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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 4, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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30,000 pounds of emergency relief supplies. shout out to those union workers doing good work for the people of puerto rico. >> greg: set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five" ." "special report" is next. >> bret: president trump years from the victims and first responders during a visit to las vegas. as comfort arrives in the form of a ship to puerto rico. and the administration asks congress for billions more in hurricane aid, plus the president and secretary of state forcefully call out fake news. this is "special report" ." welcome to washington. i am bret baier. incredible, amazing, indescribable. some words president trump used today after meeting with patients, doctors and nurses and first responders from sunday's shooting in las vegas that killed 59 people and injured hundreds more. new pictures and video along
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with eyewitness accounts are surfacing about sunday night, a night of music turned into a fight for survival. chief white house correspondent john roberts is traveling with the president but we begin with trace gallagher. images from sunday's shooting and the latest on the investigation. >> the associated press reporting stephen paddock requested the room in the mandalay bay so he could fire down on the concert crowd from two separate windows. ee also had three separate cameras aimed at the hallway so he could see one police were closing in. we are learning a great deal more about the deadly first 10 minutes. [gunfire] newly released police body cam video shows what responders on the ground as the attack in las vegas unfolded. >> they are shooting right at us. stay down. stay down.
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mandalay bay, coming out a window. >> audio reveals the moment police entered the room paddock turned into a sniper's nest. finding paddock on the floor dead from an apparent suicide. fbi director andrew mccabe said investigators are reconstructing shooter's, behavior, and figuring out patterns. many much focus turns to marilou danley. she was questioned today after being labeled a person of interest. her sisters insist she knew nothing.
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>> in the year prior to the attack, stephen paddock bought dozens of weapons. a gun shop manager says he sold paddock a gun september 20th, the same day he checked into the mandalay bay hotel. >> i was ill. it made me physically ill to think we had interacted with him and he had committed such a tragedy. >> the owner says the store did not sell paddock ammunition or any bump fire stocks, the device that automatically engages the trigger, allowing the weapon of fire between 400 and 800 rounds per minute. in 2010, bulb stocks were deemed legal. paddock use them on at least 12 weapons. we have learned the fbi questioning of marilou danley
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may be finished for the day because her lawyer came out and addressed the media, saying she is cooperating. that she does not know anything about the shooting and that she did confirm he wired $100,000 to the philippines. he ended by saying she would do anything she could to help the pain and suffering of the victims and their families. >> bret: trace gallagher in las vegas. thank you. as we mentioned, the president and first lady spinning the day in vegas talking to victims and heroes of sunday's deadly shooting. but he didn't talk about was what was happening on capitol hill. democrats are demanding i action on gun control. john roberts is following at al all. >> good evening. for president trump, sunday's mass murder is personal. he has long-standing ties to las vegas, big hotel here. he wanted to come here as quickly as possible to comfort the wounded and praise acts of heroism he says helped minimize
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the loss of life. it was a tribute to heroes who ran straight into danger, risking their lives to save others. >> we are defined by our love, our caring, and our courage. in the darkest moments what shines most brightly is the goodness that thrives in the hearts of our people. that goodness is our lighthouse. >> president trump gave his personal thanks to law enforcement who braved a hail of bullets to get people out of harm's way and within minutes were outside the shooters door on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. >> the world is watching and you show up professionals and is all about. stick with the president also honored civilians, some of whom perished, for putting aside their fears and their own safety, taking extra ordinary measures to protect and help others. >> parents and spouses used their own bodies as shields to protect their loved ones. americans dashed into a hail of
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bullets to rescue total strangers. >> at university medical center, president trump met with many victims of the shooting, some suffering grievous wounds and had high praise for surgeons, nurses, and hospital staff who saved the lives of so many. >> i want to congratulate everybody. it's incredible. incredible what you've done. we met quite a few people and believe me they are very lucky to be here. stick with the president diverted from weighing in on growing calls from democrats in congress to give them gun-control measures in the wake of sunday's mass murderer. >> how many more dead bodies will it take to wake up this congress? >> chuck schumer argues democrats are proposing the same type of gun control is president trump once supported as a civilian and that now as president to can lead the debate. >> mr. president, you have an opportunity to buck the nra, bulk of the gun lobbyists, buck the swamp and lead this country in an adult conversation about gun violence. >> republicans including house
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whip steve scalise who was gravely wounded by a would-be mass murderer says new restrictions are to the answer. >> in my case, you have people on site with guns to immediately counter the shooter and take him down. that happens every day in america where regular citizens that have their own guns because of the second amendment protection are able to defend themselves against criminals. >> where some republicans are finding agreement is on so-called bump stocks that the las vegas shooter used to turn a semiautomatic rifle into a near machine gun. they were legalized by the atf during the obama administration. >> i did not know there was technology capable that cheaply of transforming a semiautomatic into a knot about a weapon. yeah, i don't think there's any question we ought to look at that. >> in fact, republican congressman from miami tells fox news he's working on bipartisan legislation at this moment to ban so-called bump
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fire stocks. the bigger issue, and it's one we've dealt with before, how to address a mass murderer in waiting for appears to have amassed an arsenal? totally legally. >> bret: john roberts and las vegas. thanks. amid all the sadness from the 58 lives lost in sunday's concert shooting, there's emerging stories of heroism during a desperate time of need. claudia cowan reports on some of the victims and the heroes were there for them. >> amid the unthinkable horror of sunday night, there was the best of humanity as many coughed in the carnage used their bodies to shield others, help strangers, scrambled over a fence and used their clothes to make turn account -- tourniquet tourniquet's. a former shuttling victims with
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the pickup truck. >> it's hard to pack up and leave. you can only fit so many people and there were so many people who needed help sun there were no ambulances on scene. >> a 43-year-old nurse was shot multiple times and losing blood. she was saved when a passing cabbie scooped her up. his passengers kept her talking and they raced to the hospital where she recounted her story. >> the people in the car were putting pressure on my wounds. they were the ones that called my friends and family. if it wasn't for that cabdriver, i wouldn't be here. i don't know who he is. >> we are here with you. stick with those who didn't survive are being remembered across the country. in california, a 50-year-old mother of two and the wife of a
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san francisco police officer. he went to help others to learn later she was shot. >> his instinct was to help people. i don't want him living without regret at all. his wife tried to help people too. >> this las vegas police officer was off-duty enjoying country music country music. he will be honored tomorrow night. he was just 34 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children. makeshift memorials like this one continued to grow, along with a relief fund, roughly $9 million. some of that money will help pay for funerals. bret. >> bret: thank you. the trump administration is asking congress for billions more in hurricane disaster aid. within the last hour, fox news has learned of the administration requesting nearly $13 billion for the federal emergency management associatio
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association. the national flood insurance program, already deep in the red and more than $575 million to combat wildfire southwest. today after president trump told fox news the administration would help rated puerto rico of its debt, his budget director is walking that back. >> they owe a lot of money to your friends on wall street. we are going to have to wipe it out. you can take about that. >> it doesn't mean the federal government is going to be bailing out toward rico's long-term debt situation. i think what you saw there was the president focusing on the reality that in order to get its long-term fiscal operation back in order, puerto rico is going to have to figure out a way to restructure its debt. >> bret: the u.s. territory has been struggling to pay back $73 billion in debt and damage from hurricanes has obviously compounded the problem.
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comfort has arrived in puerto rico. the navy's hospital ship the uss comfort docked near san juan to help the island territory still struggling. mike tobin shows us with the ship and its crew are capable of doing during puerto rico's time of need. >> as the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico threatens to become a health crisis, the weapon to combat that is this converted oil tanker hospital ship. >> we bring a level to hospital anywhere we can put the ship. it's a unique component that you don't have most places. >> this ship has to go emergency rooms, operating rooms, x-rays, cat scans. if needed, the staff members can deliver babies and remove cataracts. the only difference between this and the local hospital is that the beds are tied down. they need for trauma care existed in the days immediately
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following the hurricane. doctors on the ship expect the problems they encountered a come from elderly in the heat. away from their medicines and dialysis. >> here in puerto rico, mosquito borne diseases. >> this ship can reach any part of the coast in under eight hours. they don't need a port. flight deck carries two helicopters. what looked like lifeboats on the rail are floating ambulance ambulances. intended for combat support, the staff trying to prevent a health crisis in puerto rico could treat upwards of 200 patients. >> it's rewarding to do this. this is what we are all here fo for. >> the captain says it was seven days from the time he got his orders, got his ship staff and arrived here in portico. they are waiting on directives
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from where the need is the greatest and where along the island this floating hospital should drop anchor. >> bret: mike tobin live in san juan. a month after hurricane harvey devastated southern texas, a fund established by houston's top elected leaders has issued its first grants. city leaders get out $7.5 million this week to 28 organizations, most plan to use the money to provide temporary housing or assist residents with home repairs. the fund raised nearly $80 million in the weeks after hurricane harvey. the florida keys are back open for business. florida governor rick scott hosted a press conference to call for visitors to return. tourism was shut down after hurricane irma slammed the area
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september ten. record-setting day across the board on wall street. dow rose 20. s&p 500 and nasdaq were both up up 3. after months of investigating, senate intelligence leaders say there is still no clear evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. but they say there is little doubt russia tried to meddle with our election. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been watching. joins us with an update. >> after nine months, and more than 100 witness interviews, the senate intelligence committee leadership offered no evidence of coordination between the trump campaign and russia, telling reporters there's more work ahead. >> the issue of collusion is still open. we continue to investigate both intelligence and witnesses and we are not in a position where we will come to any type of temporary finding on that until we have completed the process. >> the next phase will include public hearings. inviting michael cohen to testify october 25. a source close to him says his appearance is not firm. the committee has an invitation
3:16 pm
to facebook, google, and twitter to publicly testify. asked about ads during the campaign, the senator said the goal was division, not helping a particular candidate. >> they used social media in terms of paid advertising and what i believe is more problematic, created false accounts and others that would drive interests towards stories or groups. generally those stories or groups work to sow chaos and drive division. >> senators could not determine the credibility of the unverified salacious trump dossier compiled by christopher steele. the dossier helped kick-start the fbi's counterintelligence investigation into alleged russian collusion. christopher steele refused to identify his sources. >> the committee has hit a wall.
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we have on several occasions made attempts to contact mr. steele to meet with mr. steele. those offers have gone unexpected. >> the senators say the russian campaign continued after the election and they expect a more aggressive targeted campaign during the midterm elections. >> bret: thank you. he says he did not call the president a moron. coming up, secretary of state rex tillerson fires back at an nbc news report on his relationship with president trump. france's government takes a tough stance to prevent another terror attack. critics are outraged. find out why after the break. 75 million of us suffer from the gritty and frustrating symptoms of dry eye. we need theratears®. theratears® is more than just eye drops. it's eye therapy. dry eye symptoms are caused by a salt imbalance. theratears® unique electrolyte formula,
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>> bret: secretary of state rex tillerson sets the record straight, trashing nbc report that said he had nearly resigned over clashes within the trump administration. rich edson reports, tillerson reaffirmed his commitment to his job and those in the white house asserted their own confidence in him. >> secretary of state rex tillerson began his day reading a report that he called the president a moron. hours later he spoke at the state department and failed to deny it. >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. >> an nbc news report claiming the secretary was on the verge of resigning. vice president mike pence had ordered him -- had to urge him to stay. >> the vice president has never had to convince me to stay because i've never considered leaving. he loves the country, president trump puts americans and america first.
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he is smart and demands results and he holds those around him accountable for whether they have done the job he's asked them to do. >> the state department addressed whether the secretary called his boss a moron. >> the secretary did not use that type of language speak about the president of the united states. he does not use that language to speak about anyone. i hope that clarifies things. >> he never said it. >> he didn't say it. >> i am honored by his comments. it was fake news and a phony story. it was made up. it was made up by nbc. they just made it out. total confidence in rex. >> state department says this took out the president and the secretary spoke and the president said they are good. sources have for months told fox of disagreements between the secretary and the white house. arguments on personnel and staffing and policy differences on certifying iranian compliance with the nuclear agreement. and the dispute between qatar
3:23 pm
and its neighbors. and then this on president trump's comments on the violence in charlottesville. >> the president speaks for himself. >> then the secretary's relationship with congress. even republicans have criticized him. senate foreign relations committee chairman bob corker said of tillerson that defense secretary mattis and secretary kelly. >> bret: more on this with the panel. france is taking new steps to protect the public from terrorism. critics say the new measure crosses the line between public safety and human rights. benjamin hall reports on the measures many call on abuse of power. >> since the the day terrorists killed 130 people in paris in november 2015, france has been under a temporary state of emergency. nearly two years later, the french parliament has overwhelmingly voted to replace
3:24 pm
it with the new antiterrorism law called the french patriot act. at the request of president emmanuel macron, the legislation would extend police powers to try to stop the wave of terrorist attacks. sunday, a man who isis said was a soldier, killed two women at a train station in marseille. on monday, police arrested five with a connection to abominable paris apartment. the attack in nice that left 80 dead. >> even though isis has retreated on the battlefield and lost its ability to prepare attacks from its territory, the threat is not reduced. >> under the new legislation, french police will be able to conduct home searches in place suspects under house arrest. some fear this will leave the country in a permanent state of emergency and that it violates human rights. >> translator: this law grants authority to restrain liberties with no sufficient guaranties
3:25 pm
about abuses put in place. >> the police will also be allowed to close places of worship which are accused of promoting violence. muslim groups have said the bill discriminates against them. others say france needs to acknowledge the threat. >> 240 killed in two years. the french president has never mentioned the name of the real enemy, islamism. like obama never said it either. >> the bill has hurdles to clear before becomes law. already it is dividing opinions. you have those who say this bill is too harsh. you have those who say it isn't harsh enough. after the attack france's scene over the last two years, 20 of which have been successful, most mps feel more needs to be done. >> bret: benjamin hall in london. up next, equifax is hacked and then gets rewarded. here is what is happening beyond the borders.
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flags flying at half-staff in kurdish regions. he became the head of state in 2005. he was 83 years old. a court in turkey sentences 40 people to life in prison, convicting them of charges that include attempting to kill president erdogan during last year's failed coup. 46 suspects, 37 former military personnel have been on trial since february. in syria, the russian military is accusing the u.s. of helping isis launch a series of attacks against syrian troops. latest accusations come at a time when u.s. backed syrian forces on the russian backed syrian army race for control of eastern syria, an area that's rich with oil and gas. that's a wrap of a few stories beyond our borders. we'll be right back. agging on?
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♪ >> bret: your personal information was not safe with equifax about the company isn't giving you the opportunity to delete your data and it's also getting more money to help the irs with fraud prevention. correspondent peter doocy reports on day two of lawmakers pressing for answers. >> the irs apparently doesn't discriminate against companies that left 145 million americans data get hacked because it just gave a fraud detection contract with more than $7 million to equifax. >> you realize too many americans right now, that looks like we are giving lindsay lohan the keys to the minibar. >> they say the contract is temporary. recently resigned ceo testified his company will have your data forever. they will soon offer a free tool
3:31 pm
to lock and unlock access to it. >> should consumers be allowed to request you delete their data from your system? they are data you gather without their knowledge. >> i believe a better way to get at it is through the lock concept. because that means no. >> correct. >> yahoo announced all 3 billion of its users accounts were hacked but email is voluntary. personal information is involuntarily collected by credit reporting agencies. >> there are only three companies that do this we need to think about how the ownership of that data works. >> elizabeth warren wants the sec to start seizing salaries and bonuses of negligent ceos. >> it's not complicated to do a claw back. at what point in time to the breach of occur? >> some executives made a
3:32 pm
windfall selling stock. >> may have been done with the best of intentions and no intent for insider trading, but this really stinks. >> do you all want us to believe the three luckiest investors who sold their stock did so without any knowledge? i find that hard to believe. >> the former equifax ceo insisted equifax is vital to the economy because you have to go to them for credit monitoring. senators were not impressed, they are especially troubled that equifax plans to sell fraud protection programs to the very customers they just exposed to fraud. >> bret: peter doocy lab on capitol hill. thank you. the houses move forward with a plan to ban abortions after 20 weeks but that bill faces an uphill battle in the senate. what, if anything, will be done
3:33 pm
to get something on the president's desk. shannon bream joins me with a look at the political and legal issues at stake. it has passed the house. >> one lawmaker said for this to go anywhere it needs a miracle or divine intervention. it's been there before in 2015 when democrats controlled the senate. they blocked it. as the minority party, they can do that this time. you need 60 votes to get it procedurally moving to debate. that's a tough hill. the 60 vote threshold, he's calling it a huge problem. >> it's the only rule like it in any parliamentary battery where the majority of the body cannot. >> i think we should bring to the floor, and i think they will. we should have the debate. >> the president has said he
3:34 pm
will sign it but there's plenty of democrats saying it's not going to be necessary. it won't get past them and if it did, they view it as unconstitutional. >> bret: what about the legality of this bill? >> their vent states passing 20 week bands. the ninth circuit has struck down the bans. in georgia, the supreme court said it wouldn't hear a case about it there. the supreme court has not heard this kind of case. arizona tried to appeal to the supreme court. in missouri, planned parenthood has a couple restrictive abortion bills. they put in their emergency request because they want the bills toss. it's one of those cases that could end there.
3:35 pm
>> bret: your show at the end of the month. the all-star panel weighs in on whether president trump's trip to vegas struck the right tone. fox 35 in orlando. florida residents can register to vote from their home computers. the state has launched an online voter registration option at of the november election. registering online is expected to be more convenient and provide a more accurate voter list. several people have voiced concerns about cyber security issues. fox 28 in columbus, ohio. the environmental protection agency is monitoring the air after an explosion at a chemical plant overnight. no one was injured in the blast at the clean harbors environmental recycling facility. epa testing has not revealed any issues. live look at st. louis. fox 2. the big story there, police
3:36 pm
arrested 143 people tuesday during a protest that shut down a busy highway near downtown. demonstrators have been taking to the street since mid-september over the acquittal of a white former police officer in the death of anthony lamarr smith. we will be right back. when you have a cold
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fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. ♪ >> officers standing up the line of fire to help those in danger and find out where those horrible shots were coming from. words cannot describe the bravery that the whole world witnessed on sunday night. the message isn't, we have a great country and we are there for you. they are there for us. >> gun violence program.
3:40 pm
stick we are not going to talk about that today. >> we cannot let this tragedy, this american tragedy, another in a long line of american tragedies fall out of our hearts and minds too quickly. >> bret: after the tragedy, because for some action, some different than others but what's really gaining some momentum it seems this so-called bump stocks that the las vegas shooter used to turn a semiautomatic rifle into a near machine gun. they were legalized by the atf during the obama administration. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle looking at that. >> at the very least, back a bill that stops the killer accelerators like the bump stocks. this device has no purpose but to convert an already deadly weapon into a completely lethal
3:41 pm
carnage force multiplier. >> congress should look into see whether perhaps they should be outlawed. >> i think there is no question we ought to look into that. >> bret: let's bring in the panel. mollie hemingway, ari fleischer, susan page. mollie, what about the momentum for something? >> we are talking about something involved in this deadly incident which is not usually the case when we go through this ritual of talking about gun control after a deadly event. that's something we do to make ourselves feel better about the fact that no amount of gun regulation is going to prevent people who are hell-bent on murdering people from doing so. we have learned that after so many terrorist incidents involving planes, trucks, fertilizer, any number of other things. we are pretending where having a debate about gun control but wee having a debate about the nature of evil and whether government can contain it.
3:42 pm
>> normally you hear people say why can't we do something? i don't blame people for that reaction. it's what you do and something goes wrong. you say how do we stop it from happening again? i think we have to pause and learn what we can do not rush into it. the broader point about automatic weapon fire, whether it's barrel stocks or whatever it is, we do not want to be a nation where you can get your hands on a machine gun and use it. i think there will be some coming together along those lines and i would like to see it. the thing i would like to see less of is what secretary clinton tweeted about silencers. it has nothing to do with this. it's a distortion of the debate about what suppressors do. you still hear the gunshot. when something goes wrong like this, you hate to see the politicians rush in and make a pair what you want to see is a reasonable solution.
3:43 pm
>> bret: there is an interesting development with the politics. if you look at democrats. the national journal pointing out six red state senate democrats up for reelection in 2018, not one came out for more gun control. joe manchin cosponsored legislation has been notably quiet. heidi heitkamp voted against background checks and has no interest in bringing up gun control. she notes the politics of missouri that are than the armchair pundits. interesting take. >> i think democrats have concluded it's not a slam dunk issue. you can look at polling and see 9 out of 10 american supported,
3:44 pm
gun control is an issue that's her democrats running for office. what surprises me in the wake of this terrible tragedy was the lack of a debate. after sandy hook, huge debate, even after the orlando shootings, democrats took over the floor of congress to talk about it for a day. you get the feeling this is not something democrats are going to pursue in an aggressive way. i have one question about the bump stock issue. the nra has had a "no" step is permissible attitude because it's a slippery slope. will the nra endorsed this legislation? >> bret: it's a great question question. is there a point where some give has to be given? >> there are all sorts of proposals out there. part of a compromise on allowing suppressors, not silencers. we talk about these things.
3:45 pm
background checks, we already do background checks and almost everyone who purchases -- >> there's been a lot of talk about loopholes. >> so many people talking about these issues aren't people who use on fire weapons. >> bret: does the nra come off, is there an offer? does president trump somehow negotiate something with his friends with the nra to come off on something? >> it's entirely possible. and a lot of people who fire weapons don't care that much about it relative to other issues. i would encourage people to understand you can simulate a rapid fire using a belt loop. you don't need one of these things. with 3d printing. there's no way we are going to be able to control evil people who want to commit mass murder.
3:46 pm
the latest murderer who grew up in a fatherless home. it's difficult to deal with that societal crisis of how most people in prison, most people have severe problems grow up in fatherless homes. this something people could work on that would pay dividends. >> bret: this is the president talking about the las vegas gunmen today. >> i can tell you it's a very sick man. he was a very demented person. we haven't seen that yet, but you will know very soon if we find something. we are looking very, very hard. >> bret: he was pressed about it by the pool before he got on marine one. he said it's going to come out soon. kind of foreshadowing whatever the police are learning. stick with the bickley the >> typically the president would get a briefing. he might know something. i think it's clear already if it was terrorism we all would have known it.
3:47 pm
that's probably ruled out. let me go back to a point mollie was making. don't look for a chuck-nancy deal. if there is something that's going to be legislated, it's going to be narrow. garnering virtually unanimous support. there was an op-ed in "the washington post" by a woman described as a statistician and former news writer at fivethirtyeight. she said i'm not convinced -- her headline was "i used to think gun control was the answer. my research told me otherwise." fascinating, detailed read. nonpartisan. i think it's why the democrats aren't going to push for a fight on it. they don't have the facts on their side. >> bret: i want to turn, representative from florida writing a bill on bump stock and
3:48 pm
has bipartisan support. we'll talk about the president and his secretary of state showing unity in the face of an nbc report about a rift.
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♪ >> rex tillerson's comments. >> i am honored by his comments. it was fake news. totally phony. made up by nbc. total confidence in rex. >> did dispel with this notion i have ever considered leaving. i've answer that question repeatedly. there has never been a consideration to leave. >> where do you think these reports -- >> i'm not going to deal with
3:52 pm
petty stuff. it does nothing but divide people. i'm not going to be part of this effort to divide the administration. >> bret: and nbc report he threatened to resigned in july. tension high between secretary and president and that he called the president a moron. a lot wasn't made about his nonanswer to the questions. heather nauert came out later. >> the secretary did not use that type of language to speak about the president of the united states. he does not use that language to speak about anyone. i hope that clarifies. he did not say it. >> bret: okay. back with the panel. susan. >> what's more persuasive, the principal refuses to answer or this spokesman comes out to answer. this was not petty stuff. it was an incredible insult to the president of the
3:53 pm
united states by the secretary of state. i have to figure either the secretary of state is going to be out of a job in the next few months or he's effectively undercut the terms of his relationship inside the administration or his ability to be commanding with foreign leaders after the president undercut him on sunday about negotiations with north korea. >> i don't see it that way. i think this is why anonymous sources drive people crazy. people tend to throw up their hands and say wake me when you can give me something i can believe. you have anonymous sources saying it's true. you have the secretary saying it's not true. the part about resigning. that he was going to resign. dwell on the fact of, is he leaving the job? it's huge. he said he isn't. reminds me of the same dustup that happened with rod rosenstein after the firing of comey. the press ran stories that he
3:54 pm
threatened to resign which turned out not to be true. telling a reporter anonymously that someone is going to resign is catnip. when the secretary said it's not true. i don't know what to believe, the moron part, i was surprised secretary tillerson himself didn't knock it down. if he didn't say it, he should have knocked it down. it would have given him credibility. >> the secretary of state is a plum position. tillerson is unlike a lot of people who have had this job. he is incredibly wealthy. very successful person. he views it as something he wanted to do because he wanted to serve his country and he didn't get the chance to do it during vietnam although he was eligible to serve. that's a different type of secretary of state that we usually see. i think a lot of people would like this job. yes, he knocked down the story. he's not leaving.
3:55 pm
it is still significant that someone is shopping the story. it would be great, and it's frustrating with anonymous stories. who was behind it? was it someone who wanted his job or did he want the person's job who would get his job. you don't know when it's difficult to gauge the story. >> he did not knock it down. he was given an opportunity to knock it down and he declined. he will have another opportunity because it's going to come up again. >> bret: i would say there are dustup and battles over policy. the iran deal, north korea. it's been very public. as far as this story, heather nauert knocked it down for him. whether you don't believe her o or -- >> he had the chance. >> bret: one we come back, their greatest gift during a time of unimaginable sadness.
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>> the wilcox family lost their daughter alaya to bacterial meningitis. the family decided to donate her organs and a ten month old received her heart. lacey wilcox wrote on facebook seeing mason so energetic showed her how important alaya's heart was. that's an awesome story. thanks for inviting us into your home. fair, balanced and unafraid. the panel continues online. if you vice president been there, click on the
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special report. martha mccallum and her silver y interview with steve scalise starts right now. marc >> martha: we have breaking details about an unarmed hero. i'm martha mccallen. he was the first person to locate the shooter's room. he was a security guard and may have saved many lives. his story in just a minute. mary lou dannelly wrapped up six plus hours of intense questioning by agents seeking a motivate in this america's deadliest shooting. they want to know


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