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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 1, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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6:00 p.m. eastern. we will wait the president momentarily. we'll be here all afternoon, see you in a bit. elizabeth and leland are up ne next. >> a message to kim jong-un, he is telling him he is wasting his time to negotiate. how it affects efforts to give up the nuclear ambitions, we'll take a closer look. >> plus will nfl players listen to the president stand for the national anthem were taken is they did last weekend? we are on the ground in baltimore with what fans are saying about these guys just before kickoff after years behind bars, o.j. simpson is a free man. he wants to move to florida but
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the attorney general says he is not welcome. >> elizabeth: welcome to america's this headquarter. i'm in for elizabeth. >> good to be with you jillian. i'm leland. president says it's a waste of time trying to negotiate with korea's rogue regime. the president tweeting out that kristin fisher traveling with the president who's spending the weekend in new jersey at his golf club. the secretary of state yesterday headlined all of a sudden we are talking to the north koreans with open dialogue, then open channels, then the state department walks us back, another president saying it's a waste of time.
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are all three true? where they are? >> you know, you summed it up. it's too soon to say. it could be a case of missed messaging, the president drastically undercutting his secretary of state. the only thing we know for certain is what he said is that over the last 24 hours or so with the president said what his secretary of state has said are two different things in regards to the administration strategy and how to deal with the north korean nuclear program. during the trip to china yesterday secretary of state rex tillerson said the u.s. had initiated and was in direct contact with north korea about the nuclear program. but hanging showed zero interest in negotiating.
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this morning president trump tweeted quote i told rex tillerson are wonderful secretary of state, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man. save your energy wrecks. we'll do it has to be done. another cabinet secretaries under scrutiny. elaine do, for something she said on friday about the recovery efforts in puerto rico. she called it a good news story. the mayor of san juan puerto rico has a very strong language in response. she said this is not a good news story. people are dying. today on fox news sunday, the fema administrator defended the dhs secretary. here's why. let's listen. >> when i can be satisfied until the situation to stabilize. the bottom line is, this is most logistically challenging event the united states have seen. we have been moving a pushing as fast as the situation allows. >> reporter: the mostly just ugly challenging event u.s. has ever seen. and twitter president trump defended the administration's response and they did a great job with an almost impossible
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situation. he's blaming the clash on fake news, like the mayor san juan, you can add democrat certain bernie sanders to that list after what he said on the sunday show. >> speaking from his fancy golf club playing golf with his billionaire friends, attacking the mayor san juan who is struggling to bring electricity to the island, food and water and gas, it's unspeakable. >> today, president trump is heading to a different golf course to attend the president's comp and participate in a trophy ceremony before heading back to washington. >> kristin on the ground in new jersey, thank you.
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>> gillian: the nfl is readying itself or second week in the political spotlight as players and fans react. this morning in london, three players for the miami dolphins were seen kneeling during the star-spangled banner. griffis live as the ravens and steelers kickoff. morning. >> is a shining moment at the raven and steelers game. this is the birthplace of the national anthem. over my shoulder the ray lewis statue, the rich legendary linebacker, there is a petition with nearly 75000 signatures to remove the statue because he was kneeling with the team. i stood out here at the entrance of the gates is everybody when inside and watch this team stand in unison. they kneel before it was played then they all stood hand over the hearts. the steelers quarterback said it had really bothered him. in fact one of the fancier going
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to the game. you just watch the team mostly all stand. they weren't showing ray lewis but we presume he stood. how do you feel about this? >> the standing, i'm for the standing. every time i see the neil to me makes me think of the military and all the lives lost during the battles. i think the politics need to be out of football. let's just play the game. >> so you want to see a good game out here today. to think were at a point where the division is talking about it but maybe we'll just get back to playing football? >> it's really take away from the game. i know a lot of people have dropped off. this is america sport and i look forward to getting back to work was. >> last question, there's been fans out here, do you feel like the president should or should
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not have weighed in on this to begin with. >> i don't have views on that. it's typical for him. so doesn't shock me. i'll just shade say that much. >> we saw lots of fans burn season tickets, and just one lesson, some vendors capitalizing selling i stand for the national anthem, making ten bucks a pop off of this. we'll see what happens in the later games. unfortunately what happens before the game instead of what happens through and during the game. >> gillian: i want to get your reaction to this video. take a look. we have this life coming in now.
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>> while i was standing outside when that happen, you can hear them booing and we are looking at that giant screen behind it and we saw everyone in the team player stand up. coach harbaugh, presumably catholic was genuflecting with the prayers he stood up. that's always on the thursday night game between the packers and the bears where they now before then stood. it's a sign of solidarity and unity among the team. of course standing as a president trump tweeted last night, important for players to stand during the national anthem. so they're taking that to heart. fans don't want to see any kneeling out here. at least on this field.
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>> gillian: if your life from baltimore city, thanks. >> leland: more on this with newspaper columnist nile from the hill. we are now about eight or nine days into the nfl anthem controversy. how is the white house looking at this? a win for president trump as he riled up his base and he's made a difference as to how many people stander neil. >> you can talk to some people around the white house and have some misgivings about getting into this controversy. but looked at a raw political terms a lot do think it's ultimately a win for them for simple reason. they think public opinion is on their side. they think more people think you should stand for the anthem that you take any. it's currently a divisive issue. but i did don't think it loses president trump anyone except those who are already critical
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and opposed to him. >> leland: in terms of the players kneeling in unity or solidarity, either of those nouns, unity or solidarity require being united around something showing solidarity with something. have you been able to pick up what's on the other side? are they showing unity against president trump? are they showing unity for the anthem by standing up? put this into perspective for us. >> i think the people who are standing up it's a personal choice at the end of the day. one of the interesting things is one people stood up and linked arms your scene the genuine confusion as to who they were in support and who they were post to. we are seeing some of that. clearly people have different views of patriotism. some people think it's about
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loyalty is showing this patriotism,. >> yosemite people looking towards nfl games for entertainment. then you juxtapose those scenes with what's happening in puerto rico and the president has been under a lot of fire by the media and government officials, take a look at how saturday night live pretreated. >> mr. president tom so glad to have you on the phone. i'm begging you, puerto rico needs your help. >> were going to get you more help i will get immediately by tuesday or wednesday at the latest. >> mr. president, that's not good enough. >> well, you should've paid your bills. fema takes a few days unless he joined pima prime. >> leland: that saturday night live, will move on from whether it's funny or not as people are suffering. more poorly, how is the white house looking at their response?
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we saw the documents in terms of their talking point. do they feel like they're getting a bum wrapper the media wants to hang this around the. >> it's a combination of both. the president's response to the earlier hurricanes and taxes and florida was praised by people who are critical of him. there are issues on the ground puerto rico. aside from that, the administration certainly feels there's going to be an exceptional emphasis on negativity. i think it does raise the stakes that will be very closely watched and i'll be interesting to see how he himself tries to frame that visit in terms of the message he wants to deliver.
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>> and whether this matter goes back and meets the president. a big business guy in puerto rico e-mail me this about the mayor. one of the worst mayor san juan has ever had, a terrible administration with a agenda. her popularity rating is terrible on the island. so you have to see what the people in puerto rico feel as opposed to what the people are saying. thank you for your time. >> leland: speaking of the criticism the white house has been getting. the respond to critics and answer questions. the tax plan is coming up. chris wallace interviews mick mulvaney. that airs right after the show at 2:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> gillian: canadian police are investigating an attack as terrorism after finding and isis flags in the suspect's car. it started when he crashed
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through barricade outside of football stadium last night hitting a police officer. he then stabbed the officer before running away launching a massive manhunt. he was arrested a few hours later after high-speed chase in a u-haul. witnesses say he was intentionally swerving towards pedestrians. at least four people are injured. please have not released the suspect's name. the officer has non- life-threatening injuries. >> leland: investigators are on the scene of a deadly attack in a train station. a man believed to be from the north african region slit the throat of a woman stabbed her to death, he was shot by soldiers on the scene. his motivation is not clear but a counterterrorism investigation has been open. the train station has been evacuated. just two weeks ago for american female students were attacked with acid spray. a mentally unstable woman was arrested in that attack.
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>> gillian: o.j. simpson is a free man after serving nearly nine years in a prison. claudia has the latest details on his release by from reno. >> a morning. after all the years behind bars o.j. simpson left the prison as soon as he could, a few minutes after midnight under cover of darkness and avoiding the media just way prison officials have wanted. instead they took control of this media event. they released a picture of simpson and then they got this quick cell phone video queuing him to walk out. >> prison officials told simpson not to come back and he said he doesn't intend to. formerly known as inmate he was
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driven away in a black suv. it's not known who is driving if anyone was in the car or want. he was sentenced for a botched army dropped the subsequent civil travel in which he was found liable for their death. he said he wanted to move back to florida but prison officials said they have not received the necessary paperwork for his transfer of florida's attorney general made it clear she does not want him there. most legal experts say that's where he will end up, but according to a number of sources, he will spend time with golfing buddies at a gated community in las vegas. he's also getting an iphone so he may announce where he lands and social media.
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remember, everybody will be watching him with their phones. those first photographs of o.j. simpson out and about will likely fetch many thousands of dollars. >> gillian: imagine, his very first iphone. coming up, video out of france's dozens of soccer fans going to the field when a barrier fence collapses during the game. plus, kim jong-un's nuclear ambitions and what rex tillerson is doing in china to derail the plan. and our men and women in uniform reaching out to help puerto rico. mike is life in the ground in san juan. what if you got first? >> officials say it's getting better. from long gas lines to elderly care it's tough living in puerto rico. details after the break.
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witness katy perry. witness katy perry become a legal witness. witness katy perry and left shark. or a card shark. grandma? witness katy perry work. witness katy perry firework. witness katy perry swish. witness katy perry... aaaaaaw look at that dog! katy perry: with music videos and behind the scenes footage, xfinity lets you witness all things me. >> gillian: scary moment for soccer fans in france want to barrier collapsed sending the spectators falling onto the field. twenty-five people were injured, for seriously. the fence gave way about 15 minutes into the game.
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the masters were specific and of about 30 minutes. >> while the president takes heavy criticism for the media over his administration's response to hurricane maria, thousands of troops and aid are moving toward puerto rico. mike has also arrived, he said a gas station san juan, is it getting better? are you starting to fill the effects of the military on the ground? >> when you talk about it getting better were talking about gasoline's that are four hours as opposed to nine hours to reach the pump. it's one example of hard living in puerto rico. about a mile away is the viewpoint condominiums, sandra guzman, 63 years old walks parking ramps and stairs go to the seventh floor. then there taking care of a
10:23 am
71-year-old zoe who has medical problems. most recently a slip and fall could her head and got a concussion, had to be hospitalized. in the hospital she broke her hip only to be discharged on friday. she's helpless stuck in his condominium and entirely dependent on help of these two for food, water and hygiene. this is so slow because there feel like they're treated like second-class citizens. >> think a puerto rican says constituents of your own state. think about it as a moral imperative. because we are u.s. citizens. more important because we are all equal as human beings.
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>> if the power was working she would at least be suffering in the air-conditioning i would have something cold to drink. people could take the elevator to help her, they could washer sheets. power still the number one issue. about half of the waters working but only 5% of the grid has been restored. yesterday the commanding general attempted to lower expectations that the lights would turn on anytime soon. >> the power grid has been up problem for the along time. it's a long road ahead. mike is on the ground in san juan, thank you. >> the supreme court begins its new term tomorrow i full-strength and ready to tackle a range of hot button cases. five members attended the bread mass along with other members of the legal community. neil gorsuch did not attend. this master was sponsored by the catholic archdiocese and celebrates the fair
10:25 am
administration of justice. joining me to discuss the new term is alex, thank you for being with me. >> thanks for having me. >> gillian: what are the three biggest cases from your perspective? they have a range of really important cases on the docket, what are the top ones? >> the top one will be the travel ban. everyone wants to know what will happen with that. the justices originally had oral argument scheduled for tuesday that was taken off the docket. thursday the new briefs are due from the parties about what is to happen now that the president was assured there'd be a version of the travel ban. the justices will decide whether they will take it up or send it back to the lower court to look at changes to see if there's any more legal challenges that will arise now that he change the list of countries and added north korea venezuela.
10:26 am
>> there's an interesting partisan gerrymandering case coming out of wisconsin. this would be the first time they would rule that partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional. everyone's watching to see if that will be a hurdle state congressional would have to overcome. do we have too many democrats and republicans in one district? one vote you want to watch is justice kennedy. we know they will align with party but kennedy left open that he does think there's an issue a partisan gerrymandering but no way to calculate it. we'll see if the plaintiffs can win him over on that. >> we have this third case which is the masterpiece case which deals with freedom of expression and other issues.
10:27 am
>> it's interesting. you're dealing with same-sex couples wanted to have a wedding cake in the christian baker said it was against her beliefs to make it. he's an artist and makes these custom cakes and should not create art that he doesn't support art on that he supports. another argument is justice kennedy who will be the swing vote. his very partial to gay rights. so the baker wanting to go with another strong issue that justice kennedy likes which is free expression. the parties are trying to get justice kennedy's attention. >> it sounds like the bakers and cake shop owners are not saying that they cannot purchase merchandise from the bakery. they don't want to be compelled to create products specifically for. >> the idea of doing something custom then knowledge assistant
10:28 am
a question of mohammed. there make an argument that it's against religious beliefs and right to free expression. >> it sounds like it's a full plate for the supreme court justices. we'll stay tuned. >> are we talking north korea or not? what the president's message to the secretary of state means. plus what the proposed tax cut means for your wallet. >> the president has been clear and i've been clear from the beginning, our objective is not to create tax cuts for the wealthy. nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day 50 plus. complete with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one-a-day 50 plus.
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dissecting and pouring over that plan and have big questions including who will see the tax cuts and how will the american people pay for them? the white house tried to answer the questions on the political shows. caroline has more. >> president trumps calls this historic tax relief while the democrats say it's a windfall for the wealthy. >> he's been very consistent on what his goals are. it's to get middle income tax cut to make business taxes competitive. >> across the board officials say they are not worried about saving the richmond, they want to make it simpler, going from seven to three tax brackets and detecting state local taxes from your income and keeping more money and lit middle-class pockets. a report from the center finds that americans making more than 700 30,000 a year the top 1% would receive half of the total tax benefit.
10:34 am
plus, $2.4 trillion to the deficit over ten years. backers of the proposal say right now they only have a framework for the cuts. that report makes assumptions and they're willing to negotiate. opponents are pushing back. today bernie sanders said this was a reverse robin hood plan taking from the middle-class to give money to the rich. >> this is the robin heard principle in reverse. trump is taking from the middle-class and working families to get huge tax breaks for the people on top. it's on acceptable and will fight it. >> the senate budget committee will pass a draft next week. the full senate could take it up in a month. >> gillian: thank you. >> leland: what does this mean for your wallet? mark old wine at the nonpartisan committee for responsible budget, nice to see. the average american family make
10:35 am
$60000 per year. we know how this will affect them? >> we don't have enough details but it looks like this is a tax cut for most americans today which means inevitably it's the tax increase for americans tomorrow. >> the republican answer to that is that if you use dynamic scoring everyone will save money therefore they will invest more and will have bigger economic growth in the tax plan pays for itself, why is that not true? smart text from can grow the economy but because of how it works you need $6 of growth for every 1 dollar tax cut to pay for itself. most economists thinks we get 50 cents. >> leland: does that payout for the reagan tax cuts and from president kennedy? >> if you look in the past if
10:36 am
they're done well they pay for a small fraction of themselves. maybe a fifth or less, there's never been a case of tax cuts that fully pay for itself. the battle line seems to be drawn. we heard bernie sanders say this is reverse robin hood. is that a fair criticism? is it possible to have both the tax cut for the rich. >> it's more like stealing from your grandchildren to give tax cuts to everybody today. >> gets have to decide how much like your grandkids. as we look at this on a larger scale, we keep. dynamic scoring will pay for itself. two republicans have enough information to say whether that is true or not? >> we don't have a full plan so we can have a full dynamic score. no tax cuts have paid for themselves. this administration of come up with a dynamic score before they written their plan. somehow it's going to create 3% growth but we don't even know what it is.
10:37 am
although is that entirely fair? we know the corporate goes to 20% a pastor goes to 25%. there's at least baselines here. >> we have information. i say maybe were getting $300 billion and dynamic scoring. there's a look at 2 trillion. >> leland: you keep hearing from democrats this is attacks cut on the rich and giving the rich better brakes because they're the fatcats. economically, tax cuts on the rich will create the economic growth. >> it's not really a direct tax cut on the rich. it's a huge tax cut of corporations and businesses. the rich on most of the businesses and corporations. >> leland: and the rich pay most taxes in america. that's why these are showing that their big tax cuts.
10:38 am
if we cut taxes today with dad at record highs, were just putting the tax increase on future generations. >> if everyone's wages are lower there's more inflation, it's just as bad. >> will have you back once we have the numbers. >> leland: president trump spent sends out new tweets taking aim at north korea. he had advice for the secretary of state as well. details coming up next.
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♪ stare with me into the abyss ( ♪ ) >> gillian: president trumptweey with north korea is a waste of time.
10:43 am
just want after secretary of state, rex tillerson confirmed the united states is in direct contact with pyongyang. the president said save your energy, we will do it has to be done. joining us now is bruce claire, research fellow with the heritage foundation. ask for joining us. >> i want your reaction to the tweet. is this something that rex tillerson said yesterday hours the president just sitting around thinking over that? >> it's confusing. earlier this week hr mcmaster said we do not have contact with north korea. shortly after, secretary of state said we had three different channels undefined. now a day later in the president same don't bother with the diplomacy. it's a bit uncertain with the u.s. policy is. when the president says will do what needs to be done or unsure what that means pressure which we been increasing, or it resurrects the idea that we will do a military option. >> your reaction yesterday when you heard that rex tillerson said we are in direct
10:44 am
communication with young yang. based on what you know, was that welcome news to your ears? was that suspicious news? what is your gut reaction? >> it businesses usual. we have state department to talk to people that we don't agree with raven like. i would distinguish between diplomacy and we meet with counterparts from north korea and formal negotiation. going back to six party talk to don't think would be fruitful as north korea said they would never abide by the promise of those talks. >> the north koreans may insist they would never be party to something like that. at the same time, the president, the secretary of state and the spokespeople in their own way over the last week have been indicating is something the president for the u.s.
10:45 am
government is interested in. at the same time, we see europeans agitating for talks. the german chancellor merkel has been a bug in the presidency are pushing him, the french, the british have weighed in. generally in favor of this. what is your over under on some kind of official multiparty talks will happen in the next year? >> i think it's long odds. one of the purpose of the increase pressure is to get north korea back to the table and meaningful way. similar to the table to get iran back to the table, whether you like the deal or not. it was the pressure with leaving open the door for diplomacy that got tehran back to the table. using the sanctions to enforce the un resolutions but also put in place measures that make it harder for north korea to import and export items for their nuclear program.
10:46 am
>> gillian: the sticking point on those sanctions, the latest round past appearing the most robust set of sanctions ever passed against a foreign nation of any size. do you believe these have a chance to turn the table if they're implemented correctly? and people abide by the letter of the resolution, to think something good can come out of this and we could avoid further conflict with north korea? >> the pressure of enforcing our laws have multiple objectives. they are in conjunction with other instruments of power as part of a comprehensive strategy. no tool should be used in isolation. were emphasizing pressure for its purpose of our laws but also to change the calculus and get them back to the table to fulfill the previous pledges they made never to have nuclear weapons. >> gillian: it sounds like it's
10:47 am
the program of strategic hedging and balancing and keeping things in order at any given specific moment in time. rather than looking forward months in your at a time. >> is serves near-term and long-term purposes. were trying to alter north korea's behavior in the meantime were trying to get them to abide by their commitments. we also need to have defensive for selves and allies. >> gillian: thank you for joining us. >> back-to-back hurricanes that left millions in desperate need. how some country music biggest names are raising money. okay folks! let's get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay!
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>> gillian: your listening to country are this john barry and some of his famous friends using their talents for hurricane relay. after hurricanes, harvey, irma and maria devastated portions of puerto rico and other places.
10:52 am
we recently talked with them for an exclusive. >> music really connects us all, how did you come up with this? this is a star-studded lineup. >> i got together to write with chuck jones who wrote several hit songs i've had and we've had a schedule writing appointment to for project, not next year. it was the monday after the hurricanes. that hit the texas coast. so after watching the news and the effects of the storm and resilience of the people, and naturally being songwriters turned into an idea for a song. >> your country, blues, a lot of powerful people came together to make this. why do that now? >> there's so many people in need. after the texas hurricane and
10:53 am
then irma came in and hit florida and another came in and hit puerto rico and the island area. there's so much need. even though the new cycle changes are talk about things on the news, there still people hurting and a lot of need. we went to houston this past week to see if we could help to get volunteers was samaritan's though they're [inaudible] the news. >> there still so much damage in so many places right now. i want to ask you, what did you see in houston and why samaritan's purse? >> one of the things we loved about samaritan's purse is a faith-based christian -based organization, they have a wonderful track record of transparency and dollar amount going to those in need.
10:54 am
we went with a group and the work they did, the organization they had was incredible. no time or money wasted. just folks get down there and get it done. >> the video were seen as you physically volunteering, my last question is how can we help? how can we buy into it? >> if folks would like to go to john there's some links on there. one is to help folks in texas through samaritan's purse and the other is the folks in florida. you can go to samaritan's and find out about things are doing. i'm sure they'll be on the ground of puerto rico and other places in need. we have those two links right now that you can find about giving her volunteering.
10:55 am
and being a true american putting yourself out there. >> leland: you can also download the song on itunes or amazon. you want to give directly go to samaritan's >> gillian: one of the most familiar faces on daytime television for decades has passed away. monty hall, the creator and host of let's make a deal passed away saturday morning. his catchphrase, do want door number one, two, three became a staple area and let's make a deal has aired on television for over 50 years. he was 96 years old. hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. youfor tech advice. up dell small business advisornt. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs
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and i get back to business. ♪
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those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can do more with my family. talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. >> britain's prince harry, bruce springsteen, all got involved to close things out in prim torontt night. he told the wounded warriors that their resiliency should serve as inspiration. one of our guests on a and hq is coming back a winner, the sergeant won two bronze medals for the 10200-meter-i was part of usa's bronze medal winning seated volleyball team. if you looking for role models, dairy say they're on that field [inaudible] the nfl field this sunday. great having you here for the
11:00 am
weekend. great to be with you at home. chris wallace, fox news sunday is coming up. for some very important interviews. >> present trump faces a growing backlash over the response to the devastation in puerto rico. >> i am done being political crack, matters hell. >> the governor of puerto rico was so thankful for the job that were doing. >> chris: will discuss the humanitarian crisis and allegations the administration moved too slowly with fema director. then, president trump pushes his tax plan promising the surgeon economic growth. >> this can be


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