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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 26, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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media. we'll be fair and balanced and be your alternative. stay the tuned dana perino is next hosting fox news tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow. episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. we are following several major stories tonight. the congressional budget office has within the last few minutes analyzed the republicans latest obamacare repeal effort. we will have that from capitol hill. president trump and the national football league are in their own turf war over the flag. the national anthem. what it means to kneel during it. we start off with the u.s. declaring war on north korea, according to that country's top diplomats. that means he says his country can shoot down american warplanes even if they are not a north korean airspace. james rosen is here.
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>> good evening. aides to president trump are rejecting the notion that the commander in chief declared war on north korea while top pentagon officials presenting confidence the u.s. would handling win any such conflict. in remarks to reporters this morning, north korean foreign minister cited a tweet by president trump from friday as a purported declaration of war. then went on to invoke the right of self-defense enjoyed by united nations member states. >> translator: since the u.s. has made a declaration of war, we will have every right to make countermeasures including the right to shoot down the united states strategic bombers even if they do not come into our airspace. >> the president's provocative tweet posted after 11:00 p.m. friday said: "just heard foreign minister of north korea speak at u.n. if he echoes thoughts of little rocket man, they won't be around much longer!" u.s. officials insist the american goal is not regime
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change as the north and interpreted the tweet but to prevent pyongyang from becoming a nuclear stage. the pentagon released images saturday of bombers taking off from andersen air force base in guam escorted by f-15 eagle fighters based in okinawa. their mission marks the farthest north of the demilitarized zone and a u.s. fighter or bomber has flown in that area in the 21st century. >> it's never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country's aircraft when it's over international waters. our goal is still the same. we continue to seek a peaceful denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that's the focus. doing that through the maximum economic and diplomatic pressures. >> a pentagon spokesman warned that north korea would be "grossly overmatched" in any armed conflict with the u.s. >> bret: there are also new
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developments tonight about iran's testing of ballistic missiles. >> this concerns a video that the iranian government released this past friday. the regimes in the video showed a successful test of a new ballistic missile. pentagon officials tell lucas tomlinson intelligence analysis reveals the footage was shot in january and that it captured part of a field test. iran's failed attempt at launching a new medium-range missile which flew 600 miles before exploding. >> bret: thank you. what was once a trickle has become a flood. a couple hundred national football league players kneeled or locked arms yesterday during the playing of the national anthem in defiance of president trump's stated position that protesting players should be fired by the nfl owners. the president reinforced that position today. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off with that story and high-level monday night football. >> good evening. speaking of monday night
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football, tonight's cowboys-cardinals match up could prove an inflection point. the network plans to carry coverage of the singing of the national anthem which often doesn't get televised. if you're not watching the actual game, you can bet president trump is keeping an eye on the proceedings. it is only public appearance today, president trump was focused on new plants to direct some $200 million a year toward improving stem education. >> greater access to stem and computer science programs will ensure our children can develop the skills they need to compete and win in the workforce of tomorrow. >> on twitter, the president was still railing against the weekend protest in the nfl for some 200 players took a need during the national anthem or linked arms in solidarity against the president. many people booed the players who kneeled yesterday which was a small percentage of the total. these are fans who demand respect for our flag.
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it started at a rally for senator luther strange in alabama friday. president trump talking about american pride and respect for the flag. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag. if they get that son of a [bleep] off the field. out. he is fired. he is fired. >> this statement brought swift reaction from players and owners. bob kraft, a good friend of the president, said he would disappointed -- that he was disappointed. >> i think it's very disrespectful. >> some people thought the president was fueling racial divisions with what he said on friday. tom brady stood for the anthem with hand on heart but linked arms with another player. >> i certainly disagree with what he said and thought it was divisive. >> president trump insisted. he and others have it wrong, tweeting: "the issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. it is about respect for our country, flag
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and national anthem. nfl must respect this!" press secretary sarah sanders said the president has no regrets about his initial comments regardless of what the reaction. >> did the president go too far referring to these players as s.o.b.s who should be fired? >> it's always present for the president to defend the flag, the national anthem, and defend the men and women who fought and died to defend it. >> the controversy spreading to other sports. lebron james, no fan of president trump, was sharply critical. >> the thing that frustrated me was the fact that he's now, he used sports, use the sports platform to try to divide us. >> nascar appeared to agree with the president, saying "our respect for the national anthem has always been a hallmark of our prerace events." some nascar owners said they would fire any driver or crew member who didn't stand for the
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anthem. meeting approval from the president who tweeted: "so proud of nascar and its supporters and fans. they won't put up with disrespecting our country or our flag. they said it loud and clear!" driver dale earnhardt jr. broke with his team, saying all americans are granted the right to peaceful protest. ben roethlisberger says he regrets not coming out on the field for the playing of the national anthem yesterday and says you can bet we are going to be there next sunday. >> bret: john roberts, thanks. the president seems to have done what nfl management and union officials have been unable to do, bring the players and owners together on the same side. senior correspondent eric shawn has more from outside nfl headquarters in new york. >> even after taking a hard hit, nfl commissioner roger goodell is protecting his players, like an unmovable offensive line. he told "sports illustrated"
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"they reflected the frustration, disappointment of the players over the divisive rhetoric we heard." roughly 200 kneeled or locked arms in solidarity during the sunday games. out of a total of 1,696 players. >> you don't like this country, find another one. >> it's their right to have something to say. >> owners join the protest on the field. washington redskins owner locked arms with his players. dallas cowboys owner jerry jones has said the gridiron is not the place for protest. >> it's not the place to do anything other than honorable flag and everyone who has given up for it. >> three teams stay off the sidelines during the national anthem. one player prominently defy that. pittsburgh steelers offensive tackle alejandro villanueva, a war hero, stood at the players tunnel with his hand over his heart. villanueva is a west point grad, army ranger who served three
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tours in afghanistan and was awarded the bronze star for saving the lives of his buddies in combat. his jersey has become the biggest nfl player item sold online. his patriotic gesture was indirectly criticized by his head coach. >> i was looking for 100% participation. we are going to be respectful of the team. >> villanueva, i love you. god bless you and thank you for standing. as far as the steelers go, no more. >> to show their support for villanueva, some fans burned their steelers stuff. jim, 55 years old, told us he has been a steelers fan since he was born but he was so offended by the steelers hiding in the locker room that he kissed his team goodbye. >> this was on my wall for three years. not anymore. in the fire.
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i hope all your ignorance burns too. >> tonight on monday night football, it will be the dallas cowboys versus the arizona cardinals. despite jerry jones' admonition, it appears the protests will continue. >> bret: eric shawn outside nfl headquarters. thank you. what do you think of the player protests? the president's tweets and comments. let me know on twitter @bretbaier. use the hashtag #specialreport or on facebook at the congressional budget office, the cbo, minutes ago released it scoring of the republican's latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare. this comes as senate republicans are trying to throw more money and reticent colleagues as the clock ticks down on what is likely the final obamacare repeal push under current voting rules. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill with the latest. >> at the start of a critical week for the republican health care reform push, there
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were fireworks and a delay in a senate finance committee hearing. >> if the hearing is going to devolve into a sideshow or a forum simply for putting partisan points on the board, there's absolutely no reason for us to be here. >> while protesters wanted to make sure their voices were heard, republican leaders are still searching for a path to 50 yes votes. the hard no votes are rand paul of kentucky and john mccain of arizona. one more republican know would kill the bill. >> this is not the last chance. this is the best chance. >> senator graham says he is not giving up hope. >> if someone -- the majority of counties are going to be down to one provider. >> president trump has tried to sell the merits of the bill. >> arizona is one of the biggest beneficiaries. even the governer ducey is totally in favor of it. it's also great for maine, great for alaska.
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>> graham-cassidy remains in grave condition. even if it would spend more on states like alaska and maine, the hometown senators are not sold. >> it's hard for me to envision getting to yes on this bill because my concerns are so fundamental. >> while there is attention trying to win over moderate senators like collins and murkowski, aides to a leading conservative voice say he is a "no." >> they don't have my vote and i don't think they have mike lee either. i want to be a "yes." i want to get there because i think obamacare is a disaster. >> democrats say the potential replacement would be worse. >> no one has got to buy a lemon just because it's the last car on the lot. this trumpcare bill is a health care lemon. a disaster in the making. >> moments ago, maine senator susan collins says she is a "no" on graham-cassidy. after the congressional budget office came out with its
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analysis saying graham-cassidy would cut the deficit by at least $133 billion over the next decade but would cut millions of people from receiving comprehensive coverage. bottom line, it did not have enough time to go into greater detail in terms of the exact numbers. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thanks. let's get some analysis and the nfl showdown. let's start with what mike talked about, the cbo numbers. susan collins saying she is a definite no. rand paul, john mccain, susan collins would be the vote. >> that's the end of it. this effort would go down. the congressional budget office entered its preliminary estimate on this. it really kind of irrelevant to that. those estimates have not been very close to accurate in the past.
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in this case, one responsibility for dispensing the funds and managing the program is being devolved to the states and their governors, it's almost impossible to predict with any accuracy what kinds of policies and what kind of effects it would have. that doesn't really amount to much. in the end, it came down to whether they could pull together the votes. it looks like they can't. when the end of this month rolls around, they wouldn't be able to do with 51 which they couldn't get now they need 60. for this year, it looks like all she wrote. >> bret: doesn't bode well for getting other big things done. >> possibly you are right. a lot of people agree with them. if you can't get this, you can get tax reform. i think it may be the other way. having failed on this, tax reform is the other big promise of equal magnitude into many people, more important. i think the view within the republican party, they cannot fail on that. the divisions at least in terms of the measure are not as great as they seem to be on this.
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i think the chances of tax reform are either unharmed or perhaps possibly enhanced by the evident failure of this obamacare repeal effort. >> bret: the nfl showdown. it has taken so much oxygen out of this town and around the country. it's been something. >> i got up this morning. i am a lifelong washington redskins fan. i couldn't wait to read the story about the the unexpectedn last night. it was relegated to the bottom of the sports page with the protests over the top. it has consumed at least in a lot of ink and airtime. i'm not sure, to the average fan, this is as important as they think. people have an opinion. the concessions consensus seeme president put his foot in it. i would think most fans agree with the president.
1:16 am
the overwhelming majority stand, hand over hearts. i suspect that was true yesterday and it will be true next week. then the players and their protests are out of phase with public and not the other way around. and not the president. >> bret: there were six players kneeling before this statement and the tweets and 200-plus. >> expressing solidarity with their fellow players but the overwhelming majority of players did not participate. there may be less there than seems to be, seems to meet the eye. spewing up next, the trump administration expands the travel ban and the u.s. supreme court makes a change to the calendar. the calendar. keep i
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spewing former congressman and new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner has been sentenced to 21 months in prison with exchanging lurid texts. he dropped his head and cried while the judge read the sentence. the democrat had sought to be spared from prison saying he was, say had a sickness. the discovery of emails on his laptop between his wife and her boss hillary clinton prompted then fbi director james comey to reopen the clinton email investigation. his wife huma abedin is now seeking a divorce. shooting at a suburban church sunday in tennessee. one person was killed and six hurt when a masked gunman opened fire. the suspect is a 25 year old man who had attended the church. he was subdued by 22-year-old osher.
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overseas, north korea is part of the president's immigration travel ban. it includes a handful of other countries that were not part of the original efforts. unclear tonight as with the u.s. supreme court intends to do. rich edson fills us in from the state department. >> the administration issued another travel ban, its third and eight months. >> the travel ban, the tougher the better. >> the restrictions are different from each country. they depend on how much that government coordinates with the u.s. they take effect october 18. new to the list, venezuela, north korea, chad. still on the list iran, libya, syria, lebanon, . dropped, sudan.
1:22 am
the orator identifies iraq's security as inadequate though it is left off the list. the order recommends additional screening for iraqis trying to travel to the u.s. >> we will try to make sure anyone coming into the united states does not represent a threat to our communities. >> this updated order has no expiration. it's restrictions are indefinite. countries can work with the u.s. to improve their security and the government will consider removing them from the list. state department official tells fox news some of the countries are coordinating with the u.s. others are unlikely to. >> translator: this is an inhuman, wrong, irrational, irrelevant action which has been done by the u.s. administration and the new president. >> supreme court was scheduled to hear oral arguments next month on the previous travel ban. with this modified order, the court has removed the arguments from its calendar. the justices want both sides to weigh-in ban. the aclu says "this is an apparent effort to paper over the original sin of the muslim
1:23 am
ban. >> as this returns to the courts, justices may ultimately decide the president's authority on national security and immigration. >> bret: rich edson live at the state department. thank you. officials are expecting more than 3 million people to vote in today's kurdish independence referendum. while many people in the three provinces that that make up the autonomous region support this effort, most nations including the u.s. do not. benjamin hall reports from iraq. >> celebrations across northern iraq today as people voted on kurdish independence. perhaps paving the way for the creation of a new country and the splintering of iraq. today's vote was strongly opposed by the u.s. who had lobbied hard against it. saying now was a time to focus on the battle against isis in which the kurds have played a major role. it's speaking to fox news, the
1:24 am
foreign minister of the kurdish regional government said the time was right. >> this is a moment when the people are going to the ballot boxes to exercise their basic right, the rights of determination. in order to determine their own future. >> the kurdish president called on the u.s. to support the move. >> translator: i asked the american people to support us because all we've done is democratically and peacefully asked for our rights, this requires the support of the american nation. >> voter turnout for this referendum has been overwhelming. already at this polling station alone, more than two-thirds have cast their ballot. already, neighboring countries are threatening to respond. turkey and iran have objected strongly to the vote and have been massing their militaries on the border in response. while the iraqi central government has also threatened to send in troops.
1:25 am
one of the flash point is expected to be in the oil-rich region which kurdish fighters took over in 2014. when the iraqi army fled in the face of isis. for kurds, today's vote about moving on from decades of oppression. >> we have been an island of security and stability. we have been open for people who have fled tyranny and oppression from other parts of iraq. speak of the people in kurdistan say they want a traditional period of transition. many people also fear they might get of march harsher response. >> bret: benjamin hall. thank you. german chancellor angela merkel is embarking on what could be a lengthy quest to form a new government. the conservative bloc finished first in sunday's election but a nationalist anti-immigrant party came in third and gained considerable influence.
1:26 am
merkel is defending her controversial decision to allow large numbers of migrants into germany. republicans in alabama are in campaign mode with all eyes on primary day tuesday. we will preview the contest you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> bret: this is the final full day of campaigning in alabama's hotly contested republican senate primary runof runoff. the incumbents in the challenger are bringing in big guns. peter doocy is in birmingham tonight. >> a republican is guaranteed to win in tomorrow's runoff. senator luther strange said the party's chances to keep the seat jeff sessions held for 20 years grows dim if his challenger judge roy moore wins. >> if i don't win tomorrow, the democrats have a wide open shot picking up a seat in the deep
1:30 am
south which would be catastrophic for our agenda. >> president trump called in to no voters no his pick. >> they have him as best friends with mitch mcconnell. he doesn't even know mitch. >> the president mistakenly referred to roy moore as ray. >> i don't know roy moore at all. i think it's perhaps indicative when someone doesn't even know his name, you know it's not a good sign. >> the president said friday he would back moore if he had to come and his campaign noticed. >> if his opponent wins, i'm going to be here campaigning for him. >> over the weekend, moore promoted himself as the only candidate religious conservatives can trust. >> i will stand for the people of alabama and the people across our country who want the knowledge of god brought back to
1:31 am
the united states congress. >> even though president trump endorsed luther strange, some of his prominent supporters are breaking with him to help moore. a rally tonight will feature nigel farrage who campaigned with canada trump, and steve bannon who helped get trump elected. the strange campaign hopes to counter with a heavy hitter of their own, vice president mike pence. >> to bring home the importance of it. >> i just spoke to some strange staffers who hope this event with the vice president reminds people to vote tomorrow because the secretary of state is already expecting a low turnout. 12% to 15%. the strange team says if they get a greater turnout than that, it's good for them. if it's a less turnout, not good. >> bret: we will follow it here on fox. peter doocy live in birmingham. mexican officials say as many as
1:32 am
360 billions and homes are in danger of collapsing. nearly a week after the magnitude 7.1 earthquake there. authorities say they have cleared only 103 of mexico city's nearly 9,000 schools. search teams continue to dig through the rubble looking for survivors. the city has so far accounted for 186 of the 324 dead nationwide. u.s. troops are staging a major operation in the u.s. virgin islands. after their devastation from deadly weather in recent weeks. as puerto rico request more urgent assistance from the u.s. as well. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from st. croix. >> two category 5 hurricanes in 12 days. the i passed 15 miles southwest of st. croix, the governor of the virgin islands as he needs more help. >> we are rushed and how we're going to rebuild resiliently.
1:33 am
>> the view from a national guard black hawk from tennessee gave a bird's-eye view of the damage. the tombs in the cemetery appeared to be opened by the wind. 70% of the buildings and st. croix are damaged. there is no electricity. the island of st. john and st. thomas to the north are described as shredded. >> the emotional ride of going through any hurricane is devastating. you begin to believe it's of baiting and then it comes back more ferocious. >> the aboveground telephone and electrical lines look like an odd wound all of tangled yarn. st. croix escaped the brunt of hurricane irma. it was supposed to be the relief hub for st. thomas and st. john. then hurricane maria hit. 1200 national guardsmen on the ground. 800 from the virgin islands. many lost their own homes. they have 11 helicopters and the airport and st. john is still
1:34 am
closed. general joseph langdale flew from the pentagon to figure out why st. croix and the other islands are requesting more help. he fears it may be because of money. >> there is a lot of need to. there are people who are stressed. i've talked to multiple families. my initial impression is it's going to be a while before this place returns to some sense of normalcy. >> these residents know they are only halfway through the hurricane season. >> we hear about the freight train noises, like with tornadoes. and a lot of students are nervous. they've never been in this situation. people have been breaking down. >> traveling with the head of the national guard in st. croix virgin islands, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> bret: a lawyer for jared kushner says his client used a personal email account to communicate with colleagues in the white house. the attorney says it most often occurred when someone initiated
1:35 am
you an email exchange by sending the mail to kushner's personal account. the lawyer says kushner forwarded nonpersonal emails to his official wetness account to preserve them. stocks were off today. dow fell 53.5. s&p 500 dropped 5.5. nasdaq down 56. it's game on between the president of the united states and the national football league. are you ready for some panel? we will be right back. ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. you might want to consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any medicare supplement insurance plan,
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1:39 am
our country and respect for our flag. >> it's kind of beneath the leader of a country to go that route. it's not what leaders do. >> the nfl, someone had served in the military. >> we defend the country. >> ♪ home of the brave >> bret: this has been quite a 36 hours. maybe 48. as we see the president of the united states versus the nfl. president trump tweeting minutes ago: "tremendous backlash against the nfl and its players for disrespect of our country." #standforouranthem. let's bring in the panel. charles lane, mollie hemingway, michael crowley.
1:40 am
okay, mollie. >> this has been quite the interesting story. i think it can be viewed as a distraction. there is a lot not going well in d.c. it's a pretty significant story, how we view our country and how we deal with problems. you have some people who believe we are founded on the ideals of the declaration of independence and that it's those ideals that undergird our understanding as a country. you see that in the revolution, when people complaining about things or trying to affect change. frederick douglass or martin luther king appealing to the principles in the declaration of independence. then you have people say the declaration and its principals have been a liar that the country is corrupt. i think this is actually big debate we're having. whether we think this is a country that is somehow special and unique and you want have a spec for the symbols that we hold dear. or whether you think this is unbelievably corrupted.
1:41 am
yesterday when some people in the nfl are playing a game in london and they stood for "god save the queen" but kneeled for our anthem, it speaks still believed by some people there is something irredeemable in our country. it's worth having the conversation. having the debate about whether we can work on our problems and still be patriotic. >> bret: sure. i want to play sarah huckabee sanders today. about the president's statement from alabama. that was friday night. >> did the president goes you far in referring to these players as s.o.b.s who should be fired? >> it's always appropriate for the president of the united states to defend our flag, defend the national anthem, defend the men and women who fought and died to defend it. >> bret: chuck. >> i think we live in a free country. we live in a country where the president can't order private businessmen to hire and fire their employees. based on what he thinks is right. we live in a country where the
1:42 am
president can't order boycotts of private industries. at least i thought we did, until recently. i am struck by the contrast between the sword to dan vehemence, vulgar vehemence with which the president approached this issue and the nuanced view he took of the demonstrations by white nationalists in charlottesville where he patrolled them -- this one is a nuanced issue. we want to respect the flag. i have one hanging outside my house. on the other hand colin kaepernick and others felt it was one way they could bring attention to a cause they felt was valid. there is a long tradition of that in this country. our president missed an opportunity to bring people together and understand the issues and instead went for the
1:43 am
most inflammatory treatment. >> bret: i want to go to one of the elements of the story getting a lot of attention. the pittsburgh steelers alejandro villanueva standing, he was an army ranger. went out through the tunnel and stood there and put his hand over his heart for the national anthem. his jersey is now the top selling jersey in the nfl. we should point out. he had a statement this afternoon saying "unfortunately i through my teammates under the bus unintentionally. everything the time i see that picture of me standing by myself, i feel embarrassed. i made my teammates look bad, and that's my fault and my fault only. we as a team trying to figure it out but obviously butchered it." he said he talked to his quarterback ben roethlisberger and said can i go out and see the flag. he said he went out too far. that sounded, he is getting lauded for standing there and holding his hand over his heart. >> he is a sensation.
1:44 am
he may not have anticipated how much publicity was going to get. here's a guy, he did three tours of duty in war zones. it's hard to second-guess his choices. on the other hand, teams have internal dynamics. if you are the one guy who stays in the locker room, that's a fraught dynamic. i guess he is second-guessing his decision. on the larger point, chuck, i am struck by how you frame the issue. i read what barack obama said when this first became a national issue. colin kaepernick was in the headlights. the way you framed it was similar to the way president obama did what he said this is nuanced. we can see both sides. this is vintage obama. you can remember him saying at about so many different things. the differences that donald trump is donald trump and everything is extremely different. nationalism, the flag, pledge of allegiance, these nationalist rituals and symbols are what
1:45 am
donald trump is about. when he's playing his politics, he knows that the works extremely well for him. we often i think miscalculate what the effect of these fights donald trump picks are going to be. this guy thrives on fighting. it gives him vigor and purpose. i never thought he would survive criticizing john mccain for having been captured and being a prisoner of war. i remember he picked a fight with the pope in 2016. >> bret: to your point, every time that happens, i sat on this panel. there were people on the panel who said this the end. this is it. it's over. this is the end. is it possible that like that time, this time people in middle america are saying i really don't get then kneeling down thing. and i am kind of with the president on it. is it possible it's a similar dynamic? >> i would point out when colin kaepernick began his protest and
1:46 am
even last friday, there was some nuance and what the president said. he said there is choice and people have the freedom to make the decision. it's also true that the protest is not well-designed. there are serious, legitimate issues with police tally and racial problems that persist in this country but people don't understand what the protest is. it happens, it seems like they are protesting that national anthem in the flag. kaepernick said he doesn't want to support the country he believes oppresses black people. we don't have a clear understanding of the goal of the protest. we have the nfl being utterly inconsistent and when they apply rules. you are supposed to stand for the anthem. you could punish these people. instead you get punished when you wear 9/11 memorabilia on your sneaker or try to under the cops who were killed at a black lives matter related protest last year. >> bret: the controversy of tim tebow taking a knee about religious observations.
1:47 am
>> the nfl can afford this debate. they have ratings plummeting. i used to love watching football. i haven't watched it for years. they have problems with domestic abuse and other things. >> bret: i want to play bob costas. it's an interesting take. ..'s an interesting take. natural heir to muhammad ali or arthur ashe or kareem abdul-jabbar who continues to be a public intellectual. i say this with great respect for his intentions and what he has done beyond kneeling on the field. sometimes he sounded like someone who took one semester from a radical professor when he was a freshman and that's all he knows about the world. >> bret: chuck. >> i actually agree with the points you have made of the political impact. i think trump has seen it and thought it through and understands there's a market for what he is selling.
1:48 am
my point is the nfl can have its problems. it can have its mass with its players. the president of the united states has a different role which is when these conflicts arise, these troubling divisive issues arise, .. look what adjusted to this guy, villanueva, who is now been thrown into this terrible personal dilemma and it's destroyed the coherence of the team. that is all on donald trump. >> bret: there is more to talk about. we could spend pretty much all night. i'm sure others on the network are going to talk about it. next up, north korea, iran, venezuela. president trump's new immigration
1:49 am
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1:52 am
♪ ♪ >> president's direction from the first of the year, the extreme vetting measures that had been designed to make sure that people coming into this country don't represent a threat to this country. we have to continue and we will continue to make sure that anyone coming in to the united states of america does not represent a threat to our communities and our families. >> the travel ban, the tougher, the better. >> bret: well, that travel ban now in effect for more countries. as you look at the map, chad, iran, libya, north korea, venezuela, somalia, syria, yemen. this expands the existing executive order as it continues to go through the court process. we're back with our panel. michael? >> well, you know, third bite at the apple. in some ways it looks like they are making progress. a lot of legal experts
1:53 am
saying they are doing a better job of explaining it. the shear passage of time allows the administration to say it's been looking at these countries, their enterm vetting procedures. putting it through vigorous review. at the same time the critics are not backing down an inch. the aclu is calling it muslim ban 3.0. trump will have this problem campaign rhetoric when he called for a total shutdown of all muslims entering the country. that's going to be used in court briefs against him people say this is back door way to implement a ban like this. >> bret: venezuela and north korea present an argument. >> virtually no north koreans come to this country and venezuela factor is just a few government officials. it's really pretty minor part of this. last quick point. i remain surprised pleasantly that we have not had a major domestic terror attack since president trump took office. i think people were concerned there were going to be a lot of those and immediately trigger drastic action on this front. the whole debate around the
1:54 am
ban fortunately does not come in context like that which could come any day now. >> bret: they make clear, molly, this is about these countries and if you get to the safe visa process in those countries, then you can get off this list. >> right. the very first travel ban was done in really poor fashion. it was arbitrary and capricious it wasn't well thought out. this one seems very well thought out. they have standards you can meet to get off the list. and not just that there are countries that are on this list that are not muslim majority. there are a lot of muslim majority countries that are not on the list. the idea this is a muslim ban does not hold up contra what he promised he would do during the debate. there is still the question about whether this will actually do anything to accomplish what it intends to do which is keep the country safe there has been such influx of immigrants into europe over the last few decades and those people can be radicalized in europe and come over here very easily. there is a question about how effective it will be in the long run any way.
1:55 am
>> bret: chuck? >> i thought ever since the supreme court halfway signed off on the plan and at least let it take effect partially that he was heading towards some kind of partial victory at the supreme court. now with this version 3.0, i think his chances are improved. the suprem supreme court has cad off the hearing it was going to have october 10th. >> bret: delayed it? >> called for briefing to see if this whole issue has been mooted and so on and so forth. i think the big picture here is that he has climbed a long way down from where he was in january. and the issue as such has fizzled and lost a lot of its heat as a political matter. it's now going to be tied up in trench warfare in the courts. from that point of view i think his chances have improved. >> i agree god forbid one more attack this goes top of our conversation. knock on wood that we remain lucky. >> bret: or good. or both.
1:56 am
jumping on a slip of the tongue at the white house to make a political point. ♪ ♪ ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, an education event brought some laughter to the oval office today. president trump signed a memorandum at the event which added $200 million technology math programs. stem programs.
1:58 am
north carolina congresswoman virginia fox was also in attendance. she unintentionally took a dig at the house speaker. >> virginia. >> well, as chair woman of the education and workforce committee, mr. speaker -- mr. president. >> i will take speaker, too. get things done. >> bret: get things done. i will take speaker too, he said. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight that's it for "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. the story hosted by martha maccallum starts in just second and then tucker, sean in >> tuesday, september 26th, and some protests moved to monday night football. american teams taking any but the nfl taking a hit. >> the lowest rated nbc sunday night telecast since 2006.
1:59 am
a real problem for the nfl. >> team coverage and analysis of this growing controversy. abca27 polls open in a highly contested and closely watched primary runoff. >> big luther making a big difference in washington dc and is just getting started. >> representing donald trump to fight the establishment. abca27 the president's based is against the candidate he has endorsed. >> coffee is the number one drink in the world. ibly20 rapidly trivets about your own risk. a new warning about your coffee cup, and a pretty serious one. fox and friends first starts right now.
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ibly20 good morning. 1 foot in front of the upper when you get out of bed, you are watching fox and friends first. abca27 thanks for starting the day with us, the debate over patriotism, politics, intensifying after dallas cowboys owner gerri jones kneels before the and some during monday night football not for the end them. ibly20 a different scene playing out on the same field, liquid arizona cardinals locking arms with


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