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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 22, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> we will see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> he will be tested like never before. president trump firing back calling north korea's dictator a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his own people. this after the north threaten to test the hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. this is outnumbered. i am harris faulkner. here today on fox business, the anger of the intelligence report trish egan is here. cohost of fox and friends regan abby huntsman is here. democratic strategist and fox news contributor jessica tarlov is in pink. and today's hashtag, one lucky guy, we will come back the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute ambassador john bolto bolton. we say he is outnumbered. this is your week. anytime the u.n. gathers, he is watching the popcorn. >> john: and am i glad it's over. >> harris: what a week. north korea, the conversation,
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we are going to hit the news now. i can't wait to get your thoughts. let's begin. a major escalation in the war of words between the united states and north korea. following a critical week of the united nations, saw president trump threatening to destroy the rogue nation and signed an executive order cracking down on those who do business with the north. north korea's foreign minister says the country could detonate a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean to fulfill kim's avowal to take the highest level action against the u.s. and there is kim jong un himself attacking the president and a blistering statement. here it is in part. "a frightened dog barks loud or whatever trump might have expected, he will face results behind his expectation. i will survey and definitely surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged u.s. dotard with fire." no need to pick up a dictionary in case you didn't know, dotard refers to an older person who has become weak or senile. but the president wasted no time hitting back. he tweeted "kim jong un of
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north korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his own people will be tested like never before." that is where we started on the story moves this way. the u.s. ambassador to the united nation's nikki haley assange world leaders appreciated the president's blunt talk on north korea adding that the u.s. is not going to run scared. >> we don't want more. that's the last thing anyone wants. we don't want loss of life. if that's the last thing we want. at the same time, we are not going to run scared. if, for any reason, north korea attacked the united states or our allies, the u.s. will respond. period. that's what's going to happen. >> harris: a dotard. >> john: that's from the only english korean language dictionary they had dating to the 19th century. >> they no idea what it meant. >> harris: had to be one of the top twitter or dictionary webster's searches online. i would imagine. >> john: the north korean once
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told me human scums so they haven't on the bottom of the barrel yet. >> that brings me to the point, you have been there for these dealings. how is a stealing from what you've seen? >> john: this main difference is not the level of rhetoric but the main differences north korea's differences north korea's capabilities. that's where the rubber reads the road, so the latest threat to explode a thermonuclear device somewhere of the pacific is really an extraordinary challenge to everybody here at the united nations. there hasn't been an atmospheric nuclear test in over 35 years. china was the last one to do it ironically. and the consequences of detonating a hydrogen bomb over the pacific could be much more than just spreading radiation around brady could affect communications systems depending on where and under what circumstances, have a so-called electro medical pulse in fact that destroys communications. i think it's intended to show
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north korea is intimidated by what's happening this week and it also shows, i think this is critical. you can have war not simply because the parties intended, you can have more through miscalculation. that kind of action by that kind of regime is extremely dangerous. >> harris: so jessica, you hear the critics of the president saying this is because of the back-and-forth. there were missile tests, they were all sorts of bad behaviors when president obama was in office. we were in a place where we are that it didn't take six or seven, eight, nine months to get here. it took years to get here. this is the offspring of an already rogue regime. >> jessica: 100% greater this conversation begins back in the 90s when bill clinton, anything fair about this would say that it has escalated. >> john: i'd be delighted to start back in the 1990s with bill clinton because that's where we started. >> harris: that's where it started to go wrong, you both
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agreed on that. >> jessica: i guess we should stop the show. what i would say is in terms of the unc, i can understand when he was trying to accomplish. there are people including his own chief of staff and ambassador haley who we are not thrilled with madman are calling people losers, but this has been going on and escalating for years now. i'm not sure what the twitter war does to this. i don't think kim jong un is making a decision based upon a tweet he evidently has plans and scientists that have been working on these plans for a long time here. when nikki haley says we are prepared to go to war, that's what we have to to do and you y there could be unintended consequences. i still don't understand what that looks like free to do a shoot a missile down? >> can i jump in for a second. i know we are prepared to go to war but as she pointed out, nobody wants to actually do that. we make it there but between now and then, i keep going back to this. there is a lot that we could be
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doing and should be doing when it comes to china. china, they have effectively let this guy exist. they let the family exist, they are empowering him. they have the intelligence. if they wanted to say put him off in the corner or if they wanted to see regime change if they wanted to really do nuclearize, i do believe china can do it. but china doesn't want to do it. that's where we come in. and that's where we need to play the heavy and we need to go to china and say that's what? we are not going to keep all your goulds if you endorse this guy, kim jong un. i know they are promising sanctions, et cetera, but i want to see more. >> harris: we saw something. your father, former ambassador to china. let's get the kind of what the news is on how the sanctions have played a role in the past. we put pressure on china to the point where minutes before that, u.n. gathering, that working
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lunch yesterday, we saw call our president to the united states and say all the central banking systems will no longer be doing business with north korea. before that was a big move. interestingly, my dad is in the hot seat earlier this week as he was going to the hearing for ambassador to russia now. that also played a role when they talk about north korea like china. but it's also russia and i think you are spot on and i know you probably agree with this too. the tough rhetoric we are hearing from the president right now in those tweets i think more than anything is a message to china. because sanctions can only do so much. what china fears the most is losing dominance in that region. when president trump says we are building a military in south korea, we are building a military in japan, and we are threatening if we have to go to war, a wharton north korea korea would be a disaster for china, for a number of reasons. whenever he has is tough rhetoric, you have to remember it's not just towards north korea. it is towards china and also import towards russia who can also helpful to us.
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that's the only way we move forward. >> harris: now that this isn't big enough, we can check off our boxes. big questions now has president trump repairs to reveal his decision on whether to recertify the iran nuclear deal. iran says the agreement simply cannot be renegotiated and several other nations are also expressing concern that the u.s. could go back and back out of the 2015 2015 accord that placs limits on the regime's nuclear program. the u.n. ambassador nikki haley says the u.s. does not want to be dealing with another, and here it is, north korea. >> a lot of countries are going to have their opinions on whether the u.s. should stay in the deal or not. those countries don't have iranians saying death to america. they're not saying death to germany. if you still think that the deal
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is in the best interest of the united states, then he certified. if he thinks that the deal -- that the situation is not in the best interest of the american public, then he doesn't certify. >> harris: this is happening. the rent today is showing off of the very first time a ballistic missile with a 1200-mile range capable of carrying multiple warheads. the regime is out to expand his missile program without any nation's permission. so if they are already breaking the deal, what are we doing here? >> john: let's just take this announcement today that what they've got a nerve capability, multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles which is what they are saying. i think anything north korea has, iran come by and anything iran has, he can give to north korea. so the notion that somehow we will deal with north korea and leave iran aside is completely false. both issues are here right now. the question had to deal with iran has gotten very confused. there's the issue of whether we certify as provided by the corporate legislation. several things ultimately is nikki haley just said that this deal is in the national security interest of the united states. i don't think an honest person can do that and i don't think
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president trump will. but that doesn't take you out of the deal. the president has to decide he's going to exit the deal. some people are saying let's not certify, but stay in the deal. that's a big mistake. that is a one shoe on, one shoe off approach to diplomacy. president has got to be very clear here. one said to ferdinand marcos as he was asking should i resign as president of the philippians, he said cut and cut clean. and that's what presidential leadership is about. he needs to not certify and to get out. >> harris: i wanted to ask this follow-up question. just real quickly to what you're saying, ambassador. it sounds like you are saying that we have reached a point with iran now and certainly from what the lead inside to the story that i told the audience, they may do what they want to do regardless of the deal that's on the table. >> john: they are doing what they want to do. >> harris: so why not threaten to take it off the table? is it problematic? the president's critics are saying that's going to force iran to be in a position to do
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what they want. i'm thinking they're already doing it. >> john: they're already doing it. and there's a myth out there the international atomic energy agency is certified that iran is in compliance with the deal. it's simply not true. they have said that they observe in the places that are allowed to observe this past three months, no violation. they are not allowed into iran's military facilities. particularly those controlled by the revolutionary guards who are in control of the nuclear weapons program. where do you think the good stuff is happening in iran a? 's tickled but the secretary of state rex tillerson a saying we should be looking at the deal but he is saying that they are g the expectations of it. >> john: he is wrong. because the president has said he's already made a decision. >> harris: we don't know what it is. >> jessica: do you have any sense of what his decision would be and who he is listening to when he is surrounded by his advisors, who is giving him what he needs to know? >> john: is not listening to me, so i don't know who he is listening to you but i'll tell you, having called the deal in
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embarrassment to the united states would be inconceivable to me that he could stand. >> you look at north korea and that's your warning sign. if we do not want to be dealing with and around looks like north korea. >> harris: a lot to get to today. president trump is hitting the campaign trail in alabama. he is going to support senate canopy it luther strange, being looked like some in circles as a test to the president's political influence break and he pull off a win in alabama? and the clock is ticking as the senate pushes up against a looming deadline to repeal and replace obamacare with the votes of they can get because after that, it's going to be 60 votes and it gets tougher. will they be able to get a bill passed or where they fall short? we will talk next. that's why. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
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set a curfew, or two. make dinner-time device free. [ music stops ] [ music plays again ] a smarter way to wifi is awesome. introducing xfinity xfi. amazing speed, coverage and control. change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> president trump set to hit the campaign trail and what many are saying is a big test of his political influence. the president backing alabama senator luther strange and his primary race tweeting this, "we'll be in alabama tonight. luther strange has gained mightily since my endorsement but will be very close. he loves alabama and so do i." strangers in a fierce showdown with alabama state supreme court justice roy moore. with more actually holding a
9:17 am
slight lead right now and most polls. in the final debate last night, strange talked of his connections with the president. >> we have developed a close personal friendship. we both come from the same background, the same mission, the same motivation to make this country great again. we are both people of accomplishment. we are both people who have taken on tough issues. and we sort of bonded. before some high-profile senators are blasting strange as being part of the d.c. swamp which they believe has been trying to undermine the president. pale and campaigning for more last night. >> the president needs support to keep the promise is elected him. so we are sending trump one who has our back, not mitch mcconnell. make no mistake, big luther is mitch mcconnell's guy. before an interesting dynamic going on here. i love your thoughts off the top.
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it's kind of wild. this whole thing, you see it's a very splintered party and its happened on the democratic side to but the republicans are really facing a challenge. i do think the president has the ability to lead and to bring his faith with him. so despite some of the polling, i think that luther strange is going to actually have a solid chance and i think that part of that is going to be the president down there in alabama tonight for that rally. we are going to be covering up for it i'll be there live on fox business. what i'm saying is i think that he actually can motivate a lot of people. his base he has brought along and this is an opportunity sometimes where they were going to be pivots along the way and for whatever reason, he feels that strange would be better there in d.c. alongside him. which strange kind of kept saying over and over and over again. it's interesting, kellyanne conway was on fox news is morning and said there's nothing more powerful than the sound of air force one has it
9:19 am
lands in a certain state to help elect someone and he'll be doing that about 5:00 p.m. tonight. but the dynamics are interesting. it's not sarah palin, but also on the ground who is advising the president and the white house three weeks ago. >> trish: this is an interesting set of dynamics because this is steve bannon's guy, really more. having recently left the white house and on his way out said i love this president, i'm still dedicated, so on and so forth but this is incomplete opposition, these two people, roy moore and luther strange. so where does this take us in the conversation and the party? the democrats have their own issues, but the president's landing air force one for luther strange tonight. >> john: he could make the difference. i think that's possible. what you are seeing is just an enormous dissatisfaction within the republican party with the performance of his leadership in washington. >> harris: or nonperformance. >> john: maybe they don't talk about it to the media and the
9:20 am
democrats but republicans in congress have been saying for six or seven or eight years they oppose obamacare, they will repeal it. then they get the senate, the neck of the white house and they can't repeal it. republicans are saying these people are not fit to govern. so i think it's very important to not just rally and the effect on the election on tuesday, the primary election, but whether they can get obamacare through the senate next week because a lot of republicans i'm afraid are going to stay home in 2018 if they can't get it done. >> i would just ask them why is the president so in luther strange's corner? why does he think that he can help him, because he has been beating the drum thing these folks in washington, just one big giant swamp and none of them can get anything done to your point. why is he backing the quote on quote establishment guide? >> john: strangers new to washington and this is alabama, this is a republican primary. he is saying we are the true trump person and he is saying i will tell you the truth trump
9:21 am
person is. >> you think about the special elections really quickly. there have been five so far in the white house would argue that they have had five wins for the election for their person, this would make it six. you can argue if luther strange does pull it out in a large part because of the president's effort, that would be a big win for the white house. >> jessica: he certainly will talk that everywhere. he will do it on twitter. 100%. i think democrats have come closer than projected in a lot of these but we still lost them. i think that he is taking this also is an opportunity to get back on the trails. he can go to a campaign rally and he can make it about luther strange but a little bit more about donald trump. i would say to tricia's point, i didn't really understand why he back to luther strange and so opposed to roy moore. i don't think the 2005 comments that homosexuality should be illegal for them roy moore were what drove him over the edge to luther strange and if they were, he should come out and say that.
9:22 am
i didn't understand above for better or for worse, we are seeing the set up of what may happen when steve batten is actually against president trump and the first true test. of the charlie rose an interview, he said a few things and statements the president made in getting rid of james coming but he still said i'm his guy, i'm in his corner. >> harris: you mean bannon. i have questions too. i don't know whether or not he will be on the ground. we will be watching for that. >> working hard from behind the saint read a lot more to come on the show, breaking development on the president's travel ban petabyte could be expanded to more countries before supreme test before the supreme court. all hands on deck for the g.o.p. and what could be their last chance to get rid of obamacare. democrats pull out all the stops. what we can expect in the coming days and people come out on top. that's coming up. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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>> harris: president trump's controversial travel ban is set to expire this sunday, but a new possibly broader band could be announced at any moment. we are waiting for that. that will be breaking news when it happens and we will cover it. "the wall street journal" is reporting the trump administration is preparing to replace the ban which sought to bar nearly all travel to the united states from six countries with more targeted restrictions. the targeted rules reportedly would affect more about eight or nine based on factors including cooperation with u.s. and the threat posed by each country. the president hinted he might brought on the initial bannon and his response to last friday's terrorist attack in london. he said this, "the travel ban into the united states should be far larger, tougher, and more specific, but stupidly, that would not be politically correct." i wonder what he means. all of this ahead of the supreme court taking up the travel ban next month.
9:28 am
ambassador? >> john: i think if the number of countries covered by the ban is expanded, it will help. buttresses argument and the supreme court. the argument for the travel pan is the countries in it before had inadequate systems to prevent entrance from those countries. there are a lot of countries from around the world. >> harris: that list could be longer. >> john: think he's got a substantial chance of prevailing in the supreme court. using a number of procedural decisions by the court allowing his modified executive order to go forward, is not deposited by any stretch of the means but within the authority of the president that's been granted by congress statutorily, his discretion is controlling and the lower decisions trying to restain the travel ban are just administered of decisions. >> trish: i would totally agree with that. i don't think that you can put the president of the united states in our country in a position with the president is not able to make a decision based on intelligence that he
9:29 am
has in the ninth circuit certainly does not where he is coming to the conclusion that we need to stop anyone from syria coming here. and that is his decision based on intelligence he has that is exclusive to him, so i agree with you, ambassador. the courts have no place in that. they have not a leg to stand on. the president will succeed in the travel ban. i think that we as a society actually need to think very realistically about all of this. we have such an open border situation, and you look at all the terror attacks for example. in europe, you think about someone coming from paris to the u.s. or from brussels, that's not hard to do. you don't need to do that, you can get on a plane and come her here. there might actually be a whole lot that we need to do going forward in terms of who we allow in and out of this country regardless of where you're from. >> harris: can i just play devil's advocate on this point for just a second? the eight or nine as he's now going to bump this up to maybe will address this very issue.
9:30 am
when you look at the terror hits that have happened across europe, let's just go on the many that have happened justin 2017. i have not seen a trend where those people are coming from some of these countries as refugees, so on and so forth. i have not seen that trend. so i think the specificity might be helpful to know how this travel ban will actually one on one match better with where these guys are coming from, north africa. again, we don't know. maybe this expanded list touches on that. >> jessica: am actually hopeful for that when i read this piece in "the wall street journal." i think more details will come in on sunday. i thought it was a great step in the right direction. i think the president has run into a tremendous amount of trouble because of the rhetoric that he used on the campaign and then what people can argue when these lower courts what the original intention is which was for a total complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states of america. the way that this new ban has been explained that we go on a
9:31 am
case-by-case basis, actually evaluating who they are sending here, how they work with u.s. mandates, that sounds quite sensible and something that a john kelly would support here, someone who was hawkish in his own right but also responsible to understand what we have freedom of religion that a lot of people are deeply connected to these people who are living abroad, aunts and uncles and parents, going to school here, working here. so i am hopeful actually that this could end up being something that we could have a bipartisan conversation about, putting national security first. >> harris: when we do have that conversation, i knew that you slid in that the president didn't want any muslims coming into this country. that should not be the case. before just quickly, the travel ban he put in originally and come out moving forward when he introduces what he's going to do, is still important to communicate exactly what you're trying to do and to laid out for the american people so everyone is on the same page. the democrat's are very much on board with more extreme vetting. that part of his rhetoric.
9:32 am
we all see what's going on in his world. >> harris: john kelly has played an important role as you said, smoothing out things after he didn't roll out of smoothly. >> trish: nothing wrong with extreme vetting. keep us safe. push up against a looming deadline to repeal and replace obamacare. one of the bills cosponsored senator lindsey graham says that he can get the g.o.p. holdouts on board and predicts that some democrats will come on board too. if this is a top democrat blasted republicans for using bipartisan efforts to fix obamacare. >> there is a mandate in this bill that goes with a grant that every state in the nation must cover people with pre-existing conditions so not one person is going to be denied coverage. i think we are going to get 50 republicans to vote for federalism and i make a prediction a couple of democrats are going to come on board because our state does so well. >> i felt like we were making steady progress for a bipartisan compromise to address some of the cap problems with the
9:33 am
affordable care act. instead, there has been an abrupt halt to that by the republic and leaders of that effort. >> meanwhile, democrats and their progressive allies sounding the alarm in the final push to kill the bill has democrats planning a day of action tomorrow with rallies all across the country and the campaign arm of the senate democrats targeting vulnerable g.o.p. senators bledsoe called jimmy kimmel stepped on the internet. when they type in search terms such as health care, jimmy kimmel, and repeal, they will be directed to an ad called the price, which shows a couple pawning their wedding jewelry and selling their vehicle so they can pay for their ill daughters health care. tugging on the heartstrings. did anybody here feel fatigued by the health care discussion at this point? abbey, they tried, they were not successful, they are trying again, why do we think it's
9:34 am
going to be any different this time? i don't think they're going to get any democratic votes. i would be shocked if they did. i talked to joe manson who is a democrat that if you think anyone could get on board would be somebody like joe mansion of west virginia he said i can't do that because of pre-existing conditions for the people in my state. but i will say lindsey graham is someone who has about the most connections you can have on the senate. he also have to realize that they've handled it very differently than the past bills. they tried to bring it sort of high and close doors. you haven't seen the bickering between as much but also mitch mcconnell has said we are not going to bring this to the floor and unless we are absolute the positive have every single that we need to have. >> harris: it got more complicated today when the report came out that every out of all 50 states, every single state medicaid director has signed on with these advocacy groups. so more power to your party, the democrats. they have been able to galvanize a really big voice and all of that spread how was i going to play a role? >> john: i think it was great to see that. i think it proves precisely the point this is a federal government religious icon.
9:35 am
and what lindsey graham's bill does is reverse 50 years of moving control over the health care system in washington and says give it to the states, let them decide how to do it. that today is a revolutionary principal. our founding fathers didn't think it was so revolutionary. they set it up to do it precisely that way. and whether democrats will vote for it, if republicans can show they can get 50 folks, that is to prove that vice president pence can break the tie, democrats will come along because then it is a free vote for them. joe mansion, donnelly and indiana. >> jessica: i can't really see that on issue. tax reform to me is a lot more likely to see bipartisan, my eyes even with the threshold met because there's a lot of symbolism that goes on right now in politics that who you stand with and if you oppose donald trump at every turn, it means a lot. i understand they were in red states and they've got to account for that, but i think pulling the lever yay for this
9:36 am
health care bill would you say is just kicking it back to the states, there is mass fear and not just because of fearmongering and act like that that pre-existing conditions are going to be covered, that medicaid expansion will be taken away. and as you know, nothing harder than to take away an entitlement. >> john: say these words, former senator manchin. when i went to pick your brain on this part of this because you have a 50 state medicaid director saying they're against us. there are some states that didn't take the medicare subsidy or big difference. if you look at how this is laid out, they're going to get a little bit of a bump in terms of premiums going down with the cassity-graham bill. why do you have such buy into these things? >> jessica: you have tremendous buy-in. i think they want something, and this is why you run the risk of being the opposition and this is partly what trump is treating
9:37 am
out here today, we are both against the health care bill, will forever in future political campaigns be known as the republican who saved obamacare. or the ambassadors sang former senator joe mansion. that is partly what you're up against. then you have rand paul responding with this, "holding a bill that keeps most of obamacare repeal doesn't make it true. that's with the swamp does. i won't be bribed or bullied." so i still see this as setting up for quite a fight. i don't know if they're going to be so successful. >> john: the person who's doing the bribing and the bullying here is rand paul. republicans have to have a big win in the senate. they have to show the 52 votes mean something. or they have to show that they can act like a majority and govern. this may be their last chance. >> jessica: doesn't matter that the bill doesn't do it would have us supposed to do either with repeal and replace? lisa murkowski was letting her
9:38 am
keep obamacare. >> harris: that's executive authority. one way or another, executive authority to put pressure on the system when he couldn't even go to members of his own party to delay and change his legislatio legislation, 45 times. that tells you that it had issues. he knew even when they had a bicameral majority, he couldn't get stuff done either. so i'm curious at this point if you've got that 50, and you've got vice president pence waiting in the wings, why republicans can't get it done. >> john: i think that's what they're aiming at. if they can get it done, i don't like this bill either but i think it's inadequate. i'd repeal it much, much more. >> harris: continue to repeal. >> jessica: i think they'll get it on taxes, but we will se see. the fbi warned president trump about russian connections of some of his top campaign officials. one senator says they've heard this before.
9:39 am
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>> welcome back. of the senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley writing a letter to the fbi asking if it took any steps to the drum campaign about possible russian connections to some of the campaign's top officials including palmetto for credit grassley says the bureau jested ask for the presidential run. in reading and close this, if they provided defensive morning to the trunk campaign, that would raise important questions about how the trump campaign responded. on the other hand, if the fbi did not alert the campaign, that would raise serious questions about what factors contributed to his decision and why it appears to have been handled differently in a very similar circumstance involving a previous campaign. a spokeswoman for mccains as no one on his team has any
9:44 am
memory of getting warnings from the intelligence community. so what is is all about and does is add more in questions to what the main motivation is for this fbi investigation? is it about simply finding meddling with the russians in our campaign or is it directed rectally for president trump? >> john: i think that's a question most americans want to know. i just think senator grassley's letter points out the fundamental reason why the fbi shouldn't be making decisions about breathing campaigns about suspicions from foreign involvement. the one exception that a presidential campaign when he's the candidate and maybe one or two other advisors who are receiving classified briefings which has been our custom since 1960, the people who may be under suspicion, who the fbi has a duty to say don't show it to that person because we feel it might be compromised. but i think for the fbi to be making political decisions like that would be a mistake.
9:45 am
to me, it calls into question again of what james was doing. i think he damaged the fbi terribly. i think his decisions were highly political. of right or wrong. >> do you think chuck grassley is wrong to bring this up and question the fbi? >> john: the point he's trying to make is there may be different treatment here. senator mccain is put into question given what he said about, and i don't know what the answer is. my protocol would be the fbi just doesn't tell people about this unless there is classified information. >> harris: james comey has so changed the game that we are in a sticky situation now because i think even the american people expect some information to come out of the fbi because he was giving information last summer in july when he was weighing in on whether he thought hillary clinton should be prosecuted. >> john: he never should've had that, not for the fbi director tell people what his investigation is pretty either prosecutor you close the file. >> harris: then the question becomes is a game change over just because he lost his job? that's complicated.
9:46 am
>> jessica: now it seems like there's an expectation that the fbi should be involved in the investigation and he was wrong in july and he was certainly wrong 11 days before the election. >> harris: hillary clinton named him as one of the reasons she lost. >> john: that he had to get in again. it just keeps getting worse. >> trish: the most are markable thing about it all was he sat there before congress and said i leaked my memos to my friend at columbia, who then leaked it to "the new york times." at a time when people were complaining about leaks within the fbi to begin with, the guy who ran the whole shot, hasn't been fired. >> jessica: there wouldn't be a special counselor here if that situation was brought in by himself by president trump who tweeted incredibly inappropriate things about this investigation sewed it put jeff sessions in a terrible position as well. there's a lot to the president should take for himself here. i'm not a friend of what james comey. >> harris: interesting to hear you say that because when the president fired him for all the things that you said, democrats wouldn't even get on board with that. it's interesting.
9:47 am
they don't know what they want. before we will move on. tensions at uc berkeley, the campus is gearing up to host a speaker as part of prespeech break. go on despite overwhelming backlash from liberals. you don't want to miss it.
9:48 am
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>> tensions escalating at the university of california berkeley with free speech week set to begin sunday. more than 150 dressers calling for a boycott. these are professors calling for a boycott of a free-speech week because it's featuring conservative speakers. at the university's chancellor emailing all student faculty and staff an exit reading "the idea is likely to be expressed by some of the speakers next week run counter to the principles of our community. particular the one that affirms the dignity of all individuals and encourages us to strive to uphold adjust community for discrimination and hate are not tolerated." some students say the backlash from campus liberals unwarrante unwarranted. >> so many faculty he read berkeley want to shut down their classes, want to stop the ability of so many students to learn. just to make a political statement. i've spoken with so many of my faculty and peers here at uc berkeley, and they are under the honest impression, they
9:52 am
earnestly believe that right-wingers are going to come here and attack them, are going to deport them, reveal their immigration status, et cetera. there might be violence, but won't be against liberal students, it won't be against doctorate recipients, it'll be be against conservative students. >> the university has been forced to cancel conservative speeches in the past due to security concerns following violent protests from liberal groups like this one. you're looking at video of that event back in february. i'm always amazed, jessica, by this idea that somehow the university which is supposed to really be a conduit, a diversity of thought and ideas, there is a total intolerance for anything that doesn't fit into their little box of what they think is right. >> jessica: and a public university, which adds another layer to this. this is incident prior to that college where you make your decisions about who comes and goes in that way. and get federal funding.
9:53 am
as you know, we all discuss this, i am not a fan of this. i'm a big fan of listening to conservatives. i think it is the only way that you arm yourself with just and true arguments against what you are hearing, if you listen to them in the first place because there is so much bad information. >> harris: maybe you can find common ground. >> jessica: it would be incredibly hard for me to find common ground with ann coulter or steve bannon or milo, these are people whose rhetoric i know very well. i read them over the years, i've heard them speak. but i do listen, it's part of my job and i think it's important. there was that poll out earlier this week that said 20% thing that is threatening violence is okay to make sure that a speaker can't come to the school. it took $600,000 to get ben shapiro up there. >> harris: people are listening to you too. that's the important thing. you are willing to listen to one side, many on that site are willing to listen to you. but not if we were at university of california berkeley right now. that wouldn't be allowed. >> harris: for this event, i
9:54 am
just want to say this because we have two guests onset, kia jones is here and who were the make america great. we are glad to have the moment one of the reasons that we have them is because they had to cancel on this free-speech event because they couldn't get enough security for these lovely women to go and perform. one thing in the national anthem, one also singing, what were you going to sing? god bless america. so there was not security for that going on at this berkeley event. berkeley used to be the bastion of free speech. don't you remember that? >> when i last speaker had to pay $600,000 just to protect that speaker. uc berkeley represents the very worst that's happened to the country into politics. as you said, college should be a place where students get a diverse selection of thought and when you have the chancellor of the school, that's what's motivating people to continue on with their antics, a chancellor same just to be clear, we don't agree with their way of thought. >> john: this is fundamentally
9:55 am
authoritarian. i think we have to wake up to the fact that free speech is under assault in this country. there are people who have priorities higher than speech. my? because they know better. and they are going to impose their values on the rest of us. it is a kind of newspeak philosophy from 1984. it is so fundamentally contrary to what we believe in this country. justice brandeis once wrote a great concurring opinion where he said many wise things, but he said most importantly, that the answer is always more speech, not enforced silence. with these people are doing is trying to enforced silence. i think people have got to speak up. i'd like to hear more people in congress, republican and democrat say they don't accept this. >> harris: living in this brown skin, if it hadn't been for free-speech, where would we be in this country on civil rights issues? >> jessica: and also for boycotts. it is a some of that a lot of people have problems with.
9:56 am
>> harris: it doesn't always have to be in agreement point. before you have to apply it when his people who disagree with you. that's the whole point. >> i interviewed the college of republicans, he's been threatened everywhere he goes on campus. i said why do you stay there? and he gave the same answer that harris just said bread what were i to leave? what were that get us? more "outnumbered" in just a more "outnumbered" in just a moment . call in the next ten minutes to save on... and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every dollar. put down the phone. and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every cent. grab your wallet. access denied. and if that's still not enough to help you save... ooo i need these! we'll just bring out the snowplow. you don't need those! we'll do anything, seriously anything, to help our customers. thanks. ally. do it right. you can use whipped topping made ...but real joyful moments.. are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip.
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>> that was a spirited hour, i never know how you feel. have a great weekend, we will see you on monday, "happening now" starts now. >> jon: a fox news alert, a protest at howard university stopped a speech by former fbi director james comey. >> julie: mr. comey threatened by two dozen protesters before he could begin his address. >> i am announcing a new executive order to target individuals, companies, financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. >> jon: tough talk with president trump on north korea's defiance, the rogue nation is answering with its own threats.


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