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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 4, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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brian kilmeade show, the radio show from nine to noon. brian kilmeade are amongst our gas, chris wall, who i've never met in person. it will be fun. thanks for watching. here's trace. >> he's a sick, demented man. i haven't been able to find out anything else. it's a little bit soon. >> still a little bit soon. we have a couple good leads. we are working our way through that. we will get here. >> there might be something there. the wires are screwed up but there might be something there. >> trace: chief executives told that they will get the answers. the president travels to las vegas and reason on what may have triggered the saturday night massacre. in fact, after three days of an intense investigation, local and federal authorities admit they are now closer to finding the question why. good evening, everyone, i am
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trace gallagher. we are alive again tonight in las vegas, as this town begins to heal, another busy day for investigators, in a grief stricken town, as they try to shed some light on why an evening of fun and music suddenly became a scene of cold-blooded murder. and to look at this video taken just seconds before the firing started, because it gives you me perspective about the witnesses who say it sounded at first like fireworks. watch this. ♪ [screaming]
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>> trace: from dancing to the rat a tat tat of bullets. authorities are hoping that this woman can help them delve into the mind of the mass killer. she, of course, was his girlfriend. tonight, we'll learn what she told the fbi about the man who took 58 lives and left hundreds of other people injured. plus a deeper look into the killers hotel room. startling pictures from inside his room reveal his incredible firepower, and the meticulous planning behind the bloodied rampage. will the killer's massive arsenal convince lawmakers to strengthen gun laws or is this a case of all the laws of the world would not have stopped this shooter? also, we will meet again with some of the people who witnessed the horrific carnage. one first responder who led a heroic operation to save lives out in a virtual american battlefield. >> it felt like a huge baseball, just the force of it going through my stomach. then i looked down, there is blood anywhere, i didn't even know i was shocked. i laid there and compose myself for a minute, i said, okay. i can't stay here, i'm going to die. or am going to bleed out.
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i was being trampled and it was so hard to move, you know. everyone was stepping on everybody. >> trace: she was trampled. she said she was going to bleed out, and yet, the words kind, caring, and quiet. those were spoken by stephen paddock's girlfriend, using them to describe the man who authorities say triggered the bloodied rampage from his 32nd floor hotel room window overlooking the vegas trip. tonight, we have brand-new information about the moments that led to the massacre and the chilling arsenal paddock how does disposal. we have an update on the hundreds of victims who survived sunday's deadly hail of bullets. with us now from university medical center live in las vegas, fox news correspondent will carr. tell us about the scene tonight at the hospital. it is it looking more calm, a little less strenuous for the staff members there? >> well, trace, you are three days into this, you have had the victims starting to leave. there are still more than 170
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victims at hospitals across las vegas, it comes as investigators have spent the last three days poring through the life of the gunmen. speak of what we know a stephen paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo, and to living a secret life, much of which will never be fully understood. >> authorities believe that stephen paddock wanted to survive after the attack. he had two cameras outside of his hotel room, one on the inside, none of which were recording, but they were set up in a way that he could observe law enforcement as they started to respond to the room. we also learned that he had explosive substances and to more than 1600 rounds of ammunition in his car. does that mean he was planning another attack? that is still unclear. the one person who could potentially provide some answers here is his girlfriend, marilou danley, who returned to the united states last night, authorities -- her attorney said that she is cooperating with authorities.
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he wrote a letter on her behalf in which he states that two weeks ago, paddock told her that he bought her a cheap ticket to the philippines. >> while there, he wired me money. which he said was for me to buy a house for me and my family. i was grateful but honestly, i was worried. at first, the unexpected trip home, the money, was a way of breaking up with me. >> continuing to talk to danley, as everyone continues to search for the motive behind the most deadly mass shooting in modern united states history, trace. >> trace: it is indeed a parade will carr life of the university medical center. will, thank you. a day after the trip to hurricane ravaged puerto rico, president trump traveled to las vegas to meet with victims and first responders. fox news correspondent
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claudia cowan's live in las vegas with more on the president's summer visit. claudia? >> well, trace, for the president, today's visit was a personal visit. he has a long relationship with las vegas including a big hotel here that bears his name. today he struck a very somber tone during his four our visit here, involving visiting two different venues. the president and first lady offered prayers and condolences to the victims of sunday nights shooting massacre and thinks first responders and doctors who rushed to save lives. their first stop was the university medical center. the president spent an hour and a half meeting privately with some of the victims and their families, as well as doctors and nurses, calling them "some of the most amazing people." >> i have to tell you, it makes you very proud to be an american when you see the job that they have done. and people that would not be around today are up there and they will be leaving the hospital in a week or two weeks or five weeks. in some cases, even in a few
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days. it's amazing. >> the president then went to las vegas police headquarters and gave his personal thanks to the dispatchers and officers who responded to the scene and in many cases put their own safety aside to help others. in a somber tone, the president spoke of the families who will go to bed and a world that is suddenly empty. he told the people of las vegas that the nation stands with them to help bear the pain of the worst gun massacre in modern u.s. history. >> we know that your sorrow feels endless. we stand together to help you clear your pain. you're not alone. we will never leave your side. >> i see so in all week, the president brushed off questions about whether the shooting should rekindle the gun debate, and while he did not visit the site of the attack, he certainly thought because his motorcade drove right past the mandalay bay hotel. late today, the president, always active on social media, sent out this tweet, saying, "we
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love you, las vegas." before he left, the president invited some of the wounded to come and visit him at the white house when they recover. trace? >> trace: claudia cowan live in las vegas. claudia, thank you. as the president said, he is trying to brush up the gun-control battle battle but the battle does exist. voters passed a law in 2016 to require background checks in nevada. background checks for a private gun sales and transfers, but a state attorney general's of the law was unenforceable. it never went into effect. now governor brian sandoval's office has asked the attorney general to reconsider that opinion. we are joint and not by the lieutenant governor of new back nevada, march hudgins and play lieutenant governor, thank you for joining us. we will talk about the gun debate in one second. i want to talk about this brand-new report, talking about how the shooter was actually trying to go after -- if we can get a shot of it, trying to go after the aviation tanks which are a couple of hundred yards from us here at mccarran airport. there were some bullet holes in
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these tanks, it gets scarier and scarier. >> it just shows how evil and do. if this. not only shooting at 22,000 people down here, watching the concert, having an enjoyable time, he wants to blow up fuel tanks and rock as much havoc as possible. he continues to be more and more disturbing. >> trace: the police coming out saying that he booked a room at the ogden hotel in downtown las vegas over the side of the life is beautiful concert, a week before this concert. it makes you wonder, was this the intended venue? was there supposed to be something that was more flamboyant? >> what really strikes a chord with me. my daughter is an 18-year-old young woman at home, my youngest is six. her friends, others we know so well, attended that concert, these kind of concerts here. it's frightening. if you consider what could have happened and the investigation continues and we'll find out soon. >> trace: after the gun control debate. we just talked earlier about
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this, and there have been a lot of people on both sides saying different things about gun control. i want to play for you if i can the beit martha maccallum talked to congressman steve scalise, on his recovery from the gun battle, i want to play this for you and we will read you a quote from a band member who was playing at the concert here on sunday night. they don't have it. but what he saying is we'll play steve scalise in a minute. what he is saying is, he was actually reinforced, it reinforced his belief in that we don't need more gun laws. your stance is? >> i think if you can show me a law that would prevent evil men from slaughtering innocent people, i would support it in a second. i think we all would. i think it is a little early, trace, to talk about policy and what comes out of the situation. we will have plenty of debates and opportunities. i can tell you this, there were some of those victims who i talked to in the hospital rooms,
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i have been visiting with them for three days, and at least if you have told me that one of the thoughts was they wanted to get their vehicles and get their own guns to protect themselves and loved ones. >> trace: what about using these bum stocks? 12 of them inside the room? it turns a semiautomatic into close to an automatic weapon. what about newt gingrich's income is something like this needs to be looked at? >> i think we will look at those type of things. i think they are reasonable precautions, certainly take income a reasonable approach is to keep us safe. again, if you can show me a law, trace, that will prevent a madman for massacring people, i will support it all day long. if you can pass these kind of loss, i think we would have already. >> trace: you've got to be awfully proud of your state and city. the people have risen. >> trace, you've spent time here, you know vegas, you know the heart and soul of vegas. born and raised here, raised six children here. what we saw, the response we sought to this evil, no doubt, october 1st will be a dark day in las vegas history, but also one of the finest days in
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las vegas history, as well. we saw what was keeping with the best and highest traditions of las vegas and nevadans and americans. the response that we saw was truly incredible. >> trace: i want to circle back and play this steve scalise bite for you and get the opinion. play this. >> i think we see too much of that were people say, okay, now you have to have gun control. well, first of all look at some of those bills. those bills wouldn't have done anything to stop this. the gunman actually cleared background checks. to promote some kind of gun control i think is the wrong way to approach this. frankly, what i experienced was when there was a shooter, we had, luckily we had capitol police there with their own guns. every single day in america, regular citizens that just have a passionate belief in the second amendment, that have their own guns, use guns every single day to protect themselves against criminals. >> i want to say come on the flip side, we have the guitarist for the josh abbott band, they . he said, "i have been a proponent of the second
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amendment my entire life until last night. i cannot express how wrong i was. we need gun control right now. my biggest regret is that i didn't realize it until my brothers on the road and myself were threatened by it." someone who is involved in the middle of it, someone who was involved, clearly, he was drunk and lost his life. two different perspectives. one adamant about no gun laws and one thing we need to change it. >> it will be healthy, something that is necessary. but not now. it is still very, very early. let's focus on the victims, let's help them get their lives back together. i am so proud of my city, i am so proud of my state, so proud of my country, for the response i have provided to us, trace. americans have responded in a way that americans always respond. we are grateful is a city and a community. >> trace: lieutenant governor, you should be proud. really amazing to watch. >> has been. thank you, trace. >> trace: he said he will never forget the carnage he saw sunday night in las vegas. he even used the shirt off his
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back as a tourniquet to help one wounded man. he joins me right now. aaron, we talk about this, i'm not sure if you heard our conversation with the lieutenant governor, but we talk about how the city has just done so many things, and the people of nevada had come together. but at the very moment this was all going on, give us an idea of what you were going through and what was your first instinct when you heard these bullets start coming? >> my first instinct was to get to cover. i had my girlfriend, and one of my friends overseas, his girlfriend with me, his wife with me. we were just trying to get to cover. we made it to the bar in the center of the venue after multiple gunshots were going off. we dropped to the floor. we would get back up, and we just kept moving. gunshots would stop, we'd move.
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the gun stops would fire, we would drop to the floor, and we would work out a way to the other side of the venue. yeah, it was unbelievable. >> trace: we played a piece of video at the top of the show, aaron, i'm not sure if you saw it. it was a unique perspective because we haven't seen that. we've heard a lot of gunshots but we haven't seen people dancing and having fun and then suddenly stopped to hear the gunshots. what were you doing right before you heard it? tell us about that part. >> right before that, i was dancing, i was with my girlfriend and a couple of her friends, and we were having a good time, listening to one of my favorite country artists. and as soon as i heard the shots, it was is insane. >> trace: we should just let you know, aaron, this is the video we are playing, you can
8:16 pm
hear the shots again, we have been talking to guests all week long, when they hear the shots again, it is very frightening, jolting. we don't need to do all to come of that is not our intent. we are showing the video to show you what we are talking about. it gives us an idea of what it felt like for you when you are taken aback by just hearing that all over again. does it bring back horrifying memories? >> yeah, it brought back multiple pictures of people i saw dropping to the floor and i saw a lot of things that i would never thought i would ever see in my life. it was terrifying. >> trace: what was the brightest moment, aaron? when you figured out that you were going to live, what was the brightest moment when you look back? the people helping each other, the heroes, people who knew they were injured but were just trying to survive? >> the moment of joy was seeing
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everybody helping each other, definitely. from everything that has been going on in the world, seeing this is definitely -- it did bring joy to me when i saw people helping each other out. everywhere i went, they were people making tourniquet's to stop bleeding, to caring people out of the venue. it was definitely amazing to see that. >> trace: i can imagine. aaron 37, the horrifying with the exemplary mixed. great if you to join us. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> trace: let's pause for a moment from the cover of the vegas magic massacre to talk about another tragic story. three members of the american army's elite green burial unit have been killed in an attack in niger. two other members of the special forces squad were wounded, among
8:18 pm
eight or ten u.s. soldiers that were fired, came under fire while conducting a grote wow patrol. the pentagon has operated a drone base there since 2013. nigeria is a landlocked nation of western africa, one of the poorest countries as you may know, about twice a side of texas. it is also teaming with terrorists. it is unclear tonight which terrorist group may have been behind the deadly attack on our soldiers. we'll keep you updated on the breaking news as it comes in. in the meantime, investigators searching for a motive and focusing their attention on the shooters girlfriend. marilou danley now back in the united states for questioning. tonight, we are hearing from her sisters. much more on that in the continuing coverage of the recovery in las vegas. straight ahead. >> she was sent away. she was sent away so that she will be not there.
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>> trace: will come back to the live coverage. investigators continue to search for a possible motive behind sunday shooting. now, they are turning their focus to the shooters girlfriend. marilou danley was out of the country at the time of the deadly rampage but here he arrived back in the states tuesday night to speak with investigators. danley issued a statement through her lawyer saying that she had no inkling about what stephen paddock was planning.
8:23 pm
her sisters say paddock bought her a cheap ticket to her native philippines, sending her away while he carried out sunday's riddle attack. >> he sent her away so that he can plan what he is planning without interruption. in defense, i thank him for sparing my sister's life. but that does not compensate for 59 people's lives. >> trace: for more now on danley's role in the investigation, let's turn to former assistant director of the fbi in new york, bill gavin. bill, thank you for joining us for one, sir. if you go think about this, we didn't get much of information about what the fbi was focusing on with marilou danley. maybe you can give us an idea, what are they looking for? they question her for five and a half hours? what is of the top of the list. what do they want to find out first and foremost? >> trace, i believe that the first part of the interview has to do with where she is going to come from, what she has to say,
8:24 pm
and it has been all neutral, what she has to say, supported by her sisters. what i think is very important in this, during the presser this afternoon with law enforcement and the fbi in particular, it is obvious to me that there is about 50% more facts that they know then are put out. i think they obviously have some individual who is very close to the whole situation, whether it be to danley or to the subject. in this particular case, they are giving them some concrete information. with that said, they now are able to prepare the questions through excellent interviewing skills and through profiles to ask the right questions of her for the future. i believe that there is a lot more that they know that they aren't saying and i absolutely agree with that technique of
8:25 pm
going with the facts, and not the theory. >> trace: the sheriff said it. we had it on the lower part of the screen, the sheriff said the gunman must have had help. that is what he firmly believes. but you look at this moment, the girlfriend, and she lived in two homes, bill, with this guy, one in reno, one in mesquite, nevada. in those homes company found arsenals of weapons. not only that, explosives and other things. there's reports that she went to a gun shop with him in the past. she knew he was buying these weapons. at some point, does the fbi say, hey, did you ever ask, what's with all the weapons? was with the explosions explos? >> absolutely they will come a trace. that is the way they are crafting the questions based on the information they are getting. there is no way a woman or a man two individuals can live together and not know exactly what is going on there. the other place that i still have a major question in my
8:26 pm
mind, trace, is the hundred thousand dollars that was sent to her allegedly to buy her new house. i am not buying that just yet. someone has to prove that to me because i have always found out, follow the money, and you will find out what the real problem is. as you can recall, that part of the world, the philippines, manila, is well aware of the way that radical extremists operate and they have been there for a long time. i still have that question in my mind. it hasn't gone away yet. >> trace: as do a lot of others, bill, people saying, with the money center for nefarious deeds? the question becomes, was it a fact where he said, i'm not going to be able to get anybody out, once i commit this crime, my assets, everything i owned will be shut down may be forever. she maybe gets it away to the philippines but you are right, there is the other side saying, and i don't buy the whole hundred thousand for a brand-new house.
8:27 pm
>> i totally agree with you, trace. it will all unfold, but i am sure that the strategy right now is to do strategic interviews of her and maybe some other people in this case because there is somebody that law enforcement has that knows a lot of information that is supplying at its vital information about us why are they are taking it slowly and factually. >> trace: former assistant director to the fbi in new york, bill gavin. good to see you come a great insight. thank you, sir. >> trace, thank you so much. one quick thing, thank you for the way you have been reporting. you haven't stretched the imagination, you have been with the facts, and real credit to fox and the news industry in general. excellent job. >> trace: you are a very kind man. thank you, bill. i appreciate that. as las vegas fights to regain some sense of normalcy, a return to routine, larger questions begin to surface. why did stephen paddock choose to unlink a massacre on innocent
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8:32 pm
lots. -- watch. as you may know, 58 people were killed, 489 wounded. the killer, stephen paddock, had more than 1600 rounds of ammo along with nearly 50 pounds of explosives, according to the police. he had apparently planned to survive and escape but they didn't exactly say how. the police and other officials gave news conferences this evening, one of them was nevada senator dean heller. here's what he had to say. >> the president of the united states came in today to express his sincere concern for this community. we talked specifically about the heroes, the individuals, the deputies, the first responders, and all that, and what they were able to achieve. these stories were important for me to share with the president of the united states as he was coming into this valley. >> trace: senator dean heller joins me now in the las vegas. we have seen you at these news
8:33 pm
conferences, and are you getting your message out? do you feel like the information that is getting to the public is accurate and fast and is that the most important thing? because that is the most important thing. my conversation with the sheriff, he wants that to occur. he wants to be as accurate as it possibly can with the information that he has. keep in mind, trace, you know this, it's been less than 72 hours. it moves quickly. imagine what we will know in the next 72 hours, the background of the shooter and foreigner information on backgrounds of individuals that were unfortunate to be involved in this incident. it will be a lot more information that will be coming in the next couple of days, and we will have to hold on tight because the sheriff, the fbi, and the atf, are doing their jobs. >> trace: the news conference was astounding. he got up there, listed the information about ogden hotel, the room there, may have been doing some presurveillance over that concert two weeks ago. then we hear that in his car, not only the ammonium nitrate which we knew, but he also had
8:34 pm
50 pounds of tannerite, which if you are using that inside the hotel room with a high-powered weapon, you can do damage. it keeps expanding. >> there is no doubt that this maniac meant to do at a tremendous amount of damage and he did. in fact, if you are listening to the sheriff this afternoon, he was talking about him trying to escape, trying to figure out how to get out of that hotel room, which he could find the escape route, and took his own life. i do believe, and the sheriff believes, his whole intention was to get up there, get out of there, and cause more havoc. >> trace: when the sheriff says that he does believe he was trying to escape, he wouldn't say why or how, it makes you think, what was he thinking. maybe you can give us more insight. i don't want to supersede the sheriff. stick with the sheriff is a smart. i'm with the sheriff. the sheriff think that is what is going on, until he is proven wrong, that is what i'm going with. >> trace: he knew he had three cameras in the hallway, he knew when the police were coming down
8:35 pm
the hall, it's amazing to think that he somehow in his mind i thought, i can make it out of here. that would be astounding. >> we will find out more about this in the days to come. we will probably trace more of his activities and find out what he was trying to accomplish. as you were talking earlier, with those barrels of fuel, we have the aviation fuel tanks over here, and shooting bullets into that thing, looking for more of a presence that what he was doing up there on the 32nd floor. >> trace: we had some government experts that were messaging me earlier and they were saying, how far do you think the tanks are from the hotel? and you were given a rough idea and it's within range. you have a high powered weapon and may be at 1,000 yards, people don't realize, this is right next to mccarran airport. in fact, there were people who were running out of the concert to push a fence down and on the grounds of mccarran airport. it's very scary when you think
8:36 pm
of how close things are and how much worse the potential could be. to speak of those are some of the questions that i asked the sheriff, what was the caliber of weapons that he had up there. there were a number of different calibers but i think most of them are .308 and .2 to three. plenty of firepower to make it across the street to get to those tanks. >> trace: there will be a debate on guns. it will be lively and it will start now and people, the reason that they start now is because they think it is the iron is hot, let's get going, let's get to bed, let's talk about something. do you starting now or for several months? >> i believe that we still have victims that haven't been identified at this point. i don't know if now is the time to have this particular discussion. i think in the weeks and months to come, that dialogue means to be had. bump stocks, you know that was an obama arrow regulation that was put into place. done by regulation. my conversations with the
8:37 pm
president today is to reverse that by regulation. it doesn't go through the whole congressional process, get to the president six months from now, maybe we could do something immediately to stop this kind of carnage because of those guns had remained a semiautomatic's, as opposed to full automatics, hundreds of people from being injured. >> trace: is one of the first times, we've covered a lot of these, but it's one of the first times that we have seeds of agreement. the bump stocks, we've talked to newt gingrich, there seems to be agreement. senator dean heller, great to see you. >> good to see you. >> trace: nearly 500 people wounded and sunday nights at vegas mass shooting. 500 people. it's now a little below that, but it was about that for a long time. we'll hear about it from people who experience it from firsthand when our special coverage of the tragedy in las vegas continues.
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>> trace: almost 72 hours, we have been hearing the harrowing stories from victims and witnesses and many of the brave first responders. tonight, we are joined by a senior paramedic and supervisor that helped lead the respondent sunday night. it is so nice of you to join us. we were talking earlier, you said that you were at the station when you got the call and then what happened? what is the call come in as and what is your first action? >> initially come with call came in as an active shooter with at least 20 people injured. at that point, i grabbed my partner, we got in my suv, and immediately responded to the scene. >> trace: you go to the scene and you know it's much worse than you had imagined.
8:43 pm
>> as we arrived, they were people everywhere. people were running up to us, letting us know they had been shot. we started assessing people as quickly as possible, ambulances were still arriving, we were able to place people into specific ambulances, sometimes three to four patients at a time. >> trace: you said there were people getting into a truck and you had this rolling triage. talk about that. >> one of the first interactions we had was a pickup truck that came to our location and the entire truck bed was filled with people that had been shot. initially, i was acting as a paramedic, hopped in the back of the pickup truck, started assessing people as quickly as possible, started unloading the patient some at that point, we had several ambulances, getting each patient into an ambulance, like i said, sometimes three or four at a time. after that, i had to move into more of a coordination role as a situation grew. >> trace: my guess is a lot of the people in the back of the truck bed, a lot of the people you saw, were in shock. some didn't realize how bad they
8:44 pm
were injured, so how do you assess that, how do you know someone who is badly injured but acts like they are fine because their bodies in shock? >> luckily, a lot of people has said it, they were people that were on injured that were able to tell us what some of the injuries were. with experience, you learn how to look at somebody and judgment from there. the initial assessment is what gets them into the ambulance and then the paramedics and emts did further assessments and treatments. we went at what point do you say, we have a call, all hands on deck, we got a call for everybody? we need help, all the help we can get. >> i think the realization came early on. like i said, the amount of people we were surrounded by and trying to help, the decision was made early on to get as many people as possible. at one point, we paged out to all of the off-duty crews that if they could respond, please, come to the station. in a matter of less than a half hour, we had over 160
8:45 pm
ambulances, over 200 personnel hundred personnel. >> trace: wow. when you got here, did you hear gunfire? did you hear gunfire on the way here? >> i didn't hear any. i don't know that i would have, just because you instantly get into a mode where you are looking at people and trying to take care of things and coordinate this massive response. >> trace: where do you start? you go to a certain group of people, do you start where the closest person to you? how does that work? speak it when we first arrived, it seemed like everyone was coming straight to us. after the initial surge, we went into a coordination role, and i found the clark county fire department chiefs, and we began coordinating and as we were getting reports of patients at certain locations, i would contact the dispatchers and have hopped on mike ambulances go to that location. >> trace: by all accounts, bret, your team performed well. >> i think every agent involved performed. everybody stepped up and i would
8:46 pm
be hard-pressed to say that there was any lack of coordination or cooperation to get the job that needed to have been done. >> trace: you are assessing people and doing this triage, did you think, i cannot believe this is happening? i cannot believe the scale? >> i don't think it ever kicked in at that point after the fact. of course, when it's happening, you get into a professional mode, and you look at the task at hand. you start checking things off the list that need to happen. >> trace: it's amazing. bret dragon, we've been very lucky to have you. good work, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> trace: from the heart breaking images of death and bloodshed, emerge stories of bravery like we just witnessed with mr. dragon. when we come back, one musician turned hero over because of these break to action to lead a group of terrified concertgoers out of harm's way. and wait until you hear how he
8:47 pm
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>> trace: it's no doubt many stories over the past three days we have heard of heroism we were churning out of las vegas, musician brian hopkins is one of those heroes. as gunfire rang out on sunday, he took refuge in a freezer with the group. you were next to the stage, jason aldean is playing, you were with a guitar player, and you hear the pops. >> it was multiple times, and by the time it stayed, what i saw was, someone drops, a guy drops, the next one, 4 feet over, he drops. when i look back, no one is really moving yet.
8:52 pm
a girl drops, another girl drops next to her, and when i played it back -- yeah, anyway, he says, "run." i reach out and grab the two girls in front of me and i had just met them the day before because they wanted to take a picture with me, sweet girls. i remember them because they were nicole and nicole, i called them the echoes as a joke. i reached out and grabbed them, we take off running, and everyone is coming this way, and everyone is heading to an area that is starting to bottleneck already because there are lots of people behind us. i lost ben. i remember there is an artist entrance in the back corner, and i played a few years ago. that is where we are going. there is an artist entrance, backstage year, and i go to that one with nautically, we were going through -- not moving real fast, and it's like this,
8:53 pm
and people screaming. when we go around the corner, we take off running around the corner, and it's hitting the top of the roof -- >> trace: you can hear it. >> you can hear it hitting things. i just keep telling the girls, just keep running, we will be okay. >> trace: they are not panicking. >> no, they are not. they were calm, running with me, holding my hand, and we get to the fence area, because i remember, that is where we are growing, coming around the fence area, and its a tall fence, it's not an opening anymore. there are people back there trying to get over, people kind of like may be trying to figure out what is going on. and apparently, it's a catering company. i kept calling it a crate with two doors. it was a refrigerator. there is somebody standing in the doorway, and i just -- let's go.
8:54 pm
we run to the refrigerator. i help the girls and, help the people behind me inside and then i jump in. there are more people coming. somebody standing at the door, people yelling don't let them in, but -- let them in. we were sitting down. apparently i wasn't. the girls were saying, you're not standing down, you are standing. i'm trying to figure out what we will do next. >> trace: you think they are coming at you? >> that's not the case. but i don't know that. so there is a friend of mine in there with his girl and there are people laying low and i crouched down and then i realize, i don't want to be in here with us happens. i checked the door, and his bang, bang, bang. it sounds like it's closer, i turn around, everything is okay, and my buddy was like, no, it's not. i reached for my phone and -- people are trying to call,
8:55 pm
right? and i go to make a video for my parents. this will be for my family. here's the thing. i want to do it, i am like, okay, there is a guy standing in there, and he is drunk and he's pounding on the walls, he's mad that there is no beer in there, so he saying, his girl is on the floor panicking, the two girls, the two nicoles, both of them are talking to them. i can hear them say "what do you do? what is your name? "and then i said, is that you're a girl? and he said, yeah, and i said, there is something wrong. you need to help your girl. he kneels down, one of the girls jumps up -- >> trace: we have to end the show. >> there is a police officer. he is the one, he is a guy who told us where to go, and he ran off into danger.
8:56 pm
>> trace: bryan hopkins come a great story. thanks for coming. we appreciate it. thank you for joining us for our live coverage of the deadliest mass shooting in history, and modern u.s. history. i am trace gallagher in las vegas. i will see you back here tomorrow. have a great night. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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immediately. that's it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00. sean hannity is up >> sean: this is a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." we are reporti >> sean: this is a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." we are reporting tonight from las vegas where the motive of the deadliest mass shooting in the history of this country remains uncertain. question still remains ninth. what caused stephen paddock, a multimillionaire with no criminal record to unleash hell on a crowd, killing 58 people and injuring over 500? we will tell you where we are in this investigation, we will examine all the evidence including a new crime scene photo. plus, the suspect's girlfriend is back in the united states and was questioned by authorities. police are calling her a person
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