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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 4, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: thanks for watching. here's dana perino. >> dana: president trump is in las vegas, as sources tell fox news the killer's girlfriend is being questioned by fbi agents in los angeles right now. hello, everyone. this is "the daily briefing." i'm dana perino. as president trump meets with first responders and survivors at this hour, we are getting a closer look at the chaos as police responded to the scene sunday night. and there's new information on the arsenal stephen paddock had at his disposal. william la jeuness is learning what fbi may be learning from the killer's girlfriend, but we start with adam housely in las vegas. how are things right now?
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>> reporter: right now everybody, of course, is waiting to hear the information that comes out of las vegas with marilou danley. they gave her an option to go to a nearby hotel or headquarters in westwood in l.a. she chose the headquarters. that is where the interview is taking place. at the beginning of the interview, there was no plan to detain her. i know william in los angeles has a lot more. he'll expand on that as we go forward. she's been here last night. here locally, we are learning more about the gun man, about the hotel, about his time he at the hotel at mandalay bay. he was well known here. he was a gambler here. he was known to stay in bungalows, two specific ones reserved specifically for high rollers. they also knew her. she had a number of check-ins on social media here being at mandalay bay. there were also a number of employees who were at that shooting across the street. the video absolutely dramatic
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that came from officers wearing body cameras. we know a number of employees from the mandalay bay did come across the street to help those who had been injured. we've also spoken with some of the tactical teams on site telling us why it took an hour, dana, to get into that room, was because they wanted to clear the floor below, the floor above and the floor that he was on to ensure safety. when they finally blew that door open, he had been dead. they were surprised about the fire power they had in the room. he had been in there shooting for ten straight minutes, the room heats up and gets smokey and he may have panicked when a security guard came there and wanted to ensure that he took his own life and that no one else would shoot him. dana? >> dana: i have one other question of the report that he was looking at condominiums at a different venue concert the week before. do we have any more information about that? >> reporter: so, there's a working theory on that.
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i don't want to go into it. i know talking with investigators, they do believe he changed for a reason. potentially it was beuse who s attending. they don't kw that. that's just a theory. they are hoping marilou danley will help them. they want to get as much about his social media profile. she did a check in as one of the things they determined from the scan of their social media accounts thus far. but, dana, that's a very good question. they do also tell me they are absolutely positive that he had been planning this for at least two months. and while one agent said they're frustrated that marilou danley didn't notice this happening, they aren't sure she noticed it. they're just trying to figure out what did she see and what does she know? dana? >> dana: thank you very much. as adam said, the gunman's girlfriend is quickly becoming a focus in the shooting. marilou danley is answering questions at fbi headquarters in los angeles. william la jeuness is live in
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los angeles with more. what do we know? >> reporter: dana, we know that investigation is under way. they're asking danley about paddock's motives. why did she go to the fiphilip e philippines and what about that $100,000 he wired to her? law enforcement sources said, simply, the pieces of this puzzle don't fit. was he radicalized? did he have casino debt? revenge for something? marilou is key to providing that answer. she arrived in a wheelchair on a commercial flight. she was met, of course, by law enforcement. danley's family claims she did not know about the attack and that paddock had sent her to the philippines so she would not be in vegas when he carried out the attack. >> i know that she doesn't know anything as well like us. she was sent away. she was sent away so that she
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will be not there. >> reporter: so others say how could she not know something based on his behavior and the fact that he required 33 weapons in the last year alone. danley is filipino by birth but australian as a citizen. she met paddock while she worked as a casino hostess in reno and moved into his condo in 2013. before that, danley was married in 1990 and divorced in 2015. she has a daughter and two grandchildren. neighbors describe her as sweet and friendly. paddock as aloof and verbally abusive at times towards her. she's being interviewed by the fbi here at the fbi headquarters and las vegas police in l.a. today she's being treated as a person of interest. tomorrow she could be a defendant defending on what she says and what other information police uncover from the residence or leck electronics.
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>> dana: thank you. the big question is what did marilou danley know and could she face prosecution? we have ted williams, former homicide detective and fox news contributor. sir, what do your instincts tell you about marilou danley? >> dana, it tells me a considerable lot. it tells me she lived with this man for two years. that if you have 47 guns in that home, marilou danley probably couldn't go to the bathroom without knowing about these guns. i think she is the key to getting into the mind of a diabolical killer. i think that we know that on september 15th, she left and she went to the philippines. between the philippines, she was in hong kong and several other places. and now she's back. she is the key, i believe, to giving the fbi information on
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this guy. she knew if perhaps he was under psychiatric care. perhaps maybe even authorities know this by now. i'm not saying she actually knew when and if he was going to carry out these killings the way he did, but i do believe that she has a wealth of knowledgeo helping the fbi to put together this puzzle that they are trying to put together. >> dana: sometimes investigators will hold things back from the public as they try to ask questions. do you think that that is happening in this case? that they might know more than we know at this point and they're trying to talk to her to see if they can put this puzzle together? >> absolutely, dana. i think the fbi and law enforcement know a considerable amount at this stage than the public does. they always, in law enforcement, are asking for the public's help. they are also keeping a lot close to their chest. what they're trying to do right now is put together a profile.
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that profile is like a puzzle. and every now and then you'll get some pieces of the puzzle that fit and then at other times you won't. so they are scurrying the neighborhood. they're talking to people who know him. and they also should be talking to people who know marilou danley. because if she had any kind of disagreements with this guy, which i'm sure she did, she's probably talked to some of her friends. >> dana: what about the gambling and the high stakes gambling, all the things that were happening in regards to the money transfers? does that give you any clues as to what might have been happening behind the scenes? >> you know, dana, this is such an out of the ordinary set of events. you never would in your life believe that a gambler who is a millionaire is going to do what this man did at the mandalay bay hotel in goi into that room, putting eraupam using
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certain kind of weapons, automatic, semiautomatic weapons, and to then take a hammer of sorts, break windows and shoot down in a crowd and just spray innocent human beings. this is just something that does not fit law enforcement profile. law enforcement will be studying this case for many, many years to come. >> dana: is marilou danley in any jeopardy herself? >> absolutely, she certainly could be. first of all, there's one statement that law enforcement used and specifically the fbi. if they catch her in a lie, then they can charge her with a federal offense of lying to a federal agent. they are trying to find out how consistent her testimony at this stage, as to what she knows or what she does not know. >> dana: do you think, ted, with the amount of weaponry he had in the room, and all the planning that went into building the
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platforms, that he acted alone? >> you know, that's the $34,000 question. the video cameras are going to give a lot of information as to when he arrived in las vegas. las vegas, you can't go to the rest room without a camera in las vegas. they're gonna give you when he arrived there. one of the things that concerns me about whether there was somebody else involved is this ammonia nitrate as well as fertilizer that was found in his automobile. that, to me, goes back to the alfred murrah building when timothy mcveigh killed all 166 people there. the authorities, again, they are not doing things in our time, they're doing it under their time. they're professionals. they're conducting a methodical investigation, dana. >> dana: we are awaiting video of president trump. he's at the hospital in las vegas where he's going to be
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meeting with first responders. we'll bring that to you when it happens. we'll keep looking. the esident is comin ted, while i have you, if you'll stick with me for just a moment. when you look at this and you have the fbi and local authorities as william said, met marilou danley at the plane together yesterday, how does that corroboration work as you're trying to piece together all the pieces of the puzzle? is there a man structure that makes sure the investigation is intact? >> they're going to take her to a certain location. they're going to try to relax her as best they can, meaning the fbi and the authorities. and they have experts who know how to question a person to illicit and get the information that they want. one of the things that was surprising is when she arrived at lax last night from the philippines, she was in a wheelchair. that is certainly something we had not been told or knew of
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before concerning marilou danley. but again, dana, marilou danley, i believe, is the key to getting into the mind of this diabolical killer. >> dana: maybe stress has overcome her. maybe that's one of the reasons she needed a wheelchair. is it possible that she didn't know anything? i think that is impossible for me to believe. i think that's what you're telling me. her sister is obviously saying she doesn't want her sister to get in trouble so she's saying, she didn't know anything, she was sent away. would it be impossible to not tell? and is she any obligation to
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have informed authorities about -- maybe not the weapons if they were obtained legally, but the ammonia nitrate that's in the car? >> welsh again, it's according to what her intent, what her mindset was about. i'm not saying that she knew that he was gonna go over there and do this mass killing. but she may have seen snippets of pieces of what was going on with him mentally within her mind. that is certainly something that the fbi is experts at in bringing out. >> dana: all right. well, ted williams, thank you very much for being here. soon as we have that video from president trump there at the hospital in las vegas, we will bring that to you live. stay with us. remember that accident i got in with the pole, and i had to make a claim and all that?
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>> dana: we are waiting president trump's meeting with a few doctors at university medical center in las vegas where many of the victims of sunday's shooting received treatment and are still being treated there. hopefully being able to go home soon. as we learn the shooter modified
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some weapons with a so called bug stop device. that allowed him to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. joining me trey gowdy. sir, if i could begin with your previous life. you worked in law enforcement. you covered a lot of these cases. we are talking about investigators interviewing marilou danley, the girlfriend of stephen paddock. what would you want to ask if you were in the room? >> welsh it depends on whether or not i consider her to be a suspect or a witness. you got to be reallyreful because what you dot want is her invoking her fifth amendment privilege and not answering your questions. just an tune to detect a change in language, change in vocabulary, anything that we could use to detect the next shooting, if she's a witness. if she's a suspect, it would be a very different line of inquiry. but over what period of time did he amass the weapons and the ammunition?
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one thing i'm really curious, you say he sent you away to the philippines. you're the one that decided to go to the airport and board a plane. were you auspicious at all? how about the wiring of $100,000? i want to know what we could have detected this time that will enable us to better prevent it the next time. >> dana: all of us are searching for some sort of motive. we have no information. there's nothing that, at least from my perspective in reading this, nobody can really have an idea what made him do this. but from you, from a law enforcement perspective, do you have any gut instincts that would tell you maybe what happened here? >> well, this is what i would say. number one that is a perfectly natural question. every homicide victim's family that i have worked with for 16 years, that was the dominant question. why did this happen? i would just tell my fellow americans of good conscience, there is no explanation, no motive, no trigger that can explain this level of deprivety.
11:19 am
when i read articles about debt, lots of us are in debt, but we don't hurt other people. lots of us had bad childhoods, but we don't hurt other people. we ho be careful to not look for a rationalization for what is an act of unmitigated deprivety. >> dana: you are asked to consider gun control legislation. i wonder if you could talk about that. an op ed i wrote in the washington post today. it was a woman who used to work at 538 which nate silver's group at the new york times. looks specifically at statistics. she said my colleagues and i at 538 spent three months analyzing all 33,000 lives ended by guns each year in the united states. i wound up frustrated in a whole new way. we looked what interventions might have saved those people and the policies i lobbied for crumbled when i examined the evidence. there would be some people that
11:20 am
might be persuadable on gun control legislation if there was anything that could point to what could have been done to prevent this if we could do it without infringing on 2nd amendment rights, maybe we would do that. where do you see the gun control debate going after this? >> well, dana, i think it's important for your viewers to know we already have controls on when you can have them, where you can use them and what individuals can even possess a single bullet. the question to me is whether or not the current controls are adequate. there are two questions you put your finger on. what law, had it existed at the time, would have prevented this mass killing or another mass killing? what law, what for its lack of implementation could have prevented this? that's one question. the other question is, among all the current gun laws, how are we doing enforcing them? it is currently against the law for someone who's been adjudicated mentally ill to possess even a single bullet.
11:21 am
if you look at doj statistics you will see a very few number of prosecutions under that current law. so i would ask the same thing of the current department of justice that i asked for eight years under president obama. before you ask for new tools, convince me that the ones you have now are being fully used and are inadequate. i'll b open to a piece of legislation that will tell me this won't happen again. but you got to tell me how you're using the current gun statut statutes. i was under well midat the number of prosecution in the last eight years. >> dana: indeed. congressman trey gowdy, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> dana: first responders immediately jumping into action following sunday's massacre. next we talk about his experience at large venues like the one in las vegas. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free.
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>> dana: fans about to enjoy a night of country music become a target of a gun man in las vegas. my next guest wasn't there this weekend but he's played the route 91 festival before. kevin post is a musician who played steel guitar for blake shelton, a friend of mine. you didn't play this year. you played that one in the past. you play a lot of different venues. you sent me a note and said you always think about an exit plan when you're on stage. >> yes. the security at these venues is always very good. i'm always impressed with that. but i always do have an exit strategy, and several, actually. i always have several. >> dana: have you ever had a
11:26 am
problem? >> no, i never have. like i say, these venues, concert venues, festivals. we do mostly festivals with blake and arenas. security is very good. as a matter of fact, this horrible tragedy, i think, was exploiting more of a hotel security than a concert security issue. >> dana: that's interesting. >> i have never in 22 years of touring had an issue with security. >> dana: is that one of the things that you worry about, is that after an incident like this, that people might feel they shouldn't go to the country music concert and stay home instead? >> that's the goal of the terrorists. i call this a terrorist act. people were terrorized, obviously. so i call it a terrorist act. that's the goal, is to make people, you know, not have free and open society like we have in america. >> dana: so your friend, eric shuman, was going to join us. he is a firefighter in las
11:27 am
vegas. he was off duty and just a fan attending that night. he found himself having to be a first responder. in fact, so heroically, that he was chosen to meet wit president trump today. that's great for him. hopefuy we'll have him here tomorrow to help tell more of his story. but i wanted to ask you about that. you guys travel all over the country. you have fans from all different walks of life. from what i can tell, i'm a country music fan, everybody gets close to each other. >> oh, absolutely. people will continue to go to country music concerts and events. i think that's how americans win. we keep living our lives. >> dana: what is the mood like in nashville today? >> i think this whole concert industry is definitely looking at ways to keep our fans safe. people buy tickets and part of the ticket, the money from the ticket is for security. >> dana: right. >> and i think we'll be looking
11:28 am
into new ways to keep people safe. in general, you have to go through a metal detector. i met you a year ago at barclay's center. everybody had to go through a metal detector. take their wallet out, their cell phone out pip's standard procedure. or their bottle of whiskey. >> dana: i didn't have that. >> of course not, no. >> dana: well kevin post, everybody can follow him on twitter, you tube. he plays steel guitar for blake shelton. thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: we're learning more about the panic and the weapons used in sunday's massacre. some using it to push for gun legislation. plus president trump in las vegas meeting with first responders and survivors. we expect to see him there any moment. meanwhile rex tillerson flat out dismisses a new report that he's leaving. >> i'm not from this place. but the places i come from, we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense. and it is intended to do nothing
11:29 am
but divide people. i'm just not gonna be part of this effort to divide this administration.
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hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. th accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> dana: we're awaiting president trump at the university medical center in las vegas. he and the first lady are there meeting with survivors and doctors. john roberts is live in las vegas with the president. john, what do you know today? >> reporter: dana, good afternoon from las vegas. just flew in aboard air force
11:33 am
one with the president. we were hoping that he was going to come back to the press cabin and chat with us. he did not, on the way here. he had some special guests with him. senator heller was with him, congressman mccarthy. they were all there along with the first lady. so the president was engaged in conversation with them. didn't have a chance to come back and talk with us. but i do know he wanted to pay special attention, tribute, to the folks who were so gravely wounded in that horrific attack sunday night, which is why he is over there at university medical center where dozens and dozens of people were taken. he's meeting with some of the victims who are recuperating. he's also going to talk with the surgeons and the nurses and everybody else on the hospital staff who worked so diligently and so hard to keep people alive on that terrible night. we heard stories that pediatric surgeons were operating on adult, ob/gyn's were doing trauma in the or.
11:34 am
everybody pitched in. it was a whole effort. not just umc, but all hospitals in this area, to deal with the dozens of people coming out. way over 500 people. the president, as he was leaving the white house this morning, suggesting that there was new information on the shooter, more details about him that haven't been made public yet. listen to what the president said. >> it's a very sad thing. we're going to pay our respects and to see the police, who have done really a fantastic job in a very short time. and they're learning a lot more. that will be announced at the appropriate time. >> reporter: the president not tipping his hand on what else they may have learned, federal authorities and local authorities about the shooter but saying we will learn about it at the appropriate time. the president will be talking to law enforce ment, also civil i can't understand. we heard of one guy who stole a pickup truck, filled it with
11:35 am
people and ran them to the hospital. a report by nbc news that back in july, the secretary of state rex tillerson had a rather heated meeting at the pentagon, allegedly called the president a moron after the president gave that speech to the boy scouts. that a lot of people, including secretary of state thought was too tinged with politics. the secretary of state came out today at the state department to refute the entire story to, say that contrary to what the story said, dana, he never thought about quitting, and he does fully support the president's agenda. listen to what the secretary of state said. >> loves this cotry. he puts americans and america first. he's smart. he demands results wherever he goes. and he holds those around him accountable for whether they've done the job he's asked them to do. >> reporter: now, when asked at that press conference if he refutes ever calling the
11:36 am
president a moron, the secretary of state did not answer that directly, only to say that he's not going to engage in petty stuff like that. but the spokeswoman for state department, you'll remember her from fox news sometime ago, just came out to say he denies ever calling the president a moron. either way, that was enough for the president, who tweeted out just a little while ago, quote, the nbc news story has been totally refuted by secretary tillerson and vice president pence. it is hash tag fake news. they, nbc news, should issue an apology to america. i don't think that nbc's about to do that though, dana. i think they're sticking by their story. >> dana: i think they put their hands firmly like this. not going to do an apology. fascinating to have rex tillerson do that. that's not a usual thing you see from him or the state department. really interesting story. thank you very much, john. >> reporter: you bet. thank you. >> dana: the shootings in las vegas made the debate over gun control. democrats and republicans are at odds, not only over the subject,
11:37 am
but the timing. >> i think it's particularly inappropriate to politicize an event like this. it just happened in the last day and a half. it's entirely premature to be discussing about legislative solutions, if any. >> i am requesting of the president to call us together, democrats and republicans, to come up with a reasonable solution. before he was a candidate and marched in lock step to the nra, donald trump expressed very reasonable position on gun control. >> dana: joining me is a former secret service agent, former nypd officer, author as well. and avery gardner. thank you so much for being here. dan, let me start with you. this isnderstandable that people would look after a situation like this and say what can be done to prevent it. but has there anything been
11:38 am
presented to you about possible proposals for gun control that would tell you this is something that you could support that could also support the 2nd amendment rights that you support? >> no, dana. although correlation doesn't mean causation, everywhere you have really strict gun control, you have elevated levels of gun violence. in other words, the gun laws we have currently are doing nothing to deter criminals from obtaining guns, dana. they're only preventing law abiding citizens from acquiring firearms for sports, for hunting, whatever they want, for self-defense. they just don't work. the evidence is clear on this. i wish democrats would have a more reasonable conversation on their side before spewing out facts and data that actually support the republican cause on this, not theirs. >> dana: it's interesting, avery. earlier in the show i talked about an op ed in "the washington post" by a woman who used to work for 538 who said she did support more gun control measures but then when she looked at all the evidence, she could not see any evidence that would support her position. do you have anything different at that time brady campaign that could convince capitol hill that
11:39 am
this is something you should move on quickly? >> absolutely. so, there's a lot of data pointing to the efficacy of robust background checks in america. that's the law that went into effect after jim brady was shot in an assassination attempt on ronald reagan. what that data shows is that over 3 million attempts to buy guns by people who are prohibited from buying them have been block by the brady backgund check system already. now, the problem comes, and i agree, criminals have far too easy access to guns. the problem comes in that one in five guns in this country is sold without any background check at all because of the gaps we have in federal law. those are the gaps we need to close. that's how we're gonna help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. >> dana: dan, is that something you could support? consistently, most americans say that, yes, we are for background checks. but we actually have background
11:40 am
checks. sometimes people like stephen paddock pass a background check and still commit the criminal activity. >> right. it is clear a background check would have done nothing to prevent this incident and would have done nothing to prevent most of the mass shooting incidents we have. now, what they're talking about here is what some will refer to a gun show loophole. that's nonsense. they're talking about private sale. my problem with this is what about the farmer out west who wants to give his gun to a child or a family member? he then has to go to a licensed firearm dealer to get a background check to give his gun away? when do your self-protection rights and our rights not infringed on. doesn't seem to me that it's a workable solution. >> dana: i know the brady center does a lot of great work. james brady was a white house press secretary, so i know that story very well. is there anything new, any new specific pieces of legislation
11:41 am
that your center will advocate for in the coming weeks that uld be different from anything that we've seen so far? >> well, look, this is one of the issues that has the most bipartisan support of any in america. more than 90% of people support a robust background check system. that includes making sure that there aren't gaps in federal law. also to make sure that those requirements are followed by people in the field who are supposed to be doing the background checks. i don't know of any other legislative proposal that enjoys 90% of support from the american people. that's actually higher than the number of americans who like puppy, for crying out loud. >> dana: that is a complete outrage. that should be 100%. you're right, avery. this is an important topic. we are going to continue to cover it on "the daily briefing" because there might be some place for common ground, but people feel right now they are at the extremes. thank you for being here. as we remember those whose lives were cut tragically short, we are also hearing heroing stories
11:42 am
of survival. >> heard some gunshots, which we thought were fireworks at first. whenever we got down, we saw someone hunkered over in the group we were with. got hit in the back.
11:43 am
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>> we'll have more on president trump and las vegas following the dead iest shooting in modern u.s. history. the president also set to meet with with the men and women who put their lives on the line. you see the podium there. we'll have that for you live. plus the gunman's girlfriend back in the united states now and facing questions from investigators. we're still waiting to find out why they think stephen paddock opened fire on the country music festival. a busy hour ahead on shepard smith reporting. >> dana: heart wrenching stories coming from the las vegas
11:46 am
massacre. 58 people dying, hundreds of others fighting for their lives. claudia cowan joins us from las vegas. thank you for bringing them to us today. >> reporter: well, you're welcome, dana. these stories of survival show once again that amid hor risk unthinkable carnage, the best of humanity often shines through. as the bullets ripped through that crowd of concert goers, many caught up in the blood bath used their bodies to shield others, help strangers scramble over the fence and use their clothes to save lives. taylor winston put his skills as a marine to use telling bill hemmer he jumped into action shuttling victims out in the back of a pickup he happened to find with the keys inside. >> everyone was just critically injured. i mean, there was blood everywhere. it was really hard to just pack
11:47 am
up and leave 'cause, you know, you can only fit so many people. there were so many people that still needed help. in ambulances were on scene yet. >> reporter: naturally, a nurse from los angeles was shot multiple times and was losing blood when a cab driver scooped her up. they all raced to the hospital where she recounted her story for reporters. >> people in the car were putting pressure on my wound. i had the other leg wrapped. they are the ones that called my friends and family. if it wasn't for that cab driver, i wouldn't be here. and i don't know who he is. >> reporter: well, perhaps he is listening and will find her. those who did not survive are being remembered at gatherings in cities across the country. in marin, california, a 50-year-old was the mother of two and wife of a san francisco police officer. las vegas police officer and father of two charleston
11:48 am
hartfield was off duty sunday night just out enjoying some country music. he will be honored tomorrow night. he was just 34 years old. make shift memorials like this one here on the las vegas strip continue to grow. dana. >> reporter: thank you so much. we appreciate these stories. are gun control advocates pushing to politicize the tragedy in las vegas? i'll talk with a commentator who also agrees after h brush for death. he learned to revalue the priorities of life. don't miss it. my friend susie cracks me up. but one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder. ring a bell? then you have to try always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. for incredible protection...
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>> dana: one of the thins we're reminding of is how fragile life can be. one year ago my next guest was rushed to the hospital with a life threatening condition, and a few weeks later his wife was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. he put his thoughts in a book dedicad to his kids. before you wake, life lessons from a father to his children. eric arickson, so good to have you here. you're never one to back away from a fight. in this case, after the health scares that you and your wife had, you decided politics was pretty petty. >> it really is. i wanted my kids to understand what happened. we had protesters show up at our house. they were yelled at the grocery store. all about the 2016 election. came home with kids wondering if i was going to be scared. i wanted them to know there's more to life than politics. i want them to know why we want them to believe in god and raised a certain way. also that knowing your neighbor
11:53 am
is important. >> dana: how is your health now? >> it's good. >> dana: your wife? >> she takes some medicine that keeps tumors at bay. at some point we'll have a struggle there, but right now she's doing well. >> dana: when you were writing this book, i'm assuming what you wanted to do was lower their anxiety. >> yes. >> dana: how did you do that? we do have the president. he is live at the hospital there. he's coming out. president and first lady melania trump making their way to the cameras, possibly. we're going to see. >> i just have to tell you that i just met some of the most amazing people. we met patients who were absoluly terribly wounded. and the doctors, the nurses, all of the people at the hospital have done a job that's indescribable.
11:54 am
and they were full the night that it happened before it happened. they found room for many people. how many people came in, doctor? >> we had 100 come in and we admitted 50. >> what i saw today is just an incredible tribute to professionalism and what they have done is incredible. you never want to see it again. that i can tell you. and the patients, the bravery. some were very very badly wounded. they were badly wounded because they refused to leave. they wanted to help others because they saw people going down all over. it's an incredible thing to see. tremendous bravery. the police department, incredible. the people themselves incredible. people leaving ambulances to have somebody else go because they thought they were hurt even worse. the professionalism of the doctors and the medical staffs at this hospital and at other hospitals. you're saying the coordination
11:55 am
you had with other hospitals. >> they did a perfect job. we couldn't be more proud of the community response. every hospital took serious patients. everybody took care of them well. we've exercised our disaster plan in las vegas. it was rolled out flawlessly. >> i have to tell you, it makes you very proud to be an american, when you see the job that they've done. and people that would not be around today are up there, and they'll be leaving the hospital in a week or two weeks or five weeks. in some cases even in a few days. it's amazing. one in a few hours. you would have never believed it. so i just want to congratulate everybody. it's incredible. incredible what you've done. we met quite a few people. believe me, they are very lucky to be here. >> what happens now? >> the only message i can say is that we're with you 100%. in fact, i invited a lot of them over to the white house. if you are ever in washington, come over to the oval office.
11:56 am
believe me, i'll be there for them. the message that i have is we have a great country and we are there for you. they're there for us. >> do you think we have a gun violence problem? >> we're not going to talk about that today. not yet. we're looking. i can tell you it's a very sick man. he was a very demented person. we haven't seen that yet. but you will know very soon if we find something. we're looking very very hard. i'm actually going over to the police department. the fact that they were able to locate that zone and get in there, they say 11 minutes, whatever it was that kept him busy, he stopped firing because he knew they were coming into that door at some point. i think they did an incredible job. the professionalism has just been amazing. so i want to thank you all. we're now going over to the police headquarters. doctors, thump. we appreciate it.
11:57 am
thank you. i'm very honored by his comments. it was fake news. it was a totally phoney story. thank you very much. it was made up. it was made up by nbc. they just made it up. thank you all. total confidence in rex. i have total confidence. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> dana: that was president trump and mrs. trump at the university medical center in las vegas. took on so many more patients than they had beds for. eric erickson, my guest, who a book talking about transcending politics. i think that's what president trump just did, right? >> you know, he has done remarkably well in the last several days. even his critics are having to say. he's done the job we want a president to do at times like this. >> dana: when you think about some of the advice in your book, because you went through a terrible health scare, you and your wife, and you wrote this
11:58 am
book for your kids. for those people in the hospital beds, you said some are going home in a few hour, few day, maybe a few months. what would you say is the most important line from your book that you would like for them to take away or think about it as they're going through the immediate tragedy? >> making sure their children know they love them. making sure their families know there's love there that's more important than the daily grind of yelling at each other about politics. >> dana: do you think the gun control debate will heat up again or are we going to be able to have rational conversation? >> no, i don't think we will. maybe it's a conversation we need to have, but we're not going to when so many of the people who want to control guns can' get the basic facts right about it. >> dana: what is the most frustrating thing to you about the gun control debate? >> so much of what is s aid by
11:59 am
the people against the 2nd amendment is simply wrong. this morning a prominent actress saying it took six months to get an x-ray in this country. my son broke his tailbone. took him an hour to get an x-ray, not sick month. >> dana: your son is okay. trampoline accident. >> trampoline accident. so much of what they say is not true. how can we have this debate? >> dana: when the president and mrs. trump are traveling. they are going to houston, to florida, puerto rico, virgin islands, now las vegas. what do you think might change in him as he goes around and sees this? i see him really just rising to the occasion as a comforter in chief. >> as you know, the weigh of the office eventually bears down on you and you adapt to it. he's feeling the weight of this office. >> dana: it has been a pleasure to have you here. good luck with the book. there's also a lot of recipes in the book. if i ever get to your home and you have jumbalaya, that would be wonderful. we are going to turn it over to shep in just a moment. you were first in studio guest. you will always have that moment. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: tomorrow we will have
12:00 pm
eric shuman the firefighter. he will be here and talk about his meeting with president trump. we'll have that and all sorts of new things on "the daily briefs" tomorrow. thanks for joining us. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon in las vegas. president trump is meeting with some of the heros of the attacks. men and women that stepped forward to save others. among them, police officers. newly released video shows what they were up against. killer's girlfriend returns to the united states. did she know what he was planning? her sisters say no way. investigators ask her questions. we'll take you to vegas for a


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