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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  September 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the of fox report. here on fox news channel lashing out at the mayor after criticizing from hurricane area. good evening your watching fox news. president trump accusing the first responders form the upper region leaders they want everything done for them. it has been 10 days since ricky maria devastated the island. according to the pentagon more than 1 million puerto ricans on of access to clean drinking water and 95 percent without power.
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and they have not been forgotten. >> i am here to help. i'm here to help you. we're here to collaborate with you with resources. so you're in the best possible position in. >> near the president's private golf club any signs of the back-and-forth that the mayor is lying down?. >> no. it seems to be escalating now president trump is planning the backlash on fake news. the whitehouse said we sent a lot of supplies to puerto rico degrees vs -- and resources. the governor throughout the day he is also planning to go to do puerto rico and the
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virgin islands on tuesday. he did not like the mayor's remarks when she said you are killing us with your bureaucracy and efficiency. he has been hammering her all day long on twitter sang the results of the recovery effort will speak much louder than the mayor we're doing everything we can to halt the people of puerto rico her gore earlier he accused the mayor he wants everything to be done for them that is not sitting well with the mayor are those in puerto rico that still have no clean water or medical supplies the mayor responded that she will not be distracted by small commons, politics and petty issues. of course, all of this bubbles over three days after president trump is set to make his visit to puerto rico that could make for an uncomfortable trip.
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in the vice president now weighs in on the issue and said he has also been frustrated by the mayor and the comments. he says now was not a time for anybody to play politics but now focus on results. but now she says same thing about the trump administration but for those millions said in the dark i imagine they don't like the of political back-and-forth. they just want results on the ground. julie: with north korea the secretary of state confirm the u.s. has direct lines of communication at at --- communications how big a deal is that?. >> here is an important development but it isn't new. senior state department official said the direct line of communication was first opened during those discussions to come back to the united states and the direct line of communication
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to bypass china has simply remained open ever since. is an important development and we'll bring about this new development the secretary of state himself recs dollars and told them about a visit in china today, we're not in a dark situation we have a couple of channels open and we do talk to them so the big take away is just because the trump administration has lines of communication open that doesn't mean they're actively using them to negotiate. tonight the state department spokeswoman says that this moment negotiations are not taking place. julie: in the meantime crews are working hard to restore power to puerto rico one week after hurricane murray
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has slammed the island of 1400 national guard troops are headed there right now with the ongoing shortage with the ongoing food and water. , is the recovery coming along?. >> communications are improving the best said that 33% of telecom has been restored but the big problem is still power only 5% is back online and the commanding general that they don't have the expectations the lights altered monsoon. >> there will be some percentage that will come up in a couple of weeks old not give you a number than a couple of months that there'll be some very remote areas that could be up to a year to get back up in and running.
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>> 61 and a 69 hospitals have reopened the only nine are back on the grid most operating on emergency generators. and it is meant to be a temporary solution and eventually they will break down if not be connected with the grid. julie: there is also more rate in the forecast making it extremely complicated considering the flooding there already dealing with. >> it makes things more miserable for those who were in of those flooded areas one of the of many houses have a roof tore off they have a tarp up but the governor is turning a lot of attention to hours outside out of san juan damaged during the force of the iraqi people living below a need to have the evacuation plan ready to execute.
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>> our petition is for the people in the surrounding areas to maintain that level of preparedness that there could be some damage. >> the other big problem is standing water people using it for their basic needs so hospitals already see the influx of people with gastrointestinal problem spero and the mosquitos spread horrible things and officials are worried about dying a fever. julie: late this afternoon releasing new information on the response to teeeighteen rescue teams have won scoured 100 percent of the island making 843 rescues.
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big box stores are open and 70 percent of the ports and operating and 11 highways have been cleared of debris but many remain is still impossible. national guard is on the ground from 21 states. also the governor of puerto rico tweets i just spoke to donald trump he confirmed his personal commitment to deploy resources to puerto rico which is hopeful for the island's future. >> family is still missing after a catastrophic earthquake. but they're still holding on to help. they are searching for victims inside the collapsed buildings with those searches continued today in mexico city for pope 38 buildings collapsed. dozens pulled out of life in the first few days. people continue to come to terms with lives lost the makeshift memorial is
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popping up in numerous places in fact one woman takes the strength and courage of her people. >> i felt nostalgias because they think they're good people in mexico. >> tuesday a the cost of the magnitude could receive -- exceed $2 billion to the president trump after tom price resigned from the position. fur taking expensive flights of what the taxpayer a dime that total was up $400,000 bill and we have more from washington. >> and if you remember the protocol of the trump administration the right house budget director dick will be sent a memo to the heads of the departments and
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agencies to use say any trouble needs prior approval from john kelly it came hours after the of recognition of hhs secretary tom price. political reported on the for secretary use of a private plane at least 24 times with over $300,000. in around $52,000 but after that that price defended the flight the day before he resigned. >> so that was deemed appropriate to make mine other obligations within the department. >> i can tell you i am not
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happy. >> sending a letter of resignation than the president accepted it but now cabinet members are under a microscope for the interior secretary has a number of flights on private military planes one from nevada to montana reported the cost taxpayers poured in $12,000. >> fears of unrest are ahead and what is that all about? that senate candidate wins so could more candidates, as a shake-up? . >> we can make america great we can support the president don't let anybody think that i do not support him.
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julie: major cities the size of from you and demonstrations on the eve of the referendum in catalonia. thousands of people are expected to vote in the referendum despite the fact that after being blocked that the supporters of the vote are spending the night in hopes to keep them open so they can be used as a polling place. >> do with his right for the entire country purports the president has said and i firmly believe this, a tax reform has to be accomplished quickly and if it doesn't you will see serious repercussion that the ballot box for republicans. >> former trump campaign manager this morning but the balance of power is in limbo
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as they approach election within g.o.p. failing health care reform and also losing in a runoff after campaigning with president trump so what is next for the g.o.p.?. >> if the g.o.p. maintains the senate majority it mayhap the new book because republicans can get enough then to look to alabama and end up more model. >> people have called that model they do not need to raise money. >> and bannon is already meeting with canada its to challenge those conservative candidates. even jeff blake from arizona could avoid a challenge by retiring like bob corker. >> so they will take a look
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into his writing and i think flake will start to do some polling and they will also throw in the towel. >> but if like leaves that is a different opportunity because those incumbents who condemn no winner hostile to sexuality and also one that should not serve in congress because he is a muslim. >> to apply a religious test is not riper but republicans should say that's not right. >> and the white house he was to help if elected. >> to say we don't agree with those comments been trying to get republicans elected and to write it in the memo the republican congress has replaced president obama as the bogeyman for the of primary voters and those officeholders are imperil. >> if you are tagged as a
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candidate as leadership of the of republicans in congress you are doomed. julie: reporting from washington and those colleagues may be ready to part ways. mark walker tells nbc g.o.p. lawmakers will be happy to see mcconnell retire. famous american rock formation now the subject of intense scrutiny after to rock slides in as many days. and what scientists are saying. we're talking to superable champion ray the west on why he decided to deal with his former team for one reason the last week. now they're calling for the removal of his statue outside of the stadium. >> the owners make a profit in the nfl they just want to win and make a profit you
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. >> we were not sure the of benefits of the middle-class for the working men and women not the highest income earners. [applause] our framework includes our exclusive commitment that tax reform will cover low and middle income households not the wealthy and well-connected. they can call me all they want it will not help by and doing what i fink. it is not good for me. believe me. julie: health care reform all but out of the picture
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for this congress. the president and the leadership is focusing on tax reform proposal from which will benefit the middle class? now emphasizing the need for bipartisan input to make it is important to come to the table if you don't come to the table then there is no question those families are paying more taxes with the court document is not the end product there will be a negotiation so come to the table. if you want tax relief you better we at the table to help them now. we have a historic opportunity. julie: to into fox news on sunday and check your local listings for that interview. >> enjoy a rock crashing is at yosemite killing one and injuring two. the tragic event is sparking questions whether this could
4:24 pm
have been prevented. we are live in denver. what are they saying about the possibility of predicting a tragedy like this?. >> the experts on rock formation that yosemite say as much as they learn after a big chunk of rock walls like this they don't know how to figure out or predict when it all happened. here is a park geologist. >> things are happening within the rocks and invisible to us. so after the rock follow kerr's we can see better what was going on after the fact. julie: a slab this size of a 36 building - - story building fell down below where gm and rachel were. fortunately there in their cash to be but jim and the that the hospital as the debris winter december --
4:25 pm
went through the sunroof. >> we were trying to out run it and said let's go. and he said my head and was bleeding profusely. >> two other tourists did not escape from a separate rockfall. they were on an anniversary trip were caught in a fall on wednesday injured was killed and his wife judy is in critical condition. julie: what causes the slide? to make it is a combination of moisture and temperature is calling that - - causing barack to expand over time so the granite stars to peel off. so on average the park sees 80 falls per year but they are much smaller some visitors say they are feeling more cautious but they say they just keep on going.
4:26 pm
>> we are very worried about the rockfall. said to find out exactly where those rocks came down. >> park officials said they would not allow people in if they did not think it was safe. julie: the head of the u.s. air force academy putting all 4,000 cadets on notice that racism will not be tolerated. >> if you can treat someone from another race or a different color skin with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. grabher your phone in videotape this to you have it and can use it. so we have the moral courage to gather. >> key gathered cadets and
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faculty to deliver the message this third morning were discovered on the door room of five african-american cadets earlier this week. the video has been viewed more than 4 million times on facebook and 800,000 times on youtube. puerto rico getting more rain after the devastating blow from hurricane maria. controversy of the nfl player taking the knee during the and foam. tomorrow we will have impact as the protest on believed and i will be speaking live with ray lewis about the situation in which he feels about it. more is ahead. ♪
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julie: julie: for a ball fans today in may be wondering if they
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will see more than touchdowns after hundreds of players opted to take eddied last week during the national anthem so the president once again tweeting about this that even before the sunday game. >> the president wanted to make sure to let the world though it is very important nfl players stand tomorrow for the playing of the national and the respect our flag and our country. most teams have not announced they will do tomorrow. tonight there was the players' team meeting but from what we can tell levy still led the team said they will stand during the of the most locking arms this was a treat about the team as a
4:33 pm
way to show respect we will deal in solidarity but we stand together so the pittsburgh steelers did not come out last week the owners said as far as he's concerned it is over. they will stand tomorrow for the new england patriots will stand tomorrow as well. last week many bield after disgruntled people gathered to burn patriots skier and merchandize outraged by those who neil the protest of racial equality of police brutality. they said the president said after they deal together jones said it was complementary to doesn't mean that he acquiesced so we want to make the statement so that debate is
4:34 pm
if you are did soldering it or not so the players are doing anything that does not respect the flag that should not be respectable part of many owners tried to set aside that right now likely we will see them continue but teams say we will stand more. >> is everybody ever involved either standing are dealing or bowling but we will be speaking with ray lewis in just a moment i will ask him about him getting down on to neece. -- on his knees. sova order brazing for flash flooding we will get to that after being slammed of
4:35 pm
hurricane irma. the tropical season runs through november there is a system we have to pay attention to. just off the coast of florida there is a disturbance to the west we do have a $0.34 chance but even if it doesn't become one we're talking a lot of rain dropping across the state of florida. as much as 18 inches or more? even if you're not in that area it will be entirely widespread to track a couple of systems. puerto rico is under a flood watch with flash flood warnings as showers are hitting obviously already saturated with the low pressure system that may
4:36 pm
become something. and to have a chance of forming in the next 48 hours we're still looking we're even in this isn't a mean storm there is heavy move grain moving across the island where the saturated ground is catching more rain not crazy numbers there is nowhere for the rain to go back to become a problem as the low pressure system over the island's growing closer to puerto rico it doesn't just off on saturday or sunday. and a lot of those with those people in puerto rico also mostly clear conditions
4:37 pm
edits incredibly active and hurricane season runs through november. julie: thank you very much. with a storm debris becoming a major problem in houston our neighbors are lending a helping hand. >> i don't know. ho likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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4:41 pm
star ray lewis who was on the ravens and was on the sideline and thanks for talking to west. >> absolutely. julie: i get why everyone is down on one knee. i get they have that right everybody has a first amendment right to get the controversy with it isn't all about the american flag. i get it but how do you feel about those who choose to take one knee during the national anthem?. >> everybody has their opinion. i don't think no one has the exact answer on what that is on mobile protesting. -- what we are protesting. so you walked in and out of the of brotherhood so that
4:42 pm
is all we know from players so with that culture so we lot cayennes to save we're in this together then you're all in this together. julie: does it have to be done during the national anthem? it can be done any other point. >> that is a great question. one of the reasons when i was in london i had a guy sitting next to me. a 22 year veteran and i asked him what do you do? had to change the narrative? because we have 250 members involved with chaos everywhere. talk about houston and
4:43 pm
puerto rico so how do we change the narrative? how to make it different? i said how do i not disrespect the flag but give a different direction? he said pray. pray. i said okay. look it is so confusing now that we have to isolate on what thank the dollar bill says is in god we trust so i trust in god. we have to change this talk about players playing with us before the flag and before ibiza and some we it inspires people. and we inspire them to want to be as.
4:44 pm
let them see their hold hands do come together what is going on with those racist comments so those events that take too knee enough is enough. julie: let's show the picture if you don't on to neece. --- 233 but in fact, you took two nfl clearly shows you got down to pray on two knee. so what then the are asked if his by doing so it could be shown as a disrespect to those who fought for freedom or steel and up for the american flag or for those who believe it is a time to put your hand over your heart and that does have a
4:45 pm
place but it does have a time and place. >> you are so correct. sometimes most people judge actions so maybe the timing was wrong because everybody was talking of kneeling. julie: we will try to get the signal back this is a satellite interview when we get that back we will let him finish his final thoughts. grave u.s. former nfl star with the revision six waiting we got down on two knee. we will pay that back up. and another black eye for equifax learning about questionable actions following the massive security breach of personal information. president thomas pledge to resend that order of the embargo on cuba. we will look where the trouble administration
4:46 pm
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julie: houston faces a major challenge with storm debris there is enough to fill 125 football stadiums. >> many neighborhoods across southeast texas look-alike demolition states -- a size after hurricane harvey demolition equipment take over the streets where kids
4:50 pm
rode their bikes. mike evans had 4 feet of water in his home nearly all of his belongings were ruined. they have been forced to drag every memory out that cannot be salvaged to the curb. >> that's it. the of water is responsible to get out there. how do you do that?. >> harvey left behind the storm damage to fill 125 football stadiums a task so large there is not enough workers were pieces of equipment to hold -- solid away in a timely manner. most spend all day just on one street. >> they said come move my trash i went to there and
4:51 pm
then move my trash. >> nearly everything will land - - and up in a landfill where there is still plenty of room but victims say they're trying to figure out what comes next. >> i will not stay at the ritz-carlton for six months. about what might happen. [laughter] julie: president trump plans to roll back the policy on cuba to reinstate the sanctions and the embargo lifted by obama but three months after the president's announcement nothing has happened. >> effective immediately i am canceling the last administration is completely one-sided deal with cuba. [cheers and applause] >> 100 days have passed of his promise to restore a the sanctions on cuba and
4:52 pm
nothing has happened because the treasury department's assets control the small unit that manages sanctions has not produced the fine print to be enacted. the changes did not take effect until the issue new regulations for the caution died july 25th we expect to issue the amendment in the coming months. contacted this week by fox news the treasury spokesperson said we don't have a specific date when those revisions will be publicly released for crowberries still anticipate it will be in the coming months. >> that's correct those that specializes in sanctions enforcement say though limited resources is no match for the increase of activity. >> that bill against north korea and iran. >> the president is imposing new financial sanctions
4:53 pm
against venezuela issuing the executive order but that cuba policy he gave a speech. >> we will of course, the piano and tourism. >> with the national security memorandum to executive branch agencies and cabinet members instructing them to draft new regulations within 30 days. that has happened but since then little else has. >> he could have issued the executive order to immediately change the program just like those venezuela sanctions that did not require any implementing a organizations but that is not what happened here. >> monday is 60 days since the president signed into law sanctions on russia and north korea and iran. there is only 200 people on the ofac time. julie: getting back to
4:54 pm
rayless the linebacker playing for the ravens was on the sidelines for the national anthem. sorry about the satellite issues but the concern that many feel i want to read you many concerns i have received on twitter and you probably get flooded with tweets as well a lot of questions that people have their called customers they pay to watch a football game of protesting customers are always right. why doesn't he protest on his own time? we all have to behave when you're on company time. >> my response is there is a totally different the english you were talking about protesting. praying is not protesting pro but the first thing that i did was i was praying to
4:55 pm
cover the whole situation the moment i got out there. there is no bad time to pray. if so then my goodness for good to me as your question i get any respect for their coming from. but understand what we're dealing with and the context that we're dealing with it. i does want to make sure introduce something. might also works in london by the way but i came back sunday night. one of the greatest offense players i never met he saw the same picture and this was his response. ray, i love you and i am proud of you to go on to both knee to pray in that
4:56 pm
situation. and then rick fox said continue to lead. in god we trust and if there is one thing is that god should trump the flat gore the national anthem why shouldn't we be praying? so why did i pray in the moment? because my heart was heavy. julie: du plan on attending the game tomorrow at home court. >> and though i will not be home. i will head back to new york. julie: ray lewis thinks for coming on to set the record straight. we will be right back. i count on my dell small business advisor
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saturday, september 30. "watters world" starts right now. have a great west of your saturday. [♪] jesse: "watters world" is on. >> can you manage putting your life on the line and seeing your players, your american players disrespect the country and the flag on foreign soil? >> you are not proud that you had work done, why not? >> they can't afford him with his agenda. jesse: three giant media icons are back and making big headlines. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ jesse: our nation's bravest


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