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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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members of the marine corps and members of federal law enforcement. i'm rick leventhal, thanks for watching. jesse: "watters world" is on tonight. >> i'm cleaning out the white house. he has members of the kkk inside his cabinet. >> just stop it, you are not helping the cause. jesse: left-wing radicals running wild. have democrats created a monster. news anchors cracking under pressure. even ellen getting in on the action. rocketman.
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the new edition of rocketman. are the trump nicknames sticking? "watters world" starts now. the left has created a monster. for many years democrats sat by while codepink threw pies and ann coulter and looted during the racial riots. this is one of the reasons trump was elected. dreamers bombarded house minority leader nancy pelosi. one of the most of open border democrats in congress for working with donald trump to save daca. >> you don't know what you are
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talk about. you are not helping the cause that we want to take. jesse: pelosi is getting a case of her own medicine. and these dreamers don't know what they are talking about. they have been fed so much fake news, they don't realize trump is working with pelosi to provide a permanent status for children of immigrants smuggled across the border by their parents. >> i'm confused why they are holding nancy pelosi at fault? do they not like that she is working with the president? >> you will have to ask them, who knows who is stirring up this animosity. what we know about the russians in the 2016 elections, they
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tried to increase division in the country. jesse: back to nancy. we got so rattled by these radicals, she said this about illegals. >> their families do great things for our country by bringing these kids here who are working and going to school. jesse: she is saying it's okay to smuggle children across a dangerous desert and put them in jeopardy? james comey was delivering a convocation at howard university when this happened.
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i don't even know what was going on. whether it was a black power thing or liberal thing. by the was rude and disrespectful. comey is disliked by republicans and democrats. is comey a racially divisive figure? i never heard that before. he's an invited guest. is that how your parents raised you to treat a guest in your home. congress woman maxine waters decided to say this about the president of the united states. >> this dishonorable human being who has the alt-right and the kkk and everybody else inside his cabinet. when i get through with donald trump he's going to wish he had been impeached.
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i'm going to say impeach 45 every day. jesse: it has a ring to it. are you asserting the klu klux klan lives in the white house? if you believe that, there is something wrong with this. i don't know if you know this, but you can't impeach the president unless the democrats take back the house. >> black people, you bert be controversial. you better call it like it is. when they said to us 10, 15 years ago, she is playing the race card. you should say yes, and i have got a lot more those to play. jesse: maxine waters tell graphing she'll be playing the
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race card. also not helping a fired msnbc contributor. after president trump threatened kim jong-un the dear leader called him a deranged dog. he child in on twitter, kim jong-un is right. trump made unprecedented rude nonsense. you have a left-wing pundit siding with a savage serial rapist over his american president. exhibit e. violent rioters causing property damage in st. louis and berkeley. where is the accountability
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there? finally exhibit f. the emmys. it was a bash trumpfest for three hours and resulted in the second lowest rated emmys of all times. the american people don't want to hear this garbage. because this radicalism has been allowed to go you can checked for so long it's gone full circle and they are eating their own. it turns off independents and hard working americans and does nothing to unite the americans. the hurricanes showed we are stronger when we work together. but the left should practice what they preach. kellyanne conway, what did you think of watters words?
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kellyanne: you are on fire more than usual. one year ago donald trump's words were heard and the left failed. you have a democratic party lack in momentum, messengers and money. look what their ideas have lost. this is about whose ideas are better for america. the democrats lost over 1,000 elected seats. 9 senate seats. 62 house seats. 12 governorships, 938 state legislative seats. people closest to your liberty. democrats got booted out. they said we don't trust you to spend our tax dollars and
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worship our got way we want. and they lost the crown jewel of the white house behind me. a year later you see the same cast of characters. you have got bernie sanders about to represent the democratic party on single payer healthcare. then of course hillary clinton. jesse: you lose with hillary and in the bullpen they bring out bernie doubling down. let me move on to north korea. here is what the president of the united states called the dear leader. >> rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. jesse: rocketman responded and said whatever trump might have expected he will face results beyond this expectations, i'm surely and definitely tame the
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mentally deranged dotard with fire. does the president take this guy seriously or is he bluffing? kellyanne: the president has asked the entire international community to join against north korea. and they are going into japan's sovereignty with one of the latest missiles. the president takes the nuclear threat seriously. this president went and gave the most of robust, muscular, america first speech an american president has given in the shadow of the u.n. and china blanked with the central bank of china. jesse: it was a very effective
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and strong speech the president delivered. does the president believe kim is a rational actor or does he believe he's crazy. kellyanne: we don't play arm schairp psychiatrist at the -- armchair psychiatrist at the white house. we just tell the world he starves and murders his own people and shows his willingness to play fast and loose with his nuclear capability. jesse: he says he's going to explode a hydrogen bomb over the waters of the pacific. on healthcare, mccain is not on board. is the president going to challenge mccain to a duel?
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kellyanne: i haven't heard anything about a duel. many of the governors like it because it puts the dollars closest to the people in need. jesse: mccain's own governor said he likes it and mccain said he would do with his governor wanted. the present showers on these people. kellyanne: he loves to be bipartisan, but that's not a question for republicans, it's a question for democrats. when i had a chance to give people in my state health insurance, i didn't do it because of partisan reasons. jesse: is the mainstream media cracking under the trump administration? up next, a liberal tells us why she took the red pill.
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clearly better money management. jesse: the left wing considers itself open-minded. >> you take the blue pill, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever want. you take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. and i show you how deep the rob it hole goes. remember, all i'm offering is the truth, nothing more. jesse: kansas owen was a lifelong democrat until she found herself harassed by a
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progressive. >> we are like hamsters on a wheel. i thought it was going places. so weird. i don't understand. stop the madness. liberal mentality is what african-americans are experiencing every time they invest in a democratic candidate. >> we keep voting democrat and expect a different result. in places like chicago. they make false promises and the second they get into the white house they do nothing for african-americans except make sure we rib we are black so they can play the came race card in
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the next election cycle. >> i lost a lot of friends he long way. liberals are the most of accepting people in the entire world. unless you think differently than them then they have the right to kill you. jesse: when you tell your liberal friends, be more open minds to trump. what do they tell you? >> they are so sure everyone is going to die unless you think this way. i just watch them spiral and walk away. jesse: when you hit your liberal friends with facts, incomes aren't improving, things are staying the same. what do they say? >> facts are incredibly
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insulting to liberals. facts don't care about your feeling. you cannot hit them with facts. that's the worst thing you can do. jesse: i noticed that myself on fox news. would you call yourself a recovering liberal? >> it's a 12-step program. i am a former liberal and i'm never going back. jesse: what do you think about the open borders crowd. >> the concept of open borders is lunacy. it's not like you have to think too hard about what would happen if we opened all our borders. it's already happening. all you have to do is pick up a newspaper and see what's going on in europe. jesse: they don't usually learn the lessons from other countries. antifa, very popular left-wing
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radical movement. as a recovering liberal what do you think about antifa? >> they are like a p.r. firm for conservatism. they will red pill more people than i ever could. on the hate side, they are a terrorist group. jesse: they should be designated a terrorist group? >> absolutely. there are images of them beating people in wheel chairs because they don't like the way they think. jesse: we saw a veteran in a wheelchair being harassed and hugh mill aated by these people. you didn't actually take a pill, did you? >> no. jesse: more information about the muslim who behead his coworker in oklahoma. why are we just hearing about
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jesse: here is some real news you probably didn't hear this week. we begin with news that sheds light on whether donald trump had his wires tapped. here is what he tweeted originally. terrible. just found out obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. clinton news network respond. our conspiracy theory president is at it again.
5:25 pm
whenever something like this happens, i wonder what are the president's sources of information. >> there is no evidence donald trump was wiretapped by barack obama it was and continues to be a lie. jesse: now cnn is singing a different tune. >> former campaign chairman paul manafort was wiretapped before and during election. >> it occurred when manafort was known to be speaking with president trump. jesse: paul manafort has an apartment in trump tower. federal official were allegedly listening to conversations at trump tower. some of those conversations allegedly involving donald trump.
5:26 pm
jim comey and james clapper denied this. was trump telling the truth? food stamp usage has declined every month since donald trump was elected president. it has declined by 1.3 million. keith ellison triggered outrage when he compared illegal immigrants living in the united states to jews in nazi germany. >> if you ask yourself what would happen if i was a gentile in 1941 if my jewish neighbors were under attack. would i give them sanctuary? what would you do? would you pass that moral test?
5:27 pm
jesse: earlier this month he compared trump to king george iii. he compared the country to a dictatorship and suggested there should be a separate country tore black people. a high school in fulsome warned students they can no longer chant "usa" during sporting events. remember when a muslim man in oklahoma behead his coworker? the obama administration said it wasn't terrorism. the jury just heard a tape
5:28 pm
saying he doesn't like white people and he doesn't regret beheading his coworker. and he posted sharia law is coming and exhibiting pictures of beheading by the taliban. finally, attendees at a pro-trump rally invited a black lives matter spokesman on to their stage to speak. watch what happens. >> if we want to make america great, we work together. what a great moment. a war on women taking place. this time the bikini is being
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nature's bounty cardio-health. hey hun, huh! we gotta go. come on. ♪ "grandma! grandpa!" ♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that. rick: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm rick leventhal. north korea saying trump's insults make a visit from a
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rocket even more real. the head of the nfl players association said the demonstrations are protected speech and no one should be forced to choose a job where they surrender their rights. jesse: president trump spoke in front of the united nations for the first time. >> if north korea attacks the
5:34 pm
u.s. or its allies, we'll have no choice but to defend ourselvessen -- ourselves and our allies. allies. to hurricanes, rock theman, do you think it's too flattering of a name for kim? >> it doesn't matter what he calls him. it's getting the job done. he sent a clear message that america is leading from the front and not to be messed with. jesse: he will find out the hard way if he crosses the line. kim responded by calling the president a dotard which is a senile old man. >> president trump tried
5:35 pm
diplomacy earlier in the year where he said he would be honors to meet with kim jong-un under the right circumstances. but all kim jong-un has done is react with more tests and insults. trump's speech at the united nations worked because china is going to impose new sanctions. jesse: they slapped heavy sanctions on financial institutions. let's get to this lawrence o'don't meltdown. -- lawrence o'donnell. let's hear it. >> stop the hammering. stop the hammering out there. who has got a hammer? where is the hammer? go up on the other floor. somebody go up there and stop the hammering. i'll go down to the [bleep]
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myself [bleep] and stop it. [bleep] i don't care how have to call [bleep] stop the tomi, sous you get. >> angry at other things. he's taking it out on the crew. everybody has their bad days. that was a little far and a little aggressive. jesse: everybody has a bad day. brit, this happens in television. i'm sure you are aware of it. do you think he's cracking under the pressure of cracking donald trump or maybe he just had an off day? >> i'm the last person to criticize anybody for videos that go out and go viral. who released this?
5:37 pm
jesse: it looks like an inside job. that doesn't get out willy-nilly. he apologized. he said on twitter. a better anchorman and better person would have had a better reaction to technical difficulties. i'm sorry. i think that's the best way to play it. >> at least he apologized. in this industry the mic is is always on. it will get in there because it lives in the age of the internet. these things last forever. he apologized. he had a rough day. jesse: you have to be careful with the hot mic, we all know that. i'm a big fan of ellen, i think she is incredibly talented. she was talking to my former
5:38 pm
colleague megyn kelly. >> there is nothing i'm going to say to him that's going to change him and i don't want to give him a platform because eight validates him. for me to have someone on 9 show, i have to at least admire them in some way. i can't have someone i feel is not only dangerous for the country and for me personally as a gay woman, but to the world. jesse: i don't even believe that. i think if the president wanted to come on ellen, she would say sure. it would be a blockbuster. she could yell at him if she wanted to. >> the hollywood liberals are so elitist. she thinks by having the president of the united states on her show she is giving him a platform. ellen, he's the president of the united states. you are not giving him anything. if you don't want him on your
5:39 pm
show, your loss. it's amazing to me they still repeat these talking points that donald trump is so dangerous. give me your examples, ellen. i would like to hear it. jesse: she talks about she is a gay woman. donald trump is probably the most of gay-friendly republican i can think of in recent history. >> when i heard this clip, she has had miley cyrus on her show about the drugs she used and gyrated on the mtv stage. the president of the united states, i aif given the opportunity she would welcome him on. jesse: i don't want to say anything too mean about ellen because one day i would love to go on her show. there is a football team in til now. they are doing the kaepernick deal. they all took a knee during "the
5:40 pm
national anthem" and it looks like 9 coach endorsed it. said it was the kids' idea because black men were being killed and there were no repercussions. >> it's trickling down but it's having an effect on viewership. the nfc rematch of the green bay packers and atlanta falcons had the lowest ratings since 2008. cbs had the lowest ratings since 1998. i think people are sick of politics getting in the way. now they are going on the field with defensive end michael bennett raising a fist for black power. people of all races are cheering for him. maybe he should keep that in minds. jesse: imagine if that was your kid and the coach had him
5:41 pm
kneeling during the anthem, i don't think you would be happy. >> i think it's sad that kids are being taught to kneel for "the national anthem" and have a level of hatred for their country. to me beyond the ratings, it's really sad. i grew up loving the country that has given me so much. the fact that they will take a knee during "the national anthem" and they might not even understand why they are doing it. it's sad to me, jesse. jesse: thank you very much. a town in state telling women what they can and cannot wear. the details up next. plus, he's making nicknames great again. do the people on 9 streets know who rocket man is yet? ugh. heartburn.
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5:46 pm
what rise as in washington state is suing the city of everett. they say they are unfairly targeting them and infroing their constitutional rights. two baristas at hillbilly hottie, they join me now. so britney, you are wearing a bikini when you are serving coffee. that sounds dangerous to me, but i don't care because it's so hot. they are saying you are not allowed to wear a bikini because why? >> because it's a form of prostitution because it leads to us want to go provide more for the customers. jesse: they think you would be enticing a customer with more than just coffee. >> correct. jesse: amelia, why did this
5:47 pm
whole thing start? it seems like this couldn't have just come out of thin air. >> no. so, you know, i would be lying if i said crime has never been an issue with bikini barista stands. it has been an issue in the past. but our company has taken a lot of steps to work with the police department and we have taken a lot of just -- we try to come up with a way to cooperate and to make sure that we are able to maintain our jobs and our livelihood in a way that doesn't infringe on our constitutional rights. jesse: you can wear whatever you want in most of places in the country. how are the police going to enforce the bikini ban? >> their first attempt was to pass around flyers saying that
5:48 pm
the police are going to come and physically measure us. jesse: they come by with rulers? >> yeah, that was the idea. that was the initial thought, that's what they were going have police officers go around bikini barista stands. jesse: there is no other crime in the rest of the town, that's something they need to be focusing on. have the police shoiched and tried to enforce the bikini ban? >> they have definitely been driving by on a regular basis. no one has tried to come into the stands yet. but definitely doing bi-hourly drive bis to make sure we are wearing clothes. jesse: it seems to be a war on
5:49 pm
women out there, somewhere akin to saudi arabia. let us know how the lot goes, all right? >> thank you. jesse: the donald trump nickname edition of "watters world" on deck. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪
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jesse: president trump is king of the nickname, particularly for his political goes. we heard it a hundred times over. but is it sinking in on the streets? roll the tape? >> who is this guy? >> kim jong-un.
5:53 pm
trump has a nickname for his guy, what is it? >> rocketman. jesse: do you like the name? >> it speaks to him. >> rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself. >> trump nailed it with that. >> trump has a nickname for her. do you know what it is? >> do you know trump's nickname for elizabeth warren? >> he calls her pocahontas. >> seems not happy, she is the worst. jesse: who is this? >> i have no clue, i have never seen him before. jesse: this fills your senator. chuck? >> deblasio?
5:54 pm
>> that's the mayor. jesse: he cries a lot. >> crying chuck? jesse: you nailed it. >> it was mean spirited and un-american. jesse: who is this? >> reince priebus? no, what's his name? >> lyin' ted, ted cruz. >> lyin' ted. jesse: what do you think trump called her during the campaign? >> texting susie? >> put her in jail is what i think. >> she's crooked hillary, don't
5:55 pm
you understand that? >> are you going to read hillary's book? >> i know what happened. >> that's if the fried chicken guy. jesse: this is bernie sanders. do you know his nickname? jesse: crazy bernie. >> bernie ain't crazy. >> who do you want as president, one of these washington insiders or a guy with one pair of judge wear he dries on a radiator? jesse: do you know who i am? i'm watters and this is my world. when you have a cold
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jesse: time for "ask watters." what's your favorite steak and what doneness do you prefer? do you dance as well while standing as you do while sitting? jesse: much better anding if that's even possible. "the five" is moving back to 5:00. i'm watters and this is my world.
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[♪] judge jeanine: right now on "justice" -- >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag say get that son of a pitch off the field right now. he's fired. judge jeanine: president trump putting on a full court precedence athletes who disrespect the flag and the white house. the nfl in a frenzy. michelle malkin is here with reaction. trump putting america first and the north


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