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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 26, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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don't acknowledge it. but the new president. like on "bewitched." we accepted the new darren. "fresh prince of bel air." >> dana: set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> bret: president trump rips into what he calls the so-called republicans over obamacare. nfl players again over kneeling. the president insists more puerto rico help is on the way, plus two more guns equal a safer america? this is "special report" ." good evening. i am bret baier. we are coming to you live from the white house on the north lawn. president trump is promising to make america competitive again. that is the opening pitch in his latest tax reform pushed following a meeting today with congressional tax writers. as head of a trip to lay out of a plan tomorrow. much of the day today was
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devoted to the real-life nightmare that is puerto rico. after hurricane maria. new threats from north korea and the public relations flareup over nfl protests. john roberts starts us off. >> good evening. tomorrow will be all about tax reform. that present and white house rollout their proposal. today the president was on offense in the rose garden. in the rose garden with spain's prime minister, president trump brushed away a criticism of his response to the unfolding disaster in puerto rico, rejecting the notion he was more focused on the nfl flag flap. >> i wasn't preoccupied with the nfl. i was ashamed of what was taking place because to me that was a very important moment. i don't think you can disrespect our country, or flag, or national anthem. >> speak of the president says e has plenty of time to focus on the nfl and puerto rico. insisted the federal government has been getting tremendous
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reviews in its response to hurricane maria. >> we are unloading on an hourly basis massive loads of water and food and supplies for puerto rico. this isn't like florida where we can go right up the spine or texas where we go right down the middle and distribute. this is a thing called the atlantic ocean. >> after briefing the president on the response effort, fema administrator brock long emerged to say ten ships and barges are on route to port rico. getting electricity online is a top priority. >> we assign the army corps of engineers to take oversight and management of the emergency power restoration and the initial part of rebuilding the entire grid. >> president trump responded to the declaration by north korea's foreign minister that his nation is at war with the united states and will shoot down any american aircraft that comes near the
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peninsula. >> we are prepared for the second option, not a preferred option but if we take that option it will be devastating. i can tell you that. devastating. for north korea. that's called the military option. >> as the president left the white house bound for a fund-raiser in new york, the white house was explaining why top current and former officials, including jared kushner, ivanka trump, gary cohn, stephen miller, steve bannon, reince priebus occasionally used personal email accounts to conduct white house business. according to abbe lowell, jared kushner's private emails about white house business number fewer than 100 and all of them have been archived. hillary clinton, who still insists her email scandal was "overblown and involve no real scandal" reacted this way. >> it is the height of hypocris hypocrisy. if they were sincere, i think you would have republican members of congress calling for an investigation.
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>> top congressional investigator trey gowdy and elijah cummings are investigating. white house attorney ty cobb insists relevant personal emails will be provided to special counsel robert mueller. telling fox news "we will see to it that the special counsel receives everything he's entitled to." a source familiar with the investigation tells fox news that the special counsel robert mueller may interview one or more white house staff members before the end of the week. mueller wants to know more about the meeting aboard air force one that led to the incomplete statement donald trump jr. put out about his meeting with the russian attorney in june. >> bret: the president travels tomorrow. >> he is going to indiana. we were briefed on it but we can't tell anyone about it until 11:00 tomorrow morning. it's well known at what the president was asking for during the campaign. we know what he wants and we will see what he gets. >> bret: worked out on the committees on the details. >> it is up to congress to get
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the final details. >> bret: this morning the president said at some point there will be an obamacare repeal and replace. this afternoon, the top republican in the senate effectively said it will not be anytime soon. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with the latest. >> the graham-cassidy health health care reform bill will not come up for vote this week but those fighting insists it's not over. >> we have made the decision we will postpone the vote. am i disappointed? absolutely. >> it took 18 months to pass obamacare. it's going to take a latch repeat live but here's what i want you to know. there are 50 votes for the substance, not the process. >> senator susan collins of maine, ted cruz, john mccain, and rand paul all said they were unknow on graham-cassidy as of today. republican leaders could only
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afford two g.o.p. defections. president trump was clearly frustrated. >> at some point, there will be a repeal and replace. we will see whether or not that is now or shortly thereafter. we are disappointed in certain so-called republicans. >> back to the drawing board for leadership and the focus shifts to another huge agenda item. >> a plan to move forward on our next priority which is reforming the american tax code insignificant way for the first time in 30 years. >> democrats are calling for a return to the republican senatorial. lamar alexander and patty murray bipartisan talks. they are working on steps to stabilize the insurance markets. alexander called off the talks saying they couldn't reach consensus. that senate democratic leader says isn't over yet.
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>> today americans. the sigh of relief because the care of millions has been protected and preserved. we democrats believe this is not a day for celebration but day to roll up our sleeves and work to make the health care system better. >> schumer praised democrat unity. democrats stuck together. republicans avoided another health care reform disaster on the senate floor. >> bret: after the news broke, there was another bombshell, high-profile senate g.o.p. retirement. >> the senate foreign relations chairman bob corker of tennessee has announced he will not seek a third term. he will retire after next year. we caught up with corker late today. >> serving in the senate for two coach worms has allowed me to be the independent -- serving in the senate for two terms.
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i felt like i was moving into sort of a career politician, thinking about a third term. it wasn't me. >> a number of sources say they are not terribly surprised by the announcement, saying they felt like corker has had enough on capitol hill. >> bret: mike emanuel, thanks. the president will head to puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands next week to see the devastation there from hurricane irma and hurricane maria firsthand. in the meantime, he's promising a major recovery effort. our correspondent is in san juan. >> nearly a week after the hurricanes deadly swipe come up puerto rico remains an island wanting. many of the 3.4 million american citizens are without adequate food, water, fuel. gas stations, banks, supermarkets are gradually reopening, there are limited supplies, long lines, and plenty of frustration. >> translator: we hope to receive more merchandise so we
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can provide to all of our clients. we are restricting so we can get something to everyone to extend what we have left. >> finally i got to fill my tank. i've been waiting a couple hours to get cash. we are out of cash. >> supplies are beginning to arrive by freighter and air but many hard-hit rural areas are in search and rescue mode with first responders treating patients on the spot. for many, it will be the only care they get. hospitals report severe overcrowding, leaving some with -- meaning some with much-needed procedures are being forced to wait. >> my brother had an accident and he was waiting for surgery. he injured his back, his spinal cord. he is waiting. >> officials say the biggest challenges restoring electricity. 100% of the power grid distribution network remains damaged. more than half of the islands transmission towers are completely destroyed.
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communication is spotty at best. san juan's international airport has become a sweat box of stranded passengers. >> translator: i've been here since friday and i haven't been able to leave. sleeping on the floor without air conditioner, it's horrible and i have to sleep there again. it's very frustrating. >> the governor telling fox news' geraldo rivera this situation remains a humanitarian crisis of apocalyptic proportion. >> the on -- the infrastructure is severely damage. >> the trump administration has promised a long-term financial recovery plan that may include forgiving much of the $73 billion in government debt accrued over the years.
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you can see despite a nationwide 7:00 p.m. curfew that folks who are desperate for fuel. some have been waiting in line for more than eight hours. everywhere you go, everyone you talk to, they say they need help but sadly for most of the country, including here in the capital, that help is several days away. >> bret: garrett tenney, thank you. president trump says previous administrations left him with the mess with north korea that he will fix. also hearing from the parents of an american student who died shortly after being released from north korean custody. correspondent rich edson reports from the state department. >> fred and cindy warmbier would finally see their son returned from a north korean prison after more than a year in captivity. >> we weren't prepared for what we had and when we saw otto. we loved him. we are proud of him but no parent should ever have gone through what we went through. >> he had a shaved head, a feeding tube coming out of his nose. he was staring blankly into space, jerking violently. he was blind. he was deaf. >> otto died less than a week
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later on june 19. north korea says warmbier's death is a mystery and claims it's a victim. >> north korea is not a victim. they are terrorists. they kidnapped otto. they tortured him. they intentionally injured him. >> he called on the u.s. government to list north korea is a state sponsor of terrorism. that would immediately impose even more restrictions on north korea. >> this is something we constantly assess. i know the secretary hasn't really looked at it. has looked at it in the past when it came to otto warmbier. i don't know if that is something we are looking at today. >> the administration announced additional sanctions targeting banks and 26 people linked to the finance network. the president thanked chinese president xi jinping. >> i applaud china's action to restrict its trade with north korea and in particular i applaud china for breaking off
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all banking relationships with north korea. something people would have thought unthinkable, even two months ago. appears to go president trump and north korea resumed their threat exchanges. administration officials claimed the u.s. can easily overwhelm north korea capabilities if attacked. those say they want to avoid war. >> we are going to continue to pursue diplomatic efforts. the diplomatic efforts take secretary tillerson back to beijing. state department announced today that the secretary will be returning there, traveling thursday to discuss president trump's trip to china along with economic and diplomatic issues and of course north korea. >> bret: the cuban foreign ministers at the state department. >> he just left. the cuban foreign minister was here for little more than an hour. state department says the cuban government requested this meeting. the state department also says secretary tillerson has plenty of questions for the cuban government. just as the department says more
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than -- exactly 41 american diplomats have been harmed and what is described as a sonic attack in havana. left some with permanent hearing damage. the u.s. is investigating. federal authorities are in cuba investigating. yet the united states has not blamed anyone, not blamed the cuban government or any of the government as there are still many questions around these mysterious attacks. >> bret: rich edson at the state department. now to the election. voters in alabama have a little less than two hours left to cast their ballots in a surprisingly close republican senate primary runoff. that has been a battle inside the republican party stretching all the way back to the nation's capital. peter doocy is in birmingham right now. >> judge roy moore is trying to take the reins of alabama's republican senate nomination. pulling up to a polling place on a horse named sundance isn't the most had turning thing he's done
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since last night. at a rally, moore defended his record on guns, then pulled 1 out of his pocket. >> i believe in the second amendment. >> in moore's corner, steve bannon. he is backing a different candidate than the president and bannon warned voters about republican majority leaders like mitch mcconnell backing luther strange. >> they think you are a pack of morons, nothing but rubes. they have no interest in what you have to say, what you think or what you want to do. >> bannon believes george moore's best position to implement the trump agenda but strange says he's not the recent republican priorities are stalled. >> i am taking the failure to keep their commitments. i can understand the frustrations. i am the most frustrated person in the senate.
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>> strange trailed in polls, so the president keeps pushing, tweeting: "luther strange has been shooting up in the alabama polls since my endorsement. finish the job. vote today for "big luther." the vice president is trying to pull strange ahead, telling a birmingham crowd if they want to build a wall or repeal obamacare, they need strange. >> alabama, make no mistake about it. president trump and our entire team are just getting started. our president needs with their strange in the united states senate so we can finish the job. >> luther strange already holds the title tallest u.s. senator in modern history. he could have one of the shortest terms in recent memory if the republican party heavy hitters can't pull him to a won. polls close in less than two hours. >> bret: thank you. we'll have complete coverage here on fox news channel.
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longtime ceo of equifax is out. richard smith is retiring. he will not receive his annual bonus and other benefits until equifax completes its review of the data breach. the chief information and security officers have already left. more executives may be in jeopardy following word that equifax did not respond to a warning in march about a potential software flaw eventually exploited by hackers. stocks were mixed. dow lost 12. s&p 500 gained a fraction. nasdaq up 10. the veterans affairs department tonight says even with emergency funding its private health care program for veterans may run out of money as soon as december. this comes weeks after the initiative received $2.1 billion. the va is asking for long-term legislative fix that would give veterans even wider access to private doctors.
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>> bret: roger stone says he's aware of no evidence of coordination between the trump team and russia. stone spent three hours with the house intelligence committee. >> the entire exchange takes
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place between august 15 and september 9. many weeks after the publication by wikileaks of the dnc material. meaning collusion with lucifer and the hacking and release of that material would be impossible unless i owned a time machine, which i do not. >> bret: stone said he had never heard from special counsel robert mueller that president trump should fire mueller. and that former trump campaign chief paul manafort does in fact expect to be indicted. here at the white house, one of the major disputes in this building and the other side of pennsylvania avenue in recent decades of course has been over guns. many people want to get rid of private ownership. others say the weapons are necessary to save lives and obviously point to the second amendment. we have one case study tonight following a deadly shooting at a
3:23 pm
church in tennessee. here is doug mckelway. >> 22-year-old caleb engle did what few would under the circumstances. he confronted a gunman who randomly opened fire during sunday services at nashville's burnette church of christ. witnesses say the gunman shot himself in the chest, giving time for engle to grab his own weapon. engle's father spoke afterwards. >> what if. he had the gun pointed at him. yeah, i am proud of him. >> it's unclear whether the suspect, emanuel sampson, was illegal gun owner. he was at a refugee sudan's civil war. he texted his father "i have a gun to my head. have a nice expletive life."
3:24 pm
john lots, author of "more guns, less crime" says it contributes to lower crime rates. >> states with the biggest increase in permanence have seen the biggest relative drops and violent crime. you have about a 1.5% drop in murder rates. >> a study found "no credible evidence the passage of right to carry laws decreases or increases violent crime." the study with which some disagree. >> it seems to be the case that if you allow anyone to carry concealed weapons, you're going to pay a higher price and terms of increased violent crime. >> while the debate continues in congress, momentum is building for the concealed carry reciprocity act. it is 212 cosponsors and would allow a person to carry a
3:25 pm
concealed handgun in any state where it's legal. >> bret: thanks. violent crime, including homicides, shootings, robberies was up for the second straight year in 2016. that's according to just released fbi statistics. it's the first such rise in consecutive years and more than a decade. chicago saw a 60% jump in killings. that accounts for more than 20% of the nations increase in murders. attorney general jeff sessions is calling on law enforcement to confront and turn back what he calls the rising tide of violent crime. 84% of new jersey voters say if democratic senator bob menendez is convicted on corruption charges, he should resign. that's according to a suffolk university poll for "usa today"" david lee miller reports from newark. >> after days of testimony on how u.s. senator robert menendez
3:26 pm
received tens of thousands of dollars in gifts from a wealthy eye doctor and how senator menendez used his influence to help obtain visas for the doctor's girlfriends, the focus of the trial has shifted. prosecutors are trying to convince the jury that menendez attempted to help the doctor and a number of business deals as part of the bribery scheme. one witness described "a contentious phone call with staffers who argued on the doctors behalf. according to the indictment, menendez unsuccessfully used his influence to try to get the government to drop the acquisitions accusations. there was testimony about another business venture. the doctors investment in a security company faced an uncertain future and and 2004.
3:27 pm
commerce department trade specialist told the court of a 2012 meeting with an attorney representing the doctor who wanted the u.s. to pressure dominican officials to keep the agreement. smith said the attorney said his client "had politically influential friends and they could cause a lot of problems for the commerce department," adding he could be a bull in a china shop. question by the prosecutor, smith responded "this was probably the most threatening meeting i ever had at commerce." when pressed by the prosecution when he said his client had politically influential friends, smith replied senator menendez. >> bret: david lee miller outside the courthouse in newark. up next, kurds vote for
3:28 pm
independence. now what?
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♪ >> bret: live on the north lawn of the white house. more rumblings from iraq's neighbors over the landslide result of curtis tans independence referendum. corresponded benjamin hall has the story from iraq. >> isis fighters are still out there across from the kurdish front lines. today kurdish soldiers are preparing to defend against a very different baghdad. this was built in 2015 to defend against isis. the terror group is still only . since the referendum, this has also become the border for a possible kurdish state. 3.3 million people voted a resounding yes to a referendum which saw over 70% turnout,
3:32 pm
these soldiers who all voted too told me this frontline was the new kurdish border. >> translator: be assured we will stay in the trenches, whether it is the malicious or the iraqi army who come. it's our border. we will never leave. >> today the governor of kirkuk as well as other politicians tried to downplay the move. >> secretary tillerson, three days ago. he asked about the referendum means the borders will be changed. the president and other officials, myself included, have repeatedly said it's not about drawing borders. >> every soldier i spoke to believes it is. now two u.s. allies are sitting on it in a box that could erupt into a full-blown conflict. kurtz felt emboldened to hold a referendum because candidate
3:33 pm
trump had been so supportive of kurdish independence. many people feel president trump has forgotten them. >> to remind president trump, during the campaign he was quite good at talking about the kurds and fighting isis and terrorism. i think he should remember that. >> already the baghdad government is responding holding joint military drills with turkey on the border. giving the kurds until friday to for them hand over control of their airports. although the front lines are calm for today, soldiers say they are ready to fight. those are the two things you here. the politicians saying we need dialogue and negotiation. you hear the people saying we want a new kurdish state and new country stayed away. and then you hear the neighbors threatening economic and military responses. over the next few days, we are going to see which one leads the way. very tense, uncertain moments here and kurdistan. >> bret: benjamin hall live early wednesday morning in
3:34 pm
erbil. saudi arabia state media says the king has ordered women be allowed to drive cars. that would end the islamic kingdom's status as the only country where that is forbidden. the king has ordered the formation of a ministerial body to give advice within 30 days and implement the king's order by next june. back here in the u.s., joint chiefs chairman joe dunford says transgenders who meet the military standard should be allowed to stay in the service. dunford made the comment to the senate armed services committee today. president trump has directed the pentagon to indefinitely extend the ban on transgenders and the u.s. military but he has left the fate of those already serving up to defense secretary jim mattis. president trump's attorney general talking about civil rights, freedom of speech, political correctness on college campuses today. james rosen tells us what attorney general sessions is saying and how it being receive received.
3:35 pm
>> good evening. attorney general sessions charged today that american colleges and universities have become "echo chambers for political correctness." speaking at georgetown university law center, sessions lamented a recent incident at kellogg community college in michigan in which two students were arrested and briefly jailed for handing out copies of the constitution on campus without a permit. sessions also cited a recent survey of 450 colleges and universities conducted by the foundation for individual rights and in education that found 40% of those schools maintaining speech codes that violated the first amendment. >> this permissible attitude toward the -- spotting a cottage industry of protesters who've
3:36 pm
learned school administrators often capitulate to their demands. protesters are routinely shutting down speeches and debates across the country in an effort to silence voices that insufficiently conform to their views. >> president obama's white house communications director tweeted "why is jeff sessions giving a speech arguing for free speech on campus while trump is arguing against free speech on nfl playing field? post quote protesters outside georgetown blasted sessions, decrying the president's criticism of nfl players who, to protest racism, have been declining to stand for the national anthem. sessions told a georgetown law professor the president has free speech rights too. >> i would note the players aren't subject to any prosecution, but if they take a provocative act, they can expect to be condemned. the president has the right to condemn them. >> justice department officials also announced they are filing court papers on behalf of the student at georgia gwinnett college who is suing the school because it stopped him from handing out christian literature on campus. >> bret: thank you. the acting head of the drug enforcement administration is
3:37 pm
resigning. fox news has confirmed dea chief chuck rosenberg could be out by the end of the week. a major scandal tonight in college basketball. one columnist calls it armageddon. four assistant coaches among ten people facing federal fraud and corruption charges. the government says it's found numerous instances in which bribes were paid to coaches, players and others to steer athletes to schools, shoe sponsors, agents, financial advisors and even tailors. >> month after month, the defendants exploited the hoop dreams of student athletes around the country, allegedly treating them as little more than opportunities to enrich themselves through bribery and fraud schemes. >> bret: for now, the assistant coaches named. auburn, arizona, southern california, lamont evans of oklahoma state. the fbi says is investigation is
3:38 pm
continuing. president trump promises major aid to puerto rico, talks tough on north korea, and continue to slam the nfl. we will talk about it all with a panel when we come back. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. also try aleve direct therapy with tens technology for lower back pain relief.
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♪ >> i have plenty of time on my hands. all i do is work. i will be going to puerto rico on tuesday. i will also be going to the u.s. virgin islands. the governor of puerto rico is so thankful for the great job we are doing. >> i wasn't preoccupied with the nfl. i was ashamed of what was taking place. i was at walter reed hospital recently, and i saw so many great young people and their missing legs and their missing arms. by kneeling during the playing of our national anthem, i think it's disgraceful. that's called the military option. if we have to take it, we will. it will be devastating, i can tell you that. devastating for north korea.
3:42 pm
many administrations which left me a mess but i will fix it. >> bret: talking about a host of issues, saying more helpful puerto rico is on the way. pleading: -- tweeting "thank you to carmen yulin cruz, the mayor of san juan, for your kind words on fema etc. we are working hard. much food and water there on way." getting some criticism after texas and florida. julie pace, stephen hayes, bill bennetts. thanks for being here. julie, i want to start with you. seems like the president got the puerto rico urgency and talked about it. then since then and number of
3:43 pm
briefings from the administration. >> today has looked like the days around harvey and irma. you had the president out there being proactive. i think it has sunk in for them that this storm in the long-term recovery is greater than what we saw with harvey and texas. and it's incumbent on the president to be out there leading the response and talking about the issue and making clear the amount of aid that's going to puerto rico. it has been a little slower for him in responding. he did i think lou several days by focusing so much on the nfl. he can say he wasn't distracted but it was his tweeting and messaging on the nfl that pushed to the forefront and overshadowed what fema and other agencies were doing for puerto rico. >> bret: you saw him in the rose garden answering the question whether he was overtaken by the nfl issue.
3:44 pm
he said i can walk and chew gum at the same time. i work hard every day. your thoughts on that contradiction and that whole dustup. >> the president does a lot of things. he's a man of tremendous energy. he doesn't snap a lot and works on a lot of things. we also know that people who do a lot get more done. you have more things to do, you get more done. where people pick up on and decide to talk about on talk shows is something else. he's got a clear and coherent position which is shared by a lot of the american people. i have been listening to people from the nfl. i am a huge football fan. as my wife said, bad enough friday, saturday, sunday we have to watch. now we have to debate the issue issues. that's the predicament of the country. there is no coherence to the view. you hear many different things from anyone who speaks about it, the reason for the protest.
3:45 pm
i will put my education secretary hat on and say i don't think people know american history. i don't think they know the story of the flag. francis scott key watching the flag as the british battered it all night long i was still standing but i don't think they know about the iwo jima memorial with the guys putting the flag up and i don't think they know unless they saw the movie "glory" about the sergeant, born a slave, part of the 54th massachusetts, would not let the flag fall to the ground. i always bring back to the schools, what we teach. plato said who gets to teach the children and we are seeing the result of that. >> bret: it will be interesting to hear what kids say. >> north korean nuclear weapons and missile development
3:46 pm
threatens the entire world with unthinkable loss of life. >> god help us if we get into a war on the korean peninsula again. we have 25,000 u.s. military on the dmz border. it's time for our president to speak softly. we know we have a big stick. move towards the negotiations. it would be far more fruitful. >> bret: what about that? you hear from that democratic lawmaker on the house floor and the concern about the rhetoric. >> i think it's appropriate to ask concerns about the rhetoric. the president today in defending his comments literally made a sort of optical he started it" argument about kim jong un. i don't think some of the rhetoric has been helpful.
3:47 pm
i think it's been over the top. that member of congress is wrong. it's been a long overdue turn of policy from the trump administration. all we've had for 25 years is diplomacy. i would put diplomacy in the air quotes. what we've had his preemptive capitulation from republicans and democrats. donald trump is medically restocked way to do that anymore. the big question i think they face now is what is the end game? i think they've had a successful nine months on diplomacy. they've gotten china to do things and where does it go? >> bret: he praised the chinese president. obviously china is at least talking about changing their financing of north korea. >> the chinese government moves very slowly. their policies change at a glacial pace compared to even our policies here sometimes.
3:48 pm
the fact that china is showing some signs of cracking down on oil to north korea, talking about how their banks will engage with north korea. it's a sign of progress. it's unlikely you're going to see a massive shift but the administration here and at the u.n. is pleased with what they've seen. the question is what comes more quickly? the north development of the nuclear program and the steps they are willing to take or china's action to cut off their economic funding and hope that results in a difference in behavior by pyongyang. >> bret: we shall see. iran factors into all this. next up, what does all of this mean for the president's base and the election in alabama tonight? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. the new app will go live monday? yeah. with hewlett-packard enterprise, we're transforming the way we work.
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>> i stepped out to make sure that mitch mcconnell the republican establishment starts to have a republican back because mitch mcconnell wouldn't be majority leader if donald trump didn't drag half a dozen senators across the goal line in november. it's time for the republican establishment to step up and have the back of president trum president trump. >> bret: steve bannon was steve potomac chief strategist at the white house, now he is out of the white house. he supporting them in alabama, the senate primary. roy moore up against the incumbent luther strange. the president supporting luther strange, they are voting tonight. we will have results we assume in a couple of hours, it may be a few hours. what does it say about the president's base and what it means back your? back with our panel. bill, i want to start with you, this comes on a day when republicans announced they were not going to vote on repeal and replace, the graham-cassidy bill because they didn't have the votes. another loss, another try that
3:53 pm
fails. now they turn to tax reform. what you think this says about the president's base? speak of the base in alabama i think will behave in a way that a lot of people would not suspect, people say that from space always listens to what he recommends, i don't think they will listen to what he recommends. i think they're going to go with a guy who is like trump as opposed to the guy from blakes. i think it will go with three more. i think he's going to win and people like the sound of what he's doing an end what he sayin saying. i think this will be a good lesson, people know what they want and they have a sense about the political stakes in this and they like roy moore and they don't like strange, who they think is part of the establishment. i'm still puzzled, maybe julie or steve can answer it what the president is supporting luther strange. >> bret: julie, give it a shot. >> he got a lot of pressure from the republican establishment, from mitch mcconnell, other senators who basically said we need you, you are the leader of
3:54 pm
our party, this is a seat we want to keep, we think luther strange will be the best candidate and election and he said okay, i'm going to do it. he has had some i've heard second guessing. >> he set it on friday. >> he has seen the pole and luther strange has moved up in the pole and most people i talked talked to today thinks he will probably still fall short and anytime you're the president and you throw the political capital behind a candidate, you go down to their state, rally for them, you tell people to vote for them and they don't vote for that candidate it blows back on you a little bit and trump knows that. if he's aware that he has put his political capital on the line and i think is regarding it a bit. >> bret: there are some out there, steve, who say that maybe this is why the nfl dustup kind of came to pass because it was something else besides what may end up happening tonight. who knows, strange could pull it out but i guess the question is does it reflect any kind of weakness to be able to get things across the finish line for this president? >> i don't think it does, i actually disagree, i don't often
3:55 pm
disagree with julie's political analysis and i do in this case. i don't actually think this is likely to have much of an impact on donald trump either way, whatever the outcome. i think if luther strange wins is no question donald trump will go out and chest bump a little bit and say this was somebody who was weak, down in the polls and i brought him across and therefore i have more power, or political capital. people should want to be with me. if roy moore wins, donald trump will say as he hinted that he would say at the rally the other day, i sort of really liked roy moore better anyway and you saw my people who were with roy moore. if this is a win for me. he's more like me, as dr. bennett says. i think is going to claim victory regardless and i think the situation in alabama, most of alabama are from supporters in the battle that is taking place within the republican party down there i think has as much to do with local issues, may be more and recent political history there as it does with national issues.
3:56 pm
>> bret: ten seconds here, but does the loss of health care, the fact that it couldn't get through today, does it reflect at all on tax reform as we get ready to unroll that tomorrow? >> i sure hope not but it wasn't good. plenty of time to put it together but i agree with steve and julie actually, i'm the healer here. i think a slight loss for trump but a victory for trumpism. i just wish we weren't spending this party four or $5 million as they are spending because we will need this money in in the campaigns later on. >> bret: may be more. thank you, when we come back, bridging a historic cap with a tasty treat. ♪ where are we?
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about to see progressive's new home quote explorer. where you can compare multiple quote options online and choose what's right for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." >> bret: final tonight, two baseball franchise is no further historic rivalry found common ground last night over nachos. >> russell racing over near the stands. >> bret: chicago shutdown my
4:00 pm
cubs shortstop addison russell was taking a fly ball, he doesn't get the ball but he did get covered in cheese when he spilled a cardinals fan's nachos. russell made things right by a new plate of nachos. that's it for a special report fair, balanced. >> martha: from the nation's capital on martha maccallum and tonight the story begins with the president being challenged from within his own party as four senators take down repeal and replace, leaving his supporters wondering if the g.o.p. can get anything done. >> we were very disappointed by a couple of republican senators, we were very disappointed that they would take the attitude that they did. we don't know why they did it but we are disappointed in certain so-called republicans. >> martha: can the president banded together though so-called republicans, which included two who foughto


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