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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 2, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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59 people are dead. more than 500 others are wounded and we do not know how many of those will survive. but we know that most of them will because of the work of their fellow citizens in vegas. i am trace gallagher in las vegas >> sean: welcome to the live breaking news addition oil with "hannity." a mad man opened fire on the country music festival in las vegas, killing 59 and injuring 527 others. in the most deadly mass shooting in american history. assisting the victims and determining a mode of catherine herridge, claudia cowan, trace gallagher, laura ingraham, sebastian, david clark, kaya jones, they were on stage just before all this happened and eyewitnesses willen all join us, but first here is
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how it all went down. >> my fellow americans, we are joined together today in sadness, shock and >> we had calls come into the dispatch of multiple shots being fired from the direction of mandalay bay towards the routef 91 concert. >> everyone was literally laying on top of each other trying toco get out of the way. the shots just kept coming. >> every time there was a break we ran.. and we ran. >> my husband and i ran out towards the car and there were people hiding underneath my car for cover. m >> multiple people hit, a lot of people shot. the area that we had, paramedics we had set up for the event was completely flooded with people. >> may god bless the souls of the lives that are lost. may god give us the grace of healing and may god provide the
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grieving families with strength to carry-on. >> sean: but first, in the midst of tragedy, the rush to politicize the worst shooting in american history is shameful. the left has no shame in that is tonight's very, very important life opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: in the wake of the worst mass shooting in american history president trump offered his deepest condolences and he addressed the nation about this tragedy. here's what he said. >> last night a gunman opened fire on the large crowd at a country music concert in las vegas, nevada. he brutally murdered more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil. >> sean: president trump also held a moment of silence at the white house for the victims of
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this vegas shooting and he plans to go visit the city wednesday after traveling to puerto rico. that is scheduled for tomorrow. while the president is trying to console the nation and offer support to the city of las vegas in the country, the media, democrats, have rushed to politicize this tragedy in an absolutely despicable display. let's take a look right there at the side of your screen, we must warn you the images you are watching, they are heartbreaking, horrifying, lives shattered, dreams destroyed. some of these victims are still in the hospital clinging to life. we still don't have all the facts. bodies weren't even in the morgue yet. parents were at hospitals with their kids who are hanging onto life. none of this matter to the left in this country. their impulse to politicize this tragedy as they do other tragedies is beyond the pale. they are using this tragedy, why? to score cheap political points and push a gun-control agenda. don't believe me? watch this. >> i want to bring the
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commissioner back in. when you hear this, very relaxed gun laws in the state of nevada, how do the police protect against this? >> they don't. in terms of what you have just described, description of insanity, but that's the reality. >> one more time. the description of insanity. >> terrorism, violence happens elsewhere, here it's because of accessibility of a certain weaponry. i would be remiss in not mentioning it now. i know it's highly political but as a security person, i'm looking at the access issue and looking at these numbers and absolutely shocked and outraged that for some reason we are not allowed to talk about that. >> this is going to reopen the debate over guns in this country. >> it is but i think it's really important to make sure we do it accurately. >> i think it's time for a national dialogue that we can have in a calm and reasonable
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way. in which the country can figure out how, we have so many mass shootings in this country? we can't have that conversation because immediately it become so emotional between the gun owners of america who are protected by the nra and other people were saying there ought to be a more reasonable middle ground. >> sean: this isn't bad, look at some of the tweets, look at the statements coming from democrats calling again for gun control just within hours after the massacre happened. this is so shameful. elizabeth warren, thoughts and prayers, they are not enough. not when moms and dads will bury kids this week and more sons and daughters grow up without parents. nancy pelosi, she's out there calling on speaker paul ryan to create a select committee to examine gun violence in america. hillary clinton, she took things further going after the nra. here's what she tweeted. "our grief isn't enough, we can and must put politics aside and stand up to the nra and work together to try and stop all of this from happening again. beyond disgusting, inappropriate and pathetic." she waited less than nine hours after the shooting and she said she doesn't want to play.
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any decency? any thoughts about the families? we don't know the details yet. this is their initial impulse. keep watching, the images on the side of your screen tonight. has anyone on the left criticized hillary or other democrats for making this point? i don't see it. imagine if the president today brought up the second amendment. how would the news media in this country have reacted? we don't know the motivation of this lunatic. we know it was premeditated, we know it's evil, i could make a hundred different arguments if it wasn't a gun it would be a car or a bomb or whatever. the only thing the democrats should be focused on tonight, the country needs to be focused on, the victims that are in the hospital. their families and the investigation, because we don't have facts. but instead, they couldn't even wait a half a day to play politics. shameful. members of the media, they are also going directly after the victims. liberal cnn suggests that the
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only person president trump -- the only reason he's going to vegas is because the victims in the audience may have been his supporters. really? that's pretty twisted and very sick. watch. >> of course las vegas is a town that he is connected to and knows well, his name is emblazoned on top of a hotel there, he campaigned there a lot. this is something i'm not surprised at all to see him go there visiting early. something else i think to keep in mind, a lot of these country music supporters were likely trump supporters. and this is something that is hitting the tapestry of all americans and they're going to be victims from across the country here. >> sean: sadly it gets even worse. a top lawyer for cbs was fired earlier today after writing on facebook -- listen to this "if they wouldn't do anything when children were murdered, i have no hope that republicans will ever do the right thing." listen to this. "not even sympathetic because country music fans are often republican gun-toters."
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wow. this has nothing to do about which party you support. those were americans that were shots. americans fighting for their lives. these tragedies happened under democratic presidents too. look at the mass shootings were eight or more died under president bill clinton, including columbine high school. here's all the mass shootings using the same metrics that happened under president obama. if you are so desperate to play politics. you also have the washington navy yard and sandy hook, the shooting of fort hood. these were all tragedies. the people who carry out these acts are despicable, deranged, and evil. the right didn't do what bill clinton did after the oklahoma city bombing and blame talk radio and fertilizer. and guess what? we didn't blame barack obama for tragedies that happen on his watch. my main criticism was him not identifying radical islamic terrorism when it was so obvious and true.
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exploiting the shooting is pathetic. it's the most pathetic thing for democrats in the media is doing right now. yet every single time something like this takes place, they rush to judgment without facts. immediately calling for stricter gun control. the lack of sympathy for the families that the media won't show and the left isn't showing speaks volumes. and it's not surprising. if you watch tv all weekend, they are doing the exact same thing when it comes to the recovery efforts in puerto rico. the island was pounded, a category five, 200 mile-per-hour winds. they had two hurricanes, all the infrastructure, the electrical grid, their water, their power, the cell service all knocked out. airports, roads almost in passable around the whole country. and instead of focusing on the trump administration, their valiant efforts to help those people in need, the media ignored all the facts and try to use a natural disaster to, what,
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hurt the president. politicize it. destroy the president. politicize it, bring up race, anything else they could. watch this. >> you also heard a lot of commentary saying that yesterday might have been president trump's katrina moment. here with hurricane maria. >> let's go back to this comparison with katrina, whether or not, this could actually be worse. katrina was about indifference and incompetence, this is about mean spiritedness. >> this makes the response to hurricane katrina -- makes katrina look good. like it was just sweet people trying to do their best and couldn't do it, this looks intentional. >> with katrina the idea was sort of indifference or incompetence where here it seems to be malice. >> the white house denies it but there are a lot of critics who say that race or ethnicity might be playing a factor here. >> at best the president's tweets are insensitive today. i think at worst they are a racist dog whistle. he's clearly watching the mayor of san juan on cnn and other
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channels calling for more help, begging for more help in reacting this way. i think it's personally beyond the pale and unpresidential. >> sean: cnn's comments beyond the pale. politicians literally doing nothing to help accept politicizing tragedy. what you just heard couldn't be further from the truth. again, look at images we are showing you and we got to warn you, these images are disturbing. the federal government is on the ground, has been on the ground helping, supplies were there on the ground they were prepositioned before the storm hit. they are not telling you that story. the trump administration is working nonstop to help these people. they are all in need and need all of our help. after unrelenting attacks from the media, the white house press secretary sarah sanders, she tried to set the record straight, not that they want the truth. earlier today about the recovery efforts, in other words, the truth about what is happening, take a look at this. >> the federal government is
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doing everything within our power and capabilities to first focus on the life-sustaining and life-saving measures as well as on the rebuilding process. we got over 12,000 federal staff on the ground, 64 hospitals out of 67 are partially or fully operational. 14 are now back on the electrical grid. 45% of customers in puerto rico have access to drinking water. 8 commercial airports are operational, 65% of gas stations are open, all of these things are things that we are continuing to push, continuing to move forward and will be part of that effort. >> sean: does that sound like katrina? does that sound like racism? the same thing that happened with hurricane harvey and irma is happening in puerto rico. the trump administration also wednesday of last week, they sent a three star general to the island. thousands of troops on the ground, they are now directing the entire hurricane response. those are the facts, but the media, they won't tell you the truth, they don't care about the truth. it doesn't fit their political
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narrative. democrats don't seem to care either. take a look at the conspiracy theory senator bernie sanders, what he tried to say about president trump and puerto rico. again, beyond disgusting. >> the president's history on race, given the fact that he, a few months ago, told us that there were good people on both sides when neo-nazis were marching in charlottesville, i think we have a right to be suspect that he is treating the people of puerto rico in a different way than he has treated the people of texas or florida. >> sean: the rush to politicize a tragedy, allowing people like the mayor of san juan to attack the president without being challenged at all, which, by the way, look at this video. the mayor of san juan appears to be more interested in doing television interviews and she is in helping people on the ground. there's also this headline from the "washington examiner," neighboring mayor praises the president says that san juan mayor, who supported hillary, is playing politics and didn't even show up for the fema meetings. not only is the san juan merit
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not telling the truth about the president, she is skipping all of these important meetings and for the record, the governor of puerto rico is also saying the trump administration has been doing a phenomenal job in their response. why do the liberal mainstream media like you always? why don't they want to tell the truth to the american people, why did they lie? why are they advancing an agenda? it should make you wonder, are they really interested in helping people or would they rather just play politics with so many people are suffering and need our support, our help, our prayers? joining us now, america first action spokesman senior advisor, former milwaukee county sheriff david clarke and the make america great again coalition strategist, former deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka. gentlemen, let me start with you, dr. gorka, what is your response to this impulse to politicize? >> that was a mouthful for a
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monologue, sean. i would like to make one correction. he said that individuals are playing politics. it's worse than that. people like bernie sanders, people like hillary clinton are actually trying to profit politically from atrocity, from tragedy. the bodies are still warm and people are exploiting this for their own partisan gain. it is worse than disgusting, it is the swamp at its very, very worst and it's fundamentally un-american. we need to come together. this is when people in nevada are being asked to donate their blood now. it's not about politics, it's about helping our fellow americans. some politicians don't get that, it's reprehensible. >> sean: the blood is red. dr. gorka. the blood is red. i don't care about your politics. look at these pictures, sheriff clarke. you've got a field, everybody scattered and the only people
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left have blood all over their bodies. look at people racing, running pretty use the images of people literally getting people out that are injured. you can see an image of a woman pushing a man in a wheelchair. you see a group of young people -- there's the wheelchair picture, a young men trying to protect their girlfriends or parents trying to protect their young children. you see all of this in the midst of the worst -- i remember this on 9/11, in the midst of the worst moment. you've got the police, that's right. the ones that are so criticized so often by the left in this country. running upstairs while everyone was running downstairs. listen to this police scanner video, sheriff.
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how they went up to the 32nd floor, knowing there is a guy up there firing a machine gun, not knowing if they would be the next victim, listen to this. >> i need everybody in the hallway to be aware of it and get back. we need to see if we get any type of response for this guy. to see if he's in here or if he has moved somewhere else. >> on the 32nd floor, everyone needs to move back. all units move back. >> breach, breach. >> sean: sheriff, i hear that -- every one of those guys could have died! we don't even give cops in this country the right that they are innocent until proven guilty. we rush to judgment in ferguson, in florida, trayvon martin, we rushed to judgment in ferguson and the cambridge police act stupidly. sheriff, your response, those kind of heroes. the people that were helping other people are heroes in the midst of the worst mass shooting in american history and it is all politicized.
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>> without a doubt. those are gut wrenching photos and audio is just very chilling, unbelievable carnage that happened in las vegas last night. when you talk about the left and their automatic default is to go to gun control. instead of pulling out a kleenex and maybe wiping a tear from their eyes over the grieving people in this moment, they pull up their political scorecard and they try to score, as you said, some cheap political points. look, that's an automatic default, like i said. the fact that they break into a happy dance over something like this because there is a chance to politicize this thing really shows their true nature. i thought the president did a very good job this morning consoling this nation. he used the right tone, he chose just the right words to help this nation through a period of time such as this. but the worst thing that we can do, and this is what the left and democrats don't understand. the worst thing you can do without having all the information and when everybody is still in the state of shock, to overreact and to come up with some idea that might make the situation worse but again when
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you are a politician, you resort to political behavior. >> sean: later in the program, two friends of mine were performing on that stage about an hour before all hell broke loose. my buddy john rich, big & rich and kaya jones was there. they do something they do in every single show and they invite the military. the crowd was singing god bless america. you've got somebody from cbs, "they are trump supporters." "you know what, i don't care if they die or not." i don't even know how to address that type of insanity or that mind-set. i don't understand that. maybe you can help? >> there are two worlds today in the united states, there is a world that we have lived through, we survived through for the last eight years, which was predicated on a narrative of division.
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we were told again and again and again that americans are racist, the president said it is in our gene code that we are racist. we were divided based upon our skin color, our ethnic background, our sexual preference. as another america, the america you saw in the recent floods. the america you saw yesterday. the america that you see when nfl players stand up and put their hand on their heart as the american anthem is being sung in the stars & stripes is fluttering in the breeze. we come together, that is the american way. >> sean: we came together after 9/11! these people need our help, love, prayers, support. i'm going to show you this video about an hour prior to this horrible shooting, you will hear from eyewitnesses running for their life last night. we will talk about that more, stay with us.
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>> it sounded like fireworks. and it sounds exactly how it was. and then you see everyone start ducking and then you hear them, once you heard the music stop you knew it was real. you see bodies dropping and people getting trampled. it was one of the craziest things. i thought people in front of me get hit with bullets. the first thing to do with hop on my friends and make sure everybody wastu okay. wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey, welcome back. this guy... right? yes. ellen. that's my robe. you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> we thought it was fireworks and then it just didn't stop and i said that's not fireworks and people started running and we asked what was going on and they said it was a shooter and then we realized it sounded likeke machine guns. >> at the start we all thought that it was probably like an electronic thing malfunction, feedback or whatnot and everybody -- i'm like it's okay, everybody is all right and then all of a sudden people started dropping. >> everyone who i thought has passed on, they have an article of my clothing covering their eyes, covering part of the body. everyone who i saw breathing i helped. >> the shots just kept coming and we were going downd and whn we got down there was a man that was shot right there, they were trying to take him out, he was all bloodied and unconscious.
9:26 pm
>> sean: 59 dead, 527 injured. those some of the eyewitnesses at last nights massacre in las vegas. joining is now jennifer birn and taylor benge, they both witnessed the shooting. jennifer, let's start with you. tell us where you work, tell usl what happened, tell us what you saw. tell us where you were. >> we were actually on a a platform to the left of the stage. the night before we were right up front by the railing for all those bullets were ricocheting. this night we just didn't feel b like being claustrophobic so we made a last-minute decision to go up on the platform that was about 15 feet high. we really didn't know what was going on until near at the end, we thought it was fireworks, but it was a helicopter. if the first time it went, the second time we thought it was sound problem, and the lights went off. we saw people running the third time and people told us to get down.ho l we got down and the bullets were going over our head and someone said just run and we jumped off the side of the platform. >> sean: got to be terrifying, the moment you realize what's
9:27 pm
actually happening here. taylor, tell us your story. >> i was on the right side of the stage, probably just opposite of her and at first a lot of people say it sounded like fireworks but that soon erupted into a lot more than that and i started to realize something went wrong as soon as the artist ran backstage and the lights turned on. there was a gentleman aboutt 5 feet away for me to my left side with a bullet wound right under his i could see inle his face he wasn't there anymore. that was one of many faces and unfortunately a lot of people didn't make it out and a lot of people didn't know what to do at the time. >> sean: you mean he literally had gotten hit in the chin in the face? >> he got hit right under here and there was another gentleman -- i didn't see him but my sister did, who was hit
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in the temple unfortunately. these people weren't feet away from us and i can imagine what woulder have happened had i brought my brother because he was supposed to go with us or had either me or my sister be 2 feet to the left or right. >> sean: when we show these images and the still pictures, the field clears and then you saw people racing out in the middle to help all of those people that were injured, maybe fatally, they didn't know when they were helping them, did you also see that part going on? >> i saw a lot of people helping. in fact, when i ran into the back parking lot and made it to the dirt part of it a gentlemani in a pickup truck allowed me ano my sister to get in the back off his truck with someone who was shot in the chest and we got in that car and my sister and i, we jumped out. he just kept going but we got to
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our car and went about southbound to the mccarran airport area because as far as we knew there was multiple shooters for how many rounds were going >> sean: you just hear it,t, it's chilling, beyond chilling. jennifer, when he finally recognized what was actually happening here and you looked out and saw what was happening and people scattering, what did you see?pp >> we just ran. i was with two other girls, we lost each other immediately, we all went in three different directions. one friend ends up hiding in a dumpster by the tarmacdi and another one got an suv with also three victims. i just ran to the left but the farther away through back roads away from the strip and the farther i ran the bullets got -- the gunfire got louder and it felt like it was getting closer like they were right behind you which led us to think there were multiple shooters. it sounded like there was just -- they were super close behind us. the farther we ran the closer they got.. might be the ricocheting of
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bullets. >> sean: jennifer, taylor, thanks for sharing your story with our audience, sorry you both have to go through that and our thoughts and prayers obviously with the families as i'm sure many parents now with their kids in hospitals and they don't know if the outcome of this yet. here now with more, about an hour before this happened -- country music superstars come, longtime friends ofnd mine. john rich was on with big and rich. also, recording artist kayaa jones. big & rich always honors the military in your shows. a little over an hour before all of this went down you took to the stage.t you own or the military. you invite people on. take it from there, what do you ask the audience to do -- i got the video and i'm going to show it in the second? >> every show that we do, this has been now for over 1,000 concerts in a row, big kenny and i like to invite an active dutyy veterans and sometimes first responders as well. we will bring them up on stage
9:31 pm
and we will read their names, we will read where they served,r when they serve, with their job is in that town in the communito and then we hand the microphone over to them and let them speak to the audience and then we always lead the entire crowd in "god bless america." last night we continue that tradition and did it againn and you look out there and there's 22,000 people who had come in from southern california, from arizona, from nevada, there were people there from canada, people there from tennessee, there were people from all over the united states and north america singing "god bless america" at the top of their lungs with their phones, held high with the lights on celebrating freedom and the ability to live as americans and sing together in unity. it's alwayss a huge thing to see that kind of unity when everybody can sing the words together. of course not everybody in the audience agrees with each other but we all agree that we are americans and we sing together. so that happened. not long after that, you know
9:32 pm
the exact 180 is that carnage began to take place. >> sean: kaya, just so happens that you were on the stage with john, big kenny and john rich at the time, big & rich. let me show some of this to the audience so they can actually see this in here for themselves. [indistinct] t >> all those who serve. it's a beautiful thing. we would like to take it a step further because right here we have a police, our firefighters. [cheers and applause] >> god bless you! >> sean: pretty amazing moment and all these concerts. we've been friends forever, kaya, you've got to participate in that last night. tell us what that was like for you. >> it was
9:33 pm
it was every color, creed, religion. everyone was coming together, it was unity. the guys are bringing everyone together and we had veterans on stage and it paying homage to them and what they do for our nation. to think that moments laterr people were gunned down. it could have been big kenny, it could have been john rich, it could have been myself for those veterans that were attacked. >> sean: i don't want to drag you into the politics of all of this, when people sing god bless america, we love our country. nobody that goes to your concerts, i'm showing the video now of all the nearly 30,000 people holding up their cell phones in unison there. those are americans. i've been on the road when lee greenwood sings god bless the usa. look at that, every single person has a light on. it's not democrat, republican, liberal or conservative.
9:34 pm
a lawyer for cbs, i have no sympathy for vegas victims, they are probably republicans. let me just play this a little bit, but the audience take this in. ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the prairies ♪ ♪ to the ocean -- sing it now ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ come on vegas, sing! god bless america ♪ ♪ my home sweet home >> sean: that's an hour before this happened.
9:35 pm
an hour before this happened. >> it makes you want to bawl!aw >> sean: i got goose bumps. >> i was standing there singing it. i was watching that happen. when people try to politicize this kind of stuff to me it's just so disgusting to heartr th. that's america standing in that crowd, that's not one party or another party. when you play music, we don't play music for this group or that group, we play music for anybody that wants to come listen to it. i think it's just a really, really terrible, for anybody to say something like that. you see in that audience righto there, like i said, people from all over the united states all joining in together and singing. by the way, there's one young man i want to say his name on your program, a young kid from big sandy, tennessee, his name is sonny and he was in his mid-20s, he came to the big & rich song, first time he
9:36 pm
been to a big concert like this and he was one of the very first casualties. we shook his hand and met him in the meet and greet and this -- it's something so terrible you almost can't digest what this really is. but at least people should bege able to hold their tongues for a while and not disrespect all p these people that have lost their lives and that are now fighting for their lives in the hospitals. we got no time for that. >> sean: we really don't.s. we don't even know the outcome for a lot of these families. we will give you the last word, kaya. i've still been getting goose bumps all over looking at that video. the story that john just told, heartbreaking. >> less guns don't equal less terrorists. it's not the time or the place. honor the dead, respect the dead. pay homagee to them today. it's about them today, it's not about the shooter, it's notot about a gun. it's not about politics, it's about them. >> sean: i have a tweet from a teacher. pray that only trump-tards die.
9:37 pm
seriously? >> we deserve to get shot because we voted for trump? is that what they are saying? it's insanity. >> sean: you are both good friends. that wasn't an amazing moment an hour before. we have a lot more news, our reporters on the ground in vegas and we are awaiting a police conference on this very issue straight ahead. >> city of light in this hour of darkness still shines.t we are a community, we stand with one another. we love one another and we will continue to support one another. on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions?
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[ sighs ] why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward.
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as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these. and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. >> sean: a fox news alert and we are awaiting a police news conference on the very latest out of the vegas massacre, now 59 people are dead, 527 injureds and this is now the worst mass
9:42 pm
shooting in american history. authorities now still searching for a motive. for the very latest on the investigation,ch catherine herridge. it seems there's got to be a reason why this man would act this way. we don't seem to know it yet. >> that's right, good evening.ct a u.s. government official tells fox news tonight the fbi is doing a full review of stephen paddock's travel history as welt as a forensic scrub of his electronics to work out we was connecting with prior to the attack,is the level of premeditation and whether thereo were any online influences. this afternoon the white house spokeswoman was asked whether it would add to the amount of a domestic terrorism.d >> again, we are still in effect -- this is an ongoing investigation. it would be premature to weigh in on something like that before we have any more facts and we will leave that to local law enforcement to work with, also the federal law enforcement to
9:43 pm
make those determinations. >> there was a significant shift in the way law enforcement describe the shooter's girlfriend, marilou danley, who is out of the country in japan. the sheriff telling reporters tonight that she is the subject of ongoing investigations and she is expected to be back in the united states where she will be questioned. the fbi is also bringing its full investigative and forensic resources to bear on this case, opening a 1-800-tip line that can really help investigators recreate the scene. the fbi has ability to process massive amounts of data and to go rapidly. most of this work is done here in quantico virginia and is part of what they call the otd, the operational technology division. >> sean: unbelievable, thank you. we will monitor every hour of the day here on the fox news channel. now on the ground from the university medical center in vegas, i'm sure people are fighting for their lives. fox news chief correspondentnt jonathan hunt. jonathan, what is going on? many people injured there. >> good evening, 104 people in all were brought here to the
9:44 pm
university medical center, whice is the only level one trauma centerer in las vegas. and in the last hour we are being told that 12 of those remain in critical condition, although officials also tell us they are very hopeful that those 12 will all survive. tonight in the operating rooms behind us and in operating rooms at other hospitals across las vegas, surgeons are again fighting to keep those survivors alive. we spoke to one surgeon earlier who told us he has had many years here in vegas, he has seee many gunshot wounds, he has never seen anything like the injuries that came in last night. that is because of the kind of caliber of weaponry that the 64-year-old was using as he reigned down that carnage at the mandalay bay hotel. we've also heard tales of ordinary civilians stopping in their pickup trucks and other vehicles to help ferry the
9:45 pm
wounded to these hospitals, because the ambulance services were clearly so overwhelmed with well over 500 wounded.ofwa an urgent call went out earlieru today for blood donations, and the people of las vegased responded in an extraordinary fashion lining up for between six and eight hours at every single blood donation unit that was set up around the city. these clearly, sean, have been the worst of times for the people of las vegas, but once again in the worst of times, we are seeing the best of the spirit of the american people. >> sean: thoughts and prayers with these families. i know they are probably clinging to hope and prayer at this hour and god bless the surgeons and all these hospital personnel for what they've done. jonathan, thank you so much. also on the ground outside of vegas city hall is fox news correspondent claudia cowan,n, what's going on there, claudia? >> sean, on this chamber of commerce day in las vegas, a
9:46 pm
crowd gathered to remember the darkest night the city had ever seen to mourn those who lost their life last night and pray for the recovery of those wounded in last night's massacre. speakers expressed their grief and anger but they all also talked about how las vegas is a city of unity and that what happens in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas. they said situations like this , what happens in vegas touches the state and the rest of the land. speakers also talked of hope and heroism, people turning their cars into ambulances and getting victims to the hospital. stranger helping stranger scramble over a fence to get out of harm's way. of hotels offering rooms now to families of victims streaming into the city. and of people waiting many, many hours to donate blood. a relief fund announced this morning has already raised over a million dollars, some of that money will help pay for funerals. in the meantime the police are still trying to determine why 64-year-old stephen paddock opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 concertgoers.
9:47 pm
they are looking into his background and talking to people who knew him and they continue to process no fewer than four crime scenes. sean, just a short time ago the mayor of las vegas spoke bluntly when she said that while the city is heartbroken, it will not be tarnished by the actions of this one sick individual. >> sean: thank you both, thank you claudia and all of you for being with us. we are going to show you big & rich and that entire crowd one hour before that massacre. laura ingraham weighs in next.
9:48 pm
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♪ from the mountain to the prairie ♪ ♪ to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ sing it now! ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ come on vegas, sing! god bless america my home sweet home ♪
9:52 pm
>> sean: that powerful video, powerful moment, a little over one hour, the whole crowd,weul big & rich were playing on stage in vegas, every single person, nearly 30,000 people there, holding up their cell phones and singing "god bless america." yet some people think i hope they are all trump people that died. unbelievable, the politicizing of this event. also awaiting a police news conference for the very latest news and as soon as they come to the podium we will bring it to life. joining us now, the upcoming host of "the ingraham angle", laura ingraham. i look at that video, just hit me so hard. >> we just watched it in the other room and they have it on fox all day and you think the 59 fewer lights tonight. it just... >> sean: 529, there has to be a lot of them fighting for their lives.
9:53 pm
>> it's like a gift that video was taken. throughout the heartache and the tragedy, that befell our country last night, that is the country that your parents grew up in, my parents grew up in,ht that is te goodness of america that we really forget a lot in these times of political tumult, we all can get a little hot, i can, you can. we are passionate about what we believe in. but i can tell you, i'm getting really teared up, but we see those people -- the love of each other. >> sean: don't cry, you will make me cry. i made a rule that i will not cry on tv. >> it's a love of country and each other in a crowd. there's something about countryo music, don't email in and say -- i'm a fan of all music. there's something about these country music festivals where the patriotic mood, if you feel it, it makes you tingle.
9:54 pm
it's a good thing. >> sean: you were kind enough to join me when i didpa the freedom concerts. god bless the usa. >> there were a lot of great moments. >> sean: that's what i saw. there's not one person. look at that picture. not republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals at that moment, they were all singing god bless their countryi they just honor the military. >> and it is contrast, is it not, to what we'd seen over the last few weeks with other people. they have beefs with the country, they don't like trump or they don't like us and so they don't stand for the national anthem and that's their right, they can stand or not stand but this is a beautiful, this is a beautiful memory of -- and a tribute of the people whos attended this concert that was concluding with jason aldean,
9:55 pm
the biggest crowd when he got up and sang, about 22,000 people healtogether that came. that film that we have that is a real gift, i'm glad we see that from all the heartache.e >> sean: one of the things that really stuck with me as i look at that and then i looked at the politicizing of thisan ad then i look at cbs lawyer, no sympathy for vegas victims. >> that was lovely. >> sean: they are probably republicans. or white trump supporters are being killed, that was a tweet,, a teacher actually sending out whatever she sent out about they're probably trump-tards. >> that's not the best of america, to put it mildly. those sentiments are not the dominant sentiments in our country. >> sean: there were a lot of people that raced immediately to let's talk about guns. >> that's reflexive, hillary clinton did this in 2015 after the oregon college shooting where she erroneously came out and started talking
9:56 pm
about liability for gun manufacturers, mischaracterizing the law at the time. this is the reflex, and that's more division of america, that's not america coming together. if they want to push gun laws in the 2020 election or 2018, that is their right, they should go through the political process and try to abridge our second amendment rights but i think there are certain rights that are god-given that are a right to defend ourselves, our right that is inalienable for us to protect our families and our friends. >> sean: god forbid -- i've always been a believer you've got to prepare to defend yourself. i had gun permits in new york and rhode island in california and alabama and georgia in my life. i was trained in the use of a firearmla by my parents that had connections to law enforcement. and the only thing i say is i played for sheriff clarke
9:57 pm
earlier tonight the police dispatch. the 32nd floor where this guy is. this guy has a machine gun. how are they going to take them on without a weapon? or if it's happening within a crowd, if they were in w san bernardino, do you want sean hannity, who iscr trained n the safety and use of a firearm in that room? when they drop the clip and they start to reload you have a shot, you have a chance. >> wouldn't have done much good on that floor in the mandalay a they, unless you had a high-powered rifle to take him c out. your point is well taken. >> sean: the cops had to go up there, didn't they? >> they did. the most important thing to remember is the law-abiding people of this country, over 80 million people on guns in the united states. these are among the best people out there and there are warped, sick and evil individuals. i think the word evil, frankly, it's kind of cast around casually in our society but not directed often times for the right people or the right moments.s. i think his statement, frankly
9:58 pm
one of the best statements i've ever heard him give today. he grounded it in a moral center that our country has to share. we have different religious backgrounds, that's fine. but a moral center of what is good and what is evil, what happened last night at that concert when there was so much love, thousands of people gathered, pure, unadulterated evil, that exists in the world in sudan, it exists in pakistan, afghanistan, all around theha world. >> sean: it's so funny. >> we pray, we pray for these victims. >> sean: in 2004 i wrote a book, "deliver us from evil." it was about despotism, the political side of it and people got angry. human history when you consider naziism, fascism, imperial japan, killing of children in cambodia. genocide is going on today. radical islam today. >> people are being skinned alive. >> sean: this was evil. >> you have the mass crisis with
9:59 pm
refugees fleeing their homeland because they are in fear of their own lives. we have evil that is incontrovertible -- you can defeat it, but it's going to take a national belief in something beyond just a moment. >> sean: is it evil in people's hearts, and if they desire to kill -- >> they will.l >> sean: they will find a way. >> trucks, vans, suvs, they will do it with knives. they won't be able to take out 50 people with a knife but they will be able to make a pressure cooker bomb. t what weapon you decide to use it as your own choice if you are an evil person. he went with an intent to kill as many people as possible and unfortunately he could have killed a lot more with the weaponry that he had. >> sean: it is sad that in these times, people will politicized. the rush to politicize. >> at st. patrick's tonight, it was closing and i stopped overer on the way to the studio. there were a lot of people there at closing, stopped at the shrine, gave a prayer for this country and a lot of people
10:00 pm
where they're praying for the country.ot >> sean: amen, we are praying for those families. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. we will always be fair and balanced, we are not the "destroy trump" media. we will be in vegas tomorrow. stay tuned, continuing covera . >> good evening, everyone. i'm brian kilmeade. we expect an update on the las vegas shooting. we'll tell you how it unfolded. we have new details coming out about the lone gunman that fired down on to a crowd over 22,000 at that musical vest festival. so let's get out to las vegas for more. >> what happened on the las vegas strip 24 hours ago. we'd like to update you on some key


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