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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 25, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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1100 people were killed. >> heather: taking some precautions to avoid that this time. >> jon: add that to the hurricanes, the mexico city earthquake, everything else. >> heather: we will be right back in an hour. >> jon: "outnumbered" begins right now. >> sandra: fox news alert, sports and politics colliding in a major way over the weekend after president trump's land slammed nfl players who do not stand during our national anthem. those comments inspiring more than 200 players to sit, kneel, or raise their fists on sunday. other players and some team owners locking arms in protest. this is "outnumbered," i am sandra smith. here today is harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on fox business kennedy. republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa boothe. and #oneluckyguy, former utah congressman jason chaffetz is here. he is "outnumbered," i cannot wait to get to your response for
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the weekend. to save it for tv. >> jason: all right. >> kennedy: are we on? >> harris: we are really glad you're here. and you cannot talk yet. >> jason: okay. >> sandra: >> sandra: put whilea backseat to politics on nfl sunday, hundreds of players kneeling or locking arms in protest of the president saying that those who take a knee during the anthem ought to be fired. but those -- one of the remarkable exceptions, a la hunter villanueva of steelers, the former army ranger who served three tours in afghanistan and received a bronze star standing outside the team tunnel. hand over his heart as his teammates remained in the locker room. meantime president trump double down on his remarks over twitter defending his comments as he made way back to the white house yesterday afternoon. >> i think it is very disrespectful to our country, i think it is very, very disrespectful to our flag. we have great people
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representing our country, especially our first responders, and they should be treated with respect. this has nothing to do with race or anything else, this has to do with respect for our country and respect for our flag. >> sandra: the president's remarks during a fiery and passionate response from former and current players, watch. >> i think that the president's words are really divisive. i do not like the hate speech that is coming out of his mouth. neither do the players in the locker room. >> yesterday, this was a group of our family getting attacked for what we feel is demonstrating our first amendment rights. >> i have a daughter that has to live in this world coming in what i'm saying? i'm going to do whatever i have to do. she can look at her dad and the like, he did something that made a difference. >> sandra: president trump not without his supporters who believe that he is saying what needs to be said.
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>> i think what the president is saying is that the owners should have a rule that player should have to stand and respect -- in respect for the national anthem. >> there are coaches across this country at high school level who are penalized and discipline for leading their player prayers employer, but you see an issue in the nfl where people are taking a need to disrespect the american flag. >> it is really sad at the cowardice of people like roger goodell who are going to reside over the decay of american institutions rather than take on young players. >> sandra: what do you make it all? >> jason: leave it to a ranger who will not let anything get between him and the flag. i'm proud of him. we are talking about the flag, the national anthem. what was really offensive to a lot of people is that they are the nfl was in london, and they had to take a need for the national anthem, but when the "god save the queen" comes on, they all stood for that.
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i'm just sick of having politics everywhere. i understand that there are problems in the country. i understand that people have a first amendment right, but i do not think that you do it when you wear the uniform, and you do the one thing, the one thing in this country that unites us, and that is to respect the flag and the men and women that fought to preserve it. >> kennedy: some took issue with the president's rhetoric, roger goodell said this on the protest. "the way we reacted today and this weekend made me proud. i am proud of our league, the anthem protest showed the disappointment of the players over the divisive rhetoric we heard from president trump." that was in an interview with peter king of "sports illustrated." >> kennedy: it has been really interesting to see the reaction from some of the people who supported the president. some of the team owners in jacksonville and new england who are now siding with their players. it is one of those issues that has been forced to a head, it
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makes people very uncomfortable. football is supposed to be escapism. it is where you are cooking chicken wings and you have a big pot of chili, you are the national anthem coming into route on your favorite team. it is very difficult to escape from the politics, i let people express themselves, i think that the flag is so beautiful and so strong that it encapsulates people who have different voices and different opinions. that is fine, but the players have to realize that there is some risk of alienating fans who absolutely love them. they love these players and these teams, but now there is such a division, we will see if they can overcome that. my ultimate question is, what is the goal of this? what do you want from this? is there a list of demands? something specific you can point to end point the country. when we got there, you will agree that we are there and we have achieved and accomplish something? >> lisa: the president -- a
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supporter of the president saying he is disappointed saying this. i'm deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments of the president on friday. i'm proud to be associated with so many players who make tremendous contributions and positively impacting our communities. our players are intelligent, thoughtful, and care deeply about our community. i support their right to peacefully affect social change and raise awareness in a manner that they feel is most impactfu impactful. >> harris: would you allow me to yield my time to lisa. >> lisa: what concerns me about their's is there is a lot that divides us. we are a diverse nation with a different ethnicities, races, religions, and we are all americans. so if the flag is now a divisive thing, what unites us? because that is a common bond that we all share is the fact that we are all americans. despite the diversity is, we can stand united behind that. so this concerns me. what also concerns me is somehow
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calling capra nick was a place of oppression. he has a liberal icon, he wears socks that depict cops as pigs. somehow this guy who is making tens of millions of dollars to play a sport who is literally emblematic of the mobility that we have in this country that you can become a multimillionaire. all these opportunities in the united states, almost the opposite of what he is protesting. and it just concerns me. i think that's president trump is trickling down on an issue that if you look at polling, after the colin kaepernick thing, saying that 72% of americans find us unpatriotic. i think he is hunkering down on an issue that americans really care about. >> harris: so you are from chicago, and i looked up some details this morning there were very disturbing. when i talk about this all the time, you can take a need, it worked for dr. king. i look for this picture and found it this weekend, and
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people are replicating versions of it. taking a knee in prayer was something that dr. king david during the civil rights movement. it is not fresh or new predicate has been effective for some time. so in chicago i look from june 21st-september 21st. just the summer season, 216 people shot and some killed. i want to look down at my phone. those are the deaths in that time. 80% projected to be african-american based on the statistics that we know from previous years. if there were people that were dying of gun violence, it is happening in droves in your former home city. we talk about it. if you are going to take a knee, why don't you go to the streets of chicago and do what dr. king did so effectively. his older daughter was tweeting about it this weekend. my father did this, and it worked. that is a cause and a venue worth doing. i'm wondering why we are doing it in the stadiums of escapism.
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why is it happening there? why not on the streets? and whether it is death by a cop, death by a neighbor, death by whatever, it is happening in droves in the city of chicago. >> kennedy: you know who says that they are not okay with us, some of the nascar owners, richard childress, he said this. sort of a warning to anybody who might do this in their venue. get a ride on the greyhound bus when the national anthem is overcome i told them had anybody who works for me i should respect the country we live in. so many people have given their lives for it. this is america. twitch the president responded directly to that saying "so proud of nascar in the supporters and fans. not putting up with disrespecting our country or our flag. they said it loud and clear!" >> jason: it is wholly american to disagree with your president and vocalize that. of 2 minutes during an nfl game where we stand united and we salute the flag, we take off our
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house, and shaming those that are teaching these young kids that we go to the schools and they do not say the pledge of allegiance, we will do that once a week. we cannot do this. you cannot say a prayer. >> harris: you cannot say god. >> jason: the president probably over spoke when he called them sobs. but take another venue, use the power that you have and to the money that you make and the celebrity that you have, put it to good use. but stand up for the united states of america. that is why millions of americans are not going to watch, they are not going to show up. and when the president is standing with the flag, he is going to win every time. >> harris: so why do you think that we cannot talk on black on black crime? that's what i'm talking about. i'm not talking about what they are taking a need for in the nfl. i'm talking about the bigger picture, why do they not matter as much in chicago? >> kennedy: maybe that can be a foundation that colin kaepernick and various players to join. my only thing is that you make
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it specific. if you want criminal justice reform and pieces of bipartisan legislated, i think that that is a worthy cause. but when you make it so obtuse and divisive, i just do not know where it ends. what is the point? is it to make sure that we do not play the national anthem before sporting events? >> harris: it was not played when people were being shot down in chicago. >> kennedy: do we take away sports? people are going to stop watching football on one hand because of the protest makes them uncomfortable, and may be those uncomfortable discussions deserve a different venue on a different day. the other thing is that you have a lot of kids who are not playing football because of what their parents know about cte, and to that in combined its bad news for the league. >> sandra: this may spread beyond the nfl, we do not know, but we do have a picture of the first major league baseball player to take a knee, this is oakland as catcher bruce
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maxwell. so congressman, as we see that image, you start to wonder? >> jason: you really wonder -- if you're going to make your message, don't do it during the national anthem. that is what is offending a lot of people. we had a good cross-section of nfl players that came into the judiciary committee. i met with them, john ratcliffe, we had a productive hour and a half meeting about criminal justice reform, using their celebrity to get the legislation to the finish line. that was productive. if there was actually making the ball move forward. i wish there was more of that. >> sandra: the clock is ticking as republicans try to save their latest bill to repeal obamacare. while some last-minute changes get them the votes they need? hillary clinton has been blaming everything from sexism to russia for the 2016 election loss, but a former bill clinton poster says that it's time for hillary to look in the mirror. what he says really happened. ♪ [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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>> harris: fox news alert, republicans pushing ahead in their latest attempt to repeal obamacare as they faced another crossroad. paid to the senate finance committee is set to hold a hearing today in a couple of hours on the graham cassidy bill which underwent a last-minute changes over the weekend to try to bolster support.
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the cbo, congressional budget office numbers are expected to be released. and a partial analysis of the plan which would give the states more -- g.o.p. senators are a "no," rand paul, john mccain, ted cruz. lisa murkowski, mike lee, susan collins. the revised bill sending more funding to keep hold out senators like maine, but the senator did not appear any closer to lending her support, this was yesterday. >> it is hard for me to envision getting to "yes" because my concerns are so fundamental. the program which does need reform, but we need careful reform. and i do not think that the bill does that. >> harris: democrats are stepping up their opposition. i don't know if that is really new. but senator minority leader chuck schumer said this "this bill would throw the health insurance system into chaos
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while raising premiums rather than making haphazard last-minute changes to a partisan bill that will not be scored by the cbo in time for a vote, we should resume the bipartisan negotiations." the president trump are always in concerns has said he believes the republicans will eventually fulfill their promise to voters on health care. watch. >> i've been watching for seven years as republicans have been saying repeal and replace, then you have john mccain voting "no" for whatever reason. arizona is one of the biggest beneficiaries. even the governor is totally in favor of it. it is also great for maine and alaska. every state that you are talking about, it happens to be particularly good for. so i don't know what they are doing. but eventually we will win whether it is now or later. >> harris: i will tell you, from what i am reading unless you have been day drinking, i don't think that you're going to see democrats come across in droves, they are hunkering down.
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>> jason: here's the problem. the first boats, what people need to realize, the very first vote is a motion to proceed. should they actually debate thi this? >> harris: it will die right there. >> jason: i don't know how any senator can justify voting "no," you can offer amendments and do other things to adjust the bill. the reason they are slamming it in and between september is by law they were supposed to pass a budget by april 15th. they have not passed the budget, when you do not pass the budget, you cannot use the reconciliation tool. that tool allows you to only get 50 votes, so that expires at the end of september. then they have to get to the 60 vote threshold, but if they would've passed it when they were supposed to, and we would not have had anything -- >> harris: only seven years after, now seven and a half. >> lisa: it is pretty ridiculous but i think the republican party made a fatal error in not leaving off the gate with the bill ready to go. there is a vacuum for the
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democratic party was ready to soil efforts of the republican party. there is a vacuum where there is a lack of information about anything specific that the republican party was doing, allowing the democratic party to hit the drumbeat and go off with the messaging of the republican party, but you see them trying to court the "nose" offering funding to senator murkowski, even -- >> harris: sweeping the deal, for another state, and i do not get the sweetener. >> jason: i call it a bribe. >> lisa: that is listening insurance like a stations as well for cruise. >> harris: congressman, you like to call it what it is. >> jason: it is a bribe, it is like the corn husker kickback. >> harris: that is the most that i have heard the word soil as a verb. it is an interesting way to look at it. and very accurate.
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>> kennedy: i was talking to my mom this weekend, she said, do you think there will be a third party? i said, no, i think there will be four, because there are a mess on chasms in the republican and the democratic party. i do not think republicans with this narrow of a majority can come up with something, and i do not think that they want to. and every time they go for another at a fast, they are giving democrats cover, because if they had started, i disagree with you, if they had started with tax or form, if they had a strong tax bill and came out of the gate with taxes and passed out and said, this is how you do it -- >> sandra: that is looking back, they have to look forward. >> kennedy: there is no way they can get together to move forward. >> jason: they are introducing the tax reform package on wednesday? i talked to rank-and-file members, they have no idea what is coming forward. impact on wednesday, they are not devoting so that the house republicans can go to the navy yard to have a discussion about what should be in the tax reform.
9:22 am
at the same time the president is trying to unveil it. >> lisa: looking ahead to the 2018 midterm elections, that's about getting your base and sight to support your pet if they say they are going to do all these things, they don't do any of these things, how is anybody going to be excited? >> sandra: that is where the timing is so critical. we are going to get a win on health care whether it is now or later, that is a big difference whether it is now or later. >> harris: i'm looking at something that we talk about a lot on the couch as things hinge, sandra, i want to pick your brain a little bit. >> sandra: that does not tell me anything. that is less than half a percent drop when the dow is at 22,000. 100 prints. >> kennedy: it's been hovering there for quite a while, any dip may be a reaction to north korea. >> harris: one thing i've heard you say is that if the president does not get the tax reform, that's where we may see the indication. tensions reaching a fever pitch at a top -- kennedy just headed,
9:23 am
north korean official is saying president trump has declared war on his country. and that they have the right to shoot down u.s. bombers, even if they are not inside north korean airspace. how should president trump respond to these growing threats? and the trump administration is unleashing a revised travel ban. set to hear arguments on that case. in the new countries added to the travel ban, we will look at that and why. and you know what we will do after the tv version, we will pop up online,, click on the overtime tab. a live chat waiting for you to get on the conversation or watching us live on facebook. our handle is @outnumberedfnc, look at the birdie on the screen. treat us. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. also try aleve direct therapy with tens technology for lower back pain relief. ♪ >> kennedy: tensions escalating with north korea, short time ago that a regime administrator saying that
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president trump has declared war. pyongyang could shoot down u.s. bombers even if they are not in the country's airspace. over the weekend he delivered a fiery speech at the united nations saying that president trump calling pyongyang leader rocket man means a strike against the u.s. mainland more inevitable. the president sending a warning on twitter. just heard foreign minister of north korea speak at the u.n., if he echoes thoughts of little rocket man, they will not be around much longer. all this as the pentagon announced american fighter jets and bombers had flown near north korea. further north of the demilitarized zone between north and south within any u.s. aircraft this century. a spokes man saying, this mission is a demonstration of u.s. verbal solve and a clear message that the president has many military options to defeat any threats. we are prepared to use the full range of military capabilities to defend the u.s. homeland and our allies. a lot of people scared about
9:29 am
what happens next year. and to the president's rhetoric towards the country and its leader. >> jason: i think the president is speaking a language that they stand. you need to know where the united states stands. we are standing with japan and south korea. you have seen the new prime minister there in south korea take a different -- president moon take a different stance. he is a little bit more hawkish seeing the demilitarized zone, a very short different stance, you can drive it. i have been in a helicopter ride over the area. we are talking about a very small distance. it is a message to china about how serious we are. it does put pressure on china. if they do not want to see a massive wave of people trying to come north into china to flee north korea. they need to be engaged on this. i think that the president is speaking the right language. >> sandra: are we taking the
9:30 am
right strategy? >> kennedy: yes, i was looking back, saying that the president's rhetoric as an act of war. you know what else they said, seth rogen's movie "the interview," they said there was also an act of war. i do not think it is the president's rhetoric that is escalating tensions paid what i do think is that north korea is shooting over ballistic missiles over japan twice in recent weeks, testing a hydrogen bomb. to specifically name and go on the u.s. territory as a potential target, those are what are escalating tensions come i think for president trump what he is using our deterrence, both as you had mentioned flying the planes over -- and what is escalating -- also president trump using the rhetoric, if you attack us, we will attack you. >> harris: i don't know the tiger was kind of scary. that was the only part. i digress. in the movie that she mentioned with seth rogan.
9:31 am
the whole thing though, i'm curious to know what you think, because when one country says that we feel like you have declared war on us, normally that is followed by what they are going to do, but this was not followed by that. so what do you think un is trying to tell us? >> jason: i think he wants a soul trajectory to be able to intimidate the united states and the world. i think that -- i do not think that these sanctions will do anything. i wonder why they added more sanctions. why don't we give them the maximum at the beginning? this will not affect him, i do not think he cares, kim jong un, about the people of north korea. >> harris: he does not care about the people. >> jason: he is solely focused on achieving the nuclear capability. what will be interesting is if they try to moved out into the pacific and test in a different place. that will cause general mattis,
9:32 am
secretary, and others, general -- admiral harris to really make some tough decision decisions. >> kennedy: i think that you are seeing the escalation come from north korea, and nobody wants to see a preemptive war. i agree with 70% of the people who have been told in this country, nobody wants us to go in without provocation. everybody wants the provocation to stop. if china has finally gotten on board with out with their banking and oil exports, trying to choke off north korea and force them to give up their nuclear program. which sadly, they are not going to do. they are not going to give it up. that's what makes it so difficult. it is underground, millions and millions of lives are at stake. >> harris: some of their own, and he does not care. >> kennedy: many of their own, 25 million people in that country, untold thousands in labor camps that will easily be -- >> harris: the point that you make about this not being the
9:33 am
shot across the then, that child is so terrible, we had to prevented. to the white house is expanding the travel ban to put new restrictions on travelers from eight countries. five covered by the previous band which was set to expire. limiting entry to the united states were citizens of chad, syria, libya, -- along with some from venezuela, president trump says it is about keeping the country safe. the changes will take place on october 18th, not far from now, a week over the supreme court is said to hear arguments of the second revised travel ban. judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano says that the third order shows previous judicial concern. >> you have offered for months that the travel ban is constitutional. >> yes, and i base it on the constitutions were opposing foreign policy, exclusively in the hands of the president. and congress given the president
9:34 am
the authority to further foreign policy goals. they have a country that is that is predominantly catholic, venezuela. a country that is predominantly atheist, north korea, undermines the argument that this is really a muslim band. >> harris: those are huge examples, the exceptions coming into the aclu is arguing that it is still a muslim ban, saying that six of the eight countries are muslim, adding north korea with few visitors to the united states and government officials from venezuela does not take away from the real fact that it is still a muslim ban. president trump's original sin of targeting muslims cannot be cured by throwing other countries onto the enemies list. congressman? >> jason: i do not think he was targeting just muslims. i wish that everybody would stop using the word ban. if you go to libya right now on the website for the state department and tried to look up the u.s. embassy in libya, you're going to see that
9:35 am
they are actually in tunisia. we do not even have an embassy there fled alone anyway to vex anybody. i'm curious to why the president took sudan off the list. i think the sudan and south sudan to be a part of this extreme vetting. we are trying to figure out who they are before they come to the united states. >> harris: did the issue move here to become less about those who can come from countries to hurt us and more about those who we need to vet, vet. not mutually exclusive. >> kennedy: we do not have a lot of visitors from north korea, unfortunately. it is not an easy place to come from. but i think adding these countries to the list into these are places where they are having active civil wars or where they are actively declaring war wars repeatedly on social media and at the u.n. day after day. but i do think that it neutralizes the idea that it is
9:36 am
a muslim ban, remember the second executive order is set to expire before it reaches the supreme court, because of supreme court is going to hear full arguments on it. now that there is a third implementation of this executive order, that may nullify having to go to the supreme court at all. >> harris: that is interesting. >> kennedy: i still think that if australia was a sponsor of state terrorism, they could be on the list as well. you look at the original list of countries, both the first and second rollout that took place, all those countries were state sponsors of terrorism or harbors of terrorism, safe havens of terrorism, my understanding about this is that it has been a review by the homeland security as well as as well as dni director, and basically that they have been communicated with other countries what documents, what information that we need from them to feel secure about lifting these travel restrictions, so my understanding is that these countries could also be taken off of the list if they decide
9:37 am
to comply with the united states and the documented information that we believe that we need to see or have to feel comfortable with changing the countries that are on the list. >> kennedy: goes back to president trump saying this is about national security, he makes his point very clear, if i cannot tell that someone in this country, they should not be allowed to enter. why do you not think that his messaging is reaching more people? and okay with more americans who are concerned about their safet safety. >> jason: i think that president trump was elected because he was going to take a tougher stance on this. i think most people if they actually saw what happens in the so-called vetting, they would be shocked at how brief the interviews are paired to some of them are maybe 10 minutes, show me some documents, let's look at them. we just need to know who these people are before they come to the united states, it's not asking too much. >> harris: we will move on, tomorrow's g.o.p. primary in alabama could be a big test for president trump's political
9:38 am
clout or not. why analysts say that the president wins even if the candidate he supports loses. ♪
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♪ >> kennedy: all eyes on the state that says roll tide. alabama after -- luther strange, mike pence will campaign for him tonight ahead of the big primary runoff, strange is the pick of the party establishment. and president trump while his opponent former alabama supreme court judge raymore has the backing of more populist insurgent g.o.p. figures like sarah palin and steve bannon, but some say tuesday night will be a win for president trump either way. politics reporter for nbc news saying if strange wins, trump will be credited for turning the tide. saving an incumbent, earning goodwill with g.o.p. -- if moore
9:43 am
wins, it will be read as a sign of anti-g.o.p. establishment strength, a movement. acting in the president trump's name. congressman, was this intentional? to the president picked the wrong person? >> jason: no, that's been, the president wins either way? you cannot go down and campaigned for somebody, send the prep vice president the before the election if senator strange come i think it was brian kilmeade that said that luther strange sounds like a rock 'n' roll ban, should be the name of a rock 'n' roll ban. if he loses, it's hard to put a spin on it and say, that is actually a victory for donald trump. >> harris: i think this is deeper than that. this is steve bannon sky. this is him being able to stand up after his exit from the white house and say, this is what i was talking about if he wins, maybe he will lose, but i think it is an ideological battle, i do not think that it is the same. >> kennedy: what does it mean?
9:44 am
>> lisa: it is close, roy moore has been up and pulling, i think it is his base, his group of supporters versus the candidate that he backed himself. ultimately, whoever wins the runoff primary is going to end up winning the state. you look at president trump winning the state over 60% in the 2016 election. senator shelby won 2016 with over 60% of the votes. the last time senator sessions had a competitive race, he won with over 60% of the votes. so i think that the dynamics of this are interesting, why it has gotten so much attention. >> kennedy: are there enough trump supporters to pull those people to luther strange's side? >> lisa: yes, 30,000 people that supported him in mobile, alabama. i do think that the trump brand is very strong in the state that could help strange. i do not think he loses either
9:45 am
way. at the republican party, do you really think that the democrat party who has ten senators running in states that president trump won, five by double digits are going to want to put resources into a state that is so red and so trump and republican territory, it would be full barren. >> sandra: there is an interesting last sentence to have the part they read from the politics reporter, went on to write that the president still remains our best and only hope in d.c. for change. this is the same politics reporter that said that this is a win-win situation for trump, would you agree? >> jason: yes, as lisa was saying, this stays in republican control. the democrats not even part of the conversation is -- why is it even possible for them to win in the next election. and either way, i think it's going to be a reflection that people still are fed up with washington, d.c. they want to change. that guy has only been a senator for a short amount of time,
9:46 am
already talking about getting rid of him. >> kennedy: so if roy moore is so much of the trump mold, why did he back strange in the first place? >> jason: it is very strange, i do not know. >> kennedy: it's so strange it is luther strange. no other way to say it. all right, well, so much to continue discussing including hillary clinton, she has blamed everything from sexism to the media, to former fbi director james comey for losing to president trump, but now a former bill clinton poster blaming elderly herself. reasons why the campaign failed to pay prejudices "outnumbered," stay here. ♪ some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked.
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. buy a first jon scott. >> in the next hour the growing controversy over taking any during the national anthem. rich lowry with his take and taking us through the new travel ban. a last ditch effort to repeal and replace obamacare, one of the cosponsors, senator ron johnson of wisconsin joins us and ask on why he wants it passed and what he is hearing about its chances. that is ahead. >> sandra: we will be watching, thank you. >> thank you.
9:51 am
>> lisa: hi, lisa boothe coming to you on "outnumbered." presidential campaign for bill clinton and al gore's former poster, recent book tour hillary clinton has blamed her stunning loss on sexism in the media to james comey to vladimir putin, titled how she lost, pulled -- saying that clinton has no one to blame but ourselves, same for me the most glaring examples include the clinton campaign overdependence on technical analytics. its failure to run campaigns to win the battleground states, the decision no focus on the rainbow base and identity politics at the expense of the working class. and the failure to address the trust problem. and the failure to learn from events and repossession. greenberg says that he repeatedly tried to warn john podesta out that clinton's message was not working. well, kennedy, since we were playing each other just a moment there. i will go to you first.
9:52 am
>> kennedy: we look a lot alike. i should always be played by lisa boothe, she is stunning. but it was called what's really happened, it would be boring, short, and summed up as a couple of paragraphs, because he is spot on. into that only speaks to the frustration within the democratic party. >> lisa: i really want her thoughts on what do you make of him talking about to this focus on gender and race over class and economic issues that really drive voters? >> kennedy: i think that speaks to the fact that bill clinton was cassondra on hillary clinton's campaign. relegated to the sidelines because everybody thought that he was a doddering old fool, the only one within the campaign standing up saying, you guys are ignoring your real base. you need to talk to these working class white voters who are totally disenfranchised by the system, reach out to them now. no one would listen, that's when he was benched. >> lisa: congressman, you know
9:53 am
a thing or two about running campaigns .-period-paragraph the billing and clearly hillary clinton has not learned anything given by any interview she has given with the book. do you think the democratic party has learned anything? >> jason: i hope that they keep putting hillary clinton out there. as long as they have hillary clinton out on the book tour, they put nancy pelosi and chuck schumer as the leaders of the party, they do not offer any legitimate ideas that are going to gravitate people, they will have the same result. let's remember donald trump does not become president donald trump unless he is able to attract democrats and real centrist to say, yes, you know what, i think it is time to go a different direction. the only person she can look out is the person in the mirror. she lost it. i think it was much more a referendum about hillary clinton coming into the country said we do not want hillary clinton to be the president of the united states. >> sandra: and that is an interesting way of looking at it. so people who jumped over and
9:54 am
voted for donald trump, then can a dead, they think that they had nowhere to go then, they probably feel the same way now. because the face that you are seeing out of the democratic party's hillary clinton. if that continues to be the case, the question is, what they make the same choice again in 2020? >> lisa: has a democratic party learned anything as greenberg is pointing out, have you seen them lead on economic issues? >> sandra: no, she never got out during the election process that people wanted a business friendly environment. whether you are a small business owner will you wanted your company to thrive, he got that message. she did not focus on that message. and she did not learn along the way that that was -- her message was not resonating, so how can the democratic party make any corrections to what we saw in 2016 going forward if they do not to look back and see their mistakes? >> jason: the make and people are looking at the 401(k), they are looking at a mutual fund,
9:55 am
they see the stock market, rook [boos] record time because wall street has figured out, there is not going to be the massive new regulation coming down the path. we can do things, we have small businesses that are able to invest more. and i think that they are making progress, and i go, go, hillary, go. run again. >> kennedy: or manipulating the currency that investors have no choice but to get into the stock market. >> lisa: we are talking about some of the economic issues, do you think republicans lose the argument if they do not get anything done on tax or former health care? >> jason: i think the surge in the stock market is assuming that something will be done. it would be a complete failure of republicans gone either repeal and replace it replace of obamacare nor did they get not only tax cuts, but tax reform. i think what you are going to see laid out on wednesday is more tax cuts and true reform which was the promise of unified government. so you turn the corner to 2018, people are going further
9:56 am
primary, how are they going to look republicans, i would say, yes, we made a difference. >> kennedy: look at what has happened in the town halls part of those are only going to grow more and more fierce as the holidays -- >> lisa: nancy pelosi has been a beneficiary as well. about more "outnumbered" in just a moment. do not miss it. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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>> always good to have you, sir.
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>> i always love being here. >> we will leave it right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. we are back on tv tomorrow live at noon eastern, "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: a fox news alert as senate republican tinker with their latest bill to repeal and maybe replace obamacare sweetening the pot to try to woo a couple of key holdouts. the second hour of "happening now" happening now. speak to several republicans have publicly rejected the bill, authored by senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy. now they are offering more money to states like alaska and maine. those revisions as members of the g.o.p. express their concerns. >> right now they don't have my vote and i don't think they hav have -- i want to be a "yes," i


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