side and nothing will ever get done if this is the way we proceed. >> harris: leslie, it's a sure thing that people show signs of panic that we might be getting close to a deal. democrats are out in full force.
11:48 am
we saw chuck shumer doing his bit yesterday. we heard from nancy pelosi on this thing. are democrats worried? they could have come up with their own idea. what do you think? >> well, they did try to come up with their own idea but they need republicans on board simply because of numbers with a majority of republicans in the house and the senate. this is what the american people want. they want a bipartisan effort to fix what is hrr there. not repeal, not replace, not rename. do you know what, chris? you mentioned three p's. president, parties, principles but you forgot one. that is the people. their constituents. i would have to say yes on both sides there's nail biting. i think this will come down to lisa murkowsky. although her governor is against the deal there is an alaska purchase. hmm, who do we know from alaska?
11:49 am
democrats are worried this will be a nail biter. we know we have two nails with rand paul and susan collins. we're not 100% sure how senator mccain will vote. >> harris: here's where i agree with you. i don't think the people have been at the center of this. how do we get to the point where we make it better for people? leslie, your side could come to the middle. you could do graham-cassidy with a tweak. are we at the.where they can sit down and talk it out? chris, is it too polyannish? >> we're a very polarized city. i'm all in favor of our representatives representing the constituents and the people. i fight for that every day. obamacare is not serving the people well. that's for sure. i have spoken to my personal case in the past where our expenses tripled because of obamacare. but, you know, look -- >> harris: i got to let you go.
11:50 am
thank you both. leslie, chris. thanks. discovery of a little girl found alive trapped in rubble. mexico's deadly earthquake. we're covering it. stay with us. i can't wait for her to have that college experience that i had. the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss
11:51 am
when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise
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>> harris: this in central florida. a family has to find another place to live after a sink hole swallowed part of their home. the sink hole started growing monday night into tuesday. and, well, it got big enough to fall in on the house. the entire family made it out bringing as many of their belongings as they could before the house fell in the hole. they're staying with relatives. okay. so we know workers are still looking for that little girl in
11:54 am
debris in a school that collapsed in mexico city after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit there yesterday. we're still following that situation. a search dog has gone in. the child reportedly wiggled her hand. the dog made the confirmation there is life there. we're watching for that. meanwhile rescue crews in mexico are searching for more people who may be trapped in the rubble of the quake that rocked mexico city and areas around it. the u.s. geological survey said there is a 98% chance a major earthquake will hit the bay area in california in the next three decades. trace gallagher in our los angeles bureau. that seems like a long time, but they're talking about a big quake. >> reporter: it's scary. bottom line is still impossible to predict when it will happen. scientists are pretty sure a 6.0 could happen at any second but will almost certainly happen within 30 years. on top of that, the san andreas
11:55 am
fault that runs from mexico up to northern california is long overdue for a big one. even though there's no way to pinpoint a major quake, seismologists do have the ability to forecast them by paying attention to small and moderate alerts that happen next to major fault lines. small quakes raise the risk of unleashing a big quake. for the past decade california and oregon have been building an early warning detection system, known as shake alert, but it's only halfway done. the idea is to use 1500 monitoring stations up and down the west coast to give scientists enough information that they can give people anywhere from a few seconds to upwards of a pheupb it of notice. doesn't sound like a lot but might give you a chance to at least get outside. even with warnings and stricter building codes, experts say a major quake in california would still be devastating. watch. >> i have studied it in more
11:56 am
detail for southern california where we took a big san andreas earthquake and tried to say what would happen in los angeles. we got an estimated of about 2,000 dead for that earthquake. >> reporter: yes. death toll could be higher in san francisco, which has major population clusters in relatively small areas. harris? >> harris: trace, thanks. we'll be right back.
11:57 am
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you can use whipped topping made ...but real joyful moments.. are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. >> he's on the ground. paul ryan is in florida looking at what hurricane irma tore apart. he's leading a bipartisan congressional delegation getting a first hand look at the aftermath of irma. he is expected to go to texas next. he will giving first responders and key officials the support they need. the group will go to jacksonville, miami and the florida keys today and head to texas tonight as they tour. we expect this to get going with
12:00 pm
pictures of this live in the next little while. so we're waiting that here on fox news and will bring it to you when it happens. it's been a busy hour. i'm harris faulkner. more news now. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in puerto rico where hurricane maria has been punishing that island with powerful winds. >> we've been seeing strong winds well over 100 miles for two hours here, strong enough to cause visible destruction. we've seen trees snapped, parts of well-made structures collapse. >> shepard: as steve can attest, it's a catastrophic storm. one of the strongest to ever hit american soil and the destruction could be widespread. we're tracking the hurricane. plus, in mexico city, cries of anguish at the site of a school collapsed in the earthquake. parents still waiting to find out what happened to their kids.


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