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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 2, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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waking up to this news this morning. rob: yeah, investigation continues, appears that the violence is over. that will do it for us. "fox & friends" begins right now. heather: thanks for joining ♪ ♪ steve: those are gunshots. and this is a fox news alert. that was the moment of horror unfolding overnight in las vegas where a gunman opened fire are from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort towering over a packed country musical festival with 30,000 people in attendance. ainsley: at least 20 people are dead, including two off-duty police officers. more than 100 people are injured. brian: the gunshots sending people running for their lives, including concert headliner jason al dean.
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listen to him start. listen to him stop. [gunfire] >> there were a couple bodies there and started loading them into a back of a truck. >> witnesses say those shots went on for at least five members into a crowd of thousands outside the mandalay bay resort. ainsley: this is a live look on the las vegas strip where right now people say the male suspect is dead. they believe that he acted as a lone wolf, but the hunt is now on for that woman right there. her picture is on the screen on the right. marilou danley police say is her name believed to be a companion traveling with him trout the las vegas area. police also combing the city for two suspicious cars. steve: that's right. brian: you have a concert series of some of the biggest names in music. when jason aldine goes to play this is one of his west most noteworthy songs. he plays through it many
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intses we thought end of the whole concert maybe this is part of the fireworks display. maybe it is part of the pyrotechniques that happen at the end of concerts like this. steve: there was such confusion given the fact that -- okay, so that is the stage. people have been there for hours. and then gunfire rained down from the 32nd floor of the hotel. this musical event took place essentially in a big open area across the street from the mandalay bay. we have got some audio of the moment from the police scanner when the police were able to break down the door and get the accomplice. listen to this. >> we have the hallway contained where the room where the shots were fired from. it is contained. if you avoid coming through those doors, please do.
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ainsley: two things come to mind. that lady's name. we don't know her connection to him. just know they are looking for her. they had a press conference this morning calling her a person of interest. second thing is how amazing the police is this is a crowd 30,000 people plus at this concert. have you someone on the 32nd floor of the mandalay pay hotel and police were able to knock on his door, take it down and take him down in a matter of minutes. brian: know the right floor and get to the room. be the first to go through that room knowing there is a machine gun inside. adam housley has been there talking to witnesses all night since this happened. last night adam, it's amazing what has taken place since you first hopped on the air. >> yeah, it is.
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you know, you mentioned and mentioning finding that person on the 32nd floor. they blew the door off. they used explosives to blow the door off and get access. this happened 10:00 p.m. local time. we were in hotel. our hotel looks down and we can seat mandalay in the stance. we heard the sirens like you don't hear normally. not one or two. seemingly hundreds from all directions. of course we came down there with them. this location here i will step away and show you over my right shoulder. that's the concert ventricle yiewvment turned the lights back on as part of of the investigation and someone has crossed the tape line here. you hear yelling in the background. lights have just been turned back on in the last 15 minutes or so as part of the investigation to be able to let them see more. we know there are still bodies inside that concert venue right now. we had a chance at one point, a man walked out who had some very good information. and right away i could tell who was somebody who was a first responder just by the terminology he used.
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just sort of talking he told me was los angeles fighter he had come here with his wife. many people were first responders and military. they come to listen to country music. a lot of them knew how to respond to this stuff. he was inside the entire time. he talked about the scene where people were hiding under the stage and find safe locations where he was literally dragging bodies around. and they were using whatever they could to get people out. take a listen. >> i mean, when would walked up on this earlier i said that was probably used as a gunny. i said you know what that is. >> i said freezer use as a gurney. >> and the tables were inside. gurenelys as well. use everything we can we were using the rails between the partials in between. we were carrying bodies out with that as well. >> we got here not long after they had least, they hadn't really secured this area. they were telling us we were all right. telling us to stay in place. police were in tactical
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gear. had helmets on. long rifles, semiautomatics. we know that from where i'm standing, guys, there is a location right there a quarter mile down the street. you can't see it from camera angle. three bodies are down there on tables. people had carried them from this facility a quarter mile down the street trying to get them away from the gunfire and unfortunately they didn't make it that man who we talked to says he pronounced about 20 people. that firefighter from los angeles here to celebrate a birthday ended up pronouncing 20 people at least dead. he had blood all over his boots and all over his shirt. we met another kid, really who was young who walked out with no shirt on. hef used his clothes to put them over people. he used them for bandages as well. we met a number of people like that. blood all over his arms and chest and it was not his own blood. take a listen to what he told me. >> i was here at the concert just like every other fellow american here. you know, things happen, brother. you know, what goes on here
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isn't american. that's not what we are about. this is not okay. other people run. that's okay. that's on them. i'm here for everybody else. >> how many people did you help? >help? >> seven. >> how many people did you see down? >> probably close to 20. >> in various, obviously, conditions? >> look, man, i'm not wearing any clothes up here. everyone ohio thought has passed on, they have annual article of my clothing covering their eyes, covering part of their body. everyone who i saw breathing, i held, man. we heard story after story like that. people walking out. some didn't want to speak to us. we didn't push the issue. again, about 1010:15, 10:20 when we heard the sirens, they came from all parts of las vegas. it's very well spread out. our hotel looks down here maybe three miles away. we came down. that's when we saw police in tactical gear and people coming out by the hundreds. we also were in touch with
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one of our interns here with her parents. she was telling me a story as we were driving in about 20 people were hiding in the basement of the hooter's hotel which where i'm stand something directly in front of me. maybe a quarter mile directly in front of me. they had run out of the concert. they jumped in some random car and got a ride to the hooter's hotel and people were hiding in the basement in a closet. i was on the phone with them and of course told them to stay inside. people in the flamingo hotel taking cover. people in the luxor taking cover. we know at this hour there are several hundred people in the hooter's hotel and tropicana that are not allowed i -- flamingo, i meant tropicana. they are not allowed out. they are being kept there because they want to be interviewed because they are possible witnesses of what happened here. they are witnesses. they were inside. back here live, i can tell you what's happening here where i spoke with the firefighter from los angeles, robert haste, he was inside with swat. he was wearing a vest.
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they gave them that vest because he was a first responder and he was inside doing the work and pronouncing people dead and trying to help whoever he could. right now we know there is a tactical team going through and trying to find any possible evidence. of course, there is a lot of evidence. you heard all the differential gunfire taking place by most people's count, people that were either military or law enforcement i spoke, to they believe there were three separate bursts of gunfire. that's not scientific. it hasn't been confirmed by law enforcement. but that is what we have been told by one after another. these are marine, police, firefighters who were here who would know that are information. we also know three people have been detained. we don't know if they have any connection to this. they may just be detained and let go. we know three people at least is a v. been detained in regards to possibly be being conducted to this at this hour. as i look around, you still see, you know, emergency vehicles coming in and out. at this point, guys, what the sad thing is the
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ambulances leaving now are not carrying people who can be saved. when they leave, they are taking people out that didn't make it back to you guys. ainsley: adam, what about the airport? i was told that flights in and how the were temporarily halted as a response to this. a lot of people travel in and out of las vegas. what's the latest there? >> temporarily. we are now told it's back open. flights here are all 24 hours a day. when you fly into vegas. coming from new york. the hotel directly ahead of you is the mandalay. that gives you kind of a perspective. the airport is not far from where i'm at. from my right maybe a mile or two. in fact, we passed by the executive airport where all the private jets fly in on the way to this location. we are not far from the airport at all. at this hour i'm told it's back open and fully operational. steve: also about two hours ago the sheriff gave a press briefing where they talked about what they knew and revealed where 100 people had been injured, at least 20 dead. also two, police officers believed to have been killed. two other onduty police
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officers hurt. they mentioned the woman of interest mary lou danley described as an asian female 4 feet 11. according to the scanner traffic that we heard, her players card was found in the room with the shooter. is that what you understand? >> we heard the same thing, steve. i mean, there is a lot of information coming in, as you know especially with social media. viewers with fox and some of them former law enforcement finding things online. there is a lot of that information come in right now. it hasn't been confirmed by nibble in law enforcement about that players' card being found in the room and if that's the connection here there wars somebody saying, suggesting she might have been a roommate. we don't know that a lot of suggestions right now. what we know this information is still fluid. a lot of stuff going on. i know three people have been detained here. don't know if they are going to be officially connected with this in any way. that's where we are at this hour. it's interesting because when i talk to haste
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firefighter l.a. venice beach station in venice beach, california. he said i pronounced on our air i pronounced roughly 20 people dead myself. you could see the page in his eyes. the hardest thing for him was his wife and friends they know he is a firefighter. they know he does things. he tells the stories. they haven't ever seen him do it. he said to have his wife and friends there, he got them covered, you know, under cover and then to see their faces as is he dragging bodies by them, you know, that's something that, you know, they are never going to forget. so many people here, you know, it's just -- it's hard to think. we were in aurora, we were in san bernardino and you want this stuff to go away. you feel horrible for these people. you just feel horrible for them. brian: adam, my first thought, after seeing what happened in france and seeing what happened in canada. of course, the assailant had an isis flag in his car, you are thinking well, are they going for iconic city like
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las vegas who as many wrought up has all the things that muslim extremists don't like. i think the sheriff went out of his way in his press conference about two hours ago to say there is no indication of that now. have you heard anything else that maybe gives an idea of who this guy was? i mean, i have got some stuff sent to me and it's not confirmed so i don't want to go with it. i have heard stuff on that realm and other realms that can you probably on your own at home deduce. i mean, go online and take a look. some of the stuff seems to be legit. we can't go with that yet. they don't believe it's terror related. from everything we have been told here, of the folks that were inside. the folks that knew about the door being blown off on the hotel. i believe what they tell me, that's what they're telling me, at this point they are not seeing any connection. other things they are looking into. and i will leave it at that. ainsley: adam, we know that 20-plus are dead according to the police officer from the press conference; did
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you see any children coming out? it did happen at 10:00 at night on a sunday night. >> you know, you do see children here in vegas. unique situation because it's las vegas. the firefighter told me and few others told me there were children inside. he was in there, as you know, as i told you, with swat. he was in there until the end. they gave him a special vest to help identify him even though he was off duty because of his expertise. the good news is he did not see any children that were victims. he didn't. he said there were a few in there. there weren't a lot. mostly adults. did he not see any. he was in there until the end and knows how many bodies were on the ground because he obviously pronounced them dead on scene. that's where we are right now. interesting thing now, guys, so many people around here, it's the concert. it's the end of the three-day event. a lot of volume involved. you still have a lot of people around here this late
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hour with all the energy and adrenaline. law enforcement is having to deal with that as well. people that normally this time of the morning still a lot of people out and about, especially after this kind of concert. there is a lot of work here to be done. and, you know, a lot of healing needs to be done as well. brian: adam, we are very fortunate you were out there covering oj getting out of prison and able to scramble quickly. go back and forth with you the next three hours. ainsley: adam interviewed that teenager. especially at that young of a age. he talked about his generosity. how he took his shor shirt off helping other people. we heard countless stories like that. brian: yeah. in fact let's listen to some of them. >> were you carrying people. >> yeah, wee both. were as long as they weren't, you know, gone. >> you were trying to help whoever you could that needed help. >> yeah. trying to get people out. that's all that mattered. >> what are you feeling right now? >> heart-broken.
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>> heart broken. >> anybody i method tonight, i told them that i'm an american and we are brothers just because we are american tonight. >> you do what you can you do what you can. we are all together. red, white, blue, whatever. you know. you try and help each other. i just -- i pray that they, you know, they made it out and whoever did this is neutralized. >> heart broken. >> heart broken. >> just anybody i met tonight, i told them that i'm an american and that we are brothers just because we are american tonight. brian: how great is it to act like that under pressure. i'm sure most of them, like most of you out there have never been thankfully in a situation like that. and to think that your instincts are to help rather than run is fantastic. ainsley: they walked into the concert wearing clothes, obviously. come out without their shirts on. using them an turn cuts to save people's lives. steve: as we heard from adam they were in this route 91
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harvest festival with over 31,000 people there were a lot of first responders and a lot of military and lot of law enforcement. what do you do? they respond you had. meanwhile, speaking of law enforcement, sheriff joseph lombardo from the las vegas sheriff's department explained how they took the shooter down and who they are now looking for. >> there was a shooter on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. officers responded to that location and engaged the suspect at that location. he is dead currently. he has been identified. he is a local resident. i will not release his name at this time. but we are interested in a companion that is traveling with him. and her name is and i will provide you the names please be accurate on this. mary lieu danley. marilou last named spelled
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danley. she is asian female approximately 411. weight of 111 pounds. we have not located her at this time and we are interested in talking to her for follow up. two vehicles we are interested in locating and we need your assistance with that we have a hyundai tucson with nevada plated 114 b 40. and a chrysler pa self can a touring nevada plate 19 d 401. these are the plates registered to the suspect that we located at the mandalay bay. steve: that was the sheriff an hour or two ago talking about what they knew, who they were looking for. as we just heard in the live update from las vegas, adam housely says they have
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detained three people. we don't know if mary lowe is marilou is one. that is detained. brian: maybe somebody knows him or has seen him around and the fact that police need our help to find this woman. i think is also very significant. ainsley: and to find these two cars, the chrysler pacifica tour minivan and suv. justin was there with his friends and girlfriend. tell us what you saw at the concert. what you saw, what you heard, and what it was like. >> hi, guys. >> it was really surreal. we were toward the back of the stage. in the concert area but towards the back of the stage. and just started hearing popping noises.
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and at first you think that -- i thought that maybe there was a problem with the speaker system like a short or something like that. then it stopped. started again. and then the next -- your next inclination okay, this isn't fireworks. somebody is lighting off fireworks. then they stopped again. and then started up again even louder this time. i saw jason rip off his guitar and start heading toward, running toward the edge of the stage. and at that time you knew this was something very bad. everybody was hitting the floor. you knew you had to get out of there at that point. everybody started running towards the back. people were hit it could have been any one of us. steve: sure. >> luckily, we were okay. but it could have been any one of us around at any time. and luckily we did get out the back. people were knocking over
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fences, barriers. i mean, v.i.p. areas were just trampled over. people were -- it was pandemonium and it was chaotic but people were trying to help each other out. steve: justin, we are looking inside one of the v.i.p. areas. you are talking about jason aldine who was on the stage at the time. could you tell how many shots were fired before they were able to take the shooter out and where they were coming from because, obviously we know now it was the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort. could you see, for instance, fire or anything up there? >> i didn't at the time. but maybe 20 minutes later we were talking to some folks. and they said that they did see flashes coming from mandalay bay. i didn't see that at the time. but other people did. but we just had no idea what was happening. you are trying to make sense of it all in the moment.
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and you just knew you had to get out of there. as fast as possible. brian: justin, are you like me not around guns a lot of your life and i probably would not know instinctively what that noise came from. was there a sense this might be part of the concert because it was one of the closing acts of the concert? >> not so much. it really came out of nowhere again initially i thought it was problem with the speaker system shorting out, electrical problem. you just knew because, you know, you knew about the bataclan in france and thinking back to orlando, it took a little while to sink. in once it did, you knew what was going on. and you just knew that you had to get out. it was very surreal. it didn't make sense at the moment. but, in the back of your head, you know this is bad. this is a shooting. you can't believe it's happenings here and now. brian: right. but at that moment it was about trying to get out.
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ainsley: justin, was anyone around you hit? what did you see? did you see anyone that wasn't breathing or paramedics coming in to help people? >> no. not directly around us. i had heard as we got out that the front of the stage was targeted first. and i think that's why we started to hear the gunfire sound louder and louder. i'm assuming the shooter was moving his muzzle from the front of his gun from the front of the stage to the basket stage and causing it to sound louder where we were. nobody was hit directly around us. again, it could have been any one of us. could have been somebody 10 feet from us and i wouldn't have known it necessarily. steve: justin, because it was a big events with 30,000 people. route 31 harvest festival. a lot of acts there was
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obviously fencing all arranged the venue. so, when people started running, you know, this guy with a gun probably thought, you know, they are all in there. there is nowhere for them to go. what did they do with the fences? >> yeah. we were all headed towards the back. and people were tearing down fences. people were hiding underneath the seating. there was like raised up seating areas. people didn't know what to do. they didn't know where weather to stay put where they were. steve: you didn't know where the shots came. >> from we didn't know if this was somebody on the ground moving towards us with a rifle. it didn't occur to us that it was coming from mandalay bay at the time. so nobody knew what to do. but everybody was just crashing and smashing everything in front of them to get out, to remove any barrier that was in front of any of us anywhere there
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were young kids there as well. people were helping them out as chaotic as it was. people were trying to be helpful to each other and respectful and trying to help the younger folks. did i notice that which was surprising. because it was mass tis tear i can't. but, people were trying to be as calm as you could be in that situation. but just everybody knew that we had to get out. brian: all right. justin, thanks so much. i appreciate you in this very difficult time going over what you saw because people arranged the world are watching, trying to make sense of it after a carnage filled weekend. ainsley: yes, thank you, justin. glad are safe. >> glad to help. steve: what we know right now according to the police 20 dead, 100 injured. two police officers are believed to have been among the dead. at least two wounded on duty. we know that the shooter was on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. we found online actually the point of view from the
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shooter. that is from the 32nd floor. and as you can see that open area down below there, that is where the road 91 harvest festival was taken place. so if the shooter was right there with that point of view, you can understand how all those people, 30,000 people below him would be an easy target. brian: they say about 14 of those 100 plus wounded. about 14 are considered in critical condition. they are looking for the companion of the shooter. they know who it is. they say it is a local guy. they have not released his name yet. they are actually looking for this woman. and she is 411. she is filipino or some type of. steve: described as asian female. brian: you wonder what they know about her. i know this, they need help to track her down. steve: the reasonable she is a person of interest is because apparently when they burst into the room on the
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32nd floor after they had killed the shooter, they found, according to one report her players' card that essentially vip access to the mandalay bay. they found her name on it that's why she is a personal of interest. brian: marilou danley is her name. let's bring in steve rogers, a senior military intelligence officer on the fbi joint terrorist tank force. steve, right now from, that press conference two hours ago. they say we don't know about any religious affiliation and there is no reason to think this is terror. although the act is a terroristic act. >> clearly a terrorist act. the questions that need to be answered are was there any international nexus? was it homegrown? were they radicalized? how do they get the answer? brian: they say local right? >> yes. how do we get the answers to those questions. brian, you mentioned something very important. they need help. i can tell you what i'm hearing this morning is president trump has made it very clear that he is going to use every available resource in this government to track these poem down and
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to find out exactly who is involved in creating these horrific events. brian: what i would like to do is let's listen to this in realtime why somebody posted this on instagram of the way -- see the wave of bullets probably reloading on the machine gun. not semiautomatic but automatic weapon ♪ [gunfire] [singing stops] ainsley: steve, my question for you is because i know have you experience with this. and you knew automatically it was semiautomatic weapon. brian: that was automatic. ainsley: automatic weapon. >> this shooting is on the 32nd floor of the high rise hotel. the concert is across the street. is it that loud?
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how are these cell phones able to pick this up. >> it is that loud. this had to be preplanned. he positioned himself at a vantage point where he could kill. he turned that concert into a killing field. to kill as many people within a short period of time. brian, that was probably one clip. brian: they say hundreds of shots. you hear a little bit of a gap in realtime. i was listening to it this morning. the spray again. how long does it take to clean out a clip and put another one in? ainsley: we heard the police say there were more than one weapon. several weapons found. >> that could be. he could have had another weapon. brian: do you think it's another weapon or him refilling the clip? >> i don't know. if they found more weapons on the scene. it was seconds. i mean, one weapon or automatic weapon you could reload in seconds. the point is and the questions that need to be answered is what on earth was the motive here? that's critically important. he is dead. they dual forensics on him. but her, the woman is key to this investigation. and they have got to find her rather quickly. steve: he might have just
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used her i.d. might have just had it on him incidentally. we are unsure of the connection of the woman to the shooter. brian: some say roommate. >> hopefully if she has no involvement she will turn herself in and clear that up. but i do believe this was pre-planned. the question is, was he radicalized? why did he do this? brian: how hard is it to get a machine gun into the mapped lay bay? ainsley: put it in a golf bag? >> these weapons can be broken down, disassembled, assembled. we don't know how long was he in this room? was sem bling this overnight. brian: that's an easy answer. ainsley: how did police find him so fast. 32nd floor. they don't know where this guy is at the time. >> a lot of ground, would. they did a lot of groundwork in a short period of time. they have police officers that are looking at the trajectory circuit. all kinds of things went on. but they did a great job in
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finding this individual fast. brian: less than five minutes we understand there will be a press conference from the sheriff. we will go to that as soon as he comes out. >> that's important. they are getting critical information out in a very timely manner and that's good. steve: they are, indeed. we put up a photograph of somebody who had stayed on the 32nd floor of this particular hotel where the gunman was shooting at the people at this particular event. it looks like the windows don't open on that particular floor. so, you might think that -- and that's the image that we're talking about right there. maybe they were able to figure out where he was because he had to shoot out the window before he could start shooting. >> that's possible. i first thought maybe there was a balcony or something but not at all. no. so that window was knocked out. they probably saw the broken window and went in there. steve: this is just an image of a room from the 32nd floor. we don't know that the shooter was there but we do believe that the idea where
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that venue was down below in that empty area. >> what this will do is change the law enforcement strategies with regard to securing a lot of these open air concerts. we are use offed to people walking into crowds with knives and guns and committing these acts on the ground. this is probably the first one that i can remember from a very high elevation. steve: one of the interesting things is when there is a presidential visit a motorcade. i have heard from secret service people if windows don't open they don't necessarily worry about that particular building. they worry about the ones where can you crank open the window. >> something to worry about now. that's where there is going to be a game changer in how police are going to do security survey of these venues. it's going to change the game here. ainsley: what happens next? they're looking for this lady. maybe she is one of the ones they have detained. do they look for video of him walking in the hotel? do they interview people who checked him in what happens now? >> all of the above. interview every single person they were in contact
3:33 am
with up until the incident. look at their computers, their cell phones and video footage is going to be very important. they will probably look at that hotel video footage a week to two weeks prior pot i want. steve: one of the things we heard in adam housley's reports, somebody who essentially used a freezer as a gurenely, a gurney as a st. one of those things as bad aas it was. people rather than just thinking about themselves and trying to get out they stopped and helped other people. >> i don't want to sound like i'm politicizing this. i will tell you this nation should stand up for the police officers, the first responders and the people that stayed there to save the lives of other individuals. other americans. stand up to do that. brian: press conference said a lot of the off duty officers some were casualties at this event. so a lot of military personnel and off duty officers who might have just been sitting there or helping out. regardless. i guess everybody was a sitting duck there. >> brian, those officers
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never crossed their mind color, race, or creed, fellow americans in trouble. they went no to save their lives. ainsley: we are waiting a press conference. can you see them putting the microphones on the podium. that's the sheriff it looks like. is he coming. in please stand by. steve: this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at las vegas strip where at 10:00 las vegas time a lone shooter on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel opened fire. at least 20 dead. 100 injured, including two police officers. brian: this is sheriff joseph lombardo. so we are going to metropolitan police department and now let's take a pause so our
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affiliates can join us on fox news channel in just a matter of moments. >> everything associated with it. but it's one of the things i wanted to update you with is we have located the vehicle i had put out in the first briefing. and we believe -- we're confident but not 100 percent sure we have located the female person of interest. so, i want the people to feel confident and calm in that aspect that we have accomplished a lot in a short period of time. now, the number of injuries i do not know yet. but we are looking in excess of 50 individuals dead and over 200 individuals injured at this point. i do not want to give you an accurate number and it be wrong so subsequently that is why i'm portraying it in that manner. now, the suspect, i'm going to provide you his identity at this point. his name is steven paddock,
3:36 am
last name spelled paddock. with a date of birth of 4/9/1953. as far as his history and background, we haven't completed that part of the investigation yet. but we located numerous firearms within the room that he occupied and that's, like i stated earlier, it's going to be a long and tedious investigation. now, we're bringing in all the resources of the fbi to assist us in this investigation in particular to their victim witness advocates and csi folks to help us process the scene and ensure that we're getting all the evidence that we can possibly obtain. now, furthermore, i want to provide you the phone number that i said i would provide in the first briefing that number for family and friends to get an update on loved ones is 1-866-535
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1-866-535-5654. onobviously this is a tragedy incident. and one that we have never experienced in this valley. so what we're going to try to do is the betts we can to get our first responders back on their feet and responding and conducting their proper investigation and ensure that we have the safety of this community at heart. my condolences go out to the loved ones that lost their lives and their families. we will do the best we can to make it as easy as possible for you to get information as we know it i think it's important for you to see the fbi county fire and commissioner behind me shows that we have full support of all the government entities to solve this situation as soon as possible. >> do you have any kind of mostly cloudy? >> no, not yet. >> how many law enforcement
3:38 am
officers [inaudible] >> i don't know yet. because there is some officers from other jurisdictions that was attending the concert. so i don't have an accurate number of that yet. >> have you gotten an update on your officers that have been injured? >> one was critical but is he stable. and one of my officers was off duty attending the concert and lost his life. >> can you give any more details about the firearms that were found in the room? >> no. i don't have any more details on the firearms. all we know is they were rifles. and that's all i know at this point. we are executing the search warrant on the room as we speak. >> sir, how are you doing? >> we are holding up. we are going to do the best we can i don't want to say that's what we're paid to do. noble is paid to do what we are experiencing right now. but, in my preview of the police department they are doing fantastic job. we are going to have to look out for well being moving forward. >forward.
3:39 am
[[inaudible] question] >> in the room of the hotel. we have officers at his residence. and we will be executing a search warrant there also shortly. >> how does the city recover from this moving forward? >> that's a hard question to answer at this point. it's too early in the process please give us time so we can do a good job. thank you. i will provide you regular basis two hour window at the time. as you can imagine please bear with us when i provide you information. >> several people on social media are going where they can donate blood and if they can? any idea? >> the phone number i provided we will get that information out. witbut right now i'm not comfortable providing that information. we are overwhelmed in the medical services at all the hospitals right now. but united blood services has responded. and once they get all their personnel on the ground and
3:40 am
more people in place, we will be able to provide that info. >> looking for their loved ones? >> [inaudible] come here? >> yes, ma'am. there are two locations where they have been responding. one is south central area command which is in close proximity to the mandalay bay and also here. preferably we would like them to come to police headquarters on martin luther king so they are not inundated with people responding in that area. >> the families you are seeing coming, what kind of emotion are they going through? >> all right. thank you very much. have a good night. steve: we have been watching the las vegas metropolitan police department sheriff joseph lombardi brief the press. a shocking update to the shooting last night at 10:00 at the mandalay bay hotel in las vegas. at least 50 dead. 200 injured. and a number of police officers also killed in the massacre. ainsley: they did release the suspect's name.
3:41 am
his name is steven paddock. he was born on april 9th, 1953. which made him 64 years old. brian: the number is rounded off but the sheriff did say over 50 dead. if that is indeed panning out to be correct, sadly, that beats orlando's mark of 49 dead, which means this would be the deadliest shooting in american history. that is it for us right now. we'll return you and all our affiliates back to the regular programming. have you been listening to a fox news alert. stay with the fox news channel and you can keep it here. steve: if you are just waking up, shocking scene from las vegas last night. a lone shooter on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort opened fire for at least 20 minutes with an automatic weapon. hundreds of shots were fired from the top floor, 32nd
3:42 am
floor. we just heard from the sheriff out there 50 dead. 200 injured. a number of police officers also injured and killed. jason aldeen the country performer was playing at the end of the concert when the gunfire started. initially they thought it might be part of the act. maybe it was fireworks. it was not. it was a man with a long gun on the roof of the top floor of the fancy hotel. ainsley: police say they don't know a motive. they said one of the officers that was there at the concert, he was off duty at the time. he lost his life there in the crowd. he said another on duty officer is now in critical but stable condition. brian: the campaign i don't know about with the shooter, we were two hours ago we were looking for her. marilou danley. they believe they have her now. so she is in custody. they also say, according to sheriff lombardo, that they were at steven paddock's residence, and are trying to get more information. as you said, ainsley, we do
3:43 am
not know the motivation. we do know that he is around 64, 63, 64 years old. and they do know that he is local from the area. let's bring in could i a jones. she is a recording artist and former pussy cat doll on stage with big and rich this evening and part of the three day concert. country music concert in las vegas. kya is that how you say your first name? >> yeah. you got it right. brian: what is it like from your perspective? you look at these people and they are there to see you and next thing you know they are unsuspecting victims, at least 50 have lost their lives? >> well, it makes me really sick to my stomach. i mean, you know, i'm a local. so vague is my hometown. you know, it was such an incredible night. just every color, creed, religion, were in this beautiful festival. you know, everyone was enjoying themselves. and we were on stage moments
3:44 am
before this took place. so, it just -- it could have been, you know, john rich. it could have been big keny. i mean, this is the reality. we had veterans up there, you know. we left and went to the next venue and we are told there is an active shooter. i really didn't believe what i was hearing. it was kind of just -- this can't be right. this can't be right. we know people, you know, one of the djs from another artist that was performing, his wife and 13-month-old baby were on the 32nd floor where this shooter was. so we were -- i mean, another thing, you know, as a local, this is premeditated. those rooms were sold out. so they knew -- this person knew to get which angle from what side and they were booked out weeks in advance. brian: it's very interesting. you mean, people might get those rooms for that vantage
3:45 am
point to be able to see and hear the concert? >> well, yeah. how else would this guy get on to that floor? that whole motel was sold out. ainsley: i know just to give folks some background you know big and rich. i know you live there. you are a local. you hang out with these guys. >> yeah. ainsley: harvest festival. church jason aldeen, jake owen, big and rich there were so many famous country singers there. so many of our viewers follow all of them. you know, it could have been any of us at that concert was we love all of these individuals. now, jason aldeen did react on social media saying pray for las vegas and he had just a heart felt message to the folks that were involved. what's the celebrity scene? what are they all saying? because i know you are friends with these individuals. >> yeah. no, i mean, we were all on lock down.
3:46 am
there wa swat everywhere. it looked like something from "i am legend." everyone was shocked. everyone was in tears. you know, it's a shocking, chilling moment when you know it could have been any one of us which all performers myself included we are all performers. at any moment it could have been the veterans that were up there, you know, retired, not even active duty half the people in on crew are not carrying any weapons or anything like this. this makes me think now we all really need to take into account protecting ourselves because there is moments like this where, hey, what too we have? we only have one gun where we are in lock down with seven rounds. that's not going to protect any of us. steve: sure, of course people are screensd going into the venue for weapons. but what if somebody is in a high rise nearby where they could do the shooting as this person did. >> that's right.
3:47 am
steve: kaya talk a little bit for the people just waking up, at least 50 killed. after you perform with big and rich on the con scert stage, went to another venue, at that time there were reports that there were active shooters all over at different hotels in las vegas. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. i mean, every single hotel was on lockdown. belodgeio was beside us. my girlfriend that was there with me. she looks at me and she works for mgm properties. she goes they are on lock down. this is on lock down. everywhere was on lock down. they had people in banquet halls, ballrooms like locked down. we were locked down at the redneck rivera which is a bar. luckily we had an fbi agent on his honeymoon. he was guarding the door. that's lift early how serious it was. it wasn't something where we had people to protect us. brian: the ariana grande concert in london you go
3:48 am
there and skewed younger than country music perhaps. now have you got to wonder how many people from the performer's point of view or audience point of view i would like to go, let me check out the security situation before i go. are there going to be armed guards protecting us? you can't blame people and if you as a performer, if they start thinking like that. >> well, i mean, i talk a lot about my political narrative so i get death threats. nothing like this i think ever would have crossed anyone's mind. the harsh reality though that's what terrorism is, whether it's domestic or foreign, it is fear monger, drive us to a point of not wanting to leave our homes. and in this moment, you know, hearing that body count rise, where it is past the orlando situation, it is imperative that we pay attention as a nation and bind together and try to be stronger and more aware and smarter about everything. but i can guarantee they
3:49 am
have that guy on camera. he got that room in advance. that's premeditated. ainsley: you hate sore something like this to change the decisions you make about going to fun events with your family. you don't want these individuals to win. but, you have to think now. i mean, how many times have we gone to outdoor concerts and jimmy buffet his concert comes to mind because we all love to go hear him outdoors. nowadays i'm wondering if we'll continue to see outdoor concerts. how is this going to effect your life a and, b, what was it like to live through something like this. >> well, can i tell you here and now, it's very real. you know, i thought i was scared when i went and did shows in iraq and we had rocket attacks on one of the bases does not compare to knowing there is an active shooter, friends that were behind the stage bunkered down because it was still going on. not being able to get in touch with a lot of the crew that we had that was over there with our friends. knowing that some of the people that we saw in the meet and greet were killed.
3:50 am
you know, but what definitely what it makes me do is just want to, you know carry conceal. so our second amendment right is enforced in my mind for me. this is not going to stop me living my life or, you know, being a proud american, a proud performer, no way. brian: i have one more question for you because i might have misunderstood. you said that there were some veterans on stage? were there veterans on stage? >> oh, yeah. brian: what do you mean? >> during the guy's set they do this lovely which is why they invited me up. they do this lovely thing where they give back to our veterans. they wrote a song about a vet. it's kind of a moment where they honor guys and women that come up and have a drink with the band and be on stage during this song. so it was like a bring together moment. so they brought up actual veterans onto the stage. that were sitting right in -- there is a bar shot where you hear the rapid fire from that assault rifle and can you see that someone is docking down behind that
3:51 am
riser on the stage, which is like a bar set up. that's where i was standing. you can see my periscope from before the shooting happened of me being right there. the veterans being in front of that. it could have been any of us it literally happened moments after releft the stage. brian: want to come back to america and be safe and next thing you know they are experiencing war again. thanks so much. really appreciate you joining us today. >> god bless. steve: let's bring in randy sutton a former las vegas police officer right now. randy, i'm sure you have seen the video. have you heard the audio of the gunshots. what can you tell from what i know a let of it is speculation at this point. what can you tell us about the particular gun used? >> well, it was clearly a fully automatic women. i have been monitoring the situation since it began. this individual had numerous weapons in the room. this was a clearly premeditated attack.
3:52 am
in order to be that effective as he was with that weapon, this individual had to have some significant training. the fact that he got hold of a fully loaded automatic weapon is very, very disturbing. he had an excellent field of fire tactically. he was very sound in that he chose his target particularly soft target with people concentrated in a very small area with that fully automatic weapon from that distance and from that elevation. he maximized what the damage he could do. steve: where would somebody get a gun like that fully automatic? >> in order to get it -- purchase it legally, you would have to have some serious licenses, federal
3:53 am
firearm licenses to have a fully automatic weapon. here's the thing. he could have mod fight a weapon and there are ways to do that. here. you can get a semiautomatic weapon and then gunsmith -- certain gunsmiths know how to modify that. so that it becomes a fully automatic weapon. ainsley: the difference between fully automatic and semiautomatic for folks that don't know would you tell under the circumstances? >> semiautomatic press the trigger each time you wanted to fire a round. with a fully automatic you press the trigger once and it fires at a very high, rapid rate of hundreds of rounds per minute. the way -- this individual utilized that, he was in fully automatic mode. you could hear by that rapid
3:54 am
fire that he just pressed a trigger and it was in full automatic. brian: wow, randy. as a non-gun enthusiast, i would think that you don't need as much skill whether you have a machine gun and you are spray ago wide area. you are saying you do need skill. i thought the snipers had the maximum skill because they are looking for a shotgun with a certain hard to reach target. you are saying no, it's hard to do this. >> two different skill sets but skill nonetheless. if an individual is not aware of how the -- how that weapon reacts in full automatic capacity, then he wouldn't be effective in utilizing it. so, there is no doubt in my mind that this individual had training. he used it way too effectively. brian: one other point, randy, to your earlier comment about obviously he thought about what he was
3:55 am
going to go ahead and do, is the fact that we have heard from ipses say that it appeared that the gunfire started towards the front of the stage and then started to work its way back. so maybe, perhaps he was aiming at the performers, perhaps he was aiming at the veterans. perhaps he was aiming at the law enforcement right there. trying to keep the crowd back. but, whatever it was, at least 50 dead at this point. 200 injured. and a number of police officers have been killed. and a number have been injured. >> this is the -- this is absolutely unimaginable what took place here tonight. this will affect not only las vegas for years to come but all of america needs to mourn tonight for those innocent people and tonight will go down in history as one of the darkest, darkest terror attacks. and i don't care how you want to call this thing.
3:56 am
it's a terror attack. brian: in terms of total numbers, randy, it is officially the most horrific attack. steve: worst mass shooting. brian: last one was orlando 49 dead. that was a record we didn't want to break. but we broke it yesterday. >> yeah. you know, it really looked like. [audio breaking up] ainsley: sounds like we are losing randy. brian: we lost randy. we got a lot of information from a true gun expert that the amount of skill, preparation and training was definitely there as well as the preme prepremeditated preparation. steve: he said he felt it was terrorism. nobody has come out and suggested there was any sort of islamic terrorism or anything like that. perhaps just, you know, it's too soon to know the motivation of this man but we do have, thanks to the police, the name of the
3:57 am
suspect. the man they shot dead in the room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. his name, 64-year-old steve paddock. they found multiple firnls in his room. they are currently executing a search warrant at his house nearby. when we came on the air we told you they were putting out the name of a woman of interest mary lieu danley. she apparently has also been located as well. reason her name went out about two hours ago when this all started was because her players' card was found in the room. once again, her last name is danielly jason all dean was on the stage performing. dropped his guitar. you could hear the sounds of that automatic weapon going for a while. there were three different rounds with a space in between each of those rounds.
3:58 am
jason al dean did put on instagram. tonight has been horrific. it hurts my heart this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night. #heart broken. #stop the hate and posted a picture of pray for las vegas. brian: we'll let you hear encouraging things. the way people acted under pressure and helping everybody else in 99% of the cases total strangers. sadly we do know a lot of military officers retired and active were in the audience. we also know that off duty officers were there. and sadly at least one has lost their life and one in critical condition. this according to sheriff steve -- sheriff lombardo who has come out twice since this incident happened. he promises to come out again within an hour and a half and update us on a regular basis. he has been remarkably candid. he also wanted to let us know the fbi is involved and
3:59 am
the president has remarked that he is involved at the highest level. steve: sure, when this all started about 10:00 local time out there, it is currently, let's see, it's 3:00 -- 4:00 in the morning out in las vegas. when the shooting first started, it was believed that there were active shooters ishooters in a number f different locations. pretty much every hotel on the strip was locked down. because there was so much confusion and now they have been able to identify at least 50 people have died, the sheriff did put out a phone number. if you would like more information, given the fact that they have not notified all the next of kins, the phone number the sheriff gave is 866-535-5654. if you would like more information about what is publicly known regarding the victims. brian: the shooter is dead. they found his room. they found the floor. they blew off the door went
4:00 am
in and took him out there. were multiple weapons at the scene. this companion 4:00 a.m. local time we did not know where she was. now we do. we will continue the coverage. ♪ ♪ [gunfire] brian: a fox news alert right now. horror unfolding overnight in las vegas. ainsley: a 64-year-old gunman opening fire from 32 floors up in the manned da mandy bay resort over a packed music festival. steve: at least 50 people were dead including two police officers who were off duty. more than 200 people hurt in area hospitals. brian: all right. the gunshots sending people running for their lives, including concert headliner jason aldeen.
4:01 am
[gunfire] [music stops] [bleep] ainsley: witnesses say those shots went on for at least five minutes. some have said longer into a crowd of about 40,000 people. steve: meanwhile, this is a live look on the vegas strip where right now the 64-year-old male suspect police have named is steven paddock. he is dead. they believe he acted alone but have taken a person of interest, marilou danley into custody and are questioning her at this hour. she was named as a person of interest about two hours ago and she has been detained by local officials. let's go out to adam housley who has been on the strip all night. adam, what is the very latest? >> yeah. i was just looking at my text, guys. you were talking to me. one of our interns is inside one the hotels.
4:02 am
you mentioned that the hotels were shut down and they were. in fact, there is still a lot of people considered to be witnesses that are being kept at some of the hotels and being gradually released. if you do have a loved one, they may or may not have gotten in contact with you because they are in some of these hotels and i know some of them have cell service that is down. now back to what's happened here. as you know, the horrific event now more than 50 are dead. we were fearing the numbers would be very high because some of the people we met who are coming out within 30, 40 minutes of the shooting here were walking out with blood all over them, talking about they were just one body after another. we know bodies were carried and found on the corner of basically the area across the street from new york, new york. so, two blocks up there was a dead body found there. there is three counsel the street from where i'm standing right now. and then of course the many that are inside the facility behind me, which was serving as this concert. now, one of the men who we met at some point during this morning he came out and
4:03 am
started talking to us. and he started talking in tactical terms and right away i knew he had to have been a first responder listening to his terminology. he was here with his wife celebrating his birthday. ended up being one of the heroes responding and helping whomever he could. here is how he explained how bodies and people were being moved out of this conveniently you as shots were being fired. take a listen. >> when we walked up on this earlier i said was that probably used as a gunny. when i walked up to you you said you know what that is that is a freezer used as a gurney. >> used as a gunny. able table inside gurneys as well. using everything we can using the rails between the partials in between. we were carrying bodies out with that as well. >> his name is robert haze. he told stories about how he got his wife and family into a safe area. other first responders. concert had a number of firefighters, police officers, military here to hear country music. a lot of them sprang into action. the first man we met.
4:04 am
the first person we met when we pulled up here basically as we followed them and tactical teams in staying safely behind them, but also monitoring what they were doing. he was a security officer from new york. had come out hire for the week to visit his mom, decided to work for three days to make some extra money. former marine. he started telling me that he was pulling bodies out. when we heard him tell us that story right away. we knew we were in for something we did not want to see or hear about. the next individual we bumped into was a kid really. i don't even know how old he was. he is walking out with no shirt and had blood all over him. and the blood was not his. take a listen. >> i was here enjoying a concert like every other fellow american here. things happened, brother. you know, what goes on here isn't american. that's not what we are about. this is not okay. other people run, that's okay. that's on them. i'm here for everybody else. >> how many people did you help? >> . seven.
4:05 am
>> how many people did you see down. >> how many people did i see down? probably close to 20. >> in various, probably conditions? >> look, man, i'm not wearing any clothes up here. everyone who i thought has passed on. they have an article of my clothing covers their eyes and part of their body. everyone i saw breathing, i held, man. >> it's tough to hear these stories all throughout the evening as people come and we still see some of the folks that are being interviewed come out. people that may have been a little closer than others. we know there are a lot of vendors here as well as the 30,000 people inside i have a can't lot across the street from the mandalay bay. the vendors were towards the back. they be basically further out and away from the gunfire and maybe obscured a bit by the trees to be able to try to provide them some cover. that's where a lot of people ran to. we met one woman who was a vendor in the back and she talked about how she ended up inside a beer truck. take a listen. >> we thought it was
4:06 am
fireworks. and then it just didn't stop. and i'm like debby, that's not fireworks. and then people started running. and we asked what was going on. and they said it was a shooter. and then we realized it sounded like machine guns. it sounded like more than one machine gun. and it just didn't stop like 30 minutes. >> what did you guys do? >> we were hiding in a beer truck behind our booth in a budweiser truck for about 30 minutes. >> incredible stories of survival that, again, you don't ever want to hear in a festival like this. they were here to celebrate. it was the end of a three-day festival. we know there were some children here. i know ainsley asked that question last hour. there were a few children. what we have been told so far is at least the first responders that were inside, including the firefighter robert hastlacy. he did not selacy -- robert hay. you hope that is the case
4:07 am
and continued to be the case. you don't know whether you have numbers at least 50 dead at this point. behind me now can you see over my right shoulder this is the live look out here. we have moved our spot a little bit to give you a better view of the venue. over my right shoulder you can see the stage. that's where jason aldeen was performing and the other performers as well. can you see how the stage backs up to the mandalay. basically they do have some cover there although the sides of the stage are just a cloth, basically covering. yes, obviously not going to stop a bullet. they would go off through the back of that stage and out to their vehicles where they took cover. in front of that stage is where a lot of the people were hit. you can see if you are on the 32nd floor shooting down nibble who knows military tactics knows that is a position of height is where you want to be and clearly is a very clear shot. there is no obstructions whatsoever straight down into where that concert venue is can you see there is still a ongoing investigation and bodies
4:08 am
inside, guys. steve: we don't know as we look at the perspective of the mandalay bay in respect to the route 91 harvest festival across the street. they don't know yet how this guy was able to get these rifles and apparently there were a number of rifles found in the room. don't know how he got them into the hotel. but the windows at the mandalay bay do not appear to open. so would that mean he shot a hole in the window and then started shooting at people? >> >> you know, steve, two questions. first of all, i have stayed at the mandalay. we have done stories shear obviously over the years. getting into the hotels here are no metal detectors. so people bringing in big bags all the time. rifles can be assembled. getting a rifle or something like that into a room, honestly would not be hard at all. it would be very easy to do. secondly, i think these windows may open a little bit. if not, if he has a high powered rifle it would take nothing to knock that out and shoot out of it i do know how they entered the room was some kind of
4:09 am
explosive to blow the door open to get into them. that's what i was told by law enforcement side. the thing that may have saved a lot of lives, 50 people dead is -- i just comprehend it to be honest with you. we met so many people that saved some lives. you wonder if it hadn't been that many first responders here for a good time they weren't here working, would those numbers be even higher. the stories of survival. ainsley: when you turn around, do you see any windows knocked out? do you see any cardboard over one of the windows? >> no. you know, ainsley it's a little bit too far. eric barnes my photographer we went around probably two thirds of the crime scene staying outside of it earlier this morning. live on the air. and even then you couldn't really tell. i was looking up there at that point they were hearing 36th floor. 20th floor. a floor that was high. clearly without obscurity. and at that point i couldn't see anything when i was a lot closer from. this angle you can't really see where it is. although i do see a blinking
4:10 am
light up there in one of the windows. i don't know if that has anything to do with it. if that is connected. there is a olympicing light seemingly about a third of the way up. when you are in mandalay it looks down that open lot where that party and concert was taking place very clear. brian: i want you to listen together. a lot of people getting up right now. i know this horror you have been covering since 10:06 local time scrambling to help up throughout the night. a lot of people have not heard what it was like when this gunman was subdued and killed. let's listen to the police scanner and bring us back to that moment on the 32nd floor. >> we have the -- we have the hallway contained. where the room where the shots were fired from. it contained right now. if you can avoid coming through those doors, please do.
4:11 am
brian: since that time marilou danley has been detained, they believe. they didn't say 100 percent. but it looks like she has been detained. she is in custody right now. adam, when it comes to the carnage that went from 20 dead to 50 dead, two of which are police officers, off duty, and many more, is your sense that most of them were gunshot wounds or could this be a lot of people being trampled because of the panic that ensued? >> >> most of them were gunshot wounds. you have 20 to 30,000 packed in there, depending on the numbers packed in tight. robert hayes the firefighter said like shooting fish in a barrel. they are all right there. you don't have to be a good shot. he saw a lot of people with gunshot wounds to the head. brian, we were here obviously covering o.j., we
4:12 am
were up over night last night as it all runs together. night before last. and we had just gone literally just gone to bed to be up to cover that story. i got a phone call from one of our desks in los angeles, one of our interns happened to be here. she is going to come see us at some point when she is out. she is waiting to be interviewed in one of the hotels nearby. kind of groggy, i had been to sleep for like an hour. she said lexy needs to know what to do? what are you talking about. you hear sirens and know what they sound like. when you hear hundreds of sirens at the same time. you are like all of the sudden holy smokes what is going on? we came down here and you just see the people. you see people and police and tactical -- still with tactical gear and people we know coming out with blood all over them. it's hard to explain. the sense when we got here was, see kids coming out, 19, 20 years old with no clottle on because they have
4:13 am
given their shirt up to somebody to try to stop bleeding. they had blood all over them. we met robert the firefighter he said he pronounced 2 o0 dead himself. my intercorrection in front of the tropic canna. you know those numbers are going to go up. you fear it, you don't want it to but it does. steve: we should point out that they're looking for blood donations at the local hospitals at this hour. as at least 200 injured. the president of the united states tweeted one minute ago he tweeted my warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible las vegas shooting. god bless you. adam, obviously the local police are taking charge. what do we know about the fbi coming in? >> i do have fbi sources. they have been good to us at fox. i haven't had a chance to talk to them much to be honest with you because of all we have been doing here. i know they are, i suspect,
4:14 am
going to be helping with ballistics, they are fantastic at that. i suspect they will come in and see what kind of training this guy may have had. it's always good to have federal law enforcement being involved. from being in aurora and san bernardino and covering that at this point they don't believe obviously that there is any terrorism involved here when it comes to that topic, but it does -- it is always great to have that federal backing to come in. the phish has a lot of resources to be able to help with that this is a massive crime scene, guys. only a cup perform acres. but you have got we know at least three massive bursts of gunfire. have you all those casings and bullets and all the different problems. have you bodies inside. people identified that have to be removed. ainsley: we have one of our co-workers here she is saying that she is staying at the mandalay bay hotel and down at the casino when it happened. they had to get down flat on their faces and they were army crawling on elbows trying to get out of the big vast areas it and try to
4:15 am
hide and duck. they are all hold up there. they are not allowed to leave. is that pretty much the case at all the hotels around that area? >> >> the intern i spoke to i was texting and call on the way down here. our hotel looks over. this we are 2 oar 3 miles away as the crow flies can you see the mandalay clear from my room. as we were coming down here, they had run out of this area, jumped into car. we have heard all of these stories about bodies being thrown into cars. random people picking people up and driving them to the hospital. that's why the numbers continue to change. they got across the street to the hooter's hotel and went downstairs in the basement and hid in the closet and stayed there even at one point i said listen that's the staging area from the ambulance. you guys are safe. you my want to let them know you are there. they were like there were like 15 other people they did not want to move. i said don't move until you are comfortable. stay there i need to send somebody down there and tell them where you are, we will. there are still people in the tropicana that haven't
4:16 am
been let out yet. did i notice that some of the hotels brought their lights down a bit. now they are up. brian: one of the things doing terror attacks happen in israel so important they believe to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible. have you covered a lot of stuff overseas in the middle east. spent months there. is there a sense in las vegas that we want to get this as back to normal as quick as possible or because it's still in a rot crime scene are they still cordoning off a lot of things telling people to stay out? >> >> first time i was in israel and the way within minutes they are throughout wiping blood off leafs and plant. i would say here, brian, it's still very much frederick. anything has even -- the one theme i continue to hear is we need to be one. we need to love each other. we need to support each other. we need to stop the madness. and that's what i hear from everybody. i mean, i don't care how are. you know, that's the one thing continually.
4:17 am
you heard the kid with his shirt off with blood all over him. this ♪ supposed to be like this. this is supposed to be a fun end of the summer basically three day concert. the last singer up there jason all dean. jake owen. other big names here. jason aldine, the most famous arguably of them all. it was supposed to end with a bang. not end with death. i think people here are fairly shocked. this happened around 10:00 at night. vegas is a very large city. and there is a lot of people that are waking up this morning and even, you know, people that i know, friends and family, they are like whoa, what happened. when he didn't realize you know, a sunday night. not like friday on saturday night. it's a sundays night. a lot of families went to bed. this started about 10:00 p.m. we got here about 10:25 or so something like. that it all runs together. so, by the time the reports started coming out. a lot of people had already gone to sleep. a lot of people in vegas in morning are going to wake up
4:18 am
and hear about the horror and, you know, vegas is a very interesting community. people come here from all over the world. i have had people contact us watching us on sky news overseas, for example. have you that element. people coming from all over the world here. you also have an entirely separate city of people that live here that don't necessarily work on the strip or even come to the strip. and you kind of forget that because everybody is so tied to las vegas and the las vegas strip. you don't realize that there is millions of people that live away from here and that community is going to be hurting tonight. steve: great point. adam housley live in las vegas. we thank you very much. i know you want to go gather some more information. it was just about a half an hour ago that the sheriff out there in las vegas, joseph lombardo gave the very latest where he told us that at least 50 have been killed. if you missed it. here's the sheriff. we have located the vehicles that i had put out in the first briefing.
4:19 am
and we believe we are confident but not 100 percent sure we have located the female person of interest so i want the people to feel confident in that aspect that we have accomplished a lot in a short period of time. now the number of injured i do not know yet. but we are looking in excess of 50 individuals dead. and over 200 individuals injured at this point. i do not want to give you an accurate number and it be wrong so subsequently that is why i'm portraying it in that manner. now, the suspect, i am going to provide you his identity at this point: his name is steven paddock. last name spelled p-a-d-d-o-c-k. with the date of birth of 4/9/1953. as far as his history and background, we haven't completed that part of the investigation yet.
4:20 am
but we located numerous firearms within the room that he occupied and that's, like i stated earlier, it's going to be a long and tedious investigation. steve: he is right about that. we just heard the president's tweet and the white house has just put out a statement. ainsley: the president has been briefed on the horrific tragedy in las vegas. we are monitoring the situation closely and offer our full support to state and local officials. all of those affected are in our thought and prayers. brian: we are trying to find out more information on steven paddock who he is and what he was up to besides making that country music festival close with death and destruction. let's bring in now former nypd lieutenant army veteran dr. darren porcher. doctor, welcome back. >> thanks for having me. unfortunate circumstances. brian: bad circumstances. the worst mass shooting in american history done from up top, 32nd floor, shooting down on what turns out to be a packed country music
4:21 am
audience. first off. what's your sense about what we know so far? >> one of the things that i reflect on is the charles whitney shooting that happenedback back in august of 1966 in texas the clock tower shooting. we have gross similarities in this type of situation. and then we have to take into consideration a hotel like the mapped lay bay. i have stayed in that hotel on numerous occasions. and there is no search when we go in to any hotel and there is no expectation of a search. so this is someone that had a calculated focus on what they were going to do because, this once again, this is a local resident. so i take one of the first things that comes in my mind is times square during new years. this is something that can be a watershed moment from law enforcement. how we fortify the protection of citizens moving forward. steve: one of the -- for instance in times square, having covered it a number of -- ball drops on new year's eve, is if a building has windows that don't open for the most part you don't worry about that building
4:22 am
because nobody is going to crank the windows open. >> nor do the windows open in mandalay bay. >> steve: perhaps somebody shot the window out they found him with a bunch of guns. >> a cache of weapons. steve: exactly. talk about the training. does it seem for you for somebody to be able to do this although if you have 30 or 40,000 people down below, it's not that hard to kill as many people as can you, is it? >> unfortunately, steve, it's like shooting ducks in a barrel. i'm a person, i'm a prior army officer, and i will tell you that i have gone through extensive training in firing automatic weapons. however, the common citizen because we look at the state of nevada, it's the carry state. it's an open carry state. so anyone anyone can purchase or acquire a weapon and practice. that doesn't mean i'm against the second amendment. i'm completely for the second amendment. this is a situation where we had a man made to that took
4:23 am
an approach to kill these people it begs the question what is the sanity of this person and background. when you mention how the training to fire a weapon, anyone can go to a range and fire a weapon. ainsley: i remember moving to texas and wa i was living in san antonio. >> i lived in san antonio, also. ages ainsley everyone talks about that shooting. it happened before i was bausch but everyone talks about that story. when i moved there, you didn't see anything like this. that was the only lone case that had only happened, i feel like in something like that. since then we have seen london happen. we know what happened down in florida. now this. this is the biggest act of -- biggest mass shooting ever in the united states? how should we let this affect our lives? do we stop going to outdoor concerts? what do we do as a nation now? >> absolutely. i look at this as an act of domestic terrorism. terrorism is focused on preventing us from going about our day-to-day activities. we can't let this impact on
4:24 am
what we are going to do as american citizens. we are better than that. this, i believe, is an ar aberration. we have had series of domestic and foreign terrorist acts that have occurred we can't let it impact. brian: brand new video getting. in putting up while you are talking. people running out of there. darren, to bring back to the type of shooting this is. when you have, they say, a passion. if you are looking to kill somebody. at love times they say if you are in a relationship and you want to kill that person, you want to see that person. you want to stab that person. that's an act of lose temper. when you are if a far away from people that you don't know and calculating mowing them down, what kind of killer profile that way? >> this was someone that was on a suicide mission. there was no intent on getting away. he barricaded the door. he clearly knew that the police were going to come in and take him out.
4:25 am
it was worth it to him. he had a specific cause in why he partook on this type of action. steve: sure. if he had a cache of weapons, a bunch of guns, does that suggest that he was worried one might jam but he wanted to finish the job or he was switching during the three long pauses he was switching guns or magazines or what? >> he wanted to fire as many weapons as possible. it takes -- i want to say it takes me roughly two seconds to change a magazine from -- after i completely fire it however, when you look at just merely picking up another weapon and continuing to fire it i think he possibly had drum smag zones. drum magazines meaning large capacity magazines. it was easier for him to exchange one weapon from the next to continuously fire. brian: if you are to rebuild this case do you look at who goes and performs at country music concert? what does las vegas mean to figure out. >> this is watershed moment
4:26 am
in policing. as i mentioned earlier police departments will have to determine how they respond. i don't think this was country music concert targeted. massive shooting he wanted to shoot and kill and make a statement. steve: dr. darren porcher we thank you very much for joining us. somebody who we visit once a week or so, a las vegas resident long time is bob massi who joins us. bob, horrible news out of your town where at least 50 are dead. 200 are injured. tell us about how -- i know you have been up all night. tell us how you heard what had happened over at the mandalay bay. >> my youngest son contacted me about 10:00 or whatever time it was and said that my oldest son's best friends jesse and betton were at the concert. and they were affected obviously and scared to death. i sort of turned on the tv and saw what was going on.
4:27 am
i didn't bother to even contact jesse or bretton. i waited about an hour and i finally terntioned him and i said do you have an update. and he had this just gotten home. actually, bretton, a few hours ago. i got him to do a phoner with "fox & friends first." they were devastated by the whole thing. ainsley: what did they say, bob, what it was like. >> bretton is from australia. jesse from canada. they were with two or three couples. actually, they just said it was just like something out of a movie. like a diehard concept. that they heard these things. they had no idea what it was. then they just realized they saw people that were blood all over them. they said that they sort of ran and there was a fence area that we keep hearing about which bretton said was actually a blessing for whatever reason, it may have been a protection. ultimately they were told to get down and they had to hide for a while. ultimately escape. but, they're devastated.
4:28 am
they have three children at home. bretton said all we thought about is will we ever see our kids again. what a horrific thought to have to go through to go to a concert. brian: can you tell me what it's like in las vegas. do you ever fear for your security. you have people from every place around the global there? >> you know, honestly, brian, i -- i don't go to the strip very often. as you know when you live here you have friends that come in. i think all of us always felt that we would be a target to some level. but never to this level. and never under these circumstances. we had, if you remember, i think it was 6 or 8 months ago, we had a shooter on the strip when we had that bus incident. but never ever to this level. this -- i have been here 43 years. this changes the fails of las vegas forever, number one, what you said earlier, 50 people massacred.
4:29 am
surely something no one, no place wants to be known for. but this is a very unique city. we have a couple million people that live here. we get up every day and go to work like every place else. but safety for all of us in america is crucial. this is really honest to god. i'm sick inside. i just can't imagine that this would have happened. brian. steve: you know, bob, as we look at the images of people running. what is curious about that. is the fact that a lot of the people didn't know where the shots were coming from. so they could have been running towards the shots. they could have been running away from them. did your son's friend say they had any idea where the shots were coming from? >> yes. yeah. that's exactly right. he had no ideas. as a matter of fact, they weren't sure if they ran to the right it was safe or ran to the left. only thing they thought of was trying to get down. then, of course, they saw these other people. give you a sense that adam has done such a wonderful job. those of you, have you been to vegas, you guys have.
4:30 am
the mansd lay ba mandalay bay se south end of the strip. open area. as a matter of fact, some of the property just south of mandalay bay is where they were thinking about putting the stadium. because of the faa and different height restrictions they couldn't do it and other things. so this area has always been where they will do these kinds of concerts because it's open it seems to be safe. on top of the mandalay bay a beautiful hotel a place called the foundation room, which is beautiful restaurant, club type of place where you see the entire city, the view is spectacular. as a matter of fact, some of the things you see behind me was shot from mandalay bay. this shot right here actually shoots down the strip from mandalay bay. so, you would never -- but, again, like the gentleman before, the expert said this was just this was open range for this guy? ainsley: what about the hospitals there? i'm sure they weren't sent to just one hospital, this many injuries, this many people dead, what's the
4:31 am
hospital situation there, bob? >> umc which has a tremendous trauma center is fantastic. so they went to umc. they went over to sunrise hospital. probably all over the place. as a matter of fact, i heard earlier this morning that actually there was so many injured people that i believe that some were asked -- some of the people that survived and had transportation were actually asked to transport some of the wounded that were not fatal to the hospitals because they just didn't have enough emergency vehicles to do it. some people were asked: could you take these people? and, of course, as good people do that's what happened. brian: right. bob, also we find out that therthere is a push for people to donate blood. 50 have lost their lives and 200 plus hurt. they need blood in the area. make sure you get that word out for everybody. >> absolutely. absolutely. very much so much so.
4:32 am
i will tell what you we are doing. my sons and i and my brothers we will do what we have to do as everybody should. it's a very important point, brian. please for the rest of the show push that out because it's so important for people to know. brian: which this is what the las vegas police just tweeted out if you would like to donate blood for the injured victims of the strip shooting visit the labor health and welfare clinic at 7135 west sahara. thank you, bob. we appreciate it. ainsley: a lot of people in las vegas might not know this happened because they went to bed last night before this happened and they haven't woken up yet. they are three hours behind us. brian: thinking they would be covering canadian terror attack with isis flack. or france another terror attack perpetrated on them instead we have. this. steve: i will tell you can you see some images and film clips are from twitter and facebook, et cetera. it's been able to paint the
4:33 am
picture of the confusion but also the deadly sound. can you hear it right there. >> [machine gunfire] >> those are the shots. we have got some new video into the fox news room of some of the eyewitnesses of what they saw. listen to this. >> we ran and we ran. i wasn't even sure if it was actually bullets until one of the times we paused our friend is like the guy next to us got shot. there were so many people just normal citizens, doctors, cops, paramedics, nurses, off duty, everyone is just communicating and working together. you got this person. you got this person. you got this person. it was completely horrible but absolutely amazing to see all the people coming together. steve: all the people coming together. you can see them running for their lives. it is 4:33 right now in las vegas.
4:34 am
let's bring in a panel to talk about what has happened. we have dr. darren porcher, former new york city police lieutenant and army veteran here in the studio. also lieutenant colonel michael waltz former green beret commander and former terrorism advisor to cheney and dan bongino a former new york city police officer and secret service agent and aaron cohen a former member of the defense forces special terrorism unit. and manufactures products for terrorism readiness. darn, let's start with you. i know you have been watching the coverage this morning. your thoughts? >> this is obviously a nightmare scenario, steve. a shooter from elevated position think about why that is so tactically distressing and dangerous. all of the covering concealment options go away. when a shooter is at ground level people can duck behind cars you can even get behind fire hydrant if you need to but not your best option. shoot from her elevated position like 32nd floor
4:35 am
takes all the covering and concealment options out of the way. everything have you been told what to do hit the ground, hit the deck get low. those options don't work anybody. this is unbelievable scenario, tragedy for law enforcement. brian: aaron, i know you have domestic experience here and of course with israel. this is impossible to thoroughly prevent, wouldn't you say? >> yeah, it's impossible to prevent but hopefully there will be lessons learned from this attack that can be designed to prevent or respond better to future attacks. i think everybody agrees it was just a question of time until we see some type of domestic terror attack in las vegas. obviously it's a huge target. it's a massive tourist destination. this is obviously as bad as it can get. -- i think it's important to learn as many lessons as we can from this attack in
4:36 am
order to honor the memory of those who were killed and injured to be able to use it to prevent future attacks. i'm sure there will be a lot of lessons learned moving forward as far as stacking up that layering for future mass crowds. >> as a former green commander what strikes new this situation? >> just the amount of rounds we are talking about, amount of bullets fired. not to get too graphic. even if you are assuming one bullet hit each victim. that's a lot of rounds fired. the average magazine for an automatic weapon holds 20 to 30 rounds. this shooter, this perpetrator either had some type of drum magazine, had some type of illegal, what we call belt-fed or doing a lot of magazine changes
4:37 am
takes a lot of training to be able to do quickly to. me, that may suggest some type of law enforcement or military training. i will be very curious to hear what his background is. steve: sure, you mentioned the drum magazine. dr. porcher had mentioned that as well here in the studio. we know the guy's identity steve paddock, 64 years old. they found a bunch of guns in the room with him. they are exexecuting a search warrant at his house in the las vegas area. but, dr. porcher, they are going to be looking, thanks to the computer at his house, his phone, they are going to be able to figure out what this guy was up to in the last day or two or weeks or if he had planned this and who, if any, he might have had associations with, sets? >> absolutely. >> digital footprint of optimum importance. one of the thing look to all of these casinos have video so to speak. so we'll going to look to see how many times did this individual visit mandalay bay? did he visit some other
4:38 am
hotels? did he visit other hotel rooms. there is a multitude of different points. steve: this hotel had the unique vantage point above that particular music event where there were 30,000 people down below. >> true. one thing i want to point out, steve, is after -- during 9/11, people, stipulates in the towers were told to shelter in place. and unfortunately they lost their lives as a result of that. so, after 9/11, i, myself, with experience, citizens that have been unwilling to partner with law enforcement or basically listen to law enforcement tactics or what they're being told and they have actually run out of these buildings and something like this can be a real difficult challenge for the las vegas ph.d. because how do you tell people to shelter in place in a situation where have you someone at an elevated area shooting down? but, at the same token, how do you control the mass pandemonium and prevent stampedes. you have a slippery slope
4:39 am
you have to manage as a law enforcement situation. brian: if you want to start building on each other and what you might have concluded so far feel free to chime in. i want to go, aaron, so something i brought up earlier. that is the psychology in israel of them wanting to get back to normal as quick as possible as horrific terror attack like this. it seems as though this is such a fluid crime scene. would you council to get a sense of normalcy to got give the terrorists amongst us a sense that they can bring us to our knees? >> absolutely. one of the most important lessons that we have learned with terrorism is that what drives terrorism is psychology. and what i mean by that is whoever more scared is losing. that's why we take such an aggressive stance towards not only hunting terrorists, you know, via plain clothes and undercover units who go in and kip and bring them back to israel. we use the same
4:40 am
aggressiveness when we are responsing or training our first responders to respond. and what we have learned in israel is that getting back on your feet is the most critical thing because what the terrorist terrorist wants ir you to be fearful arch and afraid. how quickly we get bac get back to life. everybody serves in the military absolutely imperative. here is another point, also. unfortunately it's in times like this that you also sometimes see the best of people. and i think that's one of the things that brings israelis together collectively as a people. israel can be very polarized and divided when it comes to politics. the fact that everybody serves in the military. it's a conscript army and that everybody has some sense of duty it really does bring out the best in people like we saw with that gentleman when adam was interviewing him earlier. i think that we see some of the best of our americans
4:41 am
unfortunately in these attacks. but, again, it's a weird threat that it pulls us together but definitely one of the things that unifies israel. brian: this guy is a coward. sits on the 32nd floor and shooting at people staring in the other direction. you don't get more cowardice than that. >> it boggles my mind what is going through someone's mind to u.s just sit there and literally mow kids down. young kids who are at a concert. and we were talking earlier about how this is just, you know, the most horrific of scenes for law enforcement to deal with. it also is for our emergency responders. and that these are all going to be primarily head shots. which are immediately fatal and almost impossible to treat. there is another thing that strikes me here anybody in the security business and watching this happen across europe has been sadly waiting for the other shoe to drop for this to happen
4:42 am
in vegas in the sense that whether it was a truck attack or bombing or whether it was this type of active shooter, al qaeda and isis have been pushing this on their online forum for several months now and, in fact, about four to five months ago it was reported that al qaeda was encouraging an attack in las vegas. i'm not saying this is internationally inspired terrorism. ainsley: we have actually just learned it's not connected to terrorism and we do know, according to police and recent information that was released that he was known to authorities there in vegas. now, dan, i wanted to ask you, i'm sorry, go ahead, colonel. >> oh, no, no. i was just saying though the whole world whether it's foreign or domestic terrorists saw this as a target rich environment. and that is sick and sad. ainsley: dan, i wanted to ask you in your experience, former secret service agent, former nypd police officer in your experience, would someone have seen something or known something about this guy? >> in advance?
4:43 am
ainsley: yes. >> most likely they did. when the secret service did a study on school shootings, after columbine, what we found out, one of the real key take aways was that the shooter had actually told people in many cases about the event before, ainsley, and nobody took him seriously in many of the cases they studied. the likelihood is as they reverse engineer this horrible event, i think you are going to find out that either an aneighbor or associate or family member said, you know, there were some indications that something was wrong or he may have even said something about this beforehand. that's the worst part of this whole thing. steve: the las vegas police department sent out a tweet. our condolences go out to the families who lost loved ones tonight. thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by this tragedy. meanwhile the vice president of the united states has also just tweeted out. he writes: to victims families and loved ones
4:44 am
affected by the senseless violence in las vegas. karen and i are praying for you and offering our love. the hearts and prayers of the american people are with you. you have our do condolences and sympathies. to the courageous first responders thank you for your acts of bravery. dr. porcher, talking about the first responders, they really did jump in to action. they were there within minutes. while the shooting was still going on, they were running towards the gunfire to try to rescue. ainsley: and found that guy up on the 32nd floor. steve: absolutely. >> active shooter protocol that's something that the las vegas ph.d. rolled out. there has been a seismic shift in the active shooter proceed coal. in the past we as law enforcement chose to engage the shooter with some level of dialogue, hostage negotiations so to speak whereas we have now -- the pendulum has now switched to taking out the shooter and termating the assaulted. that's what we see that occurred here in this room on the 32nd floor in the
4:45 am
mandalay bay. steve: dan bongino i have a technical question for you. people have described it as a fully automatic weapon. at least one of them that they have been able to hear. how do you get your hands on something like that? >> well, you can get a class three federal license. it's very difficult. in this case we obviously don't know the details, but given the background check you have to go through to get that and to be clear, fully automatic means one depression of the trigger, multiple rounds. i know you are not confused about it but some people are confused about what that is you have to get a class three license. i'm guessing at this point, speculation. i'm guesting it might have been obtained illegally. it's have a very difficult background check. these aren't easy to obtain. you can't buy one and walk out. even me as a secret service agent i have to go through the same process as everyone else to get ahold of a fully automatic enrifle. brian: one thing clear. they have accomplice under
4:46 am
wraps. they think accomplice. associate, 4'1 1: 62 years old. there were veterans on stage and in the audience whether a is it like to feel battle see battle. come back to america and feel you are safe and next thing you know you are back in the battlefield? >> i have to tell you even watching this video where can you hear the rounds cracking over people's heads. there is nothing like that sound in the world. it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up just seeing the video. it's like being in a full blown combat zone. in the veterans' case it is even worse because you can't fire back. i wanted to switch to one other topic. you remember from before the debate over providing law enforcement with full military equipment from a number of the other riots and disturbances that have been going on. you know, these guys in the
4:47 am
active shooter response, they are doing full blown military operations, urban operations, using flash hand grenades. taking down a well armed active shooter. i hope we don't go back to that debate about whether we should be fully arming our swat and police forces. clearly they need it to be able to take these kind of guys down with this kind of armament. brian: we didn't like the perception of-to-have military vehicles and equipment in the streets. not many people want to be protected by somebody outarmed. >> thank god they have the equipment they need tonight. ainsley: it makes me so mad, one guy like, this lunatic, crazy guy, evil, he changes everything for all of us. now we think twice about going to an outdoor cop setter. it's a country concert. military was up on stage before this happened. >> i understand where you are coming from. however, we as americans
4:48 am
live in the strongest and most powerful country in the world. we need to understand that terrorism in no way, shape, or form will redirect what we want to do as individuals. that being said, this is more of an aberration than a norm. we have tremendous law enforcement capabilities in the united states of america. and we need to entrust them in protecting us which they do a very great job. >> ainsley: when we do go to a concert what should would he be looking for for? >> this was rout door concert we had 20 to 30,000 people there. i'm a strong proponent you want to get out of there as quick as possible. the concert vendors say should have exits and entrance. there should be vawngz plan. it's something that happens in our society. it's not a regular thing but
4:49 am
we can't let this derail us as americans. we're too strong as a society. steve: for folks just tuning in. let us tell you what you are looking at. is there images from social media of the worst mass shooting in american history it was about 10:00 last night at the route 91 harvest festival with 30 or 40,000 people in attendance in a big lot. listen to that do you hear that? >> rapid gunfire] ainsley: that's the sound of death. that's the sound of bullets being fired from automatic weapon and killing 50 people and injuring 200 others. brian: if you listen to it in its entirety. there is pauses in between. there is three long machine gun attacks on an audience of about 30,000. three-day concert called the route 91 harvest concert music festival. jason aldean was on stage closing out everything. it took a while to realize this is not part of the show. steve: now we do know who was doing the firing.
4:50 am
police say the suspect, who is dead, was on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel his name steve paddock. he is 64 years old. [gunfire] >> every time i hear that -- they found multiple firearms in his room. they are currently searching his home. he was up on one of those top floors just below that logo right there. also, several hours ago, police put out an all points bulletin. they were looking for a person of interest. her name marilou danley. it is unclear at this point what her relationship is with mr. paddock. but apparently she has been -- she currently is in custody. they apparently found her players' card in the room next to the body. so they wanted to talk to her. also, the sheriff put out a phone number if you would like more information about people who are missing. because a lot of people have not wound up with a phone
4:51 am
call regarding next of kin or, you know, it was such confusion. if you would like more information, 866-535-6554 that is th-535-5654.he was born. officers say this was not connected to a terrorist organization. and he was well known to authorities. in the las vegas area. brian: yeah, was well known. they are terming this a lone wolf shooting. although this person, mary lou danley is an asian female 4-foot 11. when we first came in 4:00 a.m. local time. the shooting was 10:06 pacific coast time. but it happened at 10:06. they have since got her. we don't know if she turned herself in or apprehended. they are looking for two vehicles two at this hour.
4:52 am
steve: they found one. brian: hyundai tucson and chrysler pa self can pacificca. steve: we have some of the first responders who were very quick to respond in tactical gear. they responded quickly there were a number of former officers in the crowd applying turn cuts. listeturnturtourniquets.>> put . >> can you pull over towards the side -- you know what? this person right here, hold up, can we get this person in here? >> go, go, go, go. steve: there they are asking to use somebodiens truck to transport people to the hospital. i was listening on the radio. and i heard that one of the near hotels initially had locked their doors because they were told to hunker down and shelter in place. so they realized that all these people who were covered with blood needed a ride to the --
4:53 am
ainsley: look at this. steve: a ride to the hospital. they got the courtesy van and took a bunch of people to the hospital. ainsley: we heard adam housley earlier talking about how they were using the vendor's tables as stretchers to take people over to things like this to vehicles and put them in there to take them to the hospital. brian: even if you are in the middle of baghdad in the worst part of the iraq war you don't have facilities for 200 wounded and 50 dead. some of which were struggling for their lives at the time. said we would lose them. they were saying by the time they got to the hospital. at least 14 were critical. >> that looks like the side of a fence. did you all see that? we will probably see it again. it looks like the side of a fence that red fence right there on the right that they're using to transport people who have been injured. steve: in fact, ainsley, a number of police barricades were used as stretchers. you are absolutely right. dan bongino, i have a question for you, ainsley just pointed out that the local authorities say that this man, not acting as a
4:54 am
terrorist. it is not terrorism. but he was known to local authorities. what does that mean was known to local authorities? >> well, it means he probably has some form of a criminal record. some interaction with police. it could be from maybe domestic violence. you remember every domestic violence incident it's a federal law you have to file some kind of report on it. or, many cases when i was with the nypd or with the secret service, you just have people who show up to the precinct a lot and, at least from the secret service case show up at the secret service office and have complaints. those complaints can range from anything from the cia literally slifning to me that's what they would do so some psychopathology. criticallality. complaints part of some delusional belief system. brian: also karen cohen if you are looking at this situation mandalay bay i still have to have concerts i have all these acts
4:55 am
booked. how do i secure this facility so people feel secure enough to come and by the way survive? >> well, i would start by collectively reorganizing the entire structure of the layering apparatus at the hotels in vegas. anywhere where have you large crowds forming i would initiate bag checks immediately for the hotels. the moment you stuart checking bags and purses and opening coats is the moment you can't hide weapons. that's just a fact and it's annoying. you know, it's a pain. but it's the reality of somebody able to get up to 32nd floor, rent a room and go in there with what sounds like ak 47 or fully automatic ak 47 with cycling rated. i start with the bag check. other thing i would do is start checking all the guests that check into the hotel. it's a painful process. but, vegas is incredible with their security when it comes to protecting their money and watching the gambling apparatus. they have the funds. billions and billions of dollars that go through those casinos.
4:56 am
that money needs to start being looked at. how do we use that to protect these soft targets again. i would start with the bag checks and even though this isn't an act of terrorism, guys, it's the same exact thing we saw at the arianna grande concert in england. people forming to watch an act. important relearn these lessons to be able to apply these for terrorism. in fact, i don't want to say this is a blessing in disguise but, again, we owe it to the fallen and the victims to take everything we can from this attack to be able to apply it to that terror attack which is coming in vegas. every one of your guests sitting there. everybody knows it's just a question of time until we start seeing what's happening in europe manifesting itself here. i would be checking bags and bowl steger all of the security for those 40,000 people down on the ground with plain clothe officers and making sure that anybody who is facing down from an elevated position like we're
4:57 am
seeing here is being looked at from across the street and from other points of vantage. steve: colonel waltz, this wasn't, per se, a soft target because there was a perimeter. there was a fence. people were screened when they were going. in because the unique item of this particular story is, you know, like the textbook depository or university of texas bell tower thing where there is somebody up high looking down at a bunch of people who are in an area where if they start running he can still shoot him down. >> this is almost impossible to defend against. i absolutely agree. we have to learn lessons from it. we have to increase our posture. but to have someone on high with automatic capable weapon that is going to cause head wounds and wounds at the top of the body where -- where people have nowhere to seek cover, and it's going to take law
4:58 am
enforcement and first responders some time to get to that individual giving them plenty of time and obviously he had plenty of ammunition to cause mass casualty is just incredibly tough to defend against and my heart goes out to these folks. brian: do you know what i find stunning is the distance. it's estimated that 1200 feet from the mandalay bacon setter. you are not even thinking that's a place that needs to be looked at twice or secured. am i correct, darren? >> yeah, you are correct. one of the things that i see is going to come into play is an organization such as the organizational association of chiefs of police. panel. what happened in dallas, for example, when we had the shooter that once again was in an elevated position where he killed the officers. this is now a new threat that is coming upon our society. i heard one of your guests mention searching the guests that come into the hotels. that can be arduous process. because we have to take into
4:59 am
consideration nevada is open carry state. however, the casinos do prohibit firearms on the grounds of these casinos. therefore, that can be one thing that they can look to possibly x-raying the bags coming for firearms only that can create a rift between a lot of the guests staying in these hotels but that's a start. brian: i don't want to go in there thee keep shaking me down. i want to go and have a good time. >> people go there for bachelor parties and things to that effect. not that i condone anything people doing in there people want a certain level of secrecy when they go in there. ainsley: that's what is so sad about this. most men go there to gamble bachelor parties. women go there for the sun and get away go to a concert like celine or jlo. thank you so much for your perspective dr. darren porcher lieutenant colonel michael waltz. dan bongino and aaron cohen. brian: we will be covering it throughout the morning. we won't be taking a break because there is unfolding situation. unfortunately this is a record we didn't want broken
5:00 am
but in san bernardino, excuse me, in orlando, 49 were killed in a mass shooting. now we have a new record over 50 killed. the worst mass shooting in american history and we still have a lot to learn. keep it here. at least 50 people have been killed including two off duty police officers. making this the deadliest mass shooting in american history. more than 200 people are
5:01 am
hurt. the gunshot sending people running for their lives as you can see. including the concert headliner at the time jason jasn jason aldean wept on five minutes. >> by las vegas authorities at this hour. >> it was chaos. so many people were on the ground. there was blood everywhere, according to the witnesses. people were using police fencing, police barriers as gurneys. they were using tables from some of the vendors that were there.
5:02 am
you can see this video that we recently got in. on the right, you see people carrying someone. what looks like a gurney. and if you look closely, it's actually the police barrier that people put around like a fence. look at that. brian: it's hard to believe there was even enough stretchers to handle 200 wounded and 50 who lost their lives. so you have to be able to make adjustments. steve: absolutely. authorities are looking for blood donations throughout the las vegas area. there are that many people hurt. meanwhile, let's turn to adam, who is on assignment covering oj simpson who was released from jail and now, adam, they turned it into the worst mass shooting in history. >> yeah. last night we were up covering oj, and we had just gone down to get up this morning and do live shots for you guys about that. i had been asleep for maybe an hour when i was woken up by our office manager in los angeles. one of our interns was hiding in the basement of a hotel, and there had been a shooting,
5:03 am
and she didn't know what to do. and, you know, when you had just fallen asleep for a hour, and you had been up for 24, you're still kind of in a daze and right then, i heard massive sirens, that you just don't hear. it's not one or two, it seemed like there were hundreds from all directions. and, you know, the first thought in my head was, oh, god. what are we facing? and obviously evolve from there. you had people walking out at that point in all directions in every type of situation where blood on them, not blood on them. it was chaotic. law enforcement was in full tactical gear. people were going back into their businesses and houses and locking doors. and then we started meeting people that were coming out of the crime scene, and they continued to telling us about
5:04 am
bodies on sidewalks. at that point we knew there were five and folks telling us about more inside. one was a firefighter, it sounded like he was a first responder, and i asked him are you a first responder, and he said actually a los angeles firefighter. my station is in the venice beach area. i was here enjoying this concert for a friend's birthday and that's when, you know, the shooting happened and so he walked -- as we're talking about this, he walked me through. take a listen to what he talked about. >> when we walked up on this earlier, i said that was probably used as a gurney, and i said do you know what that is? and he said that's a freezer probably used as a gurney. >> and the tables that were inside was a gurney as well. they were using everything we can. the rails between the portions in between, we were using that as well. >> he keels with stuff,
5:05 am
unfortunately, tragedy on a daily basis being a firefighter. it was the number inside that had him shaking. and he had to also find a place for his wife and friends, a safe spot for him to take cover while he went back. and their eyes were, you know, just shocked at what they were seeing as he would drive bodies by. you know, trying to see who was by, who wasn't. we know of at least three. there were three bursts of gunfire when you listen to the video. that just didn't seem like it was going to end. people were dropping in all directions, people were hiding under the stage. he saw people were shot in every part of their body. many people shot in the head. i keep calling him a kid. i don't even know his name. i didn't have a chance to get everybody's name. and he was not wearing a shirt, and he has blood all over him, and this is what he said. >> i was here enjoying the concert just like every other fellow american here and, you know, things happen, brother. what goes on here isn't
5:06 am
american. that's not what we're about, and this is not okay. other people run, that's okay. that's on them. i'm here for everybody else. >> how many people did you help? how many people did you see down? >> how many people did i see down? probably close to 20. >> in various, obviously, conditions? >> look, man, i'm not wearing any clothes up here. everyone i thought has passed on, they have an article of my clothing covering their eyes, covering part of their body. everyone i saw breathing, i helped, man. >> many were in some shock when they walked by us. saw a lot of blood, blood on sidewalks, blood in that freezer. we met -- still meeting people too coming out. people still being interviewed in certain parts in this area because there was obviously a massive crime scene with 30,000 witnesses. that's how many people were
5:07 am
inside roughly when the shooting took place. one woman talked about hiding inside a beer truck. >> thought it was fireworks. and then it just didn't stop. and i'm, like, that's not fireworks. and then people started running, and they said it was a shooter and then we realized it sounded like machine guns. it sounded like more than one. it just didn't stop. like, 30 minutes. >> what did you guys do? >> we were hiding in a beer truck in a budweiser truck for about 30 minutes. >> and back here live, you can see that perspective that the mandalay bay has right across the street. which is where the concert took place. it's almost like a carnival setup. a couple of acres inside. not very wide. you can see the stage right there in front, guys. and at this hour, that is a massive crime scene. federal authorities, i'm told are going to be coming helping
5:08 am
out with this process. and we do know there's still bodies in there. and those numbers can fluctuate. back to you guys in new york. ainsley: there are still bodies in there? steve: adam, you just showed us the perspective of where you are compared to the mandalay bay. we have an image from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay, this is the same floor the shooter was on. so as we look down, we can actually see that big, open lot where you are right now and where this 30,000 people were. can you explain for the folks while there was an active shooter there, how there were reports of active shooters added three or four other casinos in las vegas at exactly the same time. >> same thing happened in san bernardino. same thing happened in aurora. when you have a breaking news situation, people are going to see things and hear things the same way. plus, you have large buildings here. that pop you hear on the
5:09 am
video, it's going to move. sound obviously moves. people are also going to be in a sense of panic, so they're going to think they hear things. law enforcement will tell you there will be a car accident and people in the accident standing next to each other, and they'll have totally different perspectives of what took place. that's what happens in these situations. so it's always very flued. when we arrived here, there were reports of the active shooter here possibly at the mgm. we heard one person talking about. also there was people hiding in the basement of the hooters hotel. tropicana, that someone had said ran down the street. so none of that came to pass, thankfully. and, unfortunately, what we would learn behind me was just -- is just poor. brian: you see everyone with the makeshift gurneys and different ways of carrying people and sealing off blood and there is a push right now for blood donations with over 50 losing their lives and 200
5:10 am
wounded in some way, shape, or form. when we started the show, 14 were critical. that was just a rounded off estimation. we're just trying to share this with you. this mary lou that we were looking for, and they sense have found. she's no longer sought as a person of interest. and made contact with her, as you know, and they do continue to look for the hyundai tucson. so they're still looking for that vehicle, and they're not worried about her. >> and the things change, you know, we've heard this also in san bernardino. there were three shooters. these numbers and these stories are going to change and the question is going to be how did he get the weapon. not how did he get it in because it's easy to that that. how did he get the weapon? there were three people detained. none of them may be involved. but we were told by law enforcement three had been detained at one point. they don't want to have, you know -- they say right now they believe he acted alone,
5:11 am
but they want to make sure that's the case. right now, it's a matter of continuing to go through this crime scene and get everyone single part of that wrapped up. you've got bodies still in there, you have people, of course, who have not been notified. it's a very tough situation here in las vegas to put it lightly. >> i assume it's not affecting cell phone service. but how is your cell phone service? i have a friend who's looking for a loved one and can't get in touch with him. >> cell phone service is good. i do know a number of people had their batteries die. this has been a number of hours now. so hopefully that's the case. and let your friend know there's still some people in some of these hotels being interviewed. hooters as well as tropicana. ainsley: she's been calling that number on your screen underneath your face, and it has been busy. i'm sure they'll continue to try. thanks, adam. brian: all right. let's bring in somebody else and get a different perspective on this shooting that took place at 10:06 las vegas time this morning. he is russell black. and black was in the vip tent
5:12 am
during the concert, and he was actually able to share videos of what's inside. russell at the scene for us. jason aldean on stage, you're in the vip tent. when did you realize something has gone horribly wrong? >> we were there all night. you can see aerial footage but the one-tenth to the right of the stage that faces where the shooter was. we heard probably two, three round bursts. sounded like firecrackers. i don't know if you guys have video. but i was just shooting the last song or so of jason aldean's set when i heard what you know? that kind of sounds like an ar15. and it went from semi automatic to fully automatic, and it was just relentless. i mean, it would just not stop. steve: yeah, and it's one thing if you're inside a building. but, russell, you're inside a
5:13 am
tent. and that's certainly is no protection. what did you do? >> immediately hit the ground i was at a bar because you kept hearing this sound of the bullets entering the tent. and then once that happened -- steve: so the guy was shooting at the tent? >> it sounded like it. i mean, as we ran, we felt -- hardies bullets ricocheting, got under bleachers, just heard them hitting off the bleachers. and we're talking hundreds of rounds. i mean, i've been around guns my entire life, and i've never heard of something like this happen. brian: but there were pauses; correct? >> well, those pauses we used -- there were about seven to eight-second -- probably ten-second pauses where he reloaded clips. and we used that time to go from coever to cover to try to get our way out because we were pretty much in a kill box to where there are about 10, 12-foot walls, chain link fences surrounding a vicinity with only one way out.
5:14 am
ainsley: what made you want to take this video? i would be terrified. what made you think to use your cell phone? >> i just wanted people to see what was actually going on. at first, i didn't think it was anything at all. i was, like, oh, okay. because i was already shooting video. but i kept rolling when i realized the extreme of things. and as soon as i thought it was coming toward us, the sounds got louder and the ricochets got louder. that's when i cut off the footage and ran. and realized the rest of my group, we got separated and -- steve: yeah. russell -- indeed. we're just discovering. and this is interesting because we are trying to figure out how the police were able to locate out of the many rooms on that 30-second floor of the mandalay bay, how they were able to actually find the suspect, the shooter steve paddock p as it turns out they were able to locate him because he was shooting so many rounds of -- so many
5:15 am
shots, the smoke detector went off in his room. so that's how they were able to figure it out. >> we didn't know where we it was coming from at all. he was so far away, you couldn't hear the initial bang because there's a sound delay. i mean, he was that far away. 2- 300 yards, at least. and then in that situation, especially now in a world where everyone's kneeling, i saw everyone on the ground. every single police officer was standing up shielding people looking for the threat. i mean, these guys all had pistols, and they knew what they were up against, a fully automatic weapon, and they charged head on not even able to reach the guy, they were trying to direct people. brian: russell, i know you can't see this, but we actually have footage of the first time of those same officers or the same people that you're talking about how brave they are going door-to-door on the 32nd floor looking for the killer.
5:16 am
>> they're heroes. i mean, every single second that those people took the fire away from this guy saved countless lives. i mean, the guy was just spraying the crowd. there were no targets too far away for that. when you have that many -- tens of thousands of people clusters. it was like fish in a barrel. it took us 10, 15 minutes to find a way out of there. brian: russell, thank you so much for sharing your eyewitness video. appreciate bringing this to us from your perspective. ainsley: let's bring in darren who is on the couch this morning. you're a former law enforcement agent and a professor now. we're looking at this video of the officers going door-to-door, and i think steve has new information. steve: yeah, according to the las vegas journal review, which is one of the papers out there, one other columnist cites a police source says that when they went into the room on that floor and, obviously, the shooting is
5:17 am
over and that guy taking off his helmet, said that the shooter had eight guns and two platforms set up to shoot from and cameras set up to see the police arriving. so this was quite an operation. it's not like the guy just went up there and decided you know what? i'm going to shoot people. he had been thinking about this. >> one thing from a law enforcement perspective that we need to realize is the las vegas pd is going to practice -- they practice something that we refer to as force discipline. forced discipline is not to push all of your resources into the place where the shooting is occurring because you've had many people called from different hotels that genuinely believed shots were being fired in their hotels. but this was a result of either ricochets or the amp infliction of shots happening in that area. so now the las vegas pd has to focus on the deployment of personnel in multiple different areas. so that's where the force discipline comes into play. and it's an arduous process to
5:18 am
think, look, we have an active shooter in play, but we also need to put fortifications in places. ainsley: is it your goal to apprehend him or kill him? >> your goal is to terminate the assault. it's bringing down that assailant. the best case scenario is if we can bring down this assailant and list the intelligence as to why they did it or the additional shooters. however, sometimes, unfortunately, we're faced with the drastic situation of neutralizing this individual. brian: dan is with us, and i know that you're never really off duty duty. so dan is with us. it's amazing how many off duty officers were at this concert, military were at this concert. and when you're off duty, you're not off duty. you go into this mode of i have to protect people, even though i bought a ticket. that's what your full-time job is; right? >> yeah. but one great thing of having off duty officers
5:19 am
there is they can elicit a tremendous amount of information that your average citizen wouldn't pay attention to as to where this was coming from. as steve mentioned, luckily there was a smoke detector that went off that ignited or directed personnel, first responders to that room. however, the first responders -- i shouldn't say first responders but the off duty officers can do things such asking in the departure of those people that are at this event. >> and apparently it was a tactical team that went up there because they placed an explosive on the door. but with this news from the newspaper out there that he had two platforms he was shooting from. >> yeah, he had been there for days, steve; right? >> but the die bobbling part is that he had cameras set up so that he could see the police arriving. >> reverse intelligence. >> right. it was out in the hall or it was right at his door. >> you know, what's interesting when i look at what happened with the dallas pd where they had the shooter, i want to say a year ago where he shot and killed several officers, they sent a bomb
5:20 am
robot in there to take out this assailant. and i think that that might have been -- and i really tip my hat to the las vegas pd in this situation. but when we take into consideration. brian: or the s.w.a.t. team that especially took him out. >> when we take into consideration this reverse intelligence being deployed by this assailant, that really begs the question of law enforcement moving forward of how to counter these types of assaults. ainsley: i want to bring in aaron cohen, former member of israel's counterterrorism unit, they manufacturer law enforcement products for terrorism readiness. so with that in mind, aaron, your experience manufacturing these products, what do you make of the two platforms that steve's talking about and the eight guns and then the cameras being set up? >> well, it just means that you have a specific person who went to a specific place to do a specific thing. and in this case, it was killing as many people as possible in the shortest period of time. guys, i want to talk a little bit about -- if it's okay, about the israeli style response to active shooter and
5:21 am
some of the measures that we've developed over the last # 30 years. we've had a lot of active shooters in israel. we obviously do our best to thwart them before they can cross over into israel. we really invest in the officers in israel, and i think what we saw here with las vegas metro s.w.a.t. team and the off duty, the thing that we learn for every second that you waste, another innocent person is killed. for every round that's fired, another innocent person is killed. we develop an active shooter protocol, and this is going to the gentleman who's sitting with you guys in studio. he used the word neutralize. and it's a very correct term. we train our officers in israel to run and stop and shoot, and they have to do that as quickly as possible. they're sprinting into the direction of the gunfire, and they're stopping so that they can make straight shots and sometimes that happens literally within crowded areas. and we train by setting up 40,
5:22 am
50 targets on a shooting range that are all innocent and the officers are trained to find that one rotten egg in that crowd of 50 targets, and it's hours and hours and hundreds of hours of training and the purpose of it -- and this is going to be able to sound harsh. but counter terror an active shooter active response is harsh. so the goal is to be able to put a round into the center of the cerebellum, which is the top of the brain stem and what it does is neutralize the terrorist's hands from being able to move. it's not personal. but the second we can shoot him essentially in the tip of the nose, it hits the top of the brain stem when paralyzes the shooter. so to go to the officer's point, the neutralization isn't personal. it's to keep the terrorist's hands from moving so he can't continue to kill. and it's no different from being on a airplane when you want to -- first, you have to assist yourself and put the mask on, which in this case is neutralize the threat before you can begin with the first
5:23 am
aid and evacuating and helping others on the plane. so the response is very thought out, very aggressive, and they're based on science neutralizing not to kill but to keep the hands moving. steve: and da dan is back with us. obviously, if he started shooting at 30,000 people, the police were going to arrive pretty quickly. they can't say whether or not the police killed the shooter or if it was suicide, which -- and it might have been because he apparently had a camera set up to know when the cops arrived. >> yeah. now, that talks about a level of pre-operative planning there that's really disturbing in this case. and one of the points that was brought up earlier in the show by the colonel, which was a good one, he was talking about the volume of shots. this is a really extended distance here.
5:24 am
we're talking 1,200 feet from the ground or more. to kill or wound 200 people, you're talking about closely to 500 shots, if not more. that's heavy. ammunition is very heavy. to carry that equipment into the hotel. i will bet you guys when the surveillance footage comes out, and these casinos have the best camera systems in the world, you're going to see multiple trips that this guy had to make in and out. there's no way you could carry that volume of rounds and camera equipment into the room without extensively planning this out in advance making multiple trips. brian: and, colonel. do you have to be good to be able to pull this off? or can you just be sitting there with an automatic weapon, eight guns it said, according to the local newspaper there. he had eight guns and two platforms. but you tell me there's skill involved? a lot of skill? >> i think there's some skill involved in the sense of either he was changing out magazines, and that takes some amount of skill, you know,
5:25 am
divide up 500 to 1,000 rounds by 20 to 30. or he had illegally obtained a fully automatic weapon. but i have to tell you just listen to the cycle of fire, listen to the type of fire in those videos, you know, it was sustained, it was not erratic, it sounded, you know, as much as this may sound odd, it sounded relatively calm. there were long, sustained bursts. i would not be surprised if this guy had either some type of training or a lot of familiarity with firearms. and then from the psyche; right? it's not like a suicide bomber like we saw in iraq and afghanistan where it's just an instant and the evil deed is done. you know, he had to be pulling that trigger and seeing people fall and die from head wounds for some amount of time to get that amount of firepower. that amount of rounds out the weapon, which just really goes to the sickness of the whole
5:26 am
event. steve: sure. absolutely. dan, you're a former secret service guy. this guy's not going to be talking because he's dead. but i'm sure he's got computers and phones. the police are at his house right now. what happens next? >> yeah. you have to reverse engineer the crime right now. and the first thing you're triaging your knees is making sure this was, in fact, a lone wolf event. i've seen reports about that. you want to make sure there were no associates or people who assisted him. but you want to see financial records, where he bought the weapons, how he got the weapons. obviously, communication over e-mail, any kind of communication. phone records. we used to call them muds and luds. social media is big now. they're going to try to get access to social media accounts. and really, steve, this all comes down to this. what was the motivate? why? why does someone do something like this? i mean, to enact this kind of horror, you want to know why.
5:27 am
and that's the question police officers need to find out immediately. brian: aaron, could you help us with that? could you see some answers as to why right now if i gave you this case and said solve it? >> well, that's a good question i think the gentleman just answered is spot on in terms of figuring out the why. i would be less concerned about the why right now, and i would be focused more on the how do we prevent this type of attack from happening? and, obviously, by answering the why, you can create a mosaic and put together a profile to help prevent future attacks of what causes the attacks to manifest. but, really, i would be focusing at this point in addition to the investigation on the defense, how do we prevent this type of attack from happening on -- in a city like las vegas where we know and have said for the last couple of years that a terror attack is eminent. how do we make it so that we can check those tags?
5:28 am
how do we tap into the one million police officers who -- you know, which a third of them are off duty in this country begin to use them as force multipliers like we do in israel. i'll share one of israel's best kept secrets. this is a mandatory for every off duty police officer. this folds up. it goes into your pocket. the reason why is because at any given time, a terrorist can open fire on a crowd of people. we need those plainclothes off duty police officers because they're going to be the first on the scene. and therefore, they can put this cap on their head, high visibility reflective straps allow to officers to respond confidential knowing that they're not going to engage by accident and what's known in the u.s. law enforcement community as blue on blue. this is mandatory in israel. we learned throughout the years of terror, you have to tap into your off duty community. have to use them when their
5:29 am
plainclothes and when they're out with their families, i understand there are lots of off duty officers who are critical in the response. this officers need to be able to engage with terrorists if needed. they're trained to use their firearms. and, again, these are just insights i can bring from response platform. ainsley: well, we can learn a lot from each other. brian: and two of those were off duty officers sitting there hanging out. they're never off duty. guys, thanks so much for joining today. we appreciate your expertise in this unfolding situation, and you brought this as up to date as humanly possible. ainsley: all right. this morning, we were reporting that jason aldean, he was the last person to perform for the root 91 harvest festival. there were a lot of singers that participated over the last three days. he was actually on stage when all of this happened. and he ran off of the stage. he did react on instagram, and he writes tonight has been beyond horrific. i still don't know what to say. but wanted to let everyone know that me and my crew are
5:30 am
safe. my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved tonight. it hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night. #heartbroken. #stopthehate. steve: meanwhile, let's bring back in kaya jones, i believe. ainsley: kaya. steve: recording artist. she was on the stage before the shooting happened. tell us a little bit, kaya, about the route 91 harvest festival. what was it and who exactly was there? >> well, it's a three-day festival, and it started, you know, basically three days ago and so this was a final night. it was 30,000 people in attendance i don't know how many over that amount stayed. as of right now was in the audience when that rapid fire began. but it's pretty much, you know, a whose who of the
5:31 am
country music scene and, you know, i was asked by john rich, who's a friend who was performing with big kenny, you know, hey, we're doing this thing for the veterans. we know how much you love to support our military, would you come up and get an honorary bartender while you salute them? that's how i was on stage. i just happened to be friends with the band and the band that was performing. brian: and was jason aldean the last act? >> yeah. and we actually didn't pull out until jason went on. so we were in the bus backstage and then we pulled out as jason went on, he was literally two or three songs in, so he had arrived at the redneck riviera and when they jumped on stage, someone turns to me and said there's reports right now of a shooter. you know, don't freak out the guys. and i'm, like, what do you mean? like, i think we were all just in shock.
5:32 am
we weren't sure if it was rule. and the reports that were coming in and out, and we couldn't leave venue, the lot had been, you know, brigaded most of the strip. and john came on the mic and said, hey, everyone, i want to let you know what's going on. we're locking up the bar. so we're getting reports from friends who were barricade behind the stage that were being shot at. ainsley: wow. i know that big kenny and john rich from big and rich they were on our show last week or the week before talking about their bar, and i know you're good friends with me of. what was it like? you're a celebrity, former pussy cat doll, still recording artist and performing. what was it like for you to experience this? >> it was horrific. i mean, it's -- you know, any act of terror is just mind-blowing why someone would even want to do something like this. every color, creed, religion
5:33 am
was in that audience. and for the guys and the entertainer, it was just gut-wrenching because the whole point in what we do is to unite people, to bring people together, to get them away from their pain and home, you know, to take them on a journey for a couple of hours. and the situation, you know, i can't help but feel that every single performer feels responsibility for -- in some way that this guy attacked. steve: well, 406 people were taken to area hospitals, at least 50 dead, 200 injured. brian: i would like to add one other bit of information that just came in. the suspect was dead when the police arrived in that room. steve: which would suggest he was looking at the video feed that he had set up, so he would know when the police arrived because he had at least eight guns. he had two shooting platforms, and he had wired the room so he would know when the police arrived. kaya, as you look at these
5:34 am
images, and that's jason aldean on stage, and we're about to hear the shooting, and he's going to run off to the left, how many times have you looked at this images in the last hour and said to yourself i was just there. i got in a bus -- if i would have been right there, i could be dead right now. >> no, i think all of us bonded together and john was saying that when we were in the bar. we all just looked around and realized in this moment, we're family. we were all part of something that could have been way worse on just with our friends and our crew. we're lucky that, you know, we got out in time. but, you know, there are souls that are gone because of this man. this man killed people tonight and my heart is with their families. my heart is with the people that are fighting for their life and the police officers that literally ran to aid. and we had an fbi agent on his honeymoon in the bar and said i don't have a gun on me. i'm an fbi agent. pulled out his badge. we all checked his bag.
5:35 am
he was serious. and then the one person who had the gun in the bar handed to him, and he protected us at the door. people need to understand that vegas is camera ready. we have cameras every single square inch of this city. so they're going to have from the moment we drove into that parking lot on that, you know, like, the ground, he's on camera. so i'm sure in the coming weeks, we're going to find out a lot of info on this man. brian: right and if he indeed was was a lone wolf right now the accomplice -- >> a lot of rounds; right? brian: yeah, eight guns, a lot of rounds. took his own life. well prepared. two platforms, i think you brought up interesting, kaya, to get that room on mandalay bay is something you had to book ahead of time. >> oh, yeah, because we had crew over there. i mean, a really good friend of mine and john's is an incredible dj. his wife and 13-month old baby were on the 32nd floor, and he was down ducking behind the stage as the rapid fire was
5:36 am
going on. so, i mean, i can't imagine what was going through in his mind because his wife was on that floor with his child. ainsley: could you talk to him? do you know if she heard anything or saw anything? >> we got confirmation later as we were all just trying to get out of there, and we couldn't, finally, a text came through that said they're okay. i'm still barricaded. i'm okay. we have not heard from them since. his phone is completely off at this point, i'm sure. he's in shock. he just wants to be with his family and, you know, but we had people there and, you know, john leans over to me and says one of the guys from the meet and greet, he's gone. so we were getting confirmation in realtime from people on-site. brian: wow. with over 400 wounded, you wonder why they've called out for immediate need for blood. and i remember being in las vegas at the holyfield bull fight when fan man came in from outside and hit, and this was years before 9/11, and
5:37 am
this guy comes in on a glider and slams into an outdoor event like this, outdoor event and everyone thought, well, that's what it would take. you're safe here unless something crazy like that happens. now no one will look at events like this the same way, kaya. >> no. and, i mean, i moved back to my hometown from los angeles to build a show here. so i'm literally in preproduction of a show here. i'm not in the show. it's my creation, and i'm thinking in my mind how are we going to hold our city together? how are we going to show america just like orlando, just like 9/11 that we're going to rise up and not allow this to affect our town? because this is a town as much as everyone feels it's a city, it's a town. brian: just keep in mind, guys, look at new york city. the whole thing was rubble. all of those lives lost. it's rebuilt stronger than ever. you guys will do the same thing. ainsley: it will come back together, eventually. steve: kaya, thank you very much for telling us what happened.
5:38 am
ainsley: god bless you, kaya. glad you're okay. >> god bless you. steve: dan is down in florida as he looks what happened last night 10:00 local time in las vegas. dan, the latest news out of las vegas is that apparently, you know, the guy had the eight guns, the shooting platforms. he had cameras set up so he could know when the cops got there. when they opened the door. and the reason they were able to figure out what room it was was he had fired off so many rounds, the smoke detector went off, so they knew exactly what room it was. but as soon as they got to the door, and they set off the explosion, he was dead inside. he apparently had killed himself. so this really was a suicide mission, wa wasn't it? >> yeah. and it speaks to an extensive level of planning involved before the attack. i mean, this was not some quick emotional break where a guy on the casino floor lost money and just lost it. this was a guy who clearly had thought this out.
5:39 am
think about it; right? this was 1,000 feet plus from the location in the mandalay to the actual event. you have to sight that out in advance to get some kind of sight line. when we were secret service agents, that's the first thing you would do is go to where the president's standing and immediately look up in 360 degrees and say who's looking down on us? it says to me that we may find out later during this investigation that he may have gone there in advance and done some scouting of the location. it's not the kind of thing you would just show up on game day and have some random emotional break. he clearly thought this through in advance. brian: now that we have gotten so much more information about this guy, what else can you tell us about what you put together if i put you on this case? >> right now, we're speaking from conjecture. we're trying to get as much evidence as we can going forward. we have a shooter shooting from three football fields away. so, of course, this is the case -- or he visited this
5:40 am
location on numerous times. what i would do one, is i would check with the local police to see that because apparently he was someone that was known to law enforcement. if he was arrested, who does he contact? who are his cell mates? i want to sit down and interview those people. in addition to that, i want to find out where he purchased these weapons from. who did he come in contact with? because i have a gut feeling that a lot of these weapons were purchased illegally. brian: does he hate country music? does he hate the american people? does he hate las vegas? >> not only that. we just want to know the overall circumference of where his comings and goings were. because right now, it appears to be a lone positive wolf attack. but we want to know if there's other people in that spear that had intelligence that they should have given law enforcement. if that's the case, those people need to be prosecuted as well. steve: does it tell you he was just perhaps interested in going out of blades of glory in his twisted mind where he
5:41 am
was above 30,000 people, and he knew he could kill a lot of people. >> that's the possibility. but i want to know what his ideology was. what was the reason why he chose this venue as opposed to going to the thomas stadium and killing people over there? it goes back into his personal contacts over a period of time. in addition to that shooting ranges. i want to know where he went to prepare for this assault. if there are shooting ranges in this area where he might have to paid a fee to go into. i want to know those places he went into. steve: i got an e-mail from a friend who said there are apparently shooting ranges in las vegas where you can operate fully automatic weapons, you know? ainsley: you can do a lot in las vegas. >> should take that into consideration. the state of nevada is an open carry state. you can carry weapons in the city of las vegas openly, however, the casinos prohibit you from entering the
5:42 am
properties with the weapon. ainsley: you know what bad is we woke up this morning at about 3:00 a.m. there were two people that were dead. then they had a press conference and all getting ready for the show. then 20 people dead. then they had a press conference in the middle of the show. 50 people dead. it has been what? two hours. hour and a half since we have had the -- >> progressive increase. brian: and i do have an interview to share with you. evidently, the shooter's brother has spoken out. his name is eric paddock. he said quote something happened to make his brother steven kill these people. eric said there was absolutely no indication that he could do something like this. and he had no political or religious affiliation. he was just a guy. something happened. he snapped or something. we have absolutely no idea our condolences go to all of the victims. we know absolutely nothing about this. he says our family's okay. we're sitting here in our house hoping that everyone doesn't attack us. our mother is 90, lives down the street. was just completely dumbfounded. you can imagine how this affected her. >> and it goes back to his
5:43 am
social network. his family may not have been what this outtake in terms of what he did was. but his social network, meaning the people, who he was arrested with, who he connects with socially on social media, via cell phone. that would pri a more telling definition as to who he is. ainsley: we have someone on the phone with us. an army reversist. he returned from iraq, from a war zone to witness this shooting at the las vegas strip. it's interesting, colin, thank you for joining us that you go over there to protect our country, you come home, and this happens to you. what were your thoughts? when did you witness? >> to be honest, it was very -- like i don't know what to say. it was -- it all happened so quickly that when shots were fired, the first rounds -- the first volley, nobody did anything. and then the second volley, everybody dropped. and, for me, i was, like,
5:44 am
okay. so what's happening? i couldn't -- i couldn't put it all together. so once everybody started ducking for cover, i looked around i'm, like, okay. so -- oh, crap this is actually happening. so i started pushing people out, and i said all right. let's go. you need to go here. and then people started taking off and then we started doing -- we started taking care of those who were injured. there were a lot of people -- and it gives me chills because there's nothing i could do because i'm not a doctor. but you have a lot of people around there that were helping out. steve: absolutely. you were a responder. colin, stand by. we just got more, new video in of the moment the shooting started. listen to this. [gunfire] rapid fun fire [.
5:45 am
. [rapid gunfire] steve: can you imagine? colin, you're a vet. have you ever in a live fire situation like this before? >> no, sir. we had a little bit -- we had a little bit up towards mosul but nothing comparatively. that was the worst thing you could -- words can't describe what was going on at the time. and there was nothing and so we just personally, i just started going after, making sure people were okay. steve: yeah, that really says something that mosul not as bad as las vegas for you. >> yeah. no. i can tell you that this was a
5:46 am
horrible experience, and i was on a search-and-rescue people back in 2012, and i just did what i was supposed to do and what i was trained to do. and i was trying to take care of people. ainsley: colin, terrorists don't think about how their actions affect other people. and this guy, police are saying he's not a terrorist. clearly, crazy and evil to be able to do something like this. it just baffles me to know something, a human being is capable of this. because they're killing sons and daughters and moms and dads and just people that are cherished and loved in their families, we're approaching the holiday season. life will never be the same for these families. >> well, until you have blood on your hands, which there are a lot of us that were trying to help those who were in need, and you have blood all over you, and you're trying to figure it out, it's very, very rough experience. brian: colin, thanks so much. and, by the way, it must be such a helpless feeling.
5:47 am
at least in iraq, you had people shooting, and you're shooting back. here, you cannot stop a guy from shooting from a 32nd floor of a building because if you turn around and shoot back, you could be shooting innocent people who could just be in that hotel. so it truly was a sitting duck situation. that's why over 400 have been transported to hospitals and over 50 have lost their lives, including off duty officers. thank you for your service to the country. >> well, there are a lot of people trying to help out, and there were a lot of people, and they did a lot of good work. so there is not a lot we could do, and there was a lot of people that did a lot of great things. brian: important to point out. in times of trouble, untrained, people's instincts was to help other americans. ainsley: we're getting word that there are lines in the blood banks in the middle of the night. steve: overnight, they were out the door and around the corner as people volunteered to roll up their sleeves to
5:48 am
donate blood. we're getting a few more details. apparently, there were 22,000 people in that open area at 10:08 when this gunman started shooting. adam has been there all night long. he's been talking to the folks. you know, adam one of the things about this particular event is the fact that there are so many cell phones that were recording it, and i understand the fbi is asking anybody who has any of the images -- any of the video to send it to 1800 call fbi because they're just trying to figure it all out, as you have siren activity right there at your location. >> you hope that siren is ambulance going away with somebody who's found alive. you don't know that but in the last couple of hours, the ambulances have been going away just normal, which means the person inside has been deceased. so that's hopefully a good sign maybe they found somebody. people may have been hiding,
5:49 am
you know, don't -- they don't believe anybody else was still inside. but maybe there was someone. back to what you were talking about, steve. the issue here for law enforcement now is to keep this all together. how did he get the weapon? you know, obviously getting into a hotel, the weapon is not that big of a deal right now. that may change after this. how did he get access to the weapon and how did he get access to the ammunition? clearly, he had this plan in place for some time and, clearly, he carried it out the way he had planned to carry it out, and that was to inflict as much carnage as possible, and that's something law enforcement is very concerned about, the fbi, as you mentioned, asked for videos, they've asked for any information they can. they have thousands of people. 22,000 people is the latest number. they finally kind of narrowed it down for us because there are has been talk between 22,000 and 30,000.
5:50 am
22,000 people in that concert. people were shoulder to shoulder a lot in parts of that two-acre area. so all of that information is being compiled. people are still being interviewed. and the number at 400 injured and 50 dead, that's going to fluctuate. 400 are transported. that doesn't account for those took themselves or by strangers. we hear story after story after story. and that 18, 19, 20-year-old who came out with no shirt on and had blood all over his body. brian: we're reporting the daily mail, his brother eric lives in orlando, his mother also lives in orlando. he says his brother steven has shown no signs of this. something must have just snapped. they don't understand it. it's amazing. if this is the case, a guy snaps that can do this much damage and kill this many people and wound and maim this many people because he
5:51 am
snapped. >> one law enforcement source put it best. the reason why -- there's things they look at right away. they know this was planned because you don't just buy a gun like this, go to a -- get a hotel room across the street from the country concert because in hotels, you have to believe the mandalay were hard to come by because country concert was right across the street. people don't have to walk too far. you don't just do that at the last minute. what did cause this? that's one of the questions that needs to be answered if they can hopefully find that. did the guy leave any kind of note or indication? is there an online profile? that's what the fbi is going to help out with. this is a massive task for las vegas police department, and they're going to need all of the help that they can get. the crime scene investigators from the fbi can do that. they can help. we can also piece together an online profile of him as well. is there any indication online that may have -- you know, they could find? and also help them in the future to try to stop this from happening again. you know, they use this information. it's used. and there's always new
5:52 am
details. new little tidbits that come from these horrific events. brian: and, by the way, we have two different stories. one, the killer steven paddock was dead when the police got there. another report that fox news has is that the shooter killed as the police burst into the hotel room. ainsley: we have a fox news alert. a press conference on the ground right now in las vegas. let's take a listen. >> here is sheriff. ainsley: it looks like he's just reviewing his notes before he's going to begin talking. he's conducted a press
5:53 am
conference about every two hours. steve: he has. and the last time he updated us, the death toll was at 50 with 200 injured. at least one police officer dead. >> everybody ready? steve: just waiting for the sign from reporters. sounds like they're ready. ainsley: sounds like a reporter said we're not ready yet. steve: right. so let us recap. this is the worst mass shooting in american history. we have received that. once again, it appears the man used a fully automatic weapon. now here is the sheriff. >> all right. so this will be our third update associated with the events that took place earlier tonight. just a matter of recall, at 10:0 10:00 p.m. last night, we started receiving calls of an active shooter at route 91
5:54 am
festival located adjacent to the mandalay bay resort. we were receiving information that there was an active shooter that was firing rounds from the 32nd floor. and that individuals attending the festival estimated number of 22,000 being struck by the rounds. currently, the clark county fire department is estimating the injures to be well over 400, and the deaths associated with this event to be over 50. i can't give you an exact number yet because we're still investigating some of the areas involving the event where the concert was taking place, and we're still exiting individuals that were hidden, and it's just a matter of a process. so it's going to take quite a while for us to completely get through the evacuation phase. and then eventually, we will have an assessment on the injuries associated with that. now, our suspect was identified as steven craig
5:55 am
paddock, 64 years old, a white male from nevada. we have no investigative information or background associated with this individual that is derogatory. the only thing we can tell is he received a citation several years ago, and that citation was handled as a matter of normal practice in the court system. some important things i need to get out, the family reunification still is taking place here at the las vegas metropolitan police department headquarters. so any individuals looking for answers for their family members or friends are welcome to come here, and we will provide that information as we get there. the fbi is vital in the assistance of this investigation. as a matter of help, they are providing a 1800 number, which is 1800 call fbi. so the number is 18002255334.
5:56 am
now, that number is to be utilized for any and all information, especially video information or evidence that we can provide the fbi, and they will be the housing of all of that critical information. so if you have anybody that has knowledge through your media sources, and they want to provide that information, that's the avenue to go. once they receive an individual on the other side of the line, they will walk them through the process, and then will get them to the online version so that they can download that information. additionally, the coroners office has set up a number for individuals to call, and that number is (866)535-5654. that is for individuals that do not have the ability to come down to the headquarters to discuss their family and friends in person.
5:57 am
now, the other critical piece associated with this and any mass casualty event is the need for blood. so united blood services have their services set up currently. they are receiving patients or donors at 6930 west charleston and 601 whitney ranch in henderson. so if you have the ability to donate blood to help the cause, please do so. additionally, the labors union is offering their facility, their medical facility at 7135 west sahara for individuals that want to donate blood. and as always, umc has a pod set up for individuals to go to umc to donate blood. and that will be the gist of the update at this time. so i'm happy to answer any questions. >> can you talk about what this means what it was like in
5:58 am
that room when your officers entered. >> we believe the individual killed himself prior to our entry. >> how many? >> we are still going through the search warrant actively at this time. but it's in excess of ten rifles. >> i'm sorry? >> we have located her out of the country. she was not with him when he checked in. we have discovered he was utilizing some of her identification, and we have had conversation with her, and we believed her at this time not to be involved. but, obviously, that will be -- that investigation will continue. and as far as his residence, we have officers there now serving a search warrant. no, we just made entry a matter of minutes ago. so that's going to be quite some time. we're going to clear the residence first for any possible explosives. so that will be slow and methodical and take us quite
5:59 am
some time before we conduct a search. >> i don't know what has taken place as far as the interview with her. okay. i think it's important for you to notice who's standing behind me. we have chief -- i'm sorry. i always get caught up with your family. gregg castle has been integral in the saving of lives. they paired up with our officers out at the scene, and i think their actions and heroic acts were instrumental in saving several hundred lives associated with this event. and then you have our attorney general adam, he's brought forth his office to help us in any future prosecution associated with the case. and you have the special agent in charge aaron of the fbi. as i mentioned, the fbi has been standing next to us from the very first minute, and they are providing all the resources available of the
6:00 am
federal government to help us in this endeavor. >> the mayor responded to umc to check on the patients and she is in the process of visiting the other hospitals and showing the support of the city. obviously we have our congressman, he is in town to also show us our support. so any other questions of the members standing before you? yes, ma'am. >> you said it was not terror related. some people argue that is domestic terrorism. how do you differentiate this? >> it is what his motivation is. there is motivation


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