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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 25, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: it is noon on the west coast where lots of action is unfolding. president trump speaking this hour about the future of american workers. this comes after the president announces a new travel ban. it is first two efforts had legal cats, but this the third time may just be the charm for the president. republican senators are taken another try at changing obamacare. their deadline is this week, and a couple of key colleagues say they are not on board. we will see who will need to change their mind and will the plan were? will give you puerto rico, will americans need help after a terrible hurricane. there's not enough food, gas and the cleanup effort that could be
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measured in months. let's get to it. >> breaking news. "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. >> shepard: time is running out for republicans to get something done before they bring in democrats or more realistically, move on. cap a hell right now on health care also protests over the republican plan and some protesters being dragged out of the hearing. the white house, president trump is to speak at any time now on jobs, but we are also watching to see the president continue to put the pressure on his own party. in hopes of avoiding another failure on health care. senate republican yesterday added more money and used restrictions as part of the bill known as graham-cassidy bill. the additional funding will go to states like alaska, arizona, kentucky, maine, and texas. all of those are states, that
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have a senator that said he or she is voting no, or not right now, or has not yet committed. we reported, so republicans can afford to only lose two votes in passive if nothing changes, it is dead on arrival. senator john mccain and rand paul have already said they are against. ted cruz of texas said, he is out know at this moment. senator susan collins and mike lee are leaning no, and lisa makowski is publicly undecided john roberts is a life or is there this afternoon and in spite the note counts, the white house is pushing for a vote. >> they are pushing. they are try to get 50 votes before the end of the week, as you mention. therefore, maybe six holdouts. you lisa murkowski, john mccain, susan collins of maine, waiting for the cbo score to come out in the next hour or
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so. rand paul is against this, possibly ted cruz and mike lee as well. tweaks to the plan that would give more money to eat certain states the president tweeting from alaska, arizona, maine, kentucky, our big in health care of, seven years of repeal and replace, some senators not ther there. sarah huckabee sanders told us at a briefing at the white house they are pulling out all the stops to try to get this thing across the finish line. listen here. >> whether or not there is a vote, we sure hope so. we've been calling on congress to do what they were elected to do. certainly what most of them have campaigned on, and that is to repeal and replace obamacare. we are continuing to push forward. we know we cannot live with the obamacare status quo. >> the president also taking john mccain out to the woodshed after he said definitively that he is against the graham-cassidy bill. listen to what he said on the "rick and bubba show." >> you look at what john mccain has done, a
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tremendous slap in the face of the republican party. tremendous. he was good to go all week long, all month long, he was good to go, and all of a sudden, thumbs down. you can call what you want that was a -- that's the only reason we do not have it, because of john mccain. >> the present continuing to put that home saying, john mccain had never intention to vote for the bill, which is governor loves. let arizona down and then's went on to say, democrats are laughingly same, a moment of courage. tell that to the people of arizona who received 100% increase. the present is talk about the health care costs. >> shepard: this health care and vote. the nuclear crisis with north korea like nothing we have seen since the cold war. there's cleanup and recovery in puerto rico, and in texas, and of florida, and a long, long list coming at the white house keeps tweeting about football.
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>> yes, and this started on friday night, shep, when he was down in alabama at a rally for senator luther strange, who is in the fight of his life. and tomorrow night's primary. the president zeroing in on respect for the american flag and going on to say, he wishes the sum of these nfl owners, any time the player takes a knee during a national anthem, would tell those sobs that they are fired. i asked sarah huckabee sanders about the comments, whether they were too strident at the briefing a short time ago, given the reaction that they provoked over the weekend. let's listen to that exchange. >> did the president go too far? >> i think it is always appropriate for the president of the unites states to defend our flag, defend the national anthem, and to defend the men and women who fought and died to defend a. >> as he said over the weekend, some 200 players out of 1600 either took a knee at the various game or in the case of
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the pittsburgh steelers, seattle seahawks, and one other team, and actually stayed inside the locker room rather than coming out. for the national anthem. one notable exception, alejandro villanueva for the pittsburgh steelers, who did three tours of duty as an army ranger in afghanistan he was the lone player during that game to come out of the tunnel put his hand over his heart and stand for the national anthem. roger the nfl commissioner said, the frustration over the vice of rhetoric that we heard from trump. tom brady, that patriot on the radio called the president's comments divisive and said, he did not agree with what the president said. and now nascar is weighing in on all of it. official statements income in sports are unifying influence in our society, putting people of different backgrounds and beliefs together. i respect for the national anthem has always been a hallmark of our prerace
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events. thanks to the sacrifices of many, we live in a country of unparalleled freedoms and callus liberties, including the right to peacefully express one's opinion. despite the fact that team owner said he wanted his team members to stand up for the national anthem, dale earnhardt jr. tweeted, all americans are granted rights to peaceful protests. those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. quoting jfk. >> shepard: john, thank you. the top administration announced a new ban, but it's climate nothing more than window dressing on muslims. his temper a band on travelers elected to expire. from six majority muslim nations from entering unless they had a soul card so-called bona fide relationship here in the u.s. now, sudan is fine, and off the list. it's neighbor chad is now on the list, and venezuela. although the restrictions apply
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only to a group of government officials and their families. the changes take effect on october the 18th. the home unsecured officials say the eight nations either failed to sharing of information with the united states or did not take enough security precautions in making the announcement. president trump said this is all about security. the president tweeting, making america safe is my number one priority. we will not admit those into our country that you cannot safely bet. new today, the supreme court canceled arguments for next month with his old trouble band after he announced new restrictions, civil rights groups say the new ban isn't covered, north korea and venezuela on the list, the still amount to a muslim ban. six of president trump's targeted countries are muslim, the fact that trump has added north korea, with few visitors, and and a few government officials from venezuela, is does not conceal the real fact that it is
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still a muslim ban. president trump original stance cannot be cured by throwing other countries on the enemy list. back to john roberts at the white house. john? >> the president, shep, believe that by modifying the travel ban, it will pass muster in the courts. you bet their organizations like the acl you, will go to try to get stopped as well. the president believes that by writing these out to include chad and north korea inserted officials from venezuela, a gets them out of that idea that so many people talked about. you read that statement from the aclu, this is simply muslim ban, it's hopefully one that can muster in the courts, because the restrictions are tailored to individual countries. certainly, the waterfall of criticism continues to be aimed at the president whether it is on capitol hill with the international community from civil libertarian groups, you
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will hear a lot about this in the coming days, shep, despite the fact that the supreme court put on hold the hearings that were scheduled for the tenth saying, with the new trouble band in place, those hearings are moot. >> shepard: john roberts at the white house. let's go to jail, reporter with the associated press health care. that over or not? there are so many different things going on with the white house. they are planning a new tax reform plan this week as well. they are aspiring to multiple different fronts right now. health care, it still seems they're crossing the fingers really, really hoping that they'll be able to pull a couple of senators over the line and say this bill. even the president has acknowledged his comments that might not happen this time around. >> shepard: which of those might be available for the pullover as you described? >> we will have to see a report says today, but it is not looking good. >> shepard: and for our viewers, the report will be a full report.
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they'll be some guidance, it will get something from that inhere from those on capitol hill as a result. on these other matters, jill, lots of discussion today about football, but i would rather stick to the real issues at hand. the north korea back and forth regarding nuclear war, it sounds like the north koreans are now threatening -- they are threatening to shoot down our jets in that region. the white house -- they plan to see more on this? >> is escalating to a point that americans never have seen. yet the for mr. saint today that the president's comments over weekend has come is a threat of war and sarah huckabee sanders saint, we are not threatening war. we will not go to war with kore korea. the plan right now nonetheless, these are very scary words coming from personalities, who
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really seem to be escalating the rhetoric against one another. spiel we have not seen this sort of thing since the cold war, and i wonder if there are meetings or discussions underway to try to camped on the rhetoric and all those with it, because our understanding what they really want is to get to the table and talk about this. speak out there has been some conversations through intermediaries taking place. people at the white house, who are concerned about this escalating rhetoric from the president's tweets, especially those that are specifically going after kim jong un personally and creating a personal war between these two men, who are very much interested in sticking to their heels. as one of the situations, where they are very few good options, and the white house has been thinking and considering what their options are including military options. >> shepard: you wrote on the travel ban, is a travel ban -- will go through now or is there more to come? >> we have trouble band 1.0,
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2.0, this is 3.0 that he signed one day. what is different, especially from the first one that they push through january, is really the amount of time that the hhs and state department have spent coming up with a standard that they use to pick which country would be implement it, impacted. there are very concerned about potential legal challenges, and what they have done this for months and months going through all of what they think are the requirements that they want from countries. as people come to the united states, things like whether those countries give their citizens passports. whether they reported stolen and counterfeit passports to interpol. whether they share information with the u.s. about terrorist links. the u.s. put together that set of benchmarks, went through every country in the world it's a come here they are. you comply and come to our country, or you do not comply, and you will have restrictions placed on you. the government said, these eight countries of the eight countries that do not live up to those
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requirements. >> shepard: jill colvin, reporter for the associated press. his the repeal of obamacare dead? not if republicans can help it. how they're trying to get on board with the health care plan. that's coming up at the fox news deck on this monday. ♪ um... who are you? i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized. that's smart. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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spill it more now on republicans push to change obamacare. the party facing an uphill
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battle is in some of its own it centers have come out against the graham cassidy proposal. republicans control the senate. 52-48, as reported, they can lose but to senators in order to be successful since all democrats say they will vote no. unless something changes, it does not look good for the g.o.p.'s latest effort. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill without senate finance committee is holding a hearing. mike, what it's like there, and how were they trying to get senators to change their mind? >> shep, they offered sweeteners over the weekend, more spending to states like alaska and maine, hoping they get them on board. good old-fashioned legislation to get yes votes. bottom line in the hallway here outside the committee, it is really, really loud. you can see is picking up a bit right now. all the disruption here, people expressing their first amendment right. the chairman making this announcement. >> if the hearing is going to involve into a sideshow or a
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forum simply for putting parson points on the board, there is absolutely no reason for us to be here. i am saying this to the benefit of my colleagues. let's have a civil discussion. >> he republicans clearly looking to have this hearing this week on a critical week for his health care reform push by republicans. it is not clear how far it will go, but they're giving it their best shot. bottom line, they're trying to get the 58 republican yeses which feels a lot like july, when they kept saying they were getting close, but never did quite get there, shep. >> shepard: and if they do not give 50 republicans, delectable and democrats, and i assume they may as well forget that >> forgive me. i'm having trouble hearing. in terms of the democrat side of things, we just talk to hawaii senator, who felt good about things, but said it is not over till it is over.
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until these filled by me, keep fighting. another key democrat said reject this effort by the publicans. >> nobody has got to buy a lemon just because it is the last car on the lot. this trump care bill is a health care lemon. a disaster in the making. >> at the start of a very emotional week. a lot of people with disabilities are here today along with activism protesters. senators getting an ear full from folks as they work on health care. >> shepard: i hear them saying, health care is a human right. has this been going on all day. mike, has this been going on all day? described for us. >> i am sorry, shep. it is hard to hear. there were lined up here all day. they really got loud around 2:00
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or so, when senators were going in to the very room for this hearing. it died down a little bit when some were arrested, dispersed by capitol police. they are firing up again, perhaps with the senators in the hallway or just wanting to express their first amendment right of a shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel in the whole of congress, thank yo thank you. bracing for the health care efforts to fail. that is a word from our next guest, who said, there is very simple reason this bill cannot pass. what is that reason? she will have it for us next. ♪ brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one.
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>> shepard: if you are the g.o.p., and you want to pass this new health care bill, bailey you want to crush obamacare and get rid of it, how do you get enough senators on board to make it happen? what do you do? the search to a congressional
12:24 pm
reporter for "poltico." they are trying, what can they do, rachel? speak out not much more there bracing for failure right now. that is because on the one site, have conservatives who want to take this bill to the right. ted cruz, rand paul, wanting less regulation, but then you lose pre-existing conditions paired people relying on medicaid are vulnerable, and you have a lot of moderates who are holding out and worried about supporting, because i think it will hurt people who rely on these programs. to add on top, the protest that we're seeing right now, i just don't see susan collins, lisa murkowski, john mccain saying they will back this. a lot of my republicans colleague sources are saying, this will not go anywhere. >> shepard: what made them think that this time would be different? why bring this up again to what
12:25 pm
appears at least for now to be a failure, if you did not have something to placate those who are voting no? >> i think two things. the time issue. right now, republicans only have until the end of the week to pass an obamacare repeal. once we hit saturday, they cannot do this anymore, because they lose the ability to circumvent democrats and bypass the filibuster in the senate. that goes away. it disappears. republicans are hoping because of the time pressure, people would feel like they had to support something right now, even if they did not like everything legislation look republicans, graham and cassie, were going to throw more money at opponents. putting money in alaska, arizon arizona, and also kentucky squarely at senators, who are opposed. the issue is, you cannot buy these guys are. john mccain's complaint is not about money as much it is about process. he wants more committee hearings. also rand paul, he hates the
12:26 pm
idea of sending money to the states. there should not be any federal health care money. get rid of that. these are things you cannot bridge people by, and republicans, the time is ticking, and they want to do something, but they are in a bad spot right now. >> shepard: and president trump talking about north korea on the one hand and ratcheting that up and on the other hand, all the racism with the nfl. he has not been tweeting about health care at all. does he care about this? >> well, he certainly says he does. i can tell you republicans on the hill are very upset about the fact that he is in a war right now with the nfl. they say it is a distraction. it they could really use his help getting this across the finish line, and another thing coming here supposed to make a big push on tax reform. we are going to see them put out a bunch of details on tax reform. he was going to go out and support. look at the front page of the papers right now.
12:27 pm
we're seeing seeing again, like you said, the spats and these are not things that republican's want to talk about. >> shepard: republicans may not want it, rachel, but this thing, i read the email. i have twitter, i let them take care of it. it is very clear that for his base, disses the red meat of all red meat. they are able to reclaim this? they're able to say, they were attacking the national anthem, attacking the troops, attacking the flag. none of which they are doing. they're not doing any of that. they're upset about racial injustice in the country, and they're upset about the things that the president has said, and he turns it around for his base. is this all a play to his base, and could possibly be so they do not notice, there is no health care and north korea is the biggest mess since the cold war? >> a distraction he wants right now, right? a place to a corner of his base, fraction. i'll tell you i'll talk to a
12:28 pm
republican about this couple of hours ago. they do not see this helpful at all. these protesters were a few players come and they're barely getting any headlines, and then trump attacks them, and attacked the nfl, never since then, he ratcheted it up so you have 200 players taking a knee or back in the locker room, not standing for the national anthem, and it is an ugly dispute right now. people in general do not like it when people protest the national anthem. >> shepard: they're not protesting the national anthem. that is not what they are doing. >> it has become more about the flag, obviously, because the folks feel the president is goading black football players after the charlottesville controversy a few weeks later. it's battleground for republicans. >> shepard: rachel bade, great to see you from "poltico." keep it up.
12:29 pm
more on the showdown with north korea after the white house dismisses the claim that president trump has declared war on north korea. that is coming up in 2 minutes paired what we learned about the man who police say shot people inside a church in tennessee. in the usher who risked his life to take down the government. that is straightaway. ♪ and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. your rates won't go up just because of an accident. (avo) but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.
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tell your doctor right away if you get symptoms. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> shepard: headlines from the fox news deck. an usher saved countless lives when a gunman opened fired at a church. that is the word from police and natural. investigators say emanuel samson killed one woman and shot six people the church, including a passer, and accidentally shot himself when the churches usher, a man named caleb engle, it confronted him. there is the usher. in a statement, the real heroes are police and other first responders said caleb
12:32 pm
engle. john mccain, 3-14% chance of survival with his battle against brain cancer. >> a very poor prognosis. i understand, and we will do what we can. get the best doctors we can find it at the same time, celebrate with gratitude of life well lived. >> shepard: senator mccain told "60 minutes" coming he feels more find and engage because of his cancer diagnosis. there's breaking news, an announcement on jobs, the present will sign a memorandum directing the department of education to spend $200 million of its $59 billion budget in support of the stem fields. stem is science, tech, engineering, and math. and computing-coding classes. tech giants resigned their post on on two councils advising president trump on business.
12:33 pm
more recently, apple, facebook, google and microsoft criticized him for ending the dreamer's immigration program. the president also asked about north korea, this is a playback parallelism from the white house. >> do they look like nice people? he does. thank you all. it is a great pleasure to be here with secretary devos and ivanka. i want to give my appreciation to representatives, lamar smith, susan brooks, and virginia foxx. thank you for being here. thank you very much. for being with us and amy walters. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank used, susan. i want to talk about leadership. that is a most of horton. we need leadership in this
12:34 pm
country. the women and girls, and every child in america. two represented by all the incredible students here today. these are good students. are you all good students? everybody has terrific marks, right? you are doing fantastic. that is why you are here. i said before the press came in, what is the name of this office? >> global office. >> everyone do that. the workplace is changing, and we need to create new pathways for all of our citizens to get the best jobs. you'll get great jobs. i asked of anke to lead up the white house efforts development and initiative today. it is a critical part of that endeavor. and you said, do no ivanka? she is here. whereas before? this before. my administration will do everything possible to provide our children, especially kids in underserved areas with access to high-quality education and
12:35 pm
science, technology, engineering and math. are you good math student? are you? what is your strength in school? science? was your strength? what is your strength? wow, and particularly computer science k-12. it is a whole new world. learning how to use those computers. and thirdly more than half of high schools do not offer computer programming in nearly 40% do not offer physics. do you have computer programming in your schools? do have them in your schools? you're all good with a computer? >> yes. >> it is important nowadays. greater access to stem and computer science programs will ensure that our children can develop the skills they need to compete and win in the workforce of tomorrow. who likes to win? >> i do!
12:36 pm
>> who likes to lose? [laughs] the wise guy back there. education means better workers for families. you get really great jobs out of school. we are doing very well with the employment draws. really good jobs. we want our amazing young americans to fill these jobs, earn a great living, lift up their communities, and achieve their american dreams. the directives i am sharing today with secretary devos at the helm to make a stem education, including computer science, a priority for the department of education. is that right, betsy? it will be a big, big thing that you are doing. it is working out well? you are moving incredibly. the department will explore ways to add or increase computer science to existing k-12 and k-12 and postsecondary education
12:37 pm
programs, there are also established as a goal devoting at least 200 -- listen to this, $200 million each year in grants towards funding this priority. $200 million. does that sound like big box? it's peanuts, peanuts, right? you will say, give us more. you will get more -- but $200 million each year in grants, and as towards funding. very, very important priority. with today's action, we will help the american children give them a pathway to success in the workforce of tomorrow. thank you, and god bless you all. i really appreciate being at the white house, and i know you will take a little tour in a while. we start right here in the oval office. it is an honor to have you all, and someday, you will great students, and the leaders of the world. the united states and the world, right? would any of our representatives, maybe i will
12:38 pm
start with betsy, would you like to say something? betsy devos, everybody. >> mr. president, thank you for your support on the initiative, and especially to the students who are here today. thank you for your commitment to your own future. with this initiative, we hope and trust that you will have more opportunities to pursue the things that are most important to you, and afford you a great opportunity for your future and collectively for our future. thank you so much, mr. president, and for all the students, good luck. all the best in your studies. >> thank you. >> and the secretary has been working really hard to get this done. this is one of many things that she has been working really hard for it alex, what you a few things can make alex acosta. >> is the father of two young girls, i know firsthand how important it is to start early,
12:39 pm
and what is so exciting about this initiative from my perspective is that all the young kids that are going to be exposed to computer science and coding in stem, because if you start early, it is transformative, especially for young girls. i see it at home. it is so important. i'm excited to see all of you here. it is wonderful that you are here, a mr. president, thank you for doing this. >> thank you, alex. good job. bradley? >> i'm from alabama. we started the alabama math science initiative almost 20 years ago, and we thought it was a thing of the future. now it is a thing of the present, and you signed this today means a lot for young people and educators all over america. thank you for doing so. >> alabama's great state great state. love alabama. >> hello, kids. i'm from indiana. i was in a fourth grade class in carmel, indiana. todd metal elementary, and air using computers all day long doing a virtual field trips,
12:40 pm
learning instantly and the teacher knows where the problems are right away. as you know, the jobs of the future, we'll even know what they all are. because of technology and, because of this funding, computer science and class, you'll be ready. thank you, mr. president. >> president trump: these are all very powerful people who just so you know, okay? lamar smith. >> i am the chairman of the science committee in the house. i just want to thank the president for giving priority to stem education and to computer science in particular. the last congress, i introduced a bill that became law to expand the definition of stem to include computer science. i'm especially grateful to the president for emphasizing that. mr. president, thank you. >> president trump: virginia? >> as chairwoman of the educational workforce committee, mr. president -- 's >> president trump: i'll take speaker too. >> we are so proud of you for
12:41 pm
you doing this. we know we have 5.6 million jobs available right now to our workforce, and many of them are unfilled, because employees do not have the skills they need. it is wonderful to see us encouraging these young people to begin early, to be involved in the subject matters, and we need to spread this idea throughout our culture for people of all ages, but we particularly as others have said, want to give the young people engaged, involved, and excited about all of these subjects. >> president trump: thank you very much. >> i am amy walters from california, i want to thank you very much for signing this legislation today. i am a mom of four kids and stem is very exciting. when i was in high school comic computers were just getting into school. we have come a long way, and it is very exciting to see so many
12:42 pm
young kids here that are interested in a stem. you very much. >> president trump: thank you very much, and you've done a great job pretty well done a great job. something very special prayer and my daughter, should be here from ivanka? >> first of all, thank you all for being here. you are the future of innovators and entrepreneurs and engineers, and programmers, in this century. it is so exciting to see the enthusiasm. today, ribs to represent a leap forward with the skills in the classroom with the skills that are in demand in the modern economy. we are very excited about today's announcement and putting americans to work in making sure that all americans get good paying jobs. thank you all for being here, and i look forward to watching you all go on to accomplish many amazing extra ordinary things. >> president trump: thank you,
12:43 pm
ivanka. education is so important. at every level, whether it is this or you are studying. always remember this -- do what you love, study what you love. your parents may want you to do something, you should always listen to your parents, but try to focus on the things that you love, whether it is studies or when you get out of school, do what you love, and you will be successful. work hard. all of those things, but you have to follow your heart to a certain extent, and maybe even to a larger extent. when you get out there, desh is very interesting and i say this a lot, do what you love, if you love it it is not work. it is a pleasure. you'll be tremendously ask successful during a special place, and very few get to come and see this, but i wanted you to see it today. it is a very, very special area of the world. it all happens here. it is my honor to have you.
12:44 pm
go out and work really hard and do really well. i will see you soon. we will see you soon. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> president trump: we will sign. the question is, who gets the pen? >> me! >> president trump: we will get you another one. give me some additional pens, and what we will do is give them out to the students. you will be the one signing this in the future. >> wow. >> president trump: if you can give me some additional pens. thank you. send them the good ones. not the bad ones.
12:45 pm
we will give this a very special woman who has worked so hard, are you ready for a? [applause] maybe we will put her in charge of health care? it will get done, right? if you do health care, it will get done. okay, everybody. this is very important. thank you all very important m. >> shepard: the president speaking at the white house with some mighty good little kids
12:46 pm
about stem program. there plaintiff spent $200 million for code and computer science. puerto rico is home to millions of americans and can right now, they are devastated. they're running out of food. there's not enough gas to go around. people there are growing more desperate by the hour. we will go live and talk to geraldo rivera, who is there, because he headed to the island to help his family. that is next. risk musical
12:47 pm
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12:49 pm
>> shepard: officials and north carolina are telling people to leave some areas of the outer banks as hurricane maria moves toward the area. officials had mandatory evacuation several island starting today. here's the latest track for you,
12:50 pm
forecasters say they do not expect that category 1 hurricane to make landfall in the united states at all. it will not make landfall they tell us, but they say it will cause major problems for people up and down the east coast. telling people to prepare for strong winds, storm surge, and some flooding. this comes days after the storm slammed puerto rico, leaving behind destruction and i cannot power it to everybody there. of course, there's so much stronger. one local officials say, hurricane maria said back to united states territory by decades, and it is a different island that it was week ago. images to show you in a slideshow this afternoon, certainly different island and it was a week ago. people standing outside and at san juan to line up to buy gas. reports people waited hours in some areas to get a little bit. here are kids feeling jugs with fresh water in a distribution point a little bit farther east of there. emergency workers delivered more than 1 million and a half gallons of water to the island. this is san juan.
12:51 pm
a wi-fi hot spot. people getting service. cell phones are tough. water flows from the dam on the northwest side of the island, where officials told thousands of people to evacuate. concerns of the dam would break and cause more flooding. members of the national guard offering to help this woman evacuate after the government opened the gates of a dam near her home. geraldo rivera is in puerto rico. he is puerto reagan himself and his live with us this afternoon. geraldo, tell us how it is first and? >> shep, let me welcome you to puerto rico island of despair. the island got racked by hurricane irma two weeks ago. that hurricane act of 17% of the power grid. then came the much more savage, powerful hurricane maria, and that has absolutely decimated this island. it has scorched the agricultural field of puerto rico.
12:52 pm
80% of the crops had been destroyed. there is no electric power shep, the polls are down everywhere. the large conductive polls, the telephone poles, there's very little communication. so service, extremely spotty. there is no symptom of what is happening on an island with no water and no fuel then the lines at the service stations. not only either scores of people, you look at this line it goes all the way i'll come around that corner, and this is the scene at every single gas station in puerto rico. without gas, they can't run the generators that the few have two power the water pumps that allow them not only to get water to bathe and drink, but also to run the toilet. this situation is as dire as you
12:53 pm
can possibly imagine. 3.4 million american citizen in the most desperate situation, and it is only going to get worse. the million and a half gallon already delivered, a drop in the bucket, it is needed. >> shepard: in your opinion, geraldo, with interest and a lot of love there, are they going to need an airlift or bolt left out of there and to, or can they get this back up and running to get this from being a necessity? >> shep, there has been an exodus from puerto rico since the financial crisis. this u.s. commonwealth is bankrupt. more than a million have left the island. i have no doubt that the people forced to live under the primitive conditions, the young ones will leave. what happens, the old and feeble they stay behind, then you cannot leave. schools are closer, by the way. businesses incredibly disrupted.
12:54 pm
of the 3.4 million, you'll see a tremendous exodus to florida, new york state, and less this power grid is restored. it was in terrible shape before. it was plagued by corruption, by incompetence, by scandalous dealings with people purchasing fuel oil, purchased the low was great, it sold for the highest. now the grid is destroyed. to bring an aircraft carrier in and they are noble people, and are helping, but with this island needs is an entire new power grid. 3.4 million people, more than a many states in the union. i think what you will see here is a. of severe disruption. they are saying that 4-6 months before they get the power grid up and running so people would generators, this will become a symbol of what they become
12:55 pm
today. wind power, the turbines have been shredded by the success of the hurricanes. the tourism here also shredded. this is an island in crisis. it is because -- eight huge humanitarian crisis. it is not like they are all joining or billions or collapse, but it is nevertheless a humanitarian crisis. people are in dire straits. this will be a marshall plan scale rebuilding of the electrical grid before you can have the end of civilization as we know it in puerto rico. armed guards on the gasoline. only less than a week into this crisis. imagine a month from now or two months from now. knowing no one had a hot shower, no one can flush the toilet but for the costly inclusion of a gallon of gas in the commode. imagine what is going to be like, shep. there is no overstating the crisis here, the president should come. the president should see for
12:56 pm
himself. send marco rubio and head of fema, they are here today. the governor of new york state came in with the plane. all those gestures are very important, but you need it systemic reform, way to bail these people out. it is not just my family. my family, god knows i love them. i lived in the very house when i was a teenager. they are high-functioning, their children have become doctors. i have no doubt that they will have to give up everything the water and power is not restored. maybe the bronx in new york or somewhere else where they can live with a decent life without what is definitely, definitely, a humanitarian crisis of monta monumental proportions. spilled best of luck to your family and the people of puerto rico thank you, my friend. >> shepard: wall street will be shutting down for the day and just about 3 minutes and 15
12:57 pm
seconds. it has been a down day. the tack got walloped today, but there is some bright spot. no cavuto can always find him. you'll start looking for them when "your world" with neil cavuto begins right after this
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> neil: all right, who is ready for a little football tonight? four and a half hours from monday night football, and it could be one for the books. at 8:30 p.m. and at glendale, arizona, the arizona cardinals are taking on jerry jones and the dallas cowboys. jerry jones, of course, famous for saying, he likes his players to respect the flag, not a fan of collin kaepernick last week. say to f the end, a week ago , is not the place to do anything than under the flag. they'll be tested tonight. does of course has read the riot act that his players all toe the


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