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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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martha mccallum and her silver y interview with steve scalise starts right now. marc >> martha: we have breaking details about an unarmed hero. i'm martha mccallen. he was the first person to locate the shooter's room. he was a security guard and may have saved many lives. his story in just a minute. mary lou dannelly wrapped up six plus hours of intense questioning by agents seeking a motivate in this america's deadliest shooting. they want to know what she knows about her now dead boyfriend and
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his twisted final days. here's what her attorney put out moments ago. take a look. >> i am devastated by the deaths and injuries that occurred. it never occurred to me that he was planning violence. > >> martha: the president and first lady went to las vegas to see for themselves first hand the carnage and commend the heros, men and women that moved forward while others ran for safety. ♪ [sirens ] [gunshots ] >> go that way! [sirens ] >> they are shooting at us, guys. stay down. where is it at?
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>> it's out of the window. >> get down! go that way. get out of here. there are gunshots coming from over there. go that way. [gunshots ] >> go back! go back! >> get back! get back! there's multiple people shot up there. get in there. >> martha: unbelievable bravery. in his remarks the president singled out the police and first responders. listen to this. >> we are blessed to be surrounded by heros as one eye witness recounted, while everyone else was crouching, police officers were standing up
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as targets. words cannot described the bravery the whole world witnessed sunday night. americans defied death and hatred with love and courage. >> martha: the president sought today to console the grieving and encourage the wounded and raise the spirits of this nation. >> the mass murder that took place sunday night fills america's heart with grief. america is truly a nation in mourning. the example of those whose final act was to sacrifice themselves for those they loved should inspire all of us to show love for the people that grace our lives. we have to wrestle with the horror of what has unfolded this week. we'll struggle through it together.
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we'll overcome together as americans. >> martha: moving words today in las vegas. trace gallagher has been there all week covering this difficult story for us. he joins us tonight as we have late breaking details on what happened. hi, trace. >> hi, martha. marylou daniel's attorney makes a statement after she spent five and a half almost six hours with the fbi. we have no idea what the questions were but the attorney said she had no idea about the shooting. her heart goes out to the sims. victims. i want you to listen to the attorney what she said about her boyfriend. >> i new steven paddock as a kind, caring quiet man. i loved him, and hoped for a
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quiet future together with him. he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in anyway to be a warning that something horrible like this was gowpg too happen. >> we have just learned that stephen paddock requested the exact suite at the monday lay bay from which he fired down on the crowd. there were three camera camerasd on the holloway so he could see when the police were closing in. the first person to close in was a security guard named jesus campos. the stairwell was blocked. he had to use the elevators. when he got to the room, he knew the gunman was firing. he fired on him, hit him in the
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leg. it's unclear if the security guard was armed, and it is unclear if that was the time he killed himself because that's when the police officers began and when they arrived, the shooting suddenly stopped. after the security guard got there, the swat team arrived and they waited an hour because there was no longer shooting. it was a standoff. that's when they went in and found 64-year-old stephen paddock put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. >> martha: welcome to both of you tonight. tony, what do you make of the latest individual, security guard, not sure if he was harmed
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but his himself in the line of fire. >> he did an amazing job. the indications are that his intervention, going to the room may have given the police the exact location to go after which is critically important and he may have been the trigger that allowed the gunman, this guy to essentially take the coward's way out and commit suicide which may have saved lives which is good news. my concern about last night, regarding the thing trace talked about, the video equipment, my sources tell me they previewed the information on the videos and there are things that lay out understanding of his motivation. i have been told they are holding back at least one portion of it based on leads they want to follow. that's the justification i am being told about the
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justification in the delay in releasing the motivation in this. i think we recollected find out soon. >> martha: tony, i'm picking up that you think that they are holding back in releasing a video or image that may have a political bent. >> there is a political angle people are concerned about. there is a legal law enforcement, according to my source. there is leaking certain information regarding guns. nobody leaked the video. that's where there is concern that things are coming out at certain times. >> martha: buck, what do you make? >> to the point made, we can't know much more than has been said about where the motivate stands which is a work in progress to figure this out.
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we may have one bit of information that comes out and points us in a definitive direction, but imnoi'm not sure- because it's someone psychopathic, willing to engage in mass murder, it may not make sense to anyone how he could go about this. his footprint left behind may help determine his mindset, but we don't know how much is online to begin with. law enforcement doesn't know what the pieces are based upon how they fit together in the end. >> martha: you see him as a psychopath, which is a word the fbi used for his father, a bank robber, rather than a terrorist, terrorizing people for a political reason. >> there is nothing we can point
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to now that is a clear political agenda. that could change quickly. there could be a definitive motivate coming out of all of this. psychopath, malignant narcissist, i'm sure you have had panelists on the show looking to diagnose after the fact, but even that is not a perfect science. my inclination is that we'll find this is a deeply disturbed individual hiding it. i don't think his girlfriend knew much about his mindset. i think he was hiding from people that he snapped. >> martha: coming up, breaking news details about the gunman's girlfriend. >> i have not made a statement until now because i have been cooperating with the authorities. >> the authorities spent more
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than six hours grilling marylou. why didn't she expose him at the home they were in and his other homes. an expernt in extremism looks at this relationship from what we know so far and sheds light on it. also, more from president trump's huge day in las vegas, on the ground, bill bennett will join me and give us his take on how they are handling this tragedy for america. >> steve scalise, congressman reunites with three of his heros for an exclusive story. that is coming up. their thoughts on that day and if it's changed anything for these men when it comes to gun control. >> second amendment, any change of heart on this in this group? >> ♪
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>> martha: we now know the fbi has wrapped up a six plus hour
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interview with the las vegas gunman's girlfriend. catherine is live in washington with more on that. >> marilou danley was located overseas. they tracked her movements for seveseveral days. she flew back to the united states and agreed to the fpi interview in los angeles. the trip to the interviews was paddock's idea. he found a cheap ticket and gave a hundred thousand dollars to her. she thought he was breaking up with her and thought the cash was meant to soften the blow. >> while there, i received the cash and thought it was meant to buy a house for me and my family. i flew back to america because i knew the fbi and police
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department wanted to talk to me. i'll fully cooperate with their investigation. anything i can do to ease suffering. >> this matches testimony from her sisters that paddock sent her away for a reason. >> she was sent away so she would be not there to interfere. >> there was nothing in the lawyer's statement about the weapons, 33 purchased by paddock since last year 18 in the home he shared with dannelly along with several thousand rounds of aammunition.
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merritt joining us now, mia. >> prior to the statement from the attorney, we knew zero, really about this woman and whether or not she was involved in anyway or aware of what he was planning. what is your take on it after the statement? >> i think will is there is a g difference that ohm ma sent his girlfriend away to the islamic state. we have a conflict with her. she didn't come back to cooperate with authorities. we saw the saa sarniev brothers.
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she came back to cooperate. i'm inclined to believe her unless there is evidence otherwise. > > >> martha: isis twice declared responsibility for this. >> more than twice. they can't stop declaring responsibility. it's pathetic. you look at the story of the individual's life. stephen paddock was a drinker. as my friend paul kirk shank said, if you want to be a martyr you let other people shoot you. you don't shoot yourself. >> martha: there doesn't appear to be a link. your take is that they are falsely accepting responsibility to take credit for this, which
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we haven't seen them do often. >> my perspective, there are a lot of people that work on isis, i have been on your show on encrypted acts. they are trying to take credit but this is the wrong individual. they have provided no evidence. there is no last will and testament. they keep saying it it's coming. if they hadn't made the bogus claim, we wouldn't be talking about isis at all. it's the foor o fear of messing. they want to be part of the conversation. if they repeat it enough, they think they'll get credit. they want to believe it's isis, but i don't think so. i think anyone cooperating with the police, i give them a great deal of credit.
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she has to be under an enormous amount of pressure, getting hate mail, people thinking she's done it or not. we have to let it play out and see what the fbi does. >> good to talk to you tonight. >> thank you so much for having me, martha. great to see you o. >> martha: you too. coming up, more of the president's message today. >> we can't be part of the evil that insigh incites such terror. bill bennett moments away to president trump's response to the tragedy and a line of tragedies he's had to deal with in his young presidency. >> martha: why did the secretary make a statement to the press other headlines that happened
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>> martha: live look from las vegas. sheriff lombardo who has been outstanding through the course of the week handling the news conference, he will give us the first update of the day. we'll take you there. also right now, president trump back in the air coming back from las vegas expected to land in washington at any moment tonight after meeting with these very brave individuals. you could tell being on the ground and close to these folks and hearing their stories was moving to him and everyone in the room today. there were people he talked about like officer tyler peterson on the second day on the job jumped in front of flying bullets. he's in the hospital now. they are all pulling for him. officer hartfield, who lost his life while he was there enjoying
4:27 pm
the concert that night. so many tragedies we are getting the full sense of as you hear the human being's stories. it's awful. the president and those around him were clearly touched today. >> many families tonight will go to bed in a world that is suddenly empty. the people they so dearly love were torn away from them forever. our souls are stricken with grief for every american who lost a husband or a wife, a mother or a father, a son or a daughter. we know that your sorrow feels endless. we stand together to help you carry your pain. >> joins m joining me now, bill. good to have you with us. quite a string of events that america has dealt with in recent weeks and the president has had
4:28 pm
to try to manage. >> and i think he has managed well. it may turn out unfathomable. there is the line that not even the devil himself knows the mind of man. i was thinking about the president and first lady. he said we are surrounded by heros. remember we few happy band of broth ares. thbrothers. the last words said, some will go to bed empty. it's interesting when donald trump delivers a speech. it's not a smooth speech from someone practiced. he's a ready guy, a gruff new yorker. you can see how comfortable he
4:29 pm
is talking off the cuff, throwing paper towels at the crowd as he was doing in puerto rico. there is a real charge and attraction to what he did today because what he's doing, he's taking the personality and bordering it, boxing it in with these words. you can see him thinking, i'm not going to get this wrong. i'm not going loose or off text >> martha: i watch the people on the stage with him or the podium. you can tell they are feeling the same thing. they are exhausted. they have been out there all week trying to make sense of this horrific, sad situation. you felt it there today. it's sort of -- it's not written anywhere that, that's the president's duty or job description, but we have come in
4:30 pm
modern times come to expect it. sometimes it works better than other times. it's tough business. >> and think about this. the president and first lady have been to texas, florida, puerto rico, las vegas. they have seen misery. they have seen suffering of human beings. they have hugged people. they have seen the carnage and consequences in las vegas. when they go to bed at night, what affect does this has on them? in college i read a book that said if you have ears attuned enough to see the suffering of the world it would overwhelm you. the trumps have had a good portion of suffering of the world -- at least america, over the last few weeks. they have absorbed it well. i am proud of them.
4:31 pm
i admire what they have done and their composure. i imagine this is drawing them closer, but i can't imagine the effect of all they have seen. people should have real empathy for them such as they have shown to the people in those four places. >> martha: there is always criticism to go around. strong words about that. always good to see you, sir. >> you bet. coming up in washington, safe to say you don't see this everyday. >> i want to address the main headline that you called the president a moron. >> martha: how does the secretary of state respond to that claim. what's really going on behind the scenes with all of that. also, part two of our sit down
4:32 pm
with congressman steve scalise. also members on the hill, what the lawmakers think about being targets because of their political affiliation. when we come back. >> you all got a look at the shooter at some point during this. when you heard he had a list of republicans, out there specifically seeking republicans, what went through your mind?
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>> martha: troubling breaking news, u.s. special forces ambushed in the country of nyger. eight to ten special ops troops were attacked near the bore borf
4:37 pm
mahi. >> martha: bizarre moment in washington. secretary of state rex tillerson gathering the press to refute his relationship with the president starting with this headline, tillerson intercepted by trump. he fielded questions leading to this. >> can you address the main headline of the story that you called the president a moron? >> i'm not dealing with petty stuff like that. this is what i don't understand about washington. i'm not from this place, but where i come from, we don't deal with stuff like that meant nothing but to divide people. good evening to you. that was uncomfortable. what do you make about that
4:38 pm
>> anytime you have to hold a conference to say you don't think your boss is a moron, and you don't say i don't think ee a morhe'sa moron and say we have s on other things. this is a fraught relationship from the beginning, complaints from tillerson about staffing. complaints from trump saying he's wasting time in north carolina. being rebuked by your boss on twitter is not a great day. >> martha: tillerson said on fox news sunday the president's words stand for themselves. when it came to charlottesville,
4:39 pm
he didn't defend the president. whether they can work through it is the question. >> the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain secretary of state because i have never considered leading the post. >> martha: what do you think about that? >> i'm sure he's telling the truth but i'm sure he's woken up many days -- the charlottesville thing, the boy scout thing, tillerson used to be head of the boy scouts and trump makes a scene they jamboree. even people i talk to say i don't know if i can take this. now things are on an even keel with the chief of staff but now he has to eat the words he said when the administration was in crisis.
4:40 pm
>> martha: these are tense times i'm sure there are presidential histories with name slinging around when people are dealing with sergs situations and don't like where the other person stands on this or that. this from bob corker today, strong words. not going to run again, he's announced. here's what bob corker said today. >> i think secretary tillerson, matties anmattis and steve of sy are those that separate our country from chaos. i see what's happening here. i deal with people throughout the administration. he is from my perspective in a frustrating place. they work together to make sure the policies we put forth around
4:41 pm
the world are sound and coherent. there are other people within the administration, that don't. >> martha: ten second reflection on that? >> going to be a heck of a time watching corker on the way out the door. he has a lot of hoes sus left in the bottle. >> martha: thank you chris. coming up next, our exclusive with congressman steve scalise and friends. ♪ ♪ shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. [he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. directv has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction over cable for 17 years running. but some people still like cable. just like some people like banging their head on a low ceiling.
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>> martha: tonight still dealing with the las vegas gunman but with us now a victim of another shooting. >> steve scalise goes down on the infield. i was the first out. brad, a member from ohio who is a physician came out and applied pressure on the wound. >> i felt like i was back in iraq but with assets around me. >> three of scalise's heros who helped to save him.
4:46 pm
>> this is the first time you have been back together since june 14th in the same room. what goes through your mind when you see these guys? >> it's great to see them together. we have had individual conversations but each had a role in helping me be here. brad had the background to help stop the bleeding to where i could make it to the hospital alive. >> all of you played such an important role. mike connolly, i want to start with you. when i heard steve talking about that the other day saying he was down but conscious, what were you saying? >> i was 20-yards away. steve was crawling. i was telling him to lay still. i didn't want the shooter to catch the movement and engage him again on the ground. i wanted him to lay still so the
4:47 pm
shooter would go somewhere else. he did. he was crawling, and i didn't want him shot again. it was the reaction to seeing him crawl and didn't want the shooter to reengage. >> i can't imagine what it was like for you to not be able to run out there and see him lying there. you are all the kind of people that want to do that. jeff center, what was that like for new >you? >> that was the worst part. i went to the dugout. one of the staffer was shot in front of the dugout. we were there. periodically looking to see steve out there and not be able to do anything, anytime you put your head up, gunfire. that was the longest wait. as soon as someone said shooter
4:48 pm
down, a number of us ran out there. i got there first, but i didn't know what to do. i'm glad he did. it was terrible not being able to get out to receive. that was the worst part. i was able to call my wife at 7:22 to tell my wife that i was all right. it was 14 minutes it happened. >> martha: you are talking to him. encouraging words for you. you said when you came too, that was one of the first things you brought up, right? >> i knew my colleagues came out to help me. it gave me a sense of calm and
4:49 pm
strength to know they are taking care of me and getting me ready. you could hear paramedics coming. i figured help was on the way and hoped they would get to me quick. >> martha: yoyou were a combat surgeon. >> as i was running, jeff was on the way out with other people. they took the shirt off, bryan kelly's shirt, put it on the wound. i knew there was more that we needed to look at and were able to take it down. i saw the entrance wound and no exit wound and i knew steve was in greater trouble than we might have imagined. we put a tourniquet on him and bandaged what was external. >> that is what saved my life.
4:50 pm
the doctor said when i got there i was almost out of blood. the tourniquet saved enough time to make it to the hospital, otherwise i wouldn't have. >> martha: you all got a look at the shooter at some point during this. when you heard that he had a list of republicans, out there specifically seeking republicans. >> they talked to the guy in the parking lot. he asked jeff if they were democrat or republican? he said they were republican and just took off. i have never been shot at in
4:51 pm
anger. army training, gun crawl through shotgun fire, but they are not shooting at you. to be shot at is sur veal. surreal. i remember thinking that when the first volley went off. turning to run and seeing bullets pitch the gravel. i remember thinking, us here? how could someone see a bunch of middle aged men playing baseball and see the enemy? he had been at practice the day before. what triggered him to come shoot us? same with this guy. not being able to analyze that, it made it harder to think it's not okay to take someone's life.
4:52 pm
>> gabby gifford went through a similar situation. her husband spoke out about this. he said if anyone thinks the gun laws are strong enough, they need to take another look. when you look at las vegas, the machinery used, semiautomatic converted to automatic, illegal in this country but accessible, accessible on the internet to make the gun into an intense killing machine to spray the bulbullets across las vegas. second amendment, any change of heart? in this group? >> target shooting and hunting the second amendment is not about that. second amendment is to arm
4:53 pm
people to stand up to a government they would be opposed to. as we have the debate remember what's important. it's hunting and automobiles are used improperly and guns are used improperly, but be careful what we do in an attempt to stop people not sane from doing things they might otherwise do. be careful. >> i think a lot of people look at republicans and say you are heartless. you look at what happened at sandy hook, ste steve scalise oe baseball field, las vegas. what do you say about those with a tin ear on this issue? >> i think we'll have a discussion on the toobilit to ta
4:54 pm
semiautomatic into an automatic is illegal. he had access to material to change it. in terms of mental health issues in terms of documentation and sharing of information between states and the federal government, there are areas we can move ahead on. >> yo >> martha: you are unchanged on the issue? >> you had people onsite to immediately encounter the shooter and take him down. that happens everyday in america where regular citizens that have their own guns are able to defend themselves against criminals. >> martha: we are going to take a quick break. we have breaking news we are
4:55 pm
going to bring to you. we'll be light back? right
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♪ >> martha: update on you now for the u.s. special forces
4:59 pm
ambushed in the african country. there are reports that three green berets were killed and two more injured in the west african nation. fox is working to confirm these reports. we are told it was a squad of 8 to 10 special op.s in that area near mali. stay with us throughout the night. the president now back on his way as he gets this news to washington and left some of the messages from his visit to the hospital today. on the right marine one as he lands at andrews air force base this evening. he will keep a close eye on those movements as well. tonight before we go, we leave with you this. >> all right. so it's fall now. baseball season is a little bit of a ways away. you guys both play outfield? >> first base. >> first base? >> center field. >> you guy guy outfield. >> second base. >> martha: second base. i said earlier who is going to take your spot this year? >> nobody. [laughter] i'm fighting to keep my starting job. >> you don't have any guarantees you have to earn it every year.
5:00 pm
i have got something to work towards and i have got 10 months to get there and that's going to be one of my motivations. he. >> martha: we will be cheering him on. we will see who is on second base and hope he throws out the first pitch at congressional baseball game. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. we are awaiting a press conference out of las vegas tonight. take three steps back. it's hard to believe that almost three full days after stephen paddock's bloody rampage in las vegas officials looking into it still don't know why he did this. and, in fact, many people don't believe that officials don't know why you did it if you have been online recently the internet is humming with alternative theories on this case along with many allegations of a government coverup. in the absence of facts conspiracies fill the void. conversations we just had with people


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