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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 21, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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at i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> jon: see you tomorrow. america's news hq starts now. >> harris: breaking news. could multiple children still be alive in a flattened school building in mexico city? rescuers are saying yes, they could. they are reaching to reach three children who may be trapped alive under that concrete. it's justed one of thousands of stories playing out after a megaearthquake hit mexico. we're watching that story develop. the country's president saying every minute counts to save the lives of the people trapped below any of the buildings which fell by tuesday's 7.1 magnitude quake. 200 people in mexico city and
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nearby states dead. now the u.s. military is joining recovery efforts. our jonathan hunt joins us now by phone from mexico city. jonathan, the search at the school, the world focused on this. so many live pictures we're able to watch this. >> reporter: we're about 60 yards from that collapsed school, harris. it is a very, very intense scene. this desperate search plays out. a 12-year-old girl wiggled her fingers when asked to by rescuers in the early hours of this morning. ever since then they have been trying to reach her. it is an extremely dangerous job for them. consistently the rubble begins to move beneath their feet. obviously they don't want to risk the lives of any rescuers either. it is a delicate, painstaking process. take a look what is happening up close. directly ahead of us is the
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collapsed school. it is a constant hive of activity here, as hundreds of rescue workers continue to desperate search for any children who may have survived and be trapped beneath the rubble of that school. as you can see, supplies are constantly being brought in and the workers are constantly digging away as carefully as they can at that rubble, trying to find anybody who could still be alive. and then every few minutes the rescue workers and the civilian volunteers here hold their clenched fist in the air. that is the signal for silence. the signal those workers believe they might be able to hear something. it is a sign of desperation and as every minute ticks away, this situation becomes more desperate. and right now, harris, we are in one of those moments where they called for silence as they listen carefully for any kind of movement, any voice that might give them further hope that they
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can find this 12-year-old girl and any others who may still be alive beneath the rubble of that school, harris. >> harris: we're so sensitive to that, jonathan, because we can pick up on those cues as well. if you need to lower your voice or step back, we understand it. on our screen is a live picture at another building. we thought first, or at least i did, that this was the school. this is a rescue attempt. they are jack hammering. this is what it's all about trying to reach people below. this is an office building in mexico city. what about the other searchs? there are so many of them. >> reporter: that office building is one of several search areas across the city. we were at that office building earlier today and there was, in fact, a miracle overnight there, harris. two women and one man were pulled from that office building alive. we were told by a rescue worker a couple of hours ago when we were at that location that they
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believed that there are more people alive. we believe they're still missing at that location, at least 14 people. how many of them could be alive in that rubble is of this point anybody's guess. mexico's president has made it very clear that this remains at the moment across mexico city and other areases of mexico, a rescue operation. he says his teams of official rescue workers and the thousands of civilian volunteers we have seen will not rest until they are absolutely certain they have done everything in their power to find anybody who may have survived this 7.1 earthquake which happened some 48 hours ago. you'll continue to see pictures, harris, over the next 24 hours at least. nobody in mexico is willing to give up on those beneath the rubble quite yet. >> harris: we made this point yesterday. it's hot there.
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you have dehydration issues on top of being crushed underneath a place where the oxygen is depleting moment by moment as things fall in around you. it is such hard work to go pick up the people. we pray for them in mexico city, that they find more of them alive. thank you very much. let's move on now. puerto rico is picking up the pieces after hurricane maria hammered the island. at least ten have died as a result of that monster storm. fierce winds snapped telephone poles, shattering windows doing even more damage, ripping doors right off the building. hurricane knocked out electrical power to the entire island. at one point they were saying 100% of the power was out. that's when we were on the air yesterday. take a look at the satellite images showing maria lashing parts of the dominican republic. steve harrigan is in san juan where the hurricane delivered a
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direct hit. steve? >> reporter: harris, a direct hit and about 20 inches of rainfall, too. many of these departments outside san juan were swamped with two or three feet of water around them. people inside them just sitting on their balconies all day. many balconies have storm damage as well. no electricity inside. if you do walk inside, you see a lot of damaged roofs. the big problem here will be electricity. it could be six months before they get their power back. so people are really going around looking for things now. we hear people yelling for an ambulance. an ambulance went by. seems like a frail woman is being helped to walk through the knee deep water. people are calling forean ambulance to perhaps give her help. people don't have running water. they don't have electricity. gasoline is hard to find. some places don't have food. we've seen two grocery stores which were completely empty, everything taken during the
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storm. people's moods have been exceptionally strong. just hacking with machetes. it's been an entire do it yourself operation. it's people really by hand trying to clear the debris themselves. harris, back to you. >> harris: steve, thank you very much. it's unbelievable that this hit days ago and it was just a one-two punch with the previous storm, too. thank you. president trump is turning up the heat on north korea. this was interesting to watch during the noon hour today. meetings with the leaders of south korea and japan. president trump praised their support while announcing a new executive action series meant to further cut off financial support for kim jong-un and his regime. >> today i'm announcing a new executive order i just signed that significantly expands our authorities to target
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individuals, companies, financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. >> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts joins me now. do you know, john, what's fascinating today? it was like these leaders were in concert. you could see a real lean in buy in between japan, the republic of korea and our government. china, last minute call to the president, hey, we're gonna keep the banks from doing business in north korea. >> reporter: more on china in a second. it was carefully coordinated because the president had individual bilateral meetings with the leaders of south korea and japan. they had the luncheon together. it was set up with the microphones and everything. this was all set and ready to go. they've been crafting this executive order for a number of days. what's interesting about this, it's going to give sweeping new powers to the department of treasury to identify new industries -- not necessarily
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new industry, but identify different industries. everything from texttile to fishing to really start to put a choke hold on north korea so that kim jong-un finally realizes that what he's doing in terms of the nuclear program is the wrong thing to do and begins to dial back a bit. and then hopefully, what the president is trying to do is get him to the table to negotiate a way out of this. >> harris: i know you have a little bit to show us from that, but real quickly, south korea's president said i feel the compassion for the people in north korea. he started his remarks, they were translated for us today. i thought that was fascinating. he knows the sanctions are gonna hurt. >> reporter: don't forget the ultimate goal of south korea is to reunify the korean peninsula under the governmental regime of south korea. where as north korea wants to unify it under the north korean regime. clearly he has sympathy for people in north korea.
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you're not gonna get buy in from them if you hurt them and say we don't care about you. clearly he's got to say things like that. but it's really to put the screws to north korea and the north korean regime. let's listen more on what president trump said. >> for much too long, north korea has been allowed to abuse the international financial system to tpa sill at this time funding for its nuclear weapons and missile programs. united states has had representatives working on this problem for over 25 years. they have done nothing. that's why we're in the problem we're in today, in addition to frankly other countries not doing what they should have done. tolerance for this disgraceful practice must end now. >> reporter: that was a criticism, not just of the obama administration, but successive administrations. he said going back 25 years. he's including the bush administration. he's including the clinton administration which crafted that original deal that north
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korea almost immediately cheated on. >> harris: do you feel like today was a game changer? >> reporter: last thursday when i flew down to florida with the president. on the way back i said to him, where are we with north korea? and what about china? he said, china's leader said they're working on some things, can't tell you what those things are. but the president revealed i think what those things are and are now in just a short time ago. let's listen to what he said in terms of what china's doing. >> i want to just say and thank president xi of china for the very bold move he made today. that was a somewhat unexpected move and we appreciate it. new authority in this area applies to any activity that occurs following my signature on
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the executive order, which i have just signed. >> reporter: production, oops. he was supposed to say xi said he announced china's central bank told other banks to stop doing business with nor korea. that's a big move and something the united states really wanted. because china is the country that holds the strings over north korea. if they cut them off financially and it's a quick road downhill for kim jong-un. >> harris: we have more movement. >> reporter: there's always room for people to cheat but they're gonna try to tighten it up. >> harris: thanks for coming in. big topic today. breaking news in mexico. we're staying with the story. it is the on going rescue mission to save victims who may be trapped under the rubble of a collapsed school. one major world leader is not at the united nations this week. well, at least one. there are a couple. vladamir putin is putting on a show of force for a powerful
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>> she told me her name. she told us that there were two other kids. and that there were other bodies. we don't know if the others are still alive. we've just heard three children. that tells us there are three separate kids. we know there are three more bodies, but that's all we have. >> harris: that and a lot of faith and hope. live look at rescue operations under way around the city. this is an office building where they have been calling momentarily for silence so they can listen to see if there are any signs of life.
11:17 am
crews also at the scene of that collapsed school which we are following. they have now perhaps identified up to three children who may be alive. joshua partlow joins me by phone from mexico city. i know one of the unbelievable sights that you have picked up on is that board that shows a hand written list of the injured and those who have pairished. it looks like we just lost our phone connection with joshua. that's gonna happen. you've got a situation now, well, heavy grief on the ground but you also have technical challenges. you just saw that board with those hand written names of so many of them, page after page as they write the names of the injured and dead. that helps rescue workers know who has been pulled out of the building and the also inform them of who's inside.
11:18 am
signs of life from potentially three children. we'll continue to watch the story. senate republicans are breathing new life into healthcare, pushing the graham-cassidy bill. but some republican holdouts are leaving likelihood of passage up in the air. mike e manuel is live on the hill. majority leader mitch mcconnell is planning to bring this to the floor next week. they only have until september 30 before they're gonna need 60 votes. can they get it done? >> reporter: you're absolutely right. there's intense pressure to get it there. republicans will keep their seven year promise to get rid of obamacare. one of the key sponsors tried to reassure folks that it won't be bad for those with preexisting conditions. >> the legislation said that nothing a governor is asked for will be approved unless there is affordable and adequate coverage for those with preexisting conditions. president trump tweeted last night he will not sign
11:19 am
legislation unless it protects those with preexisting conditions. >> reporter: democrats are blasting republicans, accusing them of rush, trying to get it done by the end of next week, perhaps without a full accounting of price and impact. >> they just took the congressional bug office and threw it out the window with our economy at stake and millions of people's healthcare at stake. that's outrageous. >> reporter: the rush is, of course, that the leadership only has until the end of next week to pass it with a 50 vote threshold instead of 60, harris. >> harris: republican senators to watch in terms of getting to yes here. who are we specifically focused on at this point? >> reporter: there are a number of undecided. first three are the ones who voted no against healthcare reform in july, collins, mccain and murkowsky. then there are cruz and lee who have ntphonot publicly said the a firm yes. then capito and portman have
11:20 am
expressed concerns about the opioid crisis. we caught up with two on the watch list. [ inaudible ] >> there are many concerns that i have about the graham-cassidy proposal. they include the fact that they make fundamental changes in the medicade program for the first time in more than 50 years. >> reporter: with kentucky's rand paul a firm no, gop leadership can only lose one more republican senator and pass this bill. harris? >> harris: mike, thanks for the update. russia's military generals are showing they are ready for war, putting on fire power for president putin. is this the real reason he skipped the united nations general assembly this week? the message he may be trying to send. and a live report on earthquake rescue efforts in mexico as we continue to watch the frantic movement to try to rescue children entering their third day trapped under the rubble 37
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amazing speed, coverage and control. change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> harris: generators are back on and drilling what they need to do. that will make sense in a moment. i'm going to ask our next guest where three students, children may be alive buried under that rubble. joshua partlow joins me from mexico city. the generators are back on. can you tell us what's happening and why that's important. >> reporter: yeah. here in the courtyard of the school, hundreds of workers, dozens of workers looking for
11:25 am
these children. every 15 minutes or so, you can hear a pin drop. they'll lower a microphone into the structure. then we'll wait to hear from the children. last time they did it they screamed out negative after a few minutes of silence. that's what's going on here. it's between extreme tension in this courtyard and then people go back to the construction work of trying to sift through the rubble. >> harris: there r there parents -- we haven't heard that human element of, can you imagine this parent standing outside the school? i'm wondering who exactly is allowed into that tight area that we see pictures of. >> reporter: yeah. i have not been able to
11:26 am
identify -- [ audio difficulty ] >> reporter: -- teachers that are here from the school. vast majority of rescue people, police, army official, school officials from the education ministry. lot of construction workers. you're not getting dramatic emotional scenes that, like you say, you might expect. >> harris: it looks very, you know, work oriented. they're just doing what they can. there may be -- what we do in countries, we'll have a command post. we'll have a center where people can be. that is a curiosity point. joshua partlow giving us more details on this situation where they're trying to rescue these children. it is one of the big stories we are watching this hour. one that is just leaning so hard on hope. we'll continue to check back. a big no-show at this year's u.n. general assembly.
11:27 am
russian president putin skipped the annual gathering dedicated to world peace to personally observe massive war games it would appear. the live fire military drills are taking part along the nato border. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. what are the russians calling this exercise exactly? >> reporter: in a not so subtle message to nato, russia named their massive war games west. russia's president putin snubbed the u.n. the last time russia carried out such a large scale exercise they invaded ukraine. moscow said it unveiled new state of the art weapons for live fire drills stretching from belarus to complied with the nato agreement. the white house isn't buying it.
11:28 am
>> harris: what is the biggest weapon russia launched during this exercise in >> reporter: yesterday russia test fired an icbm with a 7500 mile range capable of hitting any city in the united states. pentagon officials say if u.s. was warned in advance about the launch in accordance with longstanding arms treaties. russia continues to upgrade its nuclear fleet at a time when the u.s. only recently started to upgrade its nuclear missiles which date back to the 1970s. meanwhile in eastern syria a flash pointed on the banks of the aou euphrates river. the u.s. military accused rug jets of bombing u.s. backed fighters last weekend with u.s. special operations troops nearby. no u.s. troops were hurt. today a russian general warned the united states russia would attack if his port came under fire. yesterday russian generals met face to face to defuse the
11:29 am
situation. harris? >> harris: jennifer griffin, thank you very much. the u.s. military is helping with recovery efforts in puerto rico after hurricane maria devastated that island. my next guest will talk about the role the u.s. is playing. we'll get an update from the bridge dear general to bring us up to speed as the u.s. declared a federal emergency for this territory. >> puerto rico is in very very very tough shape. their electrical grid is destroyed. it wasn't in good shape to start off with. but their electrical grid is totally destroyed. we're family. we'd do anything for each other. but this time... those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. open to the armed forces,
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>> harris: after slamming puerto rico, hurricane maria still serving a weaker but still damaging blow to the dominican republic. that category 3 storm is making its way north. so, what about the united states? chief meteorologist tracking maria. it's been one that we've watched all along, but puerto rico has taken the brunt of this. >> they really did. the numbers are staggering. think of what happened with houston and the flooding. we saw 30 to 50 inches of rain in a four day period. puerto rico, 36 inches of rain just yesterday. that much rain coming down that quickly in mountainous terrain caused some of the rivers to go over their record levels by 20 feet. the worst flooding they had ever
11:34 am
seen, water 20 feet higher than that which is such a catastrophic thing. >> harris: on an island. surrounded by water. >> on an island that gets a lot of rain. >> harris: wow. >> a very dramatic storm. we still don't have images out from those worst hit areas. when those do come in, they will be grateful. all indications are that we have impacts across the dominican republic and a little in toward turks and caicos mostly with some rain. winds aren't that bad. this is our last land mass. still some big rain across the dr. lot of mountains. even a little in toward haiti. that will cause localized flooding. go up toward the north. we had this other hurricane. it was jose. now a tropical storm jose. about a 60 mile an hour storm. it's been lingering across parts of the northeast. this will dissipate in this area just wind down drip here and all
11:35 am
that energy released. but that has been the factor that has allowed maria to pull up toward the north. this has kind of been a good benefactor from jose. what happens after this? most guidance pulls this between bermuda and the eastern shore of the u.s. we'll have coastal impacts, some strong wave, some more beach erosion, unfortunately, but any direct impact i don't think we have to worry about across the east coast. we are still a long way to go in a really active hurricane season. but for maria, for the most part, we're in pretty good shape. >> harris: i was reading we're just about halfway through it. boy, that's a lot. thank you for the latest. a u.s. military base located on puerto rico could be instrumental helping it get back on its feet. my next guest is stationed at ft. buchanan, trying to determine how our military can best help the people there. we're bringing her back for an
11:36 am
update today. brigadier dustin schultz. general, you're with us? >> absolutely. >> harris: all right. so you've had a chance now to see first hand. pictures, they tell such huge stories, but what is the story of what is needed and how you think you can meet those needs expeditiously? >> it's key that we all understand the challenges regarding infrastructure, power, road, facility damage, installations. our homes have been stretched beyond imagination. and as your meteorologist articulated, we've gotten way more rain than we are used to. all the foliage ripped off the trees. that has put a lot of systems in places that they are not operable and people are in blackout zones where they can't easily communicate with their loved ones and it puts them in a
11:37 am
bit of angst. >> harris: blackouts. that draws a different picture. that's not just electrical power. that's utilities. that means you're physically cut off from being able to get to people. that's cell towers. that's a whole host of things. >> yes. most of the roads are impassable. a large number of trees all across road ways have sheered off. power lines, heavy winds have, you know, the road ways and housing areas almost impassable. many facilities, whether they're here on ft. buchanan or across the island have minor or severe damage. we need to look individually across the island and here in ft. buchanan on what the requirements are and ensure that we support civil authorities
11:38 am
appropriately and also prepare for ft. buchanan and the support of the services here as well. >> harris: i want to talk specifically about that river situation that rick had said the river may crest, what, 20 feet above where it normally would because of all the flooding. you're talking about infrastructure. are there any dams or anything shoring up some of that water that you're particularly concerned about? >> we do know that there is a reservoir that has had some challenges and they've had to release water. i don't have the particulars on it. i believe some of the good news is that i have been told that most of the airports will likely come back online friday. >> harris: are you going to get people off that island? i know army srefrb and u.s. coast guard were pulling people from other islands during hurricane irma. many went here to puerto rico for a few days so they could wait for the storm to pass, while it devastated other places. >> true. american reserves stand prepared
11:39 am
to assist but that really is directed by fema and the dual status commander. and we support them in those roles. we are already providing key support to some of the citizens that were displaced from the u.s. virgin islands with our 495 water unit, providing showers and laundry facilities at the convention center. and we have other formations that stand prepared as called on to really engage whether they be engineers or patrolling units or civil affairs units. our team are absolutely looking at the key ways in which they can help the people of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> harris: this is a big job. is this as big as you have ever seen it? >> it is as big as i have ever seen it. and i really have to stress that this is a team effort. this is a whole of government
11:40 am
effort. i'm absolutely thrilled to be part of people that are so concerned about the welfare of the people of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. they're rallying together. you have the governor, the dual status commander, america's army reserve, fema, prema, all standing ready to reach out and support soldiers, families, citizens in need. you know, the other thing, too, we also encourage families and soldiers to be contacting their units. as we articulated this time of
11:41 am
black calm per se. there is sporadic cell tower capability. but you'll hear from people that i got out on phone but couldn't on text. so they're using different capabilities. sometimes it's up and sometimes it's down. so i would tell people that are not on the island to be patient, but be persistent. >> harris: got it. black calms, communications, blackout zone. i hear that lingo. army brigadier general schultz, thank you very much for a second update two days in a row. we appreciate it. thank you. well, the last ditch effort by senate republicans to repeal obamacare facing an uncertain fate. president trump supports it, but a group of state governors are against it. several gop senators are on the fence. that's a lot. our panel will talk about all of it and the bill's process. and we're following the breaking developments in mexico as the search for survivors of a devastating quake is entering a critical stretch. stay close. real cheese people are ham and swiss people.
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they're hot and cold. big and bold. but they would never make a sandwich with pasteurized process cheese food. sargento slices are 100% real, natural cheese. sargento, we're real cheese people. >> more ahead on the race to rescue kids from the rubble of a school after the deadly earthquake in mexico. plus, we're expecting to learn more about president trump's new action against north korea and
11:45 am
kim jong-un. we're expecting a live briefing in the next hour, top of the hour. shepherd smith reporting. see you then. >> harris: new jersey governor chris christie is speaking out against the latest republican bill to repeal and replace obamacare. a republican governor, one of the president's backers on the campaign trail. christie told reporters, i oppose graham-cassidy because it is too injurous to the people of new jersey. i am not going to approve a bill that takes $4 billion from the people of new jersey. senator graham said i could maybe give you ten reasons this bill shouldn't be considered but republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. that's pretty much as much of a reason as the substance of the bill end quote. political editor of town, richard fowler is a radio talk show host. richard guy, good to see you.
11:46 am
so, guy, who's right on this? is grassley right? you promised you were going to do this. that's almost as important as what's in the bill. >> he's right to.out republicans campaigned successfully, i might add, for seven years on repealing and replacing obamacare, a law that continues to fail and harm millions of people, despite what the democrats want you to believe. i'm on board for that argument. where i'm not so much on board is when he makes the case that maybe fulfilling a promise, just check a box matters as much as the substance of what you actually do. no, policy matters a lot. if republicans said we're going to get rid of obamacare and get rid of single payor. they would be replacing obamacare but it would be with something terrible. details absolutely matter. i think graham-cassidy is a micked bag in terms of policy. i think it's probably better than obamacare which is a low bar. but, of course, substance should matter. >> harris: wow. they'd also be making good friends with richard fowler if they went for single payor.
11:47 am
tell me, i love it when you talk candidly as you do so often. where are democrats really on this? where do they have to be careful? >> i think where democrats have to be careful is to say obamacare is perfect. i don't think there's any democrat who is saying it is. i'm not saying it is. i think there's problems with the bill. here's the problem with graham-cassidy which is why republicans and democrats should reject this bill on face. whether you like the affordable care or not. it gave 70 million americans healthcare. right? when you take that healthcare away, which the what graham-cassidy does, you affect and shock the entire system. so if you are somebody like myself that has health care because of your employer, or you buy in the private market and you can afford to do so and your neighbor cannot, when your neighbor loses their health insurance, what hospitals do, they raise the cost on everybody to sort of hedge against the risk of your neighbor not having healthcare.
11:48 am
meaning everybody's premiums go up and the system gets turned over. that's the problem with graham-cassidy. >> harris: if that's the case, why were democrats against the risk pools? i hear you using almost the same terminology. guy? >> well, i would just respond -- first of all, hospital and er visits went up under obamacare. we were told they'd go down. the opposite was true. it's been another dishonest or inaccurate sales job of obamacare. where do you get the 70 million number? the number on the exchanges is way lower than anyone had anticipated in the obama administration. it's at 10 million. thaepb you have medicade expansion. that does not add up to 70 million. >> medicade expansion plus the exchange plus the individuals that coverage through whatever state coverage they got. states expanded medicare some how, some way. the reason chris christie is against graham-cassidy -- >> it's not 70 million. >> the reason chris christie is against graham-cassidy, not only does his state lose $4 billion, but for those individuals in new jersey who got healthcare coverage thanks to medicade
11:49 am
expansion now new jersey lawmakers have to figure out what they're going to do. either they'll strip them of healthcare coverage. two, they're going to raise taxes. or three, they're going to have to find a way to keep them on healthcares, which means governors will be stuck with the bill that washington cannot fix. >> harris: guy, i want to give you the last word on the simple fact. there's a bipartisan movement among at least ten governors across the country to get this killed. does it get done? >> oh boy. it's awfully close, as we saw earlier in that report. if rand paul decides to side with chuck shumer and be an obamacare savior, that means republicans can only lose one more vote. susan collins sounds like she's just about a no yet ag ain.
11:50 am
it comes down again to john mccain and lisa murkowski. that's what it looks like. >> harris: can't wait to bring you guys back. thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: the dire situation in mexico. search and rescue teams frantically combing through the sea of slab for survivors. children trapped under a school. they've been momentary listening, then silence, then trying to get to those signs of life they have with at least three children. we're live at the scene. stay close.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
>> harris: visiting florida, a massive restoration effort is going on following irma's destruction. florida governor rick scott is reassuring floridians the sunshine state remains strong and united in the face of this tragedy. >> we are working together to bring our beaches back, to save each of these communities, to make sure we have this evacuation route, we're all going to work to try to make sure everybody's safe.
11:54 am
>> harris: although some of the hardest hit areas still face many obstacles, officials say there has been significant progress overall. i would remind you of the 42 dead, many in florida. now let's get to mexico city. search and rescue crews outside that school where they believe as many as three children, maybe even more, are trapped alive below a sea of concrete. a massive magnitude 7.1 earthquake flattened their school in mexico city this week. what is so remarkable about what you're watching right now is the fact that they know they've already been able to confirm at least 25 deaths of teachers and students. that number has been climbing. there are, and i don't know if we can pop it up on the screen. we showed it earlier. there are hand written notes on a board that show the injured and the dead so that the workers know what is behind them, those that they've lost, those who are
11:55 am
safe, injured but pulled out, and those who may still be trapped. among them are those three little ones. they knew early yesterday from a dog and the silence, and then that silence broke and signs of life of one child. that was the story that we were reporting so much of yesterday. and then now to be able to confirm more. here are the conditions. it's hot. water will become an issue, dehydration. oxygen will become an issue as the concrete is piled around. concrete more porous than other substances perhaps because maybe there can be some cracks and crevices, but the weight of it is crushing. they're trying to reach those people who may be alive, those children. so we watch the story today. every now and then you have a moment of silence. things are pretty quiet. silencio they'll say. then they'll say negativo, nothing. and they'll go back to work,
11:56 am
turn on the generators. we'll be right back. stay with us.
11:57 am
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>> before we go, there's this. there he is. we sadly have to say good-bye to long-time fox news producer, kenneth tucker. he's been a producer of the 2:00 p.m. hour for the last four years and producing here at fox news a decade. and here's to system of the crew and producers that turned up last night with tucker who truly avoids any sort of attention, as you can see. he hits the camera on him. we all just want to wish you good luck. who are the people clapping? is that in the control room? that's a sound track. so glad we had the time together. i can't sing it. we have to pay somebody. tucker, god bless you. have fun on your next adventure in your journey.
12:00 pm
i'm harris faulkner. we're staying on the news all day long, particularly mexico city where they're trying to rescue kids. shep? >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in the east i and 2:00 p.m. in mexico city. teams say they have spoken with one girl trapped beneath a building. she told them there's more survivors with her. now with the wreckage shifting and groaning and more after shocks possible, crews are risking their lives to try to get those kids to safety. hurricane maria roaring across the caribbean now leaving behind absolute destruction. millions of americans in puerto rico now getting an idea of just how much they lost when the storm scouredhe


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