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tv   Fox News Tonight  FOX News  September 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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have. we will be fair and balanced and be your alternative. stay tuned. dana perino. she's next. she's hosting "fox news tonight" thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪ >> dana: good evening, everyone. i'm dana perino. welcome to "fox news tonight." we begin with our lead story. president trump doubling down this evening, demanding that president athletes stand during the national anthem. sunday more than 200 players took a knee during the star-spangled banner. for more let's go to the white house where fox news chief national correspond ept ed henry is standing by. ed. >> this seems to be another example of the mainstream media saying that advisors to president trump want him to stop tweeting about in fact this is
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something that people inside the white house believe the president has a vast majority of the country behind him on an issue and as you say, he's doubling down tonight, sending out even more tweets about the nfl despite the criticism all around the country, the president basically tweeting and lashing out at a cnn report suggesting that general john kelly, his chief of staff was appalled at the president lashing out at the nfl and calling for this boycott. >> the retired marine general lost a son in combat in afghanistan back in 2010. so john kelly tonight is speaking out on the president's behalf telling cnn in part, "i believe every american, when the national anthem is played should cover their heart and think about all the men and women who have been maimed and killed," kelly said, every american
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should stand up and think for three lousy minutes." if if there is anything positive coming from all this division we report that the hottest selling nfl jersey belongs to alejandro villanueva. previously little-known pittsburgh steeler. former army ranger. served multiple tours of duty in afghanistan. he came out to the field yesterday for the anthem in apparent defiance of his own head coach, mike tomlin of the steelers who told reporters he was looking for "100% participation in a plan for his players to stay in the locker room during the anthem to avoid getting in the middle of the controversy. but all kinds of back-pedaling tonight. that player saying he regrets he went out there alone. he thinks in his words he threw his teammates and his coach, mike tomlin under the bus but on the other side of this you have the steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger saying he regrets he didn't leave the locker room. he wishes he had gone out on the
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field and maybe brought other teammates with him to stand for the anthem. the president, meanwhile, as we noted, tweeting about this, standing firm, in his view about all of this. digging in. the president claiming the backing as well of nascar. saying, "so proud of nascar and its supporters and fans. they won't put up with disrespecting our country or our flag. they said it loud and clear." nascar put out an official statement saying it supports standing for the anthem but also supports free speech. dale earnhardt jr. jr. tweeting all americans have >> interesting because even some of the president's close friends from the new england patriots -- owner bob kraft, tom brady, the quarterback saying basically in the last 24 hours they don't agree with what the president said at that rally in alabama friday night basically saying that an s.o.b. -- any player who doesn't stand for the anthem he
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called an s.o.b. and should be fired. press secretary sarah sanders today defended the president. >> this isn't about the president being against anyone. this is about the president and millions americans being for something. being for honoring our flag. >> interesting, because there were a lot of reporters pressing sarah sanders at the daily briefing today. you have been there before, dana perino. basically saying most of our questions have not been about the puerto rico crisis. most the of our questions have not been about health care. instead many of our questions are about the nfl. didn't the president mess up here by distracting on the nfl instead of these other big issues? and sarah sanders said, "you're the one asking the questions. i have no control what you asked." >> dana: i used to try mind control to see if i could get you to ask something. that didn't necessarily work. you have written a book about sports and in some ways a lot
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about politics and for people who want to keep them separate i think you might say from a historical perspective that hasn't been the case. >> i wrote a book about jackie robinson called "42 faith" and i focused on how i believe his religious faith helped him overcome the discrimination of being the first black major league baseball player but people have taken something jackie robinson wrote in his autobiography before he died saying he wouldn't stand for the national anthem because he was angry about a lack of progress in america and people on the left are using that to say jackie robinson would support these protests. sure, maybe -- that is what he wrote and maybe he would believe that. we don't know what he would believe today. sadly, he died so long ago. in my book i write about a sermon he gave in 1966 that gives more perspective about what jackie robinson believed. he said in part, a methodist church, 1966.
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"my beloved friend martin luther king had a dream and jackie robinson has a debt. i have a debt to young people. >> you have to look at the full context of the man's life and jackie robinson as a civil rights icon was someone who, yes, sometimes was angry about a lack of progress in america but at other times as i show in my book "42 faith" felt like a lot of progress had been made in this country and we shouldn't forget that so maybe at a time of great division people reach out to leaders like jackie robinson and think about the future. >> dana: thank you so much for that update. joining us now to update the issue in los angeles is ben shapyro, editor in chief of "daily" gentlemen, let's listen to this sound bite from hillary clinton before we get started. she spoke about this controversy a couple of minutes ago. >> he attacks black athletes as
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he did starting with his rally in alabama, continued on twitter, and he attacks them for protesting peacefully for equality, for standing up for what they believe, and he does it once again to dog whistle to his base and to try to detract attention from other things that are going on but it's quite telling that he is willing to attack black athletes. he never says anything of an insulting manner toward white supremacists or neonazis or ku klux klan'ers or vladimir putin. >> dana: hillary clinton is continuing the 2016 campaign. she is on her book tour and has every right to say what she says but you say this is an ongoing thing that doesn't end and it might not end well. >> it never ends.
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we're never going to escape it now. we're going to be ceaselessly reliving 2016. president trump did a couple of things in that alabama rally. he condemned people kneeling during the anthem which is totally fine. calling people to be fired is not appropriate for a government official. when hillary clinton suggested this is rooted in racism, when i think that president trump is wrongfooted on racial issues, i have been very clear about it but i don't see the racist intent. if she's talking about people that are white trump attacked she could look in the mirror and trump does that every day and does that a year after the election. he said he's going to club that issue like a baby seal and that's essentially what he did in alabama. >> dana: one of the things i tried to do today was take a step back. we went to rodeos where i grew up in wyoming and we always stood for the anthem and one of the things i always loved about it was i felt like when i was in
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church where you had the moment of unity. everybody was together. it was a common thread. maybe afterwards there was a problem but i tried to be open minded and look and see is the original protest which was about the complaint that kaepernick had that white officers were being let off the hook for unjust killings of blacks especially children -- or youth, and i'm trying to understand, do they see this as a racist attack by president trump? >> they do, and let's talk about one case in particular. tamir rice, a 12-year-old boy in ohio. people drove up and shot him in the face. he had a toy gun. he was 12 years old. he was shot in the face. there was no "freeze" no "put your weapon down" he was shot in the face by police. it was on tape. everybody saw it. the country watched in shock and horror. we can talk about eric garner. i can go on and on and on.
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colin kaepernick decided to kneel and that is where we werement donald trump this weekend then took it further. first, he used inflammatory language. no president in american history that i know of in recent history since i have been alive has ever used that type of language. every american -- the president of the united states should be a role model to every child. i am 30 years old. i wouldn't use that language in front of my mother. my mom is watching tonight. i won't repeat it. the fact we have a president uses that language is disgusting, right? so then let's move forward. he's saying these individuals should be fired for using their right to protest. people that try to make it about the troops. they try to make it about the flag. they try to make it about -- they try to make it about the anthem. that is not what this protest is about. this protest is about racial injustice for people of color in this country and that is what these athletes are using their platform to do. to protest racial injustice. muhammad ali did it. jackie robinson did it.
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jesse owens did it. martin luther king did it. when they did it, it was unpopular. protesting a lot of times is unpopular but our first amendment right alous us to be unpopular so -- >> dana: here is something i wonder about, ben. the original protest from kaepernick had basically, in my opinion, i don't watch a ton of sports had been dying out, we weren't hearing about it, he wasn't picked up by a team and the president made it an explosive thing and the left tends to overreact to president trump and then what you get at the end is basically people saying, "yeah, i think you should stand for the national anthem and we should probably try to continue to do more to calm racial tensions in the country" but the national anthem doesn't seem to be the place to do that. >> yeah. there is a series of overreactions that happened here. first of all just to talk about the underlying issue with regard to police brutality being systemic across the country, out here in california there is a
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white homeless guy, kelly thomas who was beat on tape and the officers ended up getting off. there is something about police brutality having noso nothing to do with race. there were shootings by the police, nine of them of unarmed black people. the fact that there is a spate of shootings across the country. it was basically dying out. most players didn't like it. president trump decided to bring it up again and the left reacted as they always do to president trump by falling into the trap he set. he said everyone wokneels for the national anthem should be fired. they basically react to him the same way my three-year-old daughter reacts whiuse reverse psychology. if you're opponent left and trying to create a p.r. movement it doesn't seem to be the smartest way to do that is by
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everyone kneeling during the national anthem and the booing stadium audiences across the country seemed to be good evidence that this is not a protest movement that is actually gaining steam. it's undercutting its own message. if you want to protest perceived police brutality there are police stations you can protest. kneeling during the national anthem doesn't seem to be the smartest way to do that. >> dana: this does not end well for the nfl, richard, from your perspective do you think this has been helpful? >> i don't think this is a left or right issue, if you look at people protesting, today at the dallas cowboys game the owner of the cowboys which is not the left by any stretch or means of the imagination neither is the owner of the patriots neither is many of these quarterbacks who hang out with donald trump, who take pictures with donald trump, who golf with donald trump all understand there is racial inequities in this country and they also protested the national
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anthem. this is not a left or right issue, wadonald trump said this weekend is he race baited. he called colin kaepernick'sing mother an s.o.b. and engaging in this type of destructive, racial baiting in front of a group in alabama which is his base he framed an argument that set up a situation where he would upset a group of americans -- african-americans, right? that got us to this place where people -- white people and black people -- said -- not left or right, white african-american -- white and african-americans said this is wrong, this is why 200 members of the nfl said there is something wrong and we're going to protest this and i think that's part of the problem with this president, right -- this is what -- this is the problem we're having, he continues to put his foot in his mouth over and over again and then there are folks like ben who says it's the left. it's not the left. it's commonsense americans saying this president is wrong and then he goes out and says well, look, the race car drivers are ok but how many black race car drivers are there?
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there is only four. so there you have it. right? >> dana: i'm going to give ben the last word if that's all right. ben, how do we all move past this? if you had your prescription pad and you could write a prescription for america for moving past this, how you do we do it? you have talked about how the culture wars are driving us apart and i did think of you this weekend, i knew that you were observing the jewish holiday and i thought my gosh, when he gets back online he's going to see this cascade of more culture wars. >> yeah, it never ends and i think the only way to get past this is to go back at this time consensus we had before, to suggest trump started this culture war is not true. kaepernick started this particular thing. this was a controversy a year ago. >> the police didn't start it by killing -- >> we need to go back to where public opinion is, which is it's inappropriate to protest the national anthem or during the national anthem. protest all you want in other venues and at the same time no one should be fired for this.
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that's the basic opinion. i'm not saying that kaepernick doesn't have the right to do it, they certainly have the right to do it, owners have the right to react how they want to react, the president should not be calling for people to be fired by expressing their protest opinions, with that said i think there are only a few common symbols we hold together. and those are things like the national anthem and the flag and football, as those become politicized the country becomes almost irreconcilable. >> dana: let's not do that, i think the three of us agree and people watching -- >> we agree, one thing we have to add is go back to the beginning and figure how do we level playing field and solve injustices and that's by stopping state-sanctioned violence happening to white and black people by the cesses of the police departments. >> dana: a lot to debate there too, gentlemen, thank you so much for being here tonight. i appreciate it. directly ahead there is a new escalation in the north korean crisis with the hermit kingdom calling president trump's
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♪ . >> dana: welcome back. tensions are >> dana: welcome back. tensions are incredibley high tonight between the united states and north korea.
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two nuclear powers who both seem increasingly credible in their threats to use catastrophically powerful weapons against each other. today north korea's foreign minister said that president trump's warning to his country amounted to a declaration of war and that seems serious stuff. joining us for reaction in new york is daniel heninger, deputy editorial page of "wall street journal." dan, if i could start with you. you believe that kim jong un is finally starting to feel isolated. why do you say that? >> i think for a couple of reasons, dana. for one, things have happened in the last few weeks. the united states last week announced that it was raising sanctions against north korea, which to say secretary of state mnuchin announced they would not do financial business with any country doing business with the north koreans. that was a significant increase in the level of sanctions and that happened simultaneous with the chinese, at least since june
10:22 pm
have by and large cut off north korea's bank account completely, and that means that, for instance, trade across the chinese border with south korea has fallen by about 75%. fuel prices in north korea are rising. i think kim understands that he is becoming increasingly isolated. you have had comments in chinese media, even chinese scholars saying kim jong un has to go -- which is very unusual. and i think kim understands his problem is not only the united states but the chinese. i think there is a bigger wedge between china and north korea than most people believe. ever since kim assassinated his uncle in 2013 who was the main contact, and there has been very little contact between the chinese and the north koreans so kim at this point has to feel he doesn't have many options left to him. >> dana: marie, one of the things i know you have said is there is a concern about an escalation of rhetoric. what dan was talking about is
10:23 pm
concrete actions that have possibly led to more isolation which might hopefully lead to a change of behavior but in the meantime what do you think about sort of the war of words? >> that's the exact issue. you're exactly right. wadan outlines is a strategy that a lot of democrats and republicans support. putting more pressure on china. getting additional sanctions. that is a strategy that i think might get us to a better place but my question has always been what does president trump want as the end goal here? and i am concerned that some of this rhetoric, this escalatory cycle, this tit for tat, calling each other names on the world stage has the real potential to balloon out of control and for a leader like kim jong un who is so irrational most would say or at least crazy, how he views what president trump says -- that impacts his calculation and i just worry that we're rolling toward the situation where military force might have to be used or might be used against us or our allies because of this
10:24 pm
really outlandish war of words. i want a strategy that sounds like wadan is talking about. i don't want our presidents tweeting at each other. >> dana: we're not going to be able to stop them from talking to each other but dan, you think there is a possible end-game option. can you explain that? >> i don't want to create strategy for kim jong un but if he were smart what he would do is grab something that is already on the table, and that is the iran nuclear deal that president obama and john kerry struck with iran. i'm not a big believer in that deal but if kim jong un were to say i am willing to sit down and talk about doing a deal of the sort iran did with the united states i think president trump would be under tremendous pressure to do that and allow kim to have the space in which he would probably cheat but have a modus vivendi without giving up much of his program in the short term. snoot next couple of weeks,
10:25 pm
marie, i understand the president has to, under the law, basically certify whether iran is complying with the agreement or not. there is mixed signals coming from the administration as to how that is going to go down. what do you think is going to happen? >> well,s the challenge for the administration is that within the 159 pages of the deal iran is technically in compliance. the administration doesn't like things they're doing outside of the deal. i would argue that the best way to deal with those other things like support for terrorism, ballistic missiles is to deal with them with all the other tools we have. why would you walk away from a nuclear deal that today is preventing them from going a weapon and plain to north korea here, north korea shows us that our options with countries are much more limited when they get nuclear weapons. that after they cross that threshold the options for action go way down. iran is not there yet. why would you walk away from an agreement that is not perfect, is preventing them from getting there? >> dana: let me ask daniel a
10:26 pm
final quick word. is north korea already -- have they crossed that threshold? >> north korea has -- it depends how you define it. you define it as being able to attach a nuclear warhead, which they have, to an intercontinental ballistic missile which they have, create a delivery system then you have crossed the nuclear threshold and we are in an unfortunate new world and that's why i think donald trump is in his rights to talk tough with kim jong un and i have no slightest doubt that mcmaster and the c.i.a. are arranging a military array of options to keep kim jong un from crossing that threshold. >> dana: breaking news about hillary clinton's emails. it's 2017 and you are want going to believe thisster. we'll be right back. liberty mutual stood with me
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♪ >> do you think people like >> do you think people like jason chaffetz and others who are these sort of inquisitors of yours -- do you think it is fully bad faith which is to say if they took a truth serum they would say there is not much here or do you think they were on track with this email scandal? >> i think of the leaders it was totally bad faith. >> dana: that was hillary clinton tonight being asked about former house oversight chairman jason chaffetz who aggressively investigated secretary clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state and joining us now is jason chaffetz, i believe in boston tonight. a fox news contributor. did you expect to get a shout-out from hillary clinton? >> there were four americans killed in a terrorist attack and
10:32 pm
the night of that attack she told the egyptian prime minister the truth. she told her daughter the truth and lied to the american people. that's in part what started this. it was also an inspector general who found that hillary clinton was housing classified information in a nonclassified setting. they're the ones that started this. we as the oversight committee continued that investigation and what hillary clinton told the american public in a series of statements that turned out to be totally false, she perpetuated the story and her own problem, she eroded the confidence in the american people that she had this ability to lie to the american people and it just eroded her credibility. she did that unto herself. it wasn't somebody like jason chaffetz or trey gowdy or somebody else out there playing gotcha. we helped hold people accountable and she couldn't handle the truth. >> dana: interesting to me in this book "what happened" she walks up to the line of take responsibility for things but can't quite make herself do it.
10:33 pm
>> she can't. she can't get there. she doesn't understand it. remember, this whole email scandal -- it was hillary clinton on the very day that she started her senate confirmation. she set up the server. it was her staff that did that. do you think that was really a coincidence? >> dana: no. >> or do you think that was maybe the mindset that started this whole series of events? >> dana: i thought it was remarkable because i worked in the bush administration from october 2001 until the end and i didn't even have a personal email address until after i left the white house. it never would have occurred to me because i knew that it was wrong and you could possibly lose your clearance and it was illegal and all of those things. let me ask you, though. some people are trying to compare apples to apples with the new story that is out, there has been a development tonight additionally to what we knew earlier, "the new york times" reporting that up to six of the president's top aides have been using private email to do
10:34 pm
government business -- let me take a listen to what hillary clinton had to say about jared kufner and his emails. >> we have this story kushner and others in the white house and i am waiting to see outrage of republican members of congress about this and you will not see it. >> dana: i understand where she's trying to go with this but i do not see it as the same thing and i wonder if you as the investigator how do you see it. >> it is wrong if somebody set up their own email or used private email. in the case of jared kushner we're told it's less than 100 but what trey gowdy and elijah cummings, the democrat from carolina said give us an accounting of everybody at the executive level that is using personal email and i could tell you personally as a former member of congress, the former chairman, if they're doing that
10:35 pm
it also is wrong. it is cannot upon us to -- >> dana: if they did personal -- sorry, government business on personal email that they also forwarded it to an email address that would be captured by the presidential records act so they are -- this is their words saying they are in compliance with the law? >> it's cannot upon the oversight committee to hold them accountable for doing that. that's exactly what we did with hillary clinton -- although still to this day there are 10's of thousands of records that she has not turned over. it's not even her responsibility to do it. it's the state department. that still hasn't happened. it's disgusted that there are nearly 200-plus people at the state department that are still underon open investigation that still have a degree of security clearance even though they're under investigation by the state department for traversing classified information in a nonsecured setting but that's different from hillary clinton who set up her own server and domain name on the same day she
10:36 pm
started her senate confirmation and what she said tone about where is the outrage is factually incorrect and she's misinformed because trey gowdy today sent a letter to the white house. >> dana: we will continue to follow it. the thing that bothers me is there is always this sense that politicians think that they can be above the law and the rest of us -- >> she's the victim. once again, hillary clinton is just the victim and it's just disgusting -- it really is. >> dana: all right, congressman. thank you so much. i appreciate it. when we return, senator susan collins says no to the new health care bill. do republican leaders have any options left? on obama care? we'll talk about it next. talk coney island has been around for a long, long time. reminds me of how geico has been saving people money for over 75 years. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces.
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♪ >> dana: the effort to repeal and replace obama care suffered a major setback today when republican senator susan collins of maine announced her opposition to graham-cassidy, the latest repeal bill. joining us now with reaction from chicago, tom bevin. publisher of real clear politics and in washington bob cusack, editor in chief of "the hill" newspaper. is this really the end of the road? >> it is. this was the last best chance for republicans to get this done. reconciliation runs out on saturday and so allowing them on
10:41 pm
only get this done with 50 votes. susan collins came out. they've got mccain against. rand paul against. a couple more senators leaning against the bill. this thing is dead and i think republicans have to move on. it's been one more in a series of follies. they can't get it done. they couldn't even bribe their own members properly. they were throwing money at these folks and it backfired. the bill and the effort to repeal and replace obama care is officially dead. >> dana: it is quite remarkable that we are at this stage of the game and bob, let me ask you about the way forward because it is no secret even hillary clinton said in the campaign that if she were to become president she would have some work to do to try to fix obama care. how does the senate now pull together to try to actually fix something that the majority of people say they don't want or i guess they're kind of happy with it now because they didn't have an alternative so how do you actually get the fixes that are necessary because premiums continue to go up, deductibles are going up and people feel
10:42 pm
like they can't use the doctor they want? >> dana, i think it will be difficult in this environment. there have been bipartisan fixes to obama care over the year but the temperature has never been this hot so i don't think they can do anything in the short term but maybe in a few months after health care -- this fight is in the background maybe they can get -- i'm not hopeful. the politics of obama care are so polarizing that i don't see any bipartisan fix happening any time soon and because then republicans would have to vote for something that's not repeal and right off the bat you're going to have republicans saying no chance, i'm not going to vote for that. >> dana: earlier today senator rand paul's office put out a statement, tom, that said he would prefer no block grants. i'm not sure how you get things back to the states if you don't try to figure out a way how to separate the money out of washington. >> rand paul has been one of these guys on the republican side who has found every possible way to not say yes to
10:43 pm
this. he was originally wanted to be repeal and replace then he said i only want repeal. we have to vote on that. he ended up voting for the skinny repeal but isn't on board for this. mccain is another one who has disappointed republicans in a big, big way. republicans -- i agree with bob, i think republicans are going to put health care behind them in the rear view mirror. they've got work to do on tax reform. they don't have a lot of time left and they want to put some points on the board as soon as they can -- summer by year's end so i think health care is done at least for the foreseeable future. >> dana: bob, you said you were pessimistic about health care for the congress to get that done. are you optimistic about tax reform? >> yeah. i think they've got a decent shot -- partly because of all the failures -- the legislative failures they have had in 2017 and if you talk to members, republican members are saying we've got to get this done so we saw is this health care bill actually had momentum last week because "we've got to get something done" but now they don't have the votes.
10:44 pm
i think that helps them get some type of -- not major tax reform but some type of tax-cut measure by the end of this year and they've got it get it done by the end of this year, can't have this going into an election year. >> dana: bob, what about you? the president i think to indiana on wednesday. he's going to lay it out. are democrats in a mood to make a deal with him? >> that's been the most interesting thing about this, dana, the conventional wisdom you had democrats in states trump won by 15-20 points that they would be able to peel those folks off. it hasn't happened on any issue, certainly not health care, he was in north dakota with heidi heity kamp, there is the possibility he could pull joe manchin and heidi heitkamp on board. >> dana: we're going to talk more about the alabama election tomorrow. overall how does the 2018 picture look for republicans?
10:45 pm
if they can get tax reform disney do things look better for the house and senate, maybe increasing their majorities next fall? >> they're definitely not going it increase their majorities in the house but the map is friendly for republicans in the senate so they could increase but they've got to get something done -- i think if they could say listen, we got a big tax cut through, we got neil gorsuch on the bench but paul ryan and others are saying the house passed 300 bills and they're stuck in the senate, that doesn't work. they've got to get something done. >> dana: gentlemen, thank you so much. we'll check in with you as that develops. appreciate it. straight ahead. will president trump's endorsement of luther strange be enough to sway tomorrow's senate primary runoff in alabama? we'll be back in a moment. enough to persuade voters to vote for luther strange? we'll be back in just a moment. you know who likes to be
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♪ . >> dana: when president trump >> dana: when president trump tapped jeff sessions to be his attorney general it created a showdown over who would fill mr. sessions' alabama seat for the long-term. things are coming to a head tomorrow as president trump's pick luther strange takes on
10:50 pm
alabama's former chief justice roy moore in the republican primary runoff. both candidates chatted with martha maccallum tonight with strange talking about how the president sees the race. >> he's concerned if i don't win this puts the seat in play for the democrats and puts on board republicans running for reelection. >> dana: meanwhile roy moore trashed the rhetoric from his opponent. >> for the past three months he's done nothing but tell mistruths, lies and things on television with $30 million coming out of washington, d.c. and the senate leadership fund run by mcconnell. >> dana: joining us now with reaction from washington is politics editor at "the national journal." you wrote about this on friday night. president trump was at the rally on friday night where he did the nfl thing that but the focus was on this race. did it help luther strange in the polls going into tomorrow?
10:51 pm
>> alabama is trump country. it's probably the state that is the most pro trump state in the entire country. republicans are am overwhelmingly in support of the president. in theory, trump's endorsement of senator strange should have an impact but dana, like you mentioned if you watched that rally in alabama friday night he wasn't talking a lot about the senate race, he wasn't talking a lot about congress, he was talking about the nfl so what happened was you have a big rally designed for trump to persuade alabama republicans to back his guy, luther strange but instead he talked about so many unrelated issues i don't think people came out of that rally deciding to change their mind in the primary so it's a close race. i think roy moore has a slight edge in the runup to tomorrow's election but trump didn't do all he could and he sort of hedged his bets in that rally when he made that speech. >> dana: mitch mcconnell has been a real focus of this primary race and that -- we see this when nancy pelosi becomes the target when republicans are
10:52 pm
trying to beat up a democrat. the republicans are now looking at mitch mcconnell. is he a drag this racer because he backed luther strange could that help strange in a behind-the-scenes way tomorrow? >> it cuts both ways. mitch mcconnell and his allies have spent millions of dollars on behalf of luther strange, almost 10 times as much as roy moore has so the financial advantage has made this race competitive. if it wasn't motor money i think moore would win in a runaway but mitch mcconnell has a lot of baggage with alabama republicans and if you look the public opinion surveys among republicans mitch mcconnell isn't that much more popular than nancy pelosi, he's become i villain and the establishment loathes, attacking mitch mcconnell and attacking top republican advisors to the senate campaign committee so this is not a classic primary race. the establishment versus
10:53 pm
antiestablishment and moore is winning over the antiestablishment voters. >> dana: mr. bannon was on sean hannity's show talking about that and he said he is supporting president trump down there. waabout the notion that some people suggest -- and i don't know if this is spin or it's true -- that there is concern that if roy moore were to win the primary that he would lose the general election? that's something that luther strange was saying to martha maccallum tonight. >> that's the kind of comment you make when you really need to come from behind, when you need to throw a hail mary pass. alabama is a very conservative state, probably one of the tuffet states in the country for democrats to crack and they want to compete there, they think they may have an outside chance if roy moore is the nominee but they know how difficult it is for any democrat in alabama. he's trying to raise the specter of the roy moore could lose to a democrat but polls don't match
10:54 pm
the rhetoric. >> dana: polls close at 8:00 p.m. eastern which means that everybody should tune in tomorrow night on this show to see the results hopefully. coming up, the five living former presidents of the united states are uniting to aid devastated puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. what you can do to help as well. next. puerto rico. what you can do coming up next. i was playing golf days ago...
10:55 pm
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10:59 pm
its old electrical grid which was in terrible shape." >> dana: the destruction is so great that all five living presidents are banding together for a fund-raising campaign called one america appeal. >> recently our country has witnessed catastrophic devastation. hurricanes and flooding have upended lives and livelihoods. >> across this great country americans have answered the call. >> that specially calling that compels us when others are down to step up and do whatever it takes. >> america is at her best when, against all odds we come together and lift each other up you. >> please donate to one america appeal -- america needs you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: if you would like to donate go to
11:00 pm one word together. i'm dana perino. we'll be back here tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. with those election results. make sure you tune in. goodnight, everybody. >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. football isn't just the most popular sport in this country, it is also one much the only institutions we have left that unites everybody here across race and income and geography. there are not many 6 those, no matter who they they voted for last fall, americans who love the same team can bond over football. no longer possible, sadly. now even the country's final nonpartisan refuge has been invaded by politics. on saturday, the president tweeted that nfl players who protest the national anthem ought to be fired and as if on cue the protests innsie


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