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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 20, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the afternoon. we've been watching the dow today after the feds made a decision to keep the rates steady but a hike by the end of the year. the dollar strong out of the gate. cavuto starts now. >> neil: all right. maria is a monster. continues to bash puerto rico. here's what we know right now. the hurricane category three storm with winds in excess of 115 miles an hour. all of puerto rico, all 3.5 million residents are without power. a fishing village near san juan is wiped out. the governor of puerto rico is asking the president to declare the island a disaster zone to pave the way for federal funding. steve harrigan has more. it looks like a mess. >> it is a better and not
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getting better any time soon. 3.5 million people on the island are without power. the conditions have eased a little bit. winds below 50 miles per hour. the rain is still falling. at least right now first responders and police can go out to assess the damage and help those that need it. we saw first winds ripping through here, enough to snap the trees behind me, enough to knock walls down, pieces of the hotel behind me off. it was just whipping around. right now we have seen electrical crews go out as well. off and on foot. there's so much debris in the roads. very hard to get around with downed power lines and downed trees. they're trying to assess things by foot. the next concerns will be flooding. either flooding from rivers or perhaps mudslides in the central part of the country. recovery here is not easy and not quick. people are still out of power from hurricane irma two weeks
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ago. could be weeks or months before this island begins to get back on its feet. neil, back to you. >> thanks, steve. steve harrigan in san juan. hurricane maria not only battering all of puerto rico but slamming homes and businesses as it does so. felix, thanks for being with us. what does it like there? >> thanks for having me. we're very glad to be okay. a bit shaken by this scary storm right now. i live in a municipality west of san juan. a few miles from the san juan metro area. a lot of debris around, power or phone. i'm not sure, poles from the electric or phone call on top of
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my next door neighbor's house. very, very scary stuff out there. >> where do most people go, yourself included, when the governor of puerto rico had said you have to evacuate? you have to find shelter. where did everybody go? where did you go? >> i stayed home. i live in an area that is not a flooding area. my house is built of concrete. it's built strong enough to withstand a storm like this. even so, for example, my windows should withstand winds of like 100, 100 miles per hour. but you know, it felt like they would be ripped off. so yeah. >> neil: i'm glad you're all right now. felix, what have they told you about getting power back? >> like people mentioning before
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hurricane irma, the government, you see our electric companies, government-owned company. and the government was saying that irma would hit puerto rico as a category five. some neighborhoods would expect to be without power for up to four months, you know. i don't expect to have power for at least a month in my house. and i live in the san juan metro area. >> neil: holy cow. be well. my best to your family. you're alive. that's what counts. my best to you. incredible, imagine, no power in puerto rico. a lot of destroyed homes. we'll stay on top of that. staying on top of the president and his whirlwind new york tour and meeting with individuals from all over the world. he's set to sit down with the egyptian president any moment.
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eric, how is it looking there? >> good afternoon, neil. we expect that meeting between the egyptian president and the president any minute now. they last met in may. there could be friction here because a state department report was released today questioning egypt's free speech and human rights abuses. they both have the bond over terrorism, radical islamic terrorism. egypt has suffered so many attacks. the same issue brought al-sisi and trying to put pressure on the palestinians and seek middle east piece there. today we heard from the iranian president condemning the president's speech. rouhani firing back saying it's president trump that should apologize. >> the ignorant, absurd and
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hateful rhetoric filled with ridiculously baseless allegations that was uttered before this body yesterday was not only unfit to be heard at the united nations but contradicted the demands of our nations from this world body to bring governments together. >> president trump gave us a hint about the iranian nuclear deal that he said he made a decision. he won't say what it was, if he will pull out of it, he can de-certify it by october 15th. the iranian president spoke and many are fearful what will happen when the restrictions are lifted from tehran about the nuclear program. >> the united states declares as
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its official policy that the regime in iran needs to change. i think the world needs to hear with clarity. i think president trump laid the groundwork for that announcement in his speech to the general assembly yesterday. >> in about two hours from now, the architects will be meeting to discuss with iran. this time tonight they'll be sitting across the table from rex tillerson, different u.s. government official who will bring quite a different message to him face to face in about two hours from now. back to you, neil. >> thanks, eric. it's not just the iranians wincing at the president's speech. so was hillary clinton and what she found particularly offensive, the rocketman
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>> did you happen to see the president's speech at the u.n. today? >> i saw parts of it, yes. >> what did you make of it? >> i thought it was dark, dangerous, not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering. when you face dangerous situations like what is happening in north korea, to make it clear, your first approach should always be diplomatic. not calling him rocketman, the old elton john song. >> neil: all right. the president caught that and responded on twitter after allowing north korea to research and build nukes, crooked hillary criticizes. we have aaron cohen. the president has a point that this goes way, way back. accommodating dictators, particularly kim jong-un's father and i guess by extension, the grandfather before him.
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the point is, diplomacy, it's not as if it's not been tried. we're exhausting all angles here, right? >> well, all the angles have been exhausted which is why the president is talking tough, neil. to add to hillary's criticism of trump or to comment on it specifically, to me it shows a complete and utter lack of understanding when it comes to the security fundamentals. what i mean by that, threat assessment and risk management. assessing threats and manage those threats with professional security protocols. in this case, we're talking about nuclear war. so for hillary to come at the president because his messaging is off, where i come out, hillary, great for the board room at a corporation, but that has nothing to do with managing a nuclear threat. i believe that when you're threat threatened by a country in your
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face, sending missiles belligerently, seems crazy not to come at it with aggression. i think hillary is way out of line. the president's message is spot on. people are tired of the anti-trump criticism from the hillary camp. she needs to bow out and quiet down. >> neil: again, whatever people's views, democratic or republican, it's not as if we haven't had and been ratcheting up the pressure through sanctions and other diplomatic means. it's to little avail. that doesn't mean you go attacking the north koreans, but you have to look at other options as these seem to fail what do you think the other options are? one is that you shoot down the next missile test. you shoot it down. i don't know what sparks what response, but your thoughts on
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that. >> i think it's a good question, neil. how do we layer this thing. when it comes to responding to aggression, security layering needs to happen incrementally. so i'd say the next -- it's always easier to escalate than to deescalate. what i'd say is, i would begin using systematic surveillance and deploying assets in and around the region to bring back intelligence. maybe share that with the media and the internet and let the north koreans know, we're having a look closer at your program. we've lined up potential targeting. there's a psychological pressure involved once you can start putting that out to the media. that's what could be a logical next step. >> neil: if you'll indulge me as you have over the years we've chatted, but one argument the north koreans are trying to
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provo provoke, hit the south koreans hard. they're hosting the olympics. scare them from seoul. ruin the olympics from this and the world. because they're being so belicose. what do you think? >> it's a logical positioning how easy it would be for them to terrorize those games. my response would be that that has to be looked at as a soft target and the security needs to be bolstered aggressively enough to be able to respond with enough force. what i mean by that, if there's a terror attack or some kind of attack targeted at south korea at though games, that terrorist needs to be down quickly. the message that that will send
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is whatever it is you try to do to continue to put us on the defense and fear of your nuclear capabilities, we're not going to have it. messaging that is soft and responding with the appropriate levels of aggression. i'd go after it extremely aggressively. >> neil: it's scary and getting increasingly lost. >> it is. >> neil: the winter olympics, if they ever come to pass with the rate we're going. thanks, aaron. >> thanks. >> neil: the argument is that republicans will have an easier time coming to agreement on tax reform than healthcare. yet there's growing doubts because now the tax battle is proving a tad more difficult than that healthcare battle. the guy in the middle of ronald reagan's art laffer on whether
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this president can have a different moment.
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>> neil: all right. it's a moving target. we're told that maybe next wednesday, it's not etched in stone, maybe wednesday, we get the details of the tax cuts that are being cooked up in washington, at least the read from washington. the white house, they put out the blueprint. again, you know something about blueprints. i don't either. but you know. senior producer, chad pergram. how do we get the details, the rates, whatever you want to call it by next wednesday? >> yeah, that's what they're hoping for. kevin brady has set that as his
1:21 pm
deadline to put some things out. the question here is just how far in the weeds they go. what are the details. how much meat is added to the bone there. i talked with ron widen, the democrat from oregon. he said that he doesn't know any more than he knew a few days ago. he's in the same boat with the members of the house freedom caucus. mark meadows, republican from north carolina, they're indicating why all the secrecy? what is the repatriation raise, the personal tax rate, the corporate rate? they don't have any of those. members of the freedom caucus are upset. they say don't make this a binary choice. that's what paul ryan said about healthcare reform. if they say here's a take it or leave it deal, that won't go over very well with the freedom caucus. the other question is in the united states senate, neil. mitch mcconnell, the majority leader has indicated that he would use budget reconciliation,
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a special process, that eliminates filibusters because they don't think they can get 60 votes. mcconnell has indicated to some sources that i've spoken with, that he might get two to three democrats and he may very well need them. when you get into the details, people say i can't go for this, i can go for that. the devil will be in the details. you probably won't have all republicans aligned. >> neil: so when i see jim jordan and mark meadows talking about their frustration and why the reluctance to show the people of the plans and they're angry for a budget, that sounds like the healthcare thing all over again. >> very similar. that's what upsets them. here's what makes this more complicated. in the next couple weeks, they'll have to spend hundreds of billions on hurricane aid after these big storms here. that will blow a hole in the deficit. makes it harder to do tax reform
1:23 pm
and probably will infuriate conservatives that said we can't cut taxes. depends on what the specifics are if we're going to continue to add to the deficit. people like meadows and jordan and the freedom caucus, they're doing to say can they get the math to work. that's why the details, what percentage is the personal rate, do they eliminate the death tax. those details are so critical. it depends on the math. if they cannot bust the budget here. >> chad, you're a genius. you know that already. thanks for putting this in perspective. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: fast-moving developments on that. the one guy they want to impress the most, the architect or the chief player of the ronald reagan tax cuts, the ones that were consequential a generation ago. he hasn't aged a day. i'm talking about art laffer. what's going on?
1:24 pm
>> my view, just cut the corporate rate to 15% and be done with it. as james carville said, keep it simple, stupid. i don't know why they're arguing about the other things, deductions and corporate rate and all of this other stuff. it's noise. >> that's what your old boss was doing. this won't be the moment, this is not 1986, right? >> if it doesn't go this way, no, it won't be. if they don't cut it substantially. i think 15% is the right now to do it. won't be the big boom. >> neil: when paul ryan says maybe the low 20s, i'm paraphrasing here, orrin hatch says the low 20s. they seem to be sensing that as a starting point. >> they may be. that's not where it is. donald trump has never wiggled from 15%. i've heard mnuchin and gary cohen --
1:25 pm
>> neil: what if it starts at 15 and gets to the 20%. then what? >> i would be happy with low 20s compared to 35, for sure but we need it in the 15s so we attract the capitol back. ireland would be temperature only country with a lower rate than us. we would raise 1.5 trillion net revenue gains the next decade. clearly from the economic growth. that would be the -- >> neil: some quibble with those numbers. >> they're wrong. they're wrong. >> neil: okay. fine. >> thank you. >> neil: are you annoyed that it's devolved into this? you know, like you remind me, hope springs eternal. you're an optimist. but we have come down to this. look, let's cut our losses here, settle for a lower business rate, maybe address the other rates later. what happened? >> that is exactly what we thought would happen with the 86 tax act. it was all of these people --
1:26 pm
>> neil: i wasn't born. >> wasn't either. i read about it. all of these people trying to get their favors and stuff in there. it was a bottle of scotch and said the hell with it. let's drop it to 28%, drop the corporate from 46 to 34%. get rid of all of these loop holes, tricks and things and let's just do it and get going. that's when bipartisanship really worked. it can do it now. so you really want to wait until we get to the final hour. i wouldn't overly fret. we're going to get the tax cuts. may not be this year but we'll get them -- >> sounds like an 81 phenomenon where we -- >> it does sound like that. >> neil: set the stage for something that would happen five years later. history doesn't necessarily repeat itself. but it does rhyme. is that where we're going? >> it could be. could be where we're going. if we can get it done in five years that would be great, too. life is a marathon, neil. the 86 tax act gave us a lot of
1:27 pm
prosperity. we got 97 votes. cutting the highest rate from 50% to 20%. 97 votes. >> neil: had they told you, art, we need you on board. the last thing they want is the architect of one of the biggest tax cuts in global history not too keen on this. they're sucking up to you. >> the democrats have been calling me, asking me, please don't go on board. we need you not to be on board. i'm just teasing with you. i've been asked by a lot of people to be on board. i'm not a lone wolfer. >> you, art laffer are settling for the best you can get, move on to fight another day. that is telegraphing that you lowered your expectations. >> that's not true. i think we're going to get the 15%. >> i can see it. >> can you really? >> neil: i really can't. i have no idea. >> i don't think -- i think we might get the 15% and hoping we
1:28 pm
do. i would settle for that by itself. none of the others. i love the death tax repeal. i like the lower rates and the other stuff as well. we're going to get it all. we're going to get repeal of healthcare, the aca. >> neil: all righty. let me tell you how i plan to lose 50 pounds. >> come on. >> neil: no, no. >> come on. i'm going to tell you i'm going to be 50 years younger. >> neil: there you go. thanks very much, my friend. art laffer. he's the one they want on board. he's the support they need. he is sort of like getting yoda behind you. they need yoda. a star wars reference there. >> you ever see yoda? he likes like me. another big player in this is coming up tomorrow in "your world." kevin brady will be with us. he's the hardest working guy on this tax issue. he was talking about this way before donald trump, way before
1:29 pm
speaker ryan and these people. he was toiling away, coming up with the numbers, krcrunching them. i know what he wants. doesn't always jive with what the president wants. we'll see. the president meeting with a lot of world leaders today. moments away from sitting down with the egyptian president. we'll take you there after this. the in-laws have moved in with us. and, our adult children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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>> neil: well, puerto rico did not. if you think that maria has nothing to do with you, take a look at the gas pump. yeah. it's still up there. after this.
1:33 pm
>> neil: we are expecting an update on hurricane maria by 5:00 p.m. it's still a worry for the continental united states. rick reichmuth, what could be in the offing here, rick? >> we still have to watch the mid-atlantic and the northeast. i'll show you that in a second. puerto rico taking the brunt of it. st. croix also. here's st. croix. the eye wall went over it. we don't really have a good idea just yet at some of the damage there. one reported wind gust of 137 miles an hour. i'm sure it was higher than that. that's a station there that measured it. this storm took this crack across puerto rico diagonally.
1:34 pm
a lot of puerto rico impacted by this. also, the mountains over here on the southwestern side are up towards 4,500 feet. that would have ripped up the storm. it jogged around that there. that said, the storm is still very strong. the pressure came up quite a bit. good news. this is the red. we will likely see some hurricane force winds here across the north shore of the d.r. hopefully the worst of this stays to the east of turks and caicos, an area that saw a direct hit from irma a couple weeks ago. after that, most of the guidance pulls this off to the north. this gives you a sense of what we're talking about. somewhere between the east coast and bermuda. here's the area. we don't know what will happen. we have hurricane jose that we've been dealing with there. this is tropical storm jose now stuck here across the northeast. this following a similar pattern. a lot of beach erosion in the
1:35 pm
northeast the last few days from that storm. incredible swells. now we have a storm on the heels of it. there's jose. you get an idea. this is going in to the same track. i'll tell you, wednesday or thursday, it's possible this will be closer to the coast and possible that it stays off the coast. the point is, areas from the mid-atlantic through the northeast need to be catching this. we'll keep track of that. expect it to be a weaker storm by the time it gets up there. another storm across the north atlantic. after that for a bit, we have a little break. no big storms in the next week or so, neil. >> neil: thanks, rick. we'll touch on the gas price fallout of this. we want to pay attention to what is happening on the other side of manhattan right now where the president is meeting with the president of egypt, i believe. you never know what they'll say and what could come up.
1:36 pm
let's listen in. >> thank you very much. it is a great honor to have with us today president el-sisi of egypt. we have worked long and hard and we're making a lot of progress on a lot of different fronts. we appreciate everything that you've done. i know you appreciate everything we've done. but the relationship is very good. thank you very much for your representatives, the relationship has been very, very good. we look forward to continuing today and tomorrow. >> thank you. >> neil: i don't speak egyptian. let's listen in here. they might have an interpreter available.
1:37 pm
>> thank you very much. thank you. >> is graham-cassidy going to pass? >> i think it has a good chance. obamacare is failing. people cannot afford obamacare. it's been a catastrophic situation. i believe that graham-cassidy will do it the right way. it is doing it the right way. tremendous support from republicans. certainly we're 47 or 48 already senators and a lot of others are looking at it positively. mike pence is looking at it. our vice president has done a great job with health care and knows healthcare so well. >> president trump made a commitment to the american people that we would repeal and replace obamacare. we're grateful to senator
1:38 pm
graham, senator cassidy and others that have come together to keep the promise to the american people. as the president said, obamacare is collapsing. american families and businesses are bearing the burden. this president and our administration is committed to support graham-cassidy, move forward legislation and give the american people a fresh start on healthcare reform. not with government mandates but by repealing the mandates on businesses and individuals and giving resources to the states to create healthcare solutions to work for each individual state. >> for seven years repeal and replace obamacare. more the last two or three years than anything. but for seven years, i've been hearing repeal and replace. we've been hearing how bad it is, looking at the premiums going up, looking at deductibles that are through the roof. you have states like arizona the
1:39 pm
premiums are worse this year than last year. last year they were 116% increase. i think there's tremendous support for it. it's better than the previous shot that were sadly left out. again, we've been hearing about repeal and replace for seven years. i thought that i would go to the oval office, sit down at my disc the first day and there would be a healthcare bill on my desk to be honest. it hasn't worked out that way. i think a lot of republicans are embarrassed by it. but i have to tell you, they're going to do a great job. if this happens, it will be a great thing for the country. obamacare is a disaster, it's a wreck, it's a train wreck. it's only getting worse. i must be honest with you, whether it happens or not, something will happen. it's going to be positive. frankly, obamacare cannot make
1:40 pm
it. it cannot make it. we think this has a very good chance. obamacare is only getting worse. it's dysfunctional now. totally dysfunctional. at some point, the senate is going to be forced to make a deal. they're just about at that point right now. because obamacare is so bad. so i do think it has a very good chance of passes and i hope it passes. they'll be voting in the not too distant future. thanks very much. >> thank you, thank you. >> thanks very much. >> neil: all right. we always stay there. you never know with the president. he was talking in this meeting with the egyptian president, el-sisi about this graham-cassidy measure out there that could rope in enough republicans to get passed in the senate. something that could be voted on
1:41 pm
next week. president obama, for example, said he was very chagrinned about the situation. he said it's frustrated to have to mobilize every couple months to keep our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our constituents. president trump has said the republicans have agreed it's the rocketi rocketing premium increases that are causing the real pain here. where is this going? let's get the read from former house oversight committee chairman, jason chaffetz. the president thinks the third time is the charm. a lot of differences here but closer to an acceptable pact on the part of senators. what do you think? >> i think they really are on the cusp of making it happen. i think you have people like rand paul that want to see more
1:42 pm
repeal. but that's not the question before the senate. you're paid to make tough decisions. the decisions that rand paul and others will have to make is, will you willing to live with obamacare or is this a step better than before. i think they have the votes. the fact that president obamacare came out against it should be enough for the republicans. we can't get republicans to vote republican. if we do that, it works. >> neil: you're closer than i am. seemed with speaker ryan talking ant this in a visit to florida as i said, when the senate -- if the senate acts, we will act as well. was he referring to the measure that the house already has, repeal and replace measure that they agreed to by the skinniest of margins and reconcile whatever the senate would come up with? is that what he's referring to? >> i think there's great deal of skepticism in the house as i talked to my colleagues, former
1:43 pm
colleagues, that the senate can get to 50. they tend to play games to get close. when you get rid of planned parenthood, there's some republicans that can't get there. when you do some other things, some senators can't get there. i don't think they can get the 50. the house has passed out a bill. >> neil: so what happens in the event that getting close to the vote and they say next week mitch mcconnell is talking about next week, maybe not, that's the goal, next week is the time that we're going to get by next wednesday the details on the tax cut plan, the rates and all of that. does this help or hurt the process? are they putting too many pots on the stove here? what do you think? >> they're dreadfully late. i was in meetings in november, december where house leadership was telling to us get ready because we're going to have the healthcare vote on the president's desk by the time he's sworn in. the treasury secretary saying we would have tax reform in place by the time he went to august
1:44 pm
recess. you have to walk and chew gum. these are two big promises the republicans made and they have yet to deliver. the americans are frustrated and the president is frustrated. at the very least, the senate should vote on this. it's unbelievable that they won't necessarily vote on it. >> neil: congressman, help me with this. i heard that orrin hatch is part of the group of six that has said the tax thing is actually more difficult than the healthcare thing. finding agreement, consensus among republicans on it will be even tougher than healthcare. all the long thinking it was the opposite. is he right? >> i would think that tax reform would be easier because it's very black and white. you can understand or explain to people what would happen with their taxes. what i want the republicans to do is put a plan out there and let there be the necessary adjustments, if there are amendments, put it out there.
1:45 pm
we keep talking about principles. we haven't actually introduced a bill. put a bill out there, let it see the light of day and let's have the jockeying back and forth to come up with something. better than a back-room deal with six people and we don't know their opinions are. >> neil: i had art laffer here. he seems to settle for look, if all you can do is get the corporate rate down the 15% and the other stuff you can't agree on, so be it. better than nothing. i hope i summarized that accurately. how do you feel about that? >> it would be a terrible disappointment to miss this golden time in tax reform. if it's just a tax cut, that would be better what is absent, where are the spending cuts. we'll have to spend a lot of money in florida, louisiana and texas. we're talking about tax cuts. where are the actual spending
1:46 pm
cuts from congress to offset this? as a conservative, i haven't seen that yet. >> neil: congressman, thanks very much. jason chaffetz. we're monitoring those developments carefully and the fall-out from hurricane maria. the entire commonwealth is without power. all 3.5 million residents have no power. it's hot. it's humid. this power outage is going to go on for a long, long time after this. ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ ♪ adapt supply chains based on trends, tweets and storms. and make adjustments on the fly. ♪ ♪
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the ibm cloud. the cloud for enterprise. yours.
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>> neil: all right. like losing your home, seeing your entire area devastated and everyone around you without power. this pales in comparison for
1:50 pm
maria. but there is a fall-out. gas prices are staying stubbornly high. not as high as they were, but still up appreciably since the storms first hit. who is going on here. phil flynn. what do you think? >> i think this is like another sucker punch to our wallets, this storm maria. just as the u.s. refining industry was getting off the mat after hurricane irma, hurricane harvey, we get slammed again. in puerto rico, there's a lot of small little refineries. a lot of gasoline storage tanks. even in the virgin islands, that really took a heavy hit, they store a lot of gasoline. what is interesting, a lot of the gasoline in the u.s. that we tried to avoid getting taken out of harvey was moved to this part of the world so you have gasoline all over the places.
1:51 pm
usually this time of year, this is shoulder season. lower gasoline prices. it's been cancelled because of the storms. >> what is the rule of thumb? it's more of an impact on everyone even though they're not in the hurricane sites, when the hurricane is in the gulf or by refineries. that i can understand. it seems as of late even hurricanes far from the gulf, just off the coast or way down by puerto rico, the virgin islands, the caribbean, they still have an impact. what is going on? >> they really do. what is happening, the u.s. refining industry is the refiner to the world. that's where it started. our u.s. refiners are producing more oil and we're supplying gasoline and diesel fuel to the world. when we take a hit, it happens.
1:52 pm
once you get the system uprooted, it takes a hit. right now, we got a report, gasoline amounts are at the lowest level in two years. refiners have a lot of work to get back. i have to say, the u.s. refining industry during the storms in my opinion are heroic. these guys, the way they have fought, lost their houses, going down there to bring refining back on, bring gasoline prices. they're the unsung heros. they're doing everything they can to keep the economy going. they can't continue to do this if they get hit with storm after storm after storm. it's just a heroic effort. that means higher prices. >> neil: a lot of areas where they have taken out the environmental restrictions and all of that, the environmental friendly fuels, they now are being reimplemented. whatever allowances were being made to get the fuel and the
1:53 pm
energy out there, they're now returning to your environmentally friendly fuels and all that and that could return prices. is that true? >> it could. i will say this. the trump administration has been very proactive to reacting to the storms. so if we see that supplies are getting tight, there could be a rollback again. >> thanks, phil. you endure every stupid question i ask. meantime, this is just stupid inciteful. toys "r" us are no longer king. what happened? remember when they were? after this. for your heart...
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>> neil: for regular viewers, you know i like to share wisdom from my late mom and dad. my dad gave a piece of advice he offered unsolicited.
1:57 pm
stay humble. in your case, it will come in handy. what usually got him going with seeing my report card. he would remind me the idea is to put a number in front of the decimal point of the grade point average. we would laugh. what was said and just my dad meant. i got his message. don't get too big for your britches. stay grounded, stay real. try to stay humble. toys "r" us. i have a point and it's this. toys "r" us has been humble. this once couldn't fail retailer is failing. just filed for bankruptcy. hopes to come back and fight another day. it will be easy. the story that was once the top of the retail world joining others who have failed on a giant familiar heap.
1:58 pm
those who were all that until became that's all. stop me if you've heard this before. when aol ruled the internet. ibm was laughing at microsoft. blackberry was all the rage. there was a time when sony's walkman was everywhere and the ipod was nowhere. when kmart was king and walmart was not. walmart was king and amazon was not. blockbuster before netflix. yahoo before google. print before broadcast. broadcast before cable. cable before the internet. industries that couldn't lose before encountering technologies they couldn't stop, technologies they couldn't see. perhaps too wrapped up in the in the self-satisfaction they couldn't control and vent -- until they lost control.
1:59 pm
i've seen it happen so often. not just to companies. the folks who thought ronald reagan could never be president until he was an hillary clinton could never lose until she did. my dad was right. it is humbling to lose but it's even more thinking you never will. i think history is defined not by the events we expect but by those we do not. maybe it's because we all live in the moment. we forget it's only a moment until the moment is gone and the success is gone. there's a second part to my dad's advice. merely saying you're going to have to work a lot harder. i think he figured my brains would only take me so far. leave it to a suddenly humble toy retailer to remind me my dad wasn't playing around. incompetence hurts but arrogant skills. success is fun but assuming it's forever is fatal. take it from my dad. actually take it from history. take nothing for granted.
2:00 pm
grant nothing to ego. stay humble. it really will come in handy. good night. >> bret: iran fires back at president trump and the u.s. republican scratch and claw for enough votes to kill obamacare. the struggle to survive in mexico and puerto rico. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. this is an expanded two hour edition of "special report." we begin with what is the strongest hurricane to hit puerto rico and almost a century. maria had the island is a category 4 storm with punishing winds of 155 miles an hour. it's destruction is being described as mind-boggling.


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