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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  September 24, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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"sunday morning futures." ♪ "fox & friends" -- on football what do you say. >> fact we -- representing the american flag respect it, great -- >> everyone ♪ good sunday morning high thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is "sunday morning futures" president trump war of words with nfl heats up, the players previous to gop lawmakers this week make about what could be their final push to overhaul health care this tuesday all eyes on alabama haetsdz senate runoff test of the president clout i am maria bartiromo welcome to "sunday morning futures", where we are taking on the subjects of the day president trump taking on nfl players over national anthem protest, some players and team owners firing back, i will talk with former arkansas governor huckabee about that
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graham-cassidy on life support senator john mccain said he could not support the bill can it survive alabama senator luther strange about that, and president trump campaigning for him in runoff tuesday world is watching and waiting north korea's new threat to strike united states main planned how far will kim jong-un go? former new mexico governor u.s. ambassador to united nations bill richardson will join me live as we look ahead right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪. >> president trump doubling down gebz players who neil in the national anthem president tweeting this this morning, if nfl fans refuse to good the games until players stop disrepublicaning our country you will see a change fire suspended nfl attendance ratings down boring games many
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stay away because they love our country, should back u.s. former a san franciscan quarterback kaepernick started this last season saying he was protesting police brutality, and social injustice more nfl players followed suit including at he ravens jaguars game in london fresh pictures scene taking place 30 minutes ago, take a look at this, where they once again negaiagai neil in u.s. on feet in uk former arkansas governor huckabee good to talk to you about this your take? >> well, it is amazing to me i wish some players who get on one knee during the national anthem to previous to this country and all the sacrifice that made it great would get on both knees thank god they live in the united states of america where they can make over two million dollars on average to play a game i am amazed i get it nfl is a full
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contact sport politics full contact sport when two mix i am afraid contact doesn't work out well here is the question i have for some kneeling players, where were you in protesters when washington high school washington state high school coach got fired because he led in a volunteer prayer after the game and got down on his knees with the players, to say a prayer got fired for that. so i am wondering where is the left defending him they are not they are defending the people who disrespect the flag that is what it is when they use national anthem as point of protest. maria: last week we wereing watching a young a young boy's game, they were really 8 years old they were on their knee, so even these young kids are being told do this, even if they don't know what they are protesting they don't even understand why you do stand up and respect american flag.
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>>. >> you got to wonder who told thus 8 year olds they are somehow disadvantaged are mar enginelived playing football at 8 terrible to spotlight children in this for me i am frustrated that nfl owners don't have courage to say to players look, you are paid well, you are at work, we stand for the national anthem if you want to protest a much in streets on your time, do whatever you want to do you are an american you can do that i respect that. i just don't respect it during the institution of the playing of a national anthem honoring of flag for me and i think for most americans, that is the time when we set aside all of our personal political views, and we respect the unifying force of our flag national anthem frankly the anger directed towards donald trump in this is why he is president right now because there are a lot of americans who are fed up with a lot of the
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multimillionaire football players and others. >> making 100-million-dollar 150-million-dollar contracts over three years or something incredibly lucrative contracts part of the reason this is big money, advertisers pay up big money to watch these games, that is why earlier you said, the average nfl player earns 2.1 million dollars, the average nfl team worth 2.34 billion dollars, and nfl alone has to pull in almost five billion dollars, from television fees. from cbs, walt disney espn fox directv pull in that kind of money because of huge ratings but, now, those ratings are down, because maybe the owners or maybe players forget what they are protesting you know what? the fans have not forgotten pushing them away. >> no they haven't they haven't forgotten at all that is why a lot of fans are
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abandoning watching not buying merchandise, i am happy to say my dallas cowboys are still standing i will continue to watch them, and i am so proud of them for not joining into this nonsense. maria: but governor while most americans i would say agree that you stand and you respect the american flag because it represents our tough courageous men and women who went to fight for our freedom, and ultimately war and whos till tehostility. >> peel don't want the president in this fight with everything gooding on from north korea, to the health care battle to the tax reform package expected next week, should the president be doubling down in tweets this morning and continuing this fight in a that is what i am wondering.
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>> i would probably say leave it, it is not worth your time but talking about donald trump everybody should know this in the event of figured it out donald trump is not a person who likes to exercise great restraint when it comes to opinion especially like this we expect it, almost like this maria. when the nfl play you know somebody is going to get hit really hard when someone goes after donald trump somebody is going to get hit really hard i don't have any -- surprise about it, i frankly think possibly he can spend his time tweeting on things like health care bill, north korea, and i hope he does. maria: now, robert kraft is one of the president's i think allies, he is the owner of the new he england patriots been to white house with the president i think a mixed situation when it comes to some of these owners and support for the president, bob kraft has been in the president's corner others not so much. in terms of the nfl owners what is your take on a where
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this goes? there is bob kraft right there first row right here. >> i just think that a lot of owners are feeling the pressure that they have got to line up with their players, who are really angry about a lot of this i also wish that they would think about what they are saying caddell said something ridiculous he talked about how nfl is a unifying force it isn't anymore it once was but football and baseball, and basketball to become political arms we lose something, in the sport we go there to escape the political the divisive stuff same with arts, when arts become a platform for politics, rather than music acting lose something why can't we have arenas in which we come together that is what sports arts have historically been some want politics in every arena frankly i think ruin it for the rest of the people would like to juenjoy sports
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enjoy arts we have to fight about it unfortunate. >> more he divisiveness, kwie question on any getting involved in the issues at hand governor in terms of tax details released as well as health care bill on life support right now what are your thoughts is this going to confuse things? get in the way? >> you know -- i don't think it is really going to affect the those particular pieces so much as it is that the atmosphere in congress so tough nothing to do with sports just that you got republicans who don't remember why they were sent there sent there to get rid of obamacare sent there to push things back to the states, graham-cassidy isn't perfect but it can be fixed, we can't fix obamacare it is spiraling to the surface of the earth going to implode a lot of people are being hurt by it. and that is why i hope republicans will start realizing that if they don't do the job they are sent to do on taxes and obamacare, by gosh we will bring them the
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heck home. maria: exactly, all right. we will keep watching good to see you as also a thanks. >> thanks, maria. >> clock ticking on graham-cassidy will senator john mccain's opposition progressive to be the measure death blow alabama republican lo luther strange joins us next. >> twitter maria bartiromo. >> bill richardson on north korea coming up.
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graham immigrant immigra graham. >> republicans work, senators murkowski susan collins, republican senator luther strange alabama on budget committee locked in a senate runoff being held this tuesday. good to have you on program thanks so much join us. >> glad to be on. >> a big week ahead for sure let me ask you senator about the budget, and about the health care bill before we get into your own race, what are the prospects we will see a health care bill to the president's desk this week. >> looks likodes glike odds silenceding having issues with chance to talk to president about it at length when in alabama recently, to try to get votes i am do everything i can to convince colleagues we've got to deliver on this
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as you appointing out tax reform, relief so many things to be done, very frustrating situation. >> you've got to get through budget before you even get to tax reform how does that look right now. >> i think it looks very good that is why i am anxious to get health care dealt with little bit to do that i have been meeting with others we have a plan to get tax reform to the senate floor i think a good plan will bring together house, senate white house we've got to turn to that quickly if we get it done got to be done before thanksgiving to take effect next year. >> what are the debates going on? we are understand the president is going to release details this week of the white house plan with treasure second mnuchin corporate rate 20% down from obviously 35, a pass-through llc at 28%, and then you will see most deductions going away. are you seeing pushback in the senate in terms of agreeing to the elimination of those deductions?
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>> well i am sure going to come up with what he get to specific deductions there is sacred cow in those there as you know the thing i like to see is lower rate, that will be part of this, and you know i think you will also eliminate some of the arguments about reducing taxes on super wealth i don't think that is part of the package i think that helps us, you never know we may get you bipartisan support. >> if the president keeps out with a plan to cut highest rate on an individual, from 39.6 to 35% but you also eliminate the deduction state and income -- income tax doesn't that offset any cut in rates for the rich? >> that is my sense of where they are trying to go they are not trying to make this -- all that tax breaks for the wealthy it has to affect the broader economy corporate rates pass-through, sand simplicity lower rates for average working person
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desperately need that. >> do you think we will get a tax plan i will be successful in terms of getting a tax reform bill to the president's desk by year end. >> absolutely i just don't think maria there is all the controversy surrounding this health care bill, i mean that we've got to address that, we are going to address it, but it is without cooperation of fellow republicans extremely frustrating. >> i know you want to get a bill over finish line i get that but are you comfortable signing on to a bill graham-cassidy that leaves most obamacare taxes in place. >> i don't like it at all i don't like leaving any taxes in place i am interested in progress there are people hurting in my state what i am keeping my focus on. >> i can ins let's talk about your state runoff coming up tuesday, we invited moore on program so viewers can see both of you and he declined. what is the case, make the sales pitch why should why should your state vote for you? >> well, clear choice between me and opponent why president
7:18 am
of united states was here friday campaigning for me, i've got real world experience getting things done, with attorney general, stopping object overreach many fronts cleaning up --, 25 public corruption convictions supporting president, he knows he has a partner in me, download the want to answer questions not particularly versed on issues, people are mad at washington, i share a anger so a proxy candidate for a lot of people don't like mitch mcconnell whatever case may be, this is about getting things done i think on tuesday very successful, i should mention vice president will be have in alabama monday night. >> you certainly have leadership on your side, but you are still down senator, right so i mean the president does that rally in alabama for you friday night, and that is
7:19 am
where he made the comment about the nfl, saying you know get those sob's off the field and that automobile spark-- tha sparked a lot of controversy did you know that was coming. >> i did not know that was coming i wasn't surprised very well recessed alabama strong milt very patriotic state in alabama support our military, it was incredible rally i think right on about it, and i have no problem with those remarks. >> now players are pushing back saying we have our freedoms that is free country if i want to get on one knee i will, i am allowed to do that how do you answer that? >> well, that is a free country you don't have to go to nfl game you don't have to watch them i think people are voting, turning it off people of our country, they like to see some people particularly privileged people with great opportunities to show respect to the flag that is what they
7:20 am
do every day. >> we leave it there good to talk with you we will be watching tuesday thanks so much. >> thanks. >> senator luther strange joining us there a new threat from north korea against u.s. and mainland what is next to deal with north korea former u.n. ambassador bill richardson joining us next you are looking ahead on "sunday morning futures" right now.
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♪ maria: welcome back president trump heating up rhetoric on north korea this weekend, warning the regime foreign ministers he with kim jong-un quote won't be around much longer, if they order strikes
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on united states, this comes after the foreign minister spoke with general assembly yesterday calling president trump quote mentally rerangered saying insults make strike on u.s. mainland more about. >> thanks for joining us. >> yes. >> is it reaction to ail this governor? >> well, i have never seen this level of brinksmanship personally insults from leaders themselves. and i don't think that is health i don't like the president of the united states insulted i don't like kim jong-un making these enormous threats and carrying out with missile and nuclear tests. this is not conducive to diplomacy i think part of kim jong-un's strategy to deal only with the united states, the north koreans i dealt with them for years they are very fragile, they want to be the big players in the geological,
7:25 am
with the united states not with china, not with south korea not with anybody else, so i think reaching this level of very heated rhetoric eventually if you try to i negotiate tamp things don going to be very difficult so you know i think the president advisers i like general mcmaster kelly seem very sensible people they are trying top tamp the president down i am reading those reports, that makes sense. don't get into personal insults with kim jong-un. because this is what sets north koreans off, those personal things that calling our i remember father called -- by a president now madman "rocket man" let's talk negotiate instead of insults that are infantile also at the same time, very destabilizing to a region that you know is very, very worried about exploding.
7:26 am
>> right, what is the next step though in terms of negotiating haven't we been negotiate for a long time where has it gotten us he is still testing missiles why testing missiles what do you think this guy is thinking? >> well, what he wants to do maria, he wants to reach a level his highest negotiating nuclear level to be able to say that with an icbm missile he can hit u.s. mainland i think now can hit guam alaska the u.s. mainland has been -- he wants the utmost negotiating strength coupled with putting china aside south korea aside. deal with the united states. >> why? >> what is he dealing what is he doing? for what what did united states do to him. >> i think that he wants to do another nuclear deal like happened in the clinton administration in exchange of reducing nuclear efforts you
7:27 am
give north koreans some kind of relief of sanctions you give them some kind of economic assistance energy this was a package of six countries gave them then the good nice in clinton agreement you are not going to like this for nine years north koreans didn't build nuclear weapons then got out of the it that is where we are now. maria: i think you make a really good point we know that just this weekend, iran is testing its own missile, and you know the president has talked a lot about this, iran deal, being terrible, so iran tests new about ballistic missile hours after showing off at military parade what do you think that was all about first i have that question then i want to ask you about this iran nuclear deal. >> well, i think that was to send a message to the world and to the president after his u.n. speech, look, you know if you are going to get out of a nuclear deal, we are going to develop our missile capacity, with a what i think the president needs to do is keep
7:28 am
the nuclear deal. iran is complying with it but negotiate on stopping iran, funding terrorism -- >> can you really say iran is complying? can you really say iran is complying? >> they are complying. the pentagon says they are complying the agency complying on nuke deem everybody agrees missile issue is separate a u.s. resolution s they should comply we should push them to do that don't give up on nuclear deal we don't need nuclear iran and nuclear north korea out there. >> what is the response from u.s. then at this point what should it be toward north korea and toward iran? >> well -- towards north korea. find a way a short term dialogue with north korea. make sure that they freeze their nuclear development, nuclear weapons some kind of the leading the needle because we say to north korea we're not going to talk to you until
7:29 am
you give up your nuclear development, we are not going to do that maybe there is something in between. maria: what is the nuclear iran deal wasn't that supposed to be what it was about? the nuclear deal was iran has stopped developing their nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting saings, so far, iran has complied, where they are not behaving is in the region, with saudi arabia, with yemen with syria, they are hurting us everywhere, so i think negotiate put pressure on them, separately with european allies with russia, china to that signed nuclear agreement don't give up nuclear agreement we already have that we have that in our pocket, it seems to be working nothing is perfect. >> what did you think of china's latest move in terms of these of bank should we pit more pressure on china to help rein in north korea what should that look like more sanctions? >> look i do think this is one part of the president's policy
7:30 am
on north korea that makes sense. china, has leverage over, not enough to make them get down on their knees, has pressure on them they can control a lot of energy seafood, their north korean workers that work in china, we try to get an oil embargo couldn't get it done at u.n. but a cap on oil, that pressure i think slowly working but is it enough for china to stop north korea's economy? have no i don't think china wants to do it, but china is moving the right direction that is the policy front of the president that i think makes sense now you need diplomacy you need some kind of deal, you can't continue these tweets, and this tension, and these missile tests, and you know people of south korea and japan and we've got american troops there everybody is very worried about what is going to happen. >> to be clear missile tests
7:31 am
are coming from iran and north korea. so -- >> yes. >> right. >> to respond to this governor good to see you thanks so much ambassador, governor bill richardson coming up chairman of the senate judiciary committee raising new questions about the fbi russia probe the decision to wiretap former trump campaign manager paul manafort was trump campaign warned ahead of time i talk with former attorney general michael mukasey on that as we look to "sunday morning futures", ag mukasey is next. health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. health, no matter what your name is.
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7:35 am ♪ maria: welcome back new twist in russian investigation, senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley writing a letter to fbi asking if it took any steps to warn the trump campaign, about possible russian connections to some top officials, grassley says bureau did warn senator john mccain, 2008 presidential campaign, about about connections judge michael mukasey former u.s. attorney general, a pleasure to see show you that good morning. >> thanks so much for joining us why is that important who got warnings. >> i think it shows about the fbi was or a was not following usual practices with respect to this investigation if there was a warning of the mccain campaign in 2008, then
7:36 am
presumably the same procedure should have been followed with respect to the -- the -- the trump campaign. maria: right. >> notably, i think the mccain camp people in the camp deny there was such a warning doesn't mean it wasn't given. >> one of the issues that i have been really struck by is all of these wiretaps, all mr. comey's wiretaps congress needs to learn how fbi modeled in 2061 campaign how about fbi meddling what is your take on a full manafort being wiretapped before and after the election after the president won. >> the take on that is that a part of a counterintelligence investigation to determine whether russians wered meling in the campaign if it was counterintelligence investigation the question is, obviously whether he was wiretapped or overheard on a wiretap that targeted somebody else i don't think we really know that yet but if he was,
7:37 am
wire tapped the question i guess whether he was pursuing contacts with rurngs claims that he was -- talking to -- a russian connection to russian organized crime the same guy talking to the -- the mccain campaign in 2008. >> judge all of this speculation about i know, where the meddling was who is speaking to who, we have no evidence of any crime here. and you have made the point um tooep times in the past in order to hire special counsel you need evidence of a crime where is evidence of a crime what is robert mueller doing. >> two excellent questions the regulations specific that if special counsel it has to be on a finding there was a criminal investigation that is warranted that is predicate to have a criminal investigation you've got to have a crime, so
7:38 am
a crime, the there has been reciprocity when special counsel is appointed he or she has to be provide specific statement of fact that would launch investigation in other words,, these are facts we are investigating this is the crime we are investigating, we haven't seen that, and that is that is a problem. maria: meanwhile, we know that susan rice unmasking so he frequently saying unmasking on daily basis, she wanted to know all of the names of the people who they were wiretapping, and she was telling colleagues then you've got all this wiretapping, of -- by jim comey, of course, under oath jim comey said i am not aware of any wiretapping, so is there a problem there. >> i mean he went in front of congress now trey gowdy says i want him back in that seat we need to understand, why he said one thing and it is completely opposite than what we are learning now. >> i don't know -- precisely
7:39 am
what he testified i think you have to go back an determine whether he was specifically aware of this particular are counterintelligence wiretap. if he was, then obviously there is a problem there. but the issue is whether this was a counterintelligence investigation the use -- >> what is your take on president's ability to actually you know, get his issues through when you've got lots of people running agencies within governments who are not agreeing with him they are not on his team in fact they might be object holdouts? >> well, problem is that president unfortunately has not staffed up the way he should some due to the delay in the white house some due to congress's delay in confirming people but whatever the cause of the delay the fact is that there are a lot of holdovers, in the -- in all the departments of government,
7:40 am
from the obama administration, obviously don't share or some of them don't share the president's agenda some are faithfully computing it there are people in justice department for example pursuing cases civil rights cases within the trump agenda but they may personally oppose but, nonetheless, pursuing them diligently. >> is there a limit in terms of when bob mueller can say i have done this work i have done that work i have done this work? i am done, there is no more you know investigation to be done, because we have not founded it how long will this go on is this going on for the president's entire term in office four years or even eight years where you have special counsel poking want to go interview people. >> excellent question unfortunately there is no limit. >> no limit? >> none. >> how much is this costing judge. >> we don't know the office is essentially self-funding, the
7:41 am
-- he has the ability to get any resources he wants so far has 17 prosecutors, which is more than as far as i know devoted to any other case that i am aware of and they are all digging, some of them couple of them are from people participated in enron investigation which is a case where the obstruction statute pushed beyond proper bounds every case that went to trial in that investigation was reversed completely or in part there are people who have a particular bent on who maybe running this, that is not helpful. >> this is just extraordinary, judge great to get your insights as always thanks so much for joining us judge michael mukasey there, a crucial week for health care on capitol hill what happens if gop fails? to get the votes to pass the allocates attempt to repeal and replace obamacare how about details on tax proposal our panel up next weighing in as you look ahead on "sunday
7:42 am
morning futures". we will be right back.
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7:45 am
. maria: all right gop senators last-ditch effort to repeal and replace obamacare in trouble this morning hours arizona senator mccain said he will vote no on graham-cassidy bill susan collins said she is likely a "no" as well senate has to the end of the month to pry at the pass by a simple majority rather than filibuster 60 votes, panel ed rollins former white house advisory to president reagan, mary member of the editorial board fox news contributors thanks for a joining us thoughts. >> i don't think it is last ditch i think it is in the ditch i think the reality is that the votes are not there, they have never made the sale, third of the country wants -- i think the program better program than obamacare currently written still not
7:46 am
good plan, i think a lot of objection there i just don't think they are going to make. >> it a lot of k implications to this mary you wrote this editorial board focuses on what this means for lower income people for america. >> right the most obviously impact that they don't pass this legislation, is on the people of the america, the americans seeing premiums go through the roof, the millions of meshes who are seeing deductibles through roof maybe pushed on maybed don't have access to decent doctors anymore as you said people hit very, very hard maria, by these. >> what happens now looks like it is not going to cross the finish line. >> now see medicaid, the expand to people young, men for k example working age men. >> getting medicaid so you see that program being target not for the people it was meant to help but on able body media
7:47 am
peop. >> people. >> constituents of donald trump and member of congress, and you are taking something away from them they are very upset about that, and i think at the end of the day, you are going to have the revise it sometime not getting it revised this cycle bipartisan support maybe a year from now two years from for you program falling apart going to make a lot of americans -- >> a lot of programs on road to insolvency medicaid, social security. >> republicans ran four consecutive elections cycles promising to repeal and replace obamacare it is stunning to see sthenator john mccain waventing bipartisanship what plan oath is he living on, not going to give him real reform obamacare, mccain's current you know you are doing something wrong schumer is
7:48 am
praising your -- to raise option. >> long way to go at the end of the day if more time in this cycle -- republicans if you are debating this 2-18 election you are going to lose the tax reform is critical thing has to come forward. >> let's get into that we will take a short break then talk about tax reform, what will we see, from the white house in upcoming week back with our panel in a moment agency we look ahead on "sunday morning futures". stay with us. tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever,
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back with panel ed rollins
7:52 am
mary talking about tax package to hear about this week we got some rough details, about don't know how detailed the plan will be but talking about elimination all deductions except charitable retirement and the third one is charity -- requirement, mortgages, the morning deduction those are the only three that will stay. of the do you think that is going to be where the fights are in terms of pushing back on this. >> you are never getting rid of mortgage charity deductions. >> corporate tax down to 20% able to collapse, on individual side get u.s. dollars offshore, back here, investing in america, that would be a huge boost to the u.s. economy you know there is this false narrative that is now we cannot grow faster than 2% a year that is absolutely bolder dash not true companies
7:53 am
are willing to invest take risks you have to lift the burden off them i think the plan like this would do that. >> everybody is talking about that if you see corporate rate down to 20% not to 28% gives wiggle room to invest in businesses higher workers whether talking in terms of of deductions, ed is state and local income tax deduction going to be limited according to the president's plan what we are hearing now, will a state like new york go for that will a state like california go for that. >> the people living in states are not going to. if the plan as laid out here, is there is a final plan, probably get it passed the problem is are going to fight among republicans about 20% or 22, 23 a bunch of republicans don't want to basically add to deficit, this is obviously adds to the deficit i think betting on stimulating economy making it work out at this point in time not done deal a
7:54 am
fight fight gn own party basically -- the president has to sell this, he can't have mnuchin sell it what happened in health care talking about too many other things other than this plan this plan is going to work for americans he has to go out convince americans of that. >> big question too will republicans learn from the cbo numbers that they fought over during health care daep, congressional budget office makes certain assumptions when health care tax reform they are often wrong republicans let cbo dine health care debate big question will they make the same mistake when it comes to tax reform, or will they look to other outfits like tax foundation a group of treasure department saying what is -- affects that have on the economy, people behavior, if they look to cbo, democrats will define debate cbo means well they will probably lose the argument.
7:55 am
>> pressure has their own scoring area. >> intellectual -- publication think through things ordinary members of congress basically what can i bring back home argue with --, for voters totally different argument all starting to panic come january, february going to be in being nodown dragout tlebs year, to a certain extent people realizing republican party they better get something. >> can they pass without revenue neutral if they try to make it revenue neutral they loss i don't think getting it done an argument but i think at the end of the day they have to basically a trillion dollar figure futureh put in senate bill. >> maria to get rid of the state and local tax deduction will make residents -- like new york and california feel the impact, of the tax burden could actually make people upset and angry, and maybe
7:56 am
incentivize. >> the panel weighs in on one most important thing to watch in the week and week ahead on "sunday morning futures", stay with us. hi. when you clock out, i'll clock in... sensing and automatically adjusting to your every move. there. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store.
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to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is. maria: what to watch in the week ahead. i would say the tax cut plan is the most of important. it will move markets next week. ed: if mcconnell's person does not win, he will have chaos in his caucus. >> i'm watching two elections. one in germany where chancellor angela merkel looks like she'll sweep back into power for a fourth term. monday the kurdish referendum in iraq which pretty much everybody is opposed to.
8:00 am
threatens the stability of our efforts there. maria: that will do it for "sunday morning futures." i'll see you tomorrow on "mornings with maria." howie: president trump tries to sack the nfl and slams on the nba disinviting steph curry from a white house visit and calling on team owners to dump players like colin kaepernick. >> wouldn't you love to see owners when somebody disrespects our flag to get that son of a bitch off the field? he's fired! howie: are the media rooting against the president? a gusher of leaks from the special counsel's office targeted the


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