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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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we enjoyed this engagement. we are back here next sunday. see you then, 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. arthel: this is a fox news alert on the escalating war of words between the president and the nfl. the president calling on fans to boycott games in disapproval of players who kneel in protest. but the protests continued this morning in london and some team owners criticized president obama as well. eric: the president also urging nfl teams today to punish their flairs for protesting. this all started when the president set it off friday night in alabama. he was speak out at a campaign
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rally for senate candidate luther strange. ravens flairs kneeled for the stars spangled banner. they did that overseas in london and stood for the british anthem. one team, the pittsburgh steelers will join the protest today and they will do that by staying in the locker look when the anthem is played. if nfl fans refuse to go to games until players stop respect our country, you will see change take place fast. fire or suspend. the president has been at his golf estate. this is some sunday controversy as the nfl teams prepare to take the field. reporter: president trump is not backing down on this. all the backlash from players
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and many nfl owners only seem to have emboldened him even further. what we are seeing is the president of the united states aggressively advocating for a boycott of america's favorite sport. here is the latest quote from president trump on twitter. nfl attendance and ratings are way down. but many stay away because they love our country. the leaping should back the u.s. in addition to that tweet this morning there were two administration officials who hit the sunday shows. treasury secretary steve mnuchin and mark short. both of them defends president trump. mark short related this to hms coaches who are punished for leading their players in prayer. >> they are getting punished for
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leading their players in prayer. but players who take a knee over what many see as people have died to protect. the president is pointing out that shouldn't be acceptable. they have a right to do that, but the nfl owners have a right to fire those players. reporter: one of the president's close friends, bob kraft * put out a statement saying i'm disappointed in the comments knead by the president. already today as you mentioned, we have seen mass protests on the sidelines. players taking a knee before the jaguar game in london. we are likely to see much more
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of this. while all of this is going on, at the same time president obama just yesterday disinvited the golden state warriors guard steph curry from visiting the white house after his team won the nba championship. now the entire team says it won't be going to the white house. a hockey team that won the stanley cup, they are taking a different approach. they put out a statement. they say the pittsburgh penguins respect the institution of the office of the president and the long tradition of championship teams visiting the white house. any agreement or disagreement with the president's politics, policies or agenda can be expressed in other ways. the pen give wins say they will be -- the penguins say they will be going to the white house either way. typically it stays about sports
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on sunday but it will be a massive intersection of politics and sports in a very heated arena. eric: it's a gridiron and it's spreading to the mlb. the catcher for the oakland as took a knee yesterday. arthel: we are going to speak to writer and post caster jim -- sportscaster jim gray. where are you? reporter: i'm in los angeles getting ready for the game tomorrow. what's all this talk about players taking a knee. what's the talk? >> it galvanized the players and in this instance the owners. they have come together on this issue. in most of instances the owners and players are have much together. this is uniting them much
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deeper. there is a deeper connection they have to the community than in most of instances the president does. when they are fighting for the issues important to them, social injustice and some of the issues that have gone on, they cannot afford to be on the opposite side of their players and those in their community who want to see social justice. it brought them together. arthel: roger goodell is standing up for the teams overall. as you mentioned, these teams, the players do a lot of good in the community, et cetera. what's the consensus on the commissioner's reaction? >> it's difficult to take on the president of the united states and very difficult to take on president trump because you know president trump will continue to go after issues that are important to him and things he sees that he wants to get after folks about. so even though a lot of people
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across the national football league in ownership are have much against players taking a knee, they don't like this being done on the organization's time, they are not going to intercede because they feel they should have their support because free speech is permitted in this country. and free speech is one of the hallmarks of our country. no player has gotten fired for this and no player will be fired for this. for president trump to suggest that to them after we have seen for a year it hasn't been the case, it's not going to happen with the ownership. arthel: bob kraft, the owner of the new england patriots, a friend of trump's. he says he disagrees with the way the president is describing these players. he's calling for a boycott, he's telling people do not participate in america's
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favorite pastime. what's the talk of the president's overall reactions here? >> look, 70% of the fans are against the players kneeling. fans don't want this when they come to a game. they have come to a game and now the intersection of politics and sports is colliding. it used to be a place where it was an escape. you used to be able to get away from what went on in the real world and watch a baseball and basketball and football game. sport and the military always rallied around each other. black or white or asian, the coach. and it just was where everybody the entire culture and our society came together. now the very threads that bind us together are fraying. sports unites us, and now they
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are in the middle of everything else. it's disappointing. it's upsetting. arthel: it's upsetting whether you approve of what the players are doing or not. lots of politics in a place where you would go, grab a beer, some nachos and relax. >> the president is calling for a boycott and now the nfl will see where the president will have an impact on their business. if they lose fans it will hit them in their pocketbooks. i think they will rally around the community and their players. they have long-time commitments from television networks and season ticket holders are in place. cities and municipalities that have given tax dollars are well cemented. players have four more years
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left on their collective bargaining agreement. so they will have to take the hit from the fans who are upset. the symbol of the flag is important to all of us in america. and the symbol of the national anthem is deeply important to us. what has gone on has caused everybody to come together and they don't feel freedom of speech is a fireable offense. it never has been in the past and shouldn't be in the future. arthel: we are using our platforms for good. >> if the fans aren't happy, they can follow what the president said, they don't have to watch the game. arthel: we'll see you on monday night football. eric: president trump in another war of words with north korea.
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the president taking to twitter to send a strong warn together leaders of the regime after his harsh words at the general assembly. the president said just heard the north korean foreign minister speak at the u.n. echoing the thoughts of little rock the man. they won't be around much longer. ambassador, is threatening that north korea won't be around much longer, is that appropriate and responsible language? >> this exchange between the north koreans and the president is in any mind about as significant as snapping towels in a locker room. but i suggest kim jong-un not kneel the next time he hears
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"the national anthem" being played. eric: the north koreans are taking this very seriously. >> i don't think it amounts to a hill of beans. if you look through history, leaders insulted each other for thousands of years. eric: it am not khrushchev banging the shoe saying we'll bury you. let me play you what ho said yesterday. he called the president evil and said he doesn't know anything. >> to i consult the supreme dignity of my country by referring it to a rocket. by doing so, however, he committed an irreversible mistake of make our rockets visit to the entire u.s.
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mainland inevitable all the more. none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. eric: he threatens to attack the united states. now they are threatening to have an atmospheric hydrogen bomb tested in the pacific. >> they have a play book as you and i have discussed before. terms and language they use. the next communication from the news agency will be to threaten the united states with destruction by a sea of fire. you have to look past that and assess what i think is the real threat which is the they have made significant progress in a shorter period of time than many analysts thought in both their ballistic and nuclear programs. when you get to the substance of
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this which is denuclearization of north korea is the only path forward. and what we'll do to make sure they are denuclearized one way or another. eric: he did say, and he gave us an indication of their strategy. that they have a strategy for defense and prevent invasion of north korea by the united states. they want a balance of power. they are not going to give it up ever. >> they are not going to give it up voluntarily. there is no question about it. that's been true the past 25 years as three successive administrations have tried to talk them out of it. the north korean line is this is for defensive purposes which many americans believe. this capacity is to help them take over south korea and to
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become a regional power. eric: what do you predict? >> the next question will be whether china follows through on some of the commitments it made to put economic pressure on north korea. the party congress in october with xi jinping. we'll have to get through that. arthel: for fourth straight day the entire island of puerto rico has no electricity. hurricane maria and irma directly hit the u.s. territory within a couple of weeks. the u.s. sent 1.5 million gallons of water. 23,000 cots and food to the island with more on the way.
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steve olson is live with more. >> we are in the neighborhood of old san juan. you can see the damage behind me. the 155-mile-per-hour winds knocked down walls and roof. this open air restaurant is going to try to get back to serving fried potatoes. they have been stack it up by manned. a lot of the recovery we have seen so far has been by hand. when you go around the capital, you don't hear generators or chainsaws. you can see the same tree that was down across the road four days ago is still there. not much water. no cell phone service. officials are telling people don't come to try to find your relatives. 11 ships have come and they
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brought generators as well as food. aid is arriving but most of people are fending for themselves. arthel: a horrible and tough situation. steve harrigan, thank you very much. eric: in mexico city rescuers are hoping to pull more survivors out of the rubble. the marines say they rescued 115 people since tuesday. jonathan hunt is in mexico city with the latest. reporter: we are standing in front of what is the only remaining official search and rescue operation in mexico city. we are in the heart of the city itself. behind me is what was once a 6-story office building. there is a huge pile of rubble. there is the faintest of hope they have might find a survivor
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there. the teams have been going in. the media kept back for obvious reasons. but we have video showing those rescuers at work close up. on the top of the rubble, the highly skilled experienced teams picking delight. then you haved the human exphaints of workers who take bucket after bucket of debris from the scene as they slowly pull away the layers of the onion. among the teams up there is a u.s. team. the los angeles county fire department urban search and rescue team. i caught up with the team leader chief dennis croft, and he told me to one is willing to give up yet. >> the will of somebody to live outweighs everything else. a human being can survive for a number of days, especially if they have a water source. if they are in an area that's a
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void space. if they have bottled water or rain water. we've pulled victims out of the rubble after 9 days. we never give up because we know there are miracles. reporter: everyone is hoping for a miracle here. you heard chief croft say they did finds people alive after 9 days in hate he in 2010. and behind me the tents put up for families of the missing. they are staging a vigil here. they will not leave until they have the definitive news on their loved ones. obviously everybody hoping there might just be one of those miracles here in mexico city. eric: so heartbreak and compelling. we can always pray for miracles.
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and change the way you wifi. arthel: president trump is expected to announce new restrictions on travel ban today. the new restrictions could include more targeted restrictions on foreign nationals from countries that refuse to share information with the u.s. or have not taken necessary security precaution. all based on recommendations from the department of homeland security. joining me now, the politics editor for the "national journal." here we go, version 2.0. the third version. it's a collaboration with various agencies, dhs, the state department, and there were conversations with foreign
9:25 am
governments. does this make this version less controversial? and what are the roadblocks. >> trump has had three strikes to do this travel ban and ahas had two strikes from judicial challenges. this is the third opportunity to do it right. instead of focusing on the religion of the countries that could be subject to a ban, he's focused on which countries have worked with the white house to help this process go forward. so the white house isn't focusing as much on the religion of the countries whether they are majority muslim but focus on whether they have been working with the united states on some kind of vetting system that can meet american approval. arthel: no policy is protest proof. will it incite more confusion like the first ban? >> you can guarantee the liberal
9:26 am
base of the democratic party will be opposed to any kinds of ban no matter what. what is fascinate being this issue. this is a wedge issue where the base in the democratic parties in uproar. but when you look at the polling, 60% of voters approve the travel ban and support the goal president trump is trying to achieve. the democratic party doesn't like anything trump is going to do, but the american public is more supportive. arthel: what happens to the initial travel ban. >> you will see attorneys challenge this latest attempt, i would expect. i think legally the supreme court is scheduled to hear about the most of recent previous travel ban in a few weeks.
9:27 am
so this revised version may render those arguments at the supreme court irrelevant or less significant. arthel: elaine duke is recommending enhanced screening for certain countries as part of this more tailored approach. do you have of any advance word on how many countries will be affected? >> the administration has been secretive about how many countries have been affected. iran, libya, several others. but they have been non-specific about what's going to happen. so we are left to guess on the countries. arthel: we'll wait to see what the president has to say maybe later today. we'll be here live to cover it. thank you very much. eric: the graham-cassidy healthcare bill, it looks like that's on life support. the senate just has days to get
9:28 am
it passed. one more republican senator says for now he cannot vote for it. where does the fight go from here? president trump's battle with the nfl. the president calling on team owners to suspend or fire the players who kneel for the national anthem. we'll have a live report from one of the stadiums about what you the fans say about this. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new this timyou haveis turn. 4.3 minutes to yourself. this calls for a taste of cheesecake. new philadelphia cheesecake cups. rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts.
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we'll see what happens >> right now they don't have my vote and i don't think they have mike lease either. i want to be a yes. i want to get there. i think obamacare is a disaster. arthel: that's senator ted cruz saying he's leaning no on the graham-cassidy bill. this after senator a john mccain saying he cannot back it. republicans are considering whether to tweak it for those senators on the fence.
9:36 am
>> it's hard for me to envision getting to yes on this bill because my concerns are so fundamental. what are you thinking about the bill? what needs to be adjusted? >> it is a step in the right direction. we are sent to washington and then washington takes a cut and build it out like the department of education. everywhere i go, east texas, all the other people coming up to you and they implore, please, you've got to help buy health care, obama carries killing us. we can afford the premium. we can't pay that about the bull
9:37 am
and on and on its going. and so you hear really thoughtful republican senators saying i am leaning this way or i'm concerned about this, concerned about that. only completely thoughtless and underwent say no. this is someone who doesn't care. they want the accolades. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. i was in arizona during the primary with some friends like paul gosar appeared i saw the way arizonans filed. if john mccain had made clear i'm going to be a know i'm just a life repeal, he would never have the kirkpatrick. >> pardon me. >> he made those promises and he needs to live up to them. the people of arizona are hurting like everybody else. >> sure, we're talking about the politics of it that were made,
9:38 am
campaign promises. i want to go back to your conversation how you talk to the people when you were out there. employing you and fellow lawmakers to do something. but they tell you specifically because people with preexisting conditions need to have the coverage. you don't want to make the premiums too high for elderly to afford. they talk to you about specifics? >> when you look at obamacare, people forget it costs 716 billion for medicare, it hurts seniors and they are feeling not. so what is about the need for a total revamp of the system. arthel: what you think is the magic potion? >> this to be a star and i'm hoping people like ted would be able to make some changes in the amendment to get this. even in alaska, they say i'm
9:39 am
looking. i am leaning now, but i am looking. for heaven sakes, susan collins was probably the only republican to say she was not for repeal when she was running, but if you look at what the current bill does, her folks can help dramatically. we can't give up. i've been telling paul this for three weeks. september 30th had made night is the end of the 51 votes. eric: is that the way to go because if you don't meet the deadline, this thing will not see the light of day. >> i'm totally in favor of mcconnell doing what schumer and reid have been last october when they felt they were going to get the majority and that is totally doing away with cloture. arthel: the president met with chucking and ebay are now referred to respectfully fill. >> is that respectfully? >> a term of endearment let's
9:40 am
say. let's just ask you, why is this such a bad thing or appeared to be a bad thing for there to be bipartisan? why do you step back and say you have great ideas to contribute as well as people on the other side -- lawmakers on the other side. isn't this the time it's been so difficult to repeal and replace. what are we rushing through? >> democrats passed that without a single republican vote. as we were told by waxman, we don't want your input. that is why it's partisan because the democrats see this as protect being their thing. at all costs, no matter how much people are hurting, they will not help the republicans do anything to repeal even a small part of it. we would love to have democrats support and people like joe manchin if they vote no as to their own detriment. i am hoping it is going to be bipartisan, but i can tell you
9:41 am
the reason we are not getting democrats support, it's a matter of pride and chuck and nancy as you mentioned, they have made it. you are going to be a no no matter what the republican bill is. they are just as partisan now when they passé. with us to get their support to fix it. >> thank you for coming here. it is very important and hopefully at the end of the day, you and your fellow lawmakers can get together for the good of the people. >> john mccain, maybe if he resigns and concentrates on cancer, beating not we can get somebody to help other people what their health care. it is that serious. >> is very serious. thank you very much. good luck and prayers to your fellow texans as well. >> thank you, are so and
9:42 am
congressmen. luther strange in alabama with on friday night a tightly contested runoff in the test of the president's clout. will his endorsement be enough to put him over. sports and politics we've been talking about all day, head-on collision urging nfl owners to fire the players who kneel during the national anthem. they are refusing not. calling for a boycott to be in the nfl. we are the tv doctors of america,
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9:47 am
with the comments. the owner should have a role to date have respect for the national anthem. it's not about republicans. it's not about race. it's not about free speech. they can do free speech on their own time that this is about respect for the military how does this affect the nfl? dan cat. good to see you. this is growing. how effective do you think the boycott could be that the president is calling. >> urging a boycott under question. the nfl does not depend greatly for its revenues. the broadcast contracts, national revenues like sponsorship of the licensing takes up a huge chunk of what the nfl will send. they can pretty much play in front of empty stadiums and still do fine. eric: it could hurt the ratings?
9:48 am
i would see things go up this weekend in part because people tune in to see what happens. eric: you heard the treasury secretary say there should be a rule for them to stand. >> the nba has a rule and that will be a fascinating development to watch other players like seth curry, the warriors have decided to not go and be disinvited and take on that. lebron james put out a tweet: the president a bottom. it will be interesting to see if nba players decide their rules and decide to spit. eric: what happens if you defy it? >> you get suspended or fined. whether you continue to do it, but the commissioner has been far more progressive on these issues about the right term than the commissioner of the nfl. i find it hard to believe he will suspend curry in those types of players. eric: even since they had the role. >> we'll see if if they keep that rule.
9:49 am
eric: what if the nfl tried that? the owners are back in the players. >> they don't have a rule that the players have to stand for the national anthem. they have been suspended and a lot of the owners were comfortable about it. god make mayor, bob kraft, the president seems to have pushed him into a corner now coming out in support of the players quote, unquote right to do this. eric: you just mentioned bob kraft come a friend and donor they been together at the white house with the super bowl trophy of course you're part of the statement of bob kraft, owner of the patriots put out today. i'm deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the president. lytic leaders could learn a lot from teamwork and the importance of working together towards a common goal. players are intelligent, thoughtful and care deeply about our community and support their right to peacefully effect social change and raise awareness to the manner that
9:50 am
they feel is most impactful. how do you think this will play out the rest of the season? >> when they tell you how hard that was her bob kraft paper and his wife died, trump was on the phone everyday consoling him. they are very good friends. craft is not some archconservative. he's largely been a democrat his whole life. the way it plays out, you will see continued protest this weekend throughout the rest of the season. eric: dan kaplan, thank you. arthel. arthel: with restraint helping president trump's enforcement person that well. a live report is coming up next. once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life. ♪ baby, slice it right.
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arthel: well, two days until the gop runoff election in alabama. senator luther strange and judge roy moore facing not to win the republican nomination. peter doocy in birmingham. what's the latest argument the establishment is making for senator luther strange? reporter: rsl, senator richard shelby first elected here in 1986 is now arguing that if senator luther strange loses, then republican officeholders
9:55 am
are going to take strong challenges from the most conservative part of the republican party and 2020. senator shelby told "the new york times" that if roy moore they rally against the candidate, his old bosses pick in this rage in the southern festival of macintosh which could be a blueprint for 2020 and 2018 where there are two sides that conservatives could put the stockinette or another side he described as having members of the establishment dropping in from washington to buy votes. the campaign plans to counter that kind of attack in a big way. president mike pence coming to alabama tomorrow.
9:56 am
they believe according to the rsvp sheet that is going to have them present the case of the president and vice president. pence has been a leader in conservative politics for years and now we are two days away from seeing the impacts. arthel arthel: two days away. peter doocy coming thank you for much. eric: nfl players taking a stir in the national anthem today taken their stand against the president after he urged the owners to fire or suspend protesting players. one coach says the team will stay in the locker room for the anthemic today's game.
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i don't even think about cigarettes anymore. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. many insurance plans cover chantix for a low or $0 copay. arthel: national police are responding to a shooting in antioch, tennessee, about 30 minutes southeast of nashville. authorities say they have a suspect in custody. they also say multiple people have been shot at the church of christ. right now please have not commented on how many people were shot for their conditions. of course we are awaiting more information within the last hour. welcome to "america's news hq." i'm elizabeth brand. i received a story we are following very quickly. leland: sources there along with our affiliates. i am leland vittert. there has bnn


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