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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  September 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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us. stick around to the "fox report". rick leventhal is in the chair. >> have a good afternoon. see you tomorrow. >> for sports and politics in a collision. some of the biggest athletes in the country are heading back. i'm rick leventhal and this is the "fox report". basketball, step curry in the golden state warriors to the white house and on friday curry said he did not want to join his team to meet the president after their championship when the president fired back to eating "imitation is withdrawn. targeting professional football urging nfl owners to fire players who kneeled during the national anthem.
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colin kapnick was the first to draw attention taking a knee during the star-spangled banner. numerous other players have followed his lead. kristin fisher has more from somerset, new jersey. bring us up to speed on this growing feud between the president and some of the biggest stars and national sports. >> rick, these two stories have consumed the internet and consumed the rapidly intercepting rule under world of sports and politics. statements have been pouring out all day long from politicians and athletes but i want to share with you guys starting off the statement that started it all from present last night at the rally in alabama. listen. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when someone disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [bleep] off the field right now. he's fired. [cheering] reporter: it is pretty rare for the nfl commissioner to weigh into the political arena but he did so to date with the statement and reads: now,
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president of responding rackley to that statement by saying this quote: president is not backing down one bit. on the very same day that all of this is happening president trump also disinvited one of the biggest stars in the nba from attending the white house. he talks about golden state warrior guard, step curry after winning the nba championship he said yesterday that he was hesitant to go to the white house because of president drops politics. president trump said fine you are no longer welcome and now the entire team is not going and instead the team put out as statement that they are celebrating quality, diversion and instead of going to the
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white house. rick: remarkable stuff and will have more on this in a minute. president just hasn't been tweeting about sports but also about healthcare and area. reporter: there has been a lot of political talk as well on twitter from the president today. in terms of healthcare, you have this third attempt from republicans to repeal and replace obamacare and there are three senators that are going to be make or break vote and president trump has spent today calling out all three of them on twitter but none more so than senator john mccain. he has reserved for tweets for senator mccain today and here is one of them. this came moments ago. tell that to the people of arizona were deceived 116% increase. i can remember mccain voted against the last republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare back in july and he did so again just yesterday
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saying that he didn't want to pass the bill without knowing how much it would cost in with the cbo score was in without securing some kind of bipartisan support. as for iran, another tweet from president trump just tested another ballistic missile. president trump responded with quote: so, you're this happening in iran and north korea threatening to test another nuclear weapon but according to americans on twitter and social media the thing that is dominating the conversation there is this growing feud between the president of the united states and some of the biggest athletes in the usa. rick. rick: will have more on north korea later this hour but this is what people are talking about and we want to get into more on this nfl, nba controversy.
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will go to legendary tv sportscaster warner wolf. we appreciate you joining us tonight. >> thank you, rick. i always enjoy your work in the field for all these years. rick: i appreciate that, warner. what is your reaction to what is going on between the white house and these pro sports leagues coursework. >> first of all, it is okay to protest. the problem is where. it is where. you don't protest using a stage exploiting the place where you work. it's as simple as that. they want to protest, fine, go ahead but do it on your own time and in your own facility. not the stage and platform where you work. these guys are being paid millions of dollars to play and not to use it for another aspect. that is wrong. rick: what is the risk to the
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league of these kind of protests continue? is there a risk to the league? >> it depends on the fans. if the fans walk out and it also depends on the tv ratings and if they go down, well, maybe roger could out will take a stand. he has certainly didn't today, that's for sure. rick: back to the nba for a moment, the warriors released a statement that read: clearly, the team is standing together on this point and real quick lebron james also weighed in among other athletes and he called the president a bum. he said you bomb, he already said he ain't going so eight no invite. going to the white house was an honor until you showed up. speaking of course, about the president. >> first of all, the lawyers had
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the support of a steph curry stands. that is why they are not going. if steph curry had said he go, they all would have gone. it won't change anything. tom brady didn't show up when obama was the president. so what? they are just ballplayers. it doesn't change anything. to me, the interesting and as far as being invited and then withdrawn, if you invited someone to a party and they said we don't want to come so you say don't come, i'll take the invite back. look, what is the big deal? the other thing is -- yeah. rick: i have to believe all these years of presidents inviting teams to the white house that there were players on this team that didn't support that particular president but they showed up anyway and now this thing has been turned on its head. >> yes, to me, rick, the interesting thing is that the players who disrespect the flag and the income those are the two symbols that give them the right
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to free speech and disrespect and say what they want. they are stepping on the hand that feeds them. i've got to tell you something. i was in the service as hundreds of thousands of people were and somewhere in combat, force. hey, the flag and the anthem were very important. they represented the country and, as i said, the right to freedom of speech. these guys are complaining and that is the right to give them the speech again, to me, they are quick. the bottom line is when a protest fine, nothing wrong with that but don't do it on my time in my place. rick: we appreciate your time tonight, warner. sure we're not heard the last of this.
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>> thank you. rick: meanwhile, north korea saying president trump will be responsible for all lives lost if the two countries go to war. the rogue regimes foreign minister making a blistering speech at the un general assembly in new york city saying trumps rhetoric is to blame for their nuclear force. senior foreign affairs greg reports on this from suffering. reporter: we expected strong words coming from the north korean foreign minister and the un general assembly today and guess what we got them. speaking before the august body of the un general assembly there was a direct rebuke to president trump and calling kim jong-un in a rocket man. he said that only made the inevitable visit by north korean rockets to the mainland of the united states and he went on to say that innocent american lives are lost president trump will be held totally responsible asserting that he was the one on a suicide mission. amid another orchestrated anti- us rally in the capital of north
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korea, foreign minister made the assertion that north korea was only steps away from the completion of a nuclear force including h bonds and icbms and that they would not stop in the face of what he calls illegal sessions. all this comes by the united states bombers in jet fighters to the east of north korea and to the north of the dnc and crucially in the general area the path of that north korean missile launch last week. the us military spokesman saying that shows the resolve of the united states and it shows that it has many military options. finally, yes, there was a bit of a nuke scare on the korean peninsula today. late saturday korean time the reports of an earthquake in north korea, not far from where the regime had this nuclear test site, the initial report comes from china that it triggered by an explosion but south korean officials in the us officials weighed in and said it was
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naturally based but could of been related to geological shifts from the nuclear test there earlier this month. one more note about north korean foreign minister speech, before the general assembly, kim jong-un and is upping the ante in a global smack between north korea and the united states. now it is back to president trump. rick. rick: reporting from seoul, south korea. the world is focused on the showdown with north korea another threat may be growing. he iran claiming to successfully tested a new ballistic missile even as the nuclear deal with iran hangs in the balance for is the trump administration facing a new foreign-policy crisis? plus, another powerful earthquake rocked mexico after two others killed more than 300 people. we have the latest on those recovery efforts from the scene. >> their children and we even grabbed our animals. they are important, too. they are part of our family.
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♪ rick: strong aftershock rocking mexico. the magnitude 6.1 quake hitting the southern part of the country earlier saturday just days after much more powerful earthquake killed at least 305 people. the chief corresponded jonathan hunt joins us now from mexico city with the latest. jonathan, what is happening with search and rescue efforts? reporter: search and rescue effort is on going despite the fact that we are now comfortably past the 100 hour mark, four days since that huge earthquake hit. one of the major operations is going on behind me here. you can see dozens of highly skilled rescue workers they are on top of what once was a six story office building. they are picking precariously through that rubble, hoping against hope, that they might
4:16 pm
yet find survivors. one of the rescue teams up there is from the la county fire department urban search and rescue squad. i spoke to the team leader, dennis croft, earlier today and he said no one is ready to give up. listen here. >> there is a timeframe and it varies but we will never stop searching and we don't give up hope until we've gone through that timeframe and we feel there's no more survivability. we are not there yet. reporter: chief croft also told me that he was in haiti in 2010 after the earthquake and he said miracles do happen. there they found survivors up to nine days after that quake hit. there is still hope for a miracle here tonight. rick. rick: have they heard signs of life coming from that rubble? reporter: not as yet, rick. not in the last 24 hours certainly but there's a six
4:17 pm
story pancakes onto each other so they have to go down four by four and it will take a very long time to do that. in the meantime, nerves were rattled everywhere here by the big earthquake 300 miles south of mexico city earlier today. were getting reports of damage there and reports of at least one death. no damage here in mexico city but it sent panicked residents running into the streets when the earthquake alarms went off this morning. a lot of the buildings including our own high-rise hotel where evacuated and it obviously is another sign this third earthquake with major earthquakes faces a long, hard road to recovery. the us ambassador to mexico told me earlier today that the united states is committed to helping and that effort.
4:18 pm
listen here. >> initial response, food, water, that sort of thing is actually overflowing in the city of mexico. the question is how will you rebuild and how will you do long-term. we will take our cue from mexican counterparts and we will see what is needed and what we are able to help provide. reporter: certainly the mexican government will need a lot of help but the bottom line tonight, rick, is that search and rescue efforts goes on and they are not yet ready to give up hope on finding more survivors. rick: jonathan hunt, mexico city. thank you very much. fiery rhetoric from north korea as the foreign minister addresses the un and unleashes on president trump what this means for the rising nuclear tensions between these two nations ahead. plus, chaos erupting in a mall in st. louis and the angryi' demonstrations forcing stores to shut down. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do.
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rick: intensifying rhetoric between the foreign minister offering a strong warning to president trump during his speech before the united nations general assembly. listen. >> what else could be a bigger threat than the violent remarks such as fire and fury, total destruction coming from the top authority of the world's biggest nuclear power. rick: were going to discuss with a fox news foreign-policy from carnegie and a hoover institute research fellow. >> thank you. rick: how much higher can this be ratcheted up? >> actually, you no, i think it has been ratcheted up for decades. what president trump has done in 2017 and at the united nations in his general assembly talk was
4:23 pm
really to make claim for the rest of the world how dangerous the north korean regime has been for a long time and that we have allowed the world to be hijacked by the psychological dimensions of that regime and what the us president saying we will not allow this to happen anymore, i think, were seen the erratic and desperate nature of that regime. it's not ratcheted up more but i think it is getting clarified for everyone how dangerous this regime has been for a very long time. rick: the un keeps passing stricter and stricter sanctions in the president is squeezing the regime economically and so far that hasn't seemed to matter. >> give it some time and the north koreans are used to the world not responding to sanctions but we have the chinese more on board that at any point during this nuclear
4:24 pm
crisis and missile crisis then has been taking place for many years. it will have an impact. the north koreans know it and the pathway to denuclearize in the peninsula has to start with the economic weapon. i want you to think about the statement issued by senator ben sass in recent days in which he is the chair of the senate banking subcommittee said the economic weapon is an important weapon for the north koreans and for the chinese and for others to understand that we don't want the nuclear arms race in the region. there is a kind of coalescing behind the president's position both in washington and among international partners and that was demonstrated at the united nations. rick: sure, but north korea is now promising to test a hydrogen bomb over the ocean and it saying that the pentagon through
4:25 pm
bombers and jets well north of the peninsula and it seems as if we are still on a collision course for some kind of military action. >> yes, we don't want to go in that direction and we know that the national security team, trump administration, has said it is prepared for the whole range of responses and our secretary of defense does not want to see military retaliation but we have to be prepared and i don't believe that the military and the aggressive military activity of the north korean regime and kim jong-un are a response or due to president trump. this has been coming for a long time. in fact, we could argue that he has been, he has been so conditioned to a lack of response by the west in the united states that he has got to recalibrate to the reality of a much more and deeply resolved regime in the united states and
4:26 pm
that's what we are seeing. rick: even if these lunches were planned, with all of these warnings and economic sanctions being put in place, why wouldn't he cancel them? >> i think he is still testing, frankly. he has to understand that both, in the asian region and around the world, he has been isolated and seen as the big force of tension in his own region, on the peninsula or china for everyone. he's not had to think like that before. this is a real paradigm change, both for the world, for north korea, for the chinese and an instance of an unusual american and perhaps unprecedented on this issue leadership. i don't think the leadership in north korea understands that we really do mean business and we've got the world behind us. rick: we appreciate your time
4:27 pm
tonight. thank you very much. jesse watters now with a look at what is ahead on "watters world" tonight. >> the left is creating a master, kellyanne conway on it. tommy laren reacts to the meltdown plus, rocket man. the trump nickname water was world edition tonight. rick: "watters world" airs at 8:00 p.m. eastern right after "fox report" on the fox news channel. president trump rallied support for interim senator luther strange of alabama but will the endorsement help him win the republican nomination when other republican are pushing for his opponent. plus, crucial week for healthcare on capitol hill. can the gop get the vote to pass the latest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare? >> the fact of the matter is the status quo is unacceptable. it is not working and you folks that have an insurance card but no care because they can't afford the premiums or the
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huh! we gotta go. come on. ♪ "grandma! grandpa!" ♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that. rick: the senate has one week to bring a healthcare vote to the floor and get a pass. a bill by republican senators graham and cassidy is the latest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. it could be on life support after senator john mccain announced he won't support it. allison barber reports from washington. reporter: rick, last week a spokesperson for majority leader mitch mcconnell told foxnews mcconnell intended to consider the graham-cassidy bill this
4:32 pm
week but that was before senator john mccain said he wouldn't be supporting the graham-cassidy bill. here's some price. >> the promise of the majority in congress in the house and senate was to repeal and replace and the reason it is not dead is because it is not finished. the bill hasn't been completed and we continue to work with the authors on it through this weekend and the bill will be likely rolled out early next week. reporter: republicans can't afford to lose more than two republicans and mccain is the second to publicly say he will not support this bill. kentucky senator rand paul is not on board and maine senator susan collins is very much on the fence. the white house is trying to get her off of it. >> this is our last chance before the september 30th deadline to get this bill done. it comes down to four senators, as you mentioned. senator paul, senator mccain, senator michalski, senator collins are the ones we're
4:33 pm
trying to convince to get the two final votes to repeal obamacare. we haven't written off any vot votes. reporter: senators are praising senator mccain saying it's another moment of courage for a man who spent decades in the navy and years as a prisoner of war in vietnam. >> thank you john mccain. john mccain has a conscience that i wish very much that the rest of the republican leadership had that conscience, as well. reporter: republicans hope to pass legislation by september, in part because with budget roles they can pass the bill with a simple majority, 50 yeses instead of 60. rick: allison barber with more on the health care debate and how it will play out this week. we go to white house columnist who writes for the hill. nile, this thing does not sound like it will pass. >> no, i think it is on life support is a good metaphor.
4:34 pm
the odds are against this in it is not absolutely dead in the water but republican leaders and the white house no that i have no margin for error as you reporter mentioned. susan collins is already leaning against this bill. if she comes out definitively against it, that is game over. rick: the president had choice words for john mccain noting that mccain had campaigned for repeal and replace pretty aggressively and that the arizona governor supports the bill and the president says that mccain will have to let arizona down. >> there is certainly no love lost between the president and senator mccain as we know their history stretches back to the campaign when then candidate trump was perceived by many people to disparage senator mccain's wrapper during the vietnam war. setting that aside, for a second rick, it is actually a true statement to point out that senator mccain did indeed campaign to lead the fight against obamacare is one of his campaign in 2016 so in that
4:35 pm
perspective at least the president does have a valid point. rick: what is the problem is that they have control of the senate and house and why can't they get this done? >> i think, because ultimately no proposal they have put forth yet has seemed particularly popular with the broader population and this is the politics are compensated because among the supporters of the rubble can party it is imperative to repeal obamacare but when you test all the alternatives they have put forth in the general population they frankly aren't that popular and therefore there is a fear that passing any of these efforts to repeal obamacare will carry a political cost. rick: the president has said this bill allows for better control in management in healthcare but mccain is apparently not the only one who disagrees with that. >> yes, that is right. there is clearly some concern.
4:36 pm
for example, you mentioned in the report that senator from alaska is on the fence and her governor has come out against this bill. rand paul, senator from kentucky, is against it and there are concerns and beyond the political realm there are concerns from all kinds of medical organizations who are also opposed to this current proposal. rick: despite knowing that they have these issues -- and having the time to put a bill together they still haven't been able to do it and now we are hearing from senator mccain the rubble can the democrats need to work together on a better bill but we haven't seen any indication that that is remotely possible. >> that's exactly correct. there is no way that democrats are going to work for a full repeal of what they see as president but obama's signature achievement. there may be some tinkering around the edges but to circle
4:37 pm
back to your point you made, rick, i suspect your republican voters will place a lot of blame on republican leaders in congress rather than president trump because they will look at this promise that was made for seven years, yes, but for us we will repeal and replace obamacare but they got what they wanted which was the majorities in both chambers of congress and the white house and they still haven't done it. rick: we appreciate your time. don't miss "fox news sunday". white house legislative affairs mark short will join chris wallace to weigh in on healthcare and tax reform as well as the nuclear threat from north korea. that is "fox news sunday", check your local listings for times and channels. we are three days away from the republican nomination runoff election for alabama's open senate seat. president trump and vice-president pence are endorsing interim senator luther strange. the president hold a rally for strange in alabama last night. private polls show it is a tight race. public shows stranger supplement
4:38 pm
roy moore may have believed. other big-name supporters like former white house chief strategist, steve bannon, peter ducey reporting from alabama. is steve bannon trying to start a political war with president trump by rallying against the pot the senator the president supported customer. reporter: sources tell me that the man who helped get president trump elected is actually still trying to help the president because bannon thanks that judge roy moore is better suited to help president trump deliver on his campaign promises in congress than the president's own pick, luther strange. bannon and others have been trying to cast strange is too tight with mitch mcconnell but president trump said that is not right. >> the thing with this is he doesn't know mitch mcconnell. he was there for a few months and they put that mantle around
4:39 pm
his neck and i told mitch i would like to say this. i don't like to but i'm telling you, he doesn't know mitch mcconnell at all. reporter: to that end, senator strange said this morning he listened to arguments in favor of getting rid of senator mcconnell if the obamacare replacement package are struggling to get support for amongst themselves fails again. >> i've said all along that if we don't get things progressively in washington we will look at every option, whether we need new leadership or a new approach. i talked to the president about that and we've got to get things done for the frustration level is through the roof and i'm the most frustrated person out there, believe me. reporter: part of president trump's pitch for strange was that he will be with the white house a 100% of the time because the president says that so far strange has been since he got there in february. rick. rick: so is the president one 100% with strange? how does he feel about roy
4:40 pm
moore? >> he is for now but the president says he will support whichever republican is up on the ballot in november. >> i told luther and i have to say this if his opponent wins, i'll be here campaigning like hell for him. [cheering] but, i have to say this, and you understand this and look at the polls, luther will definitely win. no, you know what i am saying. roy has a very good chance of not winning in the general election. reporter: but roy moore does lead in recent polls and he is a rally with steve bannon and bill robertson from duck dynasty, very popular here in alabama on monday to try to stay ahead. rick: peter, thanks very much. sean hannity with an exclusive interview with former white house chief strategist steve
4:41 pm
bannon and will explain why he is going to get the present by endorsing roy moore. that is happening monday night at 9:00 o'clock. st. louis facing protests with chaos erupting at a shopping mall earlier today. it caused some stores to close and leading to several arrests. the angry demonstrations are a reaction to a judge's decision to acquit a white former police officer who shot and killed an african-american man in 2011. mike is in st. louis and joins us now. reporter: rick, this particular demonstration of the justice center is responsive to the arrest that were made earlier today at the galleria mall. the demonstrators were allowed to go inside the mall in make their voices heard despite the fact that it was private property. ultimately someone tipped over garbage at the escalator and bought the escalator and took over the second floor and mall management decided they had to leave. the county police were called in. several orders to disperse were given according to police and
4:42 pm
the kids didn't leave and ultimately they were zip tied and hauled away. twenty-two of them according to police and their charges range from trespassing to resisting arrest, to assault on a police officer and there was one police officer injured. we have an announcement from this particular crowd that they are in the process of being released. rick. rick: there were arrest leslie in suburban st. charles. what happened there? reporter: it was interesting because it was the opponents or hecklers if you will. you can't say opponents because there wasn't any kind of organized opposition but the black life matter demonstrators want to st. charles where oktoberfest was in full swing. a lot of beer was blowing in the march of the main street for the bars work and then he marched to the oktoberfest tent. clearly, some people in that particular town are tired of the demonstrations and tired of the vandalism. some of them came forward and started things like blue lights matter, get out of our town. there was a pushing and shoving and the police were pretty quick to zip up the agitators who were
4:43 pm
opponents of the black life matter demonstrations and while that was happening the police weren't very gentle about it in the black life matter demonstrators shouted in support of the police. rick: this has been going on for days. any sign things are coming down? reporter: it seems every day there is a new demonstration. at some point these demonstrations will cross the line and the police will shut them down and it's a matter of just how out of hand these things get or cross the line. like this one in particular, they got what they wanted and it looks like people are milling away. rick: micah tobin, we appreciate it. thank you. a dire crisis growing in puerto rico after hurricane maria devastating that island leaving millions without power and now officials are racing against the clock to save residence from a failing dam. plus, we are tracking hurricane maria's deadly path and we will tell you where the storm is headed next. th.
4:44 pm
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rick: nearly the entire island of puerto rico is without power after getting by hurricanes irma and maria. there is a bigger issue. tens of thousands of people living downstream from a failing dam are now under evacuation orders. officials say the dam is on the verge of collapse unable to handle the weight of those heavy floodwaters. steve harrigan has the latest from puerto rico. reporter: here in the far northwest of puerto rico a very bad situation could get much worse soon. there are real concerns that the major dam could break. there is already 15-20 feet of flooding and they have evacuated 70000 people in fear that this could be a catastrophe. this is so flooded that you have to guess what is where. there are houses underneath the satellite dishes and the water
4:48 pm
is over the houses. we are passing over for vehicles. to my left over here is the main street of this region and it is completely underwater . up ahead is the police station. you can't see that either. it is guesswork where things are and we are talking about ten-15 feet of floodwater. they had to evacuate people by school buses and there is fear that more could be coming. they have already evacuated more than 70000 people from two towns here using school buses to try to find higher ground. rick, back to you. rick: reporting from puerto rico. hurricane maria continues to roll northwood and adam is of the fox weather center with more on this. >> a very large storm and you're looking at a category three with winds up to 150 miles an hour and there is your orientation and us coast. we are now off to the north and east of the bahamas as this big
4:49 pm
system does continue to live to the north in the next couple of days. still a category three but the good news is it will weaken as it continues to move following down to a category one. look at the tail end of this track. this takes you into tuesday and wednesday so still a little bit of time but this is incredibly wide and the upper level winds and high pressure system and the things that aren't totally in place so there's indecision and the models in the national hurricane center of where this will go and you do notice perhaps the one model is bringing you far over to north carolina or it could go way out to sea. we will need a couple of days to get an exact idea of where the storm will be in it will weaken but it may approach the us coast. that is something we will pay close attention to. no matter what happens as far as close as it gets to the coast it will be close enough that that rip current thoughts will be in place up and down the east coast all the way next week and this
4:50 pm
is one that we will be watching really closely to see if it will jog a little off to the west or not. rick: thank you very much, adam. melania trump making a stop to honor heroic athletes as she makes her first solo trip as first lady outside the us. that is next. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is. for tech advice. dell small business advisor with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ put under a microscope, we could see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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rick: money a trumpet serving her first solo foreign trip as first lady and she's in toronto leaving the us delegation of the addict's games for wounded veterans. very and rapidly joins us live from. >> the opening ceremony at the impact's games is about to kick off in the first lady is wrapping up the meeting with justin trudeau. they prepared for the third annual in victor's games and their posing for photos of the 90 member team and talking about what it means to be included in
4:54 pm
the event. the first lady thinking the team of veteran athletes for their service. >> you have given so much for your country. you truly are our heroes. >> rick, the president weeding out saying he is very proud of the job she did there today. this is of course first first solo international solo trip. rick: for people not familiar with the games, tell us what they are about. >> a veteran himself, prince harry, founded the impact's games and the way of connecting with wounded soldiers over the world. many of whom are dealing with life altering injuries and illnesses like ptsd. the veterans who compete say the competition is tough but it's about a lot more than winning. it's a chance to be a part of something again and every one of those athletes gets to take home a metal. rick. rick: amazing group. thank you, marian. meanwhile, now elementary students are doing something about hurricane harvey.
4:55 pm
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reporter:ed the 4th graders ran a donation drive at their school. their goal was to raise $1,000. >> they mowed the lawn. they babysat. >> everybody jumped on board. they are great kids. they are going to be great leaders. reporter: the students then face timed with an elementary school in houston to present them with
4:59 pm
that check. a 14-year-old just made her high school dance team when this happened. her father just back from a year's deployment at guantanamo bay surprise be his daughter at that homecoming ceremony. >> i'm excited to talk to her and see what she has done since i have been gone. a shout-out to the law enforcement organization helping the children of the fallen.
5:00 pm
members of the marine corps and members of federal law enforcement. i'm rick leventhal, thanks for watching. jesse: "watters world" is on tonight. >> i'm cleaning out the white house. he has members of the kkk inside his cabinet. >> just stop it, you are not helping the cause. jesse: left-wing radicals running wild. have democrats created a monster. news anchors cracking under pressure. even ellen getting in on the action.


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