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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 30, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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gigot, i hope to see you next week right here. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> president trump firing back at the mayor of san juan. mayor slamming the administration for, quote, killing us with inefficiency. welcome to a new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> president trump accusing the mayor of disparaging first responder saying that she and other puerto rican leaders want everything to be done for them. the island steel reeling, according to pentagon more than a million people still don't have access to clean drinking water and 95% remain without power. kristin fisher is reporting live
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from new jersey near the president's private gulf club. kristin, the president is slamming the mayor of san juan who has come out basically daily slamming the u.s. government, but he's not necessarily slamming all government officials. >> yeah, julie, he's praising the governor of puerto rico, he called him a great guy, a great leader whose working really hard to get things done for his people and, you know, the governor says that he spoke to president trump and he doesn't really feel like all of this criticism was intended for him. listen. >> the only way for this to work is for us to have collaboration and let me stress this, i am committed to collaborate with everyone. this is a point where we can't look at small differences. we can't establish different things on politician.
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>> president trump injected partisan politics into the debate this morning by saying this on tweeter, quote, the major of san juan who was complementary a few days ago, has now been told by the democrats that you must be nasty to trump. now, what he's referring to are her remarks last night where she accused the trump administration and the u.s. government of, quote, killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy. listen. >> i am done being polite, i am done being politically correct. i am mad as hell because my people's lives are at stake, mr. president, i beg you to take charge and save lives. >> but the white house says that
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president trump is taking charge, that he has already done a lot and that he is already planning to visit puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands on tuesday but, boy, what awkward visit that could turn out to be specially if the mayor of san juan decides to meet him on the tarmac, julie. julie: it's interesting, though, when you watch the news conference and the mayor speaking you see a ton of supplies behind her, a lot of people on social media have been talking about that. the issue, though, unfortunately is they don't have the proper truck, and i guess, you know, vehicles to transport all of that aid, but moving on now to north korea and i will be talking more about the subject in puerto rico later in the show. the secretary of state confirming today the u.s. has direct lines of communication with pyongyang. how big of a deal is this? >> listen, it's an important development but not necessarily a new development. a senior state department official says that these direct lines of communications were
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actually first opened during the discussions with ottowarmbier and we are just now hearing about this today thanks to something that the secretary of state rex tillerson said while on a trip over in beijing, he made the remarks just a few moments ago -- excuse me, a few hours ago and they have really gained a lot of traction since, he said, quote u we've asked them, we've asked pyongyang would you like to talk, we have lines communications to pyongyang, we are not in a dark situation or blackout, we have a couple of the channels open to pyongyang, we can talk to them and we do talk to them. but the real take away here is that just because the trump administration has these open lines of direct communication to pyongyang, just because they have them doesn't mean that they are actively using them to negotiate and according to senior state county officials
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they are not using to communicate. julie: thank you so much. kelly. kelly: more help will soon arrive in puerto rico in the form of 1400 additional national guard troops. it comes as people living on the island deal with power outages as well as shortages of cash, food, gasoline and medical supplies. mike live with san juan, puerto rico. mike, what's the atmosphere down there? >> it's tough, kelly. i will show you looking around the scene, micro display of what's going on all around puerto rico. power line that is were pulled in course of the storm, standing water on the road, debris all over the road. cars are struck in the debris, over here you have a roof that came out of the house. the back story is there was an elderly woman in the house waste-deep in water at the time the particular roof came off, nothing is being prepared.
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the icing on the cake, i don't know if you can see, it's starting to rain again. the rain is expected to get work. governor ricardo rosello has drawn attention to dam, the dam is damaged and the people down from it need to be ready to evacuate. >> our petition is for the people in the surrounding areas that have evacuated to maintain -- that level of preparedness to recognize that, you know, there could be some damage to the dam. >> while the president and mayor in san juan scabble over twitter, health crisis is looming and people are going to survival mode ignoring medical and hygiene problems, all of the standing water. you have only nine hospitals which are back on the electorate grid. most are dependent on generators which are intended to only be temporary. the percentage of homes with
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power is still in the single digits, one puerto rico resident told me they would be better off if this was a state. >> it's a symptom of colonialization, we are second-rate citizens. i was born in little rock, i moved here and i became a second-rate citizen. >> and the army corps of engineers while desperately work to go restore the power is trying to lower expectations for some people it may be days and weeks until the power turns back back on. for others maybe months, for remote areas, we could be talking about a year. kelly, back to you. >> mike, what you report is disturbing in terms of forecast of what happens in puerto rico. we thank you for bringing us the update. a lot of people wishing that it was quite different, thank you. julie: tom price resigning as secretary of health and human services, after revelations he spent $400,000 in your tax money
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for expenses. some failed to repeal obamacare could be at the heart of the move. >> i don't think that's the reason that the repeal and replace not being repealed is the reason tom price is out. tom price is out because he wasted taxpayer money and the president said it will not be tolerated. he spends taxpayer money like it is his own. we have seen him renegotiate things time and time again and as cabinet member or any other member of this administration is going to waste taxpayer money, they will not have a place in the government anymore. julie: ellison barber is with more on resignation. >> new protocol ifs you're a member of the trump administration and plan to go travel. on friday white house budget director mick mulvaney sent memo to heads of departments and agencies says in part any travel on government or chartered planes needs prior approval by chief of staff john kelly.
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the memo came hours after the resignation of hhs secretary tom price. a we can and a half ago politico reported on the former secretary's use of private planes. price used private chartered planes 24 times beginning in may costing taxpayers over $300,000. price said he would pay back the cost of his seat on those flights, around $52,000 but after that politico found more questionable flights, price defended the flights on special reports the day before he resigned. >> the trips were approved through the normal process so it was deemed operate and that that was the necessary way to be able to make my other obligations within the department. >> the president publicly expressed disappointment in price. >> i'm not happy, okay. i can tell you, i'm not happy. >> price submitted a letter of resignation about an hour letter and the president accepted it but now the travel habits of
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other cabinet members are under a microscope. according to reports interior secretary ryan zinke took a number of flights on private or military planes. according to reports interior secretary ryan zinke took a number of flights on private or military planes, one from nevada to an airport near zinke's home in montana reportedly cost taxpayers $12,000. julie: ellison barber in washington, thank you. >> i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear and heath the words that we, not me, we have to say. when we win on november 8th, we are going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. [cheers and applause] kelly: those words could be coming back to haunt president trump this week as some of his
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top officials came under fire for using taxpayer money to pay for chartered jets. let's bring in neil, white house columnist for the hill. thank you for joining us today. we have just seen the report about tom price and arguably we say the president can't be blamed for tom price's actions and decisions to use taxpayer dollars to fund private -- flights on private jets. but nevertheless, once still looks thank that campaign slogan, drain the swamp and it seems the swamp is becoming more mirky. what do you say? >> i think that's absolutely right. i think draining the swamp is one of those things that's easier said than done. the swamp has its own power and sometimes could suck politicians down even in a way that's not always fair. it's not like president trump is telling tom price to go around chartering these jets, but if you are making a promise like
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that, a populist promise, it doesn't benefit to people traveling that way. kelly: what does this say about the culture of washington when the president trump of the united states is sitting there in the oval office trying to get cabinet members and other members of his team to play fair and not participate in the swamp, yet, finding that some of them are dragged down and, yeah, one could arguably say that he's always saying i'm not happy, i'm not happy, but it's clearly a signal that something is a miss and a lot of times, i remember when i was growing up, before you can clean someone else's backyard, you need to clean your own. >> yeah, there's an issue of oversight for start. one of the challenges the president faced was that when he first took office as an outsider, he didn't have a lot of many people in the washington world. he presented that as a good thing but now we are seeing some of the downside of that and lack of oversight and these mistakes or episodes happening.
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and, of course, there's also the conduct, this would take some time to unpick but tweets and things like that mark him outsider or do they contribute to that kind of swampiness that you're talking about. kelly: yeah, particularly the tweets right now. the last week was the nfl and now it's what's happening between and the mayor in san juan and, look, everybody know that is the federal government is trying to respond to puerto rico and obviously it is not getting there fast enough. this is not what we saw with hurricane irma and the response to houston. this is puerto rico. a. no, sir, these people have been -- nevertheless these people have been devastated and decimated by the terrible storm and now you see twitter war with president and the mayor as president saying help is on the way, we are coming to help you, mayor, i get it, we are coming to get you. >> one of the reasons he's
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getting criticized albeit from somewhat predict ll -- predictable quarters. the question is whether his unorthodox nature helps him or hurts him. it certainly appealed in the campaign to people who felt that washington did not deal with their problems, that washington was not on their side. but you transfer that attitude or that persona to something like puerto rico and i think it's a much more difficult question. kelly: so draining the swamp is herculian task in terms of getting rid of all those people contributing to the swamp in washington and also he has to govern and we are finding that that's difficult too because we are seeing that his own party is not passing health care, now dealing with tax reform. he has a big agenda on his plate and to clean the swamp as you stated before, sometimes he has
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to pay attention to what he's doing as well particularly with tweeting about certain situations like san juan or puerto rico. >> yeah, absolutely and to your point about congress, he has at times criticized his own party leaders in congress. i think that appeals to his supporters, but those politicians, the swamp critters if we can use that phrase, they have their own power particularly when it comes to the president's agenda. kelly: might they undermine the president in some of the efforts that he's going to make clean governance? >> if they think it's in best interest to distant themselves from the president, i think they will. the political dynamic is a complicated one but not a question where they clearly -- they don't feel that they need to give him absolute unquestioning loyalty. that in itself is a problem. kelly: in terms of dealing who can he trust in washington and the other side of the coin is can the people in washington work with him, trust him. it's quite a quandary for the
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president right now. >> it is. >> early in presidency. >> it is and the whole tangle is one of the reason that is we haven't seen as much legislative progress as people hoped for even though a lot of supporters continue to be very loyal to him. kelly: i appreciate your insight. thankyou. julie: what experts are now saying about the safety of the park. plus, president trump putting on a full court press for his tax reform plan, will it pass in congress and avoid the fate of the republican health care plan? i will talk to a congressman that says he's a bit optimistic. >> here is the bottom line, what you have to do what's the right for the american country. tax reform has to be established and quickly and if it doesn't, i think you will see serious repercussions at the ballot box for republicans americans, 83% try to eat healthy,
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>> i think it's important for democrats and republicans to come to the table. if you're not coming to the table to try to deal with tax relief. there's no question that families are paying more taxes than in the history of the nation. the outline and the court document that you see right here is not the end product. they'll be negotiation so come
1:21 pm
to the table. if you're a democrat and representing people that want relief, you better be at the table. we have historic opportunity here. >> they sure do, but will they blow it? republican on america's news headquarters urging democrats to join republicans no overhauling the tax system. house speaker paul ryan believers congress can get tax reform done before the end of the year despite setbacks on repealing obamacare. joining me now mark walker of north carolina, he's also chairman of the republican study committee. thank you so much for talking to us. >> sure, julie, good to be with you. julie: so republicans are hoping for a big win on tax reform by year's end. how optimistic are you that house republicans will get tax reform done? >> well, we used the terms optimistic and hopeful very much these days in washington, d.c. this is a must. forget the adjectives that describe the path that we are considering. this has to happen and i believe
1:22 pm
the sense of urgency is being felt from constituents tall way to washington, d.c. julie: okay, when you speak about things that have to happen, unfortunately obamacare, that had to happen too. republicans promised that they would get that done and it didn't and we are hoping not to see a repeat in history. i want to talk about some of the traffic provisions which include collapsing collapsing the current 7 personal tax brackets to just three, meaning 12, 25 and 30%, nearly doubling standard deduction. who is most going to benefit by this? >> the middle class is definitely going to benefit from this. one of the things that chuck schumer released this week when he was completely wrong was talking about the 10% bracket to 12%, the 10% will go to zero. this is going to impact, this is disposable income that goes back into the families, maybe a car payment, taking your family out to eat or the movies a couple of times a month. this is something that's important that we need to
1:23 pm
continue to message on and begin to go resinate with american people. julie: trump economic adviser gary cohn addressed whether this is indeed going to benefit one class versus the other and i want to show this up on the screen because he says that we are doing an awful lot to help hard-working americans. we took 15% tax rate and lower today 12 as you mentioned. if you look at that entirety, we have really helped out lower-income earners, now, there are some that argue that if you basically lower the tax rate, it's not just going to help the low-income and middle class, i mean, the wealthy are going to benefit too or are they not? >> well, across the board. if you look at the people who are paying the most taxes, if you make even a tweak on the upper end, it's going to be some kind of benefit, but percentage wise it's going to be the middle class that benefits the most and going back a little bit earlier where you talked about obamacare, one of the things that i commend speaker ryan is the rollout, kevin brady
1:24 pm
deserves a lot of credit, with the debacle of obamacare rollout, i believe this is a huge difference that's unifier. we have 157 members in the republican committee, 20 freedom caucus members as well as tuesday group and one of the things that i was watching at mini retreat is how well they are buying in and it seems to be universal idea that this is the time and urgency and framework has really brought us together. julie: you helped take the lead to get passed in the house. here is the problem, who works in the house doesn't necessarily work in the senate. health care, how can the senate avoid the same pitfalls seen in health care overhaul? >> i believe we try today reach out earlier this time. when we passed obamacare repeal, the senate and really con descending said well, that's well and good, we will get together and do our own thing. that didn't work out that well. that's why there needs to be increasingly pressure on mitch mcconnell to engage. you look
1:25 pm
at the last alabama race it was a referendum on mitch mcconnell. he has to be willing to lead in a way that creates wins and not just rhetoric. julie: paul ryan says and i'm quoting, framework includes commitment that tax reform will protect the low-income and middle-income households and not the wealthy and well-connected. do you agree with that assessment and then what do you say to all of those that are sitting at home hoping that the gop will follow through on its promises specifically on making health care affordable, because at first the priority was health care, tax form -- tax reform and health care, they go hand in hand? >> yes, exactly right. we layed out three promises this past week. we talked about three things, securing the border, we talked about repealing health care but also reforming the tax code. those are three promises that we are going to continue. if we have to work piece by piece or bill by bill to take apart the ills of obamacare, we cannot look the other way.
1:26 pm
in my home state, 94, they are down to one option. the employer mandates are struggling with this. we can no look the other way but at the same time, we have to fulfill the promise, somebody asked me the other day, what does that mean to leadership if tax reform does not get across the board, i said, really it impacts the entire conference. this is the first time that back to back congress, american public have elected 240 republicans, if we do not tax reform, i believe the results will be seen next year. julie: and the results of not passing some kind of overhaul on health care will be catastrophic as you recall democrats were saying with the senate proposed bill that millions would lose health care and nancy pelosi said people would die. it is actually quite the contrary, people are going to die because they cannot afford health care, people's health care cost are equivalent of their mortgages and more and now so many people are uninsured so that is on the head of those in congress and senate.
1:27 pm
a last word to you to those democrats who are crying foul saying that obamacare is actually going to help these people when in fact, it's going to hurt them? >> julie, there are many people across this great country that have obamacare that have no health care provider. that's a shame. our hearts and prayers with people in puerto rico. something that we have to continue to work on. the house passed a tax relief bill this past friday. those folks are still in hearts and minds. julie: yes, they are certainly are, hearts and prayers for quick recovery. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you, julie. julie: fox news sunday, of course, will be taking a closer look at president trump's tax plan when mick mulvaney, director of office and budget sits down with chris wallace. you can catch right here airs at fox news channel, check for local listings for time. kelly: president trump sounding off on the mayor of puerto rico who criticized response on
1:28 pm
devastation of hurricane maria. what are the politics behind the war of words, coming up the political panel will weigh in on this and give us their take. >> all american hearts are united with the people of puerto rico and the virgin islands who have faced terrible devastation in the wake of two catastrophic hurricanes. we are with you, we will stay with you and we will come back stronger than ever. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause
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let's get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you. julie: president trump lashing out after the mayor of san juan blasted the white house over its response to hurricane maria. now, this as some puerto puertos are desperately waiting for additional supplies. let's bring in jessica, democratic pollster and strategists and senior political analyst consulting, president of district media groip and fellow for the heritage foundation, ladies, thank you for talking to us. >> hi, julie. julie: i will read a tweet and
1:33 pm
guess who responds, who are not able to get workers to help, they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 federal workers now on island doing a fantastic job. beverly, i start with you. >> i have often been on record saying that i think president trump's tweets are ill-advised and i would understand why he may have taken issue with what the mayor of san juan said. if we want to look at a leader who is handling this, governor of puerto rico who has come out and not only said that the battle of words between the mayor of san juan and also the president is nothing but the president going next week, i hope he can see everything come
1:34 pm
together because this is about the people in puerto rico who know doubt are in dire need of help. julie: jessica. >> i respect beverly greatly and i disagree completely here. the mayor of san juan where she was pleading assistance to make sure that the sentence of her city and puerto rico can survive after this was completely warranted as she was talking about the conditions on the ground, the fact that president trump has gone after yet again a sitting official during time of crisis, he now does it to our own and does it to those abroad. we have seen with multiple situations in europe, shows how unfit he's in office. he went after barack obama of louisiana, he is on the golf course just as he was last weekend. in 2012 he also criticized barack obama for what happened during sandy when when barack obama was on the ground even hugging chris christie, i don't see how anybody can defend this
1:35 pm
response. there's big, big water around it i think is what the president said, ocean water, in fact, but they are american citizens, 3 million of them, i know they don't have electoral college votes and you didn't talk to -- hear him talk to people in florida and texas this way. >> i disagree with the feeling that the federal response has been poor, when you take a look at the tragedy that's in puerto rico, there is water there, the federal government is trying to get food there but yet the transportation system, the roads, everything is destroyed, so we do see that the puerto ricans are in dire need but i think the federal government is doing what it can and i would give president trump praise for relieving some of the jones act to make sure we have other vessels getting there. i would like to see that extended longer so we can get the people in puerto rico --
1:36 pm
julie: in response to your view the way the president has handled this or as you say mishandled this, how do you truly believe the mayor san juan is handling when she's on television, cable, broadcast news every single day, here is video of last night's press conference and look behind her, what do you see? >> bottles of water. julie: aid and food, that's another question. the truckers, the puerto rican employees are on strike, they don't want to move those food and supplies or they are unable or are refusing, some are expecting $50 an hour to do so, now when the president accuses puerto ricans of not necessarily trying to help themselves, does that then paint not so great optic because the word optic has come up allot this week, what are the optics behind the press conference with all the aid behind the mayor of san juan.
1:37 pm
>> i'm sure that she's not thrilled that that's not sitting behind her but that's not enough that everybody has clean drinking water. the mayor of san juan certainly wants attention and i think she wants attention on behalf of the citizens and knows that president trump is watching cable news all of the time and speaking directly to him and positions in positions of power to make their positions are being met as they can b, i understand there are systematic challenges of getting enough aid to the people of puerto rico but to beverly's point to jones act that got waived days later than it should have. >> i agree. >> that's because of the pressure. >> politicians exploit the lives of people who are in great risk and that includes the mayor of san juan. if i were a resident of puerto rico, i wouldn't want my mayor speaking about it this way. president trump lifted the jones act essentially to prohibit the foreign ships from being blocked from being able to deliver aid so that has been done, i haven't
1:38 pm
heard one word of acknowledgment from this mayor who is also calling out the administration because fema says that you need to contact them via the internet, well, they don't have the internet. there are glitches in the system but you can't blame it all on one man, the president, because the system was in place long before the president took office. >> this is no doubt bigger than the president. >> much bigger. but she's going after him. >> but she also wasn't this unkind initially. remember he tweeted last weekend or earlier on in the week, she might have shown up on "fox & friends" where she was saying nice things about him. relationship has deteriorated about these two people. we never want politicization and exploitation of a crisis, we can all agree that the president trump of united states of america spend in golf course tweeting about an official that looks pretty genuine that she's concerned that her citizens are going to die.
1:39 pm
>> it is the president's style. >> well, i'm not into it. >> i'm not saying it's the best way or best scenario, if i'm the mayor of a town whose people are dying, i would worry less about tweets and news conferences. >> that's why we can look at the governor who handled it well. >> thanks, a lot o. per julie: thank you, ladies, kelly. kelly: giant rocks come crashing in yosemite rock this week. the tragic events sparking new questions about how this could be prevented. alicia acunes live. >> kelly, you bring up a really good point because that has been one of the questions, is there any way to predict this, have some sort of warning system to get folks out of there. unfortunately yosemite geologists say no.
1:40 pm
>> things happening within the rock that are not visible to us. after it occurs, we can see a lot better what happens after the fact. >> the video from the second slide this week, the one from thursday where four people in suv were hit. driver jim evans of florida ended up in the hospital when went through sunroof. the portion of granite that spilled off was size of 36-story building, all four survived but british tourist and wife was not as fortunate where a small piece fell off in el capitan. scientists say this is the nature of these formagses and that yosemite get 80 rock falls a year, most of them small or they don't hurt or kill anyone. some visitors say they are feeling more cautious after this week but jamie say they keep on
1:41 pm
going. >> i don't think about the rock falling. it occurred on wednesday while my partners were at the base of the wall, but exactly where the rocks came down, 20 minutes before it happened. >> now, kelly, says he feels it's more of a game of chance and if you think object -- about geologists, he might be right. julie: league still grappling in wake of controversy. what the teams are saying now, plus secretary of state rex tillerson floating diplomatic negotiations with north korea. >> we felt the appropriate thing to do first was to seek peaceful pressure on the regime in north korea to have them develop a willingness to sit and talk with us and others
1:42 pm
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kelly: secretary of state rex tillerson raising hope for diplomatic talks with u.s. and north korea. tillerson revealing to reporters in china that the administration has opened lines with communications with the regime and is trying to get them to come to the table. let's bring in harry, director of defense studies at the center for national interest. let me start with showing some of the statements that secretary tillerson has made. we will bring it up right now. you can see it says, we have line of communication to pyongyang, we are not in a dark situation, a blackout, we have a couple three channels open to pyongyang, we can talk to them, we talk to them. break that down for me, harry, does it mean we are in direct dialogue with north korea and if so, why the tough rhetoric
1:47 pm
between our two leaders? >> well, i'm sure we are. keep in mind there actually north korean representatives in the united states. a lot of people don't know this. the north koreans have active in new york city, that might be one of the ways that the administration is talking to north koreans. i think that's a smart move. i think the trump administration is doing the right thing here. i have never seen rhetoric of north korea, testing to the atmospheric threats, multiple icbm tests, i think the trump administration is making a bold move. at least we have the ability to talk to north korean ifs there is a crisis. i think that's smart. kelly: a lot of americans agree with you, 46% in fox news poll stating that the president of the united states is tough enough but others who say he should be more tough and more vocal about his -- well, disdain for the nuclear appetite that
1:48 pm
the north koreans continue to try to fulfill. >> well, you know what, i think what we need to do here and i think the trump administration is doing is we can talk to the north koreans and have a dialogue, keep in mind that's going to take a long time to bear any fruit if it even does, the north cor inteabs have been adamant that they are not going to give up nuclear weapons so those negotiations are going to be very tough. at the same time we have to keep pressure on, sanctions in place, building up missile defenses in northeast asia. kelly: i'm glad you said that by the way. the objective of denuclearization is not just ours, it's the chinese as well and they have been very clear in their policy and it's also the objective of the russians, so if you have the three countries, united states, russia and china that are bringing north korea into a proper relationship with the rest of the world, can it work and how close can we see a
1:49 pm
conclusion to this matter, any timetable? >> you know, i think it's going to take years, to be honest with you. north koreans in every statement they put out in ever since i studied, they are adamant that nuclear weapons are to deter the united states of regime, however, where the united states, the russians, chinese all applying pressure and all implementing the sanctions, that's the key here. that could change north cor inteas calculus, their economic is only worth $14 billion. if you put measure, that might get them to change their mind. kelly: thank you. julie: controversial over nfl players taking the knee for the national anthem back in the spotlight yet again form, it is sunday. what the nfl is saying ahead of nfl games is that whole thing still dragging on? no, i took some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and...
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kelly: an attorney for o.j. simpson saying he expect it is former football star to be released from prison next week. a nevada parole board granted him early release this summer after serving nine years in an armed robbery and kidnapping case. his lawyers say, simpson is looking forward to spending time with his family, eating steak
1:54 pm
and getting a new iphone. simpson was acquitted in killings of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. a civil court later found them liable for their deaths. julie: getting a new iphone is a lot of money. talk to civil about that. fans weigh in on whether national anthem protests by nfl players will, again, steal the spotlight. bryan yanes has more. >> hi, julie, still to be decided for most teams. we do know that at least ten teams are expected to stand together, some locking arms during anthem tomorrow and this includes the new england patriots who reportedly have decided all players will stand together during the national anthem tomorrow, last week many kneeled and this comes after a bunch of fans on thursday gathered to burn merchandise,
1:55 pm
now three nfl teams decided not to come out of the locker room at all for the anthem last week, steelers, seattle seahawks and titans. pittsburgh steelers say it's over. unsure what the other two teams will do. the way to show respect to all, solidarity prior to national anthem and stand together. dallas cowboys owner jerry jones said the president called him this week, jones saying, quote, he did call, he was complementary, it doesn't mean that anyway -- what we, dallas cowboys want to do is not dishonor the flag and the debate
1:56 pm
is to stay with group and ssht doing anything that disrespects the flag is isn't something that they can be expected. the dallas cowboys will all stand as well. julie: thank you very much. >> we will be watching football? you keep thinking, can we get back to the old days of football, that will do it for us. the news continues at the top of the hour with eric sean and arthel neville. julie: i will see you at 7:00 p.m. eastern. see you then when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want.
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give up, skeletor! you're finished! >> give up, you're finished. you he man.'t you embasol. okay guys hear me out.
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catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. >> president trump firing back after the mayor of sawn won spoke out claiming that puerto rico is not getting enough federal support in the week and a half since hurricane maria ripped through the u.s. territory. hello everyone welcome to brand new inside our headquarters. >> good evening i'm eric shawn. frustration is growing in puerto rico island slowly struggling to try to recover from the horrendous staggering damage from two hurricanes march why and irma pl millions at this hour remain without electricity and power and even phone service. as we have been told


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