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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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how holts. as we wrap up here in washington it is a big night. you probably saw the five return to 5:00 pm earlier tonight. sean hannity is back again at 9:00 pm eastern. he's got some big announcements in store tonight. we're all going to be watching. >> sean: two. >> tucker: two. sean hannity ladies and gentlemen, have a great show. >> sean: thank you, welcome to hannity t we are following two major breaking news stories tonight begins a new chapter in the cable news wars. we're now back live at 9:00 pm. we'll have more in just a minute. tonight the president takes on the nfl and players who refuse to stand for the national anthem and our flag. vice-president mike pence is at a political ral lit tonight and he's standing with president trump in that race for the send sat in. we'll have his comments. steve bannon will join us in his first cable interview since leaving the white house, also tonight newt gingrich, laura ingle i think and these
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announcements. first tonight's all important opening monolog. so we're now back at our old time slot. we're glad you're with us. we're living in very interesting times in america. sadly many big institutions are failing you the american people. we're living in a time you have power feel groups within the government that decided they want to undermine a sitting president that you elected. they're leaking almost a leak a day. all unprecedented and all an attempt to damage and destroy the administration. the democratic party for their part are void of any ideas. the they want to attack the president, 24/7, 365, they're not offering any solutions. you have republican e. never trumpe trumpers. we're trying to get the fashion back on track. as it relates to the media wars
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they're almost all abusively biased and i'd lock cli driven. advancing go on a minute by minute basis their left wing agenda. you have cable tv, fake news cnn, msnbc conspiracy tv. purposely prop pan began dieing the country. tonight as we begin a new time slot i promise i'll be working difficultly janetly every night to take on those groups together because there's so much at stake for this country. we hope you will join us every night and tell your friends. unlike the rest of the media, we're going to present news and information that the left wing media will never tell you about. we're going to be setting the record straight, presenting strong thoughtful powerful opinion, no conspiracy theories, unlike our so-called competitors. here is my promise to you.
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we'll also do something the mainstream media never does, we'll be offering solutions on a regul regular basis and ideas to the countries many problems. moving forward tonight this show is looking out for the forgotten men and women in this country. what this election was about. nearly 50 million americans on food stamps, in poverty, 90 plus million americans out of the labor force. we've doubled the national debt. my promise to you is this: we will hold washington accountable together. that includes all the politicians, both parties, those who have failed this country. and the people of this country. and those who think that they should be served instead of being public serta vants, which is what they were elected to do. a reminder. this is a marathon, it's not a sprint. there are many, many people, i'm telling you, in the mainstream media and on the left, they want me to fail and fail miss rab blue, i'm beginning my 23rd
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year at fox. i'm not doing the show for media critics, i never will. i'm doing the show for all of you and the forgotten men and women of this country. tonight as we begin is, i hope you'll join us every night, nine eastern, we hope you'll never miss an episode. the goal of the show is to make america the strongest it can be, the land of security, prosperity, where every single american can fulfill their dreams. we do thank you for tuning in. now the tonight our top story, president trump taking on the nfl for players who refuse to stand for the national anthem t here is what the president said on friday. >> president trump: wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now? he's fired. >> sean: after the comments many
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players and coaches and owners responded in a protest. one in eight did not stand for the national anthem t three teams refused to take the field during the star spangled banner. one pittsburgh steelers player a former army ranger was crave enough to stand proudly for the national anthem. i'm going to have something to say about him later in the program. two national anthem performers, even they took a knee while singing. multiple owners condemned president trump for daring to call players out. this is beyond disrespectful to the country, to the men and women, the millions who have fought, bled, died, were injured defending and fighting under that flag. you want to protest, go knock yourselves out. when you disrespect the flag you're doing nothing for the people in this country to advance the ball for the forgotten men and women that are suffering. frankly you're spitting in the eye of every service member who
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did serve, fight, bleed and die under that flag. what's more sad a pittsburgh steelers player, former army ranger, villanueva was criticized by his own coach, mike tomlin said this after the game. >> many of them felt like something needed to be done t i asked those guys to discuss it and that we have 100% participation or we do nothing. they discussed it for an appropriate length of time. they couldn't come to an understanding. so they chose to remove themselves from it. they were not gonna be disrespectful in the anthem. so they chose not to participate. but at the same time many of them were not gonna accept the words of the president. so we decided to sit it out. to not take the field. i was looking for 100% participation. we're going to be respectful of our football team. >> sean: we'll have more on villanueva later in the program. his jersey skyrocketed to number
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one on that speaks volumes. i'm not sure why it's so hard for so many players to understand why americans don't want to see the flag and national anthem disrespected on sunday, on game day. one of the best moments, you watch an nfl game is when it's over, you have warriors, the best of the best athletes, both sides unite, get in a circle and say a prayer of thanks, that i love. if the nfl want to make political statements, you have every right to do it, i'm predicting here and now that tonight the fans that find it offensive are going to flee, that's their right. i'm not interested in watching this behavior and the sign of disrespect every sunday. as of today, saturday is now my football day, unless this changes. not to mention this so-called show of the unit any at this in the nfl is cracking.
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hollywood reporter, ben roth less berger regrets steelers banning. sunday night football ratings down again on day of player protests. roger goodell ignoring leagues own rule and letting players protest anthem. ads pulled off the protest. the new york post, to my limit, stadium worker quits after the bills protest an them. to put things in perspective tonight for all of these nfl players that want to take a knee and disparage the flag and the men and women who fought and died for it, let's do a little comparison. it costs on average it $92.98 for a single tick tote an nfl game and that's the average. family of four are spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to attend t you want to the buy a beer, hot dog, a coke in forget it.
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the average nfl salary $2.4 million. some players making tens of millions of dollars and even hundreds of millions, by the way they deserve it. under $41,000 a year for a family in the military. nfl players have an opportunity to make millions of dollars because of men and women who make a modest salary that risk everything, their lives to give them the freedom to play 24 great game. here is another dose of reality. if average men and women protested and miss pissed off their people at work they probability wouldn't have a job. the left i was in hollywood and the pro sports athletes, should the same standard for them? under president obama millions and millions more americans went on food stamp is, by the way we didn't keep our doctors or our
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plans, he doubled the national debt for our kids and grandkids. the president is trying to make policies that are better for the people in this country, especially those left behind it. seems to me you people protesting have no clue what the president's plans are. as the president said this is about respect. the one thing that should unify us, respect for the flag, for our anthem, for the service men and women that fought under that flag. for those claiming this is all about freedom of speech and expression, i'm a total believer in it, i make my living doing this. you know what? these players have every right to protest. some of them are massive hippo krits. there's a reason the nfl, some people call it the no fun league. celebrations banned, including wishing and shooting a bow and arrow in the end zone. is that a violation? not allowed to opportunity a team or player.
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not to use insulting language or gestures, players are not allowed to remove their helmet in the field of play or end zone. players have been fined for wearing special cleats to raise awareness for mental health and domestic violence. the league refused to let a player we're pink off the month of october. the nfl turned down the cowboys request to wear decals to honor the five police officers who were killed during a shooting ram page in 2016. where is the outrage over all of that? where are the oh tests? by the way, where are the so-called displays of un aituni? the nfl threatened to fine williamson he wanted to wear a 9/11 never forget on his cleats for the 15th anniversary of the worse terror attack in our
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countries history. they made him turn it inside out, rg three got fined ten grand for wearing a reebok tee shirt because nike sponsors the nfl. some players get fined for wearing beat headphones on the field. the nfl is sponsored a bose. nice try roger goodell, you're arbitrarily enforcing the freedom of speech rules. president trump called the players out and the left is trying it make this about race even though it clearly is not. let's take a look. >> race. and you can't help but talk about race with this. >> if you have any question in your mind as to whether or not he is race baiting at a certain point in time think of charlottesville. it will give you the clarity.
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>> if you have to say it you're already in trouble. sob, referring to nfl players who peacefully protest racial prejudice. that's stronger than what the president said about white supremacy in charlottesville. i don't think it's a bit of a stretch to say it's a dog whistle being played out there. protesters were almost entirely black and the team owners who the president was calling upon to fire or suggestion spend are almost entirely white and the president chose to launch this campaign in front of an almost all white crowd in alabama. >> is president trump a racist? so making racist appeals to his support centers. >>. >> sean: we're going to be different on this show than all of those shows s the president came out and said specifically these comments he made have nothing to do with race. watch the president. >> president trump: i watched a little bit. i was not watching the games today, believe meet i'm doing other things t i watched a
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little bit. i will say there was tremendous solidarity for our flag and our country. this has nothing to go do with race. i never said anything about race. this has nothing to do with race or anything else. this has to do with respect for our country and respect for our flag. >> sean: the only person that's tried to make this about race is the person who started these protests t remember colin kaepernick called president trump and the hillary clinton both of them racists? watch this. >> you have hillary who's called black teams super predators. you have donald trump who is openly racist. so what is this country really the stand fog? >> sean: again it's perfectly fine. dap per nick, you want to say that go ahead. when president trump defends the flag and the anthem, they all fought for this, it's a massive issue. if the nfl wants a league full of colin kaepernicks, good luck
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with. that roger goodell pay close attention people will stop going to games and change the dial. saturday will be my football day, sunday you'll watch ratings decline. joining us former secret service agent dan bon gino and darryl parks. gentlemen, welcome back. darryl, you respect our flag. >> yes i do. >> sean: you respect our country and our anthem t i've known you many years, waste disagreed. tell me and the men and women that fought, bled and died fighting under that flag, now i'm all for protests, i honor your right to protest. we've disagreed on issues. why would you choose something that's specifically insults men and women in uniform? >> sean, i don't think the intent is to insult men and women who wear the uniform nor our national anthem. i think the athletes are using
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their platform to bring an important issue to the american attention, racial inequality and racial injustice. that's the purpose. never intended to insult our men and women in the military or our flag? >>. >> sean: dan bon gino you made this point to me had socks on, kaepernick did that referred to cops as pigs, supports fidel castro, dan? >> let's remember how this started, sean. that is exactly the correct. colin kaepernick walked on the field with a pair of socks depicting cops as pigs. let me get this straight nfl, this is the hill you want to die on? you want to get on the back and ride this colin kaepernick wave to what? darryl, just to be clear on this, listen i get it. conversation about race is always a good one to have. but it's not the conversation americans are concerned about. it's the format you choose to do it. kneeling during an them is
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universally accepted as an act of disrespect. why would you do that and in subtle everybody who you're trying to, quote, engage in a conversation on race? it's ridiculous. >> let me say this, there's a way and time to have a conversation on race. what we expect from our president is that we have a problem where many african americans and people of colorful disrespected by some of the things that happened in our country. >> sean: let me ask you a question, darryl, the dallas cowboys wanted to put a special memorial on their helmets for the cops that were killed in dallas. one player wants to put remember 9/11 on the 15th anniversary of 9/112001. there's plenty of restrictions on the quote freedom of speech rights of players in the nfl, how they celebrate and talk to the refs, there's plenty. that's never come up. the american people are viewing this differently. tell me why this is okay, and honoring dead police officers,
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murdered in the line of duty is not. >> well, sean, certainly, i can't answer for the nfl. >> sean: you don't want to try and answer for the nfl. by the way, i'll put up the socks. look at. that cops as pigs. that's what colleen kaepernick wore. do you support that? >> without a doubt i don't support that. but what i do support is america needs to have a conversation about some of the in ee qualities that we're dealing with, that's the conversation we need the president to lead. >> sean: last word, dan. >> that's great. you the don't kneel in front of a national audience slapping in the face ever veteran and cop and patriotic american who believes that those colors mean something. it's not the way to do this. >> that's not what this is about. not at all. >> sean: thanks for being with us. steve bannon, first cable news interview. at the end of the show we'll reveal what big guests are coming up this week. the surprise is huge. coming up straight ahead.
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>> don't take a knee. don't sit down. don't do anything like that. >> you don't want to be here? leave. >> i don't think it's american at all. if you're gonna do that, don't
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play in america. >> for them to not come out at soldier field, that's dedicated to the military. for them to be that disrespectful and not come on soldiers field? i'm done with it. >> there's other ways to give a stance and i say and i don't think it's through the national anthem. >> i think it's shameful and i would like to see those players leave the country and leave the team. >> sean: welcome back to hannity, our new time nine eastern. those people were not happy with the way the players disrespected our flag and our country t earlier tonight our vice-president, mike pence spoke out on this issue. >> i stand with president donald trump. and i will always stand for our national anthem. we've all got a right to our opinions. but i don't think it's too much to ask the players in the national football league to
6:24 pm
stand for our national anthem. it's about respect for the flag, respect for the country. >> amen. >> and most importantly, it's about respect for all those who fought, and died to defend it. >> sean: here now with reaction. former trump white house the chief strategist his first cable interview steve bannon, mr. bannon, you're like, you did one interview that i've seen my entire life of you. you're joining us from alabama. we'll get to football in a minute. why are you in alabama? mike pence was at one rally, you were at another for roy moore. tell us why. >> i'm here to support president donald j trump, i'm here to support him by having folks down here support judge roy moore. i think roy moore is the guy that's going to respect donald trump and fight the establishment. this election, $$30 million
6:25 pm
being spent by mitch mcconnell and that crew of corrupt and the in come he the tent politics. they've raised money to destroy judge moore. that's why you've got laura ingle i think and levin and dr. savage and mark meadows everybody have been hard-core trump supporters, and sean hannity that have thrown down with judge moore. so i'm very proud to be down here. this is the first time i've ever done a campaign event. i have the complete rig i used to we're during the campaign with president trump t and i said tonight, sara palin, louie comb merit, all of us, we're not here to testify identify president trump, we were here it to prays and honor him. we think the best way to do that is to send something to washington out of alabama to send somebody that's going to have donald trump's back. >> sean: i believe roy moore is
6:26 pm
gonna be more the outsider. and the fact that mitch mcconnell and the establishment are pouring millions of dollars into this race, into that state tells me that luther strange is gonna end up being in some wa ways -- having to support them and more inclined to support them. frankly i think the biggest disappointment in dc, you said it in an interview, i think to a certain extent mitch mcconnell does not support the president's agenda, economic agenda and it's obvious. he hasn't gotten a thing done, steve, in eight months. we're now in the 9th month of the trump press did he know sit. there's no excuse for that in my opinion. >> it's very simple. you know, strange can't sit there and say i'm going to stand up to mitch mcconnell, i'm going to washington to stand up to him. mitch mcconnell is giving him $30 million not to come down they're to alabama and debate the issues. that's right not debating illegal i am my regulations or
6:27 pm
the trade deals or anything like that. it was the politics of personal destruction, the exact same game plan they ran on donald trump. this is not about doing the -- this is not about doing everything, about a debate. this is about trying to destroy roy moore just like they tried to destroy donald trump. >> sean: in many ways i think the destroy trump media will misinterpret the list of people you mentioned including myself, i want roy moore to win this race tomorrow. they'll try to create a divide. it's actually to the support the president. i understand the president is a loyal guy, had a relationship with luther strange. i the endorsed mo brooks in the first go around. i do believe what you're saying here and explain the ads that are being run. they look like they could have been written and produced by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. >> they're worse. this is what karl rove and lloyd
6:28 pm
baker have tried to give ammunition to the democrats later on, if judge moore wins tomorrow. this is unacceptable. they've done the cruellest ads to doe destroy judge moore, his wife and his family it's the same thing they did with president trump. this is not about the issues. they tried to destroy donald trump, the same gang going after roy moore is the same gang that went after donald trump. at some time later after tomorrow a real, you know, review has to be done of how president trump got the wrong information and came down on the wrong side of the football here. i agree with you. i loved mo brooks and i was shocked to see him not get into the second round. mo brooks is a good man, he stood with us and jeff sessions for many, many years, this should have never happened. this shouldn't have had hannity, laura ingle i think, pale be listen, all the die hard trump people from the beginning, we're
6:29 pm
not sunshine patriots, we're with donald trump through thick and thin. this shouldn't have happened and this has to be reviewed. >> sean: this is not a refer run did you mean on the president. this is a refer reason did you mean on mcconnell. do you agree with that analysis? >> this is the referendum on the parties of davos and the elites and washington, d.c. that mitch mcconnell is the face of. absolutely. it's very simple. tomorrow the good folks of alabama are going to decide. if sofr at this rests with the people are the money? is it going to be the muscle of the grassroots versus the money of a corrupt and incompetent political class that rules washington dv like a new ar ris stockcracy. >> we've had similar attacks. i liked your line when you said you were a street fighter, that's how i am. i fight for the things i believe in and the people in this country that have been left
6:30 pm
behind. i don't know who would win in a fight. we fight for principle and things that are important and helping men and women that are suffering. i dislike the republican on republican tactics t what happened to reagan's 12th amendment? those ads i saw down in alabama, against roy moore, ale conservative, were run by republicans, steve. what's happening here? >> the republican -- the elites represented by mitch mcconnell, right? hold me in contempt, right? they think i'm a bad guy. they think i'm a dangerous guy. i wear their contempt is a badge of honor. okay? they have helped destroy this country. they have done nothing but allow academic hate crimes against the hard working men and women in this country. the fact tries went to china and the drugs came in.
6:31 pm
the good folks of alabama have a choice. this is jeff sessions's seat, sean. you know how close i am to him, i know how closure to him. jeff sessions he's been our mentor. this seat is jeff sessions's seat. that's why tomorrow i hope the folks in alabama send another r righteous man like jeff sessions, i hope they send judge moore into the runoff with the democrat. >> sean: one comment you made since you left the white house i didn't like. when you said to the extent that the trump presidency that a lot of us fought for, which i think is the forgotten men and women agenda of this country and they deserve to be served, especially after eight years of obama. these are real people, real lives, real damage. i didn't like when you said the trump presidency we fought and voted for you thought was over. you're still fighting for it, i'm still fighting for it. people in this country are
6:32 pm
fighting for it every day. and i don't think it's over yet. i think this is only beginning in a lot of ways. >> it's not gonna be over if we fight and help president trump. he needs help. it's the reason i left the white house. i told him i was going to go after the establishment, go after the establishment first and the democrats later. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan have allowed three investigative committees on capitol hill with full subpoena power, they're going after president trump every day. >> sean: let me ask you last question. i never heard of the term alt right until the this election. i don't know what that means. what does it mean to you? secondly, because they try to imply it's racist. i wanted to get your comments about the president speaking out rightly for the flag and the anthem and the men and women who serve this country. >> you know about taking the knee for the national anthem, i said in the speech tonight. if people in this country take a
6:33 pm
knee in the national football league they should take a knee at night every night and thank god in heaven donald trump is president of the united states. he has saved this country so much grief, he hassle done such a tremendous job with virtually no help. i stepped out to make sure that mitch mcconnell and the republican agenda starts to have a republican back. mitch mcconnell wouldn't be majority leader if donald trump didn't drag a half a dozen senators across the end line in november. it's time for them to step up and have the back of president trump. >> sean: steve bannon thank you for coming on the show. thank you so much for our first 9:00 pm time slot. we have a huge announcement at the end of the show, but first newt gingrich, laura ingle i think, next. is made of.
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a few moments agdal has cowboy owner locked arms prior to the national anthem t after a giant flag was rolled out jones stood and remained standing with two cowboys during the entire performance. what's the ramifications of all this? joining us now author of the number one new york times best seller , former speaker of the house with a brand new online series called defending america, mr. speaker, great to see you, as always. i'm watching this, and it's amazing to me, i don't think many people get this. except the fans. there are some that are so locked in that they think they're right. what's your reaction? >> well first of all, the reason i developed the course on defending america, which people can see at defending is simple, it's not about
6:39 pm
foreign policy or north korea it's about what you and i are watching. we've had people playing the national anthem at sporting events since 1862 during the civil war. it was seen as a symbol of being together, of being american, of something we could all be proud of. what we've had on the left, is this continuing steady erosion of belief in america. this constant attack on our institutions, our history, our permits, and now you have this fiasco, i mean think about what you're watching. billionaire owners, associated with millionaire players, who make an enormous amount of the money because the u.s. government has granted them an exemption from antitrust, and many of whom play in stadiums paid for by the taxpayer, in
6:40 pm
what is a multi billion dollar company, in effect we think of the nfl as a company. they have oppress ed. they feel they have to somehow bare witness. my view is, look, every person who is a multimillion air player who wants to go out and the help people, i'm for you, every person who wants to go out and run for office, i'm for you. what i'm not for is for you to take a sporting event, that we all tuned in to, as a unifying act and destroy it by your personal bias and your personal ideology and that's what we're currently watching. >> let me add emphasis to your the .7 plus billion dollars taxpayers have paid for new stadiums and renovations. 5.4 million that the military paid the nfl to salute the
6:41 pm
troops. listen to what hillary clinton said earlier tonight. i want to get your the reaction to her vicious statement. >> he attacks black athletes as he did, starting with his rally in alabama, continued on twitter. and he attacks them for protesting peacefully for equality, for standing up for what they believe. and he does it once again to dog whistle to his base and to try to detract attention from other things that are going on. but it's quite telling that he is willing to attack black athletes. >> sean: he never said a thing about race. isn't this about respect for the anthem, the flag and the men and women in military that fought and died? >> look, let me say first of all, hillary clinton is a racist demagogue. i mean let's be blunt and state out about this thing. she can't possibly debate on the
6:42 pm
merits any of the things we're talking about. >> sean: you have the meant racial demagogue. >> i mean she is using racism as a deliberate weapon. she is dividing the country on racial grounds as a deliberate political weapon in exactly the modern liberal his many which can't possibly survive if they don't go back to racism. donald trump said nothing that had anything to go do with race. he talked about defending the flag. he talked about defending, you know, our national anthem. now, how you take that, and translate it into a racial attack, tells you everything you need to know about the sickness of the modern left and the sickness of the democratic party. they cannot survive if they can't constantly yell race. as a result they have become one of the most did i vice sieve and
6:43 pm
destructive forces in america today. >> sean: where does this end? will americans say i'm a saturday football watcher? >> i don't know. i think the american people have to have an honest open conversation. i think let's go back to the idea of first amendment rights. i am totally for the rights of every athlete in america on their own time to go out and the say anything they want to it. i'm totally for their taking their multimillion dollar salary and if they want to spend it on left wing causes, go do it, go to left wing rallies. what i am not for is them deciding that they'll take an event that you and i tuned in to because we thought it was a neutral sport offing event. this is the opposite of the spirit of sports. you know, because it defies everything about why we love sports and it's truly sad to see politics do this to our
6:44 pm
political system. >> sean: alright mr. speaker, your online course is linked to my website. 12 weeks and running on the list. when we come back our newest edition as a host, laura ingraham is here and we have a really big surprise. three big announcements. not one, not two, three, you don't want to miss, straight ahead. i'll tell you about that. it's all pop-culture trivia, but it gets pretty intense.
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>> over the weekend the bumping chief decided he was gonna make some noise at the nba and then also at the nfl. and then he sort of went crazy and was in alabama saying wild stuff. >> that's scary. that rage. >> yeah. >> the other thing i really think this is all about, besides his derangement. >> sean: crazy, respecting the flag and anthem and our troops, crazy. whoopi goldberg, joy bay har co. hosts of the view. here now is the up coming host, she stole my hour, of the new 10:00 pm show, she stole it right out from underneath me,
6:49 pm
debuting october 30th here on the fox news channel called the ingraham angle, laura ingraham, we're really proud of you. listen to the title of this book, billionaire at the bare ra indicated. that's so true. i'm so proud of you, you so deserve this show, you worked so hard. >> thank you. >> sean: you've been a part of our fox family forever. i the couldn't be happier and prouder for you. >> thanks so much sean. you were always such an inspiration and i feel like you're my much older brother. it's always great to be on. >> sean: i'm like the bridge between the new generation of fox and the old. who would have thunk i'm the last one standing. fire away, everyone else does. >> hannity i've been hearing about this surprise like you're teasing this from the beginning to the end. i'm hearing about the surprise i listen to newt and hear about the surprise. i actually, one of your
6:50 pm
producers, i love her by the way, she's awesome, one of your producers told me i get to announce one of the surprises. >> sean: no, this scheming behind my back, what's that? that's like lawrence oh done knell's producer. >> laura: sean tonight is announce trey gowdy that he will be staring in a mixed martial arts competition with michael moore and this is november 14th in vegas d i got the tickets already. so it's going to be awesome, sean. >> sean: that would be like ma gregor and mayweather in the octagon, it would be over in a second. >> laura: get a little better competitor, next time. i know you want to roll into slowly compete. >> sean: here is what i want to ask you, this is important p i want to get your reaction to the president and the nfl and how out of touch people are with the men and women that love our flag, love our anthem, have such
6:51 pm
a deep abiding respect, and the troops? what's your first reaction to this? >> laura: i wrote a piece in lifezette and it's called it's time to get real, guys. number one, standing for the anthem, roger goodell and all the players does not mean that you agree with president trump. number two, standing for the anthem doesn't even mean that you agree with what our current government is doing at all. number three, standing for the anthem does not mean that you think america is always just. if any of those things were true, sean, i can think of a group that would probably never stand for the anthem. that would be social conservatives. because for them, on the issue of marriage, they saw a big loss, on abortion now for 40 years. they think that's basically murder, and look at what the supreme court hassle done on that. on any issue regarding hollywood and the sexually saying of the culture they've lost ground and they feel like the country is
6:52 pm
sometimes a for reason place to them. yet social conservatives stand because the ritual of the anthem is really important for our civic pride, our civic cohesiveness. perhaps the nfl might think about sponsoring a conversation about teaching real civics in school. i think a lot of them sad lit haven't learned what basic sieve convictions. it doesn't mean you agree with tumor even like him. it's not about the nation, it's about you. >> sean: barry farber once said of course we're not a perfect nation. our founders put in place a system to right wrongs, evil, in just isz, never has a country acquired more power and abused it less than the american people and used its might for so much good. you would think they would remember that. that's why we honor those that
6:53 pm
fought, bled and died under that flag. >> laura: we saw the lowering of the ratings, with last night's rating down 8%, it will hurt them in their pocket books. maybe they won't care. i have no idea where this will end. we are already hearing people on the left demanding an them no longer be played at games. they'll tear down the statute you ares of our uncomfortable place, now they think taking an them away from nationally tell vice did sporting events will somehow calm things down. none of that will. >> sean: one of the things i love lineup, i'm going it start my 23rd year on fox news. >> laura: wow! . >> sean: take another shot. you already made that shot. >> laura: think about you and a good wine age really well. don't worry about that sean, 23 is young. >> sean: i would be very careful here miss -- well you're like a
6:54 pm
sister to me, i agree with that. >> laura: thank you. >> sean: one of the things i love about her lineup, i love the five, i love bret baier's show, i love martha. tucker, myself, you, we all have our different styles. we agree on a lot but we disagree. we'll have people that disagree with us. tell us about your new show in the minute we have left. >> laura: the show will be a little unpredictable, unexpected, informative, i hope very entertaining. there will be lots of surprising in the show, unlike anything i've done b i will have my own surprises, thank you very much. the good thing is you won't be able to tease me about them too much in the 15 seconds you get to throw to me. question, through the boxes you will be in one box, i'll be in another box, can we pass something across the box to each other. >> sean: the hannity football, get one with your name on it. >> laura: we have to retire that tradition. is it going to be an nfl
6:55 pm
football? it has to be a college football. >> sean: i have to pay for them. laura ingraham. . >> laura: i guess not. >> sean: october 30th, when we come back, three huge announcements about this week. it's like nothing you've seen. the power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. what comes to mind when you think about healthcare? understanding your options? or, if you're getting the care you need? at, you can find helpful information about healthcare options. leaving you more time to think about more important things.
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♪ . >> sean: welcome back to hannity. before we go the big surprises, quick programming notes. our first week back in our old time slot nine eastern, tell your friends, special huge lineup for you this week. tomorrow bill o'reilly will join us to talk about the news of the day and his new book. wednesday i travel to washington, holding washington accountable, we have an interview with house speaker paul ryan but president trump, congress's agenda, the push for tax reform, healthcare. on thursday i travel to florida and interview the one and only rush limbaugh. jampacked week. we hope you'll join us. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. remember this show is not the
7:00 pm
establishment destroy trump media. we'll be fair and balanced and be your alternative. stay the tuned dana perino is next hosting fox news tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow. thanks for being with us. ♪ [ music playing ] ♪ . >> dana: good evening everyone, i'm dana perino. welcome to fox news tonight. we begin with our lead story. president trump doubling down this evening demanding that professional athletes stand during the national anthem. on sunday more than 200 nfl players took a knee during the star spangled banner, that's about one in eight players. let's go to the white house where ed henry is standing by. ed, what do you have? >> dana, interesting, it seems to be another example of the mainstream media saying adviseser to president trump want him to stop tweeting about something when in


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