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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 25, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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we begin with country waking up more divided than ever, more than 200 nfl players took a knee saturday or raised fist during national anthem. rob: the protest in response for president trump to punish players who refuse today stay for the american flag. heather: details on what appears to be a choose your side sunday, good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather and rob, never before have tuned in on what happened before a game as the anthem protests broke out across the country, more than 200 players taking a knee during the national anthem in response coming from the president friday night at campaign rally in alabama when he said that doing so was disrespectful for the flag and calling for the honors to call the s.o.b.'s, he used the words, race relations and
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policing in america, but yesterday president trump making it clear this has nothing to do with race. >> this has nothing to do with race. i've never said anything about race. this has nothing to do with race or anything else. this has to do with respect for our country and respect for our flag. when you get on your knee and you don't respect the american flag or anthem, that's not -- >> what we saw game after game kneeling, some stood with arms locked and one player on the pittsburgh steelers alejandro villanueva whose entire team stayed in locker room, villa noofa stood proudly by himself, a former army ranger with three tours in afghanistan and brans star. steelers put out a statement, the players have stayed unified and have respected the fact that like our country these are diverse opinions in our locker
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room. it is a difficult time in our country, finally, last night the late game here in washington, most of the raiders, oakland raiders sat while the majority of redskins stood in honor. the redskins won the game by the way, 27-10. heather: there was actual football going on. rob: we want to think about these things but the nfl in the past, president obama actually implemented a policy where they started paying the nfl to require the players to be on the field for the national anthem and they paid the nfl owners to get them to do that to bring more patriotism to the game and recruitment for military. heather: when we talk about money that was paid, you can take a look -- they were paid
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$5,000,000.6.1 and the nfl agree today pay back 723,000 of that in 2016, a lot of money exchanged hands pay to go show patriotism so now, of course, the double standard being now that they are actually encouraging -- some people encouraging them not to do that. rob: it's very interesting, it's bizarre all the way around. you have a president that we wanted to decrease the size of the military and the president paying the nfl to stand for the american flag and for the national -- for the national anthem in order to increase recruitment for the military, that was bizarre on its own. let's listen to steve much, treasury secretary talking about what's going to happen. let's hear his side. >> the nfl has all different types of rules, you can't have
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stickers on your helmet, you have to have your jerseys tucked in, i think what the president is saying, is that the owner should have a rule that players should have to stand and respect for the national anthem. they have the right to have their first amendment off the field. this is a job and the employers have the right when the players are working to have rules. why didn't the dallas cowboys, why were they not allowed to wear stickers in response to people they we wanted to pay respect to? so the nfl is picking and choosing what they want to enforce and the president says for a long time the national anthem, this isn't about politics, this is about respect for the country and the people who have made great, great sacrifices for this country. heather: it is true. they weren't allowed in dallas to put stickers on their helmets or any any way say they were stand if. >> the police officers there. rob: yeah, absolutely. we do want to discuss more of this and actually get some former nfl players into talk about this and we are going to try to get both of them.
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if we can go to you, mr. owens, what do you make of what happened yesterday? this blew up from just a few players to a good chunk, one in eight players kneeling for the national anthem. >> yes, i can. let me start real quickly what the flag stands for and the reason my dad came back from world war ii, the generation taught us to respect the flag because it was all about hope. you can do anything you want to as we have shown with the black president in the last eight years. we have an ideology, liberals, socialists and marxist,sts, lite
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hope. 80% of the nba is black millionaires, nfl are 70% millionaires, a bunch of millionaires with access to billions of dollars every year that can now take part and making sure our communities are changed. once this is year is done with, we will see if they are truly about communities, invest and mentor or support the kids or are they going to continue to do in the past and do nothing. rob: that's an interesting point to make. let's go to randal hill, i'm not sure how much you got, we just got you checked in, what do you make of the protests, i understand that there's -- there are issues in the country, no country is perfect. what do you make of the venue that the players are choosing for in doing this and the style, i guess, we are talking about the national anthem and the american flag? it seems an interesting venue to
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try to make a political point. >> first, let thank you for having me on so early and i really appreciate. you know, people protest and most of the guys when they are kneeling/sitting down they are actually praying. it's something that's okay and i'm still hearing this nonsense about, okay, well, black millionaires or billionaires, this has nothing to do with anything. the simple fact if they have a venue where they can't say what they want to say, then go ahead and say it. me personally i believe to stand up for the flag as former federal agent, i believe in supporting the country, greatest country on earth. rob: that's fine. let me ask you real quick, just to put burgess's point, he's saying that you've got a number
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of african american athletes in the nfl making a lot of money and he con tends that they really don't care that much about the rest of the black community and the black community that is being affected by this. obviously nfl players drive in $200,000 cars, they don't have problem with police using excessive force. it's so a problem with lower-income communities, they don't care that much about that community and that this is more of a political statement, more of an attention-grabbing statement that started with colin kaepernick, what do you say to that? >> how many of these people have to actually be interviewed, how many nfl players need to be interviewed. furthermore, when you talk about the national anthem, when you hear stand up and/or show respect. how people listen on tv and sit on their softas.
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i don't know too many part-time who stand up when they are watching tv. rob: okay, all right. i do appreciate you coming on. i wish we had more time to talk about this. we have to move on. a lot of stuff going on this morning, gentlemen, thank you very much. >> thank you. heather: in the meantime let's go to fox news alert, the fbi launched a civil rights investigation into a deadly church shooting in tennessee. the mass gunman opened fire just as sunday services ended. now an armed usher is being held as hero for taking on the shooter. let's get onto julian, live for us outside the church in tennessee. >> good morning, heather and rob, police wrapped up investigation and they were out here all day yesterday scouring looking for details to figure out the biggest question from
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all this, why did this happen. here is what we know about the shooting, he's in police custody, his name is emmanuel sampson. 25-year-old legal resident, he moved here from sudan in 1996. parishers from the church he used to come here for services, they haven't seen him for years, it's been a while and they didn't recognize him yesterday because he was wearing a mask. out of the tragedy we are hearing stories about heroism. we were here on the scene as police were wrapping investigation last night around 9:00 p.m. local time. we were talking to a woman who was inside the church when this happened, first of all, she said, the pastor is the one who saved her life. the paster immediately yelled for people to get out as soon as he saw the shooter entering the
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church, she said, he's one of the the heros. we are also hearing about another hero, the usher 22-year-old robert ingel. he had altercation and that's when shots went off. robert ingel went to the car and got his gun. if it weren't for them it would have been an entirely different outcome. there was a 10-year-old boy, he could not contain his emotions, listen. >> just heard like three gunshots and the little girl shut the door and i heard somebody say get down. when i realized they were alive, i started pouring and that's like -- i know i'm ten and i'm supposed to be tough but i couldn't hold it. >> no one is tough in a situation like that. the woman we were talking to
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last night, i asked her directly, i said, did you know what was going on right away, she said, look, you know the difference between gunfire and fireworks, a lot of people get that confused but when it happens, you know it, guys. heather: no 10-year-old should be expected to be that tough. rob: what happens -- what would have happen if the usher wouldn't have had gun. heather: it was registered. rob: julian, thank you so much. we appreciate it. heather: republicans sweetening the deal to win over holdouts on the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. congressman lou gomer. rob: any message to anybody that wants to protest the national
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heather: president trump signing off on major updates to original travel ban which expired over the weekend and one to have biggest adjustments the addition of north korea, venezuela and chad to the list of travel restrictions, joining me to react texas congressman lieu gomer, thank you so much for joining us in person. >> thank you. heather: what are the impacts of the changes that are being made? >> mainly the biggest impact is they've added the reasoning to satisfy the unconstitutionally acting supreme court and federal courts by delineating why it is that these countries are not going to be allowed to bring refugees in.
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heather: why is that? >> they are not giving us adequate information. we don't know whether they are criminals in the country, we don't know if they are violent, have a history of violence and as has been said before and now articulated very nicely within the order, these are countries -- in a number of cases, they don't have the information to give us. heather: they don't have to ability to do their own vetting that would meet our standard? >> that's right. as fbi said before, look, with iraq we had all kinds of information, we had all the government criminal records so we knew pretty well for ourselves whether or not somebody was coming in that was a threat. with regard to syria, heavens, isis is taking over government printing office, they can print out own passports and make them look legitimate because they
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are. the fbi said before, we will vet them which means comparing the information they've submitted to what we had in our records. the thing is for these countries in particular, we don't have any information to compare against. we don't know. heather: eight countries, north korea, chad, venezuela and also iran, somalia, syria and yemen all included. >> exactly, chad is one of those who is just not giving us enough information. heather: if they were able to change some of that, some of that could change? >> that's right, they would have to give us much more information and with regard to some of these countries, i'm not sure venezuela is going to be able to give us that kind of information. it's hard to know who the good guys are. it's not a matter of who is wearing the white hats. it's people that make living out of being dangerous and are secretive about it. heather: so health care, we have to talk about that, the possibility of that happening
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again this week, what do you think the chances are first, give us that? >> well, i think it's better than half because it has to be and, you know, god bless john mccain, we know that the biggest inhibitor of overcoming cancer is stress, let him go back to arizona and deal successfully with overcoming cancer so we can get good health care for the rest. heather: what i found interesting with john mccain, he said he would back it if the governor of arizona backed it, correct? >> in other words -- heather: he's in favor of it now? >> that's my understanding. john mccain basically by doing that was saying, look, i'm going let my decision be made by someone else hoping that they would not -- heather: they would agree with him? >> when he says he would like more bipartisanship, so would we, but they passed obamacare without a single republican
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vote, and so it is a very, very partisan issue by the democrats not to support any effort to undo obamacare, any part, even the harmful parts. so we would love to have democrat support but the problem is the democratic party has made it a point of saying, we are not helping you can any kind of repeal. heather: you need republicans, susan collins. >> republicans to keep their word and all of them busiesan collins promised. i was there in arizona when my friend paul repeatedly saying, i will repeal, i will repeal, i will repeal, well, turns out we need either kelly ward. kirk patrick would have been better, who knows. heather: we will be right back. stay with us.
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across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ rob: welcome back, london's mayor comparing president trump to isis over expanded travel ban of muslim-majority countries. >> think about what you're saying, because what you're say asking not dissimilar to what daesh or so-called isis say. they say that there's class of civilizations. you're playing their game. rob: that's his take. also not just muslim-majority countries but venezuela and north korea added as well. the comments as the president expands travel ban including chad, venezuela and north korea.
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heather. heather: miyo defied by holding speech in campus. the conservative speaker facing angry oh protestors after the school canceled free speech week that was said to start this past weekend, this comes after violent riots broke out in february blocking the former breitbart editor from speaking with students. rob: all right, going to the weather now. parts of the east coast, believe it or not bracing for the possibility of life-threatening impacts, maybe a sideswipe from hurricane maria. heather: days after category 2 storm devastated puerto rico, millions left without power and without water. rob: maria could bring waves and surnl about 7 feet and
2:26 am
meteorologist adam klotz is tracking. >> the good news is it will not make rainfall. a few folks will see impact. you are already seeing rain up in north carolina, winds are begin to go weaken at this point. the storm will wont to weaken. here is your track. what are we talking about as far as impacts go, the carolinas is really it and north carolina, that's a tropical storm watch in place. impacts will start to be felt on tuesday lingering into wednesday, guys. heather: the outer banks hunkering down. thank you. professional football players sending a miami to the trump administration by protesting the national anthem, so how do fans feel about it? >> i'm a veteran, so the marine corps. >> i want to agree with what they do but i am still going to
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root for the jets. rob: army veteran pete hegseth with his thoughts. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is.
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kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. rob: player protesting outraging fans across the country. heather: players taking a knee or sitting down. president trump calling for disrespectful players to be fired. rob: griff jenkins appears to be with a choose your side type of sunday in the nfl, griff. >> hey, rob and heather, most people tune in late to games to see who wins but all day yesterday they tuned in before the game started as the anthem protests broke out across the country in the nfl, more than 200 players taking a knee during the national anthem. it was in response to president
2:31 am
trump's comments friday night in campaign in alabama when he said kneeling was disrespectful for the flag and fire s.o.b.'s who do so. this started last year when colin kaepernick took a personal statement and policing in america, yesterday, president trump made it clear this is about respect, not race. >> this has nothing to do with race. i've never said anything about race. this has has nothing to do with race or anything else. this has to do with respect for our country and respect for our flag. when you get on your knee and you don't respect the american flag or the anthem, that's not being treated with respect. >> in pittsburgh, one player alenl -- alejandro villanueva stood proudly by himself, he's a
2:32 am
former army ranger with tours in afghanistan and bronze stars and steelers released statement, their diverse opinions in locker room it's a difficult time in our country. guys, here in washington, the redskins won, they stood while raiders sat on the bench. heather: players say that they are taking a standby kneeling during national anthem, what about those who sacrificed everything for the flag? rob: here to discuss this "fox & friends" weekend cohost, army veteran, somebody passionate about this, pete hegseth. what do you think 200 players kneel for the for the national anthem. >> song is not just about a flag and music, it's about all that goes into making possible how people live free and there's a
2:33 am
sacrifice. your ability to stand in uniform at a game and play a sport was purchased at a price by someone who put a different uniform can camouflage and fought against people that wanted to take away your freedom. pick a different forum. you talked to fans, they understand the right of the first amendment but they want it to be a different place other than nation's anthem. rob: exactly. it's the venue. heather: what about the teams that didn't come out on the field at all. pete: big mistake. you miss an opportunity -- i understand a desire to be united. somebody like alejandro villanueva, number 78, army ranger, tours in afghanistan, he looked at his coach, i'm sorry i served my country in the battlefield, i will walk and put my hand over my heart. i lost brothers. heather: his coach reprimanded him for doing that. pete: a subtle reprimand.
2:34 am
i think they tried to make it look like we are altogether. when you're altogether and yournation's anthem is being played it does send a wrong message specially in a town like pittsburgh, patriot town. rob: you talked so fans, you went to met life. pete: jets and dolphins were playing and we talk today folks outside the stadium and this is what you had to say. >> you walk in the stadium and a good number players decided to take a knee, what would you feel? >> i'm against, i'm a veteran, i'm against that. >> it would be a disgrace. unethical for them to do that. >> i am going to root for the jets. >> it would be disappointed if they did that. >> do you support what president trump said, hey, if the owners, if these guys want to kneel for
2:35 am
the anthem the owners should be firing these guys. >> he's fired. >> absolutely. i agree with it 150%. >> they are paying the guys to do a job. >> they are getting paid to do the job, that's their job to play ball and do what the fans want them to. >> president trump should get involved in the games and maybe take a hit and see what happens. >> what would happen if you protested at your work site, what would happen to you? >> i would probably get canned. >> i don't think they should get fired over it. >> does it affect how you see your team? >> not at all. i think that's separate from the game itself. >> protesting is not the way to do it. you have to have an avenue to make it better. >> if they want to express themselves that way, they shouldn't be hld accountable for anything. >> you would step away from the team? >> yes, i would. i'm sorry, it's disgusting.
2:36 am
>> i have stopped watching a lot of sports and football because of what happened last year. >> i don't think -- you have to respect the country you are in. why should you take a knee. i don't get it. >> canadians out here rallying for the united states of america. >> absolutely. >> canadians love it. >> amen. >> every good package about the star spangled barn ends with a canadian, of course. you have two sides. they don't want to see the politics intermixed. rob: what do you think we see next week, more players? pete: we may have reached a high watermark, maybe because this was the moment to do it if you are going to do it and from here on out, if you don't have a cause that's clear -- heather: what are they protesting?
2:37 am
pete: are they protesting the president? heather: they have the right. rob: 36 minutes after the hour. first political litmus test of the trump administration, why is the alabama senate race so critical and what does it mean for 2018 and all the midterms, we debate, you decide, stay tune who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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rob: now fox news alert, fbi launched a civil right's investigation into a deadly church shooting in tennessee, a mass gunman opening fire just as sunday's services ended inside the church. now an armed usher that what was at the church is being held a hero for taking on the shooter. julian is live outside that church in antioch, tennessee,
2:41 am
hey, julian. >> that's right, good morning, to you, rob. he is being called a hero this morning. here is what we were told happen. a gunman went inside the church, the usher robert ingel got into altercation and robert ingel runs to his car and holds the man at gun point, parishioners and police are calling him a hero. >> he's a hero. he's the person who stopped this maddens madness so we are grateful. >> people saying the pastor saved them as well. the pastor shouted and yelled people to get out of the church as quickly as they can. 39-year-old melanie smith was shot and killed outside as she was leaving sunday services around 11:00 o'clock sunday morning, six others were injured inside the church. we do have a photo of gunman,
2:42 am
25-year-old emmanuel sampson, 25-year-old legal u.s. resident, we are told he moved here from sudan in 1996. parishioners from the church actually tell us he used to go to sunday services here and they hadn't seen him in years. he is in police custody and charged with murder, heather. heather: julian live for us, thanks, julian. vice president pence is heading to alabama to campaign for luther strange as the senate election heats up there. how would this outcome impact the 2018 midterms, here to debate it democratic strategists and republican strategists philip, thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. heather: roy moore leading, what do you think wins? >> it will come down from the wire. i'm from alabama, i have seen roy moore and seen what he has
2:43 am
been doing for 25 years. i kind of view him as carnival barker as a way and luther strange has endorsement and the vice president is in town today, it's going to be very close. luther strange lost, came in second about 25,000 votes in the primary a few weeks ago, he has to make up ground. it's coming down to the edge. that's the reason the president came in to stepped in and endorsed luther to get him over the top. heather: he can beat the democratic candidate moving forward. marcy, how do you impact -- why is it important moving forward to the midterms? >> i think it's a big test for the president of the united states. the fact that he's having to deploy resources, heads down to the states, a state that should be slam dunk of the republicans, it says about the fact that he's divided their own party.
2:44 am
significant for the 2018 midterms. we have potential republican primaries in arizona, in nevada, it's going to show that donald trump has divided the party and not united it and i think tuesday is going to be a big test for that. heather: philip, what do you think? >> i don't know what you are talking about. trump has won every one he has endorsed. he's not going to have a perfect record. this is two republicans. >> dividing his own party and i think that's significant. >> that's called a primary. heather: let's talk about the nfl and protests that happened sunday, over 200 players took a knee, actually some of the people that sang the national anthem, two different people at two different games took a knee after they sang the anthem, marcy, what do you think about this in terms of dividing the country and what the president
2:45 am
had to say about it and everything that followed? >> i think the president wants you to think that it's about the flag but it's really about the right to peaceful protest in this country and i think that we have seen over the weekend solidarity among players, among coaches, owners of the nfl, they all believe as i do that people should be allowed to express their views in the way the country allows us to. heather: he didn't say that they didn't have a right to do it. he said they had a right to do it and the owners of the teams had right to fire them. >> the president attacked the players, he attacked steph curry and the franchise. people speaking out and expressing their views. we have the ability to do this peacefully. they are not turning their backs on the flag, they are not burning flags, this is an opportunity to express themselves using their platform
2:46 am
as leaders in their field. this is an important moment for us to step back and remember that this is a lot bigger than us on this television right now. >> i mean, this started out as protest against police violence a year ago. i'm not sure what the protest is now because you don't hear that anymore. the one thing marcy left out is there's no solidarity with the fans and that's where donald trump taps into his strength which is, you know, saying, what he has said specially at the rally the other night and then the fans agree with it. it's unbelievable. people forget that the people that support the players right now are in new york, they are in la, they are forgetting about fly-over country. people wanting to to sporting events and not politics. this is where blacks and whites come together. they all cheer for one common goal and that is their team. no one wants to talk politics or see politics on the field. that's what it is and that's
2:47 am
what trump tapped into it. heather: entertainment, sports, you can't escape politics these days. thank you both for joining us. we appreciate, the conversation will continue. marcy, phillips, thanks. brian: great to see you, leather, complete -- heather, complete coverage, we will discuss that with two former nflers. david web and sean hannity, starts his show at 9:00 a.m., one of the topics, future of health care, tax reform and what the president is going to be doing this week including special election on tuesday in alabama, what is on the line for the white house. we will discuss it all when "fox & friends" gets started on this monday. and i urge you, please get
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rob: all right, as you might expect, a number of celebrities taking issues with president trump's nfl comments on friday. heather: carley shimkus is here with the latest reaction. carley: good morning, heather and rob and started with collin kaepernick and spreaded through the nfl and president trump launched issue into forefront of conversationment his opinion, if you don't stand for national anthem, you do not deserve a job in the nfl, take a listen. >> wouldn't you love to see one of the nfl owners, when someone disrespects our flag, get that out of the field, he's fired.
2:52 am
carley: we have seen it before, here we go again. hollywood coming together to oppose the president. michael moore sent out this tweet that shows him wearing a colin kaepernick jersey and included the caption, during my broadway show, the audience joined with me and stood in solidarity protesting trump. ellen took to twitter, as football fan i am proud of the nfl players today, nothing is more american than the right to peacefully protest. chelsea handler chimed in, i'm watching football out of respect for all of the players, good for you colin kaepernick for starting a movement, black lives matter. rob and heather, that's hollywood's perspective, some football fans also weighed in and even we saw videos of them booing their own team members as they sat during the national anthem. heather: i bet chelsea handler doesn't know that colin kaepernick doesn't play right now.
2:53 am
[laughter] rob: this one guy came out and defied the rest of the team and he's getting praised for that. >> while the entire pittsburgh steelers team stayed in the locker room during national anthem, one player stood and showed his respect. this is offensive tackle alejandro villanueva who served three tours of duty in afghanistan where he served as captain in the army as well as being army ranger, guys, social media took notice. this is why we stand and respect the american flag. alejandro villanueva a true soldier and patriot as all americans should. todd chimed in, alejandro villanueva is a player of courage, integrity and a real role model for young athletes. mr. alejandro villanueva is a good example of what it means to be an american and, man among boys whose courage to stand alone is inspiring. expect to see sales of his jersey skyrocket because i saw a
2:54 am
lot of people saying they are picking one up to show support. heather: if you're a nascar driver, you better stand. carley: and several nascar owners have cited with the president including nascar team owner richard who said this, anybody that doesn't stand up for the anthem ought to be out of the country period. what got them where they are at, the united states. so donald trump, jr. respond today that message saying, well played nascar, well played, america. vickie said, thank you nascar. i just became a fan. rob and heather, thank you. heather: all right. rob: all right, carley, thank you so much. we do appreciate it. heather: only in america, right, that's why we live here. rob: try going somewhere else. it gets a lot worse than this. heather: time now six minutes until the top of the hour. parents, are you waking up and
2:55 am
feeling like this right now? >> last time i baby sat them they did the funniest thing. [laughter] heather: new research says that lack of sleep could be killing you up next. rob: football game that lives up to the name, soldier surprise that will make you be proud to have an american. ♪ ♪ . .
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heather: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. as always, we begin with the good. a soldier surprising his daughter at her homecoming game with a homecoming of his own. >> you have been proudly serving our country overseas this past year. cannot think of a better way to make it back for his family and friends. heather: first sergeant chuck porter back home in kansas after spending nearly a year at guantanamo bay as an officer. rob: welcome home to him. flirting with this, hanging on right outside of a subway car. i can't believe that. a stranger giving him a fist bump right here filming it police say they have no information on who this man is or if he made it off safe. we hope he did. >> don't make it off for fist bump though. ugly. parents, do you ever feel like this? >> last time i baby-sat them they did the funniest thing.
3:00 am
>> i haven't slept in four years. >> well, according to a california study, the lack of sleep epidemic could be killing you. reservers saying getting as few as four or five news per night boosts your risk for cancer, diabetes. heather: i average four a night so that's not good. rob: try to take a nap. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> the fbi just launched a civil rights investigation into a deadly church shooting in tennessee. the masked gunman opened fire just as sunday services ended. >> president trump has signed a proclamation implementing travel restrictions on eight countries. some of the affected countries include north korea now and venezuela as well as six others across the middle east and africa. >> two possible blows t graham-cassidy bill coming from ted cruz and maine senator susan collins. >> right now, they don't have my vote and i don't think they have mike lee's either. >> ourou


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