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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 5, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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tag daily briefing on instagram or post on facebook. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shepard smith. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon in las vegas. investigators have revealed stunning news about the concert killer. from his apparent escape plan and his interest in other music festivals to his mysterious past. >> stephen paddock is a man that spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life. much of which will never be fully understood. >> investigators are working to unravel his story and whether he had help. we're also hearing about the fire department's first responders that risked their lives to save civilians on the night of the shooting. police within the last hour, the white house weighing in on a controversial gun device which may have helped the vegas shooter carry out his madness.
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let's get to it. and first from the fox news deck this thursday afternoon, the white house says it's open to the idea of regulating bump stocks. those are the devices that the shooter in las vegas apparently used to allow his rifles to fire much like automatic weapons. it comes just after the national rifle association called on the federal government to review whether bump stocks comply with the law. in a statement leaders of the gun rights group wrote "the nra believes that devices designed to allow semiautomatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations." more ahead on the trump administration's response to the massacre in vegas. we're learning the gunman may have had other targets in mind. that's the word from the investigators. they say stephen paddock rented rooms overlooking two other music festivals. one in las vegas the weekend before this shooting and another in last august in chicago during
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the lollapalooza music festival. there's reports that paddock scouted out hotels in fenway park in boston and we're learning he might have planned to escape after the vegas attack. that's according to the sheriff who didn't give any other details. police say the gunman killed himself in his hotel room as swat units closed in. he killed 58 people and injured hundreds more at the country music festival across the street. investigators say they're still struggling why he did this. fbi agents questioned the gunman's girlfriend yesterday. her lawyer says she had no idea what stephen paddock was planning when he sent her to the philippines to be with her family. she said when he sent her $100,000 and told her to buy a house, she thought he was breaking up with her. we have team fox coverage. let's begin with kevin corke at the white house. kevin? >> the white house continues to maintain a laser-like focus on the healing and the after math
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of the devastation in nevada but that doesn't take away from the fact that there's questions, especially about as what you just laid out, the bump stock that was used in this assault on so many innocent lives in the nevada desert. we heard from sarah sanders not long ago. she said this as far as the administration's view of a possible ban. >> our focus, as we said the last couple days, has been on healing and uniting the country. the investigation still continues to be in very early stages. we know that both members of both parties in multiple organizations are planning to take a look at bump stocks and related devices. we welcome that. >> got to do it. have to take a very close look at it. we'll see how quickly congressional lawmakers can unpack something like that, shepard. >> shepard: kevin, the white house weighing in on the report that secretary of state rex tillerson threatened to resign and called the president a moron.
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the reporting is from carroll lee from nbc news. at a conference yesterday, secretary tillerson never considered quitting but he didn't defly he called the president a moron. he deny it a few hours later through a spokesman. here's the exchange. >> was the president upset that his secretary of state didn't deny calling him a moron in his public remarks yesterday? >> as the secretary state said, this is a petty ridiculous accusation. frankly i think it's beneath the secretary of state to weigh-in on every rumor out there. his spokesperson, however, did come out and clarify that the
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secretary of state has never used those words. >> shepard: back to kevin corke at the white house. kevin, carol lee is a well-respected journalist that says she has more than ten sources on the matter but the push-back is strong. >> here's more of what sarah sanders had to say about the president's accusation that this is another example of fake news. >> the president has a great frustration with the fact that a lot of times you have inaccurate information that is being presented as factual. a lot of times opinions are being presented as news and they're not. that is a real concern and something that should be looked at. >> have to be careful on this if you're sarah sanders. you never know what can also come out of the conversation especially when you talk about a reporter of the esteem of carol lee. >> shepard: the white house walking back comments from president trump. he told fox news he might have to wipe out puerto rico's tens
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of millions in debt to help recover from hurricane maria. but maybe not. kevin corke is at the white house. i don't know. there's confusion on this. >> yeah, there's confusion. as is often the case, the president will make a comment, but it's sort of off the cuff. does it equal policy? here again is sarah sanders on trying to make most sense, if she can, out of what the president said previously. >> right now, the primary focus is to provide relief to puerto rico and support in the rebuilding efforts. while we're still dealing with the immediate disaster, it isn't inappropriate to focus on the difficulties that puerto rico was dealing with before the storm. there's a process for how to deal with puerto rico's debt. it will have to go through that process to have a lasting recovery and growth. this is a process that was put in place and set up under obama. that has a board of advisers that deals with that debt and it will go through that process. >> i've been watching the back and forth on this, shepard, blake burman in particular. seems the president made a statement that had to be walked back. maybe his praise for what could happen doesn't line up with where the dollars may end up.
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shepard? >> kevin corke at the white house. "the washington post" is reporting that president trump plans to announce next week that he will de-certify the international nuclear deal with iran. >> "the washington post" says he will walk away from it. but it's more complicated. there's this review that was set up by law by senators corker and cardin. clearly what they want to do is make sure congress has a hand in this, shepard. so while he may decide to de-certi de-certify, doesn't mean that the united states is not a part. >> shepard: let's go to anna palmer from politco. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> shepard: a lot to get to here. this tillerson thing, you wonder under any circumstances specifically about this, a
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matter that is not in question by anybody. when tillerson is negotiating matters regarding north korea, the president tweets don't bother. we're going to do what has to be done. how can you continue -- i don't understand it. >> i think what we saw this week is kind of how this relationship and this dance between rex tillerson and the president has been evolving over the past several weeks if not months. you know, i think one of the big questions is does the president have confidence -- >> shepard: he says he does. >> he has said he does. the question is, result also didn't walk back to the fact that he called the president a moron or not. one of the big issues with this press conference, he was trying to say look, i'm on the america first agenda. i have america's back. it was not only a message to president trump but a message to these countries that i have to deal with on a daily basis. >> shepard: what do we make of the iran talk. if you back out of the deal, it's not like you can come up with a new deal.
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you had to get these countries together on this thing. without this deal, where are we? >> i think what we're seeing -- president trump when he was on the campaign trail railed at the deal of being bad. so they're trying to thread the needle saying they want to pull out of it. it's a process. so you know, it doesn't throw the whole deal and the world into chaos. he's trying to have it both ways. >> shepard: i read he might be trying to knock it down a peg and then lift it back up again. in other words, take credit for fixing something. >> right. my colleague wrote about this a couple days ago. basically saying exactly that. he wants to have this public statement that goes very aggressively but able to cobble together something with congress to come back and say, look, we're not going to pull out of it. >> shepard: what is the story for aid with puerto rico? is this a test of the winds on this matter or is it a trial balloon? i don't understand what is
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happening there either. >> listen, congress and the president said they're going to have the money they need when they need it. so far congress has had the money for texas and the different hurricanes this year and the flood insurance program. so i think the money will be there, but as far as what will happen with the puerto rican debt, clearly the president got ahead on wiping that away. the actual process is, you can't just wipe it away. >> shepard: the vice president is at j.b.a., joint base andrews. used to be andrews air force base. this is where vice presidents go before they head off places. he's going down to orlando and tour some of the hurricane damage down there. the funding of these disasters is going to be a real long-term challenge. the president talking about cutting taxes across the board, depending who you believe, adding a trillion dollars to the debt over time. now you have tens of billions in
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texas and tens of billions in florida and maybe more than that in puerto rico. it's daunting. >> absolutely. i think this is going to be on the scale of -- katrina is what people are talking about and how they judge that. it's so expensive. you see some of the conservative wing on the republican house side saying how are we going to pay for this? are we going to keep writing these checks and not actually balance the budget? as you continue to have funding and the need continues and the weeks and months as it goes forward, you'll start having conservative -- start to ask the question, where is this money coming from, how are we going to get to a tax cut situation, a tax package if we're continuing to write these checks. >> so movement not on gun control, but on regulating outside devices. some conservatives and republicans have come out in favor of taking a look at bump stocks. that's something that i personally never heard of before this. and now the nra saying yeah, you
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ought to look at it. is there an appetite for real gun control? we know this president was at one point a new york liberal. you winder if he won't migrate in that direction. >> this is the one area at best that you'll find if you're for gun control or gun control of this type that you'll find any kind of coalescing of people supporting it. you're not seeing anything on high capacity magazines. the nra even saying this is something that should be looked at. certainly -- i've covered some of these tragedies a long time. this is as much coalescing around one proactive thing that they could do in legislation that will happen. you have to remember 2018 election year, a lot of democrats that don't want this to be an election year issue. joe manchin, heidi heidcamp,
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that's not what they want to talk about it. >> shepard: okay. ahead, why investigators say the killer in las vegas may have had help. that's coming up from the fox news deck on a thursday afternoon. glad to have you in. this woman is laughing because she's listening
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first responders that rushed into harm's way and fired into a crowd of 22,000 people. they spoke about the challenges they face. trace gallagher once again from las vegas not far from where the shooting happened. trace? >> shep, there was a group of firefighters that was handling a car near mandalay bay before this started. they were on the scene within five seconds. they're saying within a few minutes, there was more than 100 firefighters on scene to hear their perspective is frightening and very fascinating. they were working this whole triage setup under fire. kind of like a battlefield. at one point in time, the radio traffic was so jumbled that the firefighters didn't really know where the shooting was coming from. they thought they were working with multiple shooters. then they said the feel of victims was almost a mile long. listen to this. >> they were laying in between the runways, trying to take cover. the areas are carved out between the runways and the taxiways.
12:17 pm
then we had reports of gun shots at the airport. another example of we had a lot on our hands. a lot we thought was escalating when it was really contained but we didn't know because of so many calls coming in. >> when he said on the runway of mccarran airport, he's talking about a mile from where we are right now. they pushed down the fences and ran to get away and ended up between the runways and the taxiways. it's phenomenal. the firefighters said they had rehearsed, training for this scenario for many years because they're a high target destination. shep? >> shepard: nothing specific, trace, on what appears to be other possible targets? >> well, we have definitely confirmed that stephen paddock did book a hotel room in chicago overlooking grant park in august during the lollapalooza concert that malia obama was in attendance there. the blackstone hotel released a statement. it says "on behalf of the blackstone, we can confirm there
12:18 pm
was no guest under the name who stayed at our hotel in august during the lollapalooza music festival. we can confirm a reservation was made under the name of stephen paddock. however, authorities have not confirmed that this is the same person as the las vegas shooter. we're cooperating with the authorities on that matter." now the chicago police have in fact confirmed this is the very same stephen paddock that did book that hotel at the blackstone overlooking lollapalooza. we should also note that he booked a hotel room at the mandalay bay and another concert called life is beautiful by chance the rapper. so we should also point out on the reports of the aviation fuel tanks, we just mentioned mccarron airport, the aviation fuel tanks were hit be some bullets. the las vegas review journal said he was targeting it.
12:19 pm
we don't have enough information to confirm that we don't have enough to rule it out. the bullets did hit the tank. were they bullets that were being randomly fired? possible. was it targeted? also possible. the sheriff last night in this astounding news conference made mention of a potential accomplice. he believes that stephen paddock did have an accomplice. otherwise, it would be a super human effort to pull off what he did alone. there are multiple reports saying in the days leading up to this attack at the mandalay bay hotel where he was gambling for hours and hours, he was with a woman that was not his girlfriend and now police are interested to find out who exactly that woman was with him in those days leading up to it, shep. >> shepard: lots of great information, trace. trace gallagher on scene. thanks again. a lot we still don't know about the las vegas gunman, stephen paddock. ahead we'll talk with a former
12:20 pm
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>> the number 2 official in the anybody says he's surprised that investigators have not learned more yet about what drove stephen paddock to commit mass murder. andrew mccabe said we have a lot of work to do. what is missing? what are the big misses pieces? >> there's no easy box to put paddock in. if an attack happens, it's an islamic attack or racially motivated attack. paddock didn't hit any of those trip wires.
12:24 pm
the investigators have to dig deep and figuring out what his motivation was, what caused him to do what he did. >> shepard: we know he's a millionaire real estate investor. he gambled a lot. if he blew all of his money gambling they would know that by now, wouldn't they? >> and they should. that's what the investigation will go. it will go into his financial background, goes into anybody he contacted. they need to go back to the first wife, the second wife, people he worked with. he seemed to have various different jobs, all good jobs, but different agencies and different jobs. they should go back to those co-workers and bosses to figure out what made this guy tick. >> shepard: there was a note. we don't know much about it. >> we don't. i think the las vegas metropolitan police have that note and they're not giving up anything on it. >> shepard: i wonder if they have -- police can withhold whatever they want in the course of an investigation. if there's something else they need to get to, they can withhold information.
12:25 pm
i wonder if they don't know about motive than what we're heari hearing? >> and they may. in an investigation, you don't want to tip your hat. investigators are going to hold the information they have to further their investigation without tipping their hand or letting people know that i may become a subject of an investigation. it doesn't do any good. >> shepard: is this idea that he was with a woman gambling before committing this attack someone who hasn't come forward, must realize wow, this is the guy i was with that night, you have to have questions for whoever that is. >> that's another question. in the course of the investigation, they need to talk to that woman. i don't know anything more. i just heard about it when you said it. that's something that can tell us how or what paddock was feeling. that's all part of the investigation. >> shepard: there's always a
12:26 pm
reason, right? i don't remember a matt attack where in the end no one can figure out why they did it. may not be a reasonable reason but there is usually a reason. >> right. yeah, always a reason. it may be one that nobody can agree with. person may be crazy. some of the things you said, maybe his financial situation turned bad. maybe the fact that he had been purchasing 33 weapons over the course of a year. he may have been planning this as far as a year and didn't hit any trip wires. >> shepard: thanks, jeffery. >> thank you. >> shepard: the white house says it's time for the senate intelligence committee to move on after the top republican says they're still looking into the possibility of collusion between moscow and the trump campaign. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: headlines from the fox news deck. u.s. officials say militants linked to al-quaida are likely to blame for an ambush that killed three green berets and wounded two others in africa. it happened in niger. according to the pentagon, u.s. special forces are will training and supporting the local military in their fight against extremists. traces of vx, the deadliest nerve agent were found on the clothes of women suspected of assassinating kim jong-un's half brother. that's according to a chemist that testified at their trial. the women complained agents tricked them they were thinking they were playing part in a hidden camera prank at a malaysian airport. one drop of vx is enough to kill you, a spanish court attempting to block catalonia from declaring independence. lawmakers in the northeastern region of spain are threatening to breakaway next week. there's been massive protests and fight with police in spain. the news continues next.
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12:32 pm
that the investigation into possible collusion between members of the trump campaign and the russian government is still going on. >> it's literally found zero evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. i think that the american people would like them to focus on some other things. i know that we certainly have said this all along and we're glad that as they continue this process they're coming to the same conclusion. >> shepard: they haven't come to that conclusion. this comes after the republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee said the possibility of collusion between russia and the trump campaign is still open. in other words, no conclusion. still open. several congressional committees and special counsel robert mueller are looking into the meddling into the election by russia and ties to team trump. catherine herridge is live in washington. catherine, the committee is asking for more documents. >> that's right. the senate intelligence committee asked for records documenting communications or
12:33 pm
contact with russians going back seven years, travel to russia, campaigns, e-mails or texts. a letter sent under the signature of the senate committee's republican chairman calls for the preservation of records, to include no editing, deletion, shredding or migration. >> the inquiry has expanded slightly. initial interviews and document review generated hundreds of additional requests on our part for information. it identified many leads that expanded our initial inquiry. >> a one-time foreign policy adviser carter page said the request mounted to a fishing
12:34 pm
expedition. he said there's some level of false testimony. the committee has given page until october 18 to comply. >> shepard: what do we know about this report that russian hackers stole sensitive information from an nsa contractor? >> we have had a statement from ben sasse on this reporting that was first done by the "wall street journal." the senator accused the nsa of putting their head in the sand over contracting problems. saying the nsa needs to get their hand out of the sand and solve the contractor problem. we can't afford these self-inflicted injuries. what we know independently through our own reporting is that there remains very deep concern about the conspiracy software and that it can be exploited by russian affiliated or russian backed hackers. we have lines out to the nsa for commenting by the reporting that hackers working for the russian government stole details about the u.s. cyber tactics including
12:35 pm
how we get inside foreign computer networks and defend against cyber attacks. the classified material according to the "wall street journal" was removed and placed on a contractor's home computer. that is a major violation there. and that computer used this conspiracy anti-virus software. last month you probably remember the acting secretary of hope land secretary elaine duke gave agencies to wipe conspiracy software from their systems. officials have not discussed the evidence. the order shows the evidence was deemed credible and significant. current and former government officials told fox news the real concern is that conspiracy executives have ties to the russian military and the intelligence agencies. though the company denies those connections, shep. >> shepard: so they stole spy tools. that's not a new thing. >> if you think back in the last six months, we had a similar situation with the cia and their cyber tools involving
12:36 pm
contractors. what i would say is that these are serious situations but to a certain extent, you need to think about the cyber tools. like when you buy milk at the store. they have a best buy date. the lifetime is typically 12 to 18 months. when you have a breach or a theft, part of the feeling in the intelligence community is they're going to expire in the short to medium term. but the breach of taking it home is avoidable and self-inflicted. >> thanks catherine herridge. tom, thanks for being here. there's one person that says this is fake news, and that's the president. the russians meddled with our election is not a matter that is in dispute. what are they continuing to do and what will they do next? do we have an idea about what is happening? >> it's fascinating. you look at that press
12:37 pm
conference yesterday with senators burr and warner. there's two directions. it's looking back at what happened in the campaign and trying to decide whether there was some collusion. that is an open question right now. it's also looking forward. right? we're at the precipice of another campaign here, the 2018 mid-terms. so this is -- it's a huge expansive investigation going on right now. multiple probes going on. you know, every time you get facebook comes out, reveals ads. every one of those things offers more for them to look into. that's what burr and warner said yesterday. they're expanding slightly. >> shepard: it's one thing burr around warner. there's a bigger thing going on and that is mueller. whatever mueller is doing, it's not leaking. he has an army of prosecutors. it's very clear the direction he's going in, isn't it? >> yeah. based on everything we know and
12:38 pm
we've seen, there's an intense interest on financial statements, financial investigations. those are the experts that he's brought on as you point out. it's a pretty lock down investigation. a credit to them there. there's no leaking in this town at least. >> shepard: they're following the money. >> exactly. you know, that's really the big one. like these congressional probes are going to find things. it's a weird dynamic. on one hand, we kind of rely on the congressional probes publicly to find out what is going on. that's really your best chance at finding something. there's an assumption and a pretty good possibility if mueller turns up nothing that we don't see anything. as a standard practice in the justice community. >> shepard: it appear what's muler is going after is financial transaction. whether money changed hands between one party and another, if it did, what that transfer of
12:39 pm
money was about. what services were rendered. is that fair? >> absolutely. that is based on the experts they have hired on that team, absolutely. that seems to be where it is right now. we're heading into a precarious moment for the white house. they're starting to bring in white house officials, current and former officials for interviews with mueller's team. you know, this is -- it's when it gets real. look back to the president's tweet earlier today where he says, why isn't the intelligence committee investigating fake news? he tends to react to what is happening. here this is lapping at his door step, lapping at the front of the oval office, this is getting serious. >> shepard: things that don't make sense. if you have done nothing and you wonder if people around you have, things that are as illegal as conspiring with another government to change the course of human events in our nation, i mean you would think what you would do is open the door and
12:40 pm
say please, come find out anything that went wrong. that's not what this white house is doing. >> remember, there's a great reporting by ken vogel, "the new york times." incredible sit-down next to ty cobb and john dowd, that's a fight inside the legal team. you have don mcgann, the white house counsel. he doesn't want to set a precedent of turning over things you don't have to. the flip side is ty cobb, the president's personal counsel that says no, we should be totally cooperative and try to get as much to them as possible. nothing happened is what they say. therefore this should be over soon. but the flip side of that, as you point out, this is a special counsel investigation. this could go any number of directions. >> shepard: tom lobianco, nice
12:41 pm
to see you. thank you. >> thanks. >> shepard: president trump's tax plan passing major hurdle today. the house of representatives approved a budget frame work that gives senate republicans the power to pass a tax bill with 50 votes instead of the 60 you normally need. they also have the power to pass a healthcare bill but didn't manage to get it done. our season capitol hill producer, chad pergram reports if the house had not approved this budget frame work, the republican tax plan probably would have been dead like immediately. mike emanuel has more. are they optimistic up there now, mike? >> yeah, they seem more hopeful. if you needed 60 yes votes in order to do tax reform, that would have given democrats tremendous leverage. you only have 52 republicans. so bottom line, they wanted to pass this budget frame work with the tax reform language in it in order to get that done. that was a point the house
12:42 pm
speaker made on the house floor earlier today. >> there's one more thing that this budget does that is so important. it paves the way for historic tax reform. unlocks the reconciliation process. we need to pass this budget so that we can deliver real relief for middle income families. >> mitch mcconnell is selling this as a once in a generation opportunity to fix a broken tax code. shep? >> shepard: what are democrats saying about the budget frame work passing? >> top democrat on the house budget committee is blasting it. he says this is not about delivering conservative principles in terms of cutting deficits and debt. he says this is about using senate rules to ram through giant tax give away to the wealthy and corporations. the house democratic leader ripped it as well. >> this is really -- i use this words from time to time and so appropriate -- pathetic.
12:43 pm
this budget that they're putting forth combined with their tax proposal will add around $2.4, nearly $2.5 trillion to the national debt. >> all house democrats and 18 house republicans voted against it. it still had enough votes to pass. shep? >> mike emanuel live at the rotunda. thanks a lot. the u.s. is bracing for another potential hurricane this weekend. right now it's a tropical storm. the name is nate headed into the gulf and generally, as you can see there, generally towards louisiana, south mississippi, lower alabama. forecasters say it could gain some strength. don't expect a monster category five. nothing like that. but rain, oh, the rain is coming. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen?
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>> shepard: weeks after major storms caused so much destruction in texas, florida and puerto rico and beyond, the
12:47 pm
gulf coast is bracing for another possible hurricane. tropical storm nate is making its way to the gulf of mexico. forecasters say it could strengthen and make landfall as a hurricane this weekend. as you can see, the cone of uncertainty anywhere from eastern louisiana all of south mississippi and parts of lower alabama. even into the florida panhandle. let's go to rick reichmuth. what do you think? >> right now central america is taking a wallop from this. a lot of moisture and mountainous terrain across here. because of that, we'll see some significant flooding. the center of this is over land right now. no strengthening going. it will move back out across parts of the western caribbean and make a second landfall before getting back to the gulf. that's where we'll see more strengthening. short term, shepard, a lot of moisture for central america. some spots,20 inches. that will cause landslides and
12:48 pm
local flooding here. >> rick, what should people across the gulf be prepared for now? >> so a lot of our models are keeping this kind of a strong tropical storm. a couple of models getting it towards hurricane strength. none of the models making this a major hurricane, which is a very important thing to note. october, still an active time, especially for the gulf and the caribbean. we're going to see rain here. but it's moving so fast, the rainfall totals will be kept down a little bit. probably 4 to 8 inches range. it will cause some flooding. the bigger question is when do we get going once it's back out over the gulf. the gulf is plenty warm at this time. there's likely wind shear to break this thing apart. the two models we rely on most, good agreement here, somewhere around louisiana, maybe over towards mississippi or the alabama coastline. because of that, our cone is actually narrow at this point. a lot of the modelling pretty good agreement. whether we get to the hurricane status or not remains to be
12:49 pm
seen. we'll have a strong tropical storm here across parts of the gulf. that's saturday night into sunday. weekend a bad weekend. we'll see the localized flooding there and avoid any kind of a major hurricane from this one, shep. >> shepard: hope so. thanks, rick. we're learning more about the las vegas gunman's girlfriend. her lawyer speaking now after hours of fbi questioning. we'll have that next.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
>> shepard: the girlfriend of the gunman that killed 58 people
12:53 pm
in las vegas this week says she had no idea that he was planning the massacre. that's according to her attorney. the lawyer read a statement to a crowd outside fbi head quarters in l.a. after agents questioned her for hours. her name is marilou danley. she said the killer sent her to the philippines where she had family and she was out of the country for more than two weeks. william la jeunesse in the west coast news hub this afternoon. william? >> investigators hoped that danley would tell us why. a quiet millionaire would suddenly shoot 58 people. she didn't. she said that paddock sent her a cheap ticket and sent her to the philippines as a gift. as for the $100,000 that followed, she thought it was good-bye money that paddock was ending their relationship. at no time did she know what he was going to do here's danley's attorney reading her statement. >> i knew stephen paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man. he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something
12:54 pm
horrible like this was going to happen. >> still danley's help remains crucial in rebuilding his life, mental health, what he bought and when he bought it. another possible lead that the fbi has said they have not had a problem accessing paddock's electronic files, computer and phone that could corroborate her story. >> shepard: thank you, william. the unlv football players will be wearing a special helmet to honor the victims of the shooting. the school tweeted this photo. the players to wear this helmet this saturday and through the end of the season. the campus from unlv is a few miles from the shooting. unlv announced that saturday night's game against san diego state will be called hero's night. the pregame ceremony is to honor the victims and first responders of the day. we'll be back with a look at when the world's most famous secret agent first showed up on
12:55 pm
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right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. >> shepard: the astronauts on the international space station have performed a hand transplant. the patients a giant robotic arm. it's a 58-foot arm that helps grab incoming space craft. one of the two hands malfunctioned a couple months ago and astronauts out installing a new one so the arm can grab a supply ship scheduled for next month. on this day in 1962, the very first james bond movie premiered. "dr. no" debuted in london based on a book by ian fleming. sean connerry was the first oo7. the first sophisticated supply
12:59 pm
with the taste for dry martinis and gadgets. this all happened 55 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. another incredible day on the dow. we have a lot of financial people that work in this building. not on the floors where we are. one explained to us yesterday, the prices and the earnings and -- i'm look no. is it going up or down? he was like if i knew that, i wouldn't be here. today the answer is up. it's up also half a point. the s&p is up. so is the russell and everything is up. why is it all up? because cavuto is in charge. when neil cavuto is in charge, everything always goes up. "your world" with neil cavuto is next on the network america trusts for news and information on cable. this is fox news channel.
1:00 pm
>> neil: all right. indeed stocks are up across the board. all the major averages running a long year, the s&p, the dow and the nasdaq. this is something that we haven't seen in 20 years. we'll have more on that in a second. we might have gotten a push to this with speaker paul ryan wrapping up remarks earlier on in maryland where he was actually pushing for tax cuts. the house approved a budget sort of plan of their own that they're kicking to the senate to come up with their own. in the course of his remarks, besides pushing for tax cuts that look like a better thing, he did talk about the need to look into this bump stock mechanism that could allow a


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