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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  September 23, 2017 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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>> dagen: john help me. >> like jonas needs more sugar. >> dagen: [laughter] neil is now . pre rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> i still got a kick out of that president trump calling this guy rocket man now what appears china is manning up i'm neil cavuto. if china is telling its banks to cutoff north korea charles payne says credit this guy leading america and gary willis, ben stein, and adam almost eshinski, so charles you like what you're hearing and seeing here? >> i think everyone is. listen it's tough, dangerous types and we need a straight shooter no more of the
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diplomatic talking past each other stuff at the u.n. that never has gotten anything resolved, the bottom line is that i think it was refreshing i think the world said it was refreshing and you heard whether it was china, japan almost every world leader said they appreciate it, what president trump had to say. they were probably relieved some president got up there and had the nerve to say it and who didn't like it north korea and new york types didn't like it that alltels me it must have been good. >> neil: and hillary clinton and every late night tv show host. ben stein what are the implications because lost in this is the very significant in road that this president made with the chinese to get them to stop the funding through their banks for north korea now hopefully that will happen but none of its predecessors were able to do that. what do you think? >> i question whether it's true frankly. i think the people who are on board who are not on board are the russians and there's a lot
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of dope flying around about how it's the russians who are giving the north koreans the rocket engines to help them get themselves into a position to attack the united states, so i would like to see mr. trump really work on the russians if he can but i have the feeling i just have a terrible terrible feeling that north korea's from mr. putin in this whole event and this is mr. putin's way of extending the new cold war and it scares me a lot. >> neil: it's interesting you say that because a lot of people were relieved when they heard that the chinese had made this commitment. of course we have to do the whole thing to verify leading putin aside for the time being, do you think that the chinese will act on that? >> well he may but i don't think they're reacting to trump here. i think they're reacting to north korea. trump is throwing words and no matter how upset the left gets he's not dropping missiles that's what north korea is doing see in the last 12 weeks five missiles, the last over japan's territories so that's what these
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folks are responding to and they should be because this is aggression. >> neil: do you know what's odd about it though charlie gasparin o, what if north korea is just unbound going broke and answering to no one? because hours after this promise on the part of the chinese and ben stein's right, but they're talking about testing hydrogen over the pacific ocean. >> that's a brilliant point. i agree. >> neil: minor ben stein. yours. >> oh, [laughter] >> i just argue and i think you're brilliant but it is a great point and here is something else we should keep in mind. what did steve bannon say right before i might have been the reason why he got fired. he gave that interview to the american prospect where he said something very interesting. he said if we engage with north korea it's almost game set match for south korea. they're going to destroy it with conventional weapons. forget about nuclear weapons . what steve bannon said is if you're going to really sit there
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and threaten them with force, be prepared for something really really bad to happen. i will say this. i like what donald trump said, you know i have no problem with him be littling that creepy little dictator in north korea but if you start drawing lines in the sand, this guy we were talking about this before. he surpassed every line you drew in the sand so now he calls them out and says we're going to destroy you right? he's now threatening a hydrogen bomb in the middle of the ocean. what will you do then when he does that because say we'll destroy that. >> neil: adam what do you think? >> well, you're going to group me with the new york times in iran and whoever else-- >> neil: we did that years ago [laughter] >> okay good sorry. we know where we stand. >> neil: right. >> i think donald trump crossed a very serious loin which is i've said this before. the united states president does not make undignified comments in front of the entire world. it doesn't, there's no point. >> neil: what was undignified? >> oh, calling somebody names is
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juvenile and isn't helpful. >> neil: what is it a name, elton john didn't seem to mind. >> [laughter] yes, rocket man is meant to be belittling and as you brought up, neil, if this guy's response is to set off an atmospheric hydrogen test-- >> neil: i brought that up. >> i don't think it will have been, no neil did. i don't think it would have been a very good idea. >> no i did. >> neil: well but that was more in response to i think the chinese, right? you could make the argument here that let's say its been even more isolated with the chinese and say get the benefit of the doubt they will follow-up on this and freeze all funding. he seems to be getting crazier. >> of course he's getting crazier. >> neil: really i thought that was only my insight. he's driven by disillusion and he has power and the greater the trajectory of these missiles, the greater the power in these,
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the more-- >> neil: something could go wrong. >> he's not just crazy he does have a strategic aim. >> neil: what is that? >> to take over the whole korean peninsula to force us into some sort of-- >> that's not going to happen. >> we don't know. >> i will just say this. okay? you put you force iraq in a corner generally they will fight and do stuff and by doing what trump is doing, by turning up the rhetoric you're forcing him to do something crazy. >> first of all, he doesn't start the missile program now. his grandfather-- . >> what do we do when he launch es the hydrogen bomb? this is an extension of policy that goes back decades three generations. >> what do we do when he blows the hydrogen bomb? >> that is a serious problem for the white house there's no doubt about it. we can't blame kim jong-un's actions on donald trump. >> neil: gary let me ask you
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this. let me ask you this is it your sense right now that let's say he is a cornered rat and i think he well remembers what happened when hussein was cornered and had to give up stuff and they both ended up dead and i think this kid whatever he is he's not an idiot and this is his only bargaining chip. >> gerri: right. >> neil: he's not giving it up. >> gerri: but he's also surround ed by people who may decide now is the time to give it up. it's not just him. there's a whole group of people there who will play into this decision is my guess. people are going to decide this game is too dangerous and maybe get him to walk it back. i think that's a possibility. look, the reality is we're not dropping the missiles. he is. >> we know that. >> gerri: we turned up the rhetoric. >> what happens, we just drew a line the president of the united states just drew a line. what happens? >> gerri: he's drawn multiple lines, come on. >> that's why he stays in power.
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what happens when he drops the hydrogen bomb in the middle of the ocean and he says come and get me? >> neil: adam let me ask you about that. he is going to do this test i guess it would be the first atmospheric test he's promising since the chinese did something like this back in 1980. now that could be a concern because wherever that is blown up, you could disrupt electronics, planes could fall out of the air, so they would have to be something well telegraphed and they couldn't just surprise people with this and their history is they don't do that so then what? >> it's a huge concern for multiple reasons and if that happens, i think charlie is absolutely right. the united states will be forced to take some horrible horrible action. >> neil: wait so that test alone would be a provocative actin your eyes? >> quite possibly, yes. >> neil: you didn't say quite possibly before. is it a provocative act or not? >> isn't it?
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>> neil: it is. >> neil: ben stein is that a provocative, is that an act of war? >> it's a clear provocative act. i'm not sure it's an act of war but i'll tell you instead of all these words i'd like to see them get rid of the sequester and increase the defense budget by $150 billion including major league spending on anti-missile defense. that would be in a lot more than words, let's stop with all of the words and actually have a real meaningful defense against missiles. that would moon a lot more. it would impress incredibly horrible kim jong-un regime. >> he could take out south korea with conventional weapons. i'm just saying that. >> neil: we shall see. meantime, you hear a lot about the left or the right but what about the revolt going on in the left? >> [crowd chanting ]
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>> today the president getting slammed for saying he's always going to put america first but find out what warren buffet just said at the forbes 100th birthday celebration that could have critics changing their minds, we'll see you at the top of the hour. natural balance. for a free sample, call 1-877-get-tena.
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>> live from america's news headquarters in washington good saturday morning to you. president trump hitting the campaign trail for alabama senator luther strange holding a rally in huntsville last night in which he tried to make the case for the senator in tuesday 's run off election against judge roy moore. the president saying he appreciated how luther strange supported a bill to replace obamacare without asking for any favors in return and speaking of obamacare the president blasting senator john mccain after he announced his opposition to the latest gop effort to pass a healthcare bill. mccain saying he could not support the bill to replace
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obamacare in good conscience. the president calling it " horrible horrible thing for the party." i'm leeland vittard, back back to cavuto on business. >> and despite the fight for the dreamers do you want to listen or do you just want to shout? >> [crowd shouting and cheering >> you don't know what you're talking about. why don't we do this. since you don't want to listen, since you don't want to listen, we'll have to just go. you don't want to listen. >> neil: i was reliving my fourth grade teacher right there >> [laughter] >> neil: if you aren't going to participate mr. cavuto we just have to go.
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anyway, nancy pelosi feeling pressure from her own party, this group of protesters shouting her down for not doing enough to protect illegal immigrants. adam forget the right. are we missing the fight on the left? what's going on here? >> oh, you know, we live in a great country where descent is encouraged as part of our process. if anything so yes, there is a disarray on the left, there's disarray on the right and if anything, i think this is a really positive statement for the democrats. >> neil: oh, my god. >> yeah, look, look nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are-- >> neil: that's like saying we didn't burn the house down, but come on. that's something you don't see every day, buddy this is a group that should be thanking her left and right. she's giving them legal stature and holding and then this is how they pay back. >> well from their perspective, she's, you know, she's negotiat ing with that horrible man.
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>> neil: that's what did it. that's what did it. >> and my point is that she's attempting govern as is chuck schumer as are a lot of people in the republican party and that's a good thing. >> neil: ben stein is that a good thing? or is it worrisome? >> ben: it's a great thing that we have a free country but it's a terrible thing that people are shouted down at rallies, they're shouted down at town meetings and county meetings and town halls and it's a terrible thing that the left wings and antifa and horrible creepy people in san francisco are shouting down nancy pelosi. it's a horrible anti-democrat anti-free speech thing. >> they didn't get me on camera there neil. back to the room. >> neil: this is where it begins , the statement of ben stein are not necessarily those. all right charlie gasparino, the fact of the matter is it does reveal it gives them that we've taken to believe it's only happening on the right. >> right and i think it's a great thing that the left is starting to see its own and it's
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like a dog returning to its own vomit. that's the only way you could describe it. >> neil: [laughter] >> gerri: he likes that breakfast. >> and here is why. here is why adam. you and your liberal friends have been terrorizeing, the left has been terrorizing conservatives on campuses, instilling this bizarre and pc culture that's now extending to the fact that even if you're a moderate liberal, you get attacked by the antifa and all these creepy left wingers and i think it's good because now they get a taste of their own medicine. >> neil: well you could extend it in a way charles payne the push on a left to get a single payer health system causing many moderates to recoil in the party >> oh, no listen. people don't want to admit is that under president obama, the democrats were deci mated on the state and citywide level. there was a message sent to that party by the american public that time magazine on the current cover admits that this is the most trouble they've been
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in since 1929 and they could go the way of the wigs and talk about this all they want but the bottom line right now the democrats are in tremendous trouble and i disagree with adam and the fact they're sticking with the schumer and pelosi of the world will make their demise more quick rather than slower. >> neil: but here is an interesting subset, that a lot of this and it started with the overtures that add am alluded to that nancy pelosi and schumer made to donald trump, could donald trump heard about it on the far right saying what are you doing what are you doing so there does seem to be very little wiggle room for cooperation here on anything. >> gerri: well absolutely but look, its been conventional wisdom the republican party can't get it back together but no surprise the democrats have troubles too. they did not win the election. why? not everybody was on board and now i think the president does the smart thing by going out and carving out a few people here and a few people there. it's his only option to bring people together on the things that really matter like tax reform. >> neil: but if you rebell with
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that, then you can only go so far. >> they've been, listen, we were , you were at the democratic convention in philly. if you saw the far left protesting there, it was insane. >> neil: actually i was not you might recall i had open heart surgery. >> oh, that's right you were there in spirit though. >> neil: thank you though. i thought you were there but in any event, i thought i was talking to you somehow. >> neil: [laughter] >> but in any event good memory though. >> neil: must have missed the fruit basket. >> but they were burning the far left the bernie supporters a lot bernie sanders were burning israeli flags. i mean, it's an incredible-- >> gerri: it's out of control. >> neil: in the meantime here, a lesson from toys r us, maybe for all of us after this.
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>> neil: all those toys r us kids facing a very grown up lesson and americans are ready to shop and spend big. our guys have the stocks, you should buy
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>> neil: boy i couldn't believe this one. no more fun and games for toys r us officially filing for bankruptcy. the top toy retailer facing the fate of so many others in the past like blackberry and the walkman, all category killers that eventually got killed themselves. been stein obviously a lesson here but what is it? >> ben: buyout buyouts are trying to get something for nothing they don't always work it's a very risky game the only people who come out are the investment bankers something to be aware. >> neil: could it also be sometimes they think being on top charles payne is a birth
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right? listen, there's no doubt they got stuck in the same sort of attitude a lot of big companies have and that's why they got bit by the thing called creative disruption. if you don't look ahead if you don't forward thinking no matter how large you are as a corporation you will be brought down and they should have seen the internet and really been ahead of the curve. >> neil: lessons for today any of the given giants today that could get picked off but we don't see it? >> well it's occurring before our eyes with television unfortunately. we're being disinter mediated too. >> neil: what? >> disinter mediated by the internet. >> neil: i knew it. >> they're watching us on those devices for now until our audience dies. >> neil: i understand on an iphone very thin so that's okay. >> i'll just say there's a force here that is another $3 word that is beyond control of a lot of companies. >> neil: gary? >> gerri: well if you're a
7:55 am
capitalist you have to be ready to rumble and go with the times and find a new thing to do. i think these guys were asleep at the wheel. >> neil: adam, the technology industry is right with these type of examples it happens all the time but how do these companies keep repeating it? >> well they don't listen, they don't learn the lessons of history. andy grove the ceo of intel wrote a book called on only the paranoid survive. >> neil: what do you mean by that? >> you have to be paranoid that someone else is coming after you and you have to act on that every single day. that's what the great companies do and toys r us didn't. >> neil: you know, we look at i was kind of mentioning the example of kmart, when it was king and wal-mart came along and then amazon came to wal-mart, but there is always someone new. you always got to be on your seat for that but the toys r us thing? >> gerri: well look this is a company do you really want to bring your 5-year-old child to a toys r us? wouldn't you rather shop online and not face the trouble of getting them into one of these stores where they go crazy for
7:56 am
five hours? it's just the reality if you're a mom. >> oh, my goodness last time i went there i tripped over two kids and you know the thing is they do want to make mem want to come there. >> but that's in the middle. it's beyond their control and by the way, where is news week today? >> neil: online, right? >> barely. >> neil: all right i want to thank charlie, gerri, nearly half of all americans plan to make a very big purchase by the end of the year. our guys have the stock to help you pay for it right after this.
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... same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you too. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges. >> all right, stocks to help pay for that major buy, charles. >> a dallas based construction company, a lot of rebuilding in texas and a lot of places. neil: an understatement. all right, adam. >> vot, a vanguard mid market-- mid cap growth fund. similar way to play the index craze that ben loves so much.
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neil: ben, what do you think of that? what are you doing? >> it's fine, but i would stick with the spdr's through the high and low, through hell or high water. if mr. buffet likes them, i like them. neil: and here is dave. >> as president of the united states, i will always put america first, just like you, as the leaders of your countries, will always and should always put your countries first. david: our president taking a lot of heat for wanting to put america first? but why? another billionaire at the 100th birthday bash for forbes is proving the president is absolutely right. take a listen. >> being short america has been a loser game, and that -- (applause) >> and i just predict to you, it will continueo


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