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tv   Fox News Tonight  FOX News  September 27, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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abuseively bias left wing destroy trump media. we'll be fair and balanced. dana perino is coming up next. dana, congratulations on your new show. she is hosting fox news live tonight. >> i'm dana perino and welcome back to fox news tonight. we begin with our top story. a major announcement from president trump with his effort to put more money in your wallet. >> president trump: we're here today in indiana to announce our framework to deliver historic tax relief to the american people. we're going to cut taxes for the middle class, make the tax code simpler and more fair for everyday americans, and we are going to bring back the jobs and wealth that have left our country. and most people thought left our country for good. >> joining us to further
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explain mr. trump's tax proposal is ed henry. take it away. >> you've been here before. president suffers a defeat. this time on healthcare yet again. what does he want to do? he wants to get a quick victory somewhere else. in this case president trump pushing the largest tax cut in decades. some estimates putting it at about $6 trillion over the next 10 years. he is facing heat from the left and right. folks on the left saying it's too expensive. how will you pay for it it's geared to the rich. conservatives saying it is not ambitious enough and not get done by thanksgiving with the clock ticking. the president undeterred in indianapolis today taking on the issue about tax cuts for the rich head on insisting this will not help him, will not help billionaires. he called it a once in a generation opportunity to help the middle class. let's dive deep on the details. president pitching a cut in the corporate tax rate from 35% right now down to the
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neighborhood of 20%. consolidating seven individual tax brackets down to a simpler three brackets. then the brackets would range from 12% to 35%, down from the highest rate now for individuals of 39.6%. eliminate the estate tax all together. that's a big one. the standard deduction doubles for many households plus a larger child tax credit. the natural question how do you pay for it? the president wants the repeal personal exceptions, repeal a deduction for manufacturing for businesses and eliminate other big business loopholes. eliminate the deduction for state and local taxes. there are republicans like new york congressman peter king there saying he can't support this if you eliminate state and local tax deductions. workers have double taxation while on the conservative side the president got better news. mark meadows from the freedom caucus endorsed the plan today. moderate democrats gave this
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sort of a good start. said that maybe they can see supporting it down the road. but warned republicans they can either move to the middle a little bit on this or face a similar fate as healthcare, same quote continue down the same failed path as they did with healthcare by producing a bill that caters to the extremes of their party. the president said no, no, no at the rally. that's not what this will be. he gave a long case for it. senator tim scott was short and sweet. >> tax reform has not historically been a partisan issue. and it does not have to be a partisan issue today. i really believe we're going to have numerous democrats come over and sign because it's the right thing to do. >> if i could say it as simple as possible, i would say that this tax reform conversation is about #keep yo money. >> something a lot of taxpayers
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around the country may respond to. the biggest hurdle for the president may be taking on what he called the swamp in the campaign. the moneyed interests in washington who want the status quo for the tax. the "wall street journal" reminding us today there are over 4,000 tax lobists right here in the capital. they want to keep their deductions to help their industries. >> tax reform to me seems different. he has given a couple of speeches on it. this is the big meaty policy piece. >> the plan is to keep putting him on the road. a few weeks back when the hurricanes first started hitting that he began this campaign in the middle of the country in missouri. now he goes to indiana. he is going to the heart of the country selling it directly. you're right. he has his fingerprints all over this in a way he didn't
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have in the earlier iterations of healthcare. the problem for this president, though, the clock is ticking. the pressure is on. there is just over 30 legislative days in the year for him to get taxes going. i thought it was interesting senator bob corker of tennessee announced he won't run for reelection has a habit of giving people truth serum and saying things they might not have said before. if you think healthcare was tough it will be child's play compared to getting tax cuts through. it's a heavy lift. >> thank you so much. let's bring in ari fleischer, press secretary in george bush administration and the person who i first learned tax policy from. you were at the ways and means committee way back in 1995. what do you think about the substance of today's policy? >> i like it. i like it a lot. echo of ronald reagan's 1980s reforms. dolls it provide economic growth for all americans? if our economy keeps growing at
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1.5% it did for the eight years of obama we'll never help poor people or people in the middle class. economic growth is the answer. we need a stimulus bill like this. >> some criticism that the president's proposal is not as big and bold as say ronald reagan's but how do you look at that historically? ronald reagan was working from a much different set of numbers. >> before i came i was talking to a smart analyst and she pointed out that reagan's taxes were 70% rate and took them down to 28% rate. now we are at a stage where taxes are 41% after you count up the obamacare taxes on medicare. he have is proposing to move it down to 35%. that's a big 6% change in the upper income bracket and a lot of economic growth will result from that. the other interesting change they're proposing to double the standard deduction. that's a tremendous number of people will no longer pay any income tax who are lower income people. that will shift the burden to the higher brackets. >> how do the democrats -- why
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are the democrats saying it is only going to benefit the rich? that's something they always say but the standard deduction piece, that is significant. >> significant. i have think the democrats will support that. there is a fundamental philosophical divide. republicans believe growth. democrats believe distribution of income helps americans. economic growth helps people. we saw in the 80s and 90s when bill clinton signed a republican tax cut plan. >> and in early 2000s. >> four of the eight bush years economic growth was over 3% a year. and that never happened under the obama years. the deficit was almost eliminated in 2007. only $161 billion and now with obama and the 41% top rate the deficit is four times as high. so we need economic growth. that is the answer our nation's ailments.
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>> i find tax reform quite boring. when you talk about the deduction and the this and using terms and things that are difficult for people to understand, how can you make tax reform exciting again? >> i called it economic growth. really what we're talking about is having a golden goose. if our american economy doesn't have a golden goose we turn into europe. that's not even a goose. >> that's a lame duck. >> that's right. 10% unemployment, economies that don't grow. we believe in individualism and letting people achieve what they can. the sky is the limit. when you do that in america you create jobs for everybody and everybody gains. we need a tax code that helps that golden goose grow so we can all benefit. >> i remembered i think it was a few months back you were talking about how you sell tax reform across america and you i believe encouraged president trump to get out of washington not talk about it there but go to red states that have democratic senators or members of congress to try to push them.
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i have think that president trump is doing that. will it be enough? >> he did it today in indiana and senator joe donnelly went with the president to indiana. a democrat. this is a policy roll-out by the president. it is kind of normal and what presidents do to make their case. that bully pulpit works when people are invested in what he is selling and he can sell. especially this dogma. he needs to do more of it. >> the policy speech is the foundation today. i'm looking forward to the speech he gives on tax reform that doesn't have the teleprompter that is him selling it the way that he sold himself to american voters. >> he has always had a challenge with that. he can sell himself. when it comes to policy he doesn't have the same fluency in policy. i would hope he can do it and it is important to do it. he needs to be more accessible on it to make the case.
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a lot of democrats have to scratch their heads and say which way do i go on this? it will pass in the house. i'm worried about in the senate. >> do you think it will pass in the house before the end of the year? >> yes. if they are not on the path to getting this done by the end of the year voters will say why did we elect them? >> if you're chuck schumer and nancy pelosi you know your constituents probably want tax reform. you also know that the country needs it as you were saying in terms of economically for economic growth. but they are not in the mood to give a win to the republicans. they want to run on president trump being a failure and republicans being a do-nothing congress. how do they make their calculation? >> if donald trump's pop ularity in the mid 40s and 50s he has clout. if it's in the upper 30s they'll go with schumer.
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if they fear a trump backlash in their states they'll be torn and makes it more likely they could vote for this tax reform plan. >> what about for 2018 for the house reelection efforts for republicans or for the challengers, democrats? how much could this change the calculus for those races? >> if you pass this and the economy starts to growing at 3% voters will want to vote republicans. it will help republicans everywhere. we proved it was worth electing us. if we get nothing done we have a favorable senate lineup. democrats are up, not republicans. we'll put the wind against us instead of with us. that's why it's so important to enact policy. this is what government is about. not politics. >> how much does the failure to pass healthcare hamper this effort? does it make it easier or as senator corker apparently said, makes it harder? >> we won't know yet. the truth is you look at what happened on healthcare and there is reason for this to fail again. on the other hand these members know. i've had conversations with
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several in the last week. they know they need to deliver. they failed on healthcare and if they don't do this they get the voter anger out there throughout the republican party what good are you? they have a burden. the question is when it comes to voting yes which way will theg. i don't want a repeat in the senate. senator mccain will say no democrats are for it so i won't be. senator paul will say i'm not perfect and then up to senator collins to decide. >> sean: it all comes down to maine. >> it may. >> in the next block we'll talk about the nfl anthem controversy. i wonder based on your experience and expertise. you know sports and communications well. how would you advise the president, nfl, the players to move beyond this. they have an opportunity coming up this weekend. can they do it? >> i don't think there is any advising the president on it. he will let it rip whenever he wants to. the core of what he said is right. i raised my children to stand for the national anthem. for the nfl it's time to
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de-escalate. i hope fewer players take a knee and fewer the following week. the players who did it are not sobs, they're trying to be thoughtful about our country. i don't like what they decided to do. i think they're wrong but they aren't sobs. they're people wrestling with something. i regret those words were used. >> i have a new show starting monday at 2:00 p.m. called the daily briefing and you'll be on it. thank you, ari, we appreciate it. directly ahead president trump said the nfl is going to hell. more on that when we come right back. you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached.
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>> dana: president trump suggested the nfl might be big financial problems if it doesn't get all its players to stand for "the star spangled banner". >> president trump: in my opinion the nfl has to change. or their business will go to hell. >> dana: rush limbaugh, a big fan of the nfl is saying professional football is being used by liberals to talk about a left agenda.
7:18 pm
>> we're dealing with the left and that's now how they operate. everybody knows how much i love the nfl and how bigger than life it's seemed to me. now it doesn't seem bigger than life. it seems -- it seems like a tool now. it has become a tool. i don't mean slang for fool. it has become something being used by the political forces of the left to advance their agenda, which is an anti-american agenda. >> dana: joining us now with reaction from san diego rueben and in washington a democratic strategist. let me start with you, richard. do you think rush limbaugh is capturing what a lot of people feel in the country or was it over the board? >> if the polls are any indication, donald trump is being hurt by this. he was ticking up into the low 40s. he is now down into the 30s again. if so -- >> dana: you think this is why? >> i know the white house had
7:19 pm
the sense that they were on to something. if donald trump can be a divider on racial lines in particular and rush limbaugh has come by this very honestly and so has donald trump. he has been discriminating against blacks in the real estate business since the 70s. he comes to this that is steeped inside him. the fact he is so animated about this nfl kneeling thing and when it came to waving the nazi flag or killing somebody in charlottesville, he kind of equivocated and was indifferent and they were good people. that's what the message is to the american people. they are kind of seeing what's really matters to him. i think it's kind of sad. >> dana: we'll get to a poll that fox news did in a moment. rueben, let me let you speak. i'll defend president trump in a way. he said this is not about race. this is about standing for the national anthem. the left immediately says it's about race.
7:20 pm
rueben, what do you think? >> good to be on with you. i think it's a winning issue for president trump. the early polling shows americans are pretty uniform in their belief that people should stand, athletes should stand for the national anthem. this is the wrong time and place to air this kind of grievance. they don't agree with president trump the players should be fired. they won't go that far. it is a losing issue for the nfl. lose some fans and public support. the wrong hill for them to die on. i stick with president trump on this. i think he is on the right track. >> dana: i would i grew with you. the fox news poll that just came out. it is fairly interesting. the question was kneeling during national anthem as protest. do you think it's appropriate? it was 32% in 2016, now 41%. it went up. that could be because people are more aware of the issue and understanding that you certainly do have the right to
7:21 pm
do it even if it's not the right thing to do. richard, i know this plays well with the left's base. maybe that is true also with trump's base. but for the voters in the middle of the country that were decisive and the ones that helped president trump win election, do you think the left is making a mistake trying to paint him as the villain rather than trying to figure out a way to get beyond this and back to football? >> well, it really comes down, dana, to the issue -- trump is trying to paint this as something it's not. he is saying it's about the flag and the anthem. what it's about is values. when our soldiers carry that flag abroad, it's american values and as we know, the ability to protest is front and center there. do i think it would be better for both parties if we get beyond this? i do. but you know what? colin kaepernick would say it's better that we don't have
7:22 pm
inequality racially and people being shot in the back by cops. so we could all wish something and he is using a platform. i think the whole sob notion and comment of trump will incite things and we'll see something like this in the nba. i think somehow or other maybe for once donald trump could rise above this and try to calm things down. i don't think the players left to their own devices are going to back off because he is just egging them on. >> dana: rueben, you talked about in a column you wrote yesterday the pure patriotism of it. when you stand for the national anthem all together it is one of those moments you feel like okay, we really are all equal and we do all respect those values. we respect the people who have fought for that symbol. even if it is a symbol, it is a symbol worth standing for. what do you think? >> the great story coming out of pittsburgh was the offensive
7:23 pm
tackle who wanted to salute the flag and observe the national anthem and do it discretely outside the tunnel but ended up in front of the tunnel and ultimately had to explain this to his teammates. he was blamed for breaking the brotherhood. i think the players have to see themselves as part of a bigger brotherhood, the american brotherhood. as americans we come together to pay our respect for this country. a lot of people look at these millionaires. if any people that should be grateful you are the ones. how can you be so tone deaf? i like what richard said about kaepernick said a year ago about hillary clinton and how she belonged in jail. you read all of colin kaepernick press release from the time he thought hillary clinton would not make a good president. >> if i can about the players being so wealthy. to a one, they'll end up with
7:24 pm
traumatic brain injury, we know that from every indicator that we have, right? you tell me, dana or rueben, how many million else would it take you to know in your 50s your brain would be scrambled. >> dana: that's not the issue. >> donald trump played football in high school. maybe that explains a lot. >> dana: come on, richard. >> i don't think anybody wants to say they're paid so much, let them butt each other's head. >> dana: there is room for being open minded and listening to other people. there has been heart felt writing done from lots of people from both sides of the aisle talking about this important issue from the value standpoint you saw chris kyle's wife who said i can't accept this. then you had somebody like jonathan lass who wrote about police brutality and how it's real and we have to try to figure out a way to deal with that issue. perhaps we don't have to deal
7:25 pm
with it on the football field. i'll let you go. thank you so much. coming up is ramping up impeachment talks from the left backfiring on democrats? we'll have analysis when we return. ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together...
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and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> dana: many liberals are lashing out at president trump for his criticism of nfl players. one is using the controversy to call for president trump's impeachment. >> i rise today, mr. speaker, to defend any son who is called the son of a dog because he engaged in peaceful protest. i denounce the comments that were made and i rise to announce that on next week, mr. speaker, i will bring a
7:30 pm
privileged resolution before the congress of the united states of america. i will stand here in the well of the congress and i will call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> dana: joining us now for reaction from washington is george washington law professor jonathan turley. it's so nice to have you here tonight. in a way i feel this is spinning out of control and somebody like you can explain to us what does the constitution actually say about impeachment? >> it doesn't say that, that's for sure. i have a column on this in the hill tomorrow because it's a very dangerous concept that the congressman is advancing. we have a constitution that requires high crimes and misdemeanors because the framers wanted to make sure that we don't have impulse by impeachments. and what the congressman is suggesting is that engaging in free speech as president and saying you don't think this should be allowed itself can be
7:31 pm
an impeachable offense. that would destroy any notion of a standard for impeachment and it would create a considerable instability in our system. >> dana: i know that a "washington post" columnist wrote it's not clear that a president can be indicted and the framers set the bar high. it only ever happened with andrew johnson and bill clinton being impeached but they were acquitted by the senate. richard nixon resigned before it could happen. this is unprecedented. you can't impeach somebody because you don't like them. >> no, the problem is we've had members like maxine walters recently said that impeachment is whatever we say it is. she was echoing a comment made by gerald ford along those same lines. it's really not true. it is true it's a political decision because it's made by politicians but members are supposed to honor the text and
7:32 pm
the purpose of this provision. the framers wanted to insulate a president from the changing winds of politics. they didn't want to be able to have a president who could be impeached simply because people disagree with how he views kneeling in the national anthem. that's a dangerous concept. we need to seriously take a breath. >> dana: it's interesting because the left has been calling for impeachment even before he was sworn into office either because of alleged collusion with russia during the campaign, now you even saw after charlottesville some people thought it was insufficient what he said in response to alt right groups or neo-nazis. when it comes to speech you can't impeach somebody for that. >> right. the old adage if you only have a hammer every problem looks like a nail. democrats seem to act like impeachment is their only tool. >> dana: they want to run the nixon playbook over and over again.
7:33 pm
>> right. this is a dangerous game the play. when you lower that standard, you have to keep in mind this will not be our last president. and you cast into the wind a very important standard that the framers came up with that has served us well. we can remove a president. maybe this president will commit impeachable offenses but criticizing kneeling during national anthems is not one of them. >> dana: what does it say to his voters, obviously the losing side is bitter for a while. usually they get over it. this hasn't quite happened yet in 2017. maybe we'll get there. what would it say to his voters if they were to try impeachment for something that wasn't an impeachable offense? >> what happens is it creates an insatiable appetite for people to toss out presidents when they disagree with them and you have a system in england like a vote of no confidence. impeachment is not a vote of no confidence. it's not there if you have next day regrets to get rid of a
7:34 pm
president. i think that's what people need to seriously think about of what type of system they will have. if they actually succeeded in this. fortunately the senate takes this very seriously, so do most of the house members. i was the lead counsel in the last impeachment trial, a judicial impeachment in the senate. i was impressed. all the members took it very seriously. it's a dangerous thing to play with and have to be careful when they remove a president or judge. >> dana: it reminds us of how wise our founding fathers were. >> indeed they were. >> dana: professor turley, thank you so much. up next new legislation to protect dreamers is introduced in the senate. two of the republican senators behind it will join us to explain. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese
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>> dana: earlyer this month president trump announced his administration is faingz out the daca program that protected illegal immigrants brought to america as children from deportation. the president has said he isn't against the program in principle and urged congress to codify it through legislation. three republican senators have introduced a bill and requirement for the dreamers. two join us from washington
7:39 pm
senator langford and senator tillis. senator langford, what does this bill do in a nutshell? it's called a succeed act. how does it help people succeed? >> the succeed act is based on the premise that children aren't held accountable for the actions of their parents. we want to evaluate what do we do and solve the problem we've talked about now for decades and have ignored? what the president has said we need to solve this legislatively and i want to support it with a larger piece. this is designed to be a single peels of a larger immigration reform designed to provide a step-by-step option where these individuals could earn the ability to stay in the united states. they have to show they're working, going to school, joined the military, no criminal background. a five-year waiver to be here to do those things. if they stay consistent for five years, get another five year waiver.
7:40 pm
if they stay out of crime and in school and work or in the military they're able to apply to get a green card. at the end of that five years they could have naturalization. a minimum 15-year time period to naturalization where they could earn the right to get to that spot by showing they're excited to be an american citizen. >> dana: during that time they would have to be paying taxes and into social security if they're working. hopefully they would be working if they get to stay. tell me about what you would do in this bill about chain migration, a big concern. you have the parents who create an illegal act. brought them here but a question has been what do you do about those parents who might be here as well? >> that's a key difference between the dream act and succeed act. what we are doing when james or senator langford was talking about that period after the first two five-year periods. when they apply for a green card it has a stipulation that
7:41 pm
people who had gone through the normal process would not be subject to. that is they can't petition for those parents to actually enter the nation or enter the country and even more importantly, these parents would have to go back to their country of origin and go through a process that could add another 10 or 12 years. we've tried to make sure there is no line cutting. that this is about the children. this is about the children who came across the border through their parents' actions. that's a key component of addressing the chain migration concerns that many on our side of the aisle have. >> dana: some people might think that's pretty tough but you have to figure out a way to cut it off somewhere. democratic reaction to your bill. senator durbin said in contract to the dream act their bill excludes tens of thousands of dreamers, have lived here for decade and have clean criminal
7:42 pm
records based on arbitrary date cutoffs. i'm not sure what he means by that, senator langford, could you explain? >> i'm confused by that as well. we'll sit down together. president obama announced the daca program in june of 2012. that's the date cut-off. if dick durbin has a comment about an arbitrary date cut-off it's the date that president obama put in place in june of 2012. we go backwards, president obama was very clear that no one coming after this would be eligible for this. we're abiding by what president obama said as the date to say no other individuals will be accepted into the program after this time period. we want to have those individuals that were brought in my children, not other people trying to smuggle them in to be able to get here. >> dana: have you talked to the president about this and is he supportive? >> we've talked to a number of the people in the administration. senator langford has spoken with the president about the
7:43 pm
general concepts of the bill. i also want to go back to senator durbin. there is a huge number of differences between the dream act and the succeed act. one of the key parts of this bill is to make sure that we develop a social contract with these kids to make sure that they do succeed. and that we focus on the children. but there is also another very important part about this bill that is not in the bill. both senator langford and i believe it has to be paired with border security and other measures to prevent this from being a problem we have to solve 10 or 12 years from now. the dream act is silent on that. a deficiency in the bill among others. >> dana: the other thing i liked about your approach. i like the fact sheet so i encourage people to go to the website. it is very organized and as a communicator i love that. senator langford, you spent time talking to dreamers. i'll give you the last word what their reaction was to your
7:44 pm
proposed legislation. >> it is interesting when you talk to dreamers. they want to stay and work and be able to go to school. this provides that option. but if they want to earn the right to be able to be citizens they have to be able to go through a long process before they can get to naturalization. i believe -- just my personal belief as a christian. the greatest thing you can have other than salvation in christ on earth is american citizenship. you don't give it away because of an illegal act. you have to earn it. this is a step-by-step process. when i talk to dreamers and sit down with them and lay it out they nod their head and say i would be willing to do the work it takes to go through the process for the right to be here and when i spoke to the president about this a couple of weeks ago he was enthusiastic about this as an opportunity, if it's paired with border security and the other things we need to do to make sure we solve the problem on immigration. >> dana: senators, you've done a lot of work here and look forward to continuing to have a conversation. thank you for introducing that to us tonight. straight ahead.
7:45 pm
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>> dana: judge roy moore
7:49 pm
cruised to victory last night in the primary runoff in alabama giving a major victory to the populist movement fed up with business as usual in washington, d.c. president trump campaigned for judge moore's opponent in the race but still seems happy with last night's election results. >> president trump: he came a long way and ran a good race. roy ran a really great race and i know what they did with mitch, they used him in the campaign. he worked hard and i'm sure things will work out. >> dana: joining us from washington for reaction is rick cline, political director for abc news. how does washington feel what happened in alabama last night? a localized situation or does it foretell something else? >> it's a big deal. the disruption has only begun. the idea that trumpism can defeat president trump has huge ramifications for the 2018 landscape and for what goes on in president trump's head when he is thinking about how he will conduct himself
7:50 pm
politically. the fact he chose the wrong horse here will blame mitch mcconnell certainly and governing implications to that and trusting his gut more about primarily challenges in the next couple months and through 2018. >> dana: let me ask you about that. he didn't have to endorse anybody in the alabama senate race. would it be smarter for him to hang back, let the primaries play themselves out and then get involved in the general election? >> i think he is going to see this actually in an opposite way. there was an opportunity here to lean in on the forces that propelled him into office and if you try to hold that back it will be counterproductive. that's the part he is regretting. if he had gotten behind roy moore from the start he would look like a big winner now. in a sense it will mean he will be unleashed and potentially joining forces with steve bannon going forward. i don't think you'll see many times where they are working at cross purposes in the future. i do think that president trump has lessons himself to learn out of this. there will be limits that are
7:51 pm
now very evident to what he can do to control those same forces that meant -- that he can assume the presidency in the first place. that's pretty incredible. >> dana: what about senator mitch mcconnell? the majority leaders are always sort of the target. harry reid before him and others. this was a big one for him. they're headed into a huge tax reform effort and president trump and mitch mcconnell will have to work together as greg gutfeld says, divorce is not an option. >> if roy moore wins in the general election he will worry about the vote. a tough one. when he realizes he got there without mcconnell's and trump's help. it becomes more complicated for mcconnell. not that it goes down as a waste of 8 to 10 million
7:52 pm
dollars but his caucus will be freaked out by the powers out there and talk of more primary challenges and the wild card of president trump as he conducts himself on taxes and as he conducts himself politically. >> dana: there is always competition between the house and senate for who can get more done and who can get things done correctly and paul ryan the speaker of the house was on "hannity" earlier tonight. take a listen to what he said. >> we passed 337 bills in the house as of this week. >> this is more than obama, bush, clinton and h.w. bush. more bills have passed the house this year under donald trump at this time than obama and both bushes and clinton. the challenge we have is this chart. 274 of them are still in the senate. >> dana: all right. so i get it. that's a lot of activity but is it a lot of activity that doesn't lead anywhere? >> he is not wrong but i don't think that most voters will separate that out in their minds thinking about voting in
7:53 pm
the mid-term elections. they need to deliver legislative results and why tax reform becomes as critical as it: it is the only thing they can look at in 2017 and 2018 as a major legislative accomplishment. it would motivate the party and they have so much riding on it. i don't think any numbers of bills passed unless you have a bill on the president's desk. >> dana: left wing groups, not the democratic national committee. left wing groups are raking in the cash doing a huge amount of fundraising dumping lots of money into races they don't know how to spend all the money. do you expect that to continue? >> i think there is no doubt the left has been politically motivated by the ascension of donald trump. the money will pour in. it's the mirror image problem that they have that the republicans dealt with with roy more. they have they'll have the
7:54 pm
establishment versus -- they -- >> dana: i heard there is 8 to 10 potential candidates running in all these races on the democratic side for that primary. talk about basically wiping out your chances. >> those primaries will head left in that direction for that reason. you'll see bernie sanders and the elizabeth warren wing putting down markers saying you need to be for these things if you want the support. >> dana: i can imagine nancy pelosi is pulling her hair out. >> these are unpredictable times and it is a tough position to be in leadership. >> dana: we'll be right back. it's ok to crave. and with panera catering, there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be. for tech advice. dell small business advisor with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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7:59 pm
telecom. it's hard to keep executing that way. adding to that, puerto rico's energy grid has been completely destroyed. we had an old infrastructure that wasn't effective. wasn't maintained and then on top of that, the hurricane provoked the complete collapse. >> dana: president trump announced he would be visiting puerto rico next tuesday. >> our hearts and prayers go out to the people of puerto rico. in the virgin islands were suffering in the wake of yet another catastrophic hurricane. i will be going down to puerto rico next week to get in on the ground briefing about the disaster recovery. and to see our great first responders and to meet a lot of the people who are so affected by these storms. where would -- we are with youd we will be with them. >> dana: our thoughts are with our fellow citizens in puerto rico tonight.
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. i am dana perino and will be back here tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." one of the most striking features of the debate over immigration in america is the fact that it's not much t of a debate. you will notice the failure, indeed the refusal of our elites to grapple with what exactly it means to allow millions of low-skilled workers from around the world to move here. when it comes to details about that, they quote the statue of liberty and they move on quickly. m maybe they don't really want to know much about the effects of their policies. maybe they really believe that every immigrant is a high school valedictorian or some world class stem talent who is only prevented from founding b the next apple or curing cancer by the h bigotry of native-born americans. maybe they really think that. either way, facts rarely enter into the conversation. it's wholly emotional.


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