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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 5, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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performances by alabama, lyle lovette and even more. there is more good in the world we didn't have time to talk about it. rob: we got to put together some packages for our troops overseas myself and janice dean throwing together some boxes. it was fun for a great cause. we will be happy to do it. it will be their christmas present and we love them. "fox & friends" starts right now. we'll see you later. >> we stand together to help you carry your pain. you're not alone. we will never leave your side. >> incredible patriotic moment despite being shot in the leg. thomas gurinder son standing from his hospital bed to shake the president's hand. >> this guy looks tough to me. >> motive for the deadliest mass shooting in the history of this country remains a mystery. paddock tried to blow up aviation fuel tank right near the site of the massacre but it didn't blow. >> there is evidence he wanted to survive and
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escape. >> you have to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. >> they also found 50 pounds of tannerite. >> we received very first statement from the shooter's girlfriend. >> he never said anything to me. >> democrats are demanding congress act on new gun control measures. >> there is no reason to make a semiautomatic assault weapon into a fully automatic battlefield weapon. >> we cannot be defined by the evil that threatens us or the violence that incites such terror. we are defined by our loving, our carrying, and our courage. steve: it is 3:00 in las vegas. and we start this hour from new york with a fox news alert. the las vegas shooter may have been planning something even more sinister than his bloody massacre. brian: police now want to know if he acted alone or had someone helping him plot
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the massacre in modern history the fact is he did have help. ainsley: adam klotz joins us this morning with detail. >> couple details you alluded to. the sheriff here last night alluded at that press conference and passing almost that there may have been some help for the killer. a bigger, i think, headline than that is the fact that we talked with multiple investigators last night. people very close to this case. they said they still don't know, there are so many unanswered questions. this was a key for us. they have ruled nothing out. basically they have been unable to cross anything off the list because there is so little information, at least the information that would help them identify what made this man become a mad man. now, that all comes as a report from the las vegas tribune journal says, at least by their sources, that somebody -- that the man targeted, pardon me, the fuel check, the jet fuel
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tanks 1100 feet from his room directly across from the other side of the concert ground it happened to be only 30 or 40 yards to my right. we saw them actually inspect those tanks on monday. we talked with our sources here, who have been obviously very close to this case. they don't believe that was the case. we don't know who the review journal's source is. those tanks were hit. it was an 1100 feet distance. so pretty far away. they were telling us that the killer sprayed the area. did he not target, which would make it a little more difficult for him to actually go after those tanks. whatever the case, there were obviously some hit on those tanks. also people that were fleeing near those tanks. also this comes as marilou danley had a very long interview in los angeles. we were told she was very cooperative; however, she didn't have a lot of information to help with the case. they are trying to find more information about the case about her companion's background. her lawyer says she will do anything she can to help figure out the answers.
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take a listen. >> i am devastated by the death and injuries that have occurred. it never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence. while there, he wired me money, which he said was for me to buy a house for me and my family. >> it comes back to the whole thing, guys, i think really can be narrowed down the fact that they have not been able to cross anything off the list. you know, we are several days into this now with other attacks we have seen in the last few years they have been able to cross things off right away. this one is a bit more tedious for them. they have gained some information and i have been told that the one brother who was talking that still spoke to the killer may have given little bit different answers and that the two estranged brothers have been helpful as well, guys. brian: adam, one thing that pops out there was a theory in the las vegas review that he popped out a second window to get a cleaner shot
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at the tanks. as you turn around, does that make sense? >> you know what? yes and no. i mean, at the same time, brian, we showed the video from a viewer couple days ago on your show on "fox & friends" from the one year prior, a man who came to the same exact concert. and if you look out both those windows both seat tanks. that doesn't make a lot of sense. there is no obscurity whatsoever. steve: all right. adam, we thank you very much for joining us live and updating us on that. they did find two bullet holes in the tanks. and what's interesting is and this was a detail in the "new york times" this morning that i didn't realize this guy was a licensed pilot. so not only did he work for the irs. he worked in insurance. he worked for the post office. but he could fly planes. ainsley: he own twos planes. steve: the other thing about it, if he did, indeed, target and as adam said he just kind of sprayed it. scraped it. that does not necessarily light up a jet fuel tank there are mechanisms inside the tank, one expert out in vegas said you have to be a
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very amateur terrorist to think anything like that like you could shoot it and blow it up like in a movie. ainsley: there is a guy named albert galzon staying in the floor below on the 31st floor. got a knock on his door twice first time 1:30 in the morning. he said sir, you need to turn down your music, your country music. he said who complained and the security guards pointed up. the guy above you. he turned down his music. the security guard comes back again and said sir, the man is still complaining. turned the music off. he realized the next day when he saw the guy above and he saw the drapes flapping in the wind that was the guy above him. brian: concert. country music concert. couple of things stand out. number one they had a dry run. that daily beast story. daily beast of a dry run from the week before. he did it that was confirmed in the press conference. number two, there was a real sense among the sheriff that he had help unless he was a superman to act alone.
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he does not know who that man came from. ainsley: super yahoo. brian: the security guard had the courage and foresight to walk right to the door take a bullet in the leg right through the door and not leave the hallway. the minute he got there through the cameras he took a shot. that's when -- stephen paddock stopped shooting. tried to escape. come up with an escape plan. didn't escape obviously and then killed himself. therefore it was a minute barrage as opposed to a three or 9 hour barrage. ainsley: he continued to go door to door and tell people to get out of their room. you remember. steve: the sheriff said he did have an escape plan but did he not, the sheriff, offer up any details. but what was curious is, we saw those images of inside the room, and there was a note. and yesterday the sheriff said we found a note but it
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was not a suicide note. ainsley: not a suicide note. it's interesting they said he had a plan to escape considering they knew they were going to come to his room because they were going to hear the ammo, the bullets firing off. and he had all those cameras out in the hallway. brian: he also blocked the stairway. ainsley: i didn't know that. brian: had to take an elevator to get to him. steve: escape plan had something to do with the explosives in his car. meanwhile the president of the united states flew in on air force one to mccareen yesterday and gave one of the best speeches of his presidency so far. we are looking to our leader to unite us in times of peril and heartache and this certainly was one of them. brian: here is president trump. >> the mass murder that took place on sunday night fills america's heart with grief. america is truly a nation in mourning. we struggle for the words to
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explain to our children how such evil can exist, how there can be such cruelty and such suffering. we cannot be defined by the evil that threatens us or the violence that i know cites such terror. words cannot describe the bravery that the whole world witnessed on sunday night. americans defied death and hatred with love and with courage. we will all have to wrestle with the horror of what has unfolded this week. but we will struggle through it together and we will overcome together as americans. brian: did some of the finest work going door-to-door spending 90 minutes in area hospitals. save survivors who lost people during that. ainsley: i know. invited them, many of them to the white house. they were heroes. speef.
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steve: he spent 90 minutes at bed sides at the university medical center. he met with 100 medical professionals a young high school student. 18 years old tiffanyizener was one of the survivors. afterwards she was asked about the visit to her hospital room of the president of the united states and first lady. this is what she had to say about the president. >> did he offer you words of comfort? did he say anything that stands out to you? >> he said -- >> he was super nice. he was much more comforting. >> what did he say that was so comforting? >> i don't know. just his voice and the way he was. steve: the way he was. ainsley: not the guy that he appears to be on social media. brian: anyone that knows the president has a chance to meet him and the reason he got elected president is because he connects with people. one of which he connected
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with was thomas gunson. he was shot but weighs not going to be kept in bed when he found out the president of the united states was coming to see him. this is his cell phone video he relayed. he will be joining us later today. i thought his facebook post was so telling and insightful. ainsley: this is a guy shot in the leg and i'm going to stand up for the president. steve: the facebook post said i will never lie down when the president of this great country comes to shake my hand. there may be plenty of issues in this country but i will always respect my country, my president and my flag. shot in the leg or not, i will stand and show my respect the respect he deserves. he will be joining us 8:45 eastern time. after he did post that on facebook, apparently he got a lot of. ainsley: backlash. steve: some of the haters got in there and he had a rejoinder to it and just said look, it's the president of the united states. he comes, in i'm going to respect him.
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brian: not only that he posted on his facebook page i'm posting this. this is how i feel. and there is going to be backlash. i'm asking people on my facebook page that like me, don't get involved in the backlash. don't take it personal. ignore it because there are people out there that whatever the president does or however you associate with the president, you're going to get backlash if you say anything positive about him. steve: there he is standing for the first lady. he does say that he was able to stand yesterday and be alive to this day because of two female police officers who saved his life. on sunday night. ainsley: my favorite line from the president. when the worst of humanity strikes, the best of humanity responds. brian: president insisted on being out there wednesday, the day before in puerto rico. series of events happened. if you factor in the hurricanes in texas and as well as florida. i don't remember any president having to deal with this much this soon this diverse. ainsley: and being there and going. steve: of course, he was asked by the correspondents who were there what about gun control?
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he said today is not the day to talk about that. brian: but we will be talking about that in our town hall which will be taking place each hour every hour. it's already on capitol hill on both sides. they are moving on that device that takes a semiautomatic and makes it automatic. steve: yeah, republicans are saying maybe it's time to get rid of it. ainsley: coming up, should there be more surveillance on people who buy guns? a town hall as brian was saying in our studio coming up. steve: some democrats and at least one republican in congress are pushing for new regulations regarding guns like that. brian: but the only manufacturer on the hill says we are looking at mass shootings all wrong. army vet and officer steve russell turned congressman joins us next. ♪ ♪ ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪
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and all of this occurred in four minutes or less. i am grateful we all made it out safely. people you don't know care about you. it's kind of one of those things where you can't even thank somebody. to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares >> there is no better way to honor the 59 people who were slaughtered than to take action to prevent this from happening yet again. if not, when will we ever do it. brian: democrats pushing for new gun control laws right after the vegas attack. now one republican congressman carlos from florida is drafting legislation that would ghan bump stock and that's the device that allows semiautomatics to become automatics. here to discuss is the only
3:18 am
manufacturing in congress. truex pert. man who played key role in taking down saddam hussein. is he oklahoma congressman steve russell. congressman, are you okay with this movement on these devices to ban them, make them illegal? >> we can talk about going after implements and tools, but really we are approaching it all wrong. after 9/11 we were shocked and we said who are these terrorists? who are these people? how can they hurt us? how can we protect the public against them? and we have been largely successful for 16 years in that. even though though they have been in our country. they have access to our freedoms, our firearms, our free flowing information on how to make things that could harm the public. and, yet, we have been successful. why? because we have identified the threat and we have encaged the public. we are not doing that with these mass murderer he is. we are not identifying a threat. here we have an individual who hauled 100 pounds of equipment in.
3:19 am
set up cameras. he went through elaborate detail. he was not viewed as a threat. to get to a solution, you can't just go after the tools. norway had massive gun laws. you had 70 children murdered on an island paris. brian: congressman, let's just look at couple of things. people said after adam lanza and look at mental health. then we say we have got to look at background checks. you know, red flags would have been lit up. this guy had no mental health issues and passed background checks every single time. it's legal in most cases to have automatic weapon. they want to focus on that. what would you focus on right now? are you say would he go should get a bipartisan select committee together with a time line and a budget to analyze? >> one of the ideas i'm pro-mobile meeting imommy meetik force experts people qualified that know the laws, know the issues. i have combat experience.
3:20 am
i'm a firearms manufacturer. i know 18 u.s. code and all of these things. we have others that we can quietly work together rather than polarized, go to our corners and shout at each other. look, as far as devices that mechanically manipulate to go to full auto and all of that. we have to have those discussions. going after the implements is not the solution. we have been successful in combating terror. we can be successful in combating mass murder. to that point 1934 firearms control act. and provision provision rescisss did not ban auto firearms but they did toll protect the public from mass kills. those laws have been virtually successful with no crimes committed with those firearms. brian: see if there is something for 2017 or not but it shouldn't be emotional. >> it has to be deliberate. brian: thank you so much for your expertise and you
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steve: we are back on this thursday morning with headlines. fox news alert. three green berets dead and three more seriously hurt following ambush attack in the african country of niger. it's still not clear if all soldiers are accounted for. assisting nigerian forces when they came under attack by unidentified terror group. this marks the first combat death since our military arrived in niger to help fight al qaeda. 17 people under arrest
3:25 am
busted in a massive drug raid that used commercial airlines to shuttle cocaine and eri heroin across the country. the group hid large amounts of drugs in suitcases. three family members are accused of running the scheme. and finally america's toughest sheriff is in the clear. a federal judge dismissing joe arpaio's criminal case and formally accepting president trump's pardon. in july the former maricopa county sheriff was found guilty to end the court order traffic stop in the state of arizona. that is some of the news. brian: all right. there are some of the brave, trained to run toward the sound of gunfire. ainsley: how does a swat team stop a threat like the one we saw in las vegas? steve: we saw the images and we want to know. spent the day with suffolk county police emergency services and he joins us live. >> it was fascinating day there were great people out in suffolk county.
3:26 am
emergency services the swat team specifically. they train on this stuff every day. they are the guys the police call when they need backup and this suffolk county swat team also known as emergency services as i said, trains year around for active shooter situations like the one in las vegas. we got a look inside. i got it train with them. take a look. [shouting] >> hands up. pete: give us the tactic that's use you train. >> we 23450ed to get in as quickly as possible and. the way we train on patrol. if you are the first person on the scene you have to make that personal choice to make entry into that structure. >> hands up. on the floor, on the floor. pete: we are all watching from afar what happened in las vegas. >> go that way, go that way, go that way. [sirens] pete: just from what have you seen your reaction to those men that were clearing those floors and what they were facing? >> from a law enforcement standpoint, to locate a
3:27 am
sniper, shooter type from 1200 yards away is quite difficult. >> it's going to have to effectively realize 911 calls to localize where the shots are coming from. if you were standing in the crowd it would be quite difficult. the response to the hotel and the actual room where the shooting came from from what i understand was handled beautifully. >> breach, breach, breach. >> every second is a casualty. that's why it's imperative that the officers at the scene, they have to get there as quickly as possible and neutralize the threat. [sirens] >> everybody stay down. >> what kind of gear am i going to be wearing today. >> we put on you a ballistic vest and train the way we operate. train as you fight exactly. weight does make a difference. especially when you are working in it all day. you want to get accuss tommed to wearing the gear. pete: these plates 556.
3:28 am
>> they are rated for rifle rounds. i would not want to take a rifle to the chest plate or not. pete: it's been a while. >> slip it up over your head. >> got to get it nice and snug. that's the key. >> when we get rolling in a few minutes you wear a ballistic moment. >> pete: feels like home right here. pete: tell me what's going through your head before you pull up on objective. >> main thing is watch each other's back. >> absolutely. >> we all want to go home at the end of the day. pete: the psychology when you are at the at that door and active shooter environment. what's going through your head. >> you have to flip the switch. it's definitely an aggressive act. we control the structure by violent, speed and surprise. that's the tactic most effective. pete: ainsley, you just said it, your heart races in those moments. without the train you are not able to make ains ages you have the training you said this feels like home.
3:29 am
pete: very similar to the military side. they have restraints that the military doesn't. wee can toss a grenade into a room. in the civilian world, laws and children and families and uncertainty. you take a lot more risk going into a lot of those places. brian: these officers, evidently, when they saw the camera on the cart said we are waiting for swat to come n this case they said we don't have any idea what we're walking into. pete: it was an active shooter situation that once the shots were being fired turned into a more deliberate approach. if shots are fired they are going in no matter. what if it's more of a hostage situation then they can take the time to stack on the door. ainsley: once they didn't hear shots were being fired anymore. they started getting people off that hotel floor. once everyone was out, then they went into the shooter's room and found him dead. pete: huge thanks to the suffolk county police officers on long island, new york. brian: the hamptons, right around there. steve: pete, thanks for going out there.
3:30 am
ainsley: nearly 60 people murdered at the mandalay bay hotel outside. live on the ground with what they are doing and how tourists are reacting. >> in the wake of the tragedy. american debates do. we need more gun laws or does the political left just want to take away your guns? a town hall live from our studio straight ahead on this thursday. (cheering) a triangle solo? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money sam and yohanna saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums ainsley: fox news alert. the las vegas shooter might have had held carrying out the deadliest mass shooting in modern history. brian: also believe that stephen paddock wanted to escape, he wanted to survive, perhaps after gunning down country music fans in the las vegas strip. bullet holes and nearby jet fuel tanks could suggest paddock wanted to cause explosion and ensignner rate people killing even more.
3:34 am
ainsley: girlfriend is back on american soil telling investigators she had no idea about the attack. brian: do you buy it? let's go down to steve with the town hall. steve: brian and ainsley, thank you. las vegas massacre renewing debate. panel is here to weigh in on this. good morning, everybody. one of the things we have discovered as they have gone through the room, apparently at the was not firing with automatic weapon as it turns out. is he semiautomatic weapons that he had bought something online or through a retailer called a bump stock. can i see the hands. who has ever heard of a bump stock before this week? i was reading about it. something that was passed a while bag was okayed because it allowed people with disabilities to then do recreational shooting who think's it's time to have a debate changing laws regarding a bump stock.
3:35 am
>> this has personally affected me, steve. where my sister-in-law was at that concert. steve: your sister-in-law was? >> my sister-in-law was at that concert. we had to wait just like so many other families whether she was dead or alive. thank god she turned out to be safe and got to safety as bullets were flying all around her. it is unconscionable that a private citizen can amass this type of arsenal legally there comes a time when what is legal. steve: do you have a problem with the number of gun? >> yes. i have a problem with the number of guns that it did not set off any red flags. that he did so all legally. and there comes a time, steve, when what is legal is no longer moral. steve: tammy, let's go to you in the back row. there is an item in the "new york times" today that says some republican senators and, in fact, congressman as well are open to talking about these particular bump
3:36 am
stocks. they want to get rid of them. >> it's been an extraordinary week for all of us. america -- it's been difficult. yet, this is the conversation that has to be had in some fashion. there is an automatic reaction to dealing with the issue of guns or an element like a bump stock. it's clearly we understanding why this is awful. at the same time, there is also a story this week out of las vegas journal review about mind altering drug that the shooter, the maniac was just prescribed in june. steve: valium. >> anti-zit drug it's of a class we recognize with alcohol and drugs could impact. with that we can have a discussion about firearms. presumption that it's the solution when, in fact, we are never dealing and the nature of the person pulling that trigger. that's got to be -- we have to enter into that conversation. you also say we have got to talk about mental health.
3:37 am
guns are one thing but let's talk about mental health as well it? >> may not relate to this particular case but after newtown, there were lots of parents that came forward and said hey, i have a kid who was mentally unstable. i'm actually afraid to be in the home with this kid. i think is he going to kill me or himself or others. they couldn't take their kids to a place. there were not the laws or the resources available to help them. that's a serious problem. i know they have been trying to deal with that in the u.s. house of representatives and the congress. i think that tammy is right. a lot of times these kind of solutions there is no room for it because gun control and that whole conversation takes all the airspace. steve: front row right here. professor, what do you make of all of this? >> i think that there is a middle ground here. i think we do need to have a discussion. i think part of the discussion we never have involves the tech industry. we have a tech industry that can take this out of the legal realm and help us
3:38 am
solve some of these problems via technology. steve: how? >> we have had growing areas in terms of smart guns that are able to cut down. the problem is, after something like this, a smart gun wouldn't have stopped this shooter. and to tammy's point, there are mental health issues. but you can use technology to cut down. i mean, you look at the number of shootings we have had and the killings and the people who have been wounded in gun violence, we can cut that number back through things like the use of technology and that's a challenge the government should fund and put to the technology community. help us solve this probable. steve: okay. yesterday, when he was on the ground in las vegas, the president of the united states was asked is now the time to have the conversation about gun control? and the president said no. however, hillary clinton in a podcast was talking about it and saying republicans are complicit in what happened in vegas? >> it is a sign of the deep dysfunction of this government and this
3:39 am
republican party that has been taken over by extreme elements to the point that they are doing whatever they are told to do. >> do you feel like they are complicit, the gop, the nra and gun epidemic we are seeing in america? >> of course they are. of course they are. steve: deneen borelli? >> i think hillary clinton's comments early on she came out immediately after this happened tweeting and criticizing the nra. i find her comments outrageous and disgusting. she wasn't even talking about the individuals, the victims who were harmed, who were killed. and, listen, i don't recall her running on gun control when she was running for office. and not only that under former president obama, where was the outrage for gun control then? they could have moved in and done something. steve: do you see this as an opportunity by some on the political left to grab guns? >> absolutely. it's gun grabbing. my heart and thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims. anyone that is affected by
3:40 am
this. your family as well. listen, see you this any time that something like this happens, that the left comes out and tries to push their gun grab agenda and it's the wrong agenda. steve: rebecca grant? >> president trump is right this is a week to mourn and reflect. we all need to keep that in mind. going forward, personally i cannot understand why he had those guns. i have no use for some of that stuff. steve: do you have a problem with the number of guns he had? >> oh sure, i do. doesn't everyone have a problem with that? but we can't look to that as the only answer if it's not guns, maybe it will be drones in the future. we see france with strict laws and it hasn't helped them. steve: kelly mccann welcome back, we haven't seen new a while marine vet. what is your perspective on this. >> there is buzz words surrounding this whole issue. if it wasn't bump stocks it was be bayonet laws. it would be flash hiders. this is emotional issue. something has got to be done, obviously. it's seminole to our rights. if we take away our second
3:41 am
amendment rights and i'm not shrilling for anybody or any thing. if we start tink dering with rights where does it stop? our first amendment rights cause dollars some deaths not too long ago. and why should they get to do it. steve: you look at the number of gun laws in the country and look at what is happening, fringes, in chicago, they most restrictive gun laws in the country and yet it doesn't seem to be making a dent in the killing that's going on out there. >> absolutely there has been no empirical data that supported a drop in crime. when we looked at england and germany they tried it and it didn't work. knife suspect on london bridge had there been a licensed gun owner on that bridge that attack would have been thwarted. we look at what happened in tennessee two weeks ago. there was a licensed gun owner that was able to counter and neutralize that suspect. steve: before we go.
3:42 am
can i see the hands. does anybody know of one gun law they could write that could have prevented what happened on sunday night? okay. we're going to end it right there then. all right. thanks for the town hall, panel. it will be back with us at 8:30 eastern time. thank you very much. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. his wife of 32 years died in his arms during the shooting rampage. now he is opening up about her last moments on this earth. the heart breaking story top of the hour. plus, the gunman's girlfriend says she had no idea what he was about to do. is denial a good defense? judge andrew napolitano joins us next.
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3:46 am
with extreme weather to tell you about. a possible hurricane, another one brewing in the caribbean. steve: meteorologist janice dean is live with the latest on nate. and janice, is nate headed for the gulf? janice: yes. the answer is yes. it is not nate just yet. it's still a tropical depression. the longer it spends close to land it's not going to get its act together. that's what we're hoping for. however the national hurricane center says yes this is going to become nate a tropical storm as it moves into the gulf of mexico this weekend possibly becoming a minimal hurricane and potentially making landfall anywhere from louisiana to the florida panhandle. so my advice is we don't have a lot of time. if if you live anywhere from louisiana, mississippi, alabama, into florida, you need to be making your preparations. this is going to happen this weekend. and, again, potentially a hurricane. don't think it's going to be a major hurricane. but something we have to potentially watch because hurricane season is not over yet. steve: not until the end of november. j.d., thank you. ainsley: a fox news alert. the girlfriend of the las
3:47 am
vegas shooter back now in the united states begging taking questions from investigators. marmarilou danley denying she had any knowledge about the shooting. brian: there is a chance her denial could be as well rehearsed as his attack. >> yes, there is a chance and i share a little bit of sheriff lombardo's view, that there was so much planning in this and it went on for so long, pardon me, it's hard to believe that nobody knew about it. however, she does seem to be cooperating to an extraordinary extent. she came back voluntarily. her lawyer basically told the government ahead of time what she was going to say. they interviewed her. the best interrogators, the fbi has, and she did say what he said they would say. we don't have their evaluation yet, but she is not arrested so, they must find some credibility in her denial denials. but, again, we are calling them denials. she is not accused of
3:48 am
anything. she is just asked. steve: person of interest. >> that's an interesting phrase which i will talk about in a second. she is just asked to fill in pieces of the puzzle. whatever she told them was consistent with what they expected to hear. steve: right. what about her alibi, the fact that she didn't even know she was going to the philippines, according to her attorney until he said hey, i got you a cheap ticket to the philippines. and and see your family. he wires the family $125,000 to buy a house she figures we're breaking up. >> to us that's an unusual scenario to. some cultures it's understandable. and the time element fits. so, in other words, when shy said he sent her -- he did. and he distanced her from the actual preparation in las vegas. whether he didn't want her involved or whether he was afraid that she would spill the beans, this is part of his maniacal planning. ainsley: do you think, this guy clearly is crazy, had a
3:49 am
screw loose, many screw loses. she was dating him for a long time. don't you think she saw or knew something was strange about his personality? you had people at the casino. one guy said he was a starer. he loved to stare at people. one guy said he really gives me the creeps. another guy at one of the tables said he looked at him one night and said i want to go kill my mother. why the hell did she bring me into this world. and everyone at the table thought that was strange. >> that is very telling. listen, i'm not a psychiatrist. this may very well have been suicide by cop. it's a horrific way to do that because it involved 58 other innocent people in deaths. i'm smiling at your intuition because to you, a spouse or a companion or girlfriend would have noticed something. ainsley: have you seen them at their worse. you know who they really are. >> we won't go through our personal experiences in that
3:50 am
she may be such a culture a sub servient person she didn't think it was her role to do that. brian: gun shop owner said in 2011 they walked in together and shopped and didn't buy anything to. say these guns were new or didn't know anything about it right there there is a little problem with that story. they also have a problem with his brother's story. we will see where this goes. >> yes. we will cece where it goes. remember, person of interest is a media phrase. it's not a legal phrase. it's sometimes dog whistle to the person out there. come on, in we have got to talk to you. congratulations on the new book. brian: thanks. couple more weeks but ainsley's is first. >> congratulations on yours. brian: it's all based on your life, judge. secretary of state rex tillerson shutting down rooms is he at odds with the president. >> can you address the main headline of this story that you called the president a moron. >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. brian: was this report true or was the media pumping out
3:51 am
fake news. ainsley: taking new measures to protect their guests and we are live with how tourists are reacting. that's next. ♪ ♪ kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. 's list for free.
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3:54 am
ainsley: in the wake of sunday's massacre hotels are taking new measures to protect their guests. jillian mele is out on the strip with the latest for us. what are they doing? jillian: that's right. good morning. i want to tell you we went in to mandalay bay yesterday on casino floor it was pretty much business as usual. we did see security securing the elevators. i don't want to be dramatic almost like tsa just to get into the hotel. people seemed pretty happy about having extra security.
3:55 am
take a look. jillian: when did you get into town? >> just yesterday. jillian: okay. you got here and despite everything that happened the last couple days why did you still want to come. >> i'm here for a conference. >> i'm here for a tournament it the wynn hotel. i could be a millionaire today. >> comedy show. jillian: what do you think of the security going on at the wynn? >> great. very good. they checked our bags when we came. in they waned us down. >> security is fine when you check in. there is a lot more cops. like police cars and cops walking around. >> yeah, everywhere you go there is police there. and they are just looking out for everyone. >> we are very from a very small town in michigan. 10,000 in our town. it's surprising to see this type of security. >> when we come back, people still in the casinos. everywhere we have been, everyone has been really polite and accommodating. >> we see security walking around all the time. i thought it was great. jillian: walk us through the last couple of days since that happened?
3:56 am
how has security changed? what is hat mood been like? >> i think for ourselves we have been a little bit on edge. you have to carry on in a situation like that. probably couldn't be any more safer in the world at the moment. everyone on high alert. jillian: so we walked through the security at the wynn ourselves. they went through my little bags and my big bag. they unzipped everything. we got waned. people got patted down. they have dogs throughout. it's definitely a heavy security presence at the wynn and other hotels in this area guys. people said i don't care if it takes me an extra 15 to 20 minutes, i would rather be safe. steve: what you told us yesterday with wayne newton he was questioning whether or not he should go ahead and do the show that night and he said the show must go on. jillian: yep. that's the vibe out here right now. brian: all right, jill i can't believe, thanks so much. 4 minutes before the top of the hour. next hour or two kellyanne conway is going to be joining us and dan bongino and senator jeff flake. a busy two hours right here
3:57 am
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♪ >> we stand together to help you carry your pain. you're not alone. we will never leave your side. >> the incredible patriotic moment despite being shot in the leg thomas gunsderson standing from his hospital bed to shake the president's hand. >> the motive for the deadliest mass shooting in the history of this country remains a mystery. >> paddock apparently tried to blow up aviation fuel tanks right near the site of the massacre but it didn't blow. >> there is evidence that stephen paddock wanted to survive or escape. >> face value have you got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. >> they also found 50 pounds of tannerite. that's an explosive. >> we received the very first statement from the shooter's girlfriend. >> he never said anything to me. >> democrats are demanding congress act on new gun control measures. >> going after the
4:01 am
implements is not the solution. we have been successful in combating terrorists. we can be successful in come batting mass murder. >> we cannot be defined by the evil that threatens us or the violence that incites such terror. we're defined by our love, our caring, and our courage. ♪ brian: right to a fox news alert. and a lot to discuss as you just heard. the las vegas shooter may have been planning something even more sinister than his bloody massacre. that came out late last night. ainsley: police now want to know if he acted alone or had someone help him plot the deadliest shooting. steve: adam housely is live in las vegas with the breaking details. i looked to the right out the window of the airplane and there was mandalay bay. i was thinking man, if that guy would have had an airliner in his target, he might have actually been able to hit it but as it turns out, he might have been aiming, this is just speculation from authorities, on some of the
4:02 am
great big jet fuel tanks. >> yeah, you know. steve, you were just down the street from us here. we saw them look at those jet fuel tanks monday morning. maybe 12 hours after the actual massacre took place here. they were over there taking a look at those tanks very closely. they are not far from us here. maybe 30 yards to my right. and people hid. if you look at that picture right there, nighttime view of them as well with satellite trucks there. if we can go back to first full screen graphic. i wanting to show our viewers. there is a shed there. i think that might help answer the question, we got the answers we got. look at that white shed. so what happened people fled right to where i'm standing, knocked down the two fences. can you seat two fences where they were knocked down and some broke open and hid in that shed. there is blood in that white building little shed there what our investigator sources tell us they believe that the killer was spraying this entire area. he wasn't necessarily shooting at the jet tank -- or jet fuel tanks but he was
4:03 am
spraying. that's what they believe that they -- and the las vegas review journals article may have gone a bit too far. they say source but not law enforcement source. keep that in mind. we also think go back to the heaheadline we have been talking about last couple hours. we have been told that they still have not ruled anything out. we heard from the sheriff that possibly the sheriff and others are looking into that he may have had some help and may even be looking for likely that he could have had some help over the course of maybe the last couple of years. take a listen to what the sheriff says about stephen paddock. >> what we know is stephen paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life. much of which will never be fully understood. he meticulously planned on the first domestic attack in the united states history. >> for at least two months he planned, we are to believe so far. now we have also the interview yesterday with his
4:04 am
companion marilou danley in los angeles that went on for several hours. i'm told she was very cooperative. has been from the beginning. her lawyer says that she gave every piece of information that she could but she didn't know that much about the fact that he had compiled all these weapons but we are hearing, guys, as i give it back to you in new york maybe his estranged brothers might be giving a little bit more information than people realize that they might have had. back to you guys. brian: a couple brothers he broke off relationships with. the story was one of the brothers was a bully and used to beat eric and stephen up. they kind of broke off. they didn't have much of a relationship. i'm amazed overall at the pressers how candid they are. it's as if they are speaking out loud and just this stream of consciousness which i think is very helpful to us out here who want to make sense of this. >> i think there are two reasons for that one i will tell you some of the folks we have spoken, to some of the law enforcement sources we have tone to about this. a lot of times they were
4:05 am
surprised the sheriff was more candid than they expected and had to scramble including when he admitted yesterday that she was being interviewed already. we had ton told that but when he said it publicly it through curve ball. trying to find any kind of lead they can in this manner. so many interesting avenues but nothing that is wide open. look at some of the other things we have covered. san bernardino terror attack obviously. aurora. there seemed to be much larger issues showing um right away online for example, or the fact in san bernardino they smashed the hard drives. here you don't have that. they don't have that big lead yet. brian: orlando allahu akbar. we had a clue. they don't have that clue. ainsley: maybe they do. steve: there was a note left behind but it was not a suicide note. maybe that's why out authorities are saying that they think he had a plan to escape. and part of that could have been relate to the fact that in the car, as adam just detailed they found 50 pounds of this explosive
4:06 am
tanner right. while the sheriff was not in this particular instance was not candid about why they felt he had an escape plan, no suicide note and explosives in the car. that's what they are thinking. brian: 200 rounds shot in the hall. he also had rifles that jammed. maybe that explains it pause. someone said well he was putting a new magazine in there maybe this was the pause. un. ainsley: how about the guy underneath him. the guy says he got a knock on his door 1:30 in the morning the night before and said you need to turn down your country music. who is complaining? the guy upstairs. you turned it counsel, we appreciate that now you need to turn it off because is he complaining again. brian: one of the great assess of the president of the united states when he went yesterday you saw it we know it because we see it when the president was here and just the billionaire he would go up to people in the makeup room and talk to them. whether you are audio. he tweeted everyone equally. when he gets in these situations when he can be sincere and see the average
4:07 am
every day american people, he really thrives. i think some of the victims and survivors really picked up on that yesterday. steve: absolutely. he spent 90 minutes at the bedside at university medical center. he visited with 8 families of victims he met with 100 medical professionals. he stayed longer than they thought he was going to stay throughout. and he spoke of courage displayed by those who risked their lives and saved the loved ones of total strangers. there was one of the high school students, a young woman by the name of tiffany. she was asked what it was like to have the president of the united states at the foot of your bed talking to you and this is what she said. >> did he offer you words of comfort? did he say anything that stands out to you? you said he was amazing. >> he was super nice. he wasn't awkward with me. he was much more comforting. >> what did he say that was so comforting? >> >> i don't know.
4:08 am
just his voice and the way he was. ainsley: then he and melania, the first lady i should say out of respect, they went to another hospital room. they met a gentleman who had been shot in the leg. he got out of his bed and stood up look at this to shake hands with the president and first lady. then he wrote on facebook he said i will never lie down when the president of this great country comes to shake my hand there may be plenty of issues in this country. i will always respect my country, my president, and my flag. shot in the leg or not, i will stand to show my president the respect he deserves. brian: he told his friends listen, i will get blow back. don't worry about it i'm asking you not to respond to them. but it is disconcerting to meet the president, salute the president, and then know you are going to get blow back on your own social media page. thomas gunnedderson will be live with us in an hou. steve: i read one person who said when he came in he
4:09 am
wasn't the president of the united states he was just a dad. just a dad talking to me about my child. ainsley: last night on sean hannity's show we want to replay. actually maybe not. his show was 9:00. this is a guy married to a lady for 32 years. he sat down with sean and this is what he had to say about his wife. >> 32 years, every day was better. two kids and four grandchildren and the fifth one was on the way. i want the world to know denise. she had a beautiful smile. and she was a great person, loved her grandchildren. we were at the concert. is that what you -- from the concert we initially heard the first round of gunfire. didn't think it was gunfire. the second round started and i knew it was and i grabbed her by the hand. when she was struck, she was behind me. i had turned. >> she was shot in the head. >> yes, sir. we all have our ups and downs. they are doing well. supporting one another back home and we're ready to get
4:10 am
denise home and let everything start to heal. brian: think about this. his wife was just murdered in front of him when they were supposed to be having a great time in las vegas watching a concert. ainsley: look how cute they are. >> courage to come up and talk about the story on sean's show. ainsley: they have a grandchild on the way. four living. i was so close to my grand parents. my grandmothers meant the world to me. make you cry if you think these kids won't have their grandmother because this idiot. this evil man decided to just take them all out. i mean, it's just unbelievable that someone can be that evil. steve: it was remarkable. that sean was able to get the interview with that man who told us live on tv what it was like when his wife. ainsley: can you imagine they were holding hands and she dropped. steve: right. it is heart breaking. brian: if it wasn't for that security guard with the courage to go to that door and take a bullet and sit out and point out where he was. he didn't shoot at anybody after that. it could have
4:11 am
been so much worse as 58 now the number holds. meanwhile, 10 minutes after the hour. steve: president trump seems to be leaving the door open to talk gun control. will he? we will talk to kellyanne conway, she is going to be live at the white house in about 20 minutes. brian: he also said now is not the time. meanwhile the secretary of state rex tillerson ripping into reports he is at odds with the president. so is the media pumping this fake news out? general jack keane weighs in. >> i'm not from this place. but the places i come from we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense. i write them a poem instead. and one for each of you too. woman: cool. that actually yours... that one. yeah. regardless, we're stuck with the bill. to many, words are the most valuable currency. last i checked, stores don't take words. man: some do. oh. (alert beeps) not everyone can be the poetic voice of a generation. i know, right? such a burden.
4:12 am
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and start gathering the information you need to help you go long™. steve: a fox news alert. three u.s. green berets killed and two seriously injured after being ambushed by terrorists in the western african country of niger. here now to react is retired four star general and fox news military analyst jack keane. thank you for joining us. apparently these guys were working with the locals to try to secure things and this happened. >> yeah. well, what happens. u.s. policy in africa is simply this. we are not there to engage in direct combat with the terrorists. we are there to train and assist the locals in doing that and that's what this mission is about. the primary trainers of other armies are u.s. army special forces.
4:16 am
i commend fort -- i got familiarity with these guys being incredibly unique because where the army goes toward deploys battalions their basic deploy is 1 people. a team. deploy multiple a teams headed up by b team. that's probably what was here participating in this patrol with the nigers. what was happening i'm convinced they targeted this patrol because americans were in it. they were ambushed. steve: it's sad. general, also a story we wanted to ask you about because you do know you are now familiar with rex tillerson since he became secretary of state. how about there was a story out there that he called the president a moron, there were all sorts of press rches cans going on yesterday. here mr. tillerson is. and he was out in front of the cameras at the state department in foggy bottom. here is he talking about his relationship with the president. >> the vice president has never had to persuade me to
4:17 am
remain a secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post. while i'm new to washington, i have learned that there are some who try to sow dissension to advance their own agenda by tearing others apart in an effort to undermine president trump's own agenda. i do not and i will not operate that way. steve: what's going on here? do you think he really called him a moron? >> i have no idea. i suspect not. i don't think that's the kind of term he would use. but, listen, none of us want to be held accountable for the things we say inside of our office about people we work with or people we work for. let's be honest with ourselves. but, at the same time, i have never seen the media react and pounce on this administration and the people in it for simply not always agreeing. national security, this is tough, complicated issues. you are never going to get the entire national security team on any one of those issues to totally agree. the fact that they don't
4:18 am
agree, steve, actually is good government. the president needs to have a range of options and a range of opinions upon which to make decisions. and even if a tillerson or mattis or mcmaster even disagree with the president on an issue, i absolutely believe that is healthy for us to have those kind of views. steve: we have got a tweet from the president of the united states we are going to put up on the screen right now. the nbc news story has just been totally refuted by secretary tillerson and vice president pence. it is #fake news. they should issue an apology to america. #fake news. do you think this is just one of those things that was brewed up by the media? >> well, i think they take a small little thing and they try to make it into a major news story and the fact that now we have got a secretary of state and president coming to blows, so to speak and the secretary of state is going to wind up resigning. that's the story they are trying to create. i don't think it's true. i have been around secretary
4:19 am
tillerson like a lot of other people in america who deal in national security. we didn't know him. i will tell you what, this guy lives up to his billing. he is a seasoned professional, comfortable on a world stage. he can execute united states foreign policy overseas with confidence. and i have got a lot of time for him. steve: you sound like a fan? >> ever since he stood in moscow and russia media and called him out for all the mistakes russia has had including russia mud ling in the election i have been a fan. steve: dodged bullets to save others in the middle of that massacre on sunday night. his incredible story live from las vegas. and president trump seems to be leaving the door open on some sort of new gun control. had s. that possible? we're going to talk to kellyanne about just that and so much more in a couple of minutes. ♪ ♪
4:20 am
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so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. >> back to the latest on las vegas. first other stories making headlines this morning that we think you need to know about. today is the last day tore dreamers to renew daca immigration status. as of last night 50,000 eligible people are not yet applied. meanwhile the trump administration said it would phase out the deportation protection program if congress did not come up with a solution and by the way the clock is ticking. new york city's famous columbus circle is now under around the clock security. people are concerned about vandalism to the christopher columbus statue ahead of columbus day on monday. the monument has already been damaged along with several others in the city. look high that is. after a week of such tragic news our own rob schmitt and janice dean took time out to
4:24 am
pack goody bags for our men and women serving overseas. >> anything you sent us overseas is peanuts, baby wipes and other products. when the marines get, sailors, soldiers, it means so much to us to receive it. brian: the event fox impact week where fox employees give back. our "fox & friends" writers also getting into the action spending time at new york community center. mean while, ainsley. ainsley: thank you, brian. so many stories of his or hers emerging from the horror that happened in las vegas. first responders and regular americans rush and risking their lives to save others. one of those heroes a paramedic ran through the gunfire ran through bullets to aid those victims and his own medical team. paramedic simpson was one of the first to start helping all of the injured. he joins us now. i want to say thank you. you are a hero. what was it like. what do you recall? take us back and tell us what happened.
4:25 am
>> i want to thank you for having us this morning. it is still all a little bit of a blur. walking through it and trying to remember exactly what happened. i was on las vegas boulevard when the first shots were heard before the music had even cut off. and definitely didn't know what to expect. once i saw the officers draw their weapons, i knew this was the real thing. at that point i my the decision to run into the venue and hide behind the bar. >> are you glad now -- weren't you on the ground before this concert and you had five ambulances there and had you like 16 men and women paramedics that were ready to help if there was a minor emergency that you might expect with 22,000 people? >> yeah. that's correct. we were providing medical stand by services for the event itself. we were there on friday, saturday, sunday. and it was business as usual. not the first year that we have provided services for the event. so the weekend was going as planned. ainsley: i bet when you were training to be a paramedic you never thought it would lead to this.
4:26 am
>> you know, we all kind of get into the business for the guts, the blood, and that sort of thing. i have been doing this for 13 years now. and no, i never thought i would be presented with such a situation. ainsley: how many lives do you think you saved? >> you know, i remember a lot of faces. i remember looking at a lot of faces of people that i know did not make it but i also remember looking at a lot of faces that were just filled with fear but at the same time courage and i know that between myself, my team, and all the other personnel in this valley that came and responded, we saved hundreds upon hundreds of lives. to sit down and really grasp that number is still -- it's hard. ainsley: might not have hit you yet. you were with the president yesterday. you met him. what was he like? he had a message for you and for all the responders.
4:27 am
and i think we have that sound bite then i want to get your reaction. >> words cannot describe the bravery that the whole world witnessed on sunday night. americans defied death and hatred with love and with courage. when the word -- and the worst of humanity strikes and strike it did, the best of humanity responds. ainsley: glen, two questions, what was he like? and what did that message mean to you? >> you know, just listening to those words again kind of sent chills through my body. first and foremost, it was an honor to be able to meet the president of the united states. he took his time to travel to las vegas to be with the victims. and although there was a lot of us in the room. it almost felt like he was making eye contact and that message was being delivered
4:28 am
to each and every one of us. it was truly an honor to hear that and those words were very comforting, especially the professionalism part. ainsley: we have heard some stories over the last few days of different responders telling us what they saw. is there one story that really sticks out with you that you want to share with us? >> you know, it's not -- definitely not the feel good story but i recall somebody who was younger, he was probably in his early 20's. and i watched him change color throughout the duration. and it was one of the hardest things to watch. he had been shot in the chest. and bystanders were assisting in applying pressure. it's an image that i know will live with me forever. on the same note, there was a female that she was driving a pickup truck. and she just wanted to take people to the hospital. and she looked at me with tears running down her eyes and said i don't know where to go. i looked at her in the face i said grab your phone and
4:29 am
type in sunrise hospital. it was the -- it's been a week. it was a day of many, many, many emotions. ainsley: i hope you are able to find out who that young man was who died before your eyes. i'm sure his parents would want to know that someone was there holding his hand. just tragic. as a parent, it's something i just can't imagine. thank you, glenn, thank you for being a hero. you are amazing. god bless you. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. president trump seems to be leaving the door open to take on gun control. will he? we will ask kellyanne coming up from the white house next. what was it like in the emergency room after sunday's shooting? >> they were coming in six at a time in the back of vehicles, trucks. ambulances. pulling multiple people out at once. kevin kevin kevin kevin
4:30 am
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4:33 am
how such 50e68 can exist. through can be such cruelty and such suffering. but we cannot be defined by the evil that threatens us or the violence that incites such terror. steve: joining us now from the north lawn of the white house is counselor to the president of the united states kellyann kellyanne conwa. kellyanne, the president flew out to las vegas after he comforted victims in puerto rico. you know, we have already heard from some of the people he talked to bedside. they were very moved by having the president come in. was the president moved by going there? >> the president was moved. and the president and the first lady have been on the ground literally shoulder to shoulder with those who are suffering and in need whether it's texas, florida, louisiana, puerto rico, and certainly in the las vegas community yesterday. i think this is a moment when this president is calling us all to unify. unify against what he calls
4:34 am
an act of pure evil. and unify really to show compassion and empathy for our brothers and sisters who are truly in need. and i think just the last couple of weeks really the last month or so where we have had natural disasters and in the case of louisiana, pure act of -- excuse me, las vegas, pure act of the evil. you see the president's capacity for compassion, for sympathy. and it's incredibly important for folks to see that they literally stand with them. we know long after the president returns to washington, that we remain with these people. the rebuilding and recovery process in a place like puerto rico will take months, if not years. there are people whose lives have been shattered over the last week making preparation to say a final goodbye to the loved ones. it's incredibly important to see that as our leader. i think it's important for the country and for the world to see that the president and the first lady and members of the administration stand with people in need.
4:35 am
ainsley: one of the people he visited in the hospital we ran the clip earlier. i met him and reporters were saying what was he like? she says he is not the man you see on social media. hhe was personal and chatted with me by my bead side. what was it like for people that watch and know the guy as the social media donald trump or president trump versus what is he really like in person? >> that's the person that so many of us have the privilege of seeing and working with day by day. i have always found president trump, mr. trump to be very -- a very light hearted and humorous man. an excellent story teller. genuinely interested in other people's lives. i know that firsthand. i could not be a working mother of four school aged children in this building working hard every single day and with shoulder to shoulder with other colleagues doing the same if we didn't work for somebody who respects us as individuals and generally interested in our lives. and our lives are blessed
4:36 am
and privileged compared certainly to those in need. but this is somebody who, if you asked him how he wants to spend whatever spare time he has, it's always with family. people always remark what wonderful five children he has. he has raised. and our first lady who her popularity is exploding. i think people see that she is somebody who is so committed to the people of this country. and so honored to be an immigrant first lady who went through the process and became an american and truly loves this country. but this is something we see every time. we don't see it in the face of tragedy we see it every day. brian: she always wants to be with him in these times. kellyanne, quickly, some republicans are on board with this. immediately democrats started talking about gun control and why does he have some guns. and why was this device on this gun that allowed semiautomatic to be automatic. the president made the remark we are going to look at this one time as he
4:37 am
boarded, as he was leaving. and then yesterday says now's not the time. if you want to learn from an event like, this whether it's domestic terror or international terror, when is the time to start examining to see if there is something legislatively that can be done? >> we always welcome a thoughtful conversation on policy and issues. the second amendment is a bedrock in our constitution along with the first amendment. these rights must be protected. but we also are listening to -- we heard yesterday a number of these republican senators, many of them saying that they support the second amendment. they are gun owners and hunters and sportsmen themselves. bump stock. i know this is something that many legislators have been telling us and i read publicly that they have never even heard of the device before. and they are in congress. so, many of them are open to a conversation. i think that conversation is -- we always welcome thoughtful conversations. i would just note for the viewers that since bump stock has not probably been
4:38 am
in the lexicon before, this is a device that president obama's atf decided would not be regulated in 2010. and i think that's an important part of this conversation. i also would note for all the people, including hillary clinton jumping to twitter while parents were literally still combing the hospitals if not the rubble for their missing loved ones, that this rush to judgment, these inaccuracies that people are putting forward doesn't help anybody in need. it doesn't help one person in their grief and in their recovery. and i would note that we did a i quick little search in my office. have you people like elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, they either have tweeted to one times this year about guns. this calendar year they have tweeted about russia dozens of times. they have tweeted about this president imunusua imimnumerous measurable times. the cavalry on the high horses need to act. we need to have thoughtful conversations in this country. steve: the president, your
4:39 am
boss, our commander-in-chief 39 minutes ago tweeted out why isn't the senate intel committee looking into the fake news networks in our country to see why so. much of our news is just made up? fake. and i think what he is referring to is just, you know, if he is talking about the senate intel, is he referring to the fact that guys who run that committee over on the senate side had a press conference yesterday talking about the russia collusion investigation and things like that which, you know, gets a lot of air time but, you know, what we heard from them yesterday is we really haven't found anything. >> there is a great frustration that the message the issues, policies being resolved out of this white house are not being covered. i have long railed against incomplete coverage. there are so many things, 860 regulations that have been chucked by this president and no, folks no not the ones that people are air and water clean. ones done at the last minute or a soft to special
4:40 am
interest. that plus the tax framework that's coming forward. the most bold tax cut in american history that the president has put forward. it's the incomplete news. it's not connecting people with the information they need to know. look at what the stock market and some economic indicators think of this president in his first term. steve: all-time high. >> that matters to people. that's allowing people to spend their money to make plans about their own personal prosperity into the future. brian: manufacturing up. unemployment. >> that's right. all of it the home builders confidence. manufacturer's confidence. there are so many great things going on cabinet wide. brian: we understand the frustration. let's talk about what happened yesterday. the secretary of state came out, knocked down a report from nbc that said he called the president a bleeping moron. and then a little bit later on bob corker, chairman of foreign relations who was once a contender to be a vice president and i believe secretary of state took another shot at this president. listen. >> i think secretary of state tillerson, secretary
4:41 am
mattis and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country infantry chaos. brian: this is two weeks ago. he brought up confidence in the president. what's going on here? what is the chairman's problem with the president? >> the chairman and the president have had a good working relationship all along as you said dating back to transition and certainly the campaign. senator corker was in the white house a couple weeks ago for a private meeting with the president. but i think i took those comments to mean that senator corker was talking glowingly and frankly accurately about the leadership we have in this white house through general kelly, our chief of staff, and through general mattis and secretary of state tillerson. it's really a hand picked cabinet by this president. i was really struck yesterday by secretary tillerson's forceful and uneequivocal push back towards these rumors and then the president saying that he has quote fult confidence in rex his
4:42 am
secretary of state. i actually thought secretary tillerson gave a very impassioned detailed and specific cataloging of all the progress that has occurred on his watch on the president's watch. he talked about pakistan. he talked about iran. he talked -- he talked about certainly the strides that have been made all around the global. the media gave him an unexpected opportunity to talk about everything positive that he and his boss the president have been dealing with. it was very forceful in saying thasaying that he has ner once considered resigning and that his support of the president and how the president won giving voice to those who want a different foreign policy want to be more safe and secure that he is still here as he has been on day one to support the president's agenda. steve: all right. kellyanne, thank you for taking part of your day out to be here on "fox & friends." ainsley: thank you, kellyanne. brian: straight ahead, what was it like inside the emergency room after sunday's shooting. jillian mele goes one on ones with the doctors and
4:43 am
nurses that saved some lives. steve: have you seen this? the moment is incredible. a man shot in the leg stands for president trump yesterday in the hospital. that man will join us live coming up. ♪ ♪ when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. toddlers see things a bit undifferently with pampers easy ups they'll see a stretchy waistband you'll see pampers' superior protection and you'll both see an easy way to underwear pampers easy ups listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies,
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4:47 am
examined that night. they say you go through all that hospitals and americans and casualty situation. it's hard to be mentally prepared for something like this. sunrise is one of those hospitals that took in a lot of the patients, a lot of the victims who were transported in civilians' own vehicles. they were taking them out and they describe what the scene was like that night. jillian: were you working when this happened? >> i was at home and i got a phone call from our ceo. >> he was requesting help. and i felt the need to come and help the community. >> i called my husband one of the pediatric physicians i said get up. come to sunrise and operate on adults. >> what was the worst thing you saw. >> i put those in the criteria with devastating head injury. >> chaos. people everywhere. everything. you know, getting kind of caught off guard with the amount of blood that receives you at the ambulance entrance. >> first thing that comes to my mind is the way these
4:48 am
patients looked. the blood on the floor. >> did you ever anticipate being involved in something like this? >> never anticipate. we train. we always kind of go through process of how we would, you know, try to address them. >> i really cannot imagine that this could happen especially here but i am very proud to be part of this community. >> when i see my co-workers and i look at their faces and i see their face that flashes in front of me from that night, just continually brings meme back to that spot where it was a hard time. jillian: did you see people bringing victims n their trucks, in their cars? >> yeah. they were coming in six at a time in the back of vehicles, trucks, ambulances. multiple people out at once. >> they were coming in on metro cruisers. there were 2 or 3 inside each one of those. inside the ambulances. you know, and inside pickup
4:49 am
trucks. pickup trucks would be filled with five or six people. jillian: were you say you were fully ready for this? >> i was very happy with the way people came together. >> the best thing that happened is just to see, you know, the patients wanting to give up their chair for somebody else, telling me no, doc, i'm good. i see that person is sicker go, take care of that person. >> telling me a hero i'm telling her she is the hero. i know this sounds really cheesy right now but it's by far a proud moment for me to be here. and we just kind of, you know sat there with our eyes gleaming and hugged it out for a quick second and then continued on. some of us decided we were going to leave our family to rush here to help. and do whatever we could do. >> i am actually very proud and happy that i was part of this community, part of this
4:50 am
effort to help this need. >> i'm 100 percent certain that without what the staff did here at sunrise hospital, there would be a whole lot more angels in heaven right now from las vegas if it wasn't for them. jillian: sunrise took in 199 patients. that's what they told us the latest update last night. they had 16 fatalities. doctors say you never want a fatality. doctors said i have no regret we saved everybody we possibly could that night. guys? steve: jillian is out at the strip right now. thank you. ainsley: thank you for giving us us that perspective. steve: guardian angel. ainsley: heart and spirit of las vegas revealed in the aftermath of this tragedy for sure. >> we're hurt. we're hurt badly but we're not broken. ainsley: bob massi has called the city home for 40 years. he is here next with what it means to be vegas strong. to our real reviews that we actually verify.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
ainsley: las vegas is just beginning the healing process four days after the deadly massacre that shook that city. steve: joining us with his thoughts is somebody that has lived in vegas for 40 years, host of the property man legal analyst bob massi joins us from outside mandalay bay. bob, thank you very much for joining us. how important was it to the people of las vegas to have the president of the united states who, by the way, has a personal connection to las vegas? he has his family's name on a big hotel there. how important was it that he went and talked to the first responders and met those people at the hospital? >> i think when you see and hear some of the first responders, that actually talked about him, some of the. know that the leader of the country came here, took the time, went to visit with all the healthcare providers,
4:55 am
the doctors, the nurses, the patients, the people that were with the victims, the people that were rounded just brings it together. previously the president only came here as a businessman. now he came here as our leader. it just made everybody, i mean everybody in our town yesterday felt so good that he took the time to do it and was very genuine the words that he stated. ainsley: you know, bob, as a reporter, you get the -- when you go to the city as steve did and you lived there and you are on the ground there, you really get a feel for what the folks there are going through obviously more so than us that are here in new york. so describe what's happening now in the aftermath. we saw the candle light vigil, what's happening in the casinos? is it a ghost town? >> you know, it's funny, the other day i went to the casinos the day after it happened and there is such a somber feeling. yesterday, i spent some time and went around to the same places and i felt that there was a new sense of energy, there is still this lack of understanding of why.
4:56 am
those of us who live there understand this is something that's going to take time for purposes of healing and understanding. so i am not going to say there is a positive thing. one thing i really would like to say, you know, for years, i have lived here. a lot of people live here. always we're not comfortable with the sin city. i think now people understand this is a great city with great people that came together. and i think the world now understands las vegas in such a more positive fashion and that surely consoles a lot of us. it's very important. steve: it is a great city. that's one of the reasons bob is going to take the fbi lunch today from his favorite restaurant. >> we're going to take some good food. ainsley: you are a good man. thanks for doing that bob. >> take care. ainsley: go fund me page is up to 9.1 million. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: there it is a live picture. have you seen this?
4:57 am
incredible. man stands up in the hospital join us from president trump is he going to join us from the hospital. steve: bravery of swat teams running into the fire in vegas. pete hegseth went to find out you will see that coming up. of dry eye. we need theratears®. theratears® is more than just eye drops. it's eye therapy. dry eye symptoms are caused by a salt imbalance. theratears® unique electrolyte formula, quickly restores the natural balance. so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy. theratears®. feven being the backng half of a unicorn.
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5:00 am
trump: you're not alone. we will never leave your side. >> incredible patriotic moment despite being shot in the leg, standing from his hospital bed to shake the president's hand. >> i think it's important for the country and the world to see that the president and the first lady and members of the administration stand with people in need. >> the motivate for the deadliest mass shooting in this country's history remains a mystery. brian: tried to blow up fuel sites but it didn't blow.
5:01 am
>> there was evidence that steven paddock wanted to survive or escape. >> face value, you have to make the assumption, he had to have some help at some point. >> they also found 50 pounds of an explosive. >> we received the first statement from the shooter's girlfriend. brian: democrats demanding congress to act on new gun control. >> we've been successful in combating terror. we can be successful in combating mass murder. >> we cannot be defined by the evil that threats us or the violence that insights such terror. we're defined by our love, our caring, and our courage. ainsley: fox news alert, planning something even more sinister than his massacre. steve: police want to know if he had someone helping him. plus, the deadliest mass shooting in american history.
5:02 am
brian: adam, what do we know now that we didn't know last night. >> well, w we know a couple of things. it said that by one source, it didn't say law enforcement that the shooter, the killer may have targeted the fuel tanks just basically about 1,100 feet from his room on the other side of the concert location right by our satellite truck. now, we talked to our law enforcement sources, and they tell us that they find that a little hard to believe because they say that the killer was basically spraying this area. he wasn't targeting and that this tanks were obviously on the other side of the concert location. also, that was an area where people went and took refuge. we know that from our satellite truck being here, and we've been here about 30 minutes after the shooting began. so that's what they believe. in fact, that picture right there, you can see that white maybe shed in front, we know people knocked down two fences, and they were
5:03 am
bleeding, by the way, and they were inside that shed because blood was inside that shed because they pride it open to take refuge from the bullets. that all comes as the companion of the murderer came back to the u.s. from the philippines, i'm told she's been very cooperative from the beginning. she spent several hours yesterday fbi headquarters in los angeles, and this is what her attorney says about how that went. >> i have not made a statement until now because i've been cooperating with the authorities, and i voluntarily flew back to america because i know that the fbi and las vegas police department wanted to talk with me. i will cooperate fully with their investigation. anything i can do to help suffering in any way, i will do. >> also, two more points. the sheriff said yesterday or last night in the press conference it's very hard to believe that the murderer didn't have some sort of help.
5:04 am
and also, i've been told that nothing has been ruled out. they've been able to cross nothing off the list. back to you guys. brian: well, adam, for one thing that we do know now is that money was going to her. we just heard it was going to the philippines. does it change at all investigators knowing -- she said she was oblivious to all of this. although, they were found in a gun store in 2011 shopping for rifles. shshe can't pretend he didn't have a passion for guns when they found 43 in three separate locations. >> yeah. in fact, that was one of the things that was told to me about his brother, the one he stayed in touch with who said he didn't know he had any passion for weapons. one of the investigators told me, well, he did know that. so that wasn't part of an official interview, it was part of a television interview. and one of the investigators said, well, he did know that, and that's not necessarily a straight statement. so there was some frustration with her, brian, because they said how do you not see -- how could you not see anything?
5:05 am
that's the one frustration they have with marylou. steve: we thank you very much, adam. joining us live. apparently he bought 33 rifles in october of 2016. ainsley: i notice october of 2016. steve: i think in october of 2016. something triggered some sort of mental break they say in the new york times. meanwhile, joining us right now former secret service agent dan joins us from down in florida. according to the sheriff yesterday, there's a possibility he had an exit plan. he was going to try to escape. they found a note. not a suicide note. but the sheriff did add he would have had to have been some superhuman or superhero to actually pulled it off. >> yeah. that seems kind of strange to me. if you're doing a preplan, a expensive preplanning, this animal surely did given all of the evidence, it's kind of unusual that he would have a plan. it just doesn't make any sense. i mean, you're on the 32nd
5:06 am
floor of the hotel. it's obvious if you're the attacker, they're going to locate the location where you're shooting from. there's really no way out. think about this, steve. there's really one way out of a hotel room. that's the door. so it's kind of obvious if he was smart enough to put this plan together, that i don't think -- i'm not sure about that. it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. ainsley: dan, authorities say he must have had help. they don't believe he could have pulled this off on your own. in your experience, what do you think? >> you know, again, they have more information than i do, obviously. but candidly speaking, i don't buy that. and i'll tell you why. when you have an accomplice in a crime, especially a crime, again, with such extensive preplanning as we see here, the accomplice has to add some value to your plan. well, what value would an accomplice have added? all the weapons were purchased legally, the explosives they found in his home could be purchased legally. obviously, the planning could be done by himself. the preop surveillance, the line of sight, the setup of
5:07 am
the line of sight, the carrying in of the weapons. they may have information that i don't have, obviously, but i don't see where that makes a lot of sense. brian: dan, let's talk about the dry run a week before. i thought that might have been one of the stories that goes by the waste side. instead, it was backed up last week. it was a different concert, different hotel. do you believe dry run is an accurate description? or do you believe initial target? >> no. i think probably a dry run. i think what happened is he probably was looking around advantage point, line of sight, seeing how he could rack up the greatest amount of body count he could and maybe he had some line of sight issues where there wasn't exactly a clear firing line. but just seems to make sense that the first plan didn't work out, and he went to a back up plan. ainsley: you know what makes me agree with you on that? the girlfriend left on the 25th of september, which was last monday. last week. that concert, which is the one he might have been scoping out first was the weekend before. so it was before he sent her
5:08 am
off. steve: get rid of her. oh, my goodness. and, by the way, ainsley, you're absolutely right. this 16 guns were bought from october 2016 forward. but speaking of guns, dan, a lot of democrats are now pushing for more gun control. and in particular, there's an item today in the new york times that talks about these bump stocks, you know? we had never heard of a bump stock before, and i'm pretty familiar with guns. but there are a number of u.s. senators on the republican side who are open now to a conversation about perhaps banning them. what do you think? >> well, first on the gun control thing. you know, i'm really tired of this. you know, rights come into question? and let me give a pro tip to the democrats out there. i'm really tired of your crap on this. okay? stop talking to us like we're a bunch of gun-toting red next because, you know, i have kids too. i have two young daughters. you think it doesn't bother me as a dad and former law enforcement officer the idea that me or my family could be
5:09 am
subject to one of these savage animals? you know, why are we paying with our rights every time? people like me. it's a tool, steve. a firearm is a tool. i'm not rambo, i don't love guns, i don't have any love affair with this. it's a darn tool to protect yourself against the evil that some men do in this society. and democrats lecturing all the time and late night comedians with no knowledge of the issue at all about how we're a bunch of violent maniacs because we simply want to protect our families against savages like this is a really dumb strategy to try to convince the other side. wake up. let's have a sensible argument about this. brian: it's actually not -- it's worse. they're actually saying you're complicit. blood on your hands if you're a member of the nra or republican who's against some of these regulations. >> right. one of them has a #nraterrorist. really? let me get this straight. so the country's sportsman, fathers, mothers, who want to
5:10 am
protect their own kids with a tool. a firearm. all of a sudden we're terrorists? you know, wake up. you're not going to convince anybody by this. ainsley: dan, i'm with you. i grew up in a family, my dad's a hunter, he had a lot of guns, my brother too. and that's very common where i grew up. i agree with you on that. >> right. but we're all of a sudden complicit on this? ainsley: making the bump stocks illegally, what do you think of that? are you okay with that? >> no. i'm not. and i know it's probably not pc to say that. and i'll tell you why. we're not going to legislate our way out of this, ainsley. we're just not. we have 3d printers. i've got news for you. that can create a bump stock in probably under five minutes. what are you going to do about that? we can't legislate our way about the evil in some men's hearts. i'm sorry. there's no way to do that. brian: well, do you want in a background check at least that to pop up that you bought 30
5:11 am
guns in a year for the person selling you the gun to say okay. sir, i just have to ask you. you bought 30 guns in a year. can you explain to me what you're doing with them, or do you think that's an infringement? >> no. i like -- you know, if i want to buy dirty guns, i don't y do i have to explain that to the government. again, brian, i'm going to explain this one point. why are my rights always under attack because of a savage madman? i'm sorry. it just doesn't work that way. brian: do you want to know if somebody is going to be forming a militia in the woods as opposed to they are collectors? >> well, brian, that's two different questions. i mean, a collector of a guy and a guy forming a militia are not necessarily the same thing. forming a militia in the woods is a completely different counterintelligence argument than the argument about a background check and a gun. steve: absolutely. and what we know about the shooters so far, no federal laws or gun control laws were broken. dan, thank you very much for joining us live today. ainsley: he brings up a good
5:12 am
point, though. it's like taking drugs away from the drug dealer and pug the them in prison. you need to find out what the root cause of that was. this man was evil. brian: a lot of people on the radio yesterday calling up and saying enough. the background check. enough. in the background check if this is the third time you're in here, and you bought another dozen guns, what are you doing with it? i wouldn't be a problem with that question. if i'm a clark or if i have a gun shop or whatever it is. i would think that could be a follow-up question because if i'm a gun shop owner that says they're sick to their stomach because they don't want to be one of the ones that sold the killer the guns. steve: therthere is a law that controls that. if they buy more than one gun at a time, they have to apparently notify you. but apparently, he did not. helped congressman steve scalise after he was shot while playing baseball. so what does he think about the new push for gun control? we're going to ask him next.
5:13 am
ainsley: and we're going to ask our panel. and the body cam capturing what happened in las vegas. how do they train for something like this? out to pete to find out
5:14 am
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5:17 am
brian: another shooting earlier this year almost took the live of house majority steve scalise, as you know, who just returned to capitol hill this week. both shootings bringing up the gun control debate. steve: we kind of expected that. our next guest was on the field with steve scalise when he was shot, arizona senator jeff flake joins us right now. thank you for joining us, senator. >> great to be on. steve: the new york times today says a number of of your republican colleagues in senate including lindsey graham and marco rubio are open to considering a ban on these things called a bump stock. what the gunman used out in las vegas to turn a semi automatic into for all intents and purposes, an automatic. >> right. well, i don't think anybody heard of a bump stock or most people have not. i certainly haven't until just a couple of days ago. but anybody who heard the audio or saw video and heard what that sounded like, you
5:18 am
thought that's an automatic weapon. automatic weapons have been illegal since the 1930s. so, yeah, there are going to be some hearings. we are going to learn more in the coming days and weeks and months about this technology being able to mechanically increase the rate of fire through a bump stock or a crank. i understand there are other methods as well. brian: doesn't it seem like we got this backwards? we look what happened and then try to change things. mental health, that wasn't the problem here. background checks. they weren't getting enough. well, he passed them. bump stock. this is something brand-new. where do we try to look at this thing and not try to make this political? >> well, i think you're always informed when there's a new shooting what motivations there might have been. obviously, most of us -- i'm certainly supportive of strengthening our mental health system notification states and the federal
5:19 am
government don't share information on mental health issues as they should. the nicks system, for example. and when we look at something like a bump stock to increase rate of fire for all intents and purposes an automatic weapon, that's something we're going to be looking at, certainly. steve: senator, before you go, we want to ask you about your compromise bill, which looks at a solution to daca for the dreamers, but it includes border security and funding for the president's border wall. tell us a little bit about it. >> well, what we want to do is take what we all want. the president, the congress, is better border security as arizona, and we certainly need that. we need better barriers in certain places, we need sensors, we need border roads, we need cameras. the president wants that. we all want that, and we also want a solution to the daca kids, so-called dreamers who had been here and for all intents and purposes, they consider themselves americans. they don't know any other
5:20 am
country. so if we can have a solution on border security at the same time we fix the daca issue, that's a win, win for all of us. brian: senator wab what kind of timing are you on in terms of presenting this? >> well, we are introducing it today, so it takes what has already passed in the house as something called the rack act, which is basically recognizing america's children act, as well as some of the border security funding that they provided. $1.6billion that's providing for sensors -- i'm sorry. fencing in some places. levy walls in some places. just depends on where you are on the border. better border security. and i think it's the best way to thread the needle to get what the president has wanted and what he advocating, as well as both of us in congress. brian: trying to get this done before the end of the year. >> yeah. it needs to be done by the end of the year. steve: and it has the president's money for the wall, he probably likes that. senator, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, much.
5:21 am
brian: meanwhile, body cameras capturing the bravery of s.w.a.t. teams running into gunfire in vegas. how do they train for something like that? pete finds out for himself. he shares his experience. switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe. is it? you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. so we created the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699.
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5:24 am
brian: we saw incredible examples of bravery on sunday. it happened in las vegas, of course. this body camera video shows what s.w.a.t. teams running into gunfire must have been like while everybody else was running away. so how does a team like that train for threats? ainsley: pete went with the pd services to find out. >> on you the on long island, they did it on short notice for us. they train day in and day out for this exact same situation. a lot of the actions are on
5:25 am
their own terms. these are the guy that the police call when they need back up. and the s.w.a.t. team also known as emergency services trains year-round for active shooter situations like this one like the one in las vegas. and we got an inside look. take a watch. >> police. hands up. >> give us a sense into the tactics that you use. how you train for an active shooter scenario. >> we need to get in as quickly as possible and effectively terminate the threat or stop the shooting. so the way we train the officers now patrol is to -- if you're the first person on the scene, you have to make that personal choice to make entry into that structure. >> we're all watching from afar what happened in las vegas. just from what you've seen, your reaction to, you know, those men that were clearing those floors and what they were facing. >> from a law enforcement standpoint to locate a sniper shooter type from 1,200 yards
5:26 am
away is quite difficult. you know, it's going to have to use effectively rely on some 9-1-1 calls to try to localize where the shots are coming from. if you're standing in the crowd, it would be quite difficult. but the response to the hotel and the actual room where the shooting came from from what i understand was handled beautifully. >> breach, breach, breach. >> every second there's a casualty, so that's why it's imperative that the officers at the scene, they have to get there as quickly as possible and neutralize the threat. >> they're shooting right at us, guys. everybody stay down. >> what kind of gear am i going to be wearing today? >> we're going to put on you a ballistic vest. this is what we operate in and obviously what we train in. we always train the way we want to operate. so train as you fight. exactly. because weight does make a difference. especially when you work in it all day. so you want to be accustom to wearing the gear. >> and these plates, have we got 556 resistance? >> they are for rifle rounds, yes. but i wouldn't want to take a
5:27 am
rifle round in the chest. >> yeah. that's okay. so you just slip it up over your head. >> got to get it nice and snug. >> and then when we get rolling in a few minutes, you wear a ballistic helmet. >> feels like home right here. >> all right. guys, so we're about to roll up. what's going on in your head whenever you poll. >> we all want to go home with you at the end of the day. >> that psychology when you're preparing to go into an active shooter environment, what's going on through your head? >> you have to be able to flip the switch. it's definitely an aggressive act. we control the structure by violence, speed, and surprise. i mean, that's really how we get the tactics most effective. >> they did realistic training and help us jump along. there's another video of me getting shot, which maybe we'll put online. steve: how does that training
5:28 am
compete with the training you got in the military? >> it's similar. but they have more strength. in the battlefield, if you need to throw a grenade, you can. but active shooter, if kids in the house, or they have laws they have to adhere to. so they took a lot more risks than even the military do. brian: and that's why when the cops got there, the security guard was shot, they waited for the s.w.a.t. team to show up. >> that's right. it was no longer an active shooter at that point. he had stopped shooting, so they could be more deliberate. bring the a team together so they could stack and go into that room as violent and quickly as possible but also in a concerted manner. ainsley: 12 minutes after the shooter began firing off that first round, 12 minutes later, the police were there. they did not go into his room. not with a 10:17. they didn't go into the room until 11:20. but they were focused of getting the other guests out of the hallway, and he wasn't firing any more shots. >> which he does almost every day. they risk their lives for
5:29 am
other people. ainsley: they really do. brian: and that security guard's name that was the first shot and spotted by the killer, jesus campos. steve: straight ahead, america is debating on this thursday morning. do we need more gun control? or does the political left, perhaps, just want to take more guns? a town hall studio with ainsley, we're going to go from the greenroom into the big studio next. brian: and the moment is incredible. a las vegas survivor shot in the leg, finding the strength to stand up for president trump. he will join us live from his hospital bed ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪
5:30 am
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when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at >> we always welcome conversation on policy issues. the second amendment is a bedrock within our constitution, along with the
5:33 am
first amendment. and these rights must be protected, but we also are listening to -- we heard yesterday a number of these republican senators, many of them saying that they support the second amendment. they are gun owners and hunters and sportsmen themselves. but the bump stock, i know that this is something that many legislatures have been telling us, and i read publicly that they never even heard of the device before, and they're in congress. so many of them are open to a conversation. ainsley: the massacre in vegas is renewing that debate about gun control in this country. this morning, we are continuing that conversation with our bipartisan panel. we have so many wonderful people here with a lot of experience. so, darren, i'll start with you because you served our country. u.s. army veteran, former nypd officer. now, steve scalise came out and said he doesn't support more gun control. he was shot on the baseball control. he said he wants more gun rights. what are your thoughts?
5:34 am
>> well, i'm a strong proponent for the second amendment. and i don't believe gun control is the panacea or answer to this. we have to look -- this is a much broader issue. and so going back -- just take into consideration scalise. he was shot by someone, and he still maintaining his ground on being a firm gun or second amendment advocate. i truly believe it's the people. it's not the guns. you need an individual that pulls the trigger. it's not the firearm itself. and there are has been this conversation over the bump stock. i can make a semi automatic weapon fully automatic just by getting into it and changing up the configuration. so whether it's the bump stock or whatever you choose to introduce, that's not the issue. it's the people -- ainsley: let me see a show of hands. who is for more gun control. you are. in the front. tiffany, she is a disaster relief responder and is part of dynamic life ministry. tell me why you want more gun control. >> you know what, ainsley? i know you know my husband
5:35 am
pastor d moss. ainsley: such a nice guy. >> and, unfortunately, his sister was at this concert, so it hit home. she had to dodge bullets and make it out, and we are thankful for that. but it isciousable that this terrorist was able to amass this amount of arsenal. and it comes a time what is legal is no longer moral. our country has made significant changes in reaction to things that were once legal that are no longer. ainsley: but what about darren says? it's the person that pulls the trigger. >> because we can't play god and make sure we don't live in a fallen world, i think it is a cop out to say, oh, well, it's not the guns. we cannot allow homegrown terrorists to be enabled with our laws to legally amass arsenals malicious in their homes to this extent. ainsley: right behind you is kelly cane. he's a marine veteran. thank you for serving the
5:36 am
country. the amount of guns emphasis. what do you think of gun control? he had a lot of guns. changing them from semi automatic to automatic. do you agree with some of these? even republicans saying no more bump stocks. >> like i said earlier, ainsley, bump stock, whatever it is, there's at these these buzzwords after these things; right? that's not the issue. as far as the number of guns, the only hearing that came to my mind was a person that buys that many weapons over that short period of time might be suspected of doing straw man purchases. that's an awful lot of weapons in a short period of time. but at the end of the day, there are collectors here in the u.s. do i personally think it's strange? yeah, a little bit. but then i also think as weapons as shovels. they're tools of the trade. but it's right to have them. ainsley: rachel, fox news contributor a mother. as a mom, how do you explain this to your kids? i talked to one of the first
5:37 am
responders earlier on the show, he said he was next to someone who was younger than him in his early 20s, and he watched them change from a flesh color to blue. he watched them die right in front of them. >> it's a very difficult subject. it's interesting. i think the right would be open to -- conservatives would be open to consensussable gun control if the left were always, like, don't let the crisis go to waste or masters of incrementalism. i think are complicit in this act and i think about how democrats said they want to win back working class americans and whether it's the flag or gun culture, i see no interest in them understanding where -- but that culture and trying to -- and, again, going and blaming them for some psycho because we care about the second amendment right i think is wrong. and it shows that they're not interested and understanding.
5:38 am
ainsley: that was the message to your husband who's a congressman. yeah. let's listen to hillary clinton last night she was on jimmy fallon. let's get your reaction. >> i can't believe that one whole political party in the greatest country on earth is totally sold to the gun lobby. the vast majority of americans and the vast majority of gun owners know we need common sense gun safety measures. ainsley: right here in the front row, a political science professor. she -- i wanted to ask you. what do you think about hillary clinton's comments from a political science perspective? >> you know, i think the research shows that sure,ing we can have a discussion of common sense gun regulation as rachel just mentioned. i think most of us would say we're open to the idea of talking about that. but i think we sell this entire issue short when we focus just on the law. we have to look at the
5:39 am
reality, and i point people over to switzerland. they have a gun culture similar to ours, and they have far less of these mass shootings. in fact, they haven't had one since 2001. ainsley: why is that? >> because they do a much better job teaching young people social responsibility. has sense of community and family. and we had talked about this earlier. this is a complex issue. it involves issue of mental health. sure, it involves issues of mental regulation. it also teaches social responsibility to our young people. if you're going to have a second amendment right to bear arms, which the supreme court said you do, then you darn well better teach people to use those responsibly. and we don't do that. so we have to have a real discussion. i would tell my democratic friend, you pass all of these laws you want today and nothing is going to change because these shootings didn't occur as a result of that. so you have to have a broader discussion. this involves issues of employment, of the way that people are treated in society, of community, and we sell
5:40 am
ourselves short when we have this narrow discussion after each one of these horrific events. ainsley: denene right here in the blue dress, fox news contributor, she's political correspondent for the conservative review. do you agree with jeanine? and what's going on? why is all of this happening in this country? >> well, it's a tragedy that happened, and everybody is responding emotionally when they're screaming for more gun laws. they will embolden criminals and harm law-abiding citizens. i own not one but two guns because my home was broken into years ago. i want to be able to defend myself. and what about chicago? i don't hear anyone screaming about the crime -- the gun violence that's happening in chicago. no one's really talking about that, and they have stricter gun laws in chicago. so clearly, more gun laws do not work. ainsley: real quickly. two of you i haven't talked to.
5:41 am
tammy, what are your thoughts? >> well, first, how dare hillary clinton. these are the division that americans are rejecting. all of us want this to end. republican, democrat, white, black, gay, straight, it doesn't matter. we're americans first, and she's out there with such close proximity to such a horrible tragedy accusing an entire group of people without being complicit. we reject that. it is obscene and ghoulish. chicago hit 500 murders for 2007 at the end of last month. in the midst of all of this gun control, it has never returned to the issues that's going on the gangs, the drugs, et cetera, because then they would have to admit that this is a failed operation and yet that is what she continues to push and effectively calls all the rest of us complicit in murder. we are against that, and we are for the solving of this problem as all americans are. ainsley: says the independent radio talk show host. real quickly, rebecca front row, national security analyst. do you agree with tammy?
5:42 am
>> i do. this is a week for mourning and reflection. and when we get through this, i would like not to hear anybody this week say political party in connection with this issue. then let's go forward and ask what can we do with gun control to help deter? is there anything we can do? we've got to protect that second amendment. the supreme court will be looking at that as well. so we need to advance this conversation by saying is there something we can do to deter? because look at it honestly. government cannot prevent a crazy sick man and the kinds of things we saw happen in las vegas. there are some things government just can't do. ainsley: i know. going into the holiday season, all of these families are going to be without their loved ones. it just breaks all their hearts. thank you. great discussion. coming up, a las vegas survivor shot in the leg finding the strength to stand up for president trump. plus, hotels in vegas taking new measures to protect the guests. we are live with how tourists are now reacting to that.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
>> i mean, this guy looks tough to me. >> thank you so much. steve: look at that. this guy looks tough to me. there you can see a man who was shot in the leg. his name thomas gunderson. fighting for his life just a couple of days ago and yesterday at the university medical center, the president of the united states, here's one of the people he visited. his bedside and even though he had been shot in the leg, he stood. brian: yeah, he also said he was going to join us live, and he doesn't feel up to it today, so we hope to get him again. but one of the things i was looking preinterview, he said in times like this, he always prethought. he said in a situation like this, i'm going to get shot, i could be shot laying on the
5:47 am
ground or running away, i thought i'm going to get shot running at him. so as soon as he saw where the shots were coming from, he ran towards the shots to get him, and he did get shot along the way. ainsley: he put this message on facebook. i will never lie down when the president of this great country comes to shake my hand. there may be plenty of issues in this country, but i will always respect my country, my president, and my flag. shot in the leg or not, i will stand to show my president the respect he deserves. steve: that is a great patriotic sentiment. ainsley: meanwhile, hotels are taking new measures to protect their guests. jillian is in las vegas with the latest for us. jill an. >> good morning, guys. i want to tell you, we actually went into mandalay bay yesterday, we walked right into the casino floor, and i was a bit surprised. we didn't see a presence of security until we got to the hotel elevator area. that's where they were checking that yo that you were a guest at the hotel.
5:48 am
it was a different story at the wynn where i kid you not it was like a tsa checkpoint. they were checking your bags, going through everything, walked poom. but people staying there said you know what? i don't mind. >> when did you get into town? >> just yesterday. >> i don't want you got here despite everything that happened the last couple of days. why did you want to come? >> i'm here for a conference. >> i'm here for a slots tournament. so i could be a millionaire. . >> so what do you think of the is security that's going on at the wynn? >> great. they checked our bags when we came in, they wand us down. >> well, security is fine when you check in, but there's a lot more cops. like, police cars and cops walking around. >> yeah. everywhere you go, there's police there, and they're just looking after everyone. >> this is a very, very small town, so it's surprising to see this type of security. >> but when we come back,
5:49 am
people are still in the casinos. everyone is still being polite and really accommodating. >> walk us through the last couple of quays since that happened. how has security changed? what has the mood been like? what's been going on here? >> i think for ourselves, we've been a little bit on edge, but you just have to carry on in a situation like this. but to be fair, you couldn't be anywhere safer in the world at the moment. especially since we're all on high alert. . >> so a couple of hotels in the area do have amped up security right now. the question is how long is that going to last? no one knows at this point. but everybody i asked, they don't mind waiting an extra 10 or 15 minutes to get into your hotel, and they said, no. they rather be safe. and that's the mood here in las vegas. ainsley: i rather give up 15 minutes of my life than my entire life. steve: jillian, thank you. meanwhile, this off duty officer and army vet, one of the victims on sunday. ainsley: so how one vegas
5:50 am
pastor is helping to honor him through faith. brian: but first, let's check in with sandra smith for what's checking up at the top of her hour. so, sandra, you tell us. >> hello, friends. coming up after an ambush in niger, three u.s. army special ops commandos have been killed. two other wounded. we will have the very latest on that for you. and an investigation into sundayst mass shooting in las vegas. there are new questions about the shooter. did he act alone, or did he have help? the former boston superintendent and chief of police daniel joins us on that. and the debate over gun laws rages on with surprisingly republican and democrats finding some common ground. a panel here to debate. america's newsroom. top of the hour with our mother-daughter matches. but i've been taking osteo bi-flex ease. it's 80% smaller but just as effective. which means, i'll run you off the court. hugs and kisses, mom. osteo bi-flex ease. made to move. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers,
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ainsley: we lost dozens of innocent americans on sunday night. one of them was an off-duty vegas police officer. an army veteran, there's his picture. charleston heart field. brian: now, he served in iraq and was going to this concert, it was a tradition for him and his wife. his fellow officers saluting him, remembering him for the hero he was. steve: helping us remember the city officer and all of the victims right now in las vegas. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: pastor, just across the street from where you are standing is a church. i know the church is there in las vegas have been having all sorts of vigils each and every night. and, in fact, the first night, you had a ceremony. 5,000 people attended in person. but 185,000 people joined you online. why was it important for you to reach out? >> well, it's just important for us to come together as a
5:55 am
community and really remember that when the darkness seemed like it's the darkest. that's when the light shines the brightest, and i think that's what we're seeing in our community now is churches in the community rally together to really shine light and love and hope into our city and really be a beacon of that into the world. and it's been pretty remarkable the outpouring of love and support we've seen in las vegas. ainsley: so what are you planning on doing? and how can we help? >> well, right now, we set up a website called that really outlines lots of ways that we're going to keep updating the people can help the city and help the families. we're doing lots of things with victims' families. we're going to walk with them with first responders, trying to bring home and encouragement to them. trying to help people process grief, which i think is a huge part of where people are at right now. we've been in shock for a few days. and now we're moving into grief and some denial and then, you know, some
5:56 am
bargaining and then some anger and eventually that real pain and grief that leads to acceptance and healing. and that's the process that we're going to be going on as a city over the next several months and even years. brian: charleston heartfield, if we went out and bought his book, he wrote his memoirs, and that would be a way to help his family. that would be one way to get money right to the family. ainsley: god bless you. thank you so much. i know this is a topic of sermons all over on sunday. >> thank you. i appreciate it. thank you for your support. ainsley: you're welcome. more fox and friends moments awy with 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body no two of us are alike. life made more effortless through adaptability. the perfect position seat in the lincoln continental.
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6:00 am
steve will be coming up. it will be a great hour. >> stay within yourself. for all the continuing coverage sandra and hemmer are next. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning, everybody. breaking news overnight. three army special op commanders are dead and some wounded. they were ambushed in niger. there has been u.s. assistance to crack down on boko haram in that part of the continent. more on the story as we get it this morning. did the las vegas killer act alone? stephen paddock may have had help and may have had plans to survive and escape that hotel room. all this as his girlfriend, marilou danley, goes public for the first time in a statement with her attorney. good


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