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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 3, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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in this climate where we seem more divided but we're not as divided as you think. i'm dana perino. thanks for joining "the daily briefing." shepard smith is next. >> shepard: he recorded the carnage. reports that the gunman videoed himself as he murdered people. it's noon in las vegas where victims relatives try to process their loss and their feelings for the killer. >> you have problems with someone, don't take it out on everybody. this is what happens. >> ahead, what we know about the victims along with the brave bystanders that risked and in some cases gave their lives to help save others. from an iraq war veterans to
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civilian paramedics that found themselves under fire, we'll meet the heros of las vegas. we're also watching the recovery effort in puerto rico where president trump is meeting with leaders and first responders. we expect to hear from the president in this hour. let's get to it. >> shepard: first from the fox news deck, there's video of the massacre shot from the sniper's roost in his 32nd floor suite at mandalay bay. that's the report now from the daily mail newspaper based in the united kingdom. the paper is reporting that along with 23 guns that stephen paddock brought into the room, he also brought multiple cameras with him. the paper indicates he set up one by a window which he broke to record the killing spree and another in the hall outside the hotel room door so he would know
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when the cops approached. authorities have not confirmed that report. we are getting a look into the hotel room itself from which the gunman carried out the deadliest shooting in modern american history. the "new york post" obtained this video from the crime scene in texas -- from the crime scene in las vegas, i should say. fox news channel and the paper share common ownership. the video shows an assault rifle resting on a bipod on the floor. you can see what appeared to be a used room service tray. you can see the breached door itself there covered with the yellow police tape. the swat team broke down the door with explosives to get to the gunman already to find out he already killed himself. investigators looking into the suspects say they're struggling to figure out why he carried out this massacre. federal law enforcement officials tell fox news, stephen paddock sent about $100,000 overseas. the money may have gone to his girlfriend and they're still
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looking into it and have not confirmed that. we have new images of the guns the shooter used during the massacre. from boston 25 news, we obtained these photos. at the end of each gun appeared to be a bump stock which modifies weapons to make them fully automatic. investigators say the shooter brought ten suitcases filled with guns into the hotel room. police officers say 23 firearms were found there. we're learning more about the people that risked their lives to save others. fire officials say off duty firefighters were shot while taking action. >> after all hell broke loose, 12 of the members were shot as they went to work helping other members in the audience. two of these members were shot while performing cpr.
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this is a true feat of heroism on their part. >> shepard: more ahead on the acts of heroism. investigator say the gunman smashed out two windows to fire guns on bipods at crowds a quarter mile away. injuring more than 500 and killing 59. during the massacre, investigators say the shooter shot at security guards through his hotel door hitting one in the leg. the guard we're told survived. stephen paddock lived in a retirement community in mesquite, nevada. he was a 64-year-old former accountant. people that knew him said he was a millionaire, had a high stakes video poker habit. investigators say pod dock had no criminal record as far as they know. he was the son of a bank robber that decades ago was on the
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fbi's most wanted list. family members say they also cannot explain what would motivate paddock to carry out the massacre. according to his brother, stephen paddock was a multimillionaire. he made much of the money from real estate and lived a comfortable life. the brother says the gunman didn't care about religion or politics. investigators say paddock was the only shooter. jason aldean was performing at the end of the three-day festival when the gun fire began. he posted a statement saying he doesn't understand why this happened. he said i'm sorry for the hurt and pain everyone is feeling right now. there's words i can say to take that pain away. jason aldean added, time to come together and stop the hate. we'll have more on all of the developments in las vegas, including video in just a moment. but first, president trump is speaking. this is happening in puerto rico. you'll remember, that he's helping hand out supplies at a church there about ten miles
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north of -- south of san juan. let's listen in. >> i see an incredible job done by fema, the coast guard, the army, the navy, the air force, the marines. the job of the first responders has been something like i have never seen before. what fema has done, what the people that got here before the hurricane have done -- and the governor is with us. your mayor is with us also, the governor. what has happened in terms of recovery in terms of saving lives, 16 lives. that's a lot. but you compare that to the thousands of people that died in other hurricanes and frankly we're not nearly as severe.
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i just have such respect for fema and all of the people that got here early. governor, you may want to say something. >> we're grateful for the president, grateful for the efforts that the federal government has embarked. this is a team effort. we have all the way from mayors to fema, the dods, general buchanan is here as well. we couldn't have done this if we didn't have those support. of course, we recognize and the president recognizes we still need to do more. we know we'll do it together, this is a commitment by the president, the first lady being here shows a commitment to being here for the long haul, helping us get the emergency help, helping us get stability and building puerto rico stronger than before. >> first of all, thank you. one of the things you may heard on the mainland that is not
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happening here. people were on the island before the hurricane, before, during and after maria. so we've been hit by a hurricane cat 5 in less than ten days, one after the other. so it's not by the navy and the coast guard. they are rescuing more than 800 people and still ongoing in rescue missions. for the first time in history, the puerto rican has worked with the governor, to deal with this issue. we never have before. we're used to having a hurricane but never like this one. this is a major one. devastation. thanks for all of the help and all the resources. all federal agencies are on the island because of you. >> thank you.
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>> the power grid was devastated before the hurricanes even hit. then the hurricanes hit. they wiped them out. we're getting a lot of generators that have been brought to the island. most of the hospitals are open. at least partially open. most of them now are open. again, the job done here is nothing short of a miracle. it's been incredible. i appreciate virtually -- this is the mayor from this very important area. mr. mayor, i appreciates your efforts. >> thank you. on behalf of my people, on behalf of the 3.5 million u.s. citizens. is a team. your people are doing the right stuff for us. we as the mayor -- this is a team. that is my experience and the helping of thousands and thousands of people. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> what did you mean earlier
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that they could do more? >> shepard: now the president will walk in the building and begin this effort of distributing supplies to people who were there. so let's listen to this. [applause]
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[applause] >> thank you. thank you.
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>> shepard: there you have it. lots of photographs with the president. some well-wishes, some cheers and applause and some supplies to be handed out there. of course, the real problem in
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puerto rico has been with distribution. so many of the drivers of the trucks that would normally take the products, that are necessary for survival around the island, those drivers have lost in many cases their homes or their ability to get wherever they need to go to drive the vehicles. so they're having a lot of problems with distribution. hurting a lot of people in small towns and outside of san juan. to hear it from the white house, they're working as hard as they can to get the distribution channels in line so that no one else loses their lives in the horror that has been puerto rico. in just a moment, we'll return to trace gallagher who is in las vegas. again, the headline from this hour, we now have reports from the daily mail the united kingdom that the gunman brought along with all the weapons to create his carnage, cameras to record it set up at the window
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where he was shooting at least one of them and in a hall so he would know when police were coming. new details on the suspect and the victims straightaway on fox news channel. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. check this sunday's paper for extra savings on products from aleve.
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>> shepard: we know from the reporting of the from the united kingdom that the
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gunman had cameras reporting his carnage. in addition, we learned more about the weapons that he had in the room. 23 in the room total. more than 40 in his possession at his homes and there. inside the room, 4 ddm-4 rifles. some had been augmented, after market, so they could become automatic weapons and many more. trace gallagher is live in vegas. what are investigators doing at the scene today. >> shep, there's a couple of crime scenes as you know. right now they're going back to the crime scene in mesquite. that's where they found 17 weapons and explosives. they pulled hard drives as well. we'll have more in a news conference. at the hotel, they were still on scene processing the weapons and the ammunition. that will take them a couple more days. they with back here early this
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morning. the mandalay bay is fully open except for the 32nd floor, which is completely shut down. this video where the concert took place, still shut down to the media and there's still investigators crawling all over this place trying not to disturb the evidence by wearing booties. you can tell the cars tell the story here. still hundreds of cars around this area. we had some people come out last night asking us if they could get their car, asking police. they're being told no. we're being told that every car has to match up to a certain person. as we all know, some of these cars will not be picked up by their owners. the fbi is on scene. they're mapping cars over here. there's a specific purpose. some of these cars tried to get out when the shooting started and ran into a dead end. the green jeep has blood-stained hand prints on the hood. if you leave the car, look around the ground and there's
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blood prints all the way out here. this doesn't give us motive but gives us an idea how the investigators are trying to map this investigation, which could go on for weeks and weeks, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher on scene. each one of the victims in las vegas has his or own story. all of them have people that care about them, who miss them, who mourn them. we'll remember the ones about which we have knowledge and tell you about their lives next. first, two years ago, the replica eiffel tower at the paris casino in las vegas went dark in memory of all that went died in a terror attack in the french capitol. last night, the original returned the respect. darkening those that were killed in las vegas and a weekend terror attack in marseille. the news continues next. al stooe when this guy got a flat tire
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>> shepard: much of the focus in las vegas has been on the shooter following the massacre. but stories after heroism continue to emerge. for instance, 30-year-old copy machine repair man jonathan smith. according to "the washington post," the father of three was separated from his family but stayed behind to direct dozens of people to safety. a bullet struck him in the neck leaving him with a cracked rib and bruised link. then there's 29-year-old marine veteran taylor winston who said he stole a truck to drive people to the hospital. he transported between 20 and 30 people and later returned the keys to the truck's owner and then there's travis phippen an
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emt. he stayed behind to revive his father that was shot. one of the gunman's bullets hit travis who is expected to survive. his father did not make it out alive. hundreds of people went to hospitals after the shooting and some doctors have said it was very tough to keep up as the patients kept coming. our chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live at university medical center in las vegas. jonathan, how many patients are still listed as critical? >> well, there's two hospitals with critical patients now. over at sunrise medical, they have 33 in critical condition. here at university medical center, 20 remain at this point in the icu. i spoke to one of the surgeons who has been working day and night here. he said many of the gunshot wounds were so horrific, a lot of the staff will likely need psychological help. listen here. >> there was a lot of anxiety
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and loss of focus. that can be easily corrected. the unconscious forms of stress are things that affect people in the second and third day. we have debriefing teams offering service to the staff. >> a reminder, shep, as well as so many physical scars, there will be many mental scars that will take a long time to heal. >> tell us how the murderer modified the weapons to shoot more bullets quickly. >> yeah, we talked to an atf service that said some of the weapons were modified as what is called a slide-fire mechanism. the information apparently and the components to do that easily available on the internet. this video is from one such site. we don't know that mr. paddock used this particular site, of course, but it's an example of what is out there. what it does, according to our
12:27 pm
source, is changed the shoulder rest and effectively make the trigger mimic fully automatic operation. our source says that it basically turns a semiautomatic rifle into a machine gun and remember, paddock was armed with more than one machine gun. that's the kind of firepower that rained down on those innocent concert goers. >> thanks, jonathan. first a look at more of the victims. men and women murdered at a warm weekend night in las vegas.
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if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. >> i'm lea gabrielle with the fox report. more of today's headlines. the u.s. booting more than half of cuba's diplomats from washington. this comes after a mysterious sonic attack against at least 22 americans in havana. the symptoms are brain damage and hearing loss. the cuban government has denied any involvement. the state department is also pulling most of its staff out of cuba and warning americans against traveling there. nearly two weeks after a massive earthquake rocked mexico, search teams are still pulling out bodies. the quick killed more than 300 and damaged thousands of homes. music fans remembering tom petty leaving candles and flowers on his hollywood star.
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>> shepard: president trump visiting puerto rico after two weeks after hurricane maria tore through the u.s. territory. the president and the first lady also meeting this hour with the governor of the u.s. virgin islands which are still recovering from hurricanes irma and maria. we'll have that for you when we get it. today president trump met with storm victims in puerto rico. officials say about 95% of that island still has no electricity. that includes some hospitals. lots of people are still desperate need of the basics. food, freshwater, fuel and money. the president's visit comes as critics say that the feds have been slow to respond. puerto rico's governor has defended the trump administration's efforts. the major of san juan said last week the administration has been killing us with inefficiency.
12:36 pm
that's a quote. she also said that puerto rico was heading towards genocide because of the crisis. president trump over the weekend pushed back saying the major and others have shown poor leadership. the president also tweeted that there's been tremendous progress. despite that, as he put it, politically motivated ingrates we're saying. that's what president trump told john roberts before leaving the white house this morning. >> i think she's come back a long way. now acknowledging what a great job we've done. people are looking at that. texas and florida, we got an a plus. i tell you what, we've done just as good in puerto rico. it's a much tougher situation. but now the roads are cleared, communications are starting to come back. we need their truck drivers. their drivers have to start driving trucks. we have to do that. on a local level, we need more help. the first responders, military,
12:37 pm
fema have done an incredible job in puerto rico. >> shepard: president trump shook hands with the san juan mayor just before a briefing on the relief efforts. you can make out a little bit of that or what she said to the president. here, look. >> shepard: during the briefing when they thanked federal and local officials for their efforts, he did not mention the mayor. the president mentioned the truckers. according to our reporters on the ground, many of those that would move the supplies have lost their homes and vehicles in the storm. some of the truckers can't be reached because there's no communication working in so many areas still. reports that a union trucker's strike added to the problems are not true.
12:38 pm
they are in fact fake news spread largely by a website called conservative tree house and then over twitter and facebook. again, there's no trucker's strike. that's fake news. the truckers in puerto rico are victims, too. the chief white house correspondent has an update. hi, john. >> good afternoon, shep. there's so many victims in puerto rico and the president got to meet a few of them. the president with high praise for the federal response and the military. the president thanking very much puerto rico's governor who aligns with democrats for leaving politics out of this thing. the discussion about storm relief. listen to what the president said just a little while ago. >> he was tremendously supportive. he knew the level of problem that you had at the beginning before and the level of what happened with respect to the tremendous storms that have hit
12:39 pm
your beautiful island. to the governor, i want to tell you that right from the beginning, this governor did not play politics. he didn't play it at all. he was saying it like it was. he was giving us the highest grades. on behalf of our country, i want to thank you. >> the president spending some time with residents in a san juan neighborhood and went to a local church, which is a distribution point for relief supplies and handing out rice and paper towels. the president has tweeted about the enormous amount of money it's going to take to rebuild puerto rico and joked this morning the disaster has stretched the federal budget a little bit thin. listen here. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you're throwing our budget a little out of whack. we spent a lot of money in puerto rico. that's fine. we saved a lot of lives. >> on capitol hill, senator
12:40 pm
chuck schumer of new york said he didn't appreciate the joke saying it looks like the president was blaming puerto rico. a lot of folks would like to blow the lines for disaster relief and the enormous debt in puerto rico. the president wants to make sure the focus is on disaster relief and any discussion about puerto rico's debt will have to wait until later, until after they have recovered from the storm. >> shepard: john, the president while in puerto rico talked about the horrible murder rampage in las vegas. >> yeah. he gets back from puerto rico late tonight, tomorrow morning and will head out to las vegas. the president saying a while ago in terms of the trip to las vegas, he looks forward to paying his personal respects and condolences to everyone. such a tragedy, so unnecessary. i look forward to going tomorrow. the first lady will be coming with me and paying our respects. the president said his anxious
12:41 pm
to get a full understanding why the gunman did this and a high praise for police that ran towards danger and tracked down where he was firing from. listen here. >> we have a tragedy. what happened in las vegas is in many ways a miracle. the police department has done such an incredible job. we'll be talking about gun laws. his a sick man, demented man. we're looking into him very seriously. but we're dealing with a very, very sick individual. >> a lot of thorny political issues lie ahead. democrats are talking about gun control. a bill in congress that appears to have been shelved for now that makes silencers illegal. i asked the president about his position. he said we'll talk about that later. >> shepard: thank you, john. in puerto rico, some businesses are starting to reopen.
12:42 pm
as we heard, many areas of the island are still devastated and in need of so much help. some famous puerto ricans are chipping in. geraldo rivera reports from san juan. >> shep, puerto rico is slowly getting back on its feet. a long road to recovery. 95% of the people are still without electrical power. even here on tourist strip. half the people don't have running water and a third of them have any kind of cell service or internet. that's part of the problem, no communications. one of the things that is underreported is how the puerto rican family, the extended family, neighbors, relatives and so forth are coming together to help people. j-lo donating a bunch of money. ricky martin came yesterday. look at this crew from queens, new york. national guardsmen and other volunteers bringing aid and
12:43 pm
assistance to their puerto rican family. >> we came. these are donations that came from new york city. we're going out today to take care of them. >> shep, many here in puerto rico are worried the president of the united states would be diverted by the awful tragedy in las vegas. the folks are delighted that he is making the visit here to puerto rico and will go on to nevada on wednesday. there have been reports of looting here in puerto rico. i just want to say that according to the officials, the crime rate is about the same as it was. those reports are exaggerated. what should be emphasized is how the puerto rican people are coming together to help each other. reporting from san juan, shep, back to you. >> shepard: thanks, geraldo. between the crisis in puerto rico and the massacre in las vegas, the president is put to a test. more on his role as consoler in chief next.
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>> more on the president's trip to puerto rico after officials there criticized the federal response to hurricane maria. at least the local mayor did and some others. puerto rico's governor has praised the trump administration's response to that deadly storm. let's bring in alex from politico. san juan is coming along well. some others are not. >> that's right. this is a really troubling situation, what you saw today is the president traveled there and tried to best spin forward on what his administration's efforts have been so far. even as he's gotten to this fight with local officials there. a lot of this seemed to be about the president trying to defend himself and his white house and how they have done so far in managing this crisis.
12:48 pm
>> shepard: it was a bit of a press availability and photo opportunity there unlike any i've seen with previous presidents at disasters. >> absolutely. you got the sense that the president was trying to put on a show here and trying to advertise himself and what he's done and defend himself and his administration. you know, here's the thing about this trip and what you'll also see with this trip that will come tomorrow with las vegas. this squeak spotlights a role that trump hadn't necessarily expected to play when he first ran for president, which is that of consoler in chief. that of a leader that is coming to the comfort -- >> shepard: i don't know why he wouldn't expect to do that. every president forever has had to do that. look how great ronald reagan was at it on the heels of the challenger disaster. each president since then has had a shining moment in times of need, i would say. >> absolutely.
12:49 pm
at one time or the other. you're seeing a president that campaigned on the idea that he was going to be a strong man like figure, a figure of strength. he's doing something that he didn't really campaign on. >> shepard: alex, have to cut it short. there's new information coming in to fox news about the investigation into the las vegas massacre, including word that the feds have talked with an immediate relative of the gunman's girlfriend. we have brand new details. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge just pulled them together. live to her next. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. i just saved thousands in less than a minute, i found out how much home i can afford. i like how you shop for loans the same way you shop for flights online. i didn't realize at lendingtree
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>> shepard: breaking news now. we have an update on the investigation of the massacre in las vegas. a u.s. government source says the feds have interviewed a relative of the shooter's
12:53 pm
girlfriend and we have just learned that in the 70s and 80s, the shooter worked as a letter carrier and an irs agent separately for a total of a decade. so what about this interview with the girlfriend's family? catherine herridge has that live in washington. katherine? >> i've been working on this information throughout the day with the justice department producer, jake gibson. we confirmed through a u.s. government source that federal investigators have interviewed a immediate relatively marilou danley. this relative said to the fbi that they found paddock unstable and he made them uncomfortable. fbi officials declined to comment on this interview one way or the other to fox news earlier today. and the fbi ran paddock through the criminal system. we're told it will take a day or two to process his record. the fbi indicated in connection to terror was made before the
12:54 pm
full analysis of his electronics was complete, shep. >> shepard: catherine, what do we know about the money that this murderer sent overseas prior to the massacre? >> investigators have discovered that paddock sent tens of thousands overseas and may have been to the girlfriend, marilou danley. they're still investigating. they think it was to the philippines but there's confusion over her location and whether she's in japan. he send a lot of money overseas before the shooting and investigators are trying to determine if it went to this girlfriend or someone associated with her, shep. >> shepard: catherine a lot of gaps in the story of this man. authorities say it's so rare to have a shooting without a motive. something they have not found. >> everyone i speak to about this case, shep, talks about it as being an anomaly. you know from your experience
12:55 pm
covering these events, that usually within 24 hours you have a good sense of the shooter and a likely motivation. they have some kind of presence on social media or they have been on blogs writing about their point of view. this guy is really a ghost when it comes to social media and no one has come forward in a very public way to talk about what his motivation may have been on the ideology. but what is clear from the scope of the investigation, the locations, the firepower, the ammunition, all of these things we've been discussing the last 24 hours is that it took significant premeddation, right? it's not something that you can throw together on short notice. >> shepard: not this clearly. >> yeah. >> shepard: nice to talk with you. thank you. >> you bet. >> shepard: we'll be back with a look at two of the most famous court verdicts in american history and both of them happened on this day. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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>> shepard: on this day in history, the court handed down two different verdicts to o.j. simpson. in 1995, he was cleared of murders nicole simpson and ron goldman. o.j. led police on a low speed chase across l.a. prosecutors said they had a mountain of evidence, a trail of block from rockingham to bundy. but johnny cochran said if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit and the jury did this day 22 years ago today. and on this date, a.j. was convicted on charges related to an armed robbery in las vegas. investigator say he stole sports memorabilia. o.j. said he was just trying to get his stuff back. the judge sentenced him to 33 years in prison. just two days ago he went free on parole after a court found
1:00 pm
o.j. simpson guilty nine years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the markets are up today and neil cavuto has all that beginning now. >> neil: thank you, shepard. we're also awaiting a news conference by law enforcement officials on the las vegas shooting. when it begins, we'll have it live. you touched on the winning market day. just an update. fifth day in the row. if the markets are supposed to be skiddish about this attack and concerns about north korea and about tax policy in washington, they have a funny way of showing it. the fact of the matter is, that is good enough for a record. a lot of the hotel and casino stocks got hit yesterday, oddly enough some but not all coming back today. now t


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