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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 5, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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you on "fox & friends." we are back tomorrow at noon eastern, "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. >> harris: we will pick it up from here, did he have helped? the top law officer in vegas says yes he did, that mad men who turned a music festival into a killing field could not have acted alone in the killer's girlfriend said she had no warning of the horrors he was about to unleash. let's go "outnumbered overtime" now. breaking down a timeline of sunday's concert massacre, stephen paddock fired hundreds of rounds of bullets for a whole 10 minutes from his las vegas hotel suite as thousands of music fans as we know were running for their lives. he believes the killer had to have had help, given an elaborate escape plan the sheriff says only a superhero could have pulled off alone and paddock's girlfriend said she had no idea what he was plottin
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plotting. >> i knew stephen paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man. i loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him. he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of, that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. >> harris: live breaking details from the fire department for the first time in all of this, adam, this continues to rack up the facts now, we are learning so much more. >> we are learning a lot more but there are still a lot of loose ends, no telltale sign of what happens here. when the sheriff and the press conference mentioned he believed
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the madman, the killer would've worked with somebody possibly. folks that are close to this and people working this case have said it makes the most sense to us that he possibly worked with somebody. i'm not going to go out in front of the public and say that because they don't have the evidence to show it but the sheriff still went in that press conference and mentioned it, take a look. >> what we know is stephen paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and living a secret life, much of which will never be fully understood. maybe he was working out all of this on his own but it will be hard for me to believe that. >> the reports came out last night that the jet fuel tanks which were about 1100 feet from the actual windows of where he was shooting, which ran adjacent to us, he was targeting those. every single person we spoke to
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said they don't know that, they may never know that. even if he did hit it, it would not explode, the design was to withstand that type of attack. almost all those tanks are self-sealing in case of puncture. at this hour, but it comes back to is the idea of trying to put together a web to what has caused all of this. they are looking into it and one of the reasons they give it back to you is it is dragging people's memories. these hotels, he was here. >> harris: people have found out and gone back to where they wanted to go, you want to jog their memories because this is something they don't want to have fresh in their minds. thank you very much for bringing us even more information, you talk about figuring out that webb, let's bring in somebody
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who can help us do that. a former lieutenant on the las vegas police force, you've joined us this week as the story was breaking and we bring you back because you have your own sources and connections on the ground, maybe you can help us work through some of the detail details. he could not have done this without help. what indications from the evidence we know about suggest that? >> i think it's the totality of the circumstances and the amount of planning and logistics that went into this. it sounds more like conjecture than actual evidence, there is something interesting that was brought up to me that might play a role. in the press conference yesterday, the sheriff was talking about cameron's that were set up, looking into the hallway which resulted in him opening fire on the security
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officers. there was a fourth one, the baby monitor set up. i'm not sure about those other cameras but if i am not mistaken, the baby monitors can be broadcast to another locatio location. if this guy really did have hel help, was he using this baby monitor video to broadcast to someone else who might have been tuned into that particular frequency. >> harris: having owned many baby monitors, i can tell you they can be broadcast that way and you can listen and from areas from the neighbor's house, i am not exaggerating, that is true. what you're suggesting, beyond the point of conjecture is based on the fact of what something can do.
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are there any other indications that he may have had help or there was an indication of this happening? >> the sheriff said there was something found that indicated he planned to escape from this. i find that really interesting. in his mind he was not going to end his life during this thing, he would probably need help to do that. i am just wondering, that might have been part of the indication of why the sheriff mentioned you might've been help involved her here. >> harris: talk to me about some of the things we know. we know he reportedly wired $100,000 to his girlfriend, marilou danley while she was in the philippines.
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the indication for it was for her to stay out of the country, they haven't told us what they have asked her and have that answer. there are some things like that that are out there. what else? >> the fact of the matter is, unless he educated himself by getting training materials and going to ranges, the way he modified his firearms and collected his firearms, this could be where the help came in. that's one of my major questions. where did he obtain all these firearms. >> harris: all legal, by the way. they were background check. >> where did he receive the training that he obviously had
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in these tactics, what he set up was not your lehmans surveillance cameras, this was sophisticated. did he have help in creating this nest of depth? >> harris: i want to ask you something you told one of my team a little while ago. you had something to say about how he broke out those windows, what is the significance of that? >> this is kind of interesting, i did get from a source that i spoke to yesterday that when he broke out the windows, he had a sledge hammer, saw that. he had a sledgehammer, he clearly planned to do this. when he did break out the windows, that glass fell down into the valet area apparently in some of the valleys heard the glass, saw the glass coming down and heard the gunfire.
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they were instrumental in helping to locate the floor where this shooting was taking place. >> harris: that is such an interesting detail. we have wondered, what triggered that timing of people going up, you had that off-duty security guard, others who may have heard something and now we find out through your sourcing there in las vegas, we want to remind everybody, how long were you a police officer with the las vegas pd? >> i was a police officer, i retired with 24 years as a lieutenant. >> harris: you've got some strong connections in that town. the valet drivers below are getting hit by glass from him pounding at that glass. >> that's a fact that came out just yesterday evening as a matter of fact. the glass comes down and then
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they hear the gunshots and they were able to apparently help identify which floor they were coming from. that's probably how security and law enforcement was able to isolate it to those few floors. the security guard was not off-duty. he was working. but he was unarmed. and unarmed security officer. >> harris: i want to get to you a little bit about marilou danley. marilou danley is his companion, she is being described as his girlfriend, her attorney and relatives say she did not know
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anything about this, now that we know some of the answers that are coming out through her attorney, what are some questions you think are still pertinent. i always hear police officer say she may not even realize how much she knows. >> that's right. he may not have shared with her the details of his operation or even some of his philosophical viewpoints, however, if you are in close proximity with someone, if you are living with someone, just by osmosis you're going to absorb some of what that person is living through. you are going to know this individual unless you have some type of weird, dysfunctional relationship where nothing is shared. we don't know the dynamics of that relationship, although we did hear from one source who at a coffee shop said they dreaded when this couple came in because he verbally berated her all the time. that could be an indication that he was dominant in this relationship and that she "knew her place" not to ask questions.
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that's part of what the interview with her was so important for the fbi in gleaning this type of information about the relationship. >> harris: i bet you were a heck of a detention reading between the lines and everything else. we've heard from the fire department for the first time at length today. about their military like antiterrorism task force that they set up. if this had happened ten years ago they wouldn't have been able to save as many lives and respond the way they had, it really does take a concerted effort. i know a lot is looking at the sheriff's department and the police department but i wanted to give you last word on how big of a role the fire department displayed on sunday night. >> huge. absolutely huge. keep in mind that the metro sheriff's department is both the sheriff's department and the police. combined in 1972 to form the metropolitan police, one large
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police department covers 8,000 square miles. that's the main jurisdiction. since the events of the last number of years, the police department, fire department, paramedics, ambulance services all work very closely together in preparation for what we have always believed would happen via terrorist incident. this doesn't come as a shock, just the methodology of how it took place dated. there have been preparations for these, joint drills. and with the fire department, it's very true. these men and women are exceedingly dedicated to what they do and they showed extreme bravery just as many of the off-duty police officers and military personnel attending this concert did and also just plain good american citizens.
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it pains me when i hear politicians try to play this against each other again. this is a time that america must come together. this is a time when democrats and republicans and black-and-white and hispanic only to come together because this country cannot remain divided. this is a watershed moment, a moment when we need to come together. >> harris: a police officer in las vegas for decades, rounding it out and putting up button on it for america. and giving us some interesting details in that investigation, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> politics are still going to come into play, hillary clinton has a book to sell and now she is speaking out on guns. she is slamming president trump and the republican party over the gun debate. it is now the time? just how much americans really want to hear from her. we will talk about giving away
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less of your hard earned money to uncle sam. a group of democrats indicating that they are on board with a partisan republican tax plan, of the big vote happens today and it leads us into making tax reform happen. the budget we will talk about it, stay close. >> at the very center of that plan is a giant, beautiful, massive -- the biggest ever in our country tax cut.
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>> harris: a lot cooking this afternoon, house lawmakers approved their budget plan for the next fiscal year, republicans paving the way for tax reform after president trump gave the issue a campaign style push last week. add to this ingredient to the mix. it's is still unclear whether they can resolve any differences they might have to support the republican plan out right. but are we moving forward?
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let's bring in a republican congressman from texas, let me just say for a point of fact, your committee plays a huge role in how the government raises money. >> very important, congratulations on the show, it's really exciting and thank you for having me on. a lot is cooking, this budget is huge. first time in 31 years we have a budget that allows us to move forward. today's vote is critical and now it goes over to the senate where they need to deliver to. >> harris: what i understand is this kind of does away and allows the senate specifically to avoid the filibuster which would mean things would move a lot quicker. >> no one party can obstruct tax reform from going to the
10:21 am
president's desk, it doesn't preclude republicans or democrats together working on tax reform, democrats bring good ideas to the table as well. you mentioned it a little, when i visit democrats they want a very strong middle class tax cut, they want to see our jobs coming back from overseas, i am hopeful there are still democrats who know america needs to be able to compete and win. >> harris: who is on board among those democrats? >> i don't want to speak from any democrats, and here, look, they have a fair request. they don't want to just vote on tax reform, they want to help be engaged in those discussions and the hard trade-offs that go with it.
10:22 am
>> harris: i want to get a couple of numbers from you if i can. the business cut is ballooning now, what number do you think you might be able to get to? >> what we are looking for is about a 40% cut in taxes, whether you are the smallest mom-and-pop or entrepreneur, we picked that rate because that's what it takes to win against china and mexico and canada. it is the lowest rate in modern history. that's what it takes if america is going to win. >> harris: this would also allow businesses to write off equipment in the year they are happening, that real-time taxcutting is what businesses really need.
10:23 am
>> in effect it's a zero tax rate for investing any workers in new technology and new equipment. along with the lower rate that will vault america into the lead tax, one of the best positions in the planet for that next new job or manufacturing plan. >> harris: why is it democrats say republicans don't have the backs of the middle class and they are going to cut taxes for the wealthy, what are the facts there? >> i'm not sure they can stop. our tax reform plan has a major significant tax relief for the middle class, we want americans to keep more of what they've earned it and we want to get paychex going as well. we want you to earn more as wel well. that's why we put an emphasis on our main street local businesse businesses.
10:24 am
every middle-class family wins. >> harris: can you give me a number with regard to the middle class? anything that attaches itself to an actual cut? >> not yet and here is why. we are finalizing the income tax brackets so we can deliver a very strong middle-class tax cu cut. 9 out of 10 americans, we want to make sure we really got that. >> harris: i would imagine the numbers much smaller than that. when is the first group of meeting where you will get to gather with democrats? what is next? >> we will continue discussions, talking about how they can be engaged in the process of that will be ongoing. in the meantime we are meeting daily with lawmakers from across the country about the areas they
10:25 am
really like. other areas where they have suggestions, each day we worked to improve it this to be ready when that budget is signed, sealed, and delivered we are bringing tax reform out. >> harris: congressman brady from the great state of texas, thank you for your time. president trump has already faced multiple tests as both commander-in-chief and consoler in chief. we will look at the crises he's been dealing with and how the responses have been received. >> he was super nice, he was comforting. for free.
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>> harris: following sunday's massacre in las vegas, stories of the victims continue to pour in and they are amazing.
10:30 am
families are grieving all over the world and of course locally for their loved ones, 58 people gunned it down, the president as we showed you that with the families of victims yesterday, first responders and the wounded. here's president trump talking after that visit. >> the mass murder that took place on sunday night fills america's heart with grief. we pray for the recovery of the injured and those injured officers who so bravely threw themselves into danger when duty called. and we grieve the loss of the law enforcement personnel who were killed in this vicious attack. >> harris: live outside the university medical center in vegas. >> there still more than 170 patients in local hospitals here in las vegas, but as the numbers go down we are hearing more and more stories of survival,
10:31 am
including from a set of twins, both of whom were at the concert on sunday night. one says it will take a month for her to get back on her feet, her sister natalia is still in the hospital. >> it doesn't feel like it was real. it's just crazy to me how someone would actually do that. >> others who walked away physically unscathed because they feel lucky as they are coming to visit their friends and family in the hospitals, that includes a man whose father is in the icu at the medical center. >> i pray for everybody and their families that they will make full recoveries. my condolences to all of you. >> to help all of the victims
10:32 am
there is a local gofundme page. at last check they raised just over $9 million for everybody. >> harris: the latest crisis president trump has dealt with since taking office, three major hurricanes, the deadly violence in charlottesville and the looming threat from north korea on the list. let's bring in chris wallace, ankara "fox news sunday." good to see you always, this is unsurmountable, in terms of the crises the nation has faced, consoler in chief has been the role for this president more often than not. >> first of all, let me say congratulations on your new sho show. well deserved. we are all very excited. in terms of the president, the president has his agenda and the world and life has its agenda
10:33 am
and often times as in most of our lives we don't get to control what gets thrown out to you. this president has been dealing with things he obviously knew he would have liked iran and north korea, obviously an extraordinary set of hurricanes and now what i guess is the worst mass murder in modern u.s. history. >> harris: you have covered presidencies were different things have happened, early for barack obama it was the bp oil spill. it's not that presidents don't have those moments, orlando, oak creek wisconsin, the theater in aurora, colorado, things have happened in this country. what is it that you have reported on over the years that you've seen that really prepared the president for those big moments or do you just grow in the role, do not? >> i was about to say, clearly a politician who has been a
10:34 am
governor or mayor has had to deal with problems in their jurisdictions. that may prepare them a bit. donald trump is a nonpolitician hasn't had to deal with this kind of a public role with this kind of natural disasters. for man-made disasters. they have to grow in the role and one of the most dramatic and horrible examples is george w. bush and his response to 9/11. he made that beautiful speech at the national cathedral and summoned the nation to unity after the worst terror attack on the homeland in our history. you saw it with barack obama with the series of mass murders during his time in office and we are seeing it now with this president who as much as he may have thought he was prepared for the job obviously is learning there are demands that are put
10:35 am
on any commander in chief that they can't fully prepare for. >> harris: i asked for that view because the critics of this president have been quick and fierce to jump on him. >> he's a polarizing figure, there is no question about it and i think sometimes a criticism has been legitimate and sometimes it hasn't. from everything we've seen, the president's response to the hurricanes in texas and florida -- and when i said the president's response, much more important than his is the administration which he runs, the response of fema and all of the federal officials, there don't seem to be any complaints about the response they are, they're obviously have been many more complaints about the response to maria and the situation in puerto rico, both in terms of the president's personal response in the slow bureaucracy trying to send relief to an island in the middle of the caribbean is a lot more complicated in terms of
10:36 am
las vegas, everybody is going to have their own judgment on this. presidents seem to put -- he didn't put a foot wrong yesterday, seem to be very consoling and uplifting, you hear stories about how he was going into these hospital rooms of the survivors and their families, that he was lifting their spirits. people seem to be very appreciative for the president's response there. >> harris: some members of the media, you wonder if you will ever hear that balance in that coverage. before i let you go i have to ask you quickly about secretary of state rex tillerson having to speak to answer back on nbc news reporting that he said something untoward about the president on the very day the president was playing consoler in chief in vegas. >> the fact that rex tillerson didn't refute it himself, he had a spokesperson do it, there are
10:37 am
an awful lot of people in washington who say the secretary of state said it and i'm not sure that's an appropriate time to report it. >> harris: if he did say it, is he in trouble? if he did or did not does it matter in the overall picture? >> is he in trouble? in the reporting and certainly my sources say there are definite tensions between the president and the secretary of state. much less to do with whether or not he called him a moron and more to do with the fact that they seem to seep foreign policy differently. rex tillerson said we have back channels to talk to north korea and the next day the president undercut this since i don't waste your time. we went through all of this between the president and attorney general sessions last time i checked, jeff sessions is still the attorney general. clearly this president and people under him have fallen out and they find their way back to
10:38 am
each other and i would think with all the people you have in this administration, the president is in no hurry to get rid of rex tillerson whether he likes him or not, at least in the short term. >> harris: thank you so much, great to see you. we will see you on sunday, check your listings on broadcast in your area. hillary clinton is back in the spotlight, did i mention she has a book to sell? she is making the most of it slamming republicans on gun control. she said the g.o.p. is "totally sold to the gun lobby." how is that unifying? our panel comes to weigh in. remember nashville? both: kimchi bbq! amazing honky-tonk! i can't believe you got us tickets! i did. i didn't pay for anything. (sigh) you never do. send me what i owe. i've got it. i mean, you did find money to buy those boots. (alert beep) are you serious? is that why you don't like them? those boots could make a unicorn cry.
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>> harris: what happened? hillary clinton is at it again trying to answer that question, she has vowed to not keep quiet on issue she cares about, so now she is going after
10:43 am
president trump and all republicans over guns. >> i can't believe one whole political party in the greatest country on earth is totally sold to the gun lobby. the vast majority of americans and the vast majority of gun owners know we need common sense gun safety measures. >> harris: got to bring in some power, the power panel that is. i'm just going to look down here, i'm going to start with something you said in my notes here that we took earlier, hillary clinton is a value added. do millions of people really want to hear what she has to say about gun control or anything else? >> she is certainly a value add to the democratic party, there are millions of voters -- democrats can't win back without these voters and that has to be a part of the conversation in
10:44 am
the same way that is said about bernie sanders. there are probably at least 3 million more americans who want to hear from her than want to hear from the president. >> harris: back to the election. >> she beat him by 3 million votes. that's not a rejection of the american people. he won strategically by using the electoral college but that doesn't mean there are millions of people who want to hear her voice in the same way everyone is talking about, they want to hear what hillary clinton has to say. >> harris: if you are saying your party can't win again without hillary clinton, i would say republicans are going to dance a dance i don't know the steps to yet. >> the real problem here, i think it does point to why people more and more don't want to hear from hillary clinton,
10:45 am
her reaction to this, she went right to a political thing, it's the same broken political record after a tragedy that people don't want to hear. they don't want this politicized, this isn't a time for trying to score political points. donald trump for all of his failings and faults, he doesn't automatically turn to a political robot in these situations, he does these thing things. >> he will certainly play to his base. if you look at all the different crises that he's dealt with, since he became president, he has made some significant missteps, he has done good and sometimes but it is certainly politicized. i don't think gun violence should be an issue that is politicized ever. see when you don't think democrats should have been fund-raising off the issue after hours after it happened on monday morning? >> i think that's tacky but the
10:46 am
reality is that the parents of the victims are not the ones of saying it's too soon, they have been waiting. >> harris: it's not too soon for them because there has been some distance and they are still hurting. this it happens every time. there are quick jumps to talk about certain issues. two weeks after orlando when he would've hoped both sides will be talking about something they weren't, we had moved on. when do you talk about it, when do you fund-raiser off of it? those are some words we can use on tv for it. >> the real problem is that there aren't easy solutions. when democrats do this more than republicans when it comes to events like this, you try to boil it down and come up with simple fixes. there is an implied accusation that if you are against those
10:47 am
fixes that don't really fix anything, you don't really care about these people. here's the thing -- >> 2013, senator dianne feinstein put up a bill, that bill didn't even come up for vote, it completely failed. now they are saying maybe we need to look at this. they could've looked at it after sandy hook when she first put that bill up and the only way we are going to be able to keep attention on this is by looking at incidents and using the opportunity as the media opens up, that's the only time people have an opportunity to talk about it. it is when the opens it up. >> i would argue, automatic weapons have been illegal and obviously this was some sort of workaround. if you outlaw that workaround there will be another workaroun workaround. >> harris: that was put into place during the obama era. i have a couple more questions, i'm going to hold you guys.
10:48 am
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>> i am dana perino, and coming up we will have the white house briefing where sarah sanders is sure to be asked about rex tillerson and the gun control debate after the president went to las vegas to meet with victims. we will talk to an off-duty vegas firefighter who sprang into action after a massacre and what he did to save hundreds of lives. join me at the top of the hour. ♪ >> harris: president trump is reaffirming his support of secretary of state rex tillerson after the secretary denied an nbc news report that claims he was on the verge of resigning a few months ago and that he called the president a moron. the state department says that you have spoken and are good, meanwhile the president tweeted "why isn't the intel community looking into the networks and asking why so much of the news
10:53 am
is made up?" >> they are saying there is no real tension from these two. >> pushed back but he didn't deny it. >> my source didn't just say he called him a moron, he said and "effing moron" ." >> harris: let's bring back our power panel. you were shaking your head, why? >> when you sit here and look at that reporter, she is sitting with mandalay bay behind her. one of the things that comes out of the senseless, horrible tragedies, it had to put things in perspective a little bit. here we are, having some idiotic conversations, the secretary of state is being interrogated, about whether he called the president a moron or not. it is so pointless and senseles senseless, i feel like we have more important things to talk
10:54 am
about. >> i could not agree with you more. the palace injury has taken up way too much oxygen, not just following this horrific tragedy in las vegas but just for the last few months that we've had president trump in office. it means we are not talking about real issues, it means it's not safe to have a real conversation about how to prevent gun violence. at the end of the day, it is what secretary tillerson said. it is heavy because we all know, who at some point has not called a boss a moron. we all know it's true, it's common sense but is that with the focus needs to be? especially in these very trying, challenging times. >> harris: you guys are in full agreement on that, i don't think the bar is very high for what is nonsense.
10:55 am
>> maybe once or twice in the last years, i have looked at him and said "what a moron." and i love him. >> harris: and all of this, the bottom line is you've got a dictator in north korea who is just crazy and thirsty to unleash a nuclear power, you've got the around certification, you have to take another look at that deal, what are you doing with that, that is critical right now, the timing on that is critical. you have a lot of other things on your plate outside of all the national stuff that's going on, how do you as an administration put this to bed? is the tweeting helping, is it the bully pulpit? what? >> i think the tweeting helps because it keeps everybody off guard, off base. i think there can be something very effective about that. i hope, what the president ought to do is ignore all of that and focus on the problems, fix those
10:56 am
problems, get those wins and it will be a big victory for him. >> i can't agree on that because i think it's chaotic and he doesn't ignore the noise. he stirs the pot, he muddies it up. >> harris: good to see you both, we are awaiting the white house press briefing right now, it will be interesting to see if they are asked about that, stay close.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
>> harris: chris wallace was with us a bit earlier. on fox news sunday, we've
11:00 am
confirmed that las vegas magnet steve wynn will weigh in on the impact of this week's massacre. remember, will hotels have to make changes? what will that look like for megaresorts like wynn? check your local listings. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. a live look inside the white house as we await the press briefing with sarah sanders on a very busy day in washington. hello, everyone, this is "the daily briefing." i'm dana perino. investigators are now questioning whether las vegas shooter stephen paddock acted alone pointing to his arsenal of weapon, explosives and over 1600 rounds of ammo, saying he likely had help. we're also following new reports that paddock booked a hotel room overlooking a concert in august for a possible dry run. trace gallagher is live in las vegas with the latest.


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