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tv   Americas News HQ  FOXNEWSW  September 23, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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don't think the rest of us should. is it for this weeks show. thank you to all of you for watching. we hope to see you right here next week. president trump is calling for them to be fired if they kneel during the national anthem. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. and for julie henderson this afternoon. the president is unloading last night. president trump slammed that practice made prominence by the former san francisco 49ers. saint the nfl players should lose their jobs if they don't stand for this part -- start angled banner. the president stayed here today. what is the president saying
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about all of this now. >> not only is he not backing down the president is adding fuel to this growing controversy by saying this. about an hour ago if a player once the privilege of making millions of dollars in the nfl or other leaks they should not be allowed to disrespect our great american flags or country and should stand for the national anthem. if not you are fired. find something else to do. that kind of language has brought out a tremendous amount of response from players and people within the league they called that kind of language divisive the have of the players union said it was a slap in the face to civil rights leaders into the first amendment. that is not all. from football or basketball stick with me now. president trump today has also disinvited steph curry from visiting the white house as his customary after winning an nba championship he said
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yesterday he didn't want to go because of some of the things that president trump has said in the past. they said hey, resend rescinded his invitation. we've never seen anything quite like this because he it never have a president like president trump. we also live in an age of social media and everybody has a voice. they haven't told just to stick to sports. they want to have a social change. they have lebron james coming out. a bomb. kobe bryant said there is no way to the present trump can make america great again with these kinds of divisive language. here you have president trump really in a verbal war with some of the biggest stars about the nfl and the nba. >> it sounds like the present is really digging his heels
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and. he feels like they're seen in the weight of the latest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. there are three senators that are considered to be the make or break here. and today president trump has tweeted at all three of them that he has tweeted the most at senator john mccain. he never had any intention of voting for this bill he campaigned on repeal and replace. he let arizona down. he is just simply voting his conscience. without first knowing what the score is. and how much it is going to cost and he also said he's not going to vote for a bill that doesn't at least try to have some kind of bipartisan support. he believes that's absolutely critical in order to pass some kind of meaningful health care
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reform. president trump is not taking it on twitter at all today. it sounds like twitter is really twitter is really on fire today. a magnitude 3.4 earthquake rocked north korea today. not far from where it launched its most powerful nuclear tests earlier this month. the four minister told countries that the regime is not afraid of threats from the threat from the united states. trump might not had been aware. what we will make sure that he bears that far beyond his words. far beyond the scope of what he can handle even if he is ready to do so. greg palkot is live with more details on what is happening
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there. good to see you greg. and also what is happening in new york. we expected some very strong words from that north korean foreign minister and guess what we got it. speaking before the body of the un general assembly there was a direct review to president trump in his calling they said that only made in evitable a visit by north korean rockets into the main length of the nine seats. and went on to say if innocent american lives were lost than present trump would be held totally responsible saying that he was the one on a suicide mission. amid a new orchestrated rally the capital of north korea that foreign minister made the assertion that north korea was only steps away from the completion of a nuclear force. and that they would not stop in the face of what he called
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illegal sanctions. they flew to the east of this. in the general area. the path of the missile launch last week. this shows the resolve of the united states it has many military options. late saturday. korean time. there was a report of an earthquake in northeastern north korea. the initial report coming from china was that in fact it was triggered by an explosion with south korean officials. they said it was naturally based. but it could be tied to geological shifts in the mountains there from the nuclear test early this month. one final note back to that north korean foreign minister address the words only upping
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the ante it is now back to president trump. we will continue to do the developments in this story. and with the world focus on the showdown with north korea another threat is also growing. i ran now claims to have successfully tested a new ballistic missile that is capable of reaching much of the middle east including israel and it comes as they are promising to boost the weapons capabilities. they threat to ditch the nuclear deal in the wake of the continuing provocation. and just days after president trump accused iran at the general assembly is building i would like to bring in good afternoon thank you for joining us.
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the first thing i want to get to with you is the response. the last round of missile test came in february and it took the white house the trump administration until roughly july to respond with a new set of sanctions what are the options on the table here. what you think the trump white house is most likely considering. first of all it's important to note that the iran deal that was negotiated did not include ballistic missile. this is one of the fatal flaws of the iran deal. nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles go hand in glove. our countries can get rid of the nuclear weapons program. iran didn't do that. it does call into question the sincerity about entertaining not.
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of course was not just about getting those questions. they needed to gain legitimacy. the ones that don't have to do. they were trying to squeeze it. it sounds like the met latest missile test was not a violation of the letter of the lot when it law when it comes to the nuclear deal. even those sanctions and the un security council revolution that pass. they were not biting.
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it is true that the iranians continue testing their missile -- program. they have to come up with an overall strategy to get them back into international isolation so that we could work on the deal again. the obama ministration just wanted to give them legitimacy. i want to get your reaction to what president trump said about this. at the un general assembly just a couple of days ago i believe we have that here for you. >> we cannot abide up by an by the agreement if it provides cover for the construction of a nuclear program. the united states has ever entered into. frankly, the deal is an
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embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you have heard the last of it. believe me. >> the president as you know has already had to re- certify the compliance during the course of the young administration. she has admittedly been very begrudging. if you are a betting person what do you think the president is going to do. is he going to recertify. how is he going to do it again with one hand tied behind its back. made it very difficult for the following administration. we want the international community behind us. to get a rent squeeze so hard that it was willing to even come to the table.
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while also noting the problems that it sees with compliance. there is great evidence. and we can do that sort of putting them on the record and chiming sunlight on them. and in trying to rally can international support. in trying to make sure that other the other companies across the world know that it's not safe or good investment to invest in iran. barack obama when he was president he even said even if it works perfectly all we did was move the breakout capabilities. from three months to a year. the iranians can cheat on the margins and then and six or seven or eight years breakout the ballistic missile capability. present trump has a lot of things to say over the next
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few months. >> another earthquake racking mexico. today magnitude 6.1 quake hit the southern part of the country 's sake -- shaking buildings. 305 people have now been recorded killed in the powerful earthquake that hit the country earlier this week. jonathan hunt is live in mexico city. more than four full days is inset 7.1 earthquake hit hard here in mexico city. behind me this is what remains of an office building that collapse. they are peeling away each layer of rubble hoping against hope that even at this stage we might yet find somebody
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trapped in an air pocket perhaps it was some with some sort of water supply with them. as everyone in the minute goes by. the defamed urban search and rescue team. part of a long lot of usa that's coming in there. she said the united states is committed to mexico's long-term recovery. listen here. >> initial response is actually overflowing in the city of mexico. the question is how are you going to rebuild and how are you gonna do long term. and we will take our cue from her mexican counterparts and we will see what we are able to help provide. you mentioned that earthquake this morning. about 300 miles south of mexico city it set off the
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earthquake here in mexico city. obviously very panic. among the many taller buildings that was evacuated. no damage here in mexico city itself from the news earthquake. we are getting reports of damage much further south. we will keep you posted from a we hear down there. present trump rallied last night for loose or strange in alabama but well that help him. will it help the senator in tuesday's election. we are on the ground there. plus the growing war of words. as it makes news threats we discuss all of the options the options on the table coming up next.
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welcome back china's weather expert said that magnitude 3.4 earthquake that rocked north korea today it was natural and
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not caused by a nuclear test. it happened in the northeastern part of the country not far from the regime's nuclear test site. he made new threats this week about testing hydrogen bomb. a hydrogen bomb. a firing speech at the un today responding to present trump's appearance at the world body. >> what else could be a bigger threat than the violent remarks such as pouring fire and fury in total destruction coming from the top authority. with the security programs. to weigh in on the war of words. it's how we can best describe it. a fiery rhetoric that you and.
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stating that the united states would actually totally destroyed north korea if provoked and led into a war. and now we have kim jung un responding in kind. the war of words doesn't do us any good to get to a place of diplomatic peaceful solutions. it's nice to be with you in person. i get to actually come to new york and say hello. this is starting to feel like there are a lot of moving parts. sometimes you get more even when you don't want it. and we had had study escalation even today. and i'm concerned about it. my other friends looked at kim jung un's statements and if you were to follow through on the promise which he has
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personally invested in. to test a weapon in the pacific it would be very dangerous. what is compelling him to take these kinds of provocative steps in the face of the world that says stop it, put it down. and develop something good for your people who have been lost in poverty and human trafficking and the like. he has done nothing good for his own country except to start building up this nuclear arsenal and avoided according to new figures. as you might guest with the most opaque country in the world. it's hard to know what his intentions are. some people said is defensive in nature. the only answer to that is to have a nuclear weapon. others say he wants it for bargaining.
1:23 pm
to be able to enter the international community on his own terms. some had suggested it's about having a sense of crisis. let me add this. that is all sort of general. when you're calling me names and has been reported that the cia briefed the president and in that briefing said his skin -- thin-skinned. there might be some emotional elements not just a strategic element. but the president did it anyway. what is that next step in terms of bringing this to a diplomatic peaceful end. my stock answer to that is we need to open up diplomatic relations. that's probably can be very difficult.
1:24 pm
because having personally insulted the north korean leader the best we can hope for is maybe a pause. and then quietly and away from the tv cameras try something behind the scenes. hopefully we have not come to that. i'm feeling more nervous than and i have a long time. i'm hoping we can get back. >> it's great to see you in person. eight as pouring in to help hurricane ravaged puerto rico this weekend. >> they will not be able to repair it on their own. they deserve it quickly. another threat looming over the island. why thousands are evacuating. the senator ahead of tuesday's
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he sets me up with tailored products and services. and when my advisor is focused on my tech, i can focus on my small business. ♪ a dell advisor can help you choose the right products with powerful intel® core™ processors. ♪ present trump taking center stage in a hard fought runoff in alabama. president trump giving a ringing endorsement to loose or strange the fill in for the seat jeff sessions held before he became attorney general. here is the president less and a campaign rally in huntsville just days before voters go to the polls. the only life in public years and he's been in washington
1:30 pm
for even less time than me. he doesn't know all of these people that he supposed to know he has the mind that you want. and in his short time in public office. he has proved that he is not beholden to anyone and not afraid to take on anyone. his primary opponent judge peter ducey is alive following all of this from moyer alabama. >> steve bennett who helped draw up the playbook that got him elected is coming to alabama to try to help judge roy moore beat the candidate that president trump has endorsed. he will come here to alabama on monday night for a rally this is not some sort of a challenge to the present or a conflict to the president instead a way to help the president advance has advances
1:31 pm
agenda because he does not think the candidate the president is endorsing is the best person to do that. the president admitted he will end up campaigning on behalf of whichever republican wins tuesday's runoff. and maybe he would be better endorsing judge moore. luther doesn't when they won't say we picked up 25 points. the president of the united states was unable to pull his candidate across the line is it terrible moment. the present also tried to reassure people concerned that he is too tight with mitch mcconnell that he's really not. and that something that he tried to reinforce this morning.
1:32 pm
the president said it better than anyone. i just met him a few months ago. i've been in washington less time than donald trump has. i mean saddled with that. there's a lot of people out there that have an agenda against him. they will try to use me as some sort of symbol of that. i am the newest person to be in washington. the white house wants wants him to be in washington for a long time. the vice president is coming to campaign for him on monday. the same day that more well had phil robinson from duck dynasty campaigning on his behalf. has a lot going on in alabama. so it's just three days now until the alabama run off vote. i want to bring in the former president bill clinton advisor.
1:33 pm
the former deputy assistant. gentlemen, good afternoon. thank you for being with us. i want to get your quick topline thoughts on the remarks in alabama last night. this was a speech that went on for an hour and 20 minutes. he covered it pretty much every major domestic and foreign policy agenda item that he has been grappling with right now. it's kind of like the state of the union came early for americans this year. doug, i will go with you first. i think it was a artful speech by president trump for president trump yes he endorsed him he also made it clear he was happy if he won the primary. it's given that he is leading virtually everyone.
1:34 pm
and the president covered issue after issue. he made it clear that this was a bigger speech than just a simple endorsement. what was your top line take away. he told the audience how important it was to make sure that we have a republican continue and it u.s. senate seat. our majorities are thin even with the majority that we have. it's still tough to get things done. trump is can take anybody he can get on tuesday in order to make sure he went the general election in december. the president just didn't talk about that. he wasn't highlighting the senate. what is that signal. that the president knows that
1:35 pm
they will lose on tuesday and he does not want the clip you played shows he does not want to be brad is right. he wants to win and if roy moore wins. let's be clear he wants credit for that too. he even said in no uncertain terms at the beginning of the speech that the only reason he endorsed him that was kind of telling. is a selection i think they will definitely spin it that
1:36 pm
way i don't think it is. i think this is a off year election is a spot to fill a vacancy and as a double type the turnouts are relatively low. you're getting a very low percentage of people coming out. to determine who that senator is. but certainly it will create fodder if we lose the seat for sure. doug, maybe this is not a referendum on president trump per se but it certainly is it not a test of his political prowess and how the diehard supporters will stand behind him in a race like this. does it not signal anything about 2018. that will come in december as brad alluded to or wins a
1:37 pm
seat. it is a test for the president because he did put the proceeds of his office behind luther strange. the problem is that more diehard supporters are backing him now. we've only got a couple of seconds left. i'm taking bets who do you think is gonna come out on top in this primary. what he have to say. stranger things have happened. i will hold you both accountable. we will get back to viewers with that. thank you so much for joining us. and as we mentioned the former white house manager ahead of the republican senate primary election. sean hannity has an exclusive interview coming up on monday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
1:38 pm
the new time slot is starting on monday. melania trump making her first official trip out of the country. she is leading the u.s. delegation to the in victor's games. they were founded by britain's prince harry as analytics out competition for wounded servicemembers and veterans. she addressed the athletes. good afternoon. i am so honored to be with you all today. and to have this opportunity to lead the united states delegation here to canada to support all of you as you compete in this year's games. i learned in vic did means unconquered. stay true to your fighting spirit. you have given you truly are our heroes. on behalf of my husband and our entire country i want to
1:39 pm
thank you and your families for all you had sacrificed to keep us safe. i also want to wish you good luck i know you won't need it. in these games. take that fighting spirit that i know you have and bring home the gold. god bless you and your families and god bless the united states of america. with the first lady first lady of the united states speaking to the american delegation. very good things that she said there. it's so nice to see in the united states really throwing its weight behind this.
1:40 pm
as a gesture without a doubt. he understands what sacrifice what they do to protect their countries. unconquered and so keeping that fighting spirit. i think he served ten years in afghanistan. he really knows what is talking about when it comes to that. he have to remain under the radar. they also have some great valuable things. a great show of support.
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>> the senate gop's last ditch effort to overhaul obamacare could be in jeopardy. it is just one vote away from failure. after senator john mccain announced yesterday that he would oppose it in an exclusive interview hhs secretary tom price said this
1:46 pm
despite is not over. >> the president said last lessening the promise of the majority in congress in the house in the senate was to repeal and replace. the reason it is not dead is because it is not finished the bill has not been completed. we continue to work on it through this weekend. it will be rolled out next week. >> marsha blackburn joins us now to discuss this. she is a member of the house energy and commerce committee. i have to say in full disclosure i love the state of tennessee. i'm not from there but you run a pretty good state down there. i was as when asking though. you are concerned about health care as it relates to not just tennesseans but people throughout the country. what did you say about this current impediment that appears to be running full circle for the senate once again. i have to tell you that you say one of vote away from failure and you say one vote
1:47 pm
away from victory. that is kind of where we are. as secretary price said they are continuing to work on it. if you look at obamacare by the emotion --dash back by -- by the numbers and not the emotion. 19million americans have opted to take themselves out of this and pay penalties. you were talking about tennessee we had 121,000. they choose to pay penalties amounted to $54 million. so that they have that. they did not had to go into this high price center. they can't afford to buy or use it when they get it. here is the kicker on this. you're 47,000 of those individuals that opted to pay the penalty with incomes of $25,000 or less. so is not working but what you
1:48 pm
had is a system that is going to fall under its own weight and we do not want people to be caught in this trap. in the 9 million americans who are in the affordable care act marketplace and you had $1.6 million that are paying the full load. the balance are getting this insurance with the subsidy and they are the ones that are going to be terribly hurt if we do not get in here and if we do not clean this up. it is imperative that we make certain that everyone has access to affordable healthcare and making certain that we take this. >> usually not so very well. in terms of the perspective but as you know in the senate there is a lot of different heads spinning around this entire issue senator mccain of course he wanted to say i take no pleasure in doing this.
1:49 pm
he said in good conscience he couldn't do it because he wants to see a bipartisan approach to this. if this fails and you are saying that it will not and many people are in agreement with you. should it fail do you come back to the table and find some way to do it with republicans and democrats at the table? >> we would love for democrats to join us in this. just as we approached health reform earlier before the affordable care act was put on the table we wanted that to be bipartisan. would like for this to be bipartisan in to be lasting. so we encourage democrats to engage in the process in i understand that senators cassidy and graham are working to see if a couple of democrat senators will join them in this effort. so that americans are not put in the position of having to lose access to health insurance.
1:50 pm
>> good to talk to you today. >> thank you. >> we should use footage of the first lady in toronto leading the american delegation to the in victor's games. we will have much more on this mission coming up next. managing blood sugar is a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal... ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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firstly the melania trump is in toronto leaving the u.s. delegation of the in victor's games for wooded veterans. she is expected to attend the opening ceremony alongside the founder friends prince harry. marianne rapidly joins us now. with more on these games in the u.s. participation. mary and what can you tell us. the first lady is meeting with the team usa on what is her first solo international trip. earlier today the first lady shook hands prince harry the with prince harry the founder of the games. it is the third annual in victor's games. they are the brain trials is a way to reach out to wounded
1:55 pm
servicemen around the world they are dealing with life-threatening illnesses or injuries. the veterans who compete say it's about much more than winning. >> without any of these events or programs around the u.s. i think we lose a lot more than we have. without groups or sporting events i feel lost. 550 athletes like sergeant roberts are competing from 16 countries all of the veterans who compete will take home a metal. and then later on today the first lady will meet with the canadian prime minister before participating in the opening ceremony for the games. live from los angeles thank you. and let's say a note of gratitude to all of the veterans out there who serve in harm's way and make it back here and they continue to be
1:56 pm
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>> president trump taking aim right at the nfl sparking controversy and a response in the league's player's union this weekend. now the commissioner has also weighed in. welcome. i'm eric shawn. this is america's news headquarters. >> hello everyone. i'm arthel neville. with the president railing against nfl players who take a knee during the national anthem, former san francisco 49ers quarterback capkaepernick start the tradition last season. mr. trump sayi ining nfl owners should fire players who refuse to stand during the star spangled banner and referring to those players with a word we won't repeat here. the union defending the right of those athletes to


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