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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 28, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: that situation in puerto rico is bad. >> heather: they need help quickly. >> jon: we will be back in one hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert, he says it's with the american people want and deserve. president trump making a full-court press and what he says is a once in a generation plan to reform the nation's tax code. a plan he believes can remake the american economy and lead to a middle-class miracle. this is "outnumbered" ." i'm sandra smith coming here today, harris faulkner, kennedy, trish regan, and today's #oneluckyguy, the host of the lawrence jones show, lawrence jones joins us. he is outnumbered. dare i say he is one of the most polite guys. >> harris: great dresser too. >> lawrence: have to bring a little bit of texas.
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>> sandra: let's begin, republicans releasing a framework for their tax overhaul. they're calling for cuts and tax rates as well as cipla flying the complicated tax code to an easy formula to get america's economy moving again. in pushing for the plan yesterday and indianapolis, president trump saying he believes he not some democrats will come on board. >> tax reform has not historically been a partisan issue and it does not have to be a partisan issue today. i really believe we are going have numerous democrats come on and sign because it's the right thing to do. >> sandra: meantime the president telling fox news that the g.o.p. plan is aimed at helping the working people and the middle class. >> we say the working people, middle-class, the people that really haven't been treated greatly. also, it's going to be for businesses who are bringing in
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jobs. it's for jobs and growth. it will be the largest reduction in terms of dollars of any plan ever in the history of the country. >> sandra: how stomach radically or nancy pelosi not a fan. she says the presidents tax repose proposals will exploit the deficit. >> this is not tax reform, et cetera framework that gives away the store to the wealthiest while sticking them in a class with the bill. it's a swindle of the macon people selling the same blueprint that failed tax cuts. >> sandra: the conservative house freedom caucus known for being deficit hawks jumping on board to support the plan. lawrence, the president says this is for the working people, the middle class, it doesn't
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every part of an issue. will democrats get on board? >> know anything it's pretty funny that they are so concerned about the deficit considering i just spent our money. i'm surprised that they got the freedom caucus on board so fast. there seems to be a lot of resist from people and i don't think they'll be able to get them on board. a lot of them have reelection coming up, so maybe that puts them toward the middle. a lot of these calls for regular order, i don't think it can happen. there is such an ideology problem when it comes to democrats or republicans on this issue. >> sandra: trish, you have been so passionate about this and wanting to get this done. is this the right plan? >> trish: it's better than what we've got. simplified because it's highly complicated right now. we need to start rewarding
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people in the middle and i talk about this hourglass economy we're living in right now. we have a lot of people on the top and a lot of people on the bottom who get a lot of subsidies. we mentioned before that the mother of two that has nearly $60,000 worth, why is she going to go to work when she has less take home effectively? we need to think strategically because when we think about what happened to those people in the middle, that woman who otherwise might be making $60,000, she's the one falling into that fallen part of the hourglass. we need to revamp our tax code. the sooner the better because we have to help all americans. >> kennedy: help all americans by cutting tir taxes and tting spending. it's a magical and simple formula. everyone and congress has an
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allergy to it unfortunately. there's a great strain of populism that we need to tax and punish the rich. their prosperity is somehow hurtful to the country and it's not. if you lower this for those who are at the highest and of the spectrum, go ahead and lower it and you'll see what happens. you'll see tax revenues increas increase. rich people will avoid, they would rather stop avoiding paying their taxes and not do much more within the confines to increase that revenue. also they'll repatriate some of the international businesses. cut taxes, cut spending. i understand with the freedom caucus a board because this is supposed to be economic party. there is nothing more physically responsible done growing the. do that by getting this through. >> harris: do they know who they're supposed to be a question mark >> lawrence: no
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>> harris: do they know who they apparently want to be and who are they supposed to be and can they and their own house figure that out before they leave the house? >> trish: this is a very interesting point you bring up. the president yesterday said and i've long maintained, this does not need to be political to cut taxes whether you're a democrat or republican. jfk, taxes were as high as 91% on the biggest earners in our economy. he cut taxes by 30 points. guess what? gdp, economic growth, same thing with reagan. he cut taxes and you've saw annual average growth of 4%. this can be done with either side. typically, we saw a lot of republicans, they were the fiscal hawks that said you can't spend and so jfk represented more of the freespending, let's cut taxes. all i'm saying is it doesn't
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matter what party gets it done and i don't care who they identify with, just do it. >> harris: in matters right now because repelling guns will be able to come on democrats and this is about the last point where there'll be able to do something with the majority vote. things start to change, so they entered to win and are they going to pretend to be somebody who we think they should be concerned about? apparently most of them in the senate don't agree. >> lawrence: i will push back on some of the conservatives who say this doesn't go far enough. we have to startomewhe and we're talking about people that are living paycheck to paycheck, that are counting pennies. >> sandra: when you talk about those conservatives that have
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criticized for not going far enough, one of the point is on the corporate tax rate. the president said he would shoot for the moon, he is going for 15%. he said negotiations, he settled 20%. is that enough? >> trish: think he figured out when you add all the sub, it's going to be very challenging. there was some physical awareness. one thing i want to point out, you hear about how many members of the left try to paint this as tax cut for the rich, number one, businesses, primarily small businesses are what employ americans, so there is incentive there. >> kennedy: to your point, it's right. but republicans have had a much better job of selling to the middle class. if they believe in us tax proposal, they have to do it democrats are doing. democrats are scaring the bin jesus out of their constituents.
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>> trish: this is not going to benefit the wealthy puritan fact, many of the wealthy and states like california and new york are going to possibly be paying more because you have 9% state taxes, 4% city. you add that up, you'll no longer be able to -- >> harris: you could pay taxes in both. not everybody is going to benefit. this is about messaging and how do we know they're falling short of that? they haven't been able to sell repealing obamacare away they should and now is the reckoning our four republicans. this is ed, this is like when you go to church nobody goes to the front to get saved.
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this is your reckoning. >> sandra: it's being able to do your taxes on a postcard. >> kennedy: that's another aspect that's critical. a flat tax is one of the most fair and wonderful plans. talk about some live occasion and you will see success. >> lawrence: if we could get representatives, we need the policy on the road, we need people to just say, it's where money. >> kennedy: i like money. money is great. >> harris: a reminder when this current president went up against his opponent in november, democrats were meeting a certain amount of people.
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those people who president trump, then candidate was able to scoop up, go to them with your messaging. we know they voted for this president. >> sandra: president trump adamant that obamacare repeal is not dead and he's going to take at least a swipe at it with an executive order in saying his party is going to try and try again and house speaker paul ryan slamming the senate for not getting advancing bills. as a new fox poll shows most americans will blame senate republicans, not the president if they failed to repeal obamacare. whether that's fair or just plain politics.
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we'll >> harris: this is developing now. they're not giving up, president trump says he thinks health care reform still has a chance and that republicans can get it done in the next few months. this as he meets today at the white house. the president says he believes republicans have the votes and blames the latest setback on time constraints. >> we have the votes, but you don't have the time.
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friday, it ends at a certain time. we bring it to a few months from now. it's going to b great health care, but in the meantim meantime, i'll negotiate with the democrats, if we can come up with a fantastic health care bill, okay with me. >> harris: the president gets the last word on this. representative steve scalise is walking to his office. we've heard from him on the house floor today. this is his first day back after being shot at that congressional baseball game. let's listen in and see if there might be some wild audio beacon here. sometimes those microphones can pick things up and sometimes they can't. sometimes you can't hear words, but wait we can see on the center of our screen is a man who spent a lot of time in icu
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walking down a hallway, with some aid and a little bit of a limp. steve scalise is back in the house and he's already met today with house speaker paul ryan. paul ryan said a few moments ago when asked how that meeting went that he was brought to tears. he said i'm no john boehner. i was crying hard, i have no words to describe. let's listen. [applause] sandra, thiss a monumental day, not only for him, but for others who have been recovering from that and the members of the chamber we are able to see with him and give support. this is his first public appearance since that shooting at the congressional baseball practice. >> sandra: it was an unbelievably emotional moment when he stepped onto the floor this morning. everyone stood, rose on their
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feet and what an american momen moment. >> lawrence: i'm happy about this moment, but i'm also sad because when he was first shot, there was a lot of unity. unfortunately, that is in the case now. hopefully this is a reminder to those people serving us that they have to get stuff done and unite. i'm hoping this is just a reminder. >> kennedy: can i say, it is so incredible, considering how this went on, you remember sitting on his couch having updates that his life was in jeopardy and that he might not pull through. >> harris: more than once, even after they began to do the surgeries, there were infections setting in. we were on scalise watch just waiting for those new updates for many days. sandra mentioned his words on
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the house floor, i want to bring some forth now as we continue to watch congressman steve scalise walked back to his office. as you can imagine, these past three and a half months have been pretty challenging times for me and my family. if you look at the outpouring of love, of warmth, of prayer, my gosh, jennifer and i have been overwhelmed for all of the outpouring and it's given us the strength to get through all of this and to get to this point today. it starts with god. those words from representatives scalise, he's walking back to his office. we see that life. big moment today. >> sandra:is words this morning, he tweeted out on his own twitter account, i'm back. >> harris: and that picture of him and his wife. >> kennedy: he's so strong. his humor, his humility. >> lawrence: at one point he said prayer works. we can all take a lesson from
9:20 am
that. >> trish: you think about what he has been through, how challenging and in some ways, it's good to get out there right now because there is a fear factor. all he was doing was practicing baseball. i would imagine that is so traumatic that you are walking down the street every day now, you're looking every which way, making sure that you're going to be safe, it's going to be okay. this is a testament to him and his strength that he's back there like this. it's great to see the nation come together because not one person that was standing there applauding him that didn't absolutely believe in all he was doing to get himself better. >> harris: we remember at the time this was happening, he continued to be a leader even in a moment when it was by the
9:21 am
outsource. one of the things of the conversation he'll get pulled into noah's health care and that's where we wer i want to get bac to that because we're getting ready to e some things happen with obamacare. >> trish: you are going to have a lot of angry constituents out there saying we voted you in so you could get this done, you didn't get it done and now i'm left with health care i cannot afford, possibly no health care at all. i think they're going to be ramifications. >> kennedy: unfortunately, it's not just political. you have democrats were being can obstructionists. but you also have insurance companies who are holding the market and the country hostage because they are getting billions of dollars from the federal government to prop up
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the system that was meant to fail. at the same time, they're still going to get money and they know it, but they're going to raise premiums which is a greatly heartless and that's why they do not belong together. they are not chocolate and peanut butter. >> harris: the president said he's going to get this done on his own, he's set to sign an executive order that would allow insurers to sell health plans across straight lines. that's what we thought they were going to do and some of their legislation and it had to be rolled out in phases, but now he gets to jump over the line. >> sandra: he said it's going to cover a lot of territory and
9:23 am
a lot of people. >> trish: this is a no-brainer. you should be able to buy any insurance and any place you want. i grew up in a very small state and new hampshire, that's not good because they only have a million people. when we don't insure them, it costs a lot more money. >> harris: the president said he'll also be working with democrats to go forward to get something done on health care. very interesting. moving on slightly with this. hall speaker paul ryan's frustrations boiling over. he's planing the senate for not getting health care and other legislation through congress. watch what he says on sean hannity. >> more bills have passed the house this year than obama and both bushes and clinton. the challenge we have is this chart, 274 of them are still in the senate. is that frustrating for the
9:24 am
house? it is. >> harris: a brand-new fox poll showing 56% of voters will blame senate republicans if they failed to repeal obamacare, only 18% would ble psident trump. >> lawrence: 274 bills of and passed by the house that officially died in the senate. this whole notion that lame democrats, no. why would we give you the majority to vote in the presidency if you can't get stuff done? i think they'll have to answer for that. the president can continue to do this just a through executive orders. you have to have bills in place. orb the next person comes into office and gets turned around. >> kennedy: paul ryan is going on tv publicly attacking senate republicans and at the heart of that, he is attacking their
9:25 am
leadership. if mr. mcconnell can get people to come together, perhaps he has to. he doesn't have a lot of clout. he's got an 18% approval rating in his home state of kentucky and he cannot heard these cats right now. perhaps, he needs to be relieved of his leadership role. >> harris: we need take into consideration that congress as a whole is filibustered. if you can't have the mojo in your own state, that says a lot. where do we go from here? >> trish: i think it's going to continue to be a challenge. i know exactly where we go from here. i think a lot of republicans are going to get voted out and you're going to see a complete change within the republican party and i think alabama was one example of that. you're going to see many more. it's a remake of the republican party.
9:26 am
>> harris: democrats are doing well either, so maybe this is just a primary republicans were going to come in via guys like steve bannon to do it. what do you think? >> lawrence: the conservative faction will take place. trumps base is saying one thing, but the president doesn't want to -- she refuses to sacrifice a split of all capital, but he needs those votes that are currently in the senate. some of the people who have been loyal to the president, quite frankly, he's going to have to stop backing because i guarantee you, there'll be other candidates that steve bannon and the people like sarah palin are going to get behind and i can see them losing their seats. >> harris: underreport our russian operatives were about ensuing chaos. whether this bolsters the trump
9:27 am
team insisting there was no collusion. michelle obama is scolding female trump supporters saying anyone who voted against hillary clinton voted against their own voice. is it time for liberals to accept the election results and move on? lawrence, your head is going to pop off.
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hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, yo rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ was >> sandra: a new report is raising questions about whether it's time to put to test doubles russia collusion allegations against the trump campaign. "the washington post" is reporting that russian operatives used facebook ads to exploit our countries racial division and did not necessarily favor any one candidate. mark warner, the vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee telling the paper it appears the aim of the ads was to start chaos. donald trump jr. to eating a
9:32 am
headline some of the ads reportedly promoted african-americans write groups like black lives matter and even highlighted support for hillary clinton among muslim women. what do you think of this? >> lawrence: this is new technology. the fact that the democrats continue this collusion thing to make their argument, i think it's overplayed. people are already disgusted of it. this is a private business. people can target whatever they want to target. it may be dirty, but there's no way you can regulate it. >> sandra: dunn jr. says oppose the allegations to rest, doesn't? >> kennedy: i don't think so when "the washington post" is making these detailed claims that sound very important using big words in a newspaper. does "the washington post" not sell digital ads to anyone?
9:33 am
that's why this media empire still exists because they're finding out a way to use facebook technology to target people. what we haven't seen and they sprinkle a little bit of anecdotal data, but we haven't seen much. what is the connection, how do you prove that those ads internalize and change people's minds? >> trish: the ads were on both sides. we did some research on the intelligence report and basely we came up with a bunch of ads that targeted donald trump as well. there were other people doing i it. i guess you get the whole fake news thing and how do you know if it's fake or real, should facebook have more responsibility? >> kennedy: how do you measure what the influences where they went into somebody's a very personal voting decision?
9:34 am
>> lawrence: hillary clinton has so much money. >> trish: and all she would argue that the press doesn't like her. the press liked her. certainly compared to donald trump. >> lawrence: all the crying election night. >> sandra: where does this put this with the probe? >> harris: i think kennedy has a good point. i don't know how we measure this when we watch things. we don't know in the moment when they make a decision whether an ad they saw on facebook change that moment. how do you control that? >> trish: that's the biggest fear. you bring up the most critical point. the government somehow sensors facebook and tells them who to
9:35 am
sell their ads to and what the content should be because that is an incredibly slippery slope. >> harris: you know that when you post something, you have an opportunity to boost the ad. does it get so personal that you can't even boost the picture of me and trish out on a friday night? maybe it's an ad for something to cure cancer, how much do we want the government involved in a private company? >> lawrence: my radar is going off. >> trish: they shouldn't be involved except one thing that i'm frightened by is how much terrorists have connected on faok and other social media sites. >> harris: i'm hoping there on their traffic and a slightly different way.
9:36 am
when isis starts running ads, we've got real problems. >> sandra: former first lady michelle obama playing the gender card with their latest comments about the 26 teen presidential election. what they had to say and why they cannot seem to let it go. next.
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♪ >> kennedy: welcome back, this is "outnumbered." former first lady michelle obama scolding female trump supporters in front of an audience at a business conference yesterday saying any woman who voted against hillary clinton voted against their own voice. what does it mean for us as women that we look at those two candidates and many of us said at that guy, he's better for me.
9:41 am
his voice is more true to me. well, to me that just says you don't like your voice. you like the things were told to like. isn't she telling people who to like? supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg also discussing the topic of hillary clinton's presidential campaign yesterday. listen to this. >> do you think sexism paid a role in that campaign? >> do i think so? i have no doubt that it did. >> do you think it was decisive? in other words, if hillary clinton had been a man, she would have won that election. >> there are so many things that might have been decisive, but that was a major, major factor. >> kennedy: i wonder what she's basing that on. >> harris: this is a candidate who had a woman's card, held women's events, i think she
9:42 am
played that card pretty heavily. i think we were waiting for an economic message and a few other things to come out of a woman's mouth a man's mouth and she did and hit those. >> kennedy: is not a viable thing to force your opinion and your disdain for the political system, is that economic hold that unfortunate he is underlining so many others live lives. >> trish: absolutely. the democrats were successful in being able to rally people around barack obama. i think they were able to use that and thought they could do that in the same way as a woman. the problem is, president obama was actually a really good candidate. he was a charismatic guy who could get out there and give a speech and you are excited by him. i'll tell you, we will be excited by the right woman, but she needs to deliver a message
9:43 am
that resonates to women. she didn't. she came across as not caring and better than them and that didn't work. >> kennedy: she didn't have a solid message. >> lawrence: think democrats were shocked because traditionally, when they use identity politics, it traditionally works. the difference from the selection is when you have people who are living paycheck to paycheck and they're tired of the border being out of control and you take illegal immigrants before american citizens, they don't care what the way they look, they want someo to solv their problems. this election, it just wouldn't work. >> trish: if you had a woman that came along and said i have the economic solutions for you, i understand how difficult it i is.
9:44 am
>> kennedy: elizabeth warren and bernie sanders garnered a lot of attention during the presidential cycle because they had an economic message of hillary clinton did not get. >> sandra: i'll remind everybody the track record of ruth bader ginsburg during the campaign could openly criticize donald trump saying she can imagine what the country would be with donald trump as our president and then just as recently as last week, she described herself as a flaming female litigator. >> harris: what does that mean? >> sandra: i don't know, make what you will love it. >> trish: she's a lady and she has lady parts that are on fire. >> kennedy: i'm able to translate in that is in fact what that means. >> harris: i remember when women walked on stage wearing pants.
9:45 am
i've questioned even that day if this wasn't one woman who took power from another woman. elizabeth warren had a message about the economy and the middle-class and that was something hillary clinton didn't have. >> kennedy: that economic message is ringing true in venezuela. >> trish: your talking about one female politician trying to steal the thunder. it's possible, but hillary clinton made her own decisions, she should have taken some advice from her husband and understood the economic value. >> lawrence: it's about i'm with her, not with you. if you make it about the people who are suffering, they won't vote for you.
9:46 am
>> kennedy: then you have to write books. president trump defending his criticism of nfl players kneeling in the national anthem. a new fox poll shows the majority of americans agree with the president. we will debate this next. rainind discipline pay off , and you find out what your team is really made of... i win! nuh uh, i win! and these exotic waters? all thanks to rewards from my navy federal flagship credit card. hey mom, watch this! looks like we're all winning this weekend. you're going down dad! navy federal credit union open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans, and their families.
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♪ >> trish: president trump once again defending his decision. >> the nfl cannot disrespect our country. they cannot disrespect our flag or our national anthem. they can't have people sitting down or kneeling down during our national anthem and guess what, most people agree with me. the nfl is in a box, they have to do some thing about it. >> trish: a new fox poll says the president's right, that the majority of americans agree. 55% are calling the demonstration inappropriate. meanwhile, congressional black caucus chairman sending a letter to president trump writing i write today to express my utter disgust with your handling of race relations in america in general and more specifically, your disgraceful response to nationwide demonstrations
9:51 am
against police brutality and racial injustice by professional football players, owners, coaches. critics bashed president obama for not doing enough during his two terms in office. this poll shows an overwhelming majority of americans worsened under president obama i agree with that, what was so discouraging about his presidency, i want to get your thoughts on this, he had so much opportunity. he was the first african-american president. i really had hoped we'd beaten a different place by the end of his term. >> lawrence: i was disappointed as well. but to be fair, i have to go on president trump as well. although i agree with a lot of his policies, this isn't his best right now dealing with these issues. first of all, that movement was dying at the nfl, there were
9:52 am
only about three or four athletes, especially since colin capper nick were those socks. president trump shared the belief of a lot of americans. never comment on another man's business and tell them what to do. i would tell the president, what would you do if someone came to trump tower and said, fire your employees and now this movement has esteem again. this is no longer about collin, he's out of the conversation. it's about taking on the president. >> harris: it's also not about the cause that these men were first sitting for. he began yelling because a former navy seal had a conversation with him about don't sit it out, take a knee, nail, maybe people will think you e praying, i'm paraphrang aittle bit.
9:53 am
the reports are that's what got him in this direction. then you also have a situation where during the civil rights movement, dr. king did it. he took a knee and he was praying. no one's talking about what you read and your introduction about the injustices they were fighting against. all of these are important issues. the only issue now is about money because the nfl has got to be looking at this. the market -- >> sandra: i want to pick your brain on how the president could have responded better and your opinion. if you were sitting here, as a white house keeps saying on his behalf, he is the commander-in-chief and while you are suggesting that he made a big mistake by telling another man how to run his business, he's not in the military and he said he felt a need to defend our military, defend our flag. what could he have done differently? >> lawrence: he could have said it was disrespectful, he
9:54 am
didn't like it and they should stand. the president would have been well within his right as the commander in chief, but that part where he called the meso b's, where you tell another man to fire someone. this is no longer about colin capper nick people who supported him are now boycotting the league because they felt like they were not giving him a job. >> kennedy: the bottom line is the bottom line and it's starting to affect the nfl. if people are watching and affects the advertisers, you're going to see a shift. from the players, there is been an interest in conversation. : capper nick is no muhammad ali >> harris: when muhammad ali
9:55 am
made his stance, he was unpopular too. he took it. >> kennedy: wear to the players go from here? >> trish: people don't like football anymore. >> harris: they can't escape. last saturday, directv said they were willing to let you opt out of there nfl ticket portion. i' been readingince then that there is a penalty to cancel that, but people are canceling anyway. >> trish: they'll let you cancel it, i believe without penalty if you say the reason is because of this. >> lawrence: i blame the media for this. if they never would have put the cameras highlighting this. >> harris: it's love for these types of issues which divide.
9:56 am
>> trish: it's all convoluted, but i'll say one thing. you can't hear the national anthem and not feel a tremendous sense of pride because this is a great place to be and it's still a land of opportunity. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. patrick woke up with back pain.
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>> if they only knew what went on during the commercial. >> thanks to lawrence jones. we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern, thank you for joining us. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jon: we started with a fox news alert, two big issues, foreign and domestic on the burner. president trump set to meet with the chinese vice premier and his oval office at this hour as his administration wages of full-court press on tax reform with vice president mike pence at true demand deliver remarks later today in milwaukee. hello to you, welcome to the second hour of "happening now" " >> heather: we are also awaiting something big, the white house news briefing will be back as well, that starts just about an hour from now. all of this coming as congressman steve scalise makes a dramatic return to capitol hill. [applause]


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