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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 29, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: disaster sending to picture perfect caribbean weather. look at this ♪ [screams] rob: dock giving out during the vows. plunging the guests into the water. i guess the bride and groom actually didn't go in. but the guests did. heather: saved her dress. rob: what a disaster. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. >> panic spreading in puerto rico with nearly half the population still does not have access to food, water, or power. >> at the request of puerto rico's governor, president trump granted a 10-day waiver of the jones maritime act to allow foreign flag vessels to ferry supplies. >> the administration and the president every time that we have spoken, i have asked, they have delivered. >> the vice president promised to pass the largest tax cut in u.s. history. >> as the economy expands, we'll be able to more than pay for these tax cuts. the real answer is president trump loves to say is growth.
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♪ of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] rob: players send ago message of unity during the national anthem linking arms together. heather: there was not much linking of arms by the fans in the stand. >> we all should stand for the flag. this is america. >> i kneel for the lord and i stand for the flag. >> he's back. house majority whip steve scalise returning to capitol hill and both parties overjoyed. >> when i was laying out on that ball field, i just started to pray that at that point it was in god's hands. i'm a living example that miracles really do happen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ steve: i like to watch that scene right there because can you tell who is going to be on the show, geraldo is going to be here and tommy lahren is going to be here. welcome aboard. abby: it's friday. i mean i'm here all weekend but everyone else has made it to the end of the week. brian: we will not put that in front of you all day that we're off saturday and sunday for now. but i will say this, this is one of those weeks i think you guys would agree it has been on hyper speed. steve: they all are. brian: feels like yesterday was monday. it just has felon flown by. abby: so much happens every minute of the day. constantly changing every time we wake up and sit on the couch. steve: sure. abby: there is new developments to the stories we have been talking about. steve: absolutely. the big story we talked about this week started last friday in the down luther strange rally people who got to stand for the national anthem as you know last
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sonsd on good star mother's sunday, 200 players took a to me. as it turns out the polls since then feel as president trump does people should stand for the national anthem. all eyes on the packers bears game last night who would happen at lambeau field. abby: it was a powerful moment, brian. brian: i want you to hear pregame. we knew that aaron rogers quarterback and you see him all over the television. commercials. do what he was supposed to do as a quarterback, be a leader. i want you to stand and lock arms. they didn't. and we will stand and lock arms, they did. ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star
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spangled ♪ banner yet wave [cheers] ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ [cheers] > ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: that is progress. nobody on the field actually took a knee, which is great. keep in mind, aaron rogers was asking the packers team to lock arms and everybody in the stadium for social justice. that's what that was all about. as it turns out people in the crowd, a few of them did. and the camera guys were desperately trying to find people. as you can see most people had their hands over their heart. a lot of people sang along.
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i don't think that many people took part in the packers protest. abby: some of them shown saluting the flag. chanting u.s.a., u.s.a. i mean, regardless of whether you have your hand over your heart or locked arms with your neighbor. this is a moment we needed to have this week. it was a moment of coming together. kudos to rogers for putting this together. he said we are all patriotic in the locker room. we love our troops. this is about something bigger. this is about all of us coming together in unity. steve: it was about social justifiable he said. brian: a couple things. i think if both teams kneeled, i bet you there would have been a mass exodus from the game. i'm telling you. steve: those fans own the team. they are stockholders. brian: along with greta van susteren we should note. yesterday there was a meeting in new york city. select players and owners. 25 players and owners said we have a huge problem here. i said we had 48 hours on tuesday for them to answer this question. what do you want the league to do and what's the role
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with the players? being if you told the players to all stand, that would have been a problem because they would have said wait a second you are not going to tell me what to do might have made things worse. yesterday, a lineman, as well as joseph the head coach of the bronchos made it clear their players despite what happened last week when some took a knee and the whole team stayed in the locker room their players will be standing this weekend. >> i promise you one thing this week we will all be standing out there for the national anthem. trust me. we respect the flag and military and everything that is a part of it? >> we started with good intentions. it's been so negative. how can you make true change with this toxic environment. that was the conversation. so let's get back to playing football. let's get back to standing for the theme and then moving forward we can probably make change. abby: that's such a good point. we aren't even talking about social justice. we haven't been talking about that for the past week. we have been talking about
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how disrespectful it is to kneel during the national anthem. that was the bronchos. this weekend also the steelers and the patriots are going to play. there are reports that they will all be standing during the national anthem. we have to wait and see what happens. brian: patriots as well. danny said that two days ago. i didn't see a formal statement. steve: the nfl is starting to panic as well they should. america wants people to stand according to the polls during the national anthem. nfl ticket sales are down 18% since this started. stub hub is advertising 10% discounts on nfl tickets. direct tv is giving refunds on their sunday tickets so there are a lot of people who are seeing the writing on the wall. that's why i have three teams already come out and said we are going to stand for the pledge. however, tennessee titan football player by the name of delaney walker tells fans yesterday to stay home if you don't like the protest. bye, he said. brian: single most damaging statement through this whole
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thing that's the statement. unbelievable. abby: actions speak a lot louder than words at that moment. brian: oblivious fact major league is also professional. they need part-time jobs because they don't have the fan support. the reason why they get paid so much in the nfl is the fans and interest this league has earned over the last 60-plus years. here is rush. rush limbaugh has an interesting theory on this. we know he used to work over at espn for a while. he loves football. listen. >> i do believe that the left wants to cause great damage to the nfl. what does the nfl stand for? masculinity. strength, toughness. so what are they doing to it? you go to college campuses now and you will find classes on how to take masculinity out of men. it's actually happening. there are studies and courses in college to do. this it's patriotic. you have got the flag. have you got the anthem. have you uniformed military personnel. all the things that the left wants to erase from this
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country. they don't like displays of patriotism, strength, rugged individualism. and that's why the players are being used here. i don't want the nfl to get smaller. i don't want it to become insignificant. i don't want it to be taken over by a bunch of wusses. i don't want it to be taken over by left wing social justice causes. use something besides the nfl sideline. use something besides the flag. use something besides something that people use to escape everything left. steve: there have you rush limbaugh talking to sean hannity down at palm beach yesterday where he said the left is using the players. rush also said what does the nfl stand for these days? he gave a definition on social media a lot of people are putting out the people nfl now stands for no fans left if this continues. abby: there was a really powerful moment yesterday. we were all on this couch by the way when steve schees was shot. only two and a half months ago. steve: right. abby: two and a half months later what he has been
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through recovering. he then went to washington yesterday. walked out, i think we have this individual joe really powerful moment. is he normally in a wheelchair but decided to walk out on the floor there of the house with his hand braces. and he said this experience that i have been through, what has changed me the most is my relationship with god. steve: those are the images that we were showing just. abby: two and a half months ago. steve: it seems shorter, it seems longer than that and there he is yesterday. he comes in with the assistance of it looks like a walker. if you missed what he said yesterday, it was -- there were three minutes of a standing ovation. everybody in that chamber was standing. both sides of the aisle. you never see that in washington, d.c. he spoke eloquently for about 20 minutes. this was one of the hiatal. >> it's only strengthened my faith in god. and it's really crystallized
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what shows up as the goodness in people. steve: he also went on to say he is living proof that miracles can happen. brian: the guy next to him who saved his life iraqi war vet. able to stop the bleeding and wrap it up. we will talk to jillian mele who also has been following what else is going on in the world. jillian: i thought it was touching yesterday when he called the capitol police officers who were angels there with him. abby: they were. jillian: powerful moment we were watching yesterday for sure. let's get you caught up on the headlines. two police officers are shot by enraged customer at bmw dealership. the man pulling a gun on the officers when they confronted him in a parking lot outside of cleveland, ohio. one cop shot in the stomach. the other was shot in the leg. now, they are both in stable condition. the suspect was also shot and is recovering in the hospital. witnesses say he was unhappy that his car wasn't done on time. an official motive is still unknown. the pentagon tapping a three
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star general to lead the hurricane relief efforts in puerto rico. general jeffrey buchanon will oversee the military response as they work to improve a distribution on aid dn the island. 7200 military members on the ground in puerto rico. power, water, and gas still remain in short supply. twitter finding and shutting down nearly 200 accounts linked to russia. social media sight revealing the information to congress as they investigate russia's influence on the 2016 election. mark warner says twitter is not doing enough. >> their response was frankly inadequate on almost every level. jillian: twitter, facebook, and google have been asked to testify in public by the house and senate intelligence committees. that's a look at your headlines on this friday, guys. remind you it's friday. abby: and it's national coffee day if you go to
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dunkin' donuts and bay medium coffebuycoffee you free m coffee. brian: jon huntsman day. be. abby: he got confirmed. no one better for that job. steve: can you skype him. abby: that's true. technology works. steve: we have a fox news alert. top al qaeda leader still alive. voice possibly resur fafersing in an audio message. what message is he sending to followers? former cia officer will decode next. brian: former u.s. attorney general eric holder has a new gig ♪ check it once ♪ then i check it twice ♪ oh, look watch you made me do ♪ look what you made me do
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daniel, what do you read from this? very much alive or are you hedging. >> all indications are that he is alive. it's a proof of life. he purposely used references to current events like north korea and syria to refute the allegation that russia had killed him in that air strike in raqqa back in may. brian: what do you look for him to do next that he lost his territory but he has an audience and that's a sunni audience because think a is beginning to run rampant through that region. >> even know he knows a femoral. he wants to libya. he knows cyberspace allows him to-to-do that. brian: you had him locked up in iraq and he was let go. >> i was actually in iraq that year when he was in camp bucca, yes. brian: must kill you to know he is out? >> well, it is certainly causing us great angst. obviously he is making a big impact. he will carry on making an impact just like anwar
3:19 am
al-awlaki does even with his sermons even in death. brian: he hides and everyone dies. talk about your other topic op-ed. you call it you a thorn tarren internet. china and russia. seeing unmasking of what their role was in our social media, facebook and twitter. what's going on here? >> russia and china simultaneously very nefarious users of the internet targeting us can w. covert. in china they are stealing technology as well. they are trying to mount cyber sovereignty in their own borders. first is to limit its ability -- limit our ability of free expression in our country. but, also, to make populist inside china and russia believe that they shouldn't have confidence in using these social media sites. that's really what causes them concern. brian: we come up with sh med and they are using it against us. they go into the nuances. they knew how to foment social strife in baltimore
3:20 am
to make others -- they are in our society and they know our hot buttons. >> they do. that is the responsibility of russian intelligence officers to penetrate our society as much as they can and understand what makes us particular. tick. hot button issues and how to exploit them. brian: you are one of the few in america not surprised by the revelations over last few days? >> no, i'm absolutely not surprised and wouldn't be surprised if in this case that the russians purposely left discoverable clues that we -- so that we would have less confidence in social media sites that they are somehow connected to russia. brian: so interesting. that's why we are able to find out ultimately hot buyer was. >> absolutely. brian brian fascinating to be able to tap into your years of experience inside the cia. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: arizona police officer is going viral putting what he calls pampe pampered millionaires in their place. that officer joins us next from arizona. >> listen, you play a game.
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♪ ♪ brian: quick headlines now. health and human services secretary tom price apologizing for using taxpayer funded jets for government and personal use. he says he will pay back $52,000. his share of the $400,000 travel bill accumulated since may. from now on he also says he will fly commercial. personally i like to see him get a plane. and a federal judge protecting black lives matter in a court of law. ♪ chanting: no justice, no peace.
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brian: brian jackson ruling black lives matter cannot be sued calling it a social movement not an entity. suit involving a baton rouge officer injured at a protest. i'm out of copy but abby and steve just getting started. steve: we have plenty more. abby: video going viral for what an officer calls pampered millionaires in their place. listen to. this have you these people to turn around and take a knee and want to attribute all the negativity to the flag and the anthem but don't want to attribute the positive. listen, you play a game. this is fairy tale world. you suit up, you lose, you go home. you cry, you play another game. in the real world, real heroes when they lose games, they don't come back. the people who die for that flag, it ain't a game. that's real life. that's real sacrifice. steve: joining us now is that arizona police officer brandon tatum. thank you for joining us
3:26 am
today from tucson. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. steve: brandon, when we watch that video, it is so powerful, clearly, you are agitated. why are you fed up with all the nfl players kneeling during the anthem? >> well, because i'm passionate about this country. i'm passionate about the flag. i go out every dayened a protect the citizens. and i'm willing to die for the citizens of this country. when i see people disrespecting the flag, disrespecting the anthem, it makes me very upset. and i believe it's unacceptable. abby: you are a police officer in arizona. you're an african-american man. you talk about that flag. what does it mean to you? >> it means everything to me. it's sacrifice. this is an example of our forefathers. even african-american people who have fought so that we can have opportunities in this country to be free, to play sports. to do things like that. this is a spit in their face to not honor the flag and represent it in a positive light. steve: sure, now brandon last night at the packers bears games.
3:27 am
the packers asked the fans to link arms together as a sign of social justice and unity. it looks like 90% of the crowd didn't follow that instead they had their hand over their heart and sang along. what do you think of the fact they are still protesting but they're not kneeling? >> it's a cop out. you either go all in or just get rid of it all together. i think the american people are wise enough to know that the true unity is when you put your hand over your heart and you stand up for the flag and you respect this country. abby: absolutely. you are an athlete yourself. you wanted to be in the nfl, right? you say you stopped watching football. this is all too much for you. what can be done. what can change to bring you back? >> i think if i see the players and the coaches and the commissioner actually stand up for what's right and say okay, we have made our point. now let's go out and let's respect this country.
3:28 am
let's respect the flag and remove politic from athletics and all i want to see is i want to see players go out and play and have a good time and enjoy the game. i don't want to see politics mixed in with athletics. abby: you and so many others. steve: let's go over to the nba for a moment. rookie for the 76ers by the name of ben simmons yesterday. i believe he was in australia. he said about the president. i think he is an idiot. if we were in australia right now, a lot of people would call him an inappropriate word and that's how i personally feel. he just brings more arrange angr and hatred to the u.s. it's unneeded. you would probably admit, brandon, that the protests on this past sunday when 200 players took a knee, a lot of them were in reaction to the president of the united states. and the comments he had made earlier in alabama regarding nfl players who took a knee. but, to you, it's not about the president.
3:29 am
it is always about the flag. right? >> right. right. i mean, i don't think the president is being divisive. the think the fact that you take a knee on a flag, you are starting division right there. and i think the president is trying to bring things back around in full circle and say okay, we need to realize what unity means and we need to stand for the flag and not divide ourselves by disrespecting america to push an agenda. abby: quickly, you are a police officer as i said. your colleagues, your other police officers, what have they said about your video? i'm sure you guys talk about this behind closed doors. >> oh, yeah. behind closed doors, open forum. we talk about it. i think people support what i say and they're excited. we are like a big family. so, when i am able to talk on tv, i think it's a victory for all of us. we get a chance to express kind of how we feel. but it's been 98% positive. i haven't had a police officer say anything negatively to me about it. i mean, just the way it is.
3:30 am
i think we are all on the same page. steve: all right. brandon tatum an arizona police officer today joining us live from tucson. sir, thank you for your service and have a great weekend. abby: what a video that was. >> you guys do the same. thank you for having me. steve: by the way we should point out brian has been moving some of the furniture in the studio. we apologize. brian, do you need help? abby: he cannot sit still every. steve: brian, please, come on. abby: this time harvard getting education secretary betsy devos with silent protest with a sign calling her a white supremacist. steve: plus, while the players send their political message, fans have one of their own. >> i've been through two wars. i've seen a lot. lost a lot of friends. and that flag is actually something. we all should stand for the flag. this is america. steve: our own todd piro hit the tailgaters outside of lambeau field last night and he is going to join us to talk about the.
3:31 am
abby: that is not todd. of that is wisconsin congressman sean duffy who is going to weigh in on what happened in his home state last night with the packers. can't wait to get his take on this. back after this ♪ a piece of the promise land ♪ i'm burning my candle at both ends ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ o say does that star spangled ♪ banner yet wave ♪ [cheers] ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ [cheers] ♪ and the home of the brave ♪
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[cheers and applause] brian: packers and bears fans get together on one thing and so do the players they all stood for the national anthem. steve: they didn't link arms. the team wanted them to link arms for social justice and unity. brian: by the way packers won 35-14. abby: talk about that today. steve: while that was going on inside. todd piro was tailgating. he was at a sports bar in green basement joins us with a reaction to the anthem. >> you can see behind me lambeau field one of the most iconic football fields in the country. green bay packers and chicago bears renewed their storied rivalry. outside we got a chance to speak with fans about what really has become the national conversation. check this out. >> as a veteran, when people kneel for the national anthem, what do you think? >> i have been through two
3:36 am
wars. i have seen a lot. lost a lot of friends. that flag is actually something. to see that, that's a terrible thing, man. todd: when people kneel, what goes through your head? >> stand up. >> ashamed. ashamed of our country. >> we also should stand for the flag. this is america. >> i don't want to tell you what i feel. i think it's absolutely the most terrible thing i have seen for my country. >> i kneel for the lord and i stand for the flag. >> why are you wearing that button. >> you stand for the flag and stand for the national anthem. >> do you agree with the president when he tells team owners if they have players on their team that refuse to stand for the national anthem that they should be fired. >> i don't think that is the president's decision. >> as an owner of the packers myself, i think that when i saw kendrick and all the other ones kneeling, that really disappointed me. >> i bought season tickets to watch these players play football, not lock arms. >> if your team knelt entirely, would you give up your season tickets? >> oh, yeah, absolutely.
3:37 am
>> do that some other time. the national anthem is sacred to us. the flag is sacred to us. you want to protest, don't do it on your boss' time. don't do it on my time. >> i have been through too much. seen too much. i'm a disabled vet, actually. i took three shots for this country. i still stand for the flag. >> i'm in the military, my brother is in the military. i have friends wrapped in the flag. my family wrapped in the flag. i feel like if you are going to protest, that isn't the right time to do it. todd: after interviewing fans outside lambeau for kneeling for the national national anthem. we are here to see the response as the anthem is played. ♪ home of the brave. [cheers and applause] >> so as you saw game one of week four, a little bit different than what we saw in games during week three. however, emotions among the
3:38 am
fans still pretty raw. back to you guys. brian: great job. progressive watch games and in the stadium. steve: what a job this is we sent him to the bar. 90 miles west where he was sitting right there is the district of sean duffy who is a congressman from wisconsin. what do you make of what the packers, players were asking the fans to do which was link arms for social justice? >> my take was they wanted us to link arms in the stands in support of them on the field linking arms which is in support of those kneeling. right? they were kneeling for the flag and support those kneeling for the national anthem and against our flag. what you saw last night in wisconsin, that doesn't play well to. see all of those packers. steve: 95% of the fans were not doing it. >> hands over the hearts veterans saluting. makes me want to cry. you know what? the packers can get us to come out in 10-degree below weather and watch a football game outside. but they can't us to disrespect our flag.
3:39 am
brian: i think both teams realize that. the bronchos saying. this pittsburgh steelers stood in the locker room. we are going to be on the sideline. the word is patriots going to be on the sideline. do you think we could be on the other side of this issue now by monday morning. >> i hope. so i love football. i want to turn my tv back on. i love this stuff. brian: you shut it off. >> i shut it off. i didn't watch last night. listen, i can't support these guys when they are not supporting our flag. our military. all the great things our flag represents. all the things our veterans have fought for. it represents the civil rights movement. it represents women's right to vote. the flag represents all those great things our country has to offer the greatest nation on earth. steve: last sunday 200 players took part in the knee. president trump said doing just that in the nfl. during the anthem is not the time to protest any politician. >> absolutely. there are all kinds of platforms that these guys especially have to protest
3:40 am
but during the national anthem is not the right time. you know what? i went to the first packer game in the preseason. these are blue collar -- the wife had given the husband for christmas last year their one ticket to this game and to save up and want to go. these people love their country. they fly the flag in front of their yard and they love their football. those two things crash together force them to pick over football and the flag. i love that we picked the flag. brian: i want to say on behalf of the players, a lot of them -- almost 90% of them unbelievable success stories. overcoming incredible odds to do somethin something .001% n get on the nfl roster. >> fair to say these players they don't want to be in this position. they were forced in to say could i kneel, stabbed, olympic arms to support my players? they are in a bad place. abby: stood there and put his hand over his heart.
3:41 am
you are right at the position many of them don't want to be in. there was that moment of unity on the field last night but also where you work in washington. there was this incredibly powerful moment of unity where steve scalise came back to work almost three months ago when he was shot practicing on that baseball field for the congressional game. what was that moment like? you were there. >> it's a pretty cool moment when there is a lot of division in america and in the congress and to see both sides stand up fists in the air. abby: how often does that happen. >> not very often at all. it's a rare occasion. everyone welcoming back to the house floor. steve: including nancy pelosi. >> nancy giving a welcome. we stand together. this is an assault on freedom and liberty when he was shot. we all stand together as a congress when one of us are taken out. when he mentioned the fact that world leaders were calling him wishing him well
3:42 am
it was an attack on america. it wasn't just a man. steve: another symbol like the flag. >> well played. that was great. brian: real quick on tax reform there is a lot in the republican calculation upset when it comes to deductions and state and local tax. >> that's in new york. brian: and chicago, too. >> and california. brian: where do you stand? if 10 men's you are all together where are you now and 1 means you are apart. >> members of congress in new york, illinois and california don't like this. let's be clear and when you are lower income person and standard deduction goes from $12,000 to $24,000. this doesn't matter for you. you at this table, you might pay a little more because you are not going to be able to deduct that bottom line why are texans and floridians subsidizing your write off. brian: your argument you put out there is with your own party. >> if we are looking out for
3:43 am
low income, middle income folks, this isn't going to impact them. higher income folks it will. democrats to want to have income war they should join news this effort. steve: people who itemize this is not going to impact them. >> we have to work through. this but i think we're trying to get a lot of revenue to lower rates. this is the largest revenue raiser. it's about a trillion dollars in revenue when we don't allow to you write off your state and local taxes. this thing is going to collapse. so we need it. abby: we do. brian: you just want that child deduction. >> 8 kids, right. increase that a little bit more. brian: thanks so much, congressman. speaking of tax reform. white house budget director mick mulvaney will be here live. that's what he looks like. steve: top of the hour. plus, will they show how the house held him in contempt from hollywood.
3:44 am
eric holder is getting a tv drama based on him. will it have his whole history? that's the question. we will know soon enough. we'll be right back. ♪ and i ♪ didn't know ♪ so it keeps me dry and protected. go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself. what twisted ankle?ask go to - what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. -ahh. -the new guy. -whoa, he looks -- -he looks exactly like me. -no. -separated at birth much? we should switch name tags, and no one would know who was who. jamie, you seriously think you look like him? uh, i'm pretty good with comparisons. like how progressive helps people save money
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but "yes" is here. the new app will go live monday? yeah. with hewlett-packard enterprise, we're transforming the way we work. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. ♪ jillian: good friday morning. back with quick headlines. harvard students protesting education secretary betsy devos holding signs reading white supremacist and our students are not for sale during her speech. [chanting] >> you did not stop her speech to protest. >> holder is heading to hollywood. new tv show inspired by holder's time at the department of justice is in the works. drama series called main justice will air on cbs and co-produced by holder himself. steve? steve: is he branching out. all right. thanks, jillian. a big win for president trump as the u.s. economy is
3:48 am
surging according to the numbers. abby: news comes at a good time for the white house as they push their tax reform plan all across the country. brian: only one left who hasn't read is me so i will take it from me. griff jenkins live from washington with more. 3.1. >> you know guys, good morning. newly revised g.d.p. numbers for this second quarter are stronger than previously thought ahead of president trump's 3%. it's hitting a two-year high and offering gasoline to a growing economy. the president tweeted on this saying, quote: g.d.p. was revised upward to 3.1 for last quarter. many people thought it would be years before that happened. we have just begun. now, is he making major speech in just a few hours here in washington to the national association of manufacturers where i will tout that new tax plan and talk about the power of made in america and how it can unify the nation. we're just getting an excerpt right now. you can take a look at what he is going to say, quote: when we grow american manufacturing we don't only grow our jobs and wages, we also grow the american
3:49 am
spirit. when we purchase products made in america, fashioned by our fellow citizens, we renew the bonds of national loyalty that link us all together. and vice president pence was on the road in the heart of manufacturing yesterday in michigan saying that confidence in making things here at home is back. >> today american manufacturers are more optimistic than at any point in the last 20 years. and the truth is, confidence is back. manufacturing is back. and under president donald trump, america is back. [cheers and applause] and we're just getting started. >> meanwhile chief economic advisor gary cohn stopped by the briefing room talking to reporters making it clear it's the middle class that these tax cuts are aimed at. and i should add, guys, now experts are saying it's too early to tell how harvey, irma and maria may impact the g.d.p. in the next quarter likely add storm related, deposition in the
3:50 am
short-term and boosting in the long-term if americans are the places that rebuild puerto rico, the florida keys. steve: great point. griff, thank you. talk with mick mulvaney. nfl taking another hit as the anthem continues. they lost their first spawn sore. the tennessee businessman who pulled his ads joins us live in the next hour. abby: plus, are you ready for mega morning deals? 80% off the exclusive deals you are only going to see right here on "fox & friends." that's up next. ♪
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>> thanks so much. >> don't forget to shop. brian: where. >> on "fox & friends" website mega morning deals. see you next hour. brian: judge jeanine tomi lahren and newt gingrich.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> can he request of puerto rico's governor president trump janet add waiver of the jones maritime act to allow foreign vessels to ferry supplies. >> the administration and the president every time we have spoken asked they delivered. >> the vice president promised to pass the largest tax cut in u.s. history. >> as the economy expands, we'll be able to more than pay for these tax cuts real answer as pump loves to say is growth. [cheers] abby: that was a really powerful moment yesterday. >> steve scalise returning to capitol hill and both parties overjoyed. >> when i was laying out on that ball field, i just
4:01 am
started to pray that at that point it was in god's hands. i'm definitely a living example that miracles really do happen ♪ of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] >> players sending a message of unity during the national anthem linking arms together. >> unity is when you put your hand over your heart and you stand up for the flag and you respect this country. >> we all should stand for the flag. this is america. >> i kneel for the lord and i stand for the flag. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ ♪ everybody wants to. steve: actually we know somebody who is working on the weekend that would be abby huntsman who is filling
4:02 am
in for ainsley once again. she will be back on monday. thank you very much for helping us. abby: happy to be here. brian: staring straight ahead at 8 more hours saturday and sunday. your dad is now officially the ambassador to russia. he got through quicker than anybody unanimous maybe even quicker than mattis unanimous consent both sides of the aisle. >> amazing for him. pretty easy job for him ambassador to russia. brian: i can't imagine anything more controversial. abby: we are still talking about the national anthem and nfl and kneeling and last night was a pretty powerful moment if you were watching the packers game. brian: everyone was watching before the game even though the packers and bears had one of the best rivalries in sports. we wanted to see what the players were going to do during the national anthem. they stood, they locked arms, and the fans loved it. ♪ the bombs bursting in air
4:03 am
[cheers and applause] ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star spangled ♪ banner yet wave [cheers and applause] o'er the land of the free [cheers and applause] ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: i love that guy saluting right there. the packers players wanted and they sent out word to the fans in the crowd we're all going to be linking arms
4:04 am
for social justice for unity. we want all in the audience to do the same thing. very few did. most had their hands over their heart. a lot of them sang. aaron rogers was trying to convince the fans this group demonstration was necessary it was all about equality. he said as much as some people want us to just shut up and play football and keep the politics to politics, sports and politics have always been intersected. okay. that may be the case, but you know what? a lot of people don't like politics when it comes to the anthem. you should stand up. abby: i think that's a veteran right there saluting. as you said not many in the crowd were locked in arms but they were saluting the american flag, a few of them. and also chanting u.s.a., u.s.a. this is a step forward though, brian, when you think about where we were just last weekend. monday night football even. we are not kneeling anymore u. brian: 25 owners got together. select players were asked to come in and talk about a way out of this for the national football league just across town here. we know it looks like the patriots will be standing
4:05 am
and pittsburgh steelers have committed to standing and it looks like the denver bronk co-s have committed to standing. there is a couple of players in seattle and at least one in oakland that i know made it clear they are not standing. steve: one the giants players come out and said you know what? we had a good conversation. it was all positive, but nothing has been ironed out. brian: no mandate from the league or from teams. but there is directives not mandates. brian: other major story in america is the growth of the economy we're over 3% and revised upward. that is leading to the last quarter ended in june. the director of the office of management and budget got that news. what does it mean to people watching right now that our economy is at 3.1%? >> it means one the greatest things in politics which is that i get to go to all the key tractors beating up on the administration the last three months and go i told you so which is the greatest feeling in politics. brian: going to be tough to keep it though with the hurricanes, correct? >> it is. we expect to see sort of a
4:06 am
tick down because of all three hurricanes during the third quarter. that's at this point typical. what's also typical is you will see a corresponding uptick in the fourth quarter the quarter after the hurricane. more importantly and seriously what you see now is more folks are going back to, woman of achievement jobs are paying better. more opportunities. we are seeing that 3% growth we have talked about sirns the administration started. in all fairness, we are seeing it much earlier than we expected. did i not project in the budget that we would see 3% growth until i believe 2019. so it's actually happening faster than we expected. steve: well, good. meanwhile, let's talk about taxes. we saw the president earlier in the week. we know he is going to go out and make a speech to the national association of manufacturers as some loud equipment drives behind you there at the white house right now. the message to the folks is you're going to cut the taxes for people in the middle class and you are going to make it simpler, right? >> yeah. the two primary things for the president. number one folks in the middle class will pay less and it will be easier for
4:07 am
them to pay. i don't think nearly enough folks have been talking about the fact that almost 90% of households, not businesses, ordinary folks pay somebody else to do their taxes. they won't have to do that anymore. you will pay less and be easier to pay and won't have to pay somebody else to do it for you. that's number one. number two is we really are focusing hard on corporate tax rate as we try to give companies incentives to invest in america again. brian: mick, even though the house and senate and white house on the same relief on the through is turbulence with peter king and some others repeal and deductions for state and local taxes. they want to represent those people and those people negatively affected. what's your message to republicans in the "wall street journal" today that have issue with that? >> it's pretty simple. and it's not folks from big states. it's folks from high tax states. not just large population is. this. if you and i make the same amount of money. we live in the same value house, we drive the same
4:08 am
value car and our kids go to the same schools shouldn't we pay the exact same to support the federal government? shouldn't you are tax burden be exactly the same? the answer is yes. if you live in a low tax state, you actually pay actually higher taxes to the federal government than the exact same personal does in california or new york. that's not fair. abby: last time we had comprehensive tax reform was under ronald reagan. what did he was bring both sides of the aisle together. working with tipp o'neal as an example of that we are not hearing positive praise you from the democrats. president trump says look we are determined to make it a bipartisan effort a bipartisan deal. what are democrats, you think you they are going to come whoever? is there anything in this you think they would like? >> a couple democrats that have just already checked out. in fact, i have had a conversation with some and asked them could you ever support deduction to the corporate tax rate and they say no and that's the end of the discussion. so many of them are so heavily invested in this talking point anything that is good for the economy must be a give away to the rich that he this never consider voting yes. i think you saw the
4:09 am
president ask senator donnelly to go to indiana. a couple of senators have been out on the road with him. democrats. yes, we are reaching across the aisle to see if there are folks that are reasonable and talk about what's good for the american economy and american families and not just good for politics. steve: absolutely. it's going to take a bipartisan effort to get something across the finish line for the people the united states. you don't see that very often, mick. you know in washington particularly in the house of representatives, except yesterday in the early afternoon, after almost three months away, after he was shot at a baseball field just a couple of miles away from where you are, steve scalise returned to a hero's welcome. i know you worked with him for a long time in congress. how impactful were these images of him coming back? because a lot of people thought he would never do what he did yesterday. >> yeah. it was pretty important stuff. i don't say this flippantly. steve, more than co-workers. steve was my second baseman.
4:10 am
i was shortstop on the team for six years. we spent a lot of time on that field. to not only see steve to be at work tomorrow or walk in to the chamber something in all fairness didn't know was going to happen. that was good stuff. welcome back, steve. good to see you. abby: huge smile on his face. one thing that changed for him was his relationship with god. steve: he said it was proof that miracles can happen. brian: mick, i was thinking about you not only because of is he your friend but you need democrat support. be better with democratic buy in. is there any way the whip can build on that unity? >> sure. absolutely. we have talked about this before there is a lot more unity on the floor every single day that we just don't see. day in and day out democrats work with republicans. it doesn't sell. it is not glamorous. the media seems to like conflict. can i assure you that sentiment you saw in the chamber there yesterday. every single day not at that level because it's not as emotional every single day. we like each other in the
4:11 am
house. i say we because i used to be there yesterday was just one manifestation of that not the only one. steve: it was a beautiful observation of the fact of the fact he was back. mick mulvaney the director of the office and budget quiet there. great to see you live. abby: thanks for joining us this morning. brian: when the leave falls and blower goes out. are we ever going to get a word. in. steve: sounds like somebody was backing up. abby: we will go to jillian mele for headlines. jillian: good morning to you and to you at home as well. pentagon tapping a three star general to lead the efforts in puerto rico. jeff riff buchana jeffrey buchan will oversee the work on the island. 10,000 federal workers including 7200 military workers on the ground. power, water, and gas still remain in short supply. acting dhs secretary elaine duke heads to puerto rico today to get a first-hand look at the damage.
4:12 am
the trump administration cracking down on sanctuary cities. ice arresting nearly 500 illegal immigrants in a massive sweep this week. operation safe city spent four days and stretched from los angeles to new york city. agents targeted illegal immigrants with criminal charges or known gang affiliations. ice made it clear people from the daca program were not included in the roundup. u.s. diplomats could soon be pulled from the coulibaly ban embassy after 21 americans have mysteriously become sick while working there. some staff members suffered hearing loss and even brain injuries from what the state department has called a sonic attack. the cuban government denies any involvement. but we're learning secretary of state rex tillerson could shut the embassy down completely. that's a look at your headlines on this friday. send it back to you guys. brian: they should shut it down. abby: somebody just wrote me on social media i am watching your show but i won't get up until brian tells me to get dressed.
4:13 am
brian: please get dressed. 1 minutes after the hour. coming up, refusing to accept books donated by the first lady. calling them racist propaganda. seriously? they from a doctor. steve: yeah, dr. seuss. did it have impact on the election or real news that sunk hillary and the democrats? ♪ kurt, the cyberguy, is coming in like a wrecking ball and is he talking facebook. ♪ all i wanted was to break you up ♪ all you ever did was ♪ wreck me ♪ yeah, you wrecked me ♪ never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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♪ ♪ abby: tech giants taking capitol hill. facebook, twitter all how influenced presidential election. brian: yesterday gave a pair of closed door briefings to the house and senate intelligence committees. steve: this claiming that fake news, #was targeted prior to the election. here to break it down kurt neutz son the cyberguy. because we are on social media so much. twitter, facebook, they know so much of what he like, they are able to target us and that can turn around and
4:18 am
bite us. >> two thirds of americans on facebook one out of every five hours we spend online is going to facebook. every single thing you are posting there. everything is being collected and compiled into a database. what's that worth? it's worth a ton of money. so did this happen? did it happen? did all the things that are in front of congress and the senate right now, is this true? well, guess what? whether it is are it isn't, it matters in a very big way because it can happen tomorrow. it can happen today. you and i can go on to facebook and we can very, very cleanly and inexpensively target an ad that reaches brian and his friends or abby and where she has traveled over the last five years. steve: have you got to have interest though, right? >> no. you just have to have a credit card. you have a little credit card and you go online and can you do this. abby: that's creepy. all this stuff is creepy. >> yesterday what we found out is that twitter came in and said okay we have shut down 200 accounts because we
4:19 am
found they were of russian influence. well, it really doesn't matter. twitter doesn't have the kind of inthriewns on america the way that social media giant facebook does. without question though, here is what we know, facebook did not in any way -- well, here is what i can say, facebook most assuredly, unwittingly, became a fake news machine, period. end of story. brian: ad buys were bought by a nonperson. >> anybody. steve: who know who it was. >> anybody. you can get your ad approved in 15 minutes and you will never, a human eye might never see it. abby: i have been on the phone this actually happened and i said this i would love to go to greece. did you go on facebook and have you ads going to greece. you just said it you didn't google. >> it take a look what they know about you. here are the basics. we have seen this before. but then you look at it again and go under the circumstances right now, this is kind of wild. so age, gender, religion,
4:20 am
your political affiliation, your education, your relationship status. what hobbies you are in to, your job title. what you purchased. what your friends are purchased. what devices. steve: it sounds like google or facebook knows more but than the federal government actually and they ever collecting a lot. >> here's what i'm here to tell you. facebook knows more but and your best friend and closest family members. i guarantee it. you can go on. go on today and find -- i put it up right now. and and search me on facebook. i will show you how you can see what they know about you. abby: i don't think i want to see. i don't know if i want that. >> you do. you want to see it. brian: we just found out for the first time abby wants to go to greece. >> i knew that facebook told me. abby: fox news alert. top isis leader in a chilling new audio video. message sent to terrorist followers. brian: protest against the national anthem. next guest pulled all of the ads from the nfl games. the founder of check in to
4:21 am
casual len jones here with why he is taking a stand. >> welcome back. ♪ ♪ i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended... ...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. 83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day women's. complete with key nutrients we may need, plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one-a-day women's. so how old do you want uhh, i was thinking around 70. alright, and before that? you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire? oh yeah sure... ok, like what? but i thought we were supposed to be talking about investing for retirement? we're absolutely doing that. but there's no law you can't make the most of today. what do you want to do? i'd really like to run with the bulls.
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wow. yea. hope you're fast. i am. get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change. investment management services from td ameritrade.
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or a card shark. grandma? witness katy perry work. witness katy perry firework. witness katy perry swish. witness katy perry... aaaaaaw look at that dog! katy perry: with music videos and behind the scenes footage, xfinity lets you witness all things me. abby: time nor news by the numbers. $95 million that's how much a company has to pay in criminal fines for hiring thousands of illegal workers. the judgment against asplundh is the largest of its kind in history. three former presidents bill clinton, george w. bush and barack obama kicking off the president's golf tournament yesterday in new jersey. did you see this photo? it is the first time ever that three u.s. presidents have attended the event at the very same time. finally zero dollars your
4:25 am
morning jolt free today. several companies offering free coffee for national coffee day. brian: a show of solidarity last night for the packers and the bears. they stood linking arms but most importantly they stood for the national anthem. a much different scene than last sunday when more than 200 players protested. steve: while many have expressed anger, one business owner is putting his money where his mouth is, allen jones, the founder of check in to cash and the owner of hardwood clothes which he has come on the program to talk about has pulled all his ads from nfl games saying he won't take the behavior and he joins us live. allen, what was it about the protest that you saw where 200 players last week took a knee that just drove you nuts and you said enough already? >> you know, i'm just a patriot. i have always been a patriot. i don't know what it is. i have always been a patriot. i'm southern gentlemen from cleveland, tennessee a small town of about 40,000.
4:26 am
i don't remember. i'm 64. i don't ever remember anybody not standing for the national anthem. it just went all over me. i want you all to remember i'm a small fry and small player. what i'm pulling off is not a lot to them. people asking like i'm mercedes bins and i'm getting ready to take the mercedes stadium away from the falcons. that's not me. i'm a small town player. i'm pulling my ad ads from fort wayne, indiana and places like that. abby: it's a big decision. could that be bad for business? >> at some point, abby, your country comes first. but, you know, i didn't think about it at the time. and when did i it, i certainly didn't realize the firestorm it was causing. did i it and told my friends on facebook. i sent it off. i went to my granddaughter's cheerleading in chattanooga, tennessee 7th great football. when i came home all this
4:27 am
stuff broke loose. brian: you made your move. that's what people say will get the nfl's attention when sponsors move out or start to stay home. in the big picture, what the players want is more social justifiable. do they have a point? >> not with the pledge of allegiance. if you will study francis scott key, i mean the national anthem. when he wrote the national anthem, francis scott key at fort mchenry, if somebody would just study that a little bit and understand why this thing was written bombs busting in air was to see if the flag was still up. it's a great story. these guys don't know it. they just don't know. steve: yeah, but you know for a fact a lot of the players who took a knee last week, alan, were steamed that the president of the united states made the comments about them a couple of days earlier. so, regardless of what they had protested in the past, racial, you know, police brutality, racial inequality, last week it was all about protesting donald
4:28 am
trump. >> well, i know, but you don't protest it with our flag. it's us. i don't care. steve: before or after. >> we're here together. it's our country together. we stand together. it's the one thing we are together on. and i can't stand to see that split. abby: so what needs to change? what would make you put your ads back up? >> that they have quit and they go back to, you know -- i'm a sports fan. we are big donors university of tennessee. georgia is coming to town saturday. i'll be there. i love the pros. the cleveland browns is owned by tennesseeen, you know. so i look forward to being able to watch this. but they are going to have to change and they are going to have to. if they want to lock hands that's one thing. brian: what you saw last night was tv. >> i didn't watch it last night i turned it off. brian: they stood up arm and arm. >> if they want to hold arms, that's okay. but don't take a knee. in football, don't take a knee. i would never ever take a
4:29 am
knee 50's losing, ever. brian: alan jones, thanks so much, thanks for telling us your story. >> thank you. abby: mother refusing to get her child vaccinate you had now facing jail time unless she complies. really county court make that call? brian: rush limbaugh sitting down with our own sean hannity last night. the establishment doesn't want the president to succeed. do you agree with that? newt gingrich is going to be asked that question. i wonder what he is going to say. ♪ ♪
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
>> can't afford for him to succeed with his agenda. they can't afford it the lid is blown the gig is over. the joke is revealed. if an outsider with no political experience can come in and fix messes that people have been promised would be fixed for 30 years,
4:33 am
how does that make them look? they can't allow that to happen. brian: fascinating comment when rush limbaugh thinks republicans do not want president trump to succeed. steve: well, in particular, republican establishment. we happen to know somebody from the establishment. it's former speaker of the house, fox news contributor also the author of understanding trump, a big "new york times" best seller and host of an online show defending america. newt gingrich. newt, thanks for joining us. what did you make of rush limbaugh saying the g.o.p. establishment does not want our president, donald trump, to win? >> well, let me say first of all congratulate abby, her dad was confirmed yesterday to go to moscow and he is the only guy i know who has been ambassador to both beijing and moscow. quite an honor for your family and great he is a citizen and your mom is a citizen willing to serve the country congratulations to your family i know you are going through it, too. >> it's a complicated process. look, i think that first of all, as much as i admire
4:34 am
russia and we have known each other many years, i think he is a half step behind what's happening. are there some never trumpers? sure, interest r. there some people who cause trouble, sure. let me give you an example. this is the postcard tax form that 85% of americans will be able to file under the new republican tax plan. literally a postcard. now, that was developed by the trump white house by the house republicans and the senate republicans as a team. they launched it this week as a team. i think that they have learned a lot of painful lessons over the last nine months. i think they recognize that all three are relying on each other. trump is not going to get his big changes without the congress. congress isn't going to be successful without trump. i think in that sense it's a mistake to look at the complex city of our constitutional system. and then assume that that's because people don't want to help trump. our constitution was designed to be really hard, to get things done in order
4:35 am
to avoid dictatorship. steve: they did it. >> they did it i always tell people they did such a good job of making sure dictators couldn't run the government we could barely do it voluntarily. when i talk to them and people tend to gloss over. this mitch mcconnell got 49 out of 52 republicans to vote to repeal obamacare. that's three who voted no. there were 48 democrats who voted no. that's 16 democrats for every republican. so if you want to blame, quote, the establishment, you ought to start with the democrats because they are the one loss are constantly on every single issue blocking and slowing things down. brian: right. >> not the republicans. steve: pardon me, i was just going to say you know all those republicans who voted no, essentially, had said in the past give us a chance to repeal and replace. we will do whatever we can they were given a chance. they said no. >> right. you can decide. actually in the case of susan collins, she had been very consistent. >> she was.
4:36 am
>> she had always said she was doubtful this was the right way to go. so, let's take two other republicans. you can focus all your anger on the republicans for these two or you can say, gee, if we could pick up 6 or 8 seats next year, life gets dramatically easier. i'm saying as somebody who has been around a long time the reagan moto would be let's go out and take care of the 48 democrats who voted no. give ourselves bigger margin for error and we will get a lot of stuff done. i understand there is a certain desire on the right to always be mad at ourselves. there is a certain people who make money sending out appeals to attack ourselves. as somebody who was worked with ronald reagan. i don't think that's the right way to do it. we focused on the country, not on inside the party fighting. >> as kim strossel writes today in the "wall street journal." it is really three people it is collins, mostly cloudy skies contain, and rand paul. and they are not necessarily out to get to stop donald trump. in fact, the people that seem to be most against
4:37 am
donald trump but vote with him all time senator ben sass and jeff flake. they are always with him on issues. their problem with him perhaps is personal. that doesn't make much sense. do you fear that steve bannon is going to go target those out there and cause this so-called civil war on the right? sure, ban done is unleashed. drag party not so much toward the right or left how aggressive. i'm not sure judge moore is going to be dramatically more to the right than strange in terms of his votes. he will be much more aggressive and verbal and much more attacking and being angry. so, but that's how parties talk to themselves u look, the democrats have a huge crisis coming. because they have bernie sanders carrying them towards socialism in a way that the country will repudiate. we're having an internal fight. but the fight is over a very simple question. how do you drain the swamp? i want to go back to the taxes and to this postcard.
4:38 am
the republican plan cuts money off from the swamp. the republican plan puts the money back in your pocket. so, if you are serious about taking on the swamp, you have to help pass the republican tax cuts because they are a major step towards economic growth and a major step towards taking money away from the bureaucracy. >> absolutely. what do these lawmakers care about more than anything at all winning the election. great perspective. >> thank you. abby: let's go over to jillian mele for other headlines. jillian: good morning to you at home. the leader of isis may stillable alive despite claims from the russians they killed him. terrorist run news outlet running audio of abu bakr al-baghdadi. daniel hoffman told us this could be big. >> all indications are that he's alive. it's a proof life. he purposely used references to current events like north korea and syria to refute
4:39 am
the allegation that russia had killed them in air strike in raqqa back in may. >> u.s. officials cannot record when baghdad the tape. the pentagon never confirmed his death. oh the places these book also not go. school librarian in massachusetts rejecting a package of dr. suess books from first lady melania trump calling them racist propaganda. the librarian said the books should have been sent to other schools that needed them more. but the school district says the librarian's actions doesn't represent them. the first lady sent book packages to schools in all 50 states to celebrate national read a book day. talk about creative freedom. a detroit high school now going viral for allowing its seniors to dress up in costumes for their id pictures and the results are just hilarious. look. this is sarah dressed up as our commander-in-chief. and kelsey doing an uncanny impression of darla from the movie finding nemo. jake going all out as woody
4:40 am
from toy story. the school says they let their seniors dress up every year. got to love it i have to ask you guys then if you could do that. >> i love that. brian: don't do it for the yearbook will last forever. what's funny now is not funny in 10, 15, 20 years. >> jillian: that's hilarious. steve: was that photo shopped or did they actually wear the costume. jillian: they wore them. abby: what would you do? >> fireman. steve: janice dean married one. janice: he will take care of all of us. happy friday. >> party all over our body. januaryian what's your name young lady. >> my name florence. janice: what are you doing on friday. >> i'm leaving unfortunately back to my little home in wood bridge and had a wonderful tour and visit of your -- janice: do you want to do the weather for me. >> the weather right out here now? the weather is not what it was the last five days. the last four or five days was totally beautifully
4:41 am
unreal. janice: nicely done. >> and i said why didn't i take my jacket with me? but no i'm not because i'm excited. janice: how did she do on the weather report, everybody? >> she did great. janice: where are you from? >> nebraska. >> what's your name, honey? >> elizabeth. janice: elizabeth. say thank you so much for having me and now back to you, abby, steve, and brian. >> thank you so much for having me. now back to you abby, steve, and brian. janice: that's fantastic. they did it all for me. who needs the weather person when we have a crowd like this today. prinel brian there you go. abby: i love it thank you, janice. it does feel like the first day of fall here. steve: absolutely. people watching in california right now coming here to the big town, bring a coat. abby: nice a cold. brian: grow your chest hair out it will be nice and cold. abby: it's good for pregnant women. >> i'm in the military, my brother is in the military. i are friends wrapped in the flag. i have family that's wrapped in the flag. i feel like if you are going
4:42 am
to protest, that isn't the right time. abby: todd piro went to green bay for thursday night football. you don't want to miss that he's up next. steve: then, how does half off annuity tri bullet sound? i have one of those, actually. exclusive morning mega deals just for "fox & friends" fans coming up live from new york city. ♪ forget about the price tag ♪ ain't about the cheng cheng ♪ and ain't about the bling, bling ♪ want to make the world dance ♪ and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ [cheers and applause] abby: the national spotlight was on green bay last night, but fans and players linked arms and stood during the
4:46 am
national anthem. steve: a much different scene than last sunday when hundreds of players protested. brian: what do fans think? todd piro in green bay with a quick swath of what the fans thought there and in the sports bar. todd: good morning, guys, yeah, right now the sun is up over lambeau field. absolutely gorgeous scene here. last night here the bears and packers wrote another storied chapter in their rivalry. we spoke with fans about standing for the national anthem means for them. >> as a veteran, when people kneel for the national anthem, what do you think? >> i have been through two wars. i have seen a lot, lost a lot of friends. and that flag is actually something. i mean, to see that, it's a terrible thing, man. todd: when people kneel, what goes through your head? >> stand up. >> ashamed. ashamed of our country. >> we all should stand for our flag. this is america. >> i don't even want to tell you what i feel because i think it's just absolutely the most terrible thing that
4:47 am
i have ever seen. >> i kneel for the lord and i stand for the flag. >> why are you wearing that button? >> stand for the american flag. you stand for the national anthem. >> do you agree with the president when he tells team owners that if they have players on their team that refuse to stand for the national anthem that they should be fired. >> i don't think that is the president's decision. >> as an owner of the packers myself, i think that when i saw kendrick and all the other ones kneeling, that really disappointed me. >> i bought season tickets to watch these players play football, not lock arms. >> if your team knelt entirely, would you give up your season tickets? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> do that some other time. the national anthem is sacred to us. the flag is sacred to us. you want to protest, don't do it on your boss' time. don't do it on my time. >> i mean, i have been through too much, seen too much. i'm a disabled vet, actually. i took three shots for this country. i still stand for the flag. >> i'm in the military. my brother is in the military. i have friends that are
4:48 am
wrapped in the flag. i have family that's wrapped in the flag. and i just feel like if you are going to protest, that isn't the right time to do it. >> after interviewing fans outside lambeau about kneeling for the national anthem, we are here inside a bar just steps away from the stadium to see the response as the theme is played. >> and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] todd: we saw locking of arms last night on the field. we have already heard from many teams so far what their plans are to show unity when kickoff happens on sunday. back to you in new york. brian: thanks so much, todd. i also heard any need security on ray lewis' statue outside the stadium. he took a knee both knees in wimbley stadium.
4:49 am
worried 36,000 people signed a petition to take it down. worried about some guy defiling that like columbus and francis scott key and thomas jefferson and everybody else. abby: you wonder members of our military serving over in the middle east right now in places like kabul they love watching these games from the bases and love catching up on football. you wonder what they think about this. steve: furious. you wonder what tomi lahren thinks. she is coming up next. abby: one of the amazing mega morning deals for "fox & friends" viewers just for you that's coming up next. steve: that's how i make my smoothie ♪ keep your freedom for as long as you can now ♪ my momma told me ♪ you better shop around ♪ yeah ♪ you better shop there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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the grush. steve: something i do to the horror of my family is turn on my blend tore make a smoother. >> that's my alarm clock. this is the nutri bullet put whole foods and vegetables into it. super extractor. leg dates everything and in smoothie town and comes with these little smoothie cups. >> $49. >> that's a great deal, you guys. these things are not inexpensive. 51% off. >> okay. coming up on the weekend some people are going to go golfing. >> this is aiming device. you clip it on your pants. and it will buzz when you are perfectly lined up with the flag shortest distance, straightest shot, basically cheating. and it is $49 only today. so it's 67% off, which is pretty awesome. so for the gulf enthusiast. abby: i love these. this is great for your skin. >> spin for skin. so you push this little
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thithis is the new new york.e? think again. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at ♪ >> panic spreading in puerto rico as nearly half the population still does not have access to food, water or power. >> president trump granted a 10-day waiver of the jones maritime act to allow foreign vessels to ferry supplies. >> every time we have spoken,
5:00 am
had and ask, they delivered. >> the vice president promised to pass the largest tax cut in u.s. history. >> the economy expands weil more than pay for the tax cuts. >> you pay less and easier to pay. you won't have to pay somebody else to do it for you. steve: steve scalise returned to a hero's welcome. >> when i laid out on the ballfield, i started to pray. it is in god's hands. i'm a living example miracles happen. ♪ home of the brave . >> players sending a message of unity during the national anthem, linking arms together. >> packers can get us to come out in 10-degree below weather, but they can't get us to disrespect the flag. >> we should stand for the flag. this is america. ♪
5:01 am
[we will, we will rock you ♪. brian: that is not queen. abby: that will wake you up. brian: but that was tyler, singing the national anthem yesterday. before he started singing they were chanting usa in the stands. everyone was watching to see what the bears and packers would do. abby: saluting the flag. tony lair ren on the couch. >> -- tomi lahren. >> thank you very much. steve: turns out packers asked the fans to link for social justice and unity. fans said, the team can do what they want to do. we'll cheer, put our hands on our heart. >> don't mess with the midwest.
5:02 am
someone from the midwest, you don't mess with our flag, our anthem, our patriotism. this link arms solidarity. how about put the hand over the heart for solidarity? that is what it means. same political statement, fans will be upset about it. they can pull whatever they want, whatever stunt, same message, same disrespect. abby: i was going to say we had brandon tatum on the show earlier. if you have not pulled up his video on 400,000 views, he is a police officer in arizona, he is fed up as you can imagine about the kneeling of the anthem. something you have to see. we talked to him on the show, he talks of the nfl being divisive, not the president. here is what he told us. >> i think that the american people are wise enough to know that the true unity is when you put your hand over your heart. i don't think the president is being divisive. i think the fact you take the knee on a flag, you're starting division right there. i think the president is trying
5:03 am
to bring things back around full circle, we need to realize what unity means. stand for the flag, not divide ourselves by disrespecting america to push an agenda. abby: when has the flag been controversial? >> now it is in 2017. isn't that just sad, really. going back to what he said, a slap in the face to the police officers, veterans, our military. those sticking up for this, especially democrats come out in force for nfl for players. is that the new agenda. anti-america is that the agenda to help them in 2018, help them in 2020? i don't think so. continue. see how the fans react. brian: nfl had a meeting. nothing came out in terms of a mandate. giants owner, do me a favor, stand for the national anthem, i'm not making you. broncos committed to stand. patriots committed to stand.
5:04 am
do you think this is over now? >> no, i don't. you know what? i would tell the players kneeling they don't seem to understand what that flag and anthem mean. i would encourage them to go to vfw. encourage to speak to veterans see what the flag means to them. maybe they might feel a little differently about the little stunts, see the perspective, what the flag means to others. steve: you talk a lot about politics. you're here with us as fox news contributor. politically is this a win for donald trump? >> i think it is. you have to remember, his america first message, that is what brought him into office. that is what brought so many republicans on his coat taste into office. standing up for the anthem, flag, america first, that is absolutely what his base wantings. that is what i want. that is what americans should want. they want a president stands up for them for the country. isn't great. steve: make the anthem great again. >> exactly. abby: when he calls them s.o.b.s and uses language from the president. that is style. he was elected into office.
5:05 am
many say, he has winning side of this argument but maybe he should have talked about it difficultly? >> i understand that. that is donald trump. you're not going to change him. that is the way most folks in the midwest feel. they use those words, that language. that is how they connect with each other. that is how they connect with the president. some people might not like the words. i get so tired, i wish he wouldn't tweet this, i wish he wouldn't say that. my goodness, if that is the biggest problem with the president. brian: you can't take expletives literally. most expletives are impossible to fulfill. meanwhile, let's talk about this. the war on history in general. do you think this plays into it between statues, between monuments, what is happening on college campuses? do you think that is part of this pushback about america? >> it is let's make america less american. that is what the left wants. that is what liberal college professors.
5:06 am
they want to do anything to erase history and erase every shred of patriotism. i think that happened in europe. it is still happening in europe. if we're not careful, it will happen here. luckily we have president standing his ground and americans will follow his lead. steve: i don't know if folks seen this. secretary of education betsy devos was greeted by number of protesters held up white supremacist sign. one of them right there. what do you think of that. what is the kids at harvard saying? >> that is the go-to, resistance. that is what they use, they use identity politics and labels to silence people. it is disrespectful. the go-to label, a white supremacist, you don't care who you call that to, that makes country safer for white supreme sifts. you throw us all into the basket of deplorables. can't separate those from who are conservative. what is going on.
5:07 am
so disrespectful. it is a losing one. abby: this is going on. librarian rejects first lady melania trump gift of dr. suess book to elementary school. they're racist. send the book somewhere else. >> isn't that amaze. brian: "green eggs and ham." abby: one of my favorite childhood books. >> put children at disadvantage than accept a gift from first lady, because she is a trump. they're putting their own hatred above the country, above their students, above what is good for everyone. brian: this week alabama had election. steve bannon's candidate win over donald trump's candidate. some speculate this is somewhat of a civil war on the right? do you sense that? establishment, jeff flakes of the world, john mccains of the world as opposed to judge moore? >> we're going to see so much more of this. the establishment can't hide anymore. they can not. they have to do something. that is the biggest thing.
5:08 am
it is not being pro-trump, anti-trump, never trumper. i don't care about any of that be a conservative. do what we went you there to do. donald trump turning to democrats to work with them, that our own party refuses to that says something. they will not be safe. steve: fox news contributor and online at doing what? >> final thoughts. i think my voicer is being heard loud and clear. michelle obama obama thinks because i didn't vote for hillary, but, oh, boy do i. abby: where can people find you? >> fox news insider. home of my final thoughts. we put them on my facebook pages. my fans from facebook. we share them there too. steve: welcome to the family. abby: go over to jillian for other headlines. happy friday. jillian: seen them on twitter as well, tomi. welcome. climber is lucky to be alive
5:09 am
after not one but two dangerous rock falls in yosemite. massive boulder fell at el capitan bolder fell beneath him. just days later another one was killed feet from where he was climbing. officials estimate the rockslide was larger than the first. two police officers shot by enraged customer. the man pulling a gun on the officers when they confronted him in cleveland, ohio. one cop was shot in the stomach. the other in the leg. they are both stable condition. the suspect was shot, recovering in the hospital. witnesses say he was unhappy his car wasn't done on time. official motive is still unknown. twitter finding and shutting down 200 accounts linked to russia. the social media site revealing information to congress as they investigate the russian influence on the 2016 election. democratic senator mark warner says twitter is not doing
5:10 am
enough. >> their response was, frankly inadequate on almost every level. jillian: twitter, facebook and google have been asked to testify in public by both the house and senate intelligence committees. he is the 41st president, number one grandpa, george w. bush paying special bedtime visit to his granddaughters. the girls were smuggling up in matching doughnut pajamas. what else would you wear. mom and former first daughter jenna bush hager posting adorable photos online. i love that. don't you like a inside look. abby: jenna is good about doing that always posts photos of her family, kids and grandparents. steve: that was 43 with the granddaughter. thanks, jillian. brian: fox news alert. puerto rico in crisis. people desperate for help. supplies running dangerously low. geraldo rivera has been living with. on the ground with his family and with the citizens.
5:11 am
he will give us the inside story next. abby: tomi mentioned it. former first lady michelle obama attacking women that voted for trump saying they're voting against their envoys. ♪ trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪
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brian: 14 minutes after the hour. we're back with fox news alert. relief efforts underway in puerto rico from hurricane maria. it has been eight days. abby: eight days. power, water and gas remain in short supply. steve: fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera is at the convention center with the latest. you are talking about the desperate situation there. there is a lot of american relief there at the port but it simply can't get out to the folks because of transportation problems. >> transportation problems and also management. there is nobody in charge logistically. you have eight coming in, steve, from private charities. you have aid coming from the federal government. there is absolute chaos. there are two races going on. one to get people out of
5:16 am
puerto rico. the other to get aid in. i saw the chaos first-hand on the docks where the cruise liners, come in to do a mercy, a mercy mission. america of the seas in yesterday. absolute chaos. it reminds you of bigone days. listen. >> people are fighting for water. they're fighting for diapers, for pampers anything they can find. we don't have water, running water. we don't have electricity. honestly there has not been help coming for us. >> this is absolutely the worst natural disaster fema is telling me ever. 3.4 million people. the vast majority of them, almost all of them, if you don't have a generator, you have no electrical power. there is water to only about half of the people in
5:17 am
puerto rico. waiting on gas lines, six, eight, 10 hours. the officials haven't even gotten to the entire island yet. there are downed power lines on the south side. scarcely a street without the electrical power lines broken and lying in the street. homes destroyed everywhere. you know, i have a personal connection on the south side too. i own property there until couple months ago for 14 years. people who worked for plea have been devastated. their businesses have been destroyed. my friend jose there, he has not seen any kind of assistance. no aid has come to him. his daughter natalie was actually my secretary at fox news. she describes what the storm was like when it passed over them down in salina down on the south side of puerto rico. here is natalie. where were you during the storm? >> here. >> how was it? >> it was very horrible.
5:18 am
>> jose is a big strong guy. to see him almost in tears with frustration, with the absolute loss, you know, there is no way to pay their bills. their businesses are destroyed. businesses are largely closed throughout the island. smaller shops are opening. they're very enterprising people here, but needs can not be overstated. you know, when disasters hit typically, 10,000 people, 15,000 people, 25 million people are affected severely. here in puerto rico over 3 million american citizens living in conditions that are basically the, the dark ages. it is something that, it breaks your heart. it really breaks your heart. when i look at port of san juan yesterday, like the airport in san juan, they're operating at 30, 40% capacity. it does not seem to be coordination between the private agencies and the public agencies. there seems to be, you know, a
5:19 am
kind, i mean the governor is a good person. they're trying hard but the magnitude. and i have to stress that the magnitude of this absolute disaster is so generalized, that it is going to take a long time to dig our way out of this one. brian: president coming on tuesday. three-star general, lieutenant-general jeff buchanan. if the military take this is over, is the island size of which, and how long will it take, if the military comes here in force, which they're on their way? how long will it take before their impact will be felt for the entire place? >> you know, brian, i think best comparison is when general russell honor re, remember when he went to katrina, people were dying in the convention center in new orleans when katrina hit. nobody knew what to do. fema was running around basically hisits tail.
5:20 am
general honore got things organized. when the three-star general becomes incident commander, everybody reports to the general, united states military takes control, i think you get ports operating in a crisp, efficient aid. people are generous. people reaching out to me, churches, how can i help, geraldo? take this or that. when you have the united states military in control in a period of weeks, rather than months at least you will have organized, flowing stream of aid in. people out. we have so get people out. tourists here have been stranded here. brian: can't get to the money because atms are down. doing a great job. hang in there. help is on the way. >> thank you, geraldo. steve: it is so complicated, not like the town in the united states where there are roads in. it is an island. 8:20 here in new york city, bench memorializing a teen age
5:21 am
killed in a tragic accident, being removed because of a bible verse. brian: our next guest used to sit for the national anthem until he had a reality check. he has a message for all the protesters. he is here in matter of seconds. call 1-877-get-tena. whentrust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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you won' want sure!ck? alright, looks like we've got chips, popcorn, pretzels? pretzels! plain, sourdough, spicy, sesame, honey mustard,
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5:25 am
and state. the judge says it should be redesigned to be inclusive. steve, brian, all yours. steve: thanks very much, abby. as the debate over the national anthem heats up in the nfl our next guest says he used to kneel for the national anthem but he has reality check for the players. brian: "wall street journal" writer, jason riley, you said you couldn't stand for the national anthem. you changed when you became a teen. you remember you were at a moment when you stood with your dad. what was it like? >> he felt very good about it. i was raised as jehovah's witness, i was taught to shun all forms of patriotism. it was considered a form of idolatry. when i left the religion and for my teams i like thatted. my dad was jehovah witness and they were divorced.
5:26 am
steve: growing up in a country where everybody stood for the national anthem, it had to be hard. >> it was hard. one of many things that i didn't stand growing up in the religion. i'm not challenging the patriotism of the players. i'm questioning what is being protested has basis in reality. the players say increase of shootings by police of young black men they're protests. i think there sin crease in coverage of shooting, thanks mostly to social media, that is the not same thing saying there is increase in the shootings. the data does not show that. take new york city, where we are for example. in 1971 cops shot 314 people in new york. 91 of them or 93 of them fatally i believe. fast forward to 2015. they shot 23 people, 6 of them fatally. that is 93% reduction in police shootings and police shooting fatalities over four 1/2 decades. the trend is in the opposite
5:27 am
direction. nationwide, black men, 70% less likely to be shot by cops than they were in late 1960s. a black economist at harvard, roland pryor put out a study in 2016, says black suspects are less likely than white suspects to be shot by police. i'm challenging the narrative that they are protesting. brian: spike lee says yesterday, or two days ago, that he believes colin kaepernick and this whole movement you discussed will be put in the same frame as muhammad ali fighting not going into the vietnam war. >> i hope not. i don't think that is proper. i think again, people need to know the facts about what is going on. if players wanted to play a constructive role i think they could be saying to young black kid out there, when the police say stop, stop. don't resist arrest. fight them in courts, not out in the street. most of these incidents that we've seen, that have been
5:28 am
played up in the media involve resisting arrest. so i think lesson to be learned here, obey the police when they ask you to do something. steve: but your larger issue, and you wrote, the larger question, in the column in the "wall street journal," it is great, the larger question what is being protested has some basis in reality beyond anecdotes and viral videos on social media you talked about. what do you say about the folks protesting, they're simply not getting their history right? >> i don't think they have the facts right and i think again the increase in coverage has given the impression that there has been an increase in these incidents overall. and the data doesn't show that now there are people out there who don't mind this false narrative. it works to their advantage. they have a political reason to do it. they're social justice warriors or other reasons to do it, but that doesn't mean that is the reality of what is going on. i think some extent i think players are taken advantage of by larger forces, political
5:29 am
forces, civil rights advocates. >> rush limbaugh says political left. >> political left. brian: we'll see if the worst is behind for this league and battle between patriotism, social justice. jason, great column as usual. great to see you, sir. 31 minutes before we're done. steve: from washington to hollywood, attorney general eric holder getting a tv drama based on, eric holder. do you think they will include the time the u.s. house of representatives held him in contempt? i bet not. brian: former first lady michelle obama attacking women who voted for president trump because they're attacking their own voice. judge jeanine pirro has a voice. i wonder how she feels. ♪ that's really important to dentists
5:30 am
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>> fry like bacon. fry like bacon. steve: there is a black lives matter demonstration awhile back in st. paul, minnesota. joining the host of "justice with judge jeanine" pirro. talk about how a police officer anonymously sued black lives matter. he was at a demonstration, he was injured, somebody threw a rock or bottle, a judge came out, made it very clear that you can't sue black lives matter. why? >> the judge says you can't sue black lives matter, it is organization like the civil rights movement, like the tea party. it doesn't have a governing body. it doesn't have bylaws. steve: too general? >> too amorphous, the plaintiff in this case said look, these people have meetings, it is
5:34 am
unincorporated association. they have national chapters. they solicit money. and in this particular case, ray, mckesson, the organizer actually was directing people, directing violence, directing -- steve: can you sue him? >> yes you can sue him. the judge said, guess what he was engaging in protected free speech. i want you to guess who appointed this federal judge? brian: ronald reagan. >> no. barack obama. and you know what? the amazing part of this is, that ray mckesson, about 90 of people who were protesting, there is the federal judge right there, actually got $100,000 from the city of baton rouge because, baton rouge, they said, was very offensive to them. the police were militarized. and although no one was injured, they felt that their civil
5:35 am
rights were violated. what is wrong with this country today? the problem is, when you have federal judges who make decisions based on politics, activist judges, and not on the facts, you have a police officer who was injured. he was injured at the direction of the deray mckesson. he walks away with $100,000 for organization that is amorphous, we have a problem. abby: you have thoughts about this one. former first lady michelle obama speaking out to women who decided to vote for donald trump. she said this was ultimately a voice, or a vote against your own voice. this is what she said. >> people that voted against hillary clinton, voted against their own voice.
5:36 am
brian: a lot of reverb in the response, but a big message to women, how dare you not vote for the first woman president and vote for donald trump who see assumes is anti-women. >> the condescension, how dare you. you should know better. i want to ask you a question. who ran against barack obama? brian: it was a woman. >> it was a woman. brian: hillary clinton. >> so i guess then, michelle obama didn't know her own voice when she voted against her own voice against a woman. steve: how do you know she voted for her own husband. >> to suggest women are so simple they vote based on reproductive organs only, or madeleine albright say there is special place in hell for women
5:37 am
that don't vote for other women is so simplistic throws us back to the dark ages. women voted for donald trump in 2016 for two reasons, economy and terrorism. and most of them thought hillary clinton was a crook and she was arrogant. that may be just me. brian: lebron james said anyone who voted for donald trump was uneducated. so it is a whole -- >> shame i have a law degree. abby: judge, good to see you this morning. >> good to see you guys. abby: we'll see you all weaken long. >> that's right. abby: jillian to other headlines. jillian: good friday morning to you guys. let's begin with this headline. the department of justice enforcing the president's buy american, hire american executive order. hitting colorado-based crop production services with massive lawsuit. the corporation is accused of discriminating against three u.s. workers refusing to hire them as seasonal technicianses in texas. instead the company hired temporary foreign workers under a visa program.
5:38 am
this is why you buckle your kids into their car seats correctly every single time. that is the message from a pennsylvania mom, sharing this powerful photo after a car crash. two car seats undamaged after her destroyed honda. her six-week-old and 3-year-old escaping without a single scratch. a memorial for a dead teen being removed over a bible verse. they donated the bench in march but they're taking issue with the quote which reads, i can do all things through christ which strengthens me. the court says the bible verse doesn't follow the law. to keep the bench it will need a new quote. hundreds signing a petition to keep the bench where it is. disaster ending to picture-perfect caribbean wedding. watch. ♪ >> oh.
5:39 am
jillian: oh, my goodness, the dock giving out during the vows, plunging guests into the water, taking camera with them. the bride and groom stayed dry but did get something blue. abby: well-played. they will never forget that day. jillian: no he, they will not. abby: go to janice dean. janice finally feels like fall in new york city. it is cool. >> it is a beautiful day. where are you guys from? >> alabama! >> i love all the states you're from. what is your name? >> roseanne. >> where are you from? >> long island new york. >> what is your bucket list? >> to be at fox news this morning. i'm 75 years old today. happy about it. >> happy birthday. look at maps t is cooler than it was yesterday by 17 days. we love fall temperatures in new york city. we'll be in 60s today. 55 right now. cooler across the rockies.
5:40 am
potential for a little bit of snow. maria and lee, not a big deal. area of low pressure on florida. we'll keep an eye. anybody from florida? there we go. don't think it will turned into a named storm. still keeping an eye. you guys, happy it is friday? >> yeah. >> wave to everybody at home. abby, steve and brian. abby: happy 7 ath birthday. steve: absolutely. feels like football weather. abby: chilly weather. steve: speaking about football. abby: what fans think about all the anthem protest. >> i took three spots for this country. i still stand for the flag. we all should stand for the flag. steve: todd piro went to green bay, lambeau field to find out. he is live next. brian: a side of simon cowell you have never seen before. harvey levin takes us inside his home for must-see interview for the with him and his kid.
5:41 am
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steve steve quick headlines. former attorney general eric holder heading to hollywood., a new tv show inspired by holder's time at the department of justice is in the works. the dramatic series called, "main justice." it will be aired by cbs and coproduced by the former attorney general himself. as holder heads to l.a., oprah winfrey could be plotting a trip to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. a "new york post" enarticle entitled, democrats hope for 2020, oprah. tweeted thanks for your
5:45 am
confidence. winfrey says she would never run for office. but that was then. abby: isn't that a race to won? brian: is there anything better than the last one? national spotlight where players linked arms during the national anthem. steve: different scene where hundreds possessed by taking a knee. abby: what does todd piro think? he went to green bay to find out. good morning, todd. >> reporter: lambeau field is special to some football fans, the national anthem is beyond special to some americans. last night before the bears-packers game we spoke to fans what standing for the national anthem means to them. as a veteran when people kneel for the national anthem, what do you think? >> i went through two wars. seen a lot. lost a lot of friend. that flag is actually something. to see that, it's a terrible thing, man. reporter: when people kneel, what goes through your head?
5:46 am
>> ashamed. ashamed of our country. >> we all should stand for the flag. this is america. >> i don't even want to tell you what i feel because i think it is absolutely the most terrible thing i have ever seen. >> i kneel for the lord and i stand for the flag. reporter: why are you wearing that button? >> to stand for the american flag, you stand for the national anthem. reporter: do you agree with the president when he tells team owners if they have players on their team, that refuse to stand for the national anthem, they should be fired? >> i don't think that is the president's decision. >> as an owner of the packers myself, i think that, when i saw kendrick and all the other ones kneeling, that really disappointed me. >> i bought season tickets to watch these players play football. not lock arms. reporter: if your team knelt entirely, would you give up your season tickets? >> absolutely. >> the national anthem is sacred to us. the flag is sacred to us. >> you want to protest, don't do it on your boss's time. don't do it on my time. >> i've been through much.
5:47 am
i've seen too much. i'm a disabled vet actually. i took three shots for this country. i still stand for the flag. >> i'm in the military. my brother is in the military. i have friend wrapped in the flag. i have family wrapped in the flag. i feel if you are going to protest, this isn't the right time to do it. reporter: interviewing fans outside of lambeau kneeling before the national anthem we're here at a bar, to see the response when the anthem is played. ♪ [cheering] reporter: for the next team to take the field week 4, drew brees announced this morning via twitter his new orleans saints will first take a knee before the national anthem, then stand for the national anthem, when kickoff begins 9:30 eastern on london in sunday. back to you guys in new york. brian: thanks, todd. that is what the cowboys did.
5:48 am
kneeled and stood. steve: this is the simon cowell you're used to seeing. classic cowell. >> you have one of the worst voices i have ever heard. abby: harvey levin revealing a different side of cowell. brian: somebody with all class, shannon bream, what is at top of the hour. >> guys, i like the mean simon cowell. abby: i agree, shannon. with you on that. >> we'll hear more. first the president heading out for a speech on tax reform today. some within the gop already breaking ranks. it will not be good for middle class. we'll ask house speaker, house majority leader kevin mccarthy for that. more criticism of the white house, how they're handling puerto rico. we're talking to kellyanne conway about that and much more. isis released a video they say of their leader. we thought he was gone. was he not? we'll talk to general jack keane. a library says no thanks to the first lady when she send as gift
5:49 am
of childrens books? we'll tell but the controversy. top of the hour.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
steve: most people think of simon cowell as this guy. >> you have one of the worst voices i ever heard, truthfully. it is absolutely terrible. you can't sing. abby: we love that too. "tmz" founder harvey levin is seeing a soft err side of the former king of mean. watch this. >> my favorite picture. >> it is an ultrasound. is that your son? >> yeah, eric. >> wow, the first one? >> yeah. steve: adorable. on new series on fox news channel called "objectify" by
5:53 am
harvey levin. first guy up in hollywood. abby: hey, harvey. >> how are you, steve and abby. how are you doing? steve: we're doing okay. you see simon cowell for years now you think i know all about him but that is not the case, right? >> this kid, he is so in love with this kid and it is complicated because the kid was born during a, you know, which began with a relationship that broke up another marriage. we talk about that. and how simon is conflicted because one hand he kind of regrets what he did because he was involved with a married woman. the guy was a friend of his. on the other hand it produced a son who he loves. he talks about the conflict there. he also gets into, simon has a huge ego. and, so we, he wants this kid to be a mirror image of him. i start challenging that. abby: another simon cowell in this world. >> but it is funny because i
5:54 am
challenge him on this. he starts to, you know, have this angst in the middle of it, thinking you're right, sometimes kids get screwed up. you see him go back and forth what he wants his kid to be. abby: re going to see a different side of simon with the new season of "idol"? the reason we love watching it he says what we're thinking but many people don't say it the way he does. >> he is unvarnished in this. he says, he talks about himself in the most real way. and that really is simon. he will talk about things unflattering about himself and flattering about himself. of listen, he failed miserably. this guy, literally had cab fare to get home when he was 30 years old, lived at his parents house. he was broke. he failed. he talks about how he succeeded. it is really, really interesting. steve: absolutely. we have a clip, look at new season of "idol." everybody has
5:55 am
celebrity judges who are singers, does that make sense? harvey here is your sound bite with simon cowell. >> what do you think of singers judging singers? >> i don't get it. >> because it makes them insecure. >> you think madonna wants to find madonna? she wakes up tomorrow morning, i really hope the next madonna comes along and i need to do something about it. she is going, no, i want madonna to be more successful. i totally get that. so judging she is shows, whoa. >> that is big statement. >> that's true. >> what do you think of katy perry doing "idol"? >> good luck. steve: can't have a singer to judge singers. you need a judge to judge singers. abby: harvey, he hasn't changed that much. >> the reason simon is successful he is really authentic. i think you will see that here. what you haven't seen is him talking about his life, how, his
5:56 am
feelings. how experiences along the way created this, this vision of how to change the music business, change television, and he really did. he's the guy that combined television and music. it had not been done before. and it is as big as i think, i think it is as big as the i -- ipod. abby: this makes your show so interesting, harvey. steve: great show. abby: this is the third one on fox news channel, sunday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern. only way you see them open up in a way like that. harvey, you have the ability to do. steve: thanks harvey. >> thanks a lot. steve: "fox & friends," final one for the week in two minutes. oh...sorry i'm late sir...had a doctor's appointment.
5:57 am
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speak all all right, a quick bg thank you for the flowers. if they so beautiful. >> also run to the radio, amongst our guests are chris stirewalt. >> happy friday, everyone. if you good morning, everyone. responding to the needs of florida. they are feeling the size and speed of the response. many there are waiting for help and aid. promising is that there is a lot more on the way. good morning, everyone. we are alive in the "america's newsroom." it is a special day today. >> shannon: it is a special day because it is friday. i am doing great because the weekend is almost there. president trump is mobilizing the military, on the edge of a full-blown humanitarian crisis. the pentagon is overseeing the efforts. president trump will make


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