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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 27, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it's so unpredictable and dangerous. incredibly. >> jon: she is safe. that's the good news. >> heather: we'll find out what else happened and let you know. thanks for joining us. >> jon: "america's news hq" starts now. >> sandra: president trump breaking news on a number of stories as he departed for indiana. gop will unveil details of their tax reform detail minutes from now. president trump speaking with reporters before getting on air force one. he talked, among other things, about his desire to see another attempt at repealing obamacare early next year. listen. >> on healthcare, we have the votes for healthcare. we have one senator that's in the hospital. he can't vote because he's in the hospital. >> are you talking about cochran? >> he can't vote because he's in
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the hospital. we have two other votes that are coming and we will have them. the problem is we can't have them by friday because the reconciliation ends by friday. so we'll have to do it january or february. but i feel we have the votes. i'm almost certain we have the votes. >> sandra: we have fox team coverage. mike emanuel is on capitol hill, where lawmakers will unveil details of the tax reform plan in minutes. we begin with kevin cork live in indianapolis. >> reporter: back at it again, right? you and i have been talking about this for quite some time. when are they gonna get health care over the finish line? president saying he'd like to give it another shot, the old college try once again, only this time in january. let me remind the folks who did get a chance to see this. he talked about the fact with, one vote in the hospital, clearly a reference to senator cochran. and with another vote from alaska, lisa murkowski.
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president said, i think we have the votes. we will have to wait until january. if you had a simple majority, that would be fine. he's not going to have 60 votes by january. speaking of reform, the president is in indiana talking tax reform. he will be talking about middle class tax cuts. an increase in the child tax credit. we also expect the president to spend a great deal of time talking about business taxes, small business tax and the corporate tax. we talked about this 15% versus 20%. the president talked about that not very long ago. >> i wanted 15% until we got 20%. 20%'s my number. i'm not negotiating that number. i am not going to negotiate. that's the number i wanted to get to. i wanted to start at 15% to get
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there. we really had to start there because of the complexity of the numbers. 20 is a perfect number. >> reporter: keep in mind that 20% is still significantly lower than the current rate of 35%. again, the idea is to make the u.s. more competitive globally. he feels like that will certainly get the job done. the president today all talked about his hhs secretary, tom price, and his use of government aircraft for private purposes. the president said he was not happy with mr. price and that he would be looking into it and would obviously have a chance to talk to him about that. he talked about the on going controversy surrounding the nfl and a protest around the national anthem. listen to what the president said today about how the american people are siding with him in this controversy. >> the fans agree with me. largely the fans agree. we have to show total respect for our national anthem, for our flag, for our country. we have to do it. there are plenty of places and there are plenty -- personally, when they're protesting during a football game. i think they can find better places. but they cannot do it during the national anthem. >> reporter: cannot do it during
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the national anthem. but they can. what he is suggesting though, he's a net negative. not just from a fan perspective, from a player perspective. we'll see if that continues to weigh on roger goodell. mean time today, we'll be talking taxes. i'll bring you that later on. back to you. >> sandra: we are all anticipating that, kevin. thank you. big reveal is just minutes away now, as republicans are about town veil the blue print for their new tax plan on capitol hill. we will go to those lawmakers live when they begin. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill for us. what, mike, do we know at this point? what does this blue print look like? >> reporter: those behind it said it would look to make the tax code simpler and fairer. it would double the standard deduction, would eliminate loopholes and protect the middle class. would seek to repeal the death
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tax, alternative minimum tax. would offer new rates for small businesses and lower the corporate tax rate. allows the expensing of capital investments. it including an american model for competitiveness designed to level the playing field for american companies and workers. and offers incentives to bring profits back home. the senate majority leader says lawmakers must seize this moment. >> this is our once in a generation opportunity to fundamentally rethink our tax code. we can unleash the economy, promote growth, attracting jobs and improving american competitiveness in the global market. instead of sending jobs overseas, we can modernize our tax code to help bring strong investment and good paying jobs home and keep them here. >> reporter: a leading conservative group, the house freedom caucus, has signaled its support for the tax reform blue print, so there's a lot of hope among republicans there will be more gop unity on this issue.
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sandra? >> sandra: what are top democrats saying about the proposal at this stage? >> reporter: well, democrats are raising some concerns. for example, they are saying that unless some of these corporate loopholes are closed, it could blow out the deficit. they are also pushing back on lower tax rates for upper income folks. >> last several months we democrats have been united in arguing that not one penny of tax relief should go to the top 1%. under this plan the wealthiest americans and wealthiest corporations make out like bandits while middle class americans are left holding the bag. >> reporter: keep in mind this is rollout day. in fact, this is rollout hour. so there will be plenty of debate and discussion ahead. sandra? >> sandra: all right, mike emanuel, thank you. we will be waiting for those details to be unveiled at any moment. republican lawmakers are set to hold an event. that's moments away at this point. let's bring in chris plante and
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leslie marshall. great of both of you to be here. leslie, i'll start with you first. this is a highly anticipated moment. it is a big moment. i'll reference the american stock market. it has been rising in anticipation of this tax reform plan and the big unveil is set to happen in just moments. >> well, it's interesting, sandra, that you bring up wall street. you have to have that type of money for this plan to benefit you. reality is, like republicans normally do, they make cuts with deductions and things like that, but the lower income families aren't filing tax returns with deductions if they're able to file tax returns at all. so there's still no benefit to that portion. also what we're hearing, some of the obvious leaks of this blue print are even though there are deductions on one hand, there are things on the other that
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will possibly off set that. there is not bipartisan support. i'm not sure, quite frankly, sandra, that they're gonna get the votes. i think we'll see a similar repeat of trying to repeal obamacare even though the freedom caucus is thumbs up. >> sandra: chris, let's get you in here. we know this nearly doubles the standard deduction for 12,000 for individuals, 24,000 for families. basically increases the amount of personal income that is tax free. republicans say that this targets the middle class. >> yeah. look, this is a tax cut for the middle class and for the lower income people. as you said, at $24,000 standard deduction for a married couple rather than $12,000 is huge for lower income people. it's gigantic. it's also targeting the middle class for tax cuts across the board. also hopefully stimulating economic activity by cutting the corporate tax rates from 35% to
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20% putting us more in line with the rest of the world, by the way. it doesn't provide any tax relief for upper income brackets. in fact, according to one of the leaks, there's even a penalty for the highest income earners, which i know will make the left happy because they love punishing success. also you heard senator schumer and others talking about how much there's too much in here for corporations, for big corporations. this is just the dumbest, most insincere argument. >> sandra: let's talk about that, leslie. do you see any good in that? chris makes a valid point. there is a big focus on lowering the tax burden for corporations for small businesses. you just heard from the president. he asked for 15% for that drop in the corporate tax rate from 35%. he asked for 15%. said that was open to negotiation. 20% he's okay with 20%. that is still a substantial tax cut for corporations. >> again, who owns these corporations? we talk about small business owners. by the way, chris, i really want
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you to succeed, okay. just to let you know, as a democrat, i do. i relish in that. >> good, this is america. >> we don't know for those brackets what are the incomes associated with those percentages. certainly that will be more telling. i am a sphapl business owner. like everyone else in america, i want to pay less taxes like everyone else. but at the end of the day, what off sets the benefit? that's what i want to see. you have to have bipartisan support on this or it's going to be problematic not just at the polls, but as we saw with the healthcare. i don't think republicans have all the votes they believe they do. >> sandra: chris, what about some of the loopholes that critics say concern them. rich investors, lawyers, doctors. administration officials say they will design measures to prevent any abuses is the way they have responded to that criticism. >> well, loopholes, washington is famous for creating carveouts
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and loopholes for special constituents and interests. there's no surprise there. i'd like to see fewer. most conservatives would like to see fewer rather than more. but you want to target them toward areas that will stimulate economic growth. that's government is not supposed to be punitive all the time, leslie. it's not about targeting corporations, how dare they make money, we need to take more of their money. it's about stimulating economic activity. that's a good idea. that benefits everyone. it creates jobs. it creates wealth. it's good for the country and the economy. that's good for everyone. class warfare stuff. if you're a small business owner, you shouldn't argue against your own self-interest, but i know it's party policy that you have to do that. >> sandra: leslie, i go back to referencing the stock market. the reason i do that is because even just the president campaigning on this promise of tax cuts and tax reform in this country, it has injected so much
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optimism to the point you have seen this stock market breaking records on a daily basis. what about that optimism? small businesses, ceo's of major corporations, they have said they feel more optimistic in the current environment of this president. >> well, i think the democrats are hell bent on making sure they dash that optimism -- leslie's talking about bipartisanship. there's been no bipartisanship ship from nancy pel ro si or chuck shumer on anything. >> sandra: let me get leslie's response to that. >> well, chris, to your point, pelosi and schumer have not been invited to the table for these meetings, first of all. >> that's not true. >> if you look back at reagan and george w. bush, as much as chris is trying to school me on this, i'd like to school with some history on that with regard to that. before reaganomics and before the idea that george w. bush had to invest in our economy, what we saw when we gave breaks to the upper 1% and 2% echelons in
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this country of earners, we saw these people pocket the money or invest in bonds. >> sandra: i have to stop it there. okay, guys. there's a lot to get to. thanks to both of you for joining us. any minute we expect gop leaders will unveil the details of this much anticipated tax reform plan. we will bring that to you live. plus, the u.s. sending more aid to puerto rico where the damage from hurricanes irma and marie is so bad, officials say they have not been able to get to some remote parts of the island. ahead we'll talk with the governor of puerto rico about the humanitarian crisis there. morning on the beach was so peaceful.
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>> sandra: the u.s. sending navy and coast guard ships and thousands more military personnel to deliver more aid to puerto rico. the governor there calling the devastation from hurricanes maria and irma, quote, apo apocalypt apocalyptic. food and water remain scarce. millions are without power or phone service to this moment. and, officials say some parts of the island are simply unreachable. garrett tenney is live in san juan. garrett? >> reporter: sandra, there is an enormous amount of relief supplies coming into the country. the problem is so many of the 3 million americans on this island have yet to see any of that help. we rat the convention center in san juan where government officials are coordinating their response. they tell us the government and relief agency have been delivering supplies to some areas across the country. they stress that is still a problem because landslides and detkpwreu are still covering the
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roads making it almost impossible to get to some areas. even just outside the capital, several areas that were easy to get to, they have still not seen that help. >> sandra: all right. paul ryan stepped up as lawmakers unveil their tax reform plan. let's listen. >> -- something they can be proud of. it was true then, but things look very, very different today, don't they? instead of a source of pride, our tax code has become a constant source of frustration. it's too big. it's too complicated. it's too expensive. today we are taking the next step to liberate americans from our broken tax code. this unified frame work delivers a new tax code that is simple, that is fair, that is pro growth and pro family. cutting taxes for hard working americans so that you can keep more of your hard earned p
11:19 am
paycheck. simplifying the tax code so you can file your taxes on the size of a post card. reforming our tax system so that businesses, particularly small businesses, can gain a competitive edge on our foreign competitors. and taking bold steps to bring jobs and profits from overseas back home to the united states of america. this is vital to america's future. and it is urgent. we want the american people to wake up in the new year with a new system. to our tax writers on the house ways and means committee will work to turn this frame work into legislation. i want to thank our counter parts in the senate and in the administration. i want to especially thank president trump for his leadership. to him, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is all about more jobs, fairer taxes and bigger pay checks for
11:20 am
american families. for all of us, this is a now or never moment. the choice before us is really clear. we can succumb tpo talking heads on tv and special interests who want to maintain the status quo, or we can work together to seize this moment and do what the american people sent us here to do. we can rise to the occasion and write our own future. we can finally get this done for more jobs, for higher wages, for bigger pay checks, for a stronger economy. for our worker, for our children, and for the more prosperous and more confident america that we all deserve. thank you.
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senator mcconnell? >> no one has been more passionate about what we are announcing today than the speaker for a longer period of of time. to summarize what this is about, it is about getting america going again and growing again, providing jobs and and opportunity here rather than overseas. providing middle class tax relief for hard working american families so they can get ahead. put another way, taking money out of washington and putting it in the pockets of our citizens. >> good afternoon. thank you, leader mcconnell and speaker ryan, for your leadership on a big, bold tax reform effort. it's exciting to be with you today, united around the frame work to pave the way for bold transformational tax reform. americans have been waiting for years. they've been waiting too long for washington to fix our broken tax code. they've been waiting too long for better jobs, more take home
11:22 am
pay and a stronger economy. today house republicans join with president trump and our senate colleagues letting the american people know we're taking action now. action that will bring more jobs, tax and bigger pay checks. after years of work in the house and months developing this frame work with our senate colleagues in the white house, ways and means committedty is ready to turn this frame work into legislation. president trump can ultimately sign this year. we're closer than ever to finishing what we started for the american people. for the middle classworkers and families and the main street job creators merely struggling to get by today. this is our year to chart a new course. provide tax relief to millions of middle class families and those who want to be middle class families. to help workers and job creators -- >> sandra: lawmakers unveiling
11:23 am
their tax reform frame work. let's bring in chris plante, syndicated radio talk show host. leslie marshall is also back with us. chris, i'll go to you first. are they making their points clear? are they selling this? >> honestly, i think they've probably got some more selling to do. you're gonna need to fill in the blanks and provide details. this may not be the appropriate setting to go into all of the details of tax reform. always an exciting topic. but the details i expect will come out this afternoon and they'll be hotly debated and the democrats will pretend that they are fiscally responsible and only concerned about the middle class and we'll have a big food fight over it. honestly, can i just say t democrats have put themselves in a situation where not only are they hell bent on obstructing whatever it is president trump wants to do, but they also want to impede economic growth.
11:24 am
they are incentivized to impede economic growth. because if president trump and if economic plans and the tax reform produce great economic results, that's bad news for the democrats. they have a vested interest in stopping that from happening. >> sandra: leslie, i want to get your reaction from what we just heard from kevin brady on this tax plan, saying we're closer than ever. this is our year to chart a new course. do you see this happening? >> no. and the reason i don't see it happening. it's not even the votes. it's the money. how are they going to pay for it? this is where some of the no votes might come up from the republicans. another thing the republicans have done here, they put it all on themselves by not working with the democrats at all. this is an issue quite frankly, tax reform is an issue where you can get bipartisan support. majority of americans seem to lean more to the right fiscally. majority of americans don't want
11:25 am
to see corporation benefit more like warren buffet said, he gets a better tax break than his secretary. americans certainly want to see jobs come back. chris i would agree with regarding the details. the devil is in the details. if you have a deduction on one hand, does something on the other hand off set that? at the end of the day, not only do you have the votes, but do you have the money to pay for it? >> sandra: lot of people writing in to me saying can you please remine her that most 401k's, most people retirement accounts are locked up in those corporation that you seem to not want to see thrive. we want to keep you there for a second. we want to get to the floor of the new york stock exchange. we have reaction from the trading floor. we've been looking at a dow that has gotten a boost just in the past few minutes that lawmakers have been unveiling this. this is also a dow that has been
11:26 am
hitting record after record and it is at another one today. >> no doubt, sandra. it's been hitting record after record since the election, since last november on the idea of a more tax friendly administration. finally, the long awaited tax reform ideas are here front and center. the disparity here, the back and forthed action ultimately has been, much of it, is whether or not the republicans can agree on some of the same ideas. we are seeing financials doing well today as well as technology. but the question whether paul ryan's idea and whether president trump's ideas go hand in hand and how much they'll have to work with the republicans. i will say simplifying the tax code. traders love that. they like the idea of everything business friendly across the board. but big picture here. right now we are seeing up air rose and some records for some of these financials. >> sandra: all right, nicole, thank you. paul ryan just saying the tax code is a constant source of
11:27 am
frustration. today we are taking the next step to liberate americans from our broken tax code. more coming up on that. a critical week for secretary of state rex tillerson as he prepares a trip to china to discuss the rising tensions with north korea. more on that next. ♪
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to go the distance with you. go long. >> sandra: lawmakers have just unveiled their tax reform frame work. joining me for reaction is the anchor of "special report" brett baier. we've got that live shot up still on capitol hill, because we are still hearing from lawmakers. what do you make of what you have heard so far? >> sandra, good afternoon. about which republicans said they were going to take care of, they desperately need a w here after the health care failure. it seems like they have much more of their ducks in a row on tax reform than they did in the health care roll out. they have to pass a budget. that will essentially lay the ground work for what kind of number you're talking about. so as they throw out this frame work and it has specific numbers
11:32 am
in each of the brackets. and for the corporate tax number at 20%, you can't really nail that down until you know the numbers fit into that budget. that's a big question mark. >> sandra: you heard the president addressing specifically the tax rate going in asking for 15% knowing there would be negotiation. 20% is good for him. took him asking for 15% just to get there. is that snuff >> listen, depends on who you ask. there's other incentives in here for businesses. repatriation of money from overseas, territoryial situation where they don't tax the money overseas. one time tax of bringing the money back into the u.s. and the ability to drawdown, to deduct at the beginning of investment for businesses. all of those things are positive when you talk to corporate leaders. i think they're happy with me major reduction of the corporate
11:33 am
tax. but you're still competing with other countries around the world. for example ireland i think is at 12.3% corporate tax. you add sweeteners about being in the u.s. and it makes the u.s. more competitive. >> sandra: tom price came up as the president was just departing marine one on the white house south lawn. the president showing his disappointment with tom price over his use of a government jet. a taxpayer paid government jet for private use. let's listen to what he said about that. >> i am going to see, i'm looking at that very closely. i am not happy with it. i will tell you, i am not happy with it. >> sandra: not happy with it, bret. >> yeah. this is not a good day if you are secretary tom price. because the last time president trump said we'll see is when he was asked ab steve bannon and whether he was going to fire
11:34 am
steve bannon. i don't know where this is going, but just by the words that the president used there as he was leaving on marine one, it does not look good. >> sandra: it doesn't look good. by the way, that is a live shot of the president arriving. the president arriving. he departed indianapolis international airport in route to the farm bureau building. we are, of course, the big news awaiting any comments, anything he is going to say on the gop rolling out the frame work for this tax reform plan. this is such a big moment. you just heard him earlier say they're moving on. there's going to be another attempt at obamacare repeal in the new year. but for now, as you just said, they need a w on the board. is he going to be able to sell this? >> i think he is going to really try hard. he's going to have republicans
11:35 am
engage because they know how desperate they are for a win. remember this all sets up to the 2018 elections. you have a number of democrats who have to be looking seriously at this tax reform or this tax cut that they're talking about when you get to specific detail, i think you're going to see a few democrats who may vote for some package. there are ten democrats up for re-election in states where donald trump won by 80% or more of the counties in those states. and they're likely looking for something they can take home as well. >> sandra: so we're looking at this shot. indianapolis. the president just arriving. air force one. we're likely, bret, to get a shot of the president coming off the plane there. in this big moment where the president is going to be talking tax reform, tax cuts, how are things going, bret? when you look at things generally speaking, the president every day this week, whether it's the white house
11:36 am
press briefing room, answering questions on the nfl and the president's take on that. there's been a lot of distraction for this president while he is looking at a very aggressive agenda, trying to get so much done. >> i would say, sandra, that a lot of the distraction is by the president's doing. he got into the speech in alabama and mentioned the nfl. then was kind of pleased with the reaction, by all accounts, and was tweeting about it. i think it became a culture subject, a culture war subject that lot of people are passionate about. he is trying, i think, to be laser focused on the tax reform issue because he senses that
11:37 am
there is some leeway here. that there are people who are going to try to get this across the finish line. as i said at the beginning, though, a lot depends on how this budget gets passed. likely looking end of october before you can get a budget all the way through, and then you're talking about the details, what you can do. the dynamic has changed in washington. when mitt romney ran, they did in front of the debt clock. now the debt and deficit hawks, they're not that visible here in washington because there's probably going to be a lot of deficit spending to make this tax cut come together. >> sandra: all right. well, the president has arrived in indiana. bret baier, we thank you for your time as you gear up for special report tonight 6 p.m. eastern time. >> thanks, sandra. >> sandra: rex tillerson is preparing for a trip to china. he will discuss the on going crisis with north korea as well as help lay the ground work for president trump's visit to china in november. rich edson is live at the state department. the administration is praising
11:38 am
china right now? >> reporter: it is. secretary tillerson leaves tomorrow for beijing. china cast two votes on the u.n. security council in favor of stronger sanctions against north korea. china's also trying to cut off north korean access to the banking system. to that, president trump said he applauds president xi to do what he has done to try to isolate north korea. state department said the u.s. has a good relationship with china. >> i think china has taken tremendous steps in the right direction. there is always more that countries can do. but at this point we want to thank china for the steps that it has taken in the right direction. >> reporter: though china, by far, is north korea's largest trading partner and hosts a large number of north korean guest workers in their country. those sanctions that china voted for at the u.n. security council, china and russia worked to water them down before voting
11:39 am
for it. the state department acknowledged that china has to do more. that is why he is traveling to china. >> sandra: we have the live shot of air force one. the president just landing in indiana. meanwhile the cuban government denying any involvement in the u.s. diplomats attacked in havana? >> reporter: the cuban foreign minister requested a meeting with rex tillerson. that was scheduled for 30 minutes. it lasted an hour according to a u.s. official. more than 20, number of 21 american diplomats have been injured in these bizarre attacks in cuba, what have been called sonic attacks there. the cuban government denies any involvement. said in a statement, quote, the cuban government has never perpetrated attacks of any kind against diplomats. it would be regrettable that matter of this nature is politicized and that hasty decisio investigation results are taken.
11:40 am
the u.s. officials say investigators have discovered no cause and that secretary tillerson is considering several options, including reducing the u.s. staff presence in havana, closing the embassy there, also other consequences for that country's failure to protect american diplomats. >> sandra: rich edson at the state department, thank you. an army of volunteers in mexico not giving up hope, keeping up the search for survivors from last week's earthquake. search and rescue is still going strong. eight days, jonathan, after the quake. >> reporter: yes, sandra. and it is an increasingly grim task. all the teams who are under taking these search and rescue operations, including the one behind me here. as you can see, they are hard at work. about an hour ago, this team pulled out a body from that huge pile of rubble. the blue tarp is up again indicating they may well have found another body. the president of mexico has said these search and mexico
11:41 am
operations will continue until everybody has been recovered. it's an international effort. he praised the world wide cooperation. listen here. >> makes everybody realize that it's one world, one people. when we got out of our trucks four days ago and received applause and gratitude, people hugging and kissing you. it makes you realize it's one big world and we're all in this together. >> reporter: chief cross also says never give up on the human spirit. a miracle is always possible. sandra. >> sandra: of course, jonathan. there is all concern about so many other damaged buildings. >> reporter: yes. thousands of buildings across mexico city suffered damage in that 7.1 earthquake. so they're looking at all of those now. the u.s. team all involved in that, a team of structural engineers going from building to
11:42 am
building. listen again. >> it's hugely beneficial because most people are unable to return to those buildings and resume their normal life. we feel like we are multipurpose and can assist in more than just the life saving mode. we're honored to do anything that the mexican government has asked us to do. >> reporter: the u.s. team is likely to lead mexico we're told -- leave mexico by the end of this week. the u.s. ambassador to mexico tells me american help be continue as long as it is needed. sandra? >> sandra: and it is still needed. jonathan hunt, thank you for that report. the humanitarian crisis unfolding in puerto rico with hurricane survivors facing a situation their governor calls apocalyptic. we're live on the ground next. plus the president's plan for a border wall coming closer to reality with construction crews now working on prototypes. we are live near the u.s./mexico
11:43 am
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11:46 am
>> sandra: video just in of president trump arriving moments ago in indianapolis. there he is. walking off of air force one. this just happening a short time ago. president arrives in indianapolis. from there he will depart indianapolis international airport in route to the firm bureau building. he will arrive there an give remarks on tax reform. this is a huge day. the gop just unveiling the details of their tax reform plan. the president will obviously try to sell the details of that plan, saying it targets the middle class. the president has arrived on the ground in indianapolis just moments ago. we are told he has gotten into his car. the motorcade has departed. a big moment for the president and the gop.
11:47 am
we'll learn more on that tax reform plan in a little bit. milestone for president trump's southern border wall. as crews break ground on eight different pro-to types. now working on day two of what is expected to be a month long project. adam housely is live near the mexico border. >> reporter: this is where people go in to go down to the border wall. we just came back from the actual site itself. maybe half acre all told if you put all the eight different areas together. each company which is six companies building the eight different designs have a prototype. 30 days from today is when the actual process will begin to evaluate whether the border patrol likes any of those designs. will they take one, all eight? the companies have that time frame to get those the size of your back yard put up. we were out there this morning. you can see the dirt moving, the pilings being done.
11:48 am
nothing yet that's above the ground. they're getting all the foundations ready. if you talk to border patrol, they say this is a good sign for them to stop the flow coming from the south. take a listen. >> history shows that border security is an achievable objective when we have the right kind of policies and resources in the form of law enforcement personnel, technology and border infrastructure. >> reporter: the actual process again, 30 days from now is when they will start the evaluation. they want to start this border soon. i'm told the first area they want to start putting one of these designs is in south texas. they say near laredo has been a difficult area. then they'll go from there where the priorities will be. i tell ya, from being down here. you see that kind of maybe like a metal mesh. there's two different fences there, sandra. on the mesh side, they had in fiscal year 2016, 550 breaches.
11:49 am
basically takes someone 1:30 to jump the first fence, run across to no man's land. they take a sawsall and then go through. so 1:30. they had 550 breaches in fiscal year 2016. they say these fences are absolutely needed and necessary. >> sandra: can you give us some of the protests we have read and heard about going on down there? >> reporter: surprisingly so far none. they don't think that's going to continue. at this point you can't see a prototype up. even if you use bin objecting hrars you can see anything. when you're out there, all you see is the construction taking place. they do expect protests to start when you start to see the designs going up. some may be as high as 20 feet. that's going to happen in the next couple of weeks. they have an area aside for people to protest. i have heard people have rented buildings around here to protest.
11:50 am
california brought a lawsuit hoping for an injunction. we know some of the immigrant rights groups are fighting to have thaoe these walls go into place. at this hour, no protests. >> sandra: how about local residents? >> reporter: we've been down here 16 years for fox covering this. even talking with the media down here, you get a different sense. there are different questions than you see on a national level. it's less political here. they're living it. in the sense that you talk to people that maybe don't necessarily agree with president trump, but they do agree that something needs to be done. again, even with the media, which you see much more criticism on a national level locally, the questions we saw with border patrol were like, what's this plan, what's that plan? it's more specific. locals i would say, they've seen this change over the course of time. i remember when they put up a new wall near the border entry about seven miles to my left. and there was a significant change there when that went into
11:51 am
place. that was 12, maybe 13 years ago. >> sandra: adam housely, thank you for your reporting on that. well, federal corruption investigation rocking the world of college basketball. more questions. we'll have that on the other side.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
>> sandra: amid an fbi fraud investigation the university of louisville now placing its head basketball coach, rick pitino, on unpaid administrative leave. this is one day after ten men, including a top adidas executive and four assistant coaches at various colleges were charged in the scandal. accused of using hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to influence star athletes choice of schools, shoe sponsors, agents, even tailors. all right. we are awaiting a decision from
11:55 am
the department of homeland security on hurricane relief efforts in puerto rico that would lift some restrictions on ships providing aid to the island. let's go back to garrett tenney who is live in san juan. >> reporter: this is really an issue that you see this domino effect where you can have all the supplies that are shipping in, but right now you have a clog because you don't have enough truck drivers to get that in. you also don't have the roads that are clear enough to get that help to where it's needed most. that's what they're struggling to do right now. get the drivers out to clear the roads, but to actually get these roads that have completely washed out to get bridges there so they can get back into these villages. they have been doing air lifts, but for a lot of the country, they are still desperately in need of help. that's something the government is now working to do. >> i left so fast because i have
11:56 am
been in puerto rico for the past 43 years. to see this, this is really sad. i left back my family, friends and coworkers. they don't have water. they don't have lights. >> reporter: that woman is one of so many in the country right now who is just strulging to get by, to make ends meet. the basic necessities are something that they are left for want. sandra? >> sandra: thoughts and prayers are with those people who are struggling and going through so much. garrett tenney, thank you. all right. we will be right back. okay folks! let's get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks.
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can do more with my family. talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. >> maria now a hurricane again. the good news, it's moving away from the north carolina coast. the storm is regaining strength this morning. tropical storm warnings were put in effect for parts of north carolina's eastern coast to the virginia border. north carolina had already issued a mandatory evacuation
12:00 pm
for visitors in much of the outer banks. hurricane lee, the fifth major atlantic hurricane this season 500 miles south of bermuda. not expected to make land. i'm sandra smith. thanks for joining us. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington where one of president trump's cabinet secretaries is in trouble for chartering planes instead of flying commercial. and is tom price going to be out of a job? the president's response ahead. we'll take you to indianapolis where mr. trump is set to reveal his tax plan this hour. the proposal, lower taxes for business, fewer income tax brackets for individuals and a standard deduction nearly double. ahead, what we know about who pays what. plus, set backs for the president and republican leaders at their candidate fails in the alabama prim


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