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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 4, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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humanity strikes, the best of humanity responds. parents and spouses used their own bodies as shields to protect loves ones. americans dashed into a hail of bullets to rescue total strangers. joining us today are many of the heros that were here during that horrible moment, that horrible night. including las vegas metropolitan police office police officers. officer peterson was on his second day on the job when the shooting began. i just visited him in the hospital. within minutes, he joined a group of officers rushing between flying bullets to clear the fair grounds and save lives. officer gurlet was off duty attending the concert. all those she was unarmed as
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soon as the shooting began, she threw on a yellow police vest and began evacuating victims. aaron stalker, a veteran, rushed to the scene to search for his loved ones. when he couldn't find them, he began helping every person he could. as he recounts, we used the plastic barriers as gurneys to carry the injured to transportation. i made splints out of whatever i could find and used anything to stop the horrible bleeding. among the wounded was the mother of aaron's girlfriend. she's still in the hospital and we are all pulling for her. to every hero we helped, every hero saved so many lives. and believe me, a grateful nation thanks you. the example of those whose final
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act was to sacrifice themselves for those they loved should inspire all of us to show more love every day for the people whom grace our lives. in the months ahead, we will all have to wrestle with the horror of what has unfolded this week. but we will struggle through it together. we will endure the pain together and we will overcome together as americans. may god bless and watch over those that protect us. may god bring healing to the families of the wounded, the injured and the fallen. and may god bless our great country, america. thank you very much. thank you, governor. thank you very much.
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>> neil: you're watching live. the president of the united states wrapping up what has been a heart wrenching day in las vegas. meeting with local responders, police officers, the mayor, the police chief, fire department, rescuers, a who's who of anyone who is anyone in las vegas. some of the medical workers who looked over them and continue to care for them there with the governor. all right. welcome, everybody.
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i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." as i often have said, it's the toughest job and it's not even etched in the constitution that a role the president of the united states plays in times like these as consoler in chief, counselor in chief, whatever you want to use. none of that our forefathers envisioned as an extra responsibility of the president of the united states. but this president, say what you will of him, those that love him, those that argue with him, he has had his share of tragedy to do with the natural variety, the manmade variety. he's delivered for the occasion today to a lot of nevadians that were eager to see him and get the confidence that he expressed for the american people that he has their back and so does this country. john roberts in las vegas with more on the president's busy day. john? >> good afternoon to you, neil.
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we know how deeply affected the president was. when he was meeting with the thai prime minister, he surprised everybody and said i'm going to las vegas wednesday. nobody had idea. that's where i want to go and i want to comfort and console the victims and the family members and friends of loves ones saturday night. so here he is today. you heard him pay tribute to the first reresponders and the many civilians that braved a hail of bullets behind the mandalay bay behind me here to put their lives in danger and in some cases sacrificed their lives to save others. the president when he met with first responders, neil, he said he wanted this to be an example not just to the united states of america, not just the state of nevada but this is how the world responds in the face of perilous danger and tragedy.
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listen here. >> everyone knows i was a fan before this. a big fan before this. i guess you can be more of a fan, i'm even more of a fan now. you showed the world and the world was watching and you'd showed what professionalism is all about. >> you show what professionalism is all about speaking to the law enforcement officers when they heard the bullets and in a matter of minutes had blown up the door to the suite that paddock had rented and stayed in for three days before he began his murderous rampage. he had taken his own life. had he not taken his own life, for sure they would have put him down. the president spent time at the university medical centers where so many doctors and nurses and others that were involved with the hospital that came in sunday
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night on their own time to help out as the hospital was full to overflowing. other hospitals in the area as well. of course, now the debate is turning towards gun control. clearly battle lines are being drawn between democrats and republicans over what is possible. so far nobody has pointed to a law that would have prevented paddock on going on this murderous ram pain. people are looking at the slide fire or bump stocks that he allowed a semiautomatic rifle to be fired at automatic rates. those could be something that legislators come together over and maybe lump in with the 1934 ban on automatic weapons, neil. >> neil: thank you, john roberts. the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter is back in the united states and talking to investigators. so what does marilou danley know? was she the recipients of tens
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of thousands of dollars and reportedly wired to her by paddock over the last week so much we don't know. trace gallagher trying to put it together right now in las vegas. what have we learned, trace? >> we know that marilou danley is in her fourth hour. she flew in from the philippines to los angeles last night, this is a voluntary interview she's doing with the fbi. she has been listed as a person of interest and she does have an attorney with her. experts say they're focused on things like stephen paddock's mental state, his religious beliefs, political affiliation. they want to know about an unknown motive. they also want to know about what she knew about their homes. we've talked ad nauseam about the fact over the past three days they have pulled dozens of weapons out of a home in mesqui mesquite. more weapons in reno. these are houses that she lived
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in with stephen paddock and they want to know what she new about the weapons and the explosives and suitcases. her sisters in australia believe he sent her to the philippines for a reason. here it is. listen. >> i know that she doesn't know anything like us. she was sent away. she was sent away so she would be not there. >> plus, they want to know about the $100,000 that was wired to the philippines. speculation is he sent it because that he knew as soon as he committed the crimes, all of his assets would be locked up forever more. the interview with the fbi in los angeles could last for several more hours, neil. >> neil: thanks, trace. so it comes back to motive, right? are we any closer to knowing what exactly went through
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stephen paddock's mind when he did something that seems so mindless, so cruel? so without reason, so without norm. david cats on what they tried to piece together what are you learn something. >> nothing yet. the fbi hasn't released any information from the interviews, a couple questions i have though, was she escorted back? did she come back voluntarily? is there anything that they obtained in the search warrant that enlightened a state of mind. once they start speaking with her, they ask the questions. did he make any comments, of a political nature, did he express thoughts or commit acts of violence? why did he have so many firearms and ammunition purchased in a short period of time? many people have many firearms. it's acquired over a lifetime of shooting. this is in a more compressed time that shows some level of intent that she would have been aware of. >> neil: again and again -- i
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know it sounds redundant to state, but i hear people say the guy snapped or something went wrong. again, i go back and you're the expert here, but he didn't snap enough to not calculate and plan out meticulously what he was about to do. he arrived a work against tomorrow at the mandalay bay hotel before this three-day concert begun. so he was planning and preparing his lair and his perch for this attack. that doesn't someone like someone that snapped. this was well-planned out. >> yeah, in my experience, nobody just snaps. they will find clues along the way. there's some indicators that he was capable of this kind of act. but the your point, you know, with respect to planning, there's many cases that people that are absolutely deranged still maintain the ability to plan very carefully. look at someone like -- you
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know, to take an example of the colorado shooting in aurora. he planned carefully. planned how to get in, how to get out, how to pin the door to have access once he left the venue. just because they're deranged doesn't mean they lack the capacity to plan an act like this. >> neil: so you're examining the funds he sent to the philippines presumably to marilou danley. that's not a given. how would you look at that and the frequency of the payments? because they were allegedly made over the course of the last week in $10,000 increments. what would you look for there? >> the $10,000 limit is pursuant to law. the cash transaction limit is $10,000. so beyond that, i would look at
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patterns. has he ever sent money in the past. does he own property there. is he supporting her family? or has it been suggested, was he attempting to get his money out of the country that he knew in short order it would be frozen by the authorities. so it's unclear yet, but i'd like at past transactions as one indicator. >> neil: what about the anecdotal evidence you hear from family members and how much is reliable or you don't know, increasing concern for her because of his increasing volunteer behavior? that his moodiness, depending on who you talk to, was getting so pronounced that there was concern. you hear that. i don't know what you attach to a reliable guide here. but what do you think? >> he was having domestic problems, that sheds light on his mental stated. i'd like more detail mo who said it, how reliable the statements are. think about the statements that we've heard since the incident started. in the beginning, the girlfriend was in the front row telling
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everybody they would be killed and turned out that would be true. there's a lot of information that needs to be sifted through and measured with respect to voracity before we can take anything and draw conclusions from it. >> shepard: david katz, thanks for your expertise. >> neil: president trump as consoler in chief, he's played it well but he has to keep playing it again and again. a president with his share of tragedies. how is he handling that aspect of his job, which these days seems to be the more prominent aspect of that job after this.
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>> you, the people of nevada and the extraordinary city have shown the world their incredible character, courage and resolve. nevada really is a very, very special place. >> neil: all right. he's certainly had his deal of
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tragedies to deal with. the las vegas shooting after dealing with one hurricane after another and on and on. puerto rico just yesterday. former white house adviser, karl rove. how is he doing at this job? as you and i discussed, it's not written in by our forefathers but it's a prominent one for modern day presidents. >> yes, it is. there's two components, a formal component, you saw that in the remarks that he made to the news conference. well-done and well delivered. he talks about our souls are striken when he talked about the victims. we stand together to carry your pain. well written, clearly from the president's harm. there's an informal part to this. we didn't see as much of it but we'll see more in the conversations that people share about his visits to the hospital. you saw it with the informal
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banter between he and the chief position at the hospital. you saw it in the first responders and before he made his formal remarks. you can tell when he reached back, talked about the sheriff and reach back and put his hand on his shoulder, that conveyed a lot of respect. the banter with the mayor who is not a fan of the presidents, but the banter back and forth showed an ease with it. the informal stuff that we'll see more ant in the days ahead is probably going to have a bigger impact than the president's formal remarks, which were well-done. >> neil: you know, karl. you dealt with this with president bush. but his presence matters. when the president arrived on a site, you know it's a big deal because they moved heaven and earth to make it possible. many presidents don't want to
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intrude in the recovery or what's going on but it changes the dynamics. >> yeah. i can just imagine the people in the hospital to feel that the president of the united states has journeyed from washington d.c. to las vegas and come to their hospital room, given them award of encourage meant. you saw it. he say i invited people to the white house. they want him to take it up on him. i expect to see a wonderful event featuring i hope not only the people shot but the -- so many people. i'm glad the president dwelt. we had a lot of first responders that wore uniforms but a lot of people that saved lives and put themselves in danger were ordinary civilians attending that concert and risked their lives to help a fellow human being to safety or saves later life. the stories that you hear are just remarkable. i'm so glad the president drew
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attention to it. >> neil: do you get a sense -- i think enormous events affect presidents like, this the enormity of that and the pressure placed on them to get people's spirits or to be there for them, it's heavy duty stuff. >> yeah. there's a reason why every president, the age in office, you can see it happen. it's because they understand when they deal in moments like this their important role. yesterday was different. today he was the comforter. yesterday he was the comforter in puerto rico but also he's the guy in charge of the recovery phase of this and he's the guy in charge of making certain that the people of puerto rico have electricity and water and their life returns to normal. so the weight of that is enormous on any president. today -- there's not a lot of president that he can do for each of those individuals but
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his mere presence does a lot. >> neil: karl, well-said. thanks very much. a little historical perspective we can all use. now video perspective on the shooter that we're all just letting sink in after this. moste campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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>> neil: all right. we're learning a lot from the body cams. manny gomez is here with us.
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manny, every time i see and hear the footage, i'm reminded of the fact of the confusion in the initial moments. some saying it has to be at the mandalay. others saying maybe not at the mandalay. the frantic rush to find out where the bullets are coming from. but this can piece together a lot, can't it? >> absolutely. i think the police officers at this event acted heroically, acted efficiently and effectively to neutralize the shooter. the fact that they had no idea that this was going to happen and the fact that they with were there and neutralized this killer within 15 minutes is amazing. to be able to detect, identify and do a dynamic entry within the time that they did it, they're heros. if not, if they wouldn't have
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done what they did, numerous other lives would have been lost. >> neil: what was amazing too, manny -- you brought this i'm with the 9-11 heros, those running in the towers versus those leaving. they don't think twice about putting themselves in harm's way. they're running in the face of bullets. time is wasting. they know that in that -- in that avalanche of fire that they themselves could get killed. but it's as if -- i'm risking, doing it and hell if i'm not going to get to this guy. >> absolutely, neil. these folks, they did a dynamic entry, broke into the room. they didn't know what was behind the door. they didn't know if there were explosive devices, if the place was booby trapped. they didn't know what was on the other side of the door. yet they risked their lives to save multiple other lives.
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why know there were cam recorders there. >> neil: what do you think of that, by the way? what was he up to, the shooter? if he had at least three cameras, one outside. one through the keyhole to see if police or swat was coming and a couple could have been monitoring what he was doing and even focused on the crowd below. so what do you think of that? >> clearly this person has it planned, well-planned. he knew what he was going to do. he had the cam corders out there to see if and when the police would reach him. he had a game plan. he killed himself before the police -- while the police were breaching the room. he obviously had this premeditated. this was something that was planned not for days that he was there but a long time to
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question. >> neil: what do you think he was doing in the few days prior? he arrived a week ago tomorrow. he didn't start the shooting until this concert that he was targeting was in the third final day, down to the last hour. so what was he doing in those days? >> that's just it, neil. the motive is the key. we still don't have a motive. that's what everybody wants to know. what is the motive? if and when we know the motive, we could perhaps deter the next attack. this is not going to end. unfortunately we have seen this is an ongoing problem not only in this country but internationally. we need to get to the bottom of what motivates these people to do this so that we could perhaps and hopefully stop the next attack. it's a carry situation. we have something that was totally under the radar.
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created the biggest attack in the history of this country. so we need to really get to the bottom of what motivates this person and perhaps the next person that may be copying the same sort of attack. >> neil: i'll tell you, manny, part of a different breed. everybody is running around like crazy and obviously trying to help in any way they can and these guys are running into all of this to make sure it stops. imagine how many more could have been killed had they not done that. a great risk to themselves. some of them barely banged up in the process. a couple died. all right. is it time for hotels, casinos in general to up the scanning of guests? forget magnetometers.
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♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> neil: the president is done in las vegas and returning to washington tonight where he's getting development on the tax situation including speaker paul ryan that indicated there might be a fourth tax rate. more after this.
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>> neil: all right. after the fact changing the way that hotels and casinos go about their business, checking in customers and would it have made a distinction, in retrospect, yes. had people gone through the
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luggage of the assailant in las vegas. already a couple of hotels and casinos in greater las vegas are doing that. the wynn, for example. and that is showing down the process but maybe that's what happened. after 9-11, you could walk into any building in manhattan. now you have to check, get your i.d. screened and go through magnetometers. will life change? aaron cohen is here with us. israelis wrote the book and how to respond and deal every day with terror. by the same token, that doesn't mean they go through enormous lengths to prevent it. what is the middle ground here? what do you do? >> great question, neil. the middle ground from my feeling here is that we can deploy an israeli hybrid. had bags been checked at the mandalay bay prior to the mass shooting, the gunman with his
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30-plus weapons, 20 plus weapons never would have gotten to the 32nd floor. can you open your bag? thank you. allow the bell hops to take it up after it's been cleared. i recommend a hybrid. putting down a team of bag checkers in place when the large scale events happen, which are more likely to see attacks. so almost an israeli hybrid soft target security apparatus. when you have 22,000 people in a parking lot attached or being hosted by one of the hotels, put the security back checks down but train those security checkers in some slight behavioral profiling as well. what you miss with the bags you make up for with asking questions. it's only about a week or two weeks worth of training. it can be combined with the sam time of ambassador tone and feel
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that you have with hotel and restaurant management now. it's doable. it needs to expand for these events and scale it down after the events. you can't check 22,000 people a day. it's ridiculous. so it might mean you have a lot bag checking throughout the weekend. >> that city is famous for policing people playing cards. they don't have to think it seems or they never consider the possibility of something as heinous as this. so they're all doing a reexamination of their business here. these are anomalies. they are unusual events. so how do you prevent overreacting? >> i think that -- let me address the first part of that. hotel and casino is some of the finest in the world. they protect money. it's all designed around money. when you're dealing with the
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level of money moving through the casino, with the money they have on the floor to pay the large payouts, the surveillance is incredibly sophisticated. so you know, neil, it's -- to keep it from being reactive, i think i they have the manpower in place and create an external security unit that is combined with this ambassadorship in front of these hotels to do the job of checking the bags. i've been saying in for four days. just check the bags. i need some bag checks while i'm looking -- here's the similarity between vegas and israel. poker plays are the masters of reading body language. that's why they wear sunglasses. so you can't read their eyes. we train people in the airports
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for the same behavioral profiling, which means listen -- 70% of what we do is nonverbal communicating, neil. if -- and women make up over 50% of our security screeners. the reason why? women are inherently better at reading lies. so we deploy them to look for those little ticks. i think that we can apply that to hotels and large scale soft target events across the country. we can do it at a cost-effective level, too. >> neil: i'm sure it's being assessed as we speak. thanks, aaron. good seeing you. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: in case you had any doubt that they were looking at a fourth tax bracket on fears that the rich were getting away with financial murder, apparently there really looking at it big time. i want all you rich folks out there to listen up. something is about to go down. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them.
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how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> neil: it was just a quick
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comment on the part of speaker paul ryan who seemed to indicate that lawmakers are open to a fourth tax rate and one that would make sure to go in and zero out on the rich who some critics are saying getting away with a big tax boon here. charles payne on that and fox business network. we don't know the rate of which it would be. we know that the seven rates that the white house collapsed to three might now be a fourth that would ensnare guys like you. how you feel about that? >> i feel awful about it. i feel awful because the republican party -- i don't know if they're negotiating against themselves, if they put out overtures to chuck and nancy. but this is not typical republican orthodoxsy. they're saying we're going to raise a lot of money. the more money and businesses make and they keep, the more they'll put back in the economy and that he generate more
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success. but apparently they don't believe in that anymore. one thing they're not talking about with this whole idea of making this new tax plan revenue neutral is not cutting on spending. let's cut spending, generate more economic activity in the economy and let's not punish the rich. the last eight years, neil, the tax policy was about punitive measures. it wasn't about economics. the way to punish those that were successful and backfired on those that weren't successful. >> neil: this event today, paul ryan had said, there was a discussion with the house ways and means committee and looking at whether or not to have a fourth bracket for high income earners so the tax relief goes to the middle income taxpayers. seems to be a guarantee that we're going to have the fourth rate. >> tax relief will go to those paying taxes. the notion that it will be fair and smart and that it's going to
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be effect i've, then that's the way you do it. believe me, people that get the bigger tax breaks are -- who reap the most money, they're still going to pay overwhelming in the largest percentage of overall taxes. that money they take out will find its way to the economy and ways that it creates jobs and move the will of commerce. if you want people to horde money, if you want rich folks to not invest in the economy, this is the exact way to do it. >> thanks, charles. thanks very much. again, just to update you here, a republican seemed to be laying the ground work for that additional tax right, that higher rate for the well-to-do. we just don't know at what rate it kicks in. whether it goes all the way up to what it is now, 39.6% or is in between, the 35% rate that they're proposing as they're kicking it around. wayne newton was telling me on fox business network the show will go on in las vegas. robin leach is glad it is after this.
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>> neil: all right. you're looking live at mandalay bay resort. the scene of all of this horrific carnage or from there that a man mowed down almost 60 americans and injured some severely more than 500 others. ground city to a halt to put it mildly. monday, it all went dark in las vegas. an iconic figure there, wayne newton, said the show had to go on. when i caught i'm with him
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yesterday, he point was and remains, vegas has to be vegas. wayne newton, take a look. >> you continue to go on, you con to entertain people that rely on that every time they come to vegas. you're a main draw. so nothing has been pulled back on your part there. >> well, actually, caesars palace, which owns balley's where i work, they both went dark in terms of entertainment, to show some respect for those that were injured and killed. so i am convinced that tonight we will get back to doing what it is we do and try to bring some happiness into people's lives. >> neil: and he did and the city did. television personality las vegas resident robin leach with us right now. robin, of course, you're very proud of your city. you have every reason to be. it's shown mightily in terms of the human spirit through all of this. so i less what wayne newton was saying was right.
1:51 pm
vegas would prove itself and did, didn't it? >> yes, indeed. you know, the show must go on. we can't live in a world where one deranged individual or a terrorist group can affect the lives of so many people. although the town is somber, we must remember that this is a tale of two cities. the strip, 4.2 miles of adult insanity and then a community that cares compassionately for those that were killed and injured in this tragic terrible state of a fairs. our business is tourism and entertainme entertainment. if we were in the sun glass business, we would still be making sun glasses this morning. we're open for business. we thank everybody who has been with us through this awful 72
1:52 pm
hours that we experienced tremendous tales of courage, professionalism and shown vegas for what we are. we're not just about strip clubs, alcoholic excesses. we're about compassion and love and compare for the community. >> neil: you are indeed. robin, where were you when this went down sunday? >> i was driving my car home at 10:08. i even looked at my catch at the time. i was heading west on tropicana and heading east on tropicana on the other side of the street where dozens of police cars, every police car in this city responded to this call for action. you know, the thing that -- nobody can grasp it unless you were actually in the middle of it, that these police officers ignored the rules of setting up a perimeter and just went
1:53 pm
straight to where the problem -- the trouble was starting. and as the president said today on his meetings here with the victims in the hospital, if they hadn't -- if they hadn't faced death themselves and gone storming into the hotel, the carnage would have been even worse. it was -- you know, shooting goldfish in a pond. it was terrible. no escape. so hats off to the bravery of our first responders. everybody from ambulance drivers to medical staff to the police, the fire department. just absolutely remarkable. >> neil: i was reading some of your local press, robin and concerns expressed by some about outdoor venues, public events, that sort of thing that they have to look into it or beef up security as if they would change
1:54 pm
if someone was shooting from a perch, floors above the scene. what is the latest there and how it's affecting the mood? forget about making casinos go through luggage and magnetometers and all that. >> you know, neil, it's far too early for them to be coming up with hardened concrete plans. i don't think you'll see another concert in those festival grounds. i don't think you'll see live events on the strip, this business of tall buildings to face openly on to large public gatherings, not just hear in las vegas, by the way, but in other cities across america, this is a flaw in security. because nobody had everybody thought that there would be mass attacks from a high rise. i think you're going to see changes. i think you'll see those changes
1:55 pm
in place before new year's eve, for instance, on the strip, which is the largest outdoor party in the united states, over 315,000, 320,000 people come here and walk the strip on december 31. that will change. outdoor concerts will change in public places. >> what about in the casinos themselves? we've talked about screening luggage, i know. the wynn has been doing this the last couple days. i don't know how long it can continue to do so. some customers complaining about that. it's leading to longer lines. i'm not sure this will be like post 9-11 experience where now you can't get into buildings in new york without showing an i.d., but something like that in store for vegas? what do you think? >> i believe a version of it will be implemented. the customer in the end comes first in our viewpoint here in las vegas.
1:56 pm
we'll be sensible about it. they'll be sensible about it. people will realize that safety precautions have to be taken. i don't think that in the end they will object to too much about that form of an inconvenience. >> neil: robin, you've been through much and provide add good perspective of how resilient nevadians are. i'm not surprised at all. thank you. >> be proud of las vegas. >> neil: i am, sir. and of you. thanks very much. robin leach joining outs of las vegas. stick around. more after this. as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> neil: the shooter's girlfriend is still being questioned. she is going into our five as the fbi interrogates her to find out what she knew, when she knew it, whether she was the recipient of all the cash that came her way to the philippines. better than $100,000 in $10,000 increments. what they want to know from mary
2:00 pm
lou danley is was she aware of his growing collection of pretty serious weaponry. and the money and where it was going and to whom it was going. so much we don't know. they are trying to piece it together right now. "the five" ." >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, richard fowler, jesse watters, and dana perino. "the five" ." president trump and first lady melania met with victims and first responders. >> the bravery. some were badly wounded. they were badly wounded because they refused to leave. they wanted to help others. it's an incredible thing to see. this tremendous bravery. police department, incredible. the pe


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