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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 25, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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sandra smith. white house had to hold a press briefing just minutes from now. on capitol hill, the senate finance committee said to hold the lone congressional hearing on the graham cassidy bill to repeal and replace obamacare. all of this while the pentagon is responding to the latest threat from north korea. made by one of their leaders on u.s. soil. the foreign minister of the rogue nation said this outside of the u.n. today. >> the fact that this comes from someone who currently is holding the seat of the united states, the presidency, clearly a declaration of war. since then united states declares war on our country, we have every right to make measures including the right to shoot down the united states presence, even when there not yet inside the airspace border of our country.
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>> sandra: those statements followed president trump's tweet over the weekend that if the foreign minister and his boss, kim jong un, do not watch out, they will not be around much longer. meantime, we expect another hot topic at the white house press briefing moments away from that. president trump's war of words with the nfl. what mass protest during the national anthem across the league this weekend. president trump tweeted, the issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. it is about respect for our country. flag and national anthem. nfl must respect us. reaction from the sport world continues to pour in, including this from nba star, lebron james. he would not even say the president's name. >> there is no divide, no divid divide. even from that guy that continues to try to divide us. throughout everything that guy
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is doing, no matter if you voted for him or not, you may have made a mistake, and that is okay. the people run this country, not one individual. an sure not him. spill it nate boy, a former nfl player from the seattle seahawks i would love to give your thoughts first on what you heard from lebron james. >> that is his opinion. he has every right to voice an opinion just like the president has a right to voice an opinion as well. i fought for it lebron james. i fought for donald trump. i fought for everybody in this country. we all did. anyone that war that camouflaged uniform. we don't always agree with our leadership, but it is a commitment we make to serve the united states, and i am proud that i have the opportunity to do it. i am proud that i fought for the freedoms we have in this country, whether those are
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things that i agree with or not, that is not up to me. i will always fight for what america and fi stands for. >> sandra: we thank you for your service and fighting for this country, that we may have free speech, that is why we honor the flag. while you say you fought for that very right for all the players to have free speech and speak their mind to stand up for what they believe in, how does this sit with you? do see this is disrespectful? >> it definitely hurts me. because i know a lot of these guys personally and i spent a lot of time with them, i sat down with colin kaepernick, and what they are protesting right now, what he felt yesterday it was more about how testing the president's remarks. not the anthem or the flag itself.
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maybe that is not the best place to do it, although it is eliciting a lot of attention and it is being covered quite a bit. that was their intention. >> sandra: tom brady come at the well-known quarterback, has also chosen to wait an end he specifically references president trump's words and his rhetoric in response to this. he called him devices device because i saw what he said, i think it was divisive. i want to support my teammates. i always said, that is wrong, that is right, not that, but i do believe what i believe in. i believe in bringing people together and respect and love and trust. you can voice your disagreement. that is absolutely -- i think that's great. it's part of our democracy. as long as it is done in a peaceful, respectful way.
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>> sandra: to be clear, he did not take a knee over the weekend. he locked arms with one of his teammates that was taking a knee and show of solidarity there. do you believe that the president and his words inflamed intentions? >> yes, i do. some of that verbiage -- and using that type of language as the leader of the free world, i don't know if that is the best way to approach that. once again, the president has it as well first free speech. i obsolutely agree with what tom brady said there. i think there is another way to approach that. love nothing more for it lebron james and president trump to sit down and have a peaceful i'm a grown up conversation about this whole thing. for them to reach across and engage one another, i think that
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would be amazing. i don't know how far that is for my future. it is something that i think we need to see more of. we deftly need to see more of, because we are getting torn apart right now. it pains me to see that especially from somebody that fought for the people back here to come back back to such a did place it is hurtful. >> sandra: nate boyer, thank you for everything you have done and your service. speak i thank you >> sandra: right of the senate finance committee is trying to begin its one and only hearing to talk about its last stab at repeal and replace obamacare. the graham cassidy health care bill. we are already watching plenty of protesters from inside and outside of that hearing room. you're looking at those images. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill.
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what is the seed like at the health care reform hearing is underway? >> good afternoon. these people are fired up. they started chanting, don't touch medicaid. since, they have been lined up for hours. advocates and protesters trying to express their views about this graham cassidy health care legislation. those behind the bill are facing a deadline by the end of this week. the end of the fiscal year, to get 50 votes, or else it would be by a 60 vote threshold. they are defending it against attacks that would be bad for folks with pre-existing health care conditions. >> president trump that he would not sign the bill with pre-existing conditions, our language says, that if the state wishes to do something different, they must first establish that those with pre-existing conditions have access to affordable and adequate coverage.
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>> there are two hard no votes and a bunch of question marks, rand paul of kentucky, john mccain of arizona, anymore defections in the bill or dying. >> sandra: mike, the noise level there is unbelievable. thank you for hearing me as well as you can. what are democrats saying is this is a very critical weekend for health care reform push. what are they saying at this point? >> they are saying that this legislation would have a devastating impact on a lot of folks. they fired up a lot of constituents to come out to say the fight over health care reform is not over yet. >> i thought we had a national consensus, finally. after decades that finally we said as a nation, we would never allow a preexisting conditions to be a bar, barrier from someone getting coverage for treatment.
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i thought that was over. >> senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, said he'll bring it to a boat this week. it is not clear what he will do if he is short of 50 yes votes among republicans. >> sandra: before we get to chris stirewalt, what are they saying in his protest behind you? can you make out with their chanting? >> we heard a lot of, do not cut medicaid. senators were going in, they were concerned about the impact of the proposed legislation would have in terms of indian individual states. others on the other side would say that they are not actually cutting, they are cutting the of medicaid, they are very fired up in the hallway. trying to make sure the senators know how they feel on a critical week on health care reform here in in the senate. >> sandra: unbelievable. mike emanuel, thank you for the update, let's bring in chris stirewalt, fox news edito
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editor. what are you seeing and hearing and? >> we should remember this it was a planned demonstration that this is our only shot at this legislation. this hearing represents -- because they're doing this outside the normal order, this represents the only chance for detractors from the bill and proponents to make the case in this setting. these are probably democrats. these are activists, who are there. they want to make as much noise as possible, because that they want to put the stink on this, so as it goes forward. they only have till friday to pass it. the window closes at the end of the week, because that is when the federal fiscal years, and as a last chance publicans have to pass a budget with 51 votes. that could include changes to obamacare. this is her last chance and they want to make sure there's a big stink on it, so by the time they are embarrassed by. >> sandra: the cbs poll on the graham cassidy health care bill
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showing that 52% disapprove, 20% approve, 28% do not know. what can you conclude from that? >> it is the partition or shock tennis. you start out with every democrat that want to maintain that status quo, they will say that they dislike anything that is not the status quo come as of that presumption. the problem is that they do this stuff. there's very little time for americans to wrap their head around obamacare it years ago. this time, there is no time. because about parsing condition because of how they are trying to pass it, because of all the stuff, there bringing it up as a rifle shot. they try to fire one of these things off, , and hope that maks it through. everybody knows if they were to pass it this week we are talking again, a decade. a decade of changes, modifications and things over
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time. the opinion poll matters, but what matters more, is our 50 votes. i doubt the pole will affect that much. >> sandra: if you are income euros seen the pictures that are quite loud of the protesters of the senate finance committee holding this of the graham cassidy health care bill. i want to remind everybody, we are waiting the white house press briefing set for 2:00. it has the you have to begin. william moore for the white house on this. chris, i'll bring you back in on this. the plurality of americans say republicans in congress are moving too fast to pass this health care bill. half of americans say that it they did not believe the bill would impact them. 17 said they did not know how the proposed legislation would impact. are they moving too fast? >> is there another way you can look at it -- in hindsight, the
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republic and strategy which was to keep a bill hidden in your coat pocket, wait until the last second, and then to donna and when the stealth strategy did not work, they bring out this bill is different than the one that came before. this one is simple. you can't really do a cvs score, because the penance of the bill is pretty basic. federal government is going to stop implementing obamacare and give that money to the states. 50 different versions, 50 different governors, 50 different legislations, and they will figure out what they want to do with that money as opposed to the federal government spending it. a basic concept. this is not as complicated as one that came before but the two prior failures, putting the stink on the process peered by the time you get to the end with a simple thing thing, the two that came before pass is this in a negative light. >> sandra: chris, what is at stake as far as republican party is concerned. so much on the plate, such an aggressive agenda as we near the
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end of the year? >> if they do not hit it out of the park this week, they are going to look at this -- >> sandra: sarah sanders at the white house. >> on wednesday there, he will deliver marked on the historic tax cuts that he is in working nerves of congress. during his remarks, the president will have new details on the framework for these cuts and reforms. these details will includes specific imposed rates for individuals, small businesses, incorporation, and he will also discuss the limitation of loopholes that have rigged the current tax code in favor of the wealthy and well-connected. as the president has said before, will give our workers at the level playing field they deserve, and they will win. if the fight is fair, no one can beat the american worker. these cuts and reforms will have growth, we are confident the american people will be very excited about what we are
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proposing. while working to grow the economy today, the president of also signed a presidential memorandum to assure the american children are empowered to succeed in the workforce of tomorrow. technology is playing a growing role in our economy, and this means that technical knowledge and skills are more important than ever. more than half of our schools do not currently offer courses in computer programming and nearly 40% do not offer physics. betsy devos will take several steps to address this issue for students. first, it directs the secretary to have high-quality education with particular focus on computer science is one of the department of educations priorities. second, it directs her to establish a goal of devoting at least $200 million per year in grant funds towards this priority. finally, the ♪ ♪ directs secretary
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existing k-12 and post secondary programs. this memorandum comes at the hilt. that he signed in june to expand apprenticeship, giving more americans the opportunity to earn while they learn and receive skilled training they'll put them on the path to fulfilling work. the president believes it is our responsibility to give her students, especially underrepresented groups, minorities , and women, and rural communities every opportunity. >> sandra: sarah sanders. we lost a shot at the white house. speaking of technical skills -- we lost some of the technology there to bring that white house briefing to you live from the white house. she was talking about technical skills are more important than today. let us listen. >> secretary sanders: a few weeks prior to the first day, they called in the arkansas national guard to standby and segregation blocked the nine black students from entering the all-white school. one of the nine students, elizabeth, recalled they moved closer and closer, somebody
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started yelling. i tried to see -- >> sandra: all right. we are having technical difficulty at the white house. will keep an eye on that for you and as we get that satellite feedback, we will go back to the white house life. we have our eye on the white house, and we are -- we have a "no"? >> secretary sanders: i watched president bill clinton it might the same door that was close to them. the little rock 9 are american heroes who courageously advance racial equality. as president trump said, racism is evil. it has no place in our country. today, central high as one of the most racially diverse and high achieving schools of arkansas. this is a testimony to how far we have come in the last 60 years. it is not lost on the president
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or his administration, but there is more work to do. we need better schools, and we need better jobs to provide a safer, stronger, more prosperous future for every american. president trump is working to make america great again for all of the citizens, and he is very committed. with that, i will take your questions. >> clearly, the president has strong views on whether or not players and professional sports teams should stand for the national anthem. given the response the president has gone over the last 48 hours, even from tom brady of the patriots, with what he said on friday night was very divisive, does the president regret at all in describing these players taking the knee for national anthem as as
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>> secretary sanders: they should be for honoring our flat, national anthem. and the men and women who fought to defend it. i think general martin, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said, when he said this this morning. it is important to remember that our military is composed entirely of volunteers. it obviously takes a special kind of patriotism for people to volunteer to risk their lives for the country. theirs is not blind patriotism that pretends there's nothing wrong with the country. every man and woman in uniform, does have work to do to achieve the quality, opportunity, and justice for all for which we aspire. with every member of the military often knows, what is right about america is worth defending. if it is worth defending, is worth on her. he continued, i just hope the athletes were using the anthem as a protest understand that people like me intend to keep standing during the national anthem. we do so not because we agree with everything america has done or everything that has been done
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in america's name, but because despite all of that, the world is a better place because america exists. that seems to me to be worth the honor and respect during the national anthem. >> i understand his position in the service of this great nation, but did the president go too far? in referring to these players as sobs? >> secretary sanders: it's always appropriate for the president to defend the fly, national anthem, and defend the men and women who fought and died to defend it. >> have you talked about how he uses twitter as a platform over the course the last 72 hours, the president has treated more than a dozen times about this, sports, kneeling, nascar, zero times about puerto rico. bottom line question, what message is the president sending by talk about sports and not the crisis affecting puerto rico? >> secretary sanders: you're missing the entire purpose of
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the message. he is emphasizing something that should be unifying. celebrating and promoting patriotism in our country is something that should bring everybody together. when it comes to puerto rico, the president has sent both administrative and senior advisor to puerto rico today. there on the ground to assess the damage. we have done unprecedented movement in terms of federal funding to provide for the people of puerto rico and others that have been impacted by the storms. we'll continue to do so and continue to do everything that we can possibly under the federal government. >> you're saying the president is emphasizing something that brings americans together, but what message does it say behind the real of a rally and call american citizens who are practicing the first member rights sobs. >> secretary sanders: it is important for our president to defend the flag, the national anthem -- i'm not finished. it is always a exists to promote
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our national anthem and asked people to respect it. >> north korea foreign minister said that president trump declared war on north korea and they reserve the right to take measures including shooting down u.s. aircraft. does the white house view president trump's message as a declaration of war? >> secretary sanders: the suggestion of that is absurd. >> the reaction to north korea's threat to shoot down aircraft even if it's not their airspace? >> secretary sanders: it is never appropriate for a country to shoot down in other countries aircraft when it is over international waters. our goal is the same. we continue to seek the peaceful denuclearization. as our focus. through the most make economic-
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>> sandra: will try our best to keep bringing this back, having a bit of a struggle with a signal. most recently, sarah sanders discussing north korea. let's continue to listen. >> secretary sanders: everybody wants -- this about the present been for something. this about the president being for respect through symbols like the american flag, like the national anthem in the hundreds of thousands of people that actually stand versus the few hundred that may kneel, no. >> the president says kneeling has nothing to do with race. collins b21 took to his knees during many of these games because he said, black people in this country were not being treated fairly by police. how is that not an issue of rac race? >> secretary sanders: i think the focus has changed and certainly the message and what a lot has been communicated over these last several weeks through this process, through this protest by these players.
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>> you often express frustration about the media not focusing on the agenda that the president has. thinks he wants to get done, tax form, health care, et cetera. when did the president decide at this rally that he was going to spend so much time talking about the flag itself, and doesn't that distract of what you are trying to accomplish with tax reform or health care in the issue in puerto rico in a showdown with north korea? >> secretary sanders: look, i certainly do not think that talking about the american flag is a distraction for the president of the united states. again, this should be something that every american can get behind and support and celebrate his national pride in our country. supporting those that have fought and died to defend it from all different backgrounds. i think again, that is certainly a priority of the president, but you act at all he did over the weekend. we also did a lot of things,
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continuing to push forward on tax reform, continuing to report on health care. push forward on the safety and security of the border in our country. >> with that in mind to the point, i want to put it in the headlines. >> secretary sanders: i'm not sure when that decision was made, but i know it is a priority for the president to always defend our flag, always defend the national anthem. certainly to support the men and women in uniform. >> a couple of questions. has the president called uncle angela merkel? >> she one on sunday. >> secretary sanders: they're working on the logistics and getting it coordinated. attach a form, when he was briefed, has he signed off on that? to have a final print for tax reform?
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>> secretary sanders: he has had few conversations with members, secretary munition and gary cohen. those will continue and make those announcements. >> sandra: it has been a bit of a rough road. she still taking questions. can we hear her now? >> try not to provoke kim those could potentially backfire. >> secretary sanders: i miss the first part of your question... >> "the new york times" reported that he was warned not to provoke kim jong un and his united nations speech, because it would potentially backfire and they have taken as a declaration of war. >> secretary sanders: as i said, i will not take them as a source, and i'd push back on the spread the time. that is a false narrative. the national security team was
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involved and engaged throughout the speech writing process. and was very happy with the president speech at the u.n. >> when alan kaepernick said his protest is about fighting police brutality, fighting racial disparity, racial justice, you're not taking them as a source. you said it has long since moved on. when white supremacists saved their protests are about heritage, not hate, the president does protect their words. why is there a disparity about who gets to decide what protest is about? >> secretary sanders: the debate is really about police brutality, they should probably protests the officers on the field that are protecting them instead of the american flag. >> on the interview he gave this morning on the radio, he was very pessimistic about health care. wonder what his interactions were today.
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is he calling out individual senators can make eye note the vice president is doing that. what did he think today , >> secretary sanders: we have been calling on congress to do what they are elected to do, most of them campaigned on, and that is to repeal and replace obamacare. we are continuing to push forward. we won't know we cannot live with the obamacare status quo. it is a complete disaster. we hope this moves forward and goes through. he is continuing to be engaged directly and through his team, legislative affairs team. >> tomorrow he is going to new york. it is a fund-raising dinner is what it looks like from his emails. >> secretary sanders: there is a fund-raising dinner, and i'll have to get back to you with specifics. >> this is significant week for the president and republicans. an opportunity. some are saying a last chance to
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repeal and replace obamacare. much of yesterday, beginning part a day, was focused as far as the president is concerned on the nfl. players who take a knee. can you explain how that is helpful to that effort of repealing and replacing obamacare. he spent so much time on that other issue, the issue involving sports. >> secretary sanders: it doesn't not take that long to type out 140 characters, it is president is very capable of doing will more than one thing at a time and in a day. >> you see how it has taken up so much oxygen. when the president speaks about that particular issue, he is bringing up questions the majority today have been about this particular -- >> secretary sanders: that's determined by you guys. >> a tremendous amount of power when he speaks, when he tweets something, it does take away from his legislative agenda. would you agree? is >> secretary sanders: it is
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important for president to be taught about patriotism. >> two questions. one, secretary carson recently voiced his disagreement with the president and the vice president on the run off in alabama tomorrow. my question is, not about the runoff, but about personnel. our members of the cabinet, the president's official family, free to disagree with him on matters such as political contest? and >> secretary sanders: the president has a lot of people with a variety of backgrounds ad certainly with a variety of opinions, he always welcomes them voicing those on that specific issue. i've not talked to the president on that. >> second, on september 15th the spokeswoman for the state department spoke with the national press club and i think this is important, because prime minister is meeting with the president tomorrow.
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she said the united states took no position for what is scheduled in catalonia october october 1st about separating and becoming a separate country, and they said they will work with any country or entity that comes out. does that mean that if catalonia votes to secede from spain, the u.s. is going to recognize it as an independent country? >> secretary sanders: i don't have anything further than what heather said on that issue. the changes after, we will let you know. >> is the white house reviewing the private email account for governing business in how will it spread to the use of private email accounts in this white house? >> to my knowledge, very limited white house counsel and staff to use government email for official business. only use that email. >> has he instructed since this
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came up -- >> secretary sanders: we get instructed on this pretty regularly. >> save a price has been taking private jets for month, and kellyanne conway to six states. given the comment on the trips, is a present aware of prices travel, just since may, is there any standard for what is and isn't tolerated when it comes to spending? >> secretary sanders: this was not a white house approved travel. this was done through the general budget of the department of hhs. i think secretary price talk about this, they are a review and all private charter has been suspended. >> if i get the white houses take now that travel that it was
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not approved ahead of time, and is is inappropriate for a cabinet official to spend money on private planes and does it separate from military planes? >> secretary sanders: there are instances where probably is, and that has to be done on a case-by-case basis. i will not give a blanket statement on hypothetical situations that i could not be aware of. >> is a white house looking back, do you prove that travel? 's b white house again that white house would not have gone through, and i cannot speak to that. >> do anticipate the refugee announcement the next couple of days on both the cap of refugees for the end of the fiscal year and if so, can you give us some sense of what that will be in look like. will there be restrictions, and second on daca, he was to put
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out and describe a way forward legislative deal and is something you can give us guidance on? >> secretary sanders: on the first question, i expect that something will happen relatively soon. we have those details and is appropriate, will be happy to share them. again, i think it will be soon and i will let you know when that has been finalized. in terms of your second question, yes. responsible immigration reform, we will be putting out specific principles that the white house supports and would like to see done legislatively. probably in the coming day. >> can you clarify -- are you encouraging nfl players to protest police? >> secretary sanders: no, no, that is not what i am saying, i wanted to point at the high park racine if the messages of police brutality that they stated, that
11:35 am
does not seem very appropriate to protest the american flag. i'm not sure how those two would be combined. >> today, iraqi kurds -- you expressed dissatisfaction. owes money at the white house has a message for the iraqis, the kurds, that they way the response to this? >> secretary sanders: we hope for a unified iraq to annihilate isis and certainly unified iraq to push back on iran. >> why is saudi arabia not included in the list of countries? >> secretary sanders: the way that the travel order has been placed is that countries have to meet a minimum base requirement, and also be part of sharing information over this last period of time, they stepped up and make those baseline
11:36 am
requirements that the united states has laid out. >> can you address the criticism from the territories and delegates and lawmakers about the aid of federal assistance. what steps are the demonstration making to increase the pace of relief and aid to the islands more broadly -- was the administration after two massive stones come the third one -- >> secretary sanders: the federal response has been great. an unprecedented push through a millions of dollars for federal assistance that the administration has fought for. but as i mentioned earlier, tom boxer and black long on the ground today to do a more thorough and deeper assessment of what needs there are. we are still on the life-saving efforts and immediate efforts,
11:37 am
which is still underway. those funds have been secured and are available. once you have a greater insight into the full assessment of damage, they will be able to determine what additional funds are needed. we are still net fact-finding process on that piece of it. >> tax reform, you do not answer her question whether the plan will be announcing when it's finalized. the corporate tax rate will be said? is a finalize now? >> secretary sanders: doctrine >> secretary sanders: there are certain details that he will follow up today. >> what would be a administration say about the virgin islands who are saying, this is not the time to do the fact-finding mission. this isolated area that is missing water, electricity, gas,
11:38 am
water coming into houses. reported out there in the media, load you say to people on the islands? that aid needs to be wrestler media. >> secretary sanders: the response has been at an unprecedented level. the present as both brock long and tom to go on the ground and come back and give us a list of what is needed. and that we can turn around quickly. i'm talk about longer-term assessment which sibley cannot be done. we want to make sure that the funding is provided, but we also want to make sure that we are also funding the right people. >> steve bannon are sporting more more -- we also know that he met with the challenge of dean heller. does the present believe he owes
11:39 am
it to republican senators who voted for his senate health care built to support how can you feel about people basically bringing a challenger. >> secretary sanders: as i said many times before according to the political nature, i will not weigh in on a specific involvement in a race. >> secretary sanders: i'm talk about tom's support. the president talked about loyalty friday night. if republicans vote the way he pushes him to or asked them to come it does he owe them something in return. does he feel the people who work in its white house should go along with his feelings? >> secretary sanders: he feels like he owes it to the american people who elected him, and that means they support the agenda that he was trying to promote. the war that we have a like minded officials and push the agendas.
11:40 am
the better off we are, and i certainly is a reason why the president was elected and i think the more we can have people help make the successful, that's certainly a positive thing and the rates of forward. >> i want to follow up here. with the white house committed to releasing jared kushner's private emails related to criminal government business ? >> i will let you know. >> a question that has been going on, you talk about the president wanted to defend the flag, you note the oath of office in the constitution, should the problem with the first amendment -- >> secretary sanders: the president is simply stating that pride in our country is a good thing. it is something we should all celebrate. something that should bring us together and not divide. standing up for the national anthem is something like that.
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>> why is it the president this weekend is going after african-american actors and then this morning he's putting out a tweet praising nascar. obviously, steered toward a different demographic and how they stand for the flag. see trying to wade something of a cultural war? >> secretary sanders: not at all. he is not talking about race. he is not -- your time pride in our country. what you saw yesterday was players and fans of all races, joining together as americans to honor service members. that's what is talk about it is focused on. as you know, the president has an event in a few minutes, so we will close there. thank you, so much. >> sandra: sarah sanders wrapping up the white house press briefing. talking a lot about the nfl. first questions out of the gate were, does the present have any regret about his
11:42 am
handling of the word choices about everything going on with the nfl. she said what is right about america is worth defending is what the president said. this is not about being against something, is about the president being for something. he is for our military. let's bring in dan kaplan, a writer for the nfl. thank you for being here. watching everything we saw unfold at the white house, what did you make of the white house response to the nfl? >> i thought i was watching "sportscenter" for a while. they are doubling down on this. just like the nfl this morning doubled down on their position. i think a lot of us will follow this and was hoping it would go away after this weekend. it definitely seem like that is the case. >> sandra: it does not see that, and for the nfl's part, this is the way they are responding. a spokesman this morning said that she can listen actually --
11:43 am
>> he formed his own dialogue which is twitter and statements that i am not sure a sensible review of the facts would support. i cannot tell you how much positive dialogue there's been in the league. the president -- if he wants to engage in something positive and productive and constructive, he knows our number. >> sandra: that is interesting. give us a call. we will fill you in. >> that was joe, the former clinton white house spokesman. he is now the head of communications for the nfl. you will see a pretty bare-knuckle hard response from the nfl. on this issue and others, but particularly here. they're not backing down, and as i just said, this issue unfortunately is going to be with us for a while. >> sandra: in a very unified response we are seeing from the nfl. here's bob kraft one of the new england patriots. he response, he said, i'm deeply
11:44 am
disappointed by the tone of the comets made by the president on friday. our players are intelligent, thoughtful, and care deeply about our community and i support the right to peacefully affect social change and raise awareness in a they they find most impactful. bob kraft, the president called him a friend. >> upon that a lot of the owners have putting the players aside, the owners that support donald trump in his presidency. it was the tone. calling the players sobs, went over too well with a lot of players and owners, who are supporters. chris converts, the broadcaster on the pregame last night begged the president to apologize for calling if all players sobs and invite the players to the white house. that would be the best thing to happen. i will not hold my breath. >> secretary sanders: the
11:45 am
white house responding, is right to defend the military. the white house really did not say the president had any regret about his rhetoric in the words that he has chosen spirit something you just mentioned. where does this go? how do the viewers feel about what they are seeing transpire? >> we saw a ratings decline over the beacon. they went down 2%-3%. starting tonight with the dallas cowboys it would push it up, because last year's monday night game when up against a political debate. we're not going to see a major drop off that i would expect if this continues for weeks on end, where fans have to hear this again and again in the parking lot and stadium. you hear bullying of players. then you might see a bit of a drop off. >> sandra: in the wake of this, they are saying, we understand, it is fine for the players to have these thoughts and hold these protests, but can you just keep it out of our sunday football. so many people sit down and just
11:46 am
want to have that moment. that is lost right now. >> it is lost right now. politics and sports have become intertwined. it is sad for a lot of people. for some of these athletes though, it is a great platform for them to promote this issue. unfortunately, i think it is getting lost over the last week. it has become the nfl against donald trump instead of the white house spokeswoman was sane, police brutality. that colossus we can >> sandra: have you ever had a moment in history like this? >> jackie robinson not apples and oranges, but jackie robinson and the color barrier being broken in major league baseball. this is a threshold moment in sports. >> sandra: thank you very much. let's get back. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. outside the senate hearing on the health care bill, where protests continue. my, we are told that some are lining up for it to protest at 3:00 a.m.?
11:47 am
>> yes, it has been quite a scene. there's been a bunch of arrest. people yelling. no cuts to mellow day. kill the bill, that sort of thing talking to folks that if they do not listen to what the police are saying, they have it will be handcuffed and taken out. we'll have numbers, but you get a sense for my audio, the people yelling all around me. here we are as republicans are looking at this health care reform effort. suddenly, the protesting has quieted down. there they go, okay. this is a critical week. the fiscal year ends this week. if they have to pay sit -- they have to do it by the end of the fiscal year which is saturday. that makes it a critical time. the trying to get this one hearing to have some debate for or against the bill today. it is not clear how successful they will be, how late they'll be willing to go in terms of trying to make this happen, but
11:48 am
finance chair orrin hatch put it on hold because it was too rowdy inside the hearing room. you can see the yelling continues back in the hallway. >> sandra: mike emanuel keep us updated. we will keep a look on the life pictures as the senate finance committee is finally underway after several protesters. you just heard mike mention had been moved. lindsey graham, one of the authors of the g.o.p. belk just gave his opening remarks. for more on this, we bring in our fox news contributor. just get, start with you first. is it mike just laid out, this is a critical week what you make of it all? >> it is critical, and i thought thought the scenes, people
11:49 am
affected by those medicaid cuts were powerful. i'm sure a number of a people were on the floor, even if they are planning on voting for it. arguably disastrous bill, taking that to heart. we know that rand paul is going to be a "no," but he wants full repeal. susan collins is a "no," and lisa murkowski from alaska, even though she just gotten good bribery headed her way to try to get her to vote for this bill, shall be thinking about her vote on the plane ride. at the same time, bless him around, she said she was not interested in taking special kickbacks just for alaska. this is about all americans. i don't think this is going to be a good week for the g.o.p. in this health care redo. >> sandra: vents, so much is happening. where this all goes, you saw the protests continue inside and outside the hearing. protesters lining up. we are told by producers there on the hill, at 3:00 in the morning. >> yes, democrats are desperately trying to kill this thing while they can.
11:50 am
clearly, the trump administration has to worry about republicans at this moment per nevertheless, the democratic opposition to this is jessica said, a couple senators at the core, and the reason we do not see a bill this week. mitch mcconnell promised that he would only bring this bill to the floor if they got the votes. right now, we do not have any votes. we do not see is scheduled for when this will show up on the floor the senate, and they have until the end of this week to get there. all that is leading all political observers to suggest this thing is not headed for a quick visit to the floor. >> sandra: jessica, promising a win on health care, if not now, when? >> he said the first time around as well. the president would be smart to folks on tax reform. he is a businessman, and maybe he can get that done for some red state democrats talking to them about it. lay off taking up way people. >> can democrats help them with
11:51 am
tax reform? you in a dire situation in puerto rico getting worse as thousands of people without power and phones and update on that on the other side. ♪
11:52 am
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>> sandra: catastrophe in puerto rico, millions trapped after hurricane maria and her cane or my. people trying to fly off the island, waiting in the terminal. and now a massive dam is on the verge of collapse. garrett penny is life. garrett? >> the governor told me, the level of damage from the storm is unprecedented. he said he desperately needs help from the federal government to help puerto rico cover. nearly all of the island, more
11:55 am
than 3 million are without power. communication continues to be an extreme challenge after nearly every cell phone tower on the island is either damaged by hurricane maria or it does not have the power to operate. they need water, food, and fuel, you're looking at long lines. they stretched for blocks, and you could be there for several hours across the country. folks, they are also facing the aftermath and losing their homes, who have damage to the extent that they cannot live with it anymore. that is white we just got back from san juan, where there are hundreds of people looking to get off the island now until they can recover. >> it has been chaotic, horrible. it is a war zone everywhere. if it was me alone, i would not be here -- i would stick out, i don't care. i will sweat, but the kids, it is different. they get hungry, necessities
11:56 am
that i cannot provide. >> what is the plan over the next 24 hours? >> be here. sleeping cars and be here. >> at the last gentleman said, he got to the airport at six this morning, and he was told he needed to wait and outline until about noon tomorrow if you want to have any shot at getting on one of these flights that united airlines has leaving. one a day at this point. another gentleman told us, he paid more than $1600 for this one-way flight out of the island. most people cannot afford that, so they will be stuck here in what should be a very long road to recovery ahead. help is on the way. it funds and aides are sliding in, but the remote areas will have days before they see help.
11:57 am
>> sandra: thank you for bringing that story from san juan. we are watching the senate committee hearing on republican health care bill, protesters making their voices heard as senator bill cassidy is testifying right now. we will right back
11:58 am
11:59 am
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>> shepard: it is noon on the west coast where lots of action is unfolding. president trump speaking this hour about the future of american workers. this comes after the president announces a new travel ban. it is first two efforts had legal cats, but this the third time may just be the charm for the president. republican senators are taken another try at changing obamacare. their deadline is this week, and a couple of key colleagues say they are not on board. we will see who will need to change their mind and will the plan were? will give you puerto rico, will americans need help after a terrible hurricane. there's not enough food, gas and the cleanup


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