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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 2, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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radio. a lot of great guests lined up and i don't want you to miss a minute. thanks for tuning in. we'll follow this as much as we can. so many questions need to be answered. we'll try to get them all to you. thanks for watching, everybody. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. a horrific attack in las vegas has become the single deadliest mass shooting in this country's history. more than 500 are injured after a gunman, a retired accountant perched in the mandalay bay window and opened fire on the country music concert. [indistinct]
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>> tucker: our own trace gallagher is a las vegas semite on top of the developments as they come in. trace. >> we now know there are four crime scenes, the mandalay bay directly behind
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comforting people older than them, freaking out, screaming. i meant to try and make a video for my parents and this guy started screaming and pounding on the wall and i just stopped what i was doing and had him sit down in front of me and take care of his wife or girlfriend or whatever. and then i went to the door to see if we could get out and as soon as i opened it a little
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bit, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. i shut the door and looked at a friend of mine, who was in there, just a little bit a ways away for me and i said everything is going to be okay and he looked at me and said no it's not. we are just like, this is not where it's going to, not here. we waited until there was silence. we were all cold and we went to open up the door, we popped it open, he and i. one guy jumps over the fence because somebody had put a ramp and then the next guy jumped up and i asked him to stay, can you help the ladies, can you help people jump? it's a tall fence. i can get them over so he started getting them over the fence and they were just climbing, just attacking the fence. and then it came down to the two -- they didn't leave me. i didn't know -- i barely knew them and they stayed with me. and i was trying to help them, i couldn't, so i grabbed them and i remember starting to -- we are
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going to find somewhere else to go and there's a police officer running at me, sweaty face screaming and he said this way, this way and as soon as we got past, that guy took off to wear all the bad was. he took off that direction as he is sending us off to safety and i don't know if there was anyone behind me but i just grabbed the girl's hands and we were running and there's a body and another body and another body and then there's another body in the body, the guy got shot in the stomach and his friends, they were over him like trying to keep him alive and there's no way he was still alive. then that's when the girls with me started to panic and wanted to call their parents and just run, run, run, we are crossing the street and in the middle of the street like this there's a car with people hiding behind it and the guy in the passenger
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seat is shot. i couldn't stop, i'm trying to help people and now have other people following me and i just said run to the dark, which is this right here, right behind us. that alley right there. we were running to this area because it was dark but you could still see mandalay bay, we are not out of harm's way and we are still just running. we don't know, by the way, when we are in that icebox, we had no idea if there were people running around shooting, we are hiding and trying to be quiet. >> tucker: of course. it sounds like the weirdest dream sequence ever, a horrifying one. >> here's the thing, and i said this -- i just called one of the girls, nicole and i said thank you for being -- she didn't ask her age, she didn't freak out. they didn't freak out until they saw that. but it was so methodical, i just lets go calmly. >> tucker: what a horrifying
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horrifying -- thank you for telling us your story. >> yes. >> tucker: take a second for me to digest it, i can imagine how you feel right now. >> you're welcome, i'm sorry for everybody who had to go through it. >> tucker: also there on the tenth floor of the mandalay bay and was trapped there for the duration of the attack. she joins us now. are you there? >> i'm here, can you hear me? >> tucker: yes, you were in the hotel when this happened, how far from where the gunman was? >> i'm a tv presenter and i was therefore a party with kevin harrington, we were actually on the 46th floor in the foundation room and we just decided -- all our guys went downstairs to play poker and we saw this beautiful skyline so we headed out to the skylight and you see the mandalay bay on your right on the left side and you see the entire concert down below and we were just taking photos, all kind of lined up there having a
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great time and all of a sudden these fireworks went off, all the fireworks, we were just kind of laughing and having a wonderful time in the growth taking the photo says oh, my god, i think it's gunfire and we are all having this moment, that can't possibly be gunfire, to rapid, too fast and i just sent photos to your crew, we have video of this. he looked down on the concert, 46 floors up. what we don't know at that moment is where the lowest were left at about 7:00 is the gunma gunman. it's impossible to imagine because it's all glass, there's no balconies, there's no way anybody could be doing that. and she said i think there's bodies all over the ground, people are lying down and we're literally telling her there's gunfire, people are just kind of hitting the ground, it will be fine. it got weirder and weirder, they ushered us into the foundation room and all of a sudden the s.w.a.t. guys come in with big machine guns and start yelling at us, get down, get down and we are thinking of the bad guys, right now we are all thinking that we are under attack. i bolted out back -- i was the only one who ran out to the patio like your friend just that, i'm hiding behind a potted plant thinking oh, my god,
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there's somebody who's going to shoot me any minute. worst moment of my life. fortunately we were nowhere in harm's way, i guess if you turn the gun upwards, but from a vantage point it's hard to believe, we all then got ushered back into the foundation room -- i'm really tired. we were locked down and we were learning news the way you were but for those of us in the room where thinking there's a bomb, we are hearing there's a bomb in the bellagio and the flamingo, 30 gunman, we are hearing all these crazy rumors and nobody freaked out and everybody was very calm but it has been a very, very long night and -- i'm having a hard time. >> tucker: i can't even imagine. the truth is we know not all that much more now than we did 12 or 18 hours ago. we still don't know very much about this man or why he did it but i can imagine your panic when armed men come into your room and start yelling, i can't even imagine. thank you for joining us, i'm glad you're okay. >> i'm fine and i'm happy to
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help out in anyway, i have to tell you, the weirdest moment in my life was walking out this moment, they finally let us go after about ten hours, seeing the las vegas trip with no cars, there's nobody gambling or playing in the mood here is pretty amazingly tragic. >> tucker: something really awful about that. thank you very much. the mayhem at the mandalay bay ended only when stephen paddock killed himself just before the police breached the door to his hotel room, we have sound of that happening, here it is. >> i need everybody in the hallway to be aware of it and get back. >> tucker: there it is.
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one of the things that jumped out at everyone who listened to the audio of this attack last night was that it sounded like automatic weapons fire, which is unusual in this country. what exactly was this man wielding when he killed so many? forensic -- chris is a former marine and active shooter expert and they both join us tonight. chris, first to you, there is usually a lot of focus on the firearms, which may or may not be that relevant, but in this case it may be is relevant because it did sound like automatic weapons fire. it was eight, and if so what does that mean exactly? >> you can tell by the rate of fire, good evening, tucker. i'm sorry to be with you for this reason. the rate of fire is what we call cyclic rate, it's firing as fast as the front gun is capable of firing. to get it to do that it's either functionally automatic weapon from a manufacturer which means while you hold on the trigger it will continue to fire until it runs out of ammunition, or as
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you feed it, or it's a semiautomatic and as fast as you can pull the trigger, or rounds will grow out. if this seems to be a fully automatic sound from the background whether it's .223 or .208 rounds. however, you can make these kits and you can get them and convert them on your own. it's not too far off per se, but the deterrent to do it is horrible. the atf has got a very strong hold on this. >> tucker: you can't do that. right. >> they are legal if you purchase them with a stamp. >> tucker: i know that, but what i don't understand is how hard is it? my understanding is you had to be a relatively talented gunsmith to do that, but you don't? >> no, sir. i'm not going to tell you how on tv but you can basically change a couple pieces within the mechanism near the trigger and turn it semiautomatic weapon
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into a fully automatic. >> tucker: you get in a lot of trouble for that, this guy of course didn't care. doctor, what are pathologists learning as they examined the victims of this tragedy, what will they be looking for? >> one of the things that pathologists will do is remove as many bullets as they can for the police and the police will go around to the coroner's office and to each of the hospitals to get every bullet that is removed from every patient and they will then be able to find
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does it seem a little premature to you to get into a complex debate of light gun control within hours of his? >> absolutely. i think we need to wait, let the first responders, but the law enforcement find out exactly what happened and then we can have another debate. right now we pray for the families, we thank the first responders for doing a good job but they still have a lot of work because just listen to all those stories, it just doesn't make sense. he doesn't fit the pattern of somebody that would do something like this, especially somebody at that particular age. >> tucker: you grew up on a ranch in texas hunting? you must of been surrounded by guns because renters are filled with guns. because i learned at a very young age from my father how to hunt. i got th ree brothers are peace
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officers so we've been around guns for a very young age. even if you take guns away we know somebody can kill somebody using an airplane, a knife, a truck. exactly. i think we need to just let the law enforcement do the work and we can always have time for political debate. >> tucker: it's when people come out immediately after an event like this without knowing any of the facts, it suggests to the rest of us that they have been kind of waiting for an opportunity to push a pre-existing agenda on the country. it makes people really nervous, can you see why? >> not that there waiting for the next event but i think we have had several events in the past years and i think there are some people who believe in gun-control, i don't believe in gun-control. i think you can have responsible people do the right thing with a gun but unfortunately sometimes you get a situation like this that it's hard to explain but just taking guns away from everybody is not going to solve the issue. >> tucker: why do people keep saying that? can you think of a single place in the united states that has become safe because of gun control? >> no. >> tucker: right. i don't think anyone else can think of when either so why do people keep proposing it?
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>> there are some people just feel that guns are the problem but i think it's a little bit more complicated than that. as you know, i don't believe that. i'm a big believer in the second amendment but there are some people who feel you have to take guns away. >> tucker: a totally nonpolitical and sincere question and i don't know the answer to it. there were no mass shootings when you were a kid, there was one, the university of texas. >> that's right. >> tucker: he had a brain tumor. they want a feature of american life, what has changed, what is going on? >> i don't know. after look at every individual case and let's see what the investigators find out. there has to be something, let's see what happened in this particular case. >> tucker: i just hope that we in the press aren't adding to it, something that we think about a lot, we don't want to be part of the problem. >> the stories we are, incredible. >> tucker: they are incredible, incredibly sad. it's great to see you, i appreciate it.
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>> tucker: hillary clinton leveraging on the attacks
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las vegas, this morning she tweeted the crowd fled at the sound of gunshots, imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the enemy wants to make it easier to get. clinton then added without a trace of irony, our grief is not enough, we must put politics aside, stand up to the nra and work together to stop this from happening again. a radio show host, what was your response to hillary clinton's tweet? >> it was shocking and it was also ghoulish. she put out that tweet at about 7:15:00 a.m. eastern time. if the police in las vegas were still removing bodies as of 2:00 p.m. pacific time. we also know that not everyone had died, we still have more deaths. this is a moment without any details moving immediately into a political framework and immediately going into the pet issue. americans know as you've discussed your entire show that we have a problem. we are going to be dealing with what caused this and the issue of the firearms.
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but when you go to the element of the guns, what it does is it sucks all the air out of the room to deal with the underlying major issue, which is the human condition that drives this issue. just as one example, mayo clinic says 70% of people in america are on a prescription drug. opioids and antidepressants being the majority of them. over 50% of americans are on at least two prescription drugs, the things that we never discuss, which is the nature of what would push someone over a ledge like this in the modern age never is addressed because we all get moved in by politicians to this issue. we are going to find out what made this an automatic weapon, we will address that. immediately it divides -- it immediately removes the compassion within the nature of what we should be doing today. and i think americans, this is exactly what americans are tired of. >> tucker: flesh that out a
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little bit, i should state the out obvious, i'm hardly a doctor and have no evidence that prescription drug use has anything to do with this. i have long suspected that there probably are effects if you have a huge percentage of the country on mind altering drugs, why wouldn't their behavior change? >> at least we need to begin to ask and because we don't know. we don't ask that question in addition to, as you brought up in your program, the issue of media, the nature of the horrible, bloodied carnage that we have been watching for years since september 11th 2001. we are becoming inured in a certain way. this is the human condition, this is what we have to deal with but then there's also the hypocrisy of washington and of someone like mrs. clinton, who in that tennessee church shooting where one woman was murdered, seven injured, the massacre only stopped because of a heroic usher. she has said -- i found this hard to believe but it's true, nothing about that particular attack and if the issue really is about guns we don't see a consistency in this. in the meantime, we struggle as
11:47 pm
a society to want to find a solution as we elevate the hero's that we see in the midst of something like this and this is also again what americans are seeing about the condition of our society, how politicians are not necessarily saying and doing the right thing and how we are tired of being divided in this regard. >> tucker: i would like to get to the deeper question, i think it's a really smart point. thank you. a democrat representing northern california joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. hillary clinton's tweet was the crowd fled to the sound of gunshots, imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer. i would silencer have made the deaths -- a higher number of deaths? >> first, my heart aches in my hands pray for the victims with deep gratitude for the first responders. they ran into a building not knowing where he was shooting. i think your point is congress is considering not doing more to prevent mass shootings but actually the only legislation around on firearms is to allow silencers. >> tucker: what does that have
11:48 pm
to do with this though? she said imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, do you think she thinks a silencer would make a rifle silent, did she think that because if she thinks that maybe she should be weighing in on it. >> social media has given up thousand of perspectives, a silencer was allowed, if people could buy, maybe they wouldn't have further gunshots and more people would have died. spoon i guess that's what bothers me when policymakers weigh in on things about which they know nothing. silencer would not silence an automatic fire, it might suppress its own but it is loud as hell. you have to wear earplugs even with a suppressor unmanned. most people might not know that but if you are to weigh in on and we are all sort of obligated to take your opinion seriously, maybe you should know what you're talking about, but she doesn't and the reason i'm bringing this up is because it's emblematic of this entire debate. nobody pushing for gun control can name a single piece of gun
11:49 pm
control legislation that would have prevented this or any other shooting unless i'm mistaken i got one. >> it's still early. >> tucker: right! why only democrats jumping up and down about the national tragedy of the nra and we need more gun control, what gun control would have ended this? >> i think when you watch so many people who are helpless and running you think that our lawmakers under the capitol dome, we are not helpless. before the trigger is squeezed you are actually able to do something. whether it's universal background checks, ammunition restrictions, making sure we don't have silencers or of course making sure that a weapon of war is only in the hand of a warrior. >> tucker: you are doing exactly what you just conceded is false and unhelpful. you are so-called silencers into it when we both know that that would have had no effect at all. you are a lawmaker, hillary clinton tried to be the president of the united states, came pretty close. don't people like you want or have an obligation to know what you are talking about before you try and change our laws? >> i know what i'm talking about and i look at the fear that
11:50 pm
people have and i think that they expect us to at least have a dialogue, -- >> shouldn't be a factor-based dialogue? >> of course. >> tucker: this is a soliloquy designed to make the rest of us angry and fearful. dialogue is when i say here is what i believe and here's why. but that's not what she is engaging in, that's not what senator bennet -- we need to ban automatic weapons, they are already banned, they've been banned since the great depression. they still have no idea what they're talking about, why don't they learn something? >> i think a lot of us are tired of being quiet and there are a lot of good republican ideas around mental health in the last guest mention prescription drugs, let's talk about all of that bullets do more than be silent. >> tucker: i'm totally for that. i'm for a real conversation, something strange is going on in america. i'm 48, this was not a feature of my childhood, this is a new thing and something is causing it. but the prescription from the left is always the same come up ban certain guns, banned certain bullets, ban certain magazines,
11:51 pm
silencers. and yet they don't feel an obligation to explain how that would solve a problem because they know it wouldn't because that's not their agenda. that's what scares me. >> tonight congressman john lewis, mike thompson, speaker line, let's just have a bipartisan task force, but every thing on the table and look at the facts of the shooting and others but let's do something that shows we are not helpless, we can actually address this issue. >> tucker: why would i trust someone who points to silencers within hours of the shooting as the cause or an exacerbating factor, that's moronic? >> silencers would make more shootings like this actually easier to accomplish and congress right now -- >> tucker: how exactly does that happen? you are sticking with that talking point? it's not true. have you ever fired a weapon with a suppressor? what kind? >> ar-15. we go out and look at the weapons that were taken off the streets. >> tucker: you fired in ar-15, -- >> suppresses the sound, it makes it harder for victims to hear it so it's just another
11:52 pm
tool. >> tucker: 's eve actually fired a rifle with a suppressor on it you are telling me that you didn't have to wear earplugs when you did that? >> it suppresses some, -- >> tucker: did you have to wear earplugs? >> you should always wear earplugs. >> tucker: that's how loud, it's super loud. i just shot when the other day. you can't look at me straight in the face and say it would be undetectable, are you kidding? >> with a concert blaring like it was it would be a lot less noisy. the point here is let's just convene, let's have a conversation. >> tucker: we have to have a rational conversation. we can have people pointing to silencers or flash suppressors and saying there's a problem. >> republicans imminently will vote to allow silencers. >> tucker: it would have nothing to do with the shooting, that's insane and you know it! you fired a rifle yourself that's not the answer. can we be real? >> dialogue is the answer. >> tucker: dialogue, that's what we're doing. thanks for coming on. looking to continue to provide all the latest developments after the horrible attacks in las vegas. details
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>> tucker: most people have the decency to be horrified when innocent people die and that's their instinctive reaction. there are those who are so ideological, so adult by political fervor that a mass killing means nothing if they
11:57 pm
think the victims voted differently from the way they did. and the hours after the tragedy in las vegas cbs legal executive haley geftman-gold explained on facebook that she had no sympathy for the dead because they were likely republicans. "i'm actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are republican gun toters, she wrote. after her words ricocheted around the end that she was scanned by cbs earlier today. make no mistake, there is a growing number of people who think as she does even if they are smart enough to keep their thoughts hidden. that may be the real disaster here by the way. this country can survive mass shootings, it has before, but it will not survive having political factions that deny the basic humanity of their opponents. we are seeing that a lot. with more on the ground in las vegas we are joined by fox news' claudia cowan who is there. >> tucker, when you consider the scope of this tragedy with so
11:58 pm
many dead and wounded it's really no surprise that so many people in this community feel the need to grieve and mourn together and that's exactly what happening here at las vegas city hall right now. a group of singers is working to lift spirits. earlier the crowd heard from speakers offering words of support and sympathy and this is one of many prayer rituals happening here and across the country, including in nashville or country singers are paying condolences to the victims of last night's massacre. just out to have a good time at a country music concert. investigators say they are still processing the concert venue as well as three other crime scenes trying to understand why 64-year-old stephen paddock committed what's being called the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. his family seems baffled, the victims and their loved ones are certainly mystified and las vegas has a broken heart. but the city is resilient, tucker. tonight #vegastrong is trending.
11:59 pm
back to you. >> tucker: thanks a lot. that's it for us tonight but of course our coverage here on fox of the shooting in las vegas will continue. there's a lot we don't know. this may be the most baffling crime of its kind in memory. our team is investigating new leads, we will bring you updates throughout the night. truly the people on this case are confused, we cannot overstate that. that never happens. this is quite a story. want to say a word to those very brave first responders last night, they risk their lives and their swift race right into a dangerous situation of saved others and we are grateful for them. our praise of course go up to the victims and their families. we will see you tomorrow night, sean hannity is up next, as our live coverage of all of this continues. good night from washington, we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ fofofofofofofofofofofofofofof.
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some the questions need to be answered. we will get them all to you. thanks for watching, everybody. >> trace: it is the horrifying sound of rapid gunfire, music, laughter, within seconds, chaos and carnage unfold, and once again, our nation's witness to another senseless mass shooting. >> i thought it was fireworks, and then it just didn't stop, and i was like, that is not fireworks. people started running, and we asked what was going on, and they said it was a shooter, and we realized -- it sounded like machine guns. >> trace: good evening,


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