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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 21, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> it so great to say my fox news colleagues up there. how did they do? >> they did so good. we went all over the world. they were so good. they got it on to takes. >> bill: the whole world, you were good. >> shannon: >> shannon: where s. you nailed it. >> bill: we've got to run, we'll see you later, bye-bye. >> jon: fox news alert and the furious search for survivors in mexico. crews are ramping up in the wake of a deadly and devastating earthquake there. welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> julie: and i am julie banderas. forces are forming human chains and others are using tools to dig through the debris. rescue workers hoping to find any signs of life, just two days after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake
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toppled buildings burying people. crews still racing to stave a young girl trapped under the rubble from her school and they're also finding the bodies of those who died in the earthquake. the death toll is cemented to be around 245, but that number could grow. meanwhile, thousands have been displaced by this natural disaster. >> we are a bit: because we know this is not a place where we will get crushed and i know i'm with my children. >> jon: jonathan hunt is live from mexico city with more. >> this is the scene of one of the desperate search and rescue efforts. the search and rescue operations
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still underway under that office building which collapsed. there are still people trapped but we know not know if they are dead or alive. here we have the military police, there are federal police here in mexico city police all trying to keep order in a difficult situation. up here on the tree, a poster of a young woman who is in that office building, she has not yet been found and over here, some of the families of those who are still missing. it is obviously a desperate and difficult wait for them. up here, the supplies that are being brought into support the search and rescue operation and that is the extraordinary thing. the thousands upon thousands of civilian volunteers who were doing whatever they can to support those who are doing the difficult work of desperately trying to find anyone who may have survived. >> jon: that's jonathan hunt report for mexico city, sorry about the difficult video connection there in the
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beginning. obviously very harsh conditions out there, even when you're trying to transmit video. it will tried to update you in the progress as a look for survivors of a terrible earthquake in mexico city. >> julie: hurricane maria strengthening back up to a category 3 storm as it moves towards the northeast. hurricane morning trimming in effect for the northern coast of the dominican and parts of the bahamas. meanwhile maria leaving distraction and its wake complete lead devastating the area of puerto rico. president trump speaking of the people of portico today saying aid and help is on the way. the entire island has lost power. their electrical grid destroyed. senior officials saying it could take months to get the power back on. steve harrigan is live in san juan. i can't imagine what those people are going through. >> it's tougher people here.
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try to imagine electric power and suddenly you're on an island. little islands by themselves with no electricity, three or 4 feet of water in some places. this woman here is being helped man with a stick, i've seen people carrying their kids, some kids are playing in the water, but for most people, it is tough going here to try to get out and get food and water. the two grocery stores here have been emptied, whether you want to call it looting or saving food or whatever, they've been empty. as far as the biggest problem here, it's the electrical tower grid. 500,000 people and zero electricity across the entire island. there are some incidents of looting and really hardship everywhere you look. we've been to a couple people's houses this morning and there's black water on the floor, there's holes in the roofs and it's a do yourself operation. people are trying to take debris
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from hurricane irma two weeks ago to try to prop something up that was damaged in hurricane maria. this place has been slammed and it might be six months before the lights go back on here agai again. >> julie: steve harrigan, thank you so much. >> jon: a new bill embed dismantling obamacare site to go to the senate floor next week. a spokesperson for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell confirming he will schedule a vote in the coming days on the graham-cassidy proposal and time is of the evidence essence. >> obamacare is a disaster, it's happening with people who can afford obamacare, it's a
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catastrophic situation. i believe that graham-cassidy will do it the right way. >> jon: joining us now, jeff mason. you were there at that bilateral meeting. i think people are always kind of amused or befuddled as to why you have the egyptian president sitting there and our president is answering questions about obamacare. >> i think the egyptian leader was entertained by it as well. they were there to talk about lots of things. the president said the u.s. would consider restarting military -- but the main thing he talked about was health care. the pool of reporters and i was part of, we try to get the president talking and this health care thing is a really, really big deal for the president. >> jon: he seems to be more engaged in the process now than he was prior to this.
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he was letting the house and then the senate do their own thing, trying to get the legislation out. they did get it out of the house, but the senate went nowhere. >> indeed and he's been very engaged so far as far as pressuring the people of his own party, particularly the senate to make this happen. it was a huge promise that he made as a candidate last year. he's been frustrated by the fact that republicans have not been able to produce and this may be the last chance for that to happen. >> jon: also reflected that he's sending the vice president out to talk about all of this, here's what mike pence had to say just this morning. >> the president and i consider senator paul a friend. he is a good man. he's wrong about this. the graham-cassidy bill repeals and replaces obamacare. >> jon: rand paul very vocal in his opposition voting for this bill. i don't imagine they're going to
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strong-arm him into a "yes" vote, are they? this kind of early pulpit thing would not work with rand paul. >> i don't think so. they're taking on individual senators and pressuring them, but for some it's just not going to work. >> jon: it's the same gang as last time around. they are all on the fence or the other side of the fence on this one. >> that's right so the white house is trying to get them to their side of the fence. president trump has not hidden his frustration with senator mccain. senator mccain is the reason that the less chance to get health care past did not go, so they're pushing really hard. that push, which they tried before may not work. >> jon: why are they rolling
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the dice on this one? >> they feel like they have some momentum and president trump did say yesterday that this has a good chance. this may be their chance to do it. he's trying to use any momentum they can get to fulfill a very big campaign promise. >> jon: the idea of taking obamacare money, national money and block granting it to the states, they're trying to sell that as we are not cutting the benefits, we're letting the individual states have it. >> that's a philosophical approach. and that's one some republicans can get behind. then you have a republican senator like susan collins saying i'm not sure that this fixes any problems. it could hurt people who have pre-existing conditions which is one of the most popular aspects of the obamacare bill whether you're republican or democrat. >> jon: republicans are trying to pass this in their own congress, i haven't heard of a single democrat whose thought about supporting it.
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>> you will get democrats support with us, no way. you don't see the white house trying. i think it's very unlikely. >> jon: is all arm-twisting within the g.o.p. if this one goes down in flames, and it very well could, there is some momentum as the president side, but if it goes down in flames, what happens? what's the next step? >> that's a good question. after the last one went down in flames, there are some people who say you need to move on and take some measures to prop up the obamacare system. politically, i think republicans have to say we are not able to get this past, let's move on to something else like tax reform. they need something, they need a success story. >> jon: the need to go home to voters and say we have at least part of what you sent us to washington past. >> that's absolutely right. >> jon: jeff mason, interesting times.
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you're here to cover what's going on at the united nations. >> yes i am. it's been interesting. >> jon: thank you for being here. >> julie: russian president flamm input in snubbing the u.n. general assembly, so what is he doing instead? and why it's raising big concerns? plus a highly contested group begun runoff and president trump not sting on the sidelines. we're going to talk to senator luther strange about what it's like to have the full weight of the white house behind him. >> the most important issue in this race is who is best qualified and experienced to implement president trump's agenda and the senate.
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your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> jon: right now, new information of some crime stories we're watching. authorities charge a new jersey man who won $338 million in powerball for the sexual assault of a child. the prosecution says the victim is tween 11-14 years old.
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the charge could carry up to 14 years in prison. phoenix please get them ready to search landfill for the body of a woman who was last seen in may. her boyfriend has been arrested on charges of first-degree murder. and police say a man was caught on video trying to hold up a california starbucks. he's now such as soother customer who intervened. the suspects mother says the man used excessive force in stopping her son crossing line between a good samaritan. please call her idea ludicrous. >> julie: president trump at odds with steve bannon over next week's alabama senate runoff. the chairman is backing justice
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roy moore while the president is going all in for the incumbent senate luther strange. the president and vice president pence said to campaign. the president also tweeting his support writing alabama is so lucky to have a candidate like big luther strange. smart, tough on crime, borders and trade, loves events and military. tuesday! joining me now, luther strange. first of all, welcome to you and any tweets of praise from the president is huge. he tweeted you i believe four times. three times this week, one time on saturday. currently getting you a lot of attention in this republican runoff race which many may not have paid so much attention to. why should the american public care about this election? >> i think it's a critical election frankly. if we are going to have someone in washington to have the president has his agenda, alabama was at the forefront of helping the president get elected. we love the president in alabama, we want to see his agenda passed. the short time i've been in washington, we bonded with some of the challenges that we both have been frustrated with.
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the lack of progress, lack of ability to solve problems. i've got a record of taking on the tough challenges, he certainly does. i really appreciate his personal friendship and obviously has willingness to come here to alabama in the mist of everything he has going on to campaign for me. i couldn't be happier if they get sons a strong message to the voters. >> julie: president trump values loyalty obviously and if you're loyal to him, he will back you all the way. he originally backed someone else in the primary but now he's behind you 100%. how did you gain his support? >> i thing it's because we developed a personal friendship of trust, respect. i've literally drain the swamp in montgomery, it didn't win me any friends but that's what you have to do to make a difference. i thing we have a personal relationship and he needs a partner in washington
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desperately. >> julie: to further explain to our viewers at home and background. in the primary, and neither you nor your opponent managed to garner the 50% of the vote against mo brooks. do you have the votes to win? >> i think i do. this will be a ground game effort. the polls are almost meaningless at this point. we need voters out to the polls. thanks to the president and vice president for coming in on monday night. they say this is a guy we need in washington because we can work with him, he's effective, he understands how to get things done. i think that's the difference in the race. >> julie: let's talk about your opponent, roy moore who we
8:19 am
are trying to get a hold of an order to have an interview with him before the election on the 26th. he does have a bit of controversy surrounding him. he w court order to remove a statue of the ten commandments from court grounds. voters reinstated him in 2012. then he was kicked off the bench again in 2016 and this was a bit controversial, for refusing to abide by the u.s. supreme court's decision to allow gay marriage. in the red state of alabama, how are you campaigning against him and against his background? >> i believe strongly in the ten commandments, i agree with him on that issue. i would agree with him -- we don't disagree, is just who's going to be effective. he's been totally ineffective and both of the jobs he's had, he's been removed from office. we need some one who can accomplish things and i've accomplished lots of things. that's why the president is supporting me. we don't need more speeches, we don't anymore symbolic protests, we need results. whether it's obamacare, building the wall, tax relief, which we talked about, all the things the president wants to get done. he needs to have a partner and
8:20 am
it's strong for the state of alabama to have a senator with a personal relationship with the president of the united states. >> julie: he needs to get things done so he wants the right people in place to get anything's anemic and done they failed to do so far specifically appealing and replacing obamacare. when he praises you, he talks about how you're tough on crime and also all about borders. anyone who stuff on borders is a game-winner as far as president trump is concerned. what is it about borders and your stance on immigration that most attracts president trump to your policy? >> up my opponent and i are campaigning to take the seat of jeff sessions who is a strong believer in secure borders. my opponent, i'm not surprised he won't come on your show because when he was asked recently what daca stood for, he didn't even know what it was. >> julie: if we get him on the
8:21 am
show, we'll ask him. >> i wish he would. he doesn't know the issues. the immigration issue is critical and as attorney genera attorney general, we stopped president obama's illegal amnesty plan in court. the president knows the end result and that's why he supporting me. >> julie: senator, thank you very much for talking to us, we appreciate it. good luck. hopefully we'll talk to your opponent before the election. that election is september 26th. thank you very much. >> jon: there is a glaring absence of the u.n. general assembly, russian president vladimir putin, why russia's neighbors are expressing concern about what he is up to instead. plus a teacher praised for her quick thinking after a school shooting that officials say could have been much worse. >> she seen the guy come out and she was going to tackle him and when she did, he still had his
8:22 am
finger on the trigger and it was flying up.
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>> julie: right now, a teacher and central illinois is being held as a hero for quickly subduing a student who shot and wounded to classmates yesterday in a school cafeteria. both victims are set to be recovering thanks to her. police are taking the suspect into custody. they say they're confident he acted alone they also say the outcome could have been much worse if not for this quick thinking teacher. ♪ >> jon: a notable absence at the u.n. general assembly meeting this week, vladimir putin of russia. the russian president is presiding over moscow's largest military exercise since the end of the cold war.
8:26 am
national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live from the panic on where they're paying close attention. >> russian named their massive war games west. president putin snubbed the u.n. moscow says it unveiled new state-of-the-art weapons for drills stretching from belarus to kazakhstan. exercises like these could be a trojan horse. one to keep russia of massing 100,000 troops for these maneuvers. russia said it stays under 13,000 thresholds to comply with the nato agreement. the pentagon isn't buying it. thursday, russia testfired an intercontinental ballistic missile with a 7500-mile range,
8:27 am
capable of hitting any city in the united states. pentagon officials say the u.s. was warned in advance about the launch. they continue to upgrade its nuclear fleet. shoring up support for nato allies, joe dahl furred visited norway this week during the exercises and perhaps sending a message in return. meanwhile in eastern syria, a potential flash point on the banks of the euphrates river, russia backed forces and u.s. backed forces our eyeball to eyeball after the u.s. military accused russian jets of bombing u.s. last weekend with special operations troops nearby. no troops were hurt, but today a russian general warned the united states, russia would attack if their forces commander fire. expect a reaction from this latest russian threat during a pentagon briefing that's ongoing
8:28 am
right now. back to you. >> jon: hard to believe that it is getting that tense. jennifer griffin at the, thank you. >> julie: the entire island of puerto rico is without power after sustaining massive flooding and damage from hurricane maria. the challenges the u.s. territory now faces on the road to recovery. plus california's attorney general, slapping the trip and administration with a federal lawsuit. his plans for a big fight over the border wall. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. new school musical >> jon: the state of california suing the trump administration over the president's plans to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. >> julie: he claims the administration violated the constitution and overstepped his authority by waving environmental reviews and other laws in order to speed up the first base of the construction process. >> we understand this is a federal matter, but if it happens in our backyard, we demand that it be carried out in the right way following the rule
8:33 am
of law. >> jon: and ron that in a moment, but right now, president trump meeting with south korea's president moon dragon at the hotel in new york. >> we are working on trade and trade agreements. much more importantly is the other aspect of our relationshi relationship. we will be meeting with prime minister abe of japan, so we will see. i think you're making a lot of progress in a lot of different ways. stay tuned. stay tuned. [reporter asking question]
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]president moon speaking]
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>> jon: south korea's president moon jae-in speaking from the palace hotel in new york city, one of the many bilateral meetings the president's holding with other world leaders. some interesting developments on the north korean front. the bank of china announced this morning that chinese banks should no longer do business with north korea. that is part of the financial pressure the world is using to apply pressure on the north koreans. let's go back to this meeting. >> over the years, north korea has had provocations and this is despicable. the united states has responded firmly and in a very good way and we have very close coordination. i am very satisfied.
8:36 am
mr. president and the u.n. general assembly, he made a very strong speech. i believe that speech will help contain north korea. thank you very much. >> thank you very much and i'm very happy you used the word despicable. i promise i do not tell him to. [translator for president trump speaking] >> because of the fact that our trade deal is so bad for the united states, we're focused on the military. we want to make it fair for everybody. our real focus will be on military and our relationships with south korea which is
8:37 am
excellent. we start that process right now, thank you very much. thank you. >> jon: as the assembled trump team heard the reporters and photographers out of the room, again, there are big developments with north korea, the chinese central bank has told chinese banks to stop doing business with north korean customers. also, the u.s. is taking actions, new actions against the north korean states, so all of that taking place against the backdrop of the presidents meetings with the south korean president moon jae-in. you heard him say trade with south korea is a sticking point in relations between our two countries right now, but the big issue for the president,
8:38 am
north korea. more on that is the day progresses. >> julie: the state of california, as we were just talking about, suing the trump in administration over the president's plan to build a wall along the u.s. and mexico border, edging up that story, william la jeunesse joins us live from san diego, california. william, how does the suit affect the construct of the law? >> congress has already appropriate when he million dollars to repair and replace portions of this fence which run about 350 miles from the border and to be in the construction of several prototypes of the wall. that is scheduled to begin as early as next week, just a few miles from here. unlike this fence, those prototypes, some will be built of concrete and some will contain steel. california says though should not be billed because the administration failed, has no intent, to file an environmental impact statement for new construction. >> there's a congress statute that gives them the ability degrade these borders we have.
8:39 am
you can't just say i'm going to do it the way i want. >> congress gave the federal government a waiver from state and federal environmental laws in 2005. >> i don't think they'll be able to do so in any effective way over time. we intend to use every power of the united states government to protect this country. >> here's the irony, and 1994, the san diego sector was being overrun by illegal immigration. 1,000 arrests a night in california was begging for a law that was approved by democrat bill clinton. julie? >> julie: william, problems with the border obviously, biggest problem are the people in the drugs. what do they say about that? >> the bulk of illicit drugs, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, come over the
8:40 am
ports of entry concealed in cars and trucks, but increasingly, they're coming by boat as well. yesterday we boarded the coast guard ship, they have seized over the last ten months more cocaine off the coast of latin america then the past three years and yesterday, they were showing us 50,000 pounds of cocaine, that's 25 million lines of coke. with the help of a new drone, they've identified targets up to 70 miles away. they're seizing 1,000 pounds a day. >> if we're talking about metrics, three years ago, we are may be 10%. we've tripled that. but that's only 30%. what does it take to get to 70, 80, 90% question architects resources. >> the problem is, the price of illicit drugs coming down, of course suggest that more drugs, and outlets are coming in. he says he has no intent of giving up on the war on drugs.
8:41 am
>> julie: william la jeunesse, thank you so much. >> jon: and mexico, rescue crews are searching through debris looking for trapped survivors. why our next guest says the buildings construction and mexico is making this mission so dangerous.
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8:45 am
sidewalls, balconies, this is the most fortified part of the capital, right near the airport. you can imagine what's happening from the countryside. >> jon: was pregnant david sampson, former u.s. secretary at the department of commerce under george w. bush. first, they had irma and now they've got in puerto rico. this is a back-to-back nightmare for that island. >> one of the major challenges going to be restoring electricity. you can imagine to have a back-to-back hurricane come through, it's going to be a very challenging situation that's probably going to last for months and just weeks. >> jon: you say only about
8:46 am
half of the homes in puerto rico have insurance coverage. >> that's right, a much lower take-up rate than the mainland of the united states. only about 50% of the homes have insurance for wind damage and even smaller number, a fraction of that would have insurance for flooding. that's going to significantly slow down the process of recovery in puerto rico. put it in perspective, we've got 100,000 claims adjusters in texas right now getting claims, we've got 200,000 adjusters in florida getting checks back into the hands of people. both of those areas are heavily insured. it's going to really significant lease load on the process in port rico. >> jon: puerto rico has been in a recession for something like the last ten years now. it's hard to imagine how they come back from these back-to-back hurricanes and especially right now, the entire
8:47 am
island without power, their singing could take months get power back on a very brittle and broken grid. >> this is something that government resources will have to help rebuild this, the grid in the infrastructure. it's going to be a lot more challenging than we are going to see and florida's bounce back or houston's bounce back. simply because the government there is not going to have the kind of resources to deploy, fema will be active. i expect you're going to see u.s. military ships come to the area to help provide emergency services as well, as we've seen after irma, but this is going to be a very, very challenging recovery effort. >> jon: there has been talk of fema running out of money after the hurricanes on this country,
8:48 am
you work for an umbrella organization for the insurance companies. our insurance companies going have the money to pay all of these claims? >> i can assure you the insurance companies are very well-capitalized. primary u.s. insurers have about $708 billion in policyholder surplus. that's the amount of money able to pay these claims. we are exciting harvey and irma combined to total about $85 billion at the top end, so there's plenty of insurance money in reserves out there to pay these claims in the u.s. the global reinsurance capital stands at about $600 million, so this will not be a crisis event for insurers. we are well prepared to pay the claims that were going to experience out of these hurricanes. >> jon: good to hear despite of the misery out there, there is money to help all of these mullions of people recovery. david sampson is president and
8:49 am
ceo of the property casualty insurers association of america. thank you sir for being with us today. >> julie: volunteers and police officers pouring over the ruins of buildings looking for any survivors amid the mangled mess from deadly earthquakes. could we ever experienced something similar on our west coast? our next guest lays out the likelihood.
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8:52 am
>> harris: friday, here's what's coming up on "outnumbered." the president's meeting today with leaders from south korea and japan on of course, the big topic, what to do about north korea's nuclear threat. we are exciting to hear from the president and the next hour as a white house assent to slap new sanctions on north korea. >> sandra: as republicans make a last-ditch effort to repeal
8:53 am
obamacare, the president is calling it annoying and frustrating. >> harris: all that plus or #oneluckyguy, outnumbered top of the hour. are you ready? >> julie: rescue crews risking their own lives to save people of mexico after a deadly earthquake. this dramatic video showing people frantically escaping as part of a building collapses in mexico city. many others, completely demolished and fell to the ground. volunteers and emergency responders now working to remove all the debris in order to dig and search for survivors. unstable buildings with heavy damage could also collapse further. that makes it even more dangerous to complete these rescue efforts. richard allen is a uc berkeley
8:54 am
lab director. he joins me know by phone to her thinking so much for talking to us. >> happy to be with you. >> julie: there are so many hardworking stories to coming out of mexico city. 20 children of a second grade classroom where skilled. killed. many prayers were answered. there's a 12-year-old girl apparently they're trying to make contact with, at this point, this is now the second major earthquake in mexico alone. can you explain why? because sure, so mexico sits right above a zone. this is where one of the ten tonic plates on the surface gradually grinds and dived on don't believe another plate, the other played being mexico. we get these very large earthquakes likely had a few
8:55 am
months ago and then this 7.1 magnitude earthquake. >> julie: there's a lot of aftershocks that occurred after this earthquake. it continued to add to the damage and caused many buildings that didn't necessarily initially collapsed to then collapse after all of the aftershocks. is that pretty normal for this area? >> for the building standards in mexico city are pretty low, unfortunately. there is a huge earthquake back in 1985 that killed thousands of people in mexico city and since then, of course a lot more attention has been paid to the quality of buildings. however, we're still left left with these old buildings, these are the buildings were seeing collapse. the real tragedy is we have the bigger earth plates quakes andt causes these billings to collapse. >> julie: what's the
8:56 am
likelihood of summing like this happening on the west coast of the u.s.? >> we know we will have large menu due to earthquakes on the west coast of the u.s., there's no question about that. the pacific northwest, oregon and washington, they have the same tectonic environment. here in california, we have an environment where we wouldn't have something as severe. there is no question these events will come and it's about preparing for them, it's about having buildings that can withstand these earthquakes. >> julie: richard allen, thank you very much. >> good to be with you. >> jon: the trip and ministrations at to announce new actions against north korea, what those could be and whether they will make any difference in the ongoing standoff. plus, puerto rico facing a lengthy recovery from hurricane maria.
8:57 am
how long it could be before the island regains power. will also have the latest storm track as maria follows north.
8:58 am
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>> jon: we are back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> julie: see you then. >> sandra: fox news alert, we are awaiting possible remarks from president trump as he gets sent to me with leaders from south korea and japan on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. amid the growing nuclear threat coming out of north korea. this is the white house plans to announce new actions against the north. japan's shinzo abe says time is running out. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith coming here today, harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. reply can strategist, lisa boothe is here, and today's #oneluckyguy, the host of the next revolution and former chief of strategy for british prime minister david cameron, steve hilton and here and he is outnumbered.


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