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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 22, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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home free, the new album is called "timeless." >> their music was great. speak out we love it. >> a happy friday. >> see you monday. >> so long, everybody. >> bill: fox news alert, there has been a sharp warning from north korea today, a day after president trump announced branded new sanctions against the country, the nation's foreign minister, threatening that the north could test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean, as the u.s. allies are taking new steps to rein in the regime. , happy friday, i am leland. >> i am heather, bill and shannon are off. the new threat, a war of words between president trump and
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north korean leader. announcing plans yesterday to punish foreign companies that do businesses with north korea and promising to totally destroy the country if it threatens the u.s. or its allies. kim jong-un responding saying this, i will surely tame the mentally deranged u.s. with fire. and if you don't know, it means in elderly, we could, or senile person. trump firing back on it twitter, who is obviously a madman, he doesn't mind starving or killing his people, he will be tested like never before. >> leland: following the escalating tensions from south korea, where it is already late friday night, we have heard these threats really from both sides, specific to north korea, are there a little bit more to these threats and perhaps meets the year? >> absolutely, coming from kim jong-un, we have a rare
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insider warning to take them seriously. foreign minister threatening that a bomb blast. none of this is surprising 228-year-old kimmitt, the young man said that he came from north korea two years ago, via the south korean embassy. he told us he grew dish dumb i get disillusioned with the young leader, he said that the u.s. should be careful too. take a look. >> he is very dangerous. >> why? >> he is smarter and stronger than you think. it's he wants to live long, he has all of the power and all of the authority. >> kim jong-un wants to live long with power and authority may be an argument against what experts they would be --
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>> leland: yeah, a lot to break down there, what does he say about these new sanctions from the united states? will that only entrench kim jong-un and embolden him, or will it bring him to the table? >> well, dealing with the money flows into north korea, it is absolutely crucial, feeling the regimes nuclear programs abroad, he claims that he worked in the trade and the currency department of that government, he went into his native korean language to explain what must be done. >> if the international community wants to stop watching north korea's provocations of nuclear weapons and missiles, they need to completely stop foreign currency going into north korea. if they can't do that, north korea will be there forever. >> defector accounts always need to be taken seriously, and
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carefully. we spoke to several of our trusted sources here in seoul, and they told us that this guy was the real deal, certainly the message is very clear. back to you. >> leland: all right, friday night in a seoul, thank you. heather has more. >> leland: on the president is assigning a new executive order, targeting all of north korea's trading partners, and slapping them with what we say are stronger sanctions. it's where the president is staying, and kevin, this latest round of sanctions against the north, what is different? >> will, in this case, this is china, and this is a major development, you toured the president yesterday announcing his actions, what china's central bank has decided to do, that is to talk to all of the banks and their system and tell them listen, you have to stop doing business with pyongyang, it is a major step forward and
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cutting off the source of funding for north korea's nuclear program. here is how the present describe this action against pyongyang. >> new executive order, just signed, it significantly expands our authorities to target individuals, companies, financial institutions, that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. and the new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that funds north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to humankind. >> meanwhile, the presence treasury secretary assured a strong democrat stern warning, talking about countries and other entities that would want to do business with the u.s. and north korea. take a listen. >> these sanctions will be forward looking and applied it to behavior that occurs following today, when
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president trump signed the executive order. foreign financial institutions are now on notice that going forward, they can choose to do business with the united states or with north korea. but not both. >> and this is the key here because whether you are talking about china or some other country, you are going to have to pick and choose, and if you are choosing from a business perspective, i think the choice is obvious. >> heather: 's very interesting, we'll talk about that later in the show. but now we will move on to health care. what is the issue here? >> he is playing hardball, he has said this repeatedly, even going up to the original vote on health care, now he's trying to apply pressure to those who may be on the fence, and he is taking aim on twitter, let's see what he had to say about kentucky senator rand paul, no surprise, always trying to needle those who may be against the overhaul, tweeting this one.
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"rand paul, or whoever votes against us be known as the republican who saved obamacare." this is the debate rolls on, senator lindsey graham says look at, this is frankly the best chance to put the power of health care decisions right where it should be. >> they are worried about the power leaving washington and going to the states, if you are a burning believer, this is your worst nightmare because it takes the money and power out of washington, lets the states decide this. but you do have to guarantee the issue of the mandate under the bill. >> look at, this is not going to be an easy lift by any stretch of the imagination. you are going to hear him talk about this at length, heather, until they either get this over the finish line or once again are talking about a failed effort. we will see what happens. >> heather: all right, next week it, going to be a good one. you have some more on this. >> yes, a little bit more on
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health care. chris stirewalt, always good to see you. hearing from it -- we will decide after your interview how happy it is. just how hard the white house is willing to push on this. is that a mission by the white house that if they don't get it done on the third time in the senate, health care reform may be a thing of the past to strike out -- to use a thought from your favorite sport? >> well, everyone thought that this was already done after the failure. the republicans dragged forward this dog of a bill last time, they called it the skinny repeal, it was fake legislation, they said that the house would change it, it was a really dire debacle of an effort. and everyone assumed after that was over that if they can't even pass a fake bill, they will definitely not be able to pass a real bill. well, now there is a real bill. and this would be a real repeal
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of obamacare, and a fundamental philosophical sense, this would make good on the campaign promises, and all of a sudden, it is a life. it is alive because of federalism and their ability to, as you guys were talking about, use this power ends this monday for the states, and let them do their thing. so this is a very unlikely moment. this is much like baseball, this is like a september rally, rally, all of a sudden, they find themselves back here. >> leland: so they are back in the game, and this is a real bill, and it has some real opposition from "the american medical association," american nurses association, aarp, the american heart association's, american health insurance plan, just to name about a fifth of the groups that have come out against it, and now you have perhaps you could call it the jimmy kimmel problem, it does all of this weight against the bill matter, or it doesn't simply come down to these couple
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of senators? >> i think it is like this, democrats and the people in the insurance industry, the people in the health care industry, want to more welfare payments on health insurance. that is what medicaid is. it is not an insurance program per se, but it is a welfare program, that provides coverage from the federal government to help poor people, but under obamacare, they bumped it up to the middle class. they expanded eligibility. after a decade, that's money under this legislation goes away. republicans like les welfare, democrats like more welfare, at a certain point, it becomes a hollow argument when they are talking about this because of they do this by the end of the month, they can do it with just republican votes, so i did certain point, when democrats say we hate this bill because it spends less money, they are public and say yeah, i know, that's what we wanted to do. so we will get to a real test. we will see about how good these guys really are at holding it
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together next week it, this will be a more dramatic test even then they want on the last bill. >> leland: and as you point out, when you say it is a real bill, you get the sense by how much they are talking about it and spending on either pushing it. mr. steigerwald, appreciated as always. >> heather: we are going to talk a little bit more about that later. time to push for tax reform as a president trump gets ready to host some key conservative groups at the white house next week. sean duffy joins us to speak about how the health care fight could impact tax reform. >> leland: plus possible russian interference. a top senator now asking whether james call comey was trying to
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>> heather: it will come back at, fox news alert for you, you're taking a look at some live pictures, some dramatic rescues going on right now, we are told, and mexico city, this video and of these pictures are
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from a textile factory there. we are told you can see some people they're trying to hammer through and hopefully find some people, some survivors from that deadly quake it, they are still being pulled from rubble across the area. rescuers and now in a race against time, of course trying to reach more victims. at that quake centered at just south of mexico's capital, and at this point, we know it is true that at least 273 people have died. we will bring you more about that as we get it. and taking a look at this rescue, this is in puerto rico in the wake of hurricane maria. a chopper is being sent out to try to save this family. they were saved on their capsized boat. researchers say that two children and their mother were in fact safe, but sadly, it was too late for their father, who died. puerto rico is facing an uphill battle to recover from that storm, which killed at least two people there, flooding towns and causing massive damage. the mayor of san juan said that
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the power outages could last for a month. it's speak out we are staying together, on the unified tax reform plan, it is bold, it will get this economy going, and it will increase paychecks in a major way. it will give us the momentum to move forward it to deliver this year. >> leland: it lawmakers making a push for tax reform, as president of trump gets ready to talk about the issue with several conservative groups at e white house next week. the trump administration is reportedly taking steps to gather g.o.p. allies to gather on the tax reform to avoid a repeat of the divisions over health care. let's bring in wisconsin congressman sean duffy. nice to see you, as always, sir. what lessons did you and for that matter, the g.o.p., learn from health care and are perhaps
6:18 am
still learning, considering it is still in the senate, that you want to avoid come tax reform? >> so a couple of points, in a health care reform, you saw outside groups that were conservatives that didn't buy into the health care package that came out of the house, so if you want to get reform done, it is not just the house in the senate, we want conservative outside groups to get some members who take that to heart to score with some of these outside groups, get them on board. sell them on their form that we are going to do. so that is lesson number one, and lesson number two, if you remember health care reform, the house came out with a bill, but the senate was not on board. so what is happening now is the tax-writing committees in the house in the senate in conjunction with the administration are at 30,000 feet, getting an agreement on what tax reform should look like. we can then take those packages back to our individual chambers and get individual buy-in, and as they can put their fingerprints on those bills, but
6:19 am
those are two lessons. we are together, all chambers in the white house, before you put it out, and get the outside groups to buy my can. the administration and the house are learning. >> leland: we hear from folks saying that they have vastly different views of what tax reform really looks like. is it reform? or is it tax cuts? even within one chamber in the house, you're still not on the same page. >> well, i don't know. what you see, kevin brady and the committee, he has had meetings with a number of different members in the house, but because you don't have the plan he had come of the details are not out yet, that really doesn't exist. i think what we're going to see his tax reform and tax cuts. those two things can easily go together, we say that we want some spending cuts to go along with the tax reform, i would join that effort it to get
6:20 am
spending reform, but we can to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. if we can get tax reform but we can't get the senate to buy and, we just have to get tax reform so that we can grow the economy and let businesses and families keep up more of their money. they spend at more than the government. >> leland: that talking point is one that i am sure that we will hear for a long time. "new york times" editorial, tax cuts for the rich by another name. so it is clear where the battle lines are being drawn, especially by democrats. if any time they want to cut taxes, they say the rich, the rich, the rich. where do the republicans defined the rich? what income level is the redline for you when it comes to these tax cuts? >> well, if i use democrat language, we would say millionaires and billionaires. >> leland: i am asking for you. there are a lot of people at home sink is at 100,000? 200,000? >> i think that we should have
6:21 am
tax reform and tax cuts across the board because listen, if you are a small business owner who makes good money in my district and you put more money in their pocket, they reinvest in capital and training their employees and they hire more employees. so i think this ricochets to the economy and a really positive way, so i think we should do to cross the board. but we are dealing with a limited amount of revenue, so if someone is going to get cut in the sense that they are not going to get a reduction in their rates, the wealthy will be the ones who don't get the reduction. >> leland: just give me -- all right, i was going to ask for a number on an income, where you define wealthy, we'll do the next time. thanks, congressman, we appreciated. >> thank you. >> heather: coming up, facebook vowing to fight back against russian election interference. >> there will always be bad actors in the world, and we can't prevent all governments from interference. but we can make it harder, we can make it much harder, and that is what we are going to focus on doing.
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>> heather: the social networking out turning over details to congress on the 2016 campaign. so what are lawmakers think? plus this. >> another fight with the turkish group. prevagen. the name to remember. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time...
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got?
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okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> leland: british police are now charging one of the suspects they have an custody in connection with that last week's subway bombing. the suspect is 18-year-old ahmed. they have charged him with causing an explosion. he is accused of planting last week's bomb that entered 30 people he will appear in court later today. three other men remain in custody, but so far, they haven't been charged. >> heather: let's talk about
6:26 am
facebook. they are announcing that they will now tell about the thousands of ads that linked to russia. the russia hopes continue, now it is on facebook. totally biased and dishonest media coverage in favor of crooked hillary. we are alive with more on all of this, explain exactly what facebook says it will do? >> well, first of all, these social media platform has more than 6 billion earnings of quarter one of this year, since they admitted that facebook accounts were tied to russia, they purchase more than 100,000 ads during the 2016 campaign, mark zuckerberg says in response that they will turn over these to the congressional committees.
6:27 am
he says that each ad will show which facebook page paid for it, but such would not necessarily identify the people behind it. the company does acknowledge at least 470 fake accounts that were created by shady russian companies. >> we will continue our own investigation into what happened on facebook in this election. we may find more, and if we do, we will continue to work with the government on it. we are looking to foreign actors, including additional russian groups and other former soviet states, as well as organizations like the campaign it to further our understanding as to how they use all of her tools. we got the russian government today denied any involvement. >> heather: that is what russia said, what did lawmakers have to say about this? >> well, it depends, the lawmakers will have a different view as other people's. and they will be happy that facebook is cooperating, but they say it is still a long way to go. there is cause for greater transparency on online media. >> what all these social media
6:28 am
platforms know about the activities on their platforms by is specifically funded by russia, and i believe that that is something that is worthy of a hearing. >> they also face criticism with the number of its and trending topics were accused of favoring liberal causes. all the stuff is behind closed doors, and it will be discussed next week. all playing out, heather, and about how the election played out last year. if you want to picking and choosing which they agree with or disagree with. thank you so much, adam. >> leland: in that same vein, serious new questions about former fbi director james at comey's actions during the 2016 campaign, now a top republican senator is demanding to know if it comey alerted president of trump's team it to russian interference. what's this might mean, from our
6:29 am
political panel. >> heather: plus a live report from puerto rico amid all of the devastation, and some new concerns that the storm, as it continues to move north. >> i am taking all necessary precautions, i ran down to my house to make sure everything was safe down there. experience the lexus rx with advance safety... standard. lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there.
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>> leland: it fox news alert as hurricane maria continues to pass it just east of turks and caicos, as well as the bahamas. meanwhile, the situation in a puerto rico remains dire. crews are still trying to determine the damage, as images are pouring in, showing the extent of devastation. steve is on the ground in san juan, good morning, steve. >> good morning, leland, they have carried out more than 4,000 rescues across the island. fema is on the ground with more than 3,000 personnel, the coast guard is sending in aid as well.
6:33 am
but where you can get to through down the trees and a down power wires, you really gets the sense that still, puerto ricans are fending for themselves. they are chopping up wood in the arts, lighting fires, they are bathing, they are trying to prop up poles so that they can drive in and out of streets, it is really a diy effort, the government has said that he may be on your own for 72 hours, and largely, they are on their own. often, there is damage from the wind, holes in the roof, water on the floor, it is very bleak circumstances. when you look at the south, 95% of cell phone services out. no gasoline, the government said today i can't even call my parents to see how they are doing. there is just a mystery about the amount of destruction and devastation the storm has left. still, that's because so many areas are still cut off. 85% of precincts have not yet reported who is dead and who is not. so we just don't know from this
6:34 am
point. we are getting bits of information, but it could be weeks before we have a full account. some good news, we just saw a c130 land behind me. because it is an island, they have to fly in. it is going to be a long and expensive. >> leland: steve on the ground in san juan, steve, thanks. >> heather: well, some new questions about fired fbi director, james mnuchin comey. demanding to know if he warned the trump campaign about possible russian interference during the 2016 election. pointing to recent reports that paul meant a fort was investigated even before trumpet launches run. if the fbi did provide a
6:35 am
defensive briefing to the campaign, then that that would raise important questions about how the trump campaign responded. on the other hand, if he did not alert to the campaign, then that would raise some serious questions about what factors came in, and why it appeared to be handled differently in a very similar case. cohost of the five, and he is a former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell, thank you very much for joining us. let's do a little baxter here, before there was a president trump, there were similar concerns being around then candidate john mccain, that's was about ten years ago, and let's have a another excerpt from the letter that everyone can see at home. it says that senator mccain his inner circle was reportedly cautioned by u.s. intelligence to distance itself from a russian advisor, who was u.s.
6:36 am
intelligence believes may have tied to the russian military and theme mccain and team subsequently as to the advisor to leave. so josh, i will start with you, if this is true, why not give it then candidate trump and his team the same opportunity to take a defensive action? >> that is exactly right, this is something that the team has been doing for so long, to provide the kind of oversight where you ask questions that seem pretty innocuous, but the answers provide what could be extremely revealing information about the fbi going into this investigation. on the one hand, if they believe that russian interest had infiltrated the trump campaign, it would see that they have some sort of obligation to at least notify the candidate that this is happening so that he could have some kind of action to prevent further problems, and we don't know whether or not that happened or not. but on the other hand, if they didn't take any action, it would suggest that they didn't think that this was all that serious. remember, he was a major party
6:37 am
candidates at that point, and he was very well-positioned it to be a potential president of the united states. if the fbi's not taking action there, what are they doing? >> heather: and while the information comes from an unnamed source within the fbi, he reference to john weaver, a former top campaign advisor, to senator mccain, he said that there was this relationship, they were business partners, reckitt davis and paul manafort at the time, so why wouldn't you do this? why wouldn't you provide information to a campaign if you felt like something like this was possibly going on? >> well, let me first say that the mccain folks, they don't remember ever getting such a warning. but let me say that comey, the way that he handled this, from the democrats point of view, he never said that president trump's campaign was under investigation, so the question is even larger than the one raised by this is senator, he is asking why didn't you
6:38 am
inform the trump campaign, but i think the american people might ask why you didn't tell us. with regard to why he didn't inform the campaign, i would guess that his position was that manafort had been under surveillance, as far back as 2016, and requested in the midst of the trump campaign, but if it is an ongoing investigation, maybe he felt that it wasn't appropriate to be putting out public signals. again, as i say, i think that as you ask the people in the clinton campaign, you talk about our investigation, why didn't you talk about that one? >> heather: well, you brought up with the statement was from the mccain camp. so let's talk about that. they said that neither senator mccain nor anyone on his staff recalls receiving such warnings from the intelligence community. they say that senator mccain had two interactions, both of those were only social occasions, and entirely incidental. but then after that, they say
6:39 am
that you know, they pointed out the senator 's tough stance on russia, and they think that this is simply a distraction from the ongoing investigation. it josh, what do you think about that? >> well, you know, look, i think there is one thing that we have learned from this entire episode, actions at all times, potentially by the russians to try to influence our campaign, i don't think anyone would suggest that the fbi has a obligation to notify the american people about this. they do probably have an obligation to tell the potential president of the united states if there is an effort to try to undermine his campaign or to try to influence his point of view on foreign policy. i mean, this is a pretty significant thing. and again, we don't know the answer to it. they very well may have said or done something that would have suggested it to the campaign that they should take some action. but that is why this letter i think is so important.
6:40 am
>> heather: and this is something that is happening now, we have just learned that the justice department is refusing to actually provide it to top fbi staffers to the senate investigators. one of which, according to catherine, is important, because he has information specifically about when comey began drafting that letter that's apparently exonerated hillary clinton, and that was actually before her fbi interview, so do you think that this is an indication that that's the congressional investigation will in fact to be blunted by the special counsel proquest remarks because i think we have seen some indication that what you have is that congress is trying to restrain, not to get in the way of the special investigation being done by robert muller. everybody i think what's the highest priority on allowing him not only to do his job but to get it done. i think people would like this
6:41 am
to be handled in an expedited manner, because it just kind of hangs over everyone, i don't care where you are in the country, i think people would like to know what happened and let's not have an unending social counsel here. >> yeah, including the trump administration. >> i think that is fair. >> heather: that just seems to be spreading and spreading. it josh and one, thank you so much for joining us. if you want to someone phone. >> heather: a sharp new warning from north korea, the latest escalation in the war onwards between the two leaders, who better to talk about it, ambassador john bolton. he will also talk about the next step that the u.s. and our allies have. plus, this. >> get out! >> heather: at this is some
6:42 am
incredible video, as officers pulled two people from a burning car, how they were able to get him out, and bring him to safet safety. i'm micah with safelite. customer: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care. kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace.
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>> we have said multiple times the president said it, members of the steam has set it, we don't want war. that is the last thing that anyone wants. we do not want the loss of life. but at the same time, we are not going to run scared. if, for any if, for any reason,a attacks the united states or our allies, the u.s. will respond. that is what is going to happen. >> leland: the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, responding to the threats, after a top diplomat from this country says that they could test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean. at the white house announces new sanctions against north korea, causing kim jong-un to fire back at president trump with some
6:46 am
colorful language. senior fellow at the american enterprise institute, nice to see you, as always, sir. the israelis it will teach us and to tell us often that if someone says i am going to destroy you, to take that threat seriously. we should certainly it takes to takes kim jong-un seriously, but really, is he going to blow up a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean? >> i don't think there is any reason not to take that sort of threat seriously, and it demonstrates really the danger with this kind of regime is not simply an intentional move towards work, but the prospect for miscalculation. a detonation somewhere in the pacific would spread of radiation worldwide, it could have a fax on a nearby territories. and it gets to the question beyond the point of self-defense. as ambassador haley said, of course we are to defend ourselves. that is really not the issue. the issue is what if it is something less than an outright attack, like a nuclear detonation? like a muscle potentially poise
6:47 am
it to land near guam? are we going to sit here and wait and hope that it doesn't land on u.s. soil, or are we going to take preventive action? we are getting very close to that point. >> leland: i think it was certainly someone from the administration who said it appears as though the north has in their own mind a redline that they are not willing to step over, that somehow they make this calculation, they feel like after this, the u.s. is going to do something. it speaks to the challenges that you brought up and the danger that you brought up of miscalculation. >> they had fired it to muscles over the territory of japan in the past month. we did not engage, in either one of those, and neither did the japanese, with antiballistic missiles. the argument is they were not going to hit japan. it really, you are so confident of that? missiles can fail or be maneuverable. we are at a very dangerous point here. i do not think that we have adequate defensive capabilities, so that gets to the issue of
6:48 am
preemption, if there is no action by china here to bring north korea under control. it >> leland: possible preemptive strike is it something that is out there, and we have sort of heard hints of that language, and certainly, the rhetoric has changed from president obama to president trump. it has changed a little bit. is that this too hot or helpful, or both? it is hard to know, if this will excite and nuts into greater activity, or embracing clarity about to the risks that they are taking will slow them down, make them question their ambition and intention? you dealt with the north koreans at the united nations, you have spoken their language, even if it has to be in a tweet. make them take a pause. >> i think it is not just for the north koreans, it is for china as well, and for everybody else. that is why i thought that the president's speech this week was so important. because it was not barack obama
6:49 am
up there. i just believe as a general proposition that for americans, plain speaking is still a virtue, and i think that the president spoke plainly this week. we are not the cause of north korea's irrational behavior. it north korea is the cause of its behavior. >> leland: very quickly, the cuban missile crisis was brought to a close, if you will, but sort of an unconventional solution. president kennedy worked out in the back channels. is there any option for unconventional solutions to the north korean crisis? >> i think the only diplomatically left is to convince china that ultimately, it is in their interest to reunite to the two koreas, that they are a buffer between them and the united states, that's made sense in about 1955, but it doesn't make sense any longer. but the real question is whether president trump will stick with what he said in his speech, where he made the point that the only acceptable outcome is denuclearization of north korea. that is a rejection of the
6:50 am
democratic party views. so it denuclearization, if he means what he says, either you find this last peaceful alternative, or we will take military action. >> leland: angela, we know how the north koreans feel about a denuclearization's. all right, master, we appreciate your time. thank you very much. heather. >> heather: coming up, we are going to talk about the deadline. it looming to reinstate to the nuclear deal and iran, why new developments have made the path forward even more dangerous. plus this. >> leland: deja vu, violence breaking out in -- are very similar to an event in d.c. this year. what led to this? and possible punishments, next. you always pay your insurance on time.
6:51 am
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>> leland: is some incredible video showing police officers coming to the rescue of two people trapped in a burning car. this was caught on an officer bought a camera in atlanta, georgia. look at the flames, the car reportedly caught fire after hitting a barricade under an overpass. speak out you can see there that they have their batons out, they used fire extinguishers to break the windows and save the two people sitting inside, and firefighters arrived and pulled
6:55 am
those folks to safety. absolutely incredible. just in the nick of time. >> heather: at wow, that's quick thinking. we have some new video showing protesters getting roughed up during a speech by turkey's president here in new york city, this happen. take a look. you can see the guards of violently removing protesters, this coming just months after a similar incident in washington. this story, laura, how did all of the start? >> hi, heather, and the president was here during new york's general assembly, he was in the middle of his address as to the marriott motel, that is in times square, one presidents attempted it to shout him, one even asking him to leave the country. and that is one things one sideways. this whole thing was caught on tape. the turkish president's address
6:56 am
was quickly turning into a mele melee, a protesters screamed in english "you are a terrorist! you get out of my country!" that is one the ballroom interrupted erupted with protest. audience members began slapping and punching the protesters, and people were removed from the room. they reportedly kicked out one person as a protester, and they say that's their response is in response to violence on turkish muslims. while fighting against isis alongside the kurds it. >> heather: all right, thank you, laura. >> leland: and as we heard from chris stirewalt, it is a make or break moment right now, as republicans make another attempt to repeal obamacare.
6:57 am
there are potentially three key senators that still up in the air, which way will they go? who better than chris wallace with his insights next? listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list.
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7:00 am
>> heather: the clock is ticking as the senate pushes back against the looming deadline to repeal and replace obamacare. president trump warning to pass the graham-cassidy bill or face the consequences. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> leland: great to be with you, bill and shannon have this friday off. they are working hard this friday to win support from holdouts, all of the bill facing a tightly divided chamber, there are all eyes on the three uncommitted republicans who voted no in the last bill in july. kellyanne conway discussing the
7:01 am
bill. >> we are doing this because 21 million americans do not have health care. we are doing this because they were lied to you about keeping their plan and their doctor. we are doing it because 6.5 million americans just last year paid $3 billion in taxes and penalties, rather than get basic obamacare. >> leland: chief congressional mike emanuel, we know from the mouth back in july. republicans need 50th, plus with the vice president, that is 51. how close are they? >> no one is saying exactly how close, president trump issued a warning this morning on a twitter, writing "rand paul or whoever votes it against the health care bill will forever be known as the republican who saved obamacare." capitol hill sources say it with senator paul a firm no, it could come down to these two senators. john mccain and lisa. they can only lose one more
7:02 am
republican. mccain has complained about process, and leader mitch mcconnell as called for a hearing early next week it, and there has been the talk of adjustments for murkowski to address the unusual nature of alaska, but they are warning against offering sweeteners. >> i say this to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle. if people start making special deals and certain estates get special treatment as to the expense of my state, i am going to be very unamused. >> most sources say that we will not have an idea exactly how close we are until lawmakers return to the capital early next week. >> leland: some tough words in "the wall street journal" about senator murkowski you guys, jimmy kimmel, democrats, and the insurance companies all lined up against this plan, what are they saying about her? >> democrats are saying that
7:03 am
this is bad for consumers, bernie sanders of favors single-payer health care, suggesting that republicans have the wrong priorities, wanting to spend more on national security instead of health care, another key democrat explained why he is a "no." we go there is no definition of what is affordable, and there is no enforcement mechanism that says exactly how the federal government will hold the say to that description about they are supposed to provide. so health professionals from a wide range of backgrounds have criticizes bill as lacking an effective enforcement mechanism. >> who among those that is disappointed in fixing obamacare broke down this week. all right, we will watch the whip counted next week. mike emanuel on capitol hill. >> heather: for more on this, let's bring in chris wallace. he is the fox news on the anchor. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> heather: so we do have cameras on capitol hill, where
7:04 am
vice president pence is meeting with the governor of maine, of course, mena being a key state and all of this, in which way is she will go, we know that this is one of those it states that it shows medicare expansion, so they will get less money from what i understand with these block grants. looking on your camera right no now, murkowski, collins, and mccain, what do you think they will do? >> well, i just spoke with someone very close, a senior republican strategist, very close to it, he said that it is less than 50/50 that this bill will pass. again, it is today, friday, let's see what happens next week. a lot more arm-twisting, and may be some benefits to individual senators in their states, but right now, he says it is less than 50/50. rand paul is a definite no. interesting case in maine, because some states again, some states lose, mena would gain, and it sure looks like susan
7:05 am
collins would be a "no" ." if that is the case, then they can't lose any more votes. murkowski is very much in doubt. and i think there are others who are very much in question, like from ohio, they had medicaid expansion. and west virginia, that is a stage that would lose. and also the two senators from iowa. tony ernst and chuck. it so i think that's the playing field is a little bit bigger than we have been thinking. and they cannot lose any of the senators if susan collins and rand paul go against the graham-cassidy bill. >> heather: so obviously, that makes the meeting between pens and the governor all the more important, and a john mccain had said that he would go the way of his governor, and his governor there in arizona has said that he will support the bill. so do you think that -- of course, we are now being told that mccain is still carefully
7:06 am
looking at it. so do you think that if the governor of maine decides to go along with it, that's collins will do the same? >> not necessarily, i mean, she might, and it certainly would help, and that is one of the reasons i vice president pens is meeting with the governor of maine, she is a very independent legislator, she has not liked this whole plan, and remember, this bill has not had a single hearing. yes, one or two hearings next week, but this is not close to what the legislators consider regular order, where it goes through the committee process, you have hearings, you have experts on both sides. this is not going to get a whole congressional budget office for the impact on the deficit, the impact on what this is going to mean to health care coverage for millions of people. that is going to be almost impossible to predict because each state can come up with its own plan, so how do you know how arizona or maine or any of the
7:07 am
other states are going to come up, what their rules are going to be, and how that will affect people? it is almost certain that it will mean fewer people with health care coverage. this is really still a very tough battle, and again, i repeat, at this moment, according to people close to the vote count, it is less than 50/50 that they are going to get to the number that they need. to >> heather: you mentioned that we have the say so i decided to expand medicare coverage, which would get more money under this plan, there are 19 states that the declined to fully expand medicaid under president obama is -- or obamacare. how do you think this will impact future elections, specifically, the midterms, based on how a senator votes or does not vote? >> well, it depends, you've got in the midterms, three ways, there are three possibilities here, one that it doesn't pass, in which case you will get a lot of conservatives who will say look at, you promised us for
7:08 am
years, for 7 years to give us a republican senate, house, and white house, and we will repeal obamacare, they have been talking about it for seven years, they have not had a plan that can pass, so you get a lot of blowback. on the other hand, you can pass at something, and people like it, and in the course of the next year, although a lot of it doesn't go into effect in 2020, and it could be a feather in the capital republicans, or you could pass it, and the early signs are that it is not going to help people, and as could blowback and hurt them. it's so very unpredictable. it can hurt and it by being pa, or not. >> heather: i understand that you have bill gates on this weekend. >> yes, we will be talking to bill gates, he and his wife, melinda, have started of course back in 2,000, the gates
7:09 am
foundation, the single largest -- they have given $40 billion to different countries for health, and they are concerned because president trump wants to cut foreign aid and some of these areas, we will talk to them about that. i also asked them, we did the interview on wednesday because of his famously difficult relationship with steve jobs. what kind of a smartphone he uses, you will find out on fox news at sunday. >> heather: he also has some patents for technology that would stop hurricanes, so that is interesting too. thanks so much for joining us. we will tune in. >> thank you, heather. >> leland: fox news alert, it's a scene of desperation and now playing out in mexico now playing out after the earthquake. coming through mountains of rubble, looking for survivors, patients, as you may imagine,
7:10 am
running thin. chief correspondent live in mexico city, as one such rescue operation takes place. hi it, jonathan. >> hey, leland, we are at the site of one of those search and rescue operations right now, as i step out here, this was once a four-story textile factory. 100 women were working here when the earthquake has, and as you can see now, the search for potential survivors is going on. eight women, we are told, are reported to still be missing. so there is some hope that they could still be beneath that pile of rubble you are looking at. you can see the workers heading away added with sledgehammers, trying to break these huge slabs of concrete. a few moments ago, they stopped and called for complete silence. they moved everybody off of that pile of rubble, and then they were looking at one particular spot. they had -- we heard the rescue workers chant out in spanish
7:11 am
"knock three times if you can hear me." apparently, no voice came back it, and now they have moved on to search other areas. but this is a desperate, desperate search, and one man was found out this site alive yesterday, there is video of him being pulled out. that is the kind of miracle that gives people hope appeared but i can tell you, leland, that rescue workers in any of these situations will always tell you that's the maximum amount of time that someone could survive underneath this kind of rubble without food, without water, is around 96 hours. it for days. we are coming up on three days since that earthquake hit, so this is quite literally a race against time. and there is more and more of a feeling among the families of those who are still missing that's the government will become either later today, or at the latest, tomorrow, say that this is no longer a rescue operation. it is a recovery operation.
7:12 am
so quite literally, leland, what we are watching here today is a race against time. lee lynch. >> leland: and we watch the hours tick down, jonathan, back to you. if there are more miracles, indeed, we hope that there are. >> heather: knock three times if you can hear me, can you imagine. president trump is heading south as he gets ready to hit the campaign trail. will the president's endorsement and make a difference? a live in birmingham, coming up. >> leland: was the fate of the iran nuclear deal hanging in the balance of the trump administration ways as options. >> support for terrorism, armed smuggling, the idea that they continue to do blistering muscle testing, and they need to be called out for that. that is something that you will see us do as we go forward in thenc united nations. y, to get back to doing what you love.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> heather: the trump administration weighing its options on the iran nuclear deal with a looming deadline on how to move forward, those deliberations taking place as i iran unveils a plan. urging the president to certify iran's compliance with the deal, even as he voices some concern. listen. >> iran seems keen it to resume such work in the future.
7:17 am
even while sponsoring international terrorism, developing missile systems capabilities, delivering nuclear weapons, and to destabilizing its neighbors in the dangerous quest. >> heather: so, andrew peek is a former advisor, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks, heather. >> heather: it so you heard what tillerson had to say there, do you agree with him? >> well, i think in that tillerson's elaine, he is quite right, certifying iran's behavior would be accurate because it has much the safeguard. >> heather: it technically technically. >> technically, precisely. d certifying advanced, in absence of actual violations of the deal, would isolate us with it the europeans. however, what the president's thing, is that overall, this deal is a disaster because it enhances iran's ability to and dominated the region. so you have to kind of see the bigger picture here.
7:18 am
>> heather: and europe, you mention, they are critical, you say, in terms of solving the problem with iran. >> they are. they have had sanctions on iran for over 30 years, but it was only after europe decided to really put the screws to iran in 2008 and 2010 that we saw actual behavior changes it from iran. and that is because in the wake of u.s. sanctions, it was a european company has bent iran relied on to kind of modernize their economy and keep the oil industry coming. see on the problem is that the iran a deal, as it stands right now, one of the problems -- it forces us to give up our leverage with iran when it comes to anything else that we have to deal with it without moving forward. >> that is exactly right, the happy coincidence of the nuclear sanction, even though they were specifically targeting iran, was that they limited iran's ability
7:19 am
to contest america. it limited their ability to give money to terrorist, to vote against americans in international organizations abroad. thus, by rolling them back it, you made iran more a role to do all of those things, which are all against our interest. >> heather: 's so what does iran have to say about all of this? >> well, iran is saying that technically it is meeting the safeguards in the iran a deal. it is a terrible deal for us. i think there is a middle ground between trump and at speeds, i think that you can sanction most of the energy that are harmful to america. like the ri tc without actually splitting off the europeans, by saying that you are violating the nuclear safe ground. so i think there is a middle ground. >> heather: 's october 15th i think is the deadline for this recertification. we will see what happens. thank you for joining us. >> thanks so much, heather. >> leland: former fbi director
7:20 am
james comey facing more questions about his handling of hillary clinton's email investigation. and now, one senator wants answers about russian interference in the trump campaign. >> heather: plus, president trump is all in for alabama senator, luther, how he his supporting him as he pulls tight end. >> i am going to stick with of the jobs in the economy now, because the people of this it states that i have spoken to care about the issues that the present campaign on. >> we need to return to free-market enterprise. regulations need to be cut, taxes need to be cut. bureaucratic policies need to be erased. ♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪
7:21 am
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7:24 am
hats for alabama later today to campaign for senator luther strange, one of the candidates and the stage primary runoff election that happens next week it, the president tweeted this morning. "it will be in alabama tonight, luther strange has gained mightily since my endorsement, he loves alabama, and so do i." peter live in birmingham. and peter, this raises interesting between dominic because of so many of president trump's of supporters are not supporting the person that he is endorsing. why? >> because, leland, lots of these republicans think that the president thinks that senator strange is too closely aligned with the republican majority leader, mitch mcconnell, one of the leaders for the other charge, not to the guy that he picked, is a sarah palin, who returned it to the campaign trail to explain to a very pro-trump crowds that the
7:25 am
best way to help the president trump deliver on his campaign promises is to sound like he did when he was a candidate. >> a vote for judge moore is not a vote against the present, it is a vote for the people's agenda that's elected the president. >> and one of the presidents white house advisors, until recently, agreed with senator palin that he is on the wrong side of this race. dr. sebastian gorka actually thinks that a luther strange loses, there will not be much political follows. >> when judge moore when mys, it will be a very good for the presidents and good for america, because it's will be an opportunity to say let's trump the trump. be trump >> leland: okay,
7:26 am
well, we think about that, he has been in office less than a year. he took jeff sessions seeds, how does he make the case in such a short time that he has been in the senate? >> by stressing over and over that -- there was no moderator and you can talk about whatever you want, that he is the president pick, for big things in this state, like immigration. >> and the issues that relate united us is immigration. immigration is a critical issue. who does the president think is the best person to help them build a wall? he agrees that it is me. who is the best person to ensure that we enforce the laws? has chosen me. but it is not just because of my personality. it is because i have a record. >> senator strange it doesn't just have president trump coming to the states, vice president
7:27 am
mike pence will be here on monday for him as well. >> leland: it will certainly be an interesting weekend. peter is live on the ground in alabama. >> heather: but in the meantime, vice president pence is talking health care and tax reform, with maine's governor right now. vice president pence meeting in the vice president's office, as president trump plans to host of the leaders of several key conservative groups at the white house next week to talk about the tax reform agenda. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell says that he plans to bring the latest health care planet to the floor for a vote sometime next week. senator collins is of course a key vote with that. >> leland: watching very carefully with what happens with that. meanwhile, hurricane maria, moving away from puerto rico, but there is a long and a difficult road ahead for the island. live it down to those on the
7:28 am
frontline, the coast guard, as they continue their rescues. >> heather: and a suspect officially charged in the london tube bombing. we are live from london with that come up next. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:31 am
>> leland: and a fox news alert, hurricane maria is now going towards the turks and caicos islands, as it continues to carve a destructive path against the caribbean, meantime, puerto rico is picking up the pieces. the storm, the most powerful to hit the island in almost a century. joining us now on the phone is admirable peter brown of the u.s. coast guard, he supervises coast guard operations in southeastern united states and he joins us on the phone as he is flying now down to puerto rico. nice to talk to you, sir. >> good morning. and thanks for allowing me to talk to you and explain what the
7:32 am
coast guard is doing. we are on the way there now with the c-130 aircraft and a number of relief personnel. we are trying to get back to full operating capability. they returned to service and assist the people of puerto rico. it >> leland: right now, admiral, what are the biggest challenges that they face right now? what is their main focus? >> our first priority is always saving lives. rescue operations, like what we saw yesterday, that is priority and it continues to be. at the same time, we are also working hard to restore the ports of puerto rico, critical
7:33 am
relief supplies, personnel, fue fuel. the island is completely dependent on water transportation. >> leland: how bad are things right now? communication has been bad for just about everyone, typically, our communications? >> that is one of our challenges, our communication systems -- so we are trying to put aircraft in the air. and around the island -- and the virgin islands, we have rescue communications available to us. to move around without being dependent -- >> leland: admiral, give us a sense of the magnitude and the amount of assets headed down to help in puerto rico. we saw the coast guard do this
7:34 am
work during hurricane harvey and the aftermath of that, then you moved your resources for hurricane irma, and now we have maria, how many teams do you have? how many helicopters, that sort of thing? >> the coast guard is now over a month into what i recall is continuous response at first to harvey, then irma, now maria. we have four major cutters, smaller patrols, responding immediately. we also had a few that will help restore the ports. restoring traffic lights. and we have four helicopters, they are all there. we have been literally flying
7:35 am
in, throughout the east coast. so i would say dozens of aircraft are involved in the mission. >> leland: well, as a present has set at 70 times, the work of the coast guard will always be very important. i know that the motto is you have to come out, you don't have to come back at, and you guys have made so many americans so proud over this past month or so. godspeed, sir. >> oh, thank you very much. we certainly appreciate your support and the opportunity to highlight our operations. >> leland: and we appreciate your work. take care, sir. let us know when you get to san juan. >> thank you. >> heather: of the former fbi director, james comey, finding himself under the microscope, complaints about him allegedly leaking privileged conversations
7:36 am
with the president. he is involved in other investigations which could undermine his credibility as a witness in the russian investigation. we are live in washington with more on this. more troubles for comey. >> well, good morning. the republican that chairman of the judiciary committee since this letter to the current fbi director, asking whether under the leadership of the comey warned about a russian interference or infiltration, and if not, why not? this morning, we have a team at howard university in washington, where the fired fbi director james comey will speak to students. we were told that comey would not take reporters questions. and we do not expect to see him enter or exit of the university. after this july 2016 announcement, where he took the unusual step of publicly recommending against her criminal charges, he became the subject of what is called a hatch act's investigation. this includes violations of an executive branch official use their position and influence to
7:37 am
affect a u.s. election. >> i think it will have a very significant political consequences. the way that it would be interpreted is that james comey was a partisan actor who did what he did for political purposes. and i think that that would really frankly cast a certain light over everything that jim comey has done. in the course of that investigation, two members of his inner circle were interviewed, and those transcripts as a lindsey graham indicated, that he began it drafting the exoneration statement of hillary clinton two months before her fbi interview. senator graham told fox news recently that he would subpoena comey if he would not come back to the hill. >> i think that we have to inform the public as much as possible because this doesn't add up. and that is not where we are at here. >> the justice departments
7:38 am
investigation was closed in may, not to because they didn't find anything but because comey was fired by the president and was no longer a government employee. there is also a second separate investigation by the justice department, and his actions into the 2016 elections, and that is being conducted by the justice department and the results of that are expected sometime in the new york. if you want to so many investigations. i want to know more about these defense preachings as well. >> very interesting, for sure. >> heather: thank you so much, catherine. >> leland: and amid all of this, republicans are taking one more shot at health care. but it is far from a done deal, as we heard from chris wallace earlier. "the wall street journal" says of democrats are in a panic. >> heather: and then a snowstorm on the last day of summer? a deadly pilot, wait until you hear about this. >> i was in total shock. i wasn't scared, shivers running down my spine, like i don't want to get in another accident. it was terrifying.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> heather: welcome packet, senate republicans making a last ditch effort to repeal obamacare, and the democrats are coming out in full force against the proposal, as g.o.p. lawmakers come closer to the number of of both may be needed to pass in. they say that the graham-cassidy bill would give more power to the states, something that senator lindsey graham says that the democrats fear. >> they are worried about the power leaving washington and going to the states. if you are a bernie believer, this is your worst nightmare. let states decide this, you do have to guarantee that the conditions of coverage is a mandate under the deal. but the real objection is that we take money and power out of washington an end single-payer health care as we know it. it's >> heather: 's syndicated radio host and a fox news
7:43 am
contributor, and chris is editor and chief for the daily color news foundation. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather: so whether repeal of obamacare passes, we have a solid note from rand paul and a tweet that he has just put out. calling a bill that -- doesn't make it true. that is what the swamp does. i won't be bribed or bullied. so leslie, let's begin there. >> well, first of all, i don't think that it is a good bill if you have to bribe or bully anyone in your own party to vote for it. and with respect to senator lindsey graham, all due respect, he is completely wrong. democrats are not concerned at, the majority of democrats are not on board with single-payer, as we saw a handful of democrats who are behind a bernie sanders on that, which, by the way, a bipartisan group of governors throughout the united states fear themselves, because they
7:44 am
don't know what is going to happen to their stage. what is the concern of not only these governors with the democratic party, the millions of people who won't have health care, the pre-existing conditions that are not it truly protected under this plan, and of course, the fact that the 2027, the list goes on. this is not a good plan. and this is why there are some republicans that are against it, and so many democrats. >> heather: it does raise the question though, because lindsey graham himself worked as part of the bipartisan group, including democrats, back in 2007, and he said that he came up with a plan that was called the state with health reform act, and that's actually gave even more freedom to the states. >> yes, one of the most toxic legacies that we have from the last president is that health care is now a partisan issue. that is not good for america. note democrats, despite what they say, are going to sign on with republicans. they are saying this is your
7:45 am
mess. what they should be saying is that they want to help their constituents. you have all kinds of this, oh, it is going to kill you, it is bad for you. this is going to herd babies. people like jimmy kimmel are out there saying that it doesn't pass his test. there is a problem with that, obamacare does not pass the jimmy kimmel test. so we need to be a little bit more realistic, and it to be realistic, i do not think that the democrats are going to help the g.o.p. on this one bit. see what >> heather: what if democrats throw up the wall agad we still go nowhere? >> well, first of all, i as a democrat say that my party for the last two weeks has not been doing what we need to do, and overall, single-payer is not going to pass, and they know it. that's why you don't have the majority of democrats aborting us, you need to come up with a plan that is better than the sand to reach across to
7:46 am
republicans, maybe not rand paul, but say hey, let's sit down and do this not for the party of politics, but for the people. because the people are not only in a position to reelect these individuals left or right or not, but the people are going to be most affected, and that is the concern not only of democrats, but these people state-by-state. this is not a good plan, and quite frankly, obamacare needed to be fixed, and that is why the majority of americans at say six it. >> heather: but you have rand paul saying that this actually keeps 90% of obamacare. so if you can't make democrats happy with that, what can you make them happy with? >> well, in the foundation, they took a different test. and usually, those guys are known as being hard-line bombs. they said this is not repeal, this is not what republicans promise they are going to do, especially republicans like murkowski and senator collins, but it is a step in the right direction. and on spring this thing and
7:47 am
putting some power back into the states, and i think republicans actually should be worried about single-payer coming from the democrats because not every politician in the democratic party has signed on to this, but all of the alleged leaders have. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, the people who we are talking about running for the presidential nomination for the democratic party in 2020, they have all signed onto this. and republicans better fix it or they will not have their chance. >> heather: leslie, you think that this could come down specifically to murkowski out of those three. >> yes, and i think other people agree with me, which is why it seems that obamacare has repealed this plan for every state except for alaska. in addition to that, there is a little thing that we like to call the alaska purchase. and they are definitely trying to cater to lisa murkowski with her concerns and her state's concerns. but still, the governor of her state is entirely against this
7:48 am
plan because of the demographics of alaska being so rural but such an expensive state to live in, and the demographics of the people in the health care that what they. >> and with these of block diagrams, which is how it would lay out, based on whether or not these states were previously under obamacare had decided to expand medicaid. so we will see what happens, and if they are in fact is a vote next week. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you, heather. >> leland: in the family of hernandez is now suing the patriots. he was suffering a brain damage from football when he killed himself in prison. why this news could be a huge problem for the nfl.
7:49 am
♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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>> coming up next hour, facebook handing over thousands of russia linked to ads posted it during the 2016 campaign. so what will lawmakers do with this information? >> plus, sean spicer under the microscope for his habit of taking notes. is he being treated fairly? ripping the prosecution, saying it has a big holes in its case, will there be justice? "happening now" -- 9 minutes away. >> leland: former new england patriots start, aaron hernandez, had a severe case of rain it damage when he killed himself in prison back in april. that is coming from researches and boston university. a lawyer for the hernandez
7:53 am
family it showed of the worse cases ever. >> there were certain things that his girlfriend noticed, attributing that to a brain disease, versus that someone who is simply agitated, or someone who is young. it is hard to determine. >> leland: also a fox news contributor, nice to see you, as always. sir, usa today it headlined this, aaron hernandez had it does brain damage, and this is in their words, "a huge problem for the nfl." do you agree. >> of course it is, any time any of these guys come back it, particularly one who has only played 40 games, at a young age, 23, he killed himself when he was 27, of course, it is a big red light for the nfl. >> leland: if you think about another red light, perhaps, this
7:54 am
was in a "new york times" article, they pulled at this story from a boston university, there cte center, it is not just players like hernandez, players who started at the age of 12 or younger, three times the risk of clinically elevated depression scores. follow this out for the nfl. if you are a parent, and you see this study, and your kid is ten, 11, 12, 13 years old, suddenly, playing football carries a lot more of a risk to it. >> well, that is the big problem, hernandez, and what happens to these other players later on in life, you just don't know because you don't know until they are dead, whether they had this disease, this cte. budget this is what they will have to decide, they will have to make a decision whether or not to put them into contact football. a lot of schools are now not
7:55 am
allowing a contact football until they get older. but will you allow your son to go out there and get hit in the head with a helmet when you know that these things can come up later in life, and where is the baseline? does it start in a junior high or high school? in college? pro football? a lot of people say it is in the developmental stages, so what you see now is a lot of people saying hey, bless my kid play basketball, tennis, golf, some a noncontact sport, and that is where it will impact the national football league. >> leland: they have already been impacted a great deal, they are rating in week one was down 12%, and in week two, down 15%. one story out of my home town in st. louis, that the l.a. rams were higher in st. louis than they were in l.a. some people would say that is the: copper : affect, you be th.
7:56 am
>> i think it is also the hurricane, i think also it is still summer, i think in los angeles, the people out there got used to not having football for a long time. so when the ratings go down, they may not want to watch the rams. they may not want to watch the chargers or all of the other game so they were getting before. so that impacts the ratings. so it is a combination, and also some of the things that you said, leland. people don't like the protest. it is a bunch of factors. after we have some of the winter weather come in, and people are more household and using television, we'll see what the effect is. >> leland: good idea. we will have to check on that. we appreciate you as always, we look forward to seeing you this weekend. >> all right, take care. see you on a big show of patriotism, let's see what that does. a growing war of words between present at president trump and north korea dictator kim jong-un. the latest on their rhetoric and
7:57 am
the nuclear showdown. bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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>> it's been a great friday, a lot of news. i hope you have an awesome weekend. >> i will see you monday on "fox & friends" first. >> jon: we start with fox news alert, an escalating war of words between president trump and kim jong un. the north korean leader called our president mentally deranged as his country threatens to test a new hydrogen bomb in the pacific. great news to start up your friday, welcome to "happening now." >> julie: every day we go to bed and i wake up in the morning think thinking it will be good, a new story. president trump says the u.s. could be forced to totally destroy the north. and follow set up with tough new sanctions going after the sources of the regime's nuclear funding. >> this new executive order enablesre


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