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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  October 1, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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getting people away from the danger. the good news here is that no one was hurt. >> marty mcfly never had that problem. back to the future. that does it for us for one hour. >> we will be back at the top of the hour. hope you join us. time. >> i am not happy, i can tell you. i'm not happy. >> i can't limit either! they canceled sex and the city ♪ ♪ three. ♪ what is the world coming to? ♪ [music] [applause] >> i don't mind the kneeling. i am sick of it. i have not been the sick or something since 81 pound of candy corn and then rode teacups! that was last year. there hasn't been this much talk about kneeling since
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monica gate. it is absurd! it is just a game! have not seen this type of attention devoted to grown men in tights standing, kneeling, since the village people! i blame the nfl. donald trump is right people are scared! standing up to identity politics makes it a bigot. i also blame the internet cable, myself. the story will not die because we will not let it! this reminds me of a spat at a walmart that gets out of hand. everyone starts gawking and strangers join in. one hour later police action because someone is not wearing pants and someone lost her weight. it is time to go home. time to let it die. do you see these protests are spreading? sorry passengers on delta flight 451. our airplane cannot depart until everyone locks arm and sings john lennon's imagine. you save is not about the flag but why do it during the anthem? if we really mean it, kneel on
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the field. during an actual play! [laughter] the cleveland browns have been doing this for years! [laughter] [applause] so! if you claim this is about police brutality, then protest the police. they are right there! on the field, protecting you. but that might be too scary. the worst part, we have given the word kneel a bad name. kneel is linked to so many good things. neil diamond, nilsa daca, neil armstrong, neil patrick harris and of course, neil -- ♪ ♪ [applause] [music] >> neil, he makes me squeal. enough with the nfl pointing at the rungs of society. let's point out the wrongs of
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the nfl. i'm not just talking to head injuries. the games are overhyped, overlong and is now a celebration of excess. if the nfl were a restaurant it would be loud like a hula hands in hell! it would take four hours to get your meal, you can only eat for 45 seconds and you sit and wait for two minutes before eating again. that is the nfl. long periods of nothing followed by tiny increments of something. perhaps it is time to embrace a real sport. one that can be played by anyone. young, old, white, black, fat, thin, shorts. a sport that makes it impossible to be divisive. [video] >> it is time
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america! let's throw a strike for freedom! wearing someone else's smelly shoes never felt so good! [applause] let's welcome tonight's guests, she flew here on a ladybug, she is one of my cohost and will not be entering the daily briefing. starting monday at 2 pm eastern, dana![applause] itlooks transits if looks could kill she can prosecute
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herself from her depression is also another one my cohost ms. kimberly! [applause] and when life gives her lemons, she throws them at poor people. national review reporter katherine timpf. [applause] and as a child, buildings were his actual building blocks. former bodyguard and my psychic, tyrus. [applause] so tyrus, like me, -- [inaudible] i would say we played arena football but i retired and you were injured. [laughter] >> you don't even let me talk! >> what is your take? i have a feeling you're in a tough bind because you were in camp in the nfl and you know the, i don't know the turf. >> i know the heart that it takes just to get there. and to stay there is another
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thing. first and foremost, this has been a tough week for me. because i seen a lot and - my argument is not on what's on both sides. people are passionate about their love of country. and as a black man in america, i'm an american, i am a black man, there is things in our country that bother me. and the fact that we have some great policeman. we have great policeman in this country and i support them and i have been on this show for two years and i've supported them. but we also have things that are not okay. that things that happen. what con did, he was not the perfect messenger. he sometimes acted like he had one month of black history, i will give him that.but his message, he took a knee to the anthem because it was a voice
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that could not be heard in his opinion. we talk about problems on the show and we set as long as it is peaceful he was being a citizen and we moved on. to use that for a few cheers at a rally, to me, that is where we missed the point. mr. trump, you're better than that. if you cannot talk about anything else in alabama about football than are you kidding me? they are national champions every other year. the greatest college town in america. using that, on that platform - was so divisive and heartbreaking to me because he is not going to feel affected from it. he is not going to be in that bar, he will not be walking to school or be spit on by protesters good that is us, regular people fighting the fight. it was for a sound bite. like i said, i support mr. trump as much as i can. he did not think much of his
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base that night. he thought that was what they needed to hear. >> can i just - when i look at that, i felt that, the reason why he got that that was because like it or not, he is us! and you have said it, he is like your uncle. >> he is also the worst of us. my point was, i worked very hard to always, whether i agree or disagree to respect the office of the president of the united states. and i fell from the president of the united states and the white house did not respect me. >> fair enough. i think that he was a viewer, not - when he gets up there and he talks he is talking like if you were about football. that is the way i see it. i totally respect what he is saying even i disagree. but that is what is beautiful about this. >> we can have that conversation. >> dana - [applause] you do not get that on - maybe
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do but i am not up. >> you are sleeping it off. i really admired a lot in the aftermath. i agree in terms of the pain fullness of it and i also think some of the language, especially the thing that stung and made it even worse. interestingly, a lot of the writers and i will point to a couple. once wrote a piece saying, let's look at the fact that it is not just one incident of police brutality that they are talking about. and he lists all of them. it made me try to look at this from another perspective. i grew up in wyoming.we went to rodeos on the weekend. >> and you bowled! >> yes i did. my and owns memory lane. and of course we stood with their hands over our heart. >> you called it the marble. >> that is a good one!
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you are running out of material. anyway, my point is that there was a lot of thoughtfulness actually that happened this week.towards the end of the week, as the players start to define what they're going to do for the fans and hunting about the football, there is a movement for criminal justice reform in the country. that could be a bipartisan movement. there are a lot of conservatives that a lot of independents like rand paul and on the liberal side there actually is a way to get policy to move forward so people that feel like they are protesting are actually being heard in as he said everyone can go home. >> kimberly, i think that one of the, probably the big positive things was, i feel, i find the idea of symbolic justice to me a little silly. this grown man, it does not matter what political sign, it just drives me a little crazy. i have to hand it to dallas for
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separating the protests from the anthem because i think that was like as donald trump said was progress. and it ended up pushing into some sort of solution maybe? >> yes i think you're making a fair point. i appreciate the emotion, the passion and the life experience for tyrus what you've gone through and people that you know you have worked with also professionally. it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there. especially when your job is on the line as well and you have the president saying something. but at the same time i am also looking and saying i think the president made those comments spontaneously. i do not think it was something he planned but when he is speaking an hour or 20 minutes, over time he does a lot of this in their things he says that sometimes you are like we want to take that back and keep him on prompter. at the same point i think he was approaching it like a business perspective. i want to given the benefit of the doubt while still respecting the other side to say the players want to do
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something to let people know that even though they have a lot of money they are willing to take a stand because they hear the voices out there and social injustice and want everybody to know that they are strengthened and say that it is not fallen on deaf ears. dallas however, carved it out. and they separated it a little to say that we will acknowledge that we are not going to tie this to something because it can also be offensive to military, veterans, people who have fought and bled and died. that means something to them too. i think we need to be respectful of that so they do not feel diminished in the process or that people are not really understanding the full impact of the anthem and the flag. >> you, i just go back to this idea that this got out of hand. it just feels like it was a ball without rolling and it's like, if you pulled america, this is not part of the, this is not something part of their lives. i will say, nonviolent protest, i am all for it! given the stuff that we see on the screens with everything this is good, it is good people
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do this but you've got, if you are taking the risk you have to know that you will upset people or it is not a protest. >> part of the reason it got so big is because of the president comment. that is when people jumped in. it is a peaceful protest. institutional racism when it comes to criminal justice is a real thing. people protesting peacefully is good to see. but the reason they can do that is because this is a country where it's allowed.i think as long as you are being open about both of those things, colin kaepernick did a bad job of that. >> he was imperfect, he is not arthur ashe. >> yes but you have to respect it and start a conversation but has it really been working? no because we are just talking about kneeling. i respected i also really love to see that we are in a country where you are allowed to peacefully protest something like this. because in any other country
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you can get your head cut off. so i am grateful to be an american. >> very good! i am grateful to be american also. what you think about tom price resigning? >> how did he think he is not going to get caught from that? >> expensing a private plane? >> is not like buying a doughnut on the company card. >> the price is wrong!>> it's like, i get worried when i do my personal mail on the company. but when i pay a bill in the throat in. >> oh my gosh! he is going to be awake all night worrying about this. >> we got him! >> when i worked at a previous job. >> now you are paying electronically so doesn't matter. >> exactly! there doesn't matter. we covered tom price, didn't we? coming up! china cracked down on north korea. and other things the president did while no one was looking.♪ ♪ [applause] [music]
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>> while the nation was reeling over kneeling, what was lost in the sauce was pretty appealing. the economy grew at its fastest rate in two years. unemployment shrinking, a new tax plan unveiled in kim
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kardashian is pregnant! i think all of the kardashians are pregnant. but the best news is that china started getting tough with north korea. this week china ordered all north korean companies on their turf to shut down by january. china is abiding by the un sanctions but the trump administration should get some credit. how many times have we heard donald say this. >> china can come out and frankly they will you know they say they don't have that much control over north korea, they have total control. does that china they wouldn't be able to eat. >> we should put pressure on china. >> and now they are. that beat strategic patients. and frankly this makes me feel more secure. now he can stop freaking out and return to my favorite hobby.♪ ♪ [video] ♪ [music]
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>> very good! >> i got a free ride on that. kimberly, this is great news but illustrates how president trump works and why people keep getting him wrong. he starts out like at one side and then it's like really tough and then people get like oh he is crazy and then there and listening and changing. >> and somehow he waves a magic wand and outcome something favorable. with north korea, people were very upset when he was talking about "fire and fury" and then the way he was pushing china they say we are going to alienate somebody that we were starting to work with and they had a good meeting to begin with then when he put the pressure on them they did step up. they did agree in terms of the sanctions. so this has been very favorable but you do not see people giving him the credit for the outcome. >> is something about and predictability that creates a new strategy for you do not have to necessarily tell people
2:21 pm
what you are doing. >> one of my favorite stories on the week is how north koreans were calling republicans in washington d.c. to say help us understand what does this mean and how does this work?what this has proven is that donald trump is not calling the shots in asia. because the sanctions are getting to the point that the chinese realized that they don't do more they will have a problem. in addition, there's something happening in china that is also pressing on this. there is going to be one of their big communist meetings that happens every five years. they call it congress but it's not really a congress. and the leader does not want to be embarrassed. they want stability at all cost. so they trying to get ahead of this. it starts in october 18 or something. so i think they are trying to show that we are in charge. the last thing he wants to do is lose face. >> dana brings up quite unusually a good point! [laughter] north korea is running around town talking to anybody about trump. there like an obsessed x asking only different if she is dating
2:22 pm
someone else be that we give north korea over a barrel. >> absolutely! and i don't mind not knowing what is going on. as long as i don't get blown up! that is like number one on my list of things every day. don't get blown up is very important. also related to that, trying to tell the mainstream media that president trump actually did something good is like telling, trying to tell a woman that her ex-husband's new girlfriend is not that bad. [laughter] she might make a great pot roast but you don't want to hear it. no she doesn't! where have you turned on me? >> that is so true. that is exactly what everybody asked the gwinnett county donald trump. you know tyrus, instead of pushing a button, he is pushing their buttons. >> well, i was thinking about this. i was thinking about dogs and stuff so you know her dogs awesome. if you don't know ask somebody. [laughter] >> nobody knows about jasper.
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>> do you know what? he unfollowed you on instagram because he was jealous. >> he didn't want to see the pictures of my dog. >> this is the time for this right now! >> let me bring this together. those sanctions, when they come down people are going to get really hungry. and kim jong-un -- there was another dude, ramsey. he sent his dogs were loyal. they tied him and he was stationed for everything else, the dogs ate him! >> that is a "game of thrones" reference.thank you for that. >> they go to change regimes within. one of the generals is going to say yes that's it. >> they go! michelle obama schools women voted for donald trump instead of ♪ it's me and my best friend only new tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture
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with chinese officials in beijing and said the us had initiative and was in direct medication with north korea about its nuclear program. the president also defending his administration's response to hurricane devastation in perrigo meeting: some leaders in puerto rico disagree. i fell will be back at the top of the hour blame gender for surrender. this week michelle obama scolded female child support is at a business conference in boston. a city in massachusetts. she says the former first lady quote - any woman that voted against hillary clinton voted against their own voice. what does it mean for us as women that we look at those two candidates and many of us said, that guy is better for me?
2:29 pm
his voice is more true to me. to me, that just says you do not like your voice. you like the thing you are told to like. i don't get this. no one likes their own voice. [laughter] have you ever listened to your own voicemail? it is horrifying! i hated my voice when this show first started. [video] that was before i took vocal lessons with sebastian. [laughter] meanwhile supreme court justice ginsburg discussed hillary clinton's failed campaign. >> do think sexism played a role in the campaign? >> do i think so? i have no doubt that it did. >> when do you think it was decisive? in other words, if she had been a man she would have won the election. >> there are so many things that might have been decisive
2:30 pm
but that was a major, major factor. >> sure! but here is another factor. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? [laughter] [applause] >> imagine listen to that voice before years! okay, is this insulting to insinuate that a woman must vote by gender? or was this some kind of exception? >> absolutely it was insulting. and this is a radical idea but if you're going to be a feminist what you should say is that a woman can vote for whoever she wants to vote for! [applause] i also do not understand the part where they are saying because she is a woman is why she lost. if they really thought that was true then why was the whole campaign theme just i am a girl? >> that is so true! dana, as you know, i support women voting. >> how novel of you. >> and other radical thing! >> is there any validity to this accusation of sexism?
2:31 pm
>> i -- i think sarah palin could also make the case. that there were women who did not want to vote for her! but why? we look at the policy did it make more sense to vote for someone other than her? i think that women have been talking about sexism so much that now it is like the kneeling thing. we are all aware of it. and it all exists and now we can now operate on our own merit to see if we can win. >> tyrus, i think it was hard in the election for either gender to vote for either candidate. it was not about the sex or gender. >> it never is about the sex. listen, i would rather have a grenade then answer this. it is not sexism in terms of it is just catty. women are just catty! i will be out for lunch with my girl and another girl can walk
2:32 pm
but i will not look here she was a look at her with her fake hair, she thinks she better than everyone. those aren't real, that's not real. and i say you get all of that just from a walk by? hillary has a suit pants, they like skirts. i am not voting for her! >> i love them. >> there we go! you cannot win. >> i think the real problem is that hillary clinton herself said this, and michelle obama suggested that women that voted for trump were told to do so by their husbands. that is why this is so offensive. [laughter] >> i cannot get a plate of food let alone -- [laughter] no down to the courthouse and vote for trump woman, i will be here! right! >> that does not work at my house either. >> to me, i did not want the comments at all.
2:33 pm
i did not have any problem with michelle obama. i thought she was a good first lady and represented the country well. i do not love the school lunch thing though.lots of kale but i think it's insultingly trying to tell other women, first of all, what about the women they're out there working and are not married? they don't have a husband telling them what to do. and the ones are married, their husbands aren't telling them what to do either. >> reach! >> i think it is demeaning to women to say we can't make our decisions. and if you made the decision you are wrong for doing so. you have to vote your conscience and do so from an informed point of view that you have done your research and feel good about that. i do not think you should go to someone based on gender. >> or you just like to your husband! [laughter] >> i have never had one but -- [multiple speakers] >> i am just saying i prefer.
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ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at [music] >> he finally got off! hugh hefner, he founded playboy magazine in 1953 dies this week at age 91. he was credited as a sexual revolutionary in the 1960s. he turned playboy into a global entertainment empire. including clubs, clothing, hotels and of course the t.v. channel. which i never saw. i cannot stress that enough. the magazine circulation peaked at 7 million in the 70s. yet, it kept going. when "the new york times" asked what he was proud of he said that i changed attitudes toward sex. let's pause to remember the
2:39 pm
best parts of playboy. if your children are in the room, they should totally stay for this. [video] ♪ ♪ [music] >> it was always the articles! [laughter] all right - cat, was he good or bad for women? >> for me, one of my ex-boyfriends after he broke up with a started dating a playboy bunny. so i have some resentment. >> i like her pot roast! [laughter] [applause] >> you have to give them credit. you have to give him credit for seeing an opening in the market that i would never have thought existed. think about how many men are into women attractive woman,
2:40 pm
just up as mammals!he discovered that and he made millions off of it!who have ever thought of that? god blessed the free market and may he rest in peace. >> wielded playboy and what is compared to today, it is like highlights with their weekly reader. >> i love the weekly reader! >> of course you do dear member dynamite? >> yes. >> in the old days you had to try hard to find something like playboy. you had to sneak a look at the barbershop located hidden in a hedge in the park. we do quote - hedge porn. now, it is everywhere! and i wonder what that is doing to kids. or teenagers. they see stuff that most guys don't see a lifetime 50 years ago. >> the national review had a piece about how the pornography has destroyed many relationships, marriages. i don't know about the younger
2:41 pm
people you see studies as a millennial think they are perfectly fine to sit home all weekend. they don't want to meet anyone. if it had not been hugh hefner, would have been someone else eventually? probably. to say that you don't think he was amazing make you sound like a prude.and i really don't care what people do in their bedroom. >> i do care actually. [laughter] i run a small bed and breakfast. >> very small! [laughter] >> wow! all right kimberly - have you ever been to the mansion? >> yes. [laughter] >> no further questions! >> with clothing on. costume for a halloween party. i met him on a few occasions. he is was a nice man. they have done business in other enterprises. but look, obviously he was a pioneer in his field and he was
2:42 pm
able to be very successful. i hear your point in terms of what it has done to attend just the way people even relate or try to meet some of these days. there is so much of a proliferation of pornography and images online that i think people grow up with unrealistic expectations. >> that is true. except until they meet you! she matches the expectations. >> thanks greg! [laughter] >> that was a compliment! >> i hear feminists saying how progressive he was.but i know, just for meeting that he would not allow playmates to have their boyfriends at the mansion yet, he could have been many partners as he wanted. but the women could not have partners because, how is that progressive? >> first of all, he is a player hater. i am full with that. i get it. but to me, hugh hefner -- i met him a couple of times. we actually did a mock t.v. show called dog after dark it
2:43 pm
was playboy after dark. but, some of the things he did socially i think were amazing. he gave us -- he gave opportunities when they weren't there.he was not, i get your beef with him some women, exploited them and made a lot of money off of it. but some of the civil rights things he did, he was ahead of his time. he did not have to be that way, he chose to be that way. and then the biggest thing for me, straight up, you made the bathroom fun bro. thank you! >> look at dana! >> i don't understand. >> we have to move on. she worked at the nsa and stuff documents into her pantyhose. who did she blame? us! that is next.
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>> her name is reality winner. she is anything but. she laid classified reports about russian election meddling. this week a transcript of the interrogation was released and you will not know who she blamed. she said i filed formal complaints about them having fox news on. at least put al jazeera on or a slideshow with people's pets. i am tried everything to get that change.the solution was apparently treason.maybe go to human resources first, that is what they are therefore. dealing with complaints and organizing charity fund runs.
2:49 pm
meanwhile they will now run ♪ ♪ this. ♪ [video] ♪ [music] >> i have watched that nonstop! for some space that will be off and on the network will be on the network even more, can you believe it? do you take personal offense to this? >> i take offense that there is this really educated talented woman who was able to get the top-secret security clearance basically throws her entire life away for something so stupid. i do take offense to that. she owed herself better, she really let herself after she bankrupted her parents, she committed a crime against her family for a new story that was going to come out anyway! i think when she talked to the fbi, maybe she was not smart materials it would be used against her in court and here on fox news. >> what do you have to say?
2:50 pm
>> i am honestly surprised that she united you would think that she would have tougher skin after most certainly being fronted for her name her whole life. right?>> she was also in the air force! >> also ladies a word of advice, if you are putting anything in your pantyhose, run for -- run from that life! >> i agree with her. anything other than my feet, you do not want to do that. >> that's true, guys do not have places to hide things. that is sexist! >> you can put on pantyhose if you would like. >> i agree, it is so sad that this woman had so little regard for her country, the family and also that she is blaming fox news! i mean, that is not inspiration
2:51 pm
at all. it is just ridiculous. it shows me that she is really lacking in intellect if she thinks she will try and get away with this by blaming the fact that she is upset because she did not have a say space because she doesn't like to listen to fox, really? that makes her incredibly and so pathetic. >> i think i should make us feel better that the nsa is watching fox news. >> that's true, i agree. >> maybe her beep is legitimate. like i go to the gym equinox. they always have the e channel on. >> i'm sorry, you go to the gym and you watch t.v.? >> yes! i go on the stair climber. i am not like you! >> look, i love funny jokes. if my name was arithmetic. but i kept failing math. her name was reality, right? >> reality loser.
2:52 pm
>> so she should know that creating a crime in the real world you will end up in jail. she should have been a little smarter. she had security clearance so she knew all of the rules. i think a better name would have been fantasy. >> i met someone named fantasy. they are usually dancers though. >> at some point they should say we name to reality for a reason. geez! >> maybe the name was in the family. >> really? >> i don't know, i never met anyone named reality! >> or winner. >> i am barely in reality! >> maybe they thought it would be a great name. >> dana, since we're talking a little about fox news, and he went to tell us about the new show? >> yes it is starting monday, october 2. 2 pm eastern it will
2:53 pm
become the daily briefing. with dana - [applause] >> itis my first. first applause. hopefully we will show people what it's like behind the scenes in washington. >> what would be your first ideal gas create dosing on his name starts with a g. >> that is not on my list. i am hoping and we are trying to make it out that sarah huckabee sanders would join me for the first guest. >> i know her dad! >> we all know her dad. [laughter] >> but i have his phone number. >> i think the second republican woman, the white house press secretary would be a fitting guest. >> excellent! >> thank you for the slug. rex don't go anywhere, final thoughts next.
2:54 pm
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♪ it's me and my best friend only new tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample, call 1-877-get-tena. >> i will see monday on the
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
five with these two. 5 pm eastern. we are running out of time so - dana, do you have anything? >> i can think of that i am now 15 days into being off of diet coke and diet soda and i think i deserve a round of applause. [laughter] [applause] >> it is not easy! >> i love diet coke. it is the greatest tasting chemical ever! kimberly? >> yes, i am looking forward to football sunday. and hoping that people start to listen to each other and treat each better. and heal. >> heal, don't kneel!
2:59 pm
>> i watched terms of endearment and i cried at the end and i videotaped myself doing it. i am going to post it after the show. i do not know why that gets me. but when she is talking to her kid - >> you are a sensitive person! >> i am tough. i will whip your butt and cry to you about it. >> i dare you to! >> no you wouldn't. # pot roast. >> last word catherine. >> i had to bagels today! how my supposed to expect other people to respect me when i so clearly do not respect myself? [laughter] >> i do not believe she had to bagels. >> when i had half butter and half cream cheese the other one i had half avocado and half boiled egg. >> thank you to all of you!
3:00 pm
[applause] [applause] after another round of this sunday, the president lashing out at critics of the hurricane response in puerto rico tweeting about politically motivated ingrates. amid his war of words with the mayor of san juan, the rhetoric escalating just for the president visit the island. hello, welcome to america's had new quarters. >> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm eric shawn. president trump also apparently contradictory the secretary o


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