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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 4, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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trump. we'll have that and all sorts of new things on "the daily briefs" tomorrow. thanks for joining us. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon in las vegas. president trump is meeting with some of the heros of the attacks. men and women that stepped forward to save others. among them, police officers. newly released video shows what they were up against. killer's girlfriend returns to the united states. did she know what he was planning? her sisters say no way. investigators ask her questions. we'll take you to vegas for a look at the city in mourning and an investigation unrelenting.
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let's get to it. first from the fox news deck this wednesday afternoon, president trump about to meet with heros of the las vegas attack including the first responders and ordinary people that risked their lives to save others. we'll have that live when it happens. we're expecting it in 20 minutes. this comes as we get a first hand look at the police officers that risked their lives that night. las vegas police released body cam from officers showing the officers trying to figure out the location of the shooter and get people to safety as bullets rain down from that hotel room. >> get down, get down! go that way. get out of here. there's gun shots coming from over there. go that way. go that way.
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>> go that way, go that way. they're shooting right at us, guys. stay down. >> where is it at? >> it's at the mandalay bay. coming out of a window. >> go back, go back. get back. get back. get back.
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get back. >> there's multiple shots coming up there. >> shepard: body cam from the responders. fbi agents are interviewing the gunman's video right this minute they tell us. investigators say they're confident they will figure out why stephen paddock opened fire wednesday night. danley, the girlfriend, arrived in los angeles overnight. she was in the philippines at the time of the shooting according to authorities. the sheriff says she's a person of interest, not a suspect. investigators say they want to find out whether she knew what the gunman was planning. the sheriff says the gunman, the murderer, planned the massacre extensively. stockpiling he says nearly two dozen guns in his hotel room at mandalay bay. investigators say he set up cameras on a room service cart outside the door so he could see both ways down the hall and another in the peep hole. apparently to watch for police
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or security guards. the sheriff says the gunman killed himself as swat teams approached. john roberts is live in las vegas on the trip with the president outside mandalay bay this afternoon. john? >> shep, good morning to you. the president just wrapped up a meeting with some victims. some with grievous injuries and family members, members of the trauma team, the surgeons, o.r. nurses and all those that helped to save lives. he said he was overwhelmed by what he saw there. the president really wanted to come here. monday when announced that he was going to come, sitting down and talking with the thai prime minister, nobody from his staff new the president planned to come wednesday. he said i'm going to be here wednesday and here he is. he may be coming again as well depending how things progress with the investigation. if there's a memorial service this weekend to attend, the
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white house is looking to all of that. back to the university medical center and the tour the president took. let's listen to what he said when he met with the doctorses and meeting the personnel in the hospital. >> some of the most amazing people. we met patients that were absolutely terribly wounded and the doctors, the nurses, all of the people of the hospital have done a job that is undescribable. they were full the night that it happened before it happened. and they found room for many people. how many people came in, doctor? >> we had 100 come in and we admitted 50. >> what i saw today is an incredible tribute to professionalism. what they have done is incredible. you never want to see it again. >> just remarkable stories, shep, of how everybody in this
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area who was involved with the medical community pitched in. their stories of pediatric surgeons operating on adulting, ob-gyns that typically are not in the trauma center manning the tables. so many people coming in, shep, that it was just kind of full to overflowing. everybody did an amazing job. the president wanted to pay tribute to that. from here, the president wants to meet the heros of the event that were at the it is on sunday night. law enforcement that ran into the bullets to pin down the shootner the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay behind me and many civilians, some of who gave their lives to protect other people and stories of people grabbing pickups off of the streets, filling the beds with the wounded and taking them to the hospital. a lot of people the president wants to thank. >> shepard: and john, he got a question about gun control after doing that. >> he did.
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the president has received a number of questions about gun control. he got a couple from yesterday. the president deferring the talk of the discussion of gun control for the moment. he said there will be time for that. not now. i asked him about the silencer bill that appeared to be shelved. he said we'll talk about that later. a lot of talk for the need for more gun control. democrats are pushing that. some members of congress on the republican side that are saying, we don't need more gun control measures. they're looking at the so-called bump or slide stocks that the shooter had installed on a few rifles, might as be as many as 12, which allows you to fire a semiautomatic rifle at almost automatic speed. these were things approved in 2010 by the atf during the obama administration. now you have senator john cornyn saying maybe we need to look at banning these. newt gingrich was on the air, maybe you lump them in with the
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1934 law that bans automatic weapons by civilians. tom cole on another network said, this. >> no question we ought to look into that. automatic weaponses -- when i saw the clips and heard the fire, i assumed he had an automatic weapon. i didn't know that there was technology capable that cheaply of transforming a semiautomatic into an automatic weapon. yeah, i don't think there's any question we ought to look at that. >> even republicans are describing this as a loop hole, one that they can close quickly. democrats, people like john lewis out there on the steps of the capitol saying how many more people are going to be killed before we get more gun control
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measures? there's definitely going to be a clash in congress over how far to go in the wake of this incidents. again, shep, the president saying let's mourn the dead, tend to the bounded and then let's have the political discussion, shep. >> shepard: john roberts live in mandalay bay. thank you. the secretary of state rex tillerson is not denying that he called president trump a blanking moron. the secretary is insisting that he never threatened to quit. he's responding to an nbc news report that mike pence had to convince secretary tillerson not to step down. >> the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain the secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post. i'm new to washington. i have learned that there's some that try to sow dissension to advance their own agenda by tearing others apart and an understood to undermine the president's own agenda. i do not and i will not operate that way. >> when a reporter asked specifically whether secretary tillerson called the president a moron, he responded that he
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wasn't going to deal with petty stuff like that. rich edson is at the state department. heath heather nauert has come forward to deny that claim. >> that's right. the daily press briefing just wrapped up. heather denied that the secretary of state called the president a moron. >> the secretary does not use that type of language. the secretary did not use that type of language to speak about the president of the united states. he does not use that language to speak about anyone. i hope that that clarifies it. >> he never said that? >> he did not say that. >> shepard: so there you have it. the president now live with first responders. we didn't expect this. let's listen live. >> i've always known you guys are good but you proved it. he's a sick, demented man. have they found out anything else? >> still a little bit soon. we have a couple of good leads. we're working our way through that. we're going to get the answers.
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>> might be somebody there. the wires are screwed up. might be something there. i'm going to say a few words to your group. i wanted to say hello and congratulate you. i was a fan before this. you know that. everyone in this room knows that. a big fan before this. you can be more of a fan, i'm more of a fan now. you showed the world around the world was watching and you showed what professionalism is all about. something like that can take place for hours and hours and hours. you can't figure it out. you should be very proud. >> a matter of identification, officer hancock at the end to your right there, he was the first swat officer to engage the individual. officer driscoll there, the k-9 officer assisted. officer morris was one of the
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two i described partnered with the security guards. >> they did a good job. you did a good job. his option would have been to do it himself. if it doesn't work, you wouldn't have had the information maybe, right? he did the right thing? >> he did. we relied on the information. >> that's great. >> everyone else seated in and behind the press there were integral in saving numerous lives. the gentleman to your left, that firefighter right there was off duty watching the concert and saved several lives. it's important for you to know that every person in here was instrumental in life saving measures. these two young ladies here are dispatchers. probably the most important people in the room. if you ever have the opportunity to listen to the radio traffic,
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these two young ladies are amazing. there was a third young lady. she decided to go to college. >> shepard: pardon the intervention while our fox television stations join us. good afternoon from fox news in new york, a live look where president trump is meeting some of the first responders, the heros of the attack outside the mandalay bay at the country music festival sunday night. let's listen live. and as luck would have it, the white house pool has walked out. the president sharing pleasantries and thanks with first responders. our audience on fox news channel just a moment ago met the first police officers credited with engaging the suspect inside the room. we've heard the 911 calls, the different police responders, the dispatch from police headquarte
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headquarters. it's been a very good day for thank yous to the first responders and everyday folks that helped outside the luxor and mandalay bay on the las vegas strip. we're waiting for the president to appear again in just a moment. that was sort of an unscheduled photo op, meet and greet with some of the first responder there's. you can see a live look now in las vegas at police headquarters where the president will be meeting with -- and the first lady to meet with first responders and heros of the attack in just a moment. john roberts following along with the president out in las vegas today. they have made a real effort, john, to put these heros of this tragedy front and center and these meet and greets. for those joining us on fox television stations, he gave an invitation to those in the hospital rooms, the o.r.s. if you're ever in washington d.c., come see me at the white house. i'll be there for you. a concerted effort on the part
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of this white house. great to see. >> all through the campaign and as president, shep, president trump really was a champion of law enforcement. so many campaigned events across the country, he would always hold them up for praise. he's done that again as president. any time he gets in the same room with law enforcement or military for that matter, he always has the highest praise. i know that he was very taken, not only with the scope and the depth of this tragedy and the horrible fact that so many people were killed. when there were bullets raining down from the windows behind me, 50, 75 at a time because he had big magazines, the officers took cover but moved toward the danger. they were blowing the door open within minutes to get inside and clearly had cornered this guy, the shooter. he took his own life when he knew they were coming in through
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the door. the fact that as you pointed out, so many civilians dove on their loved ones or sacrificed their own lives or stole pickup trucks to put people in the beds because the ambulances were so overwhelmed. when they got to the hospitals, the doctors and nurses on staff and all of the medical staff from across the valley here that came in to the trauma centers and the hospitals even though they were off duty. just didn't even need to pick up the phone. ran in to help when the scope became clear. the president wanted to take time to recognize all of those people. he says that they have done an incredible service for their community. it's something that he wants to hold up as an example not only to the rest of the country but the world as well to say this is how we respond to tragedy in america and hopefully take steps to make sure something like this never happens again. that's where you're going to get into a real tussle of a debate
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in capitol hill. there's going to be people on one said that say we need more gun control measures, people on the other side that says there's some things that we can do about these so-called pump stocks or slide stocks that allow semiautomatic weapons to be fired at a high rate or other measures to be taken to stop people from converting these we pops into a high rate of fire. we don't need to go further than that. we need to enforce existing laws. everything that this fellow seemed to do short of what he did sunday night was within the letter of the law. it's a dilemma how that debate will go forward as to what law could be crafted to stop what happened sunday night. all of this stuff is retrospective as opposed to prospective. you're always reacting to the last incident. it's difficult and a heated debate going forward, shep.
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>> shepard: thanks, john. let's go to a.b. stoddard. good to see you. >> good to see you, shep. >> shepard: this debate will come, those on the gun control side, are pushing for it today. their argument is there's no time like on the heels of a tragedy to keep another tragedy from happening. that's their position. >> they're making an argument that is reasonable that the time to talk about these things is when they happen and victims families are grieving and want something done about it. if this is a terrorist attack, we talk about ways to keep the homeland safe from terrorists. so gun control advocates talk about the need to close the gun show loop hole and look at the accessories like the bump stop mechanism to make a semiautomatic to an automatic
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weapon. i think it's interesting in this incredibly polarized time, shep, with this debate that never goes anywhere, that there's some republicans willing to look at -- you played clips from tom cole, the republican, reports that senator john cornyn, the number 2 in leadership on the senate side is interested. i read that congressman bill flores from texas is interested in it. so there might be some incremental path forward to some kind of discussion about having to do this kind of weaponry where 800 rounds can go off in a minute and kill so many peopling. generally speaking, i'll be surprised if it does because they break down so quickly in all of this polarizing and all of the differences and if debate goes nowhere because of the votes and the way they're set up in congress now. >> shepard: all right, a.b. stoddard live from washington. great to see you. we're watching another live event as well. the president about to come into
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this room we're told to meet with another set of first responders. this is the third set we've seen on camera. folks sitting around, waiting to meet the president, commander-in-chief as he makes the rounds there in las vegas. we'll have coverage of that on fox news channel. those of you watching on fox television stations across the nation, much more on this a little later on your local news. it continues now on fox news channel on satellite and cable. i'm shepard smith. fox news, new york. as we continue here on fox news channel, we're waiting for these first responders to meet with the president and we'll have that live for you in just a moment. to meet the heros of las vegas this helped save lives during the shooting. first, the latest from the investigators on scene and the pictures now that show the inside of the murder's sweet. that's coming up on the fox news deck this afternoon. i was always "the girl with psoriasis."
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>> shepard: president trump and the first lady melania trump in las vegas meeting with the heros of the massacre and first responders and ordinary people that helped after the shooting started. earlier, the president and the first lady met victims and med cat workers at a hospital in las vegas. let's listen. we'll have -- well, i thought we would listen to sound from that time. apparently not. when this begins, we'll take you there. the las vegas gunman encouraged his girlfriend, marilou danley, to leave the country for the massacre. that's what danley's sister told a tv sister in australia. he sent her away at one point. they say the murderer brought danley a plane ticket to the philippines so she wouldn't get in the way of his plans. we're not sure how they know that. that's what they tell us. in the interview, their faces are blurred to protect their
12:25 pm
identities. here, look. >> i know that she doesn't know anything as well like us. she was sent away. she was sent away so that she would not be there. >> shepard: we don't know if they know that or if she's speculating on that matter. investigators questioning danley right now we're told the fbi headquarters in los angeles say they hope she can give them any clues about what drove paddock to commit mass murder. trace gallagher on the case in las vegas. learning more about the shooter's arsenal today, trace. >> they recovered some 47 weapons from three locations. one from the mandalay bay behind me and his two homes, one in mesquite, nevada and the other one in reno, nevada. those guns worth between $100,000 and $110,000. the semiautomatics are worth
12:26 pm
between $1,500 and $3,000. these pictures are from the daily mail. they were put on the floor of the hotel sweep in mandalay bay. we should know that stephen paddock has been collecting guns for years. but in the past year alone, he has amassed some 30-plus weapons, a gun shop owner in mesquite where he had a home said that on september 28th, paddock bought a weapon and that is the same day that he checked in to the mandalay bay hotel. listen to the gun shop owner. >> i was ill. made me ill to think that we had interacted with him and he committed a tragedy. >> he went on the say that he did not sell stephen paddock any ammunition or any of those bump stocks we've talked about all day long. that's what kind of makes the trigger turn into automatically engaged weapon, shep. he also points out and we should
12:27 pm
point this out, the reason the bump stops are legal in nevada is because they don't physically alter the weapon. it's taken on and taken off. so it's legal now. >> shepard: what else are we learning from investigators about the girlfriend? >> we know that marilou danley is in her third hour of questioning in los angeles. she flew in to los angeles from the philippines last night. they clearly want information about stephen paddock's mental state, his religious beliefs, his political affiliations and anything that could lead them to a possible motive. the big ticket item for a lot of investigators what she knew about this arsenal of weapons and his intent. remember, they found dozens and dozens of weapons inside the homes that she lived in with him along with explosives and suitcases of ammunition. they would like to find out what she knew about that. her family says that the reason
12:28 pm
he sent her to the philippines is because he was afraid that she would stop him from commits this crime. listen to the family again. >> nobody can put it together except marilou. only marilou can maybe help. >> investigators are interested in the $100,000 that stephen paddock sent to philippines in recent weeks. the spic youlation is that he sent it to her because he knew as soon as he committed the crime that all of his assets would be locked down possibly forever and she wouldn't get any kind of money out of that at all. we should know this fbi interview in los angeles could go for several more hours. there's a news conference coming up. we hope to get more information about what they're gleaning from the interview in the next hour or so. >> shepard: we'll check in for you on that. trace, thanks very much. coming up here, andrew napolitano, the judge, on where the investigation goes from here and what happens in the shooter's girlfriend stops
12:29 pm
cooperating with investigators? that and we're waiting for president trump to come in and meet with first responders, police officers and firefighters that will meet with him shortly. we'll be there live for that as the news rolls on on this wednesday afternoon. rly... or t. rly... or t. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. >> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. more of today's headlines. in spain, lawmakers in the northeastern region of catalonia are threatening to breakaway from the country next week. thousands fill the streets in barcelona to pro test a recent police crackdown that injured hundreds. two weeks after a massive earthquake in mexico, search teams have recovered the last known body. that's the word from the mayor of mexico city as researchers dug through a collapsed office building. officials say 369 people have died after the 7.1 magnitude quake. and e. coli and bacteria have been found at a swimming venue
12:32 pm
for the summer olympics in tokyo. organizers say water testing showed e. coli levels 20 times higher than the limits. organizers have promised to improve the water quality. the newses continues with shepard smith after this. >> shepard: actually, a little breaking news here. we mentioned the president was meeting with first responders in las vegas. we're waiting for him to walk in the room. he's done so. notice we're using an internet connection here, the white house pool is, because of where it is. it's a little glitchy. it tends to clear up. we want you to hear what the president has to say. let's listen. >> this is where we do all the operational decisions in the area. all investigative leads, everything that you can imagine funnels through here. this is where -- actually, joining forces. all of the department of public safety representation here along
12:33 pm
with emergency managers and hospital systems, the first responder medical systems and everything that you can imagine. so we can speak with one voice. that's the important piece. so a lot of these folks are not supposed to be in here but you're here. so these are all the people that are instrumental in the success of our critical job. they're all part of the success for the continuance of the investigation. it's important for you to see what your leadership is providing you. >> i can tell you on behalf of our country, our great, great country, we want to thank you. you have been a real inspiration. this is a rough time, but if you didn't get up there so quickly, could have been worse a lot worse. we just want to thank you. the whole world is watching. they've seen professionalism like you rarely see.
12:34 pm
i want to thank you very much. i appreciate it very much. thank you. [applause] >> shepard: this is a pool camera. the white house pool which follows the president everywhere he goes. each of the networks and the white house pool takes a day and today the pool is one of the six or seven networks, six networks that were part of the white house pool. they're just following. oh, let's listen as long as he's saying hello. we'll get the white house pool out of the room on the instructions of the press secretary. john roberts familiar with this. in a couple moments, he's going to a bit more formal settings where he will meet with police
12:35 pm
chiefs and others. >> yes, he will be making brief remarks. it's a five network pool. it's understand, cnn, abc and cbs and us. we were hoping he would come back in to talk with us, give us thoughts about today and maybe talk about other news of the day and the issues swirling around this increasingly loud voices on capitol hill. but he had a lot of company with him on board air force one. kevin mccarthy was with him, senator heller and his wife, melania was there with him. so the president stayed in the forward cabin. you can see the break-up. it's a unit that operates on cell service. hooks in to a different of cell nodes. if you're outside, you get pretty good reception.
12:36 pm
sometimes inside, you lose connectivity and the picture goes fuzzy like that. it's a way to bring you immediate pictures from something that normally we wouldn't have access too. later on when we get the feedback over the satellite, you'll see the pictures in the entirety and clarity. the president wants to make special mention, shep, i'm told by sarah huckabee sanders who saw it on the way here before we landed, wants to make special mention of the civilians who at risk to their own lives and some of them did die doing this, protected other people, protected loved ones, tried to get people out of the area, did whatever they could to get people to the hospitals. these are citizen heros, shep that the president wants to honor. we'll see them in a couple minutes. he's touring the command center there with the sheriff who has done amazing work in the wake of this horrible tragedy. you can imagine, you can
12:37 pm
probably count on one hand the number of hours of sleep he's had. the president taking the tour of the command center, meeting with the first responders and we'll hear from him shortly where he will pay tribute to the brave men and women of law enforcement that put their lives on the line and the civilians that did the same thing sunday night. shep? >> shepard: john, thanks so much. the room beginning to fill where the president will greet those folks. they've been filling in the door on the left to our left side of that -- the blue wall back there, the blue curtain. you'll see more coming in now. it's our belief the president is on his way right now. the other story of the day has been the reports on secretary tillerson. it was back in the summer that cnn reported and nbc reported overnight and into this morning, i think they debuted it on
12:38 pm
morning joe, that rex tillerson said i'm done, i'm going to texas. but the president intervened in some way and it never happened. now secretary tillerson has said none of that happened, it's fake news. nbc news stands by its reporting. with that, we returned to a.b. stoddard. i don't know what to make of this. i don't know how many times i tried to quit around here. everybody has bad days. i don't know what to make of this. secretary tillerson says it's fake news. nbc news stands by it. i don't know who to make of it. >> there's been a lot of reporting between the tension of the west wing and the white house. rex tillerson was the most powerful men in the world, head of exxon mobil. he didn't have to have reporters following him around asking him
12:39 pm
questions in his old life about global confrontations, having to do with national security. he's not totally at ease in all the aspects of the job but he made comments today that were very compelling about his commitment to the president and the president's agenda and that as a team they'll stick together. they've had success. he complimented nikki haley that said would replace him if he left. there's a lot of talk about whether or not he has been performing a job that president trump approves of. that he's been slow to hire -- >> shepard: that was the point. >> he's not doing things the way that the white house wants him to be doing them. but all this gossip about what he's called the president and all of that stuff obviously gets to the top of the headlines. this is an extraordinary situation. also because the president sent out a tweet undermining him
12:40 pm
saying his wasting his time in china talking about how we have passive negotiation or dialogue with the north koreans. he's working on a diplomatic solution to a grave crisis. many people said on sunday like richard haas, republican foreign policy expert with experience, that rex tillerson should resign after the way the president spoke about him. it's obviously filled with tension and they both sounded like they want to work. the very upbeat is honored by tillerson's comments, but there's more behind the scenes than we understood. >> shepard: there's a lot there. we hear from the state department officials that there's great concern and great frustrations that the positions have not been filled. on the matter of the president's tweet regarding secretary tillerson in north korea, the president said don't waste your time, secretary tillerson. we're going to need what needs
12:41 pm
to be done. in other words, stop your diplomacy. it's his job to head up the diplomacy. a lot of conservatives that are very upset about what it was that the president tweeted because if he meant it, it's hard to say that he meant anything other than we're going do what needs to be done. sounds like he's talking about something aggressive. >> also just what it shows to the chinese when rex tillerson as our secretary of state is over in china doing this very difficult work. this is very sensitive work. what it shows with the president undermining him and throwing him under the bus and undermining the importance of diplomacy sends a worrisome signal about how he's treating rex tillerson and how he's handling the process in terms of what he's asking the chinese to do to try to mitigate the threat of north korea. we very much obviously depend on the chinese in this situation. president trump to his credit has gotten the chinese
12:42 pm
government to stop all central bank activity with the north koreans. that's a huge step. it's something that could have great -- could be consequential if they actually enforce it. but it's a real question about not only trump's leadership when he does something like that tweet, but how long people that work underneath him and report to him can actually continue to do their jobs if they're treated that way. that's a very critical job. being secretary of state and trying to handle the north korea crisis is at the top of the list. >> shepard: there's a lot on the plate today. now the president making the rounds out in las vegas and saying we're going to discuss gun control at a later day. there's a lot of people that suggested over time president trump that used to be much more liberal in manhattan was -- might have been more for gun control at a time before his presidency. i know because i read the mail and stuff that there's a lot of conservatives concerned that he
12:43 pm
might become more pro gun control in the days ahead. >> the supporters that put president trump in office are little concerned that he's not gotten out of the trade agreements except for the trans pacific partnership. he's put more troops in afghanistan. and that he was willing to talk about doing an agreement on immigration with the democratic leaders in congress. so there's a lot of concern about his unpredictability and whether or not he is more to a set of idealogical principles that he will stick to as president. he's on the record in the past being supporting gun control. he's a wild card, shep. i don't think anybody will happen with him. if he creates a bridge, something could happen. >> shepard: we'll see. he says he will discuss it in the days ahead. as that happens, we'll follow the developments as they come. in once again, fox television stations across the nation will
12:44 pm
join us right now. good afternoon from fox news in new york. i'm shepard smith. the president this afternoon is in las vegas where he's about to meet with first responders. these are police chiefs, fire officials and others that were instrumental in ending the massacre that happened outside the mandalay bay and luxor hotels on the strip during the country music festival. 59 killed. a lot of questions about death toll. the gunman died, according to authorities, killed himself. there's 59 others that have died as another died in the hospital. that brings the death toll to 59. more than 540 injured. the president spreading the love of the people and thanks from the white house and from the american feel in las vegas. about a minute ago, we got a two-minute warning on this. our viewers on fox news channel have been listening delong as we discuss the other news items of the day. the president has been clear.
12:45 pm
we've seen him at three different appearances in las vegas since he arrived a few short hours ago. he and the first lady are there. the order of the day has been to thank people to allow them to tell their stories of what happened during the massacre. we've talked about how ordinary people step forward and become extraordinary individuals or we learned of their extraordinary fortitude as they helped people out, stories of people putting folks in the back of their trucks to take them to hospitals. people plugging wounds, stopping blood from flowing out of people's bodies. there's no telling specifically how many people were saved as a result of the actions of people that were not doctors. they were just people that stepped in to try to help at a moment's notice. john roberts is there. he's the chief white house correspondent. john, a lot of people that need rest in that city, especially the ones we've been listening to have been mighty glad to see the
12:46 pm
president. >> it's not just the physical fatigue, either. the mental fatigue as well. living every day with what happened sunday night and it spreads across the country. the majority of people would have been visitors from out of town here for the weekend and just wanted to enjoy some country music and jason aldean packing in a crowd of 22,000 people. you can imagine what was going on in the concert when from the 32nd floor windows behind me, this guy paddock took the semiautomatic weapons that were converted to fear new hampshire automatic rate of fire and start raining hellfire down upon people there just listening to music. so many of them ran for the exit as you would expect as many people would. many of them fell to the ground more tally wounded or serially
12:47 pm
wounded. and many decided they would stand and help people. you can imagine in a state of fear and shock that they would do that is extraordinary. that's what the president will pay tribute too. >> shepard: we're watching the crowd make its way in the room. the president has been touring the command facility there. this is a las vegas police department command facility. it's my understanding from the information from las vegas police, and they call them metro there, that what they're talking about, this is the place where the calls were incoming. imagine how many people got on the phone calling the police department. and then the police department itself trying to organize all of the first responders coming. at one point we heard on police radios them telling people to get off of north las vegas
12:48 pm
boulevard because they realized where the shots were coming from in the north tower of mandalay bay. but the police at the time said, you know, don't use that highway because you're in sight of him. they were very concerned that authorities and others arriving to help in this situation would become victims. we know a number of law enforcement officers that were off duty and at that concert were injured in one way or another. eight i believe from the state of california from different jurisdictions. different police departments with different people injured. the authorities told us this morning that they've been able to identify all but three of the victims. sadly they reported to us some of the victims with really -- were left in a position to identify them. authorities are working on identifying three of them who died on that fateful night.
12:49 pm
in addition, the hospital workers were congratulated by the president and thanked by the president on behalf of the american people. they discuss how the hallways, the trauma center and the other hospitals in the area were just literally overflowing with people. medical -- some people getting out of their hospital beds to make room for others that were more gravely wounded. the same in ambulances as they were loading people in ambulances to take them to hospitals from the shooting scene. we got word of i don't know how many dozens of people that transported victims to the hospitals in vans, trucks. some people injured themselves helping to stop the bleeding of other people. the stories are endless of man and woman helping man and woman. there were teenagers involved there as well. a matt rush to try to get out. different people telling stories of if i didn't know to crouch down and wait and wait for
12:50 pm
instructions or be running for the exits where the huge crowds. think of when you exit a concert venue how long you have to stand and wait for people to get up the aisles in cases like that where there's an active shooter shooting down from the 32nd floor. well, they were in many cases just defenseless and out in the wide open. claudia cowan is in las vegas with the story with some of these victims. claudia? >> well, with shepard, every story of a victim is a life cut short. there was a memorial last night in marin county, california for 50-year-old stacy echabar. vincent put his wife in a place that he thought would be safe for her while he helped other people to scramble for safety.
12:51 pm
only to learn later that she had died. i can tell you a las vegas police officer that was off duty out enjoying the music sunday night, he passed away as well and a vigil sunday night. back to you. >> shepard: thanks. the governor is introducing the president. let's listen in. >> the first responders and how they reacted to this situation provided so many love and care for the people that were harmed by this horrible incident. the medical community, those that came to the aid of these people. the employees at mgm resorts and how they responded as well. and everyone else, perfect strangers and how they responded to this and gave love and assistance to their fellow man. i also want to thank the people from across the country and across the world for their outpouring of support and generosity that has come here. it's unprecedented in our
12:52 pm
history. makes us feel like we're not alone and gives us strength. briefly i attended a candlelight vigil last night at the university of nevada. it was an impromptu event. over 1,500 people showed up on short notice. we all held candles, we all hugged one another. we held hands. we held those flames out in front of us to show tribute to the victims and their families of this horrible event. and to -- at that moment, despite how dark and cold it was i saw and we all saw the greatest darkness can't put out the smallest light. we collectively felt for the first time the first panes of hope. we saw despite the sadness and grief around us that we're resilient and that we're
12:53 pm
committed to fight and recover and begin the long process of healing. we have a long history of pulling together. yes, we're hurt, we're hurt badly, but we're not broken. as i said, we've seen generosity on a scale that is unprecedented in nevada history. we know that we will never ever forget this horrific event. we will march forward as a family, giving each other comfort, support and love. future will come one day at a time. we all have a choice how we're going to live each day. we must be glad, we must be good, we must be brave. we must have faith. we will emerge as a stronger, kinder, better state and nation.
12:54 pm
god bless the victims and their families. may they give them peace, god bless our state and the nation, the greatest nation on earth. with that, i'm very privileged and honored to introduce the first lady and the president of the united states. i personally want to thank them on behalf of all of the people of nevada for taking the time to come out here and provide us their support and their comfort and everything else that they'll bring to us. with that, ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to introduce the president of our great nation, donald trump. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much, governor. we appreciate that. i will tell you, the people of nevada and the extraordinary
12:55 pm
city have shown the world their incredible character, courage and resolve. nevada is really a special place. i'm honored to be here today at the las vegas metropolitan police department and the company of heros. thank you to our police, our firefighters and to our first responders and of course to sheriff lombardo. incredible job you've done. mayor goodman. hello, mayor. senator heller. thank you very much. senator cortez, majority leader. where is kevin. kevin mccarthy. adam laxault. all of the great congressman with us today from both parties. we just are very honored that
12:56 pm
you could be with us. on behalf of the grateful nation, melania and i thank each and every one of you in law enforcement in the depths of horror, we will always find hope in the men and women who risk their lives for ours. the mass murder took place sunday night fills america's heart with grief. america is truly a nation in mourning. i visited the hospital earlier today where many victims are still recovers from their wounds. we ask god to ease their suffering. we pray for the recovery of the injured and those injured officers that so bravely through themselves into danger when duty called. and we grieve the loss of the law enforcement personnel who
12:57 pm
were killed in this vicious attack. many families tonight will go to bed in a world that is suddenly empty, the people they so dearly love were torn away from them forever. our souls are striken with grief for every american who lost a husband or a wife, a mother or a father, a son or a daughter. we know that your sorry feels endless. we stand together to help you carry your pain. you're not alone. we will never leave your side. here at the police department, we remember one of our own who died this week, charles hartfield. he was a very, very special person. officer hartfield was a proud veteran, a devoted husband, a
12:58 pm
loving father. his death is a tragic loss for this police force, for this city and for our great nation. we struggle for the words to explain to our children how such evil can exist, how there can be such cruelty and such suffering. we cannot be defined by the evil that threatenings us or the violence that incites such terror. we're defined by the love, our caring and our courage. in the darkest moments, what shines most brightly is the goodness that thrives in the hearts of our people. that goodness is our light house and our solace. is knowledge. that the souls of those that passed are now at peace in heaven. here on earth, we're blessed to be surrounded by heros.
12:59 pm
as one eye witness recounted this week, while everyone else was crouching, police officers were standing up as targets just trying to district people and tell them where to go. the officers were standing up in the line of fire to help those in danger and to find out where those horrible shots were coming from. words cannot describe the bravery that the whole world witnessed on sunday night. americans denied death and hatred with love and with courage. when the word and worst of
1:00 pm
humanity strikes, the best of humanity responds. parents and spouses used their own bodies as shields to protect loves ones. americans dashed into a hail of bullets to rescue total strangers. joining us today are many of the heros that were here during that horrible moment, that horrible night. including las vegas metropolitan police office police officers. officer peterson was on his second day on the job when the shooting began. i just visited him in the hospital. within minutes, he joined a group of officers rushing between flying bullets to clear the fair grounds and save lives. officer gurlet was off duty attending the concert. all those s


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