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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 22, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> it's been a great friday, a lot of news. i hope you have an awesome weekend. >> i will see you monday on "fox & friends" first. >> jon: we start with fox news alert, an escalating war of words between president trump and kim jong un. the north korean leader called our president mentally deranged as his country threatens to test a new hydrogen bomb in the pacific. great news to start up your friday, welcome to "happening now." >> julie: every day we go to bed and i wake up in the morning think thinking it will be good, a new story. president trump says the u.s. could be forced to totally destroy the north. and follow set up with tough new sanctions going after the sources of the regime's nuclear funding. >> this new executive order enables treasury to freeze
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assets of anyone conducting significant trade in goods, services, or technology with north korea. >> jon: the president tweeting this morning "kim jong un of north korea who is obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like never before." we have fox team coverage on all of this, senior foreign affairs correspondent has the latest reaction but we begin with white house correspondent kevin corke reporting live near the president's private golf club. >> the president by the way is now counting cooperation with china and once again trying to apply the screws to the regime in north korea. he talked about that at great length yesterday, the president saying that now that china's central bank has informed its member banks to stop doing business with pyongyang, this will be the next best step in getting the north eventually to come to the table and either negotiate or obviously face the
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consequences. a message delivered very clearly by both the president and his u.n. ambassador. >> the executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to humankind. >> what this does is take it a step further, this says anyone that deals with north korea, any financial institution that deals with north korea is going to be punished. >> punishment most notably meeting you are not in the u.s. economic system if you are doing business with pyongyang, something that could be the difference maker. the trump administration is preparing to replace its travel ban, which sought to bar almost all travel to the u.s. with six countries with more targeted restrictions, apparently affecting a slightly larger number of countries. the president could also ask for a delay in announcing his decision to prevent any security lapses in the meantime.
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i should also point this out, the president is here in new jersey but soon he will be making his way down to the great state of alabama where he will be throwing his support behind a guy who is currently behind in the polling of the u.s. senate battle there. the president is going to twitter today to talk about the guy he is going there to support, let me share a bit of what he has to say. the president saying "we will be in alabama tonight, luther strange has gained mightily since my endorsement but it will be very close. he loves alabama and so do i." judge roy moore is up about 39% according to the latest polling. both men are obviously in a red state like alabama, reliably read, will likely be trump ally once they make their way to washington. for now, back to you. >> jon: that alabama senate race is an interesting one.
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kevin corke, thank you. >> julie: for more on how south korea is reacting to the heated rhetoric between president trump and kim jong un, we go to our senior foreign affairs correspondent. >> more tough talk coming from kim jong un and a rare insider warning to take him seriously, north korean leader kim jong un also branding president trump a rogue and a gangster. none of this surprises the young man who told us he defected from north korea two years ago. via the south korean embassy in beijing during a business trip from pyongyang. he told us he grew disillusioned with the young leader and said the u.s. should be careful. take a listen. >> he's very dangerous. >> why? >> he is smarter and stronger
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than you think. he wants to live longer. all the power and all the authority. >> kim jong un wants to live long with power and authority, may be an argument against him launching what experts would say a suicidal blast. also according to our defector who claims to work in the trade and currency department of the north korean government, moves by the united states against the money flow absolutely crucial. fueling the regime's missiles and nuclear programs, business abroad he says in hard cash being brought in. defector accounts always need to be vetted carefully but we talk to some of our sources here and they say what the man is saying is absolutely accurate, certainly the message very clea clear. >> julie: thank you. >> jon: talk about a little
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domestic politics, the senate may take up a new health care about next week, majority leader mitch mcconnell spokesperson says he intends to bring it to a vote which would require only a simple majority in this case. the senate only has until september 30th at the very latest to approve it because of of the arcane senate rules. lindsey graham says the bill would reallocate money from the affordable care act and give it to the states. >> there is a mandate in this bill that goes with the grant that every state in the nation must cover people with pre-existing condition so not one person is going to be denied coverage in any of the 50 states because they have a pre-existing condition. >> jon: we are joined by a conservative syndicated radio host and former president clinton advisor, he was an advisor for michael bloomberg as well and is a fox news contributor. a lot of conservatives don't think this proposal is conservative enough.
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>> i don't know that a lot of conservatives don't, i think rand paul has said he has trouble with it but i think when you understand that of all the senate candidates that may likely run for president for the democrats, standing behind bernie sanders last week saying single payer is the way we are going to take our party, a lot of people are looking at this saying we better get this done. the message to the g.o.p. is time is short and you are being outflanked by a left proposal, you better get this done. >> jon: whatever they pass has to also pass the house. >> i think the house would pass this if it passed. we are not there yet. there are at least three senators who are up for grabs, lee got lisa murkowski probably the swing vote. we are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars potentially being cut from health care, millions of people losing
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coverage, frankly i disagree with my good friend kevin, i think this bill is much too conservative. i think frankly i would rather leave obamacare as it is in place then replace it with block grants and leave it to the states. >> jon: when he says millions of people will lose their health care, aren't those people who are opting out of the individual mandate? >> in large measure they are. the opportunity to effect that may be another piece of legislation they can address more succinctly later. the advantage of the block grants is because you move money from the federal pocket to the state and the states will spend it more wisely. if you have a lot of obese people in mississippi to deal with diabetes and you have opioids and tobacco issues in west virginia, why can't those governors independently decide which ones they want to allocate funding for most appropriately for their region? >> jon: i think i hear doug agreeing with you on that. >> i don't think so. i get the logic, the problem is
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i don't want to leave people's health care up to the whims of state politics. i think we need national standards and a national system. that being said, premiums are too high, coverage uneven, insurance companies pulling out now. we need change but the american people want to fix obamacare not replace it with a radically new system. >> jon: let's take a look at nationally run health care systems, the va has been a mess. it is run by the federal government and everyone loves our veterans. isn't that kind of symptomatic of a kind of health care you get when the federal government is in charge? >> the va offers care directly itself, it is not an insurance scheme like obamacare. they are different programs, different circumstances. i don't want to go to the vagaries of states and state legislators and governors being responsible for our wellness as a country. >> jon: what is your answer?
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>> democrat and republican governors are going to like the block grant to measure because it will give them greater autonomy and greater ability to meet the needs of their individual citizens. this is always a better thing for governments, by governments to be controlled closer to the people then further from the people. i want the states to be able to effectively meet the need and when you have doctors opting out of programs, states where you only have one provider you do not have adequate coverage. >> jon: what about rand paul's argument that this is trillions of dollars of federal tax money or federal borrowing? >> he's not incorrect but it is a step in the right direction. >> i think it is a step in the wrong direction and a risk i don't want to take. i am not for single-payer, i am for fixing obamacare like the american people want. >> jon: we think it's going to the senate next week, we are not absolutely sure about that. we will find out next week i
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guess. a good discussion gentlemen. >> julie: sean spicer is back in the headlines, the former white house press secretary accused of sending threatening text messages to a journalist. we will have the details on this one. and as north korea threatens another new escalation in its nuclear standoff, the trump administration urging the international community to stand up against the regime. >> this is not a distinctly american issue, that rogue repressing its own issue and brazenly discharging its missiles as everybody issue and he made that very clear when he talked about promoting peace, prosperity and sovereignty and a countability.
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>> julie: north korea responding to new u.s. sanctions by threatening to launch a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. such a task would mark the first
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time the regime has detonated a nuclear weapon outside of florida. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley voicing hopes for de-escalation. >> if you look at it, we have set multiple times, the president said it, members of his team have said it, we don't want war. that's the last thing anyone wants. but at the same time we are not going to run scared. >> julie: let's bring in the director of defense studies, thank you for talking to us. the kim jong un would have the final say on whether to detonate that hydrogen bomb. he called it the highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history. let's talk history in north korea. they have conducted six nuclear tests, all of them have been underground. can they pull this off? >> i think they can pull it off. the question is what happens if they do.
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if you are talking about launching an icbm, putting a hydrogen bomb on it and lobbying it into the south pacific, that is a huge geographic area. we have to presume that missile would have to go over japan, potentially over guam, it will go over a lot of space. the danger of something going wrong is immense. the north koreans have not perfected this technology it yet, there is a high probability there could be an error, tracking error, so many different problems could happen. that is the most dangerous thing the north koreans can do. >> julie: just to put in perspective what a hydrogen bomb is, or the atomic bomb that the u.s. dropped over here oshima, that hydrogen bomb basically you are looking at 10 tons versus 10,000 kilotons. the magnitude of this would be
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devastating for our environment if it were to fall onto the pacific. instead of letting the foreign visit emac minister to the crazy talk, he came out and had it his own direct words for president trump which let all us to webster dictionary because he called trump a "mentally deranged dotard." it's interesting because shortly after his statement twitter asked for dotard's definition and webster tweeted "kim jong un called trump a mentally deranged dotard. searches for dotard are high as a kite." here is the definition a dotard. person in his or her dotage which means of state or period of mental decay. i don't even have words. should we be worried?
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>> what i'm really nervous about here is we are descending into uncharted waters with north korea. we've been through many different crises with north korea, going back to 2012, 2013, the 1990s, the cold war. the threat of north koreans to do an atmospheric test of a hydrogen bomb is unprecedented. you are spreading radioactive fallout potentially all over the planet. lots of people will end up getting cancer and have all sorts of thyroid problems. >> julie: it's no shocker north korea is responding this way. to that, kim responded to trump's remark saying "trump convince me rather than frightening or stopping me that
8:19 am
the path i chose is correct and that is the one i have to follow to the last." he also describes the president is a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire. how would pyongyang conducted nuclear test over the pacific and ultimately what impact would it have specifically for those people living on the west coast watching this back and forth rhetoric and praying this doesn't actually happen and are scared. >> it's a question of do they have the range under the guidance systems to go that far. obviously the south pacific is a huge geographic area. they would have to pick a place on the map that is depopulated, no islands or native populations there. the challenge with all of this, radioactivity spreads all over the planet and this is why nobody does these type of tests anymore. we have to be concerned. the other thing we have to keep in mind is he might be bluffing. he didn't attack guam or fire
8:20 am
missiles near guam when he said he would. what he could do is fire's and icbm not nuclear armed but drop the payload two or 300 miles off the coast to prove he has the range to hit the united states. i think that is the real possibility. >> julie: thank you very much. you are not a dotard. jon, on the other hand, that is up for debate. >> jon: the search for more survivors, a sliver of hope in mexico city, a girl who was believed to be trapped alive in the rubble might not have existed at all. plus, a dire situation in puerto rico after hurricane maria, many are without power, food, and water and not getting the help they need. steve harrigan will join us from san juan. >> in the neighborhood, 85% of the houses are gone. >> we've lost everything, it took our house.
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>> jon: a fox news alert, hurricane maria is not letting up, persisting as a category 3 storm with 125-mile-an-hour winds. it is headed to the bahamas and turks and caicos which likely will escape the worst of the winds. meanwhile, in puerto rico is still no power. dangerous winds and waves have finally subsided but many are without food and water. president trump speaking with the governors of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands yesterday. steve harrigan is live in san juan. >> some good signs this morning, the first commercial light
8:25 am
american airlines landed a short time ago, a military flight has begun. helicopters as well, much of the aide for the island is going to have to come in through the air. that airport was severely damaged during the storm, they've cleared the main tarmac and runway so it's getting back to normal. we should see ten commercial flights each day over this weekend, a very good sign. rescues continue to be carried out across the island, more than 4,000 rescues, others with high water vehicles. when you do go around the island you get the impression that puerto ricans are largely on their own. fending for themselves, it's been a do-it-yourself recovery so far. the governmental people they had 72 hours to be on their own, that is largely what's happening. you see people with machetes hacking up what in the streets, letting it on fire to cook outside, bathing outside, it's sort of like camping. no electricity, no camp store
8:26 am
opened. some dire conditions, you have to help people hold out in their patients holds out. the biggest challenge is going to be electricity, the power grid was weak, this island is bankrupt, $70 billion in debt. getting that light that could take months. when you go into someone's house and it is dark and damaged and there is floodwater on the floor it is a grim picture. >> jon: steve harrigan and not devastated san juan, puerto rico. >> julie: a fox news alert, navy officials say reports of a girl trapped alive in the rubble after an earthquake are not true. the magnitude 7.1 quake rocked mexico city and rescue workers freda sophia told them that she wiggled her finger. the navy is saying rescuers may have mistaken other people who had died in the rubble for the little girl. school officials say there were no students named freda sophia
8:27 am
and alive look in mexico city where there have been some success in the rescue and recovery experts there. crews rescued several people from collapsed buildings yesterday, imagine over 36 hours of these people trapped and still alive. mexican officials say so far the death toll stands at 286. >> jon: we will continue to watch that story. sean spicer accused of threatening a journalist with legal action as we get a look at alleged messages from the former white house press secretary. plus, thousands of political ads from a russian agency ran on facebook during the 2016 election. now facebook has agreed to turn over information about those ads to congress.
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>> jon: facebook says it will give investigators in congress information about thousands of ads purchased by a russian agency in the run-up to the 2016 election. >> julie: that's bringing some change in facebook policy moving forward. ceo mark zuckerberg says people will easily be able to tell who bought the political ads.
8:32 am
it >> there are still a lot of questions about the role social media plays in politics. it last year trending topics favored liberal causes. a social media giant has been on the defensive since it admitted facebook accounts with ties to russia purchased more than $100,000 in ads during the 2016 campaign. ceo mark zuckerberg says facebook will turn over more than 3,000 russia linked ads to congress. each ad will show what page paid for it but will not identify the people behind it. >> we are going to bring facebook to an even higher standard of transparency. we will make it so you can visit an advertiser's page and see the ads they are currently running to any audience on facebook. we will roll this out over the coming months and we will work
8:33 am
with others to create a new standard for transparency in online political ads. >> facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users and $7.6 billion in earnings. the company does acknowledge that pages were created by a shady russian company, the president went in via twitter, tweeting "the russia hoax on twitter continues, now it's ads on facebook." the russian government denied any involvement in the facebook ads, twitter, the other media giant is expected to brief the senate intelligence committee next wednesday. >> julie: thank you. >> jon: some new information on a dustup alleged between a reporter and a former white house press secretary you probably know, his name is sean spicer. the political web site cofounder
8:34 am
says he messaged spicer for comment on not report about spicer's extensive note-taking while at the rnc and the white house. he says spicer responded "please stop texting/emailing me unsolicited anymore." when alan replied with a question mark, spicer allegedly wrote "not sure what that means, from a legal standpoint i want to be clear. do not email or text me again. should you do so again i will reported to the appropriate authorities." howard kurtz provided an update last night on the story. >> an impeccable source tells me spicer admits he just lost his cool, he feels he's been very good to mike allen and his new web site and has instead received a barrage of negative stories and questions. i can now report that sean spicer has apologized and the apology has been accepted.
8:35 am
>> jon: apparently all of this including the apology happened just yesterday. let's bring in the editorial director of the "washington examiner" and kimberly atkins, chief washington reported for "the boston herald" ." being white house press secretary is a pretty high-pressure job but sean spicer has been out of that job for a few weeks, was he just being particularly cranky or is there another explanation here? >> i think he probably was being cranky, i am not sure i go along with some of the stories that suggest he was threatening legal action against that reporter. i think he was trying to protect himself from legal jeopardy. as you said, he kept copious notes of his meetings both before, during the campaign and once he was in the white house. i am sure robert mueller, the special counsel also knows that and i would not be surprised if robert mueller is now in possession those notebooks and
8:36 am
what sean spicer is doing is protecting himself from legal jeopardy. if those notebooks are evidenced in what could become a criminal trial, he cannot reveal anything to a reporter about them. he is sort of putting a shot across the reporters bow and saying don't ask me this or i'm going to have to go to robert mueller and tell him. >> jon: you are suggesting he might not even have them anymore, they may not physically be in his possession. >> that's just the way i read it, i don't have inside information on that. >> jon: it is such a strange story, he and mike allen have known each other for a decade or more, they have interacted a lot before and it seems strange that at this point in their relationship especially when spicer is no longer white house press secretary that he is threatening legal action. >> it does seem strange, from the report it felt like a threat of legal action, to me when -- if i were to get that text i would have taken it that way.
8:37 am
mike allen was not committing any crime, he was doing his duty which is to get a comment from the subject of his story. i think another reason for sean spicer is that he wants to let not only bob mueller know he's not trying to influence or disclose things about the investigation, he also wants to signal to his former boss president trump who hates leakers that the source of these notebooks, which could potentially be a very big deal in this investigation was not him and saying very clearly, if anybody reaches out to me, this is unsolicited and i'm going to report them and that this is not coming from me. i think he's trying to cover several bases here. >> jon: it is interesting, president trump does hate leaks and if well after the campaign and all of that sean spicer is being asked for information about what went on, maybe that is a good way to tell the boss, hey, it wasn't me.
8:38 am
>> it certainly signals that. sean spicer is clearly not at the moment trying to hide from public view. he is not keeping a low profile or he wouldn't have appeared on the stage at a hollywood award ceremony a few days ago. there is very particular aspect to this, it's about the notebooks, about whether or not this might be evidence, who the leakers are but it's also about -- he is also protecting himself. he does not want to get into trouble. by talking about what might be evidence in a case. >> jon: the last response, this may be fits into the discussion we are having here, the last response from spicer came an hour after he had previously communicated with mike allen. normally these things go back and forth pretty much in real time. it suggest maybe that sean spicer was calling up a lawyer or his lawyer and saying what should i do with this? >> it's very clear, both the
8:39 am
mueller investigation and the congressional investigations going on, investigators are clear that they don't want people disclosing what's going on to the public. i can understand how this story in particular could have made sean spicer appear very uneasy. i think the reaction, especially for someone he's known for many years was was a little over-th. >> jon: . >> jon: as we heard, apparently sean spicer has also apologized. interesting dynamics behind the scenes, thanks for helping us shed some light on it. >> julie: it was a patrol that turned fatal, soldiers on the back of a pickup truck when a bomb explodes in their path. plus, the fate of a man accused of kidnapping and killing a nursing student, now in the hands of a jury. is there enough evidence for a conviction? our legal panel ways and next.
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don't wait. call now. >> jon: soldiers out on patrol in south thailand when a roadside bomb explodes, killing four of them. authorities say the army rangers were in a pickup truck, five other rangers and a civilian also wounded, a muslim separatist into insurgent teamd into the region in 2004, since then about 6500 people have been killed. >> julie: new information on the story we have been covering for you here on sb 30. a jury deliberating for the second day in a row deciding the fate of zachary adams, the man accused of kidnapping and killing nursing student holly bobo. in closing arguments yesterday prosecutors referred to the testimony of witnesses who said adams said he was guilty but
8:44 am
guilty but according to the defense evidence doesn't add up. listen. >> when you dig down deep into what the government says and what the facts really are you will see their story is absolutely full of holes. what they are wanting you to do is ignore all the many mysteries and holes they have left in their story. >> julie: joining us now, former federal prosecutor and legal analyst. thank you for coming on, the defense's strongest argument here, a lack of evidence. no dna, no blood, no hair, no fingerprints, nothing. that doesn't physically connect zachary adams to holly bobo's murder. what leg does the defense have to stand on? >> that's defense 101, that is what you do. you get the jury to look everywhere but at the evidence. when i was a prosecutor i would stand up in my closing arguments and say ladies and gentlemen of
8:45 am
the jury, everybody in this room has a job. the prosecution's job is to present the evidence, your job is to examine the evidence and listen to the law and their job is to look everywhere else within the courtroom. don't let them doing your job stop you from you doing your jo job. there is sufficient evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt and you need to return the only verdict possible. >> julie: if you are the defense you want to break down the witnesses because that's what it's going to come down too and that's the problem, the prosecution's witnesses are all criminals. one witness was sean cooper who at one point was behind bars in the same jail is zachary adams in an unrelated, and he asked him to tell his brother to keep his mouth shut or he would put him in a hole beside her. they expect the jury to believe this guy? >> again, i used to tell juries all the time, you want to know about plumbing, ask a plumber. you want to know about murder
8:46 am
and kidnapping and killing an innocent young woman you need to talk to a psychopathic person engaged in the crime. that's what you have. the prosecution doesn't pick these people, adams did when he committed the crime and confessed. >> this all comes down to credibility. when you have jailhouse snitch is trying to get better food, better accommodations, whatever it is, they want better of him in jail, it's a toddler trying to get candy. you can't believe a single thing they say. fred knows a lot about prosecution 101. defense 101, you have to instill reasonable doubt which they have done. we have the guy who investigated this case for two years not sitting in the jury for ten days, two years who said he still believes that terry britt committed the crime.
8:47 am
that is reasonable doubt. secondly, credibility. you have a former texas bureau of investigations saying i can tell you, i looked at this, i'm a prosecutor, it's not zachary adams. you've got a bunch of jailhouse snitches who are meth addicts. >> julie: let's talk about the suspect, let's say zachary adams isn't the one. zachary adams is the first to face trial, trial date hasn't been set yet for his brother dylan adams. and then there is jason who hasn't been given a date yet. he is the prosecution's star witness, he's described in graphic detail how he was asked to help dispose of her body after she was kidnapped by adams. his brother dylan and another man. jane austen by the way, here is another one. he is no longer in the mix.
8:48 am
why wouldn't he go to trial with testimony like that? >> another reason you have to look at his credibility, he's cut a deal, the deal has not been disclosed. we know he is just trying to save his own hide, that witness has had his credibility destroyed. >> julie: he basically said he helped bury a body, how do you not get a trial? what kind of deal do you strike with somebody who admitted to burying a body after somebody killed an innocent young girl? how does a judge make a deal like that? >> he's cut a deal, , and overarching deal. >> unfortunately you have to make a deal because as i understand it, the reason the government is not going to go forward with this deal is because he ultimately lied it to them. when we may deal with these guys, part of the deal is if you lie the deal is off the table and we can go forward. then the defense comes in and
8:49 am
says the government has to live up to its promise. this is a tough case for the government, don't kid yourself. it's great for me to spout off this other stuff but the trick is, to have physical dma dna ad corroborating evidence, the case is not real strong. this is not a slam dunk in any way, shape, or form. >> julie: do you think they will have a better chance of getting a conviction in any of the other suspect trials? >> a hung jury, you would have to retry it. >> i think it depends on what happens here, otherwise i think they start cutting more deals with these guys and let them go. this case has had political indications from the beginning, the d.a. ran on a platform saying he was going to bring this case to justice. if they don't get that after
8:50 am
years, i think they make drop it and cut smaller deals. >> never any room for politics in a criminal prosecution ever. >> julie: we've got to go. thank you both, we appreciate i it. >> thank you. >> jon: biggest case in the tennessee bureau of investigations. >> julie: the amount of money they haven't spent on this case because it is dragged on for years. >> jon: we have seen violence like this before, back in may when the turkish president was in our nation's capital. police say turkish security officials brutally attacked processors outside the turkish abbasid icehouse. fights breaking out in new york during the turkish president's speech in a hotel. it all started when somebody yelled "terrorist."
8:51 am
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8:54 am
>> julie: a protester interrupts the turkish president's speech in new york, calling him a terrorist. >> jon: it got violent from there with people punching each other in security forces escorting him from the room. this isn't the first time his visit to the united united stas sparked violence. >> unfortunately this sort of thing is not new when the turkish president to visit the u.s. last night he was in the middle of an address to the turkish american committee at a hotel in times square when protesters attempted to shout him down and
8:55 am
that's when things got out of control. his address quickly turned into a malay, look at this. protesters screamed you are a terrorist, get out of my country. as president erdogan's security detail started removing protesters, punches flew. security moved in and started removing people from the room. security also reportedly kicked out one person who allegedly assaulted a protester. protesters say their actions are as a result of violence -- democratic california congressman who is a ranking member of that house intelligence committee tweeted in this. >> it appears in this video that erdogan security forces once again assaulted american protesters. if so, his thugs must be detained immediately." protests have been breaking out during many of president
8:56 am
erdogan's events around the world. what we are looking out now, his last official visit to the u.s. in may, members of his security team were caught on video attacking a group of peaceful protesters outside the turkish ambassador's residence in washington. nine people were hospitalized, 15 security officials were indicted in that case. yesterday, nobody injured and no arrests were made. >> jon: what a story, thank you. >> julie: in the next hour of "happening now," one republican senator is trying to figure out whether the fbi warned president trump they had their eye on his former campaign chairman. we will take a look at why russia investigators are so interested in paul manafort. plus officials in houston are proposing an idea to save the city from surge flooding after a hurricane. the price tag, $15 billion. build attendance for an event.
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>> we will see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> he will be tested like never before. president trump firing back calling north korea's dictator a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his own people. this after the north threaten to test the hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. this is outnumbered. i am harris faulkner. here today on fox business, the anger of the intelligence report trish egan is here. cohost of fox and friends regan abby huntsman is here. democratic strategist and fox news contributor jessica tarlov is in pink. and today's hashtag, one lucky guy, we will come back the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute ambassador john bolto bolton. we say he is outnumbered. this is your week. anytime the u.n. gathers, he is watching the popcorn. >> john: and am i glad it's over. >> harris: what a week.


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