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tv   Fox News Tonight  FOX News  October 5, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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i speak for a lot of people in this audience. thank you for the great work. >> sean: amazing people. we are out of time. full investigation tomorrow. we will see you back tomorrow night. >> brian: brian kilmeade is nex. >> brian: hi, everyone. i am brian kilmeade. welcome to "fox news tonight." incredible news and details about the las vegas tutor, stephen paddock and once he did in the days leading up to the worst mass shooting in modern history. he also scouted areas in boston as well as chicago before unleashing his attack in las vegas. we told you about the dry run the week before. terrifying, right? let's bring in from las vegas someone who's been covering this story from the beginning. let's gather the information that has changed this case considerably. what does that mean that he looked at boston and chicago?
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>> the police say this is presurveillance. he could have been looking for an ultimate site. the boston stuff, he did research into venues like fenway park and other places but never went there. and chicago, a little more in depth. the police have confirmed he booked a reservation at a hotel called the black stone. by grant park in chicago. where the lollapalooza festival was. he booked a hotel and asked for a room that overlooked the park. it was the exact dates of lollapalooza. the time that malia obama was there. he made the reservation but he never followed up. you were talking about the dry run the week before. that's when he booked a reservation at a hotel in downtown las vegas. it happened exactly one week before the shooting happened. there was something called the "life is beautiful" concert in downtown las vegas. he booked a hotel. the same set up. a room overlooking the park. it's unclear whether or not he
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was in the hotel when the concert was going on but very frightening to think he was laying some groundwork. there's clearly developing a pattern of surveillance in this pattern of potential alternate sites to go after. >> brian: we have that in the shooting site. what makes no sense, what's with the car? all the explosives in the car? it's a part of the would-be escape plan? it's pretty clear that thought he could survive this attack. have you heard any theories about that? >> we haven't. we just know what is in the car. the valet, the mandalay bay -- we know it had 1600 rounds of ammunition, ammonium nitrate, it's one of the key ingredients for a bomb. it's what tim mcveigh used in the okemos city bombing years ago. they also found yesterday and revealed to us 50 pounds of tannerite. the theory is, he was using this
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somewhere or going to use us somewhere as a car bomb. the question was where? if it was a getaway car, what was the plan? why would you explode something but talking to these experts, we have 50 pounds of tannerite. ammonium nitrate. all this ammunition. this thing could blow. if it was in the garage of mandalay bay, significant damage done to a hotel. not enough to bring down the hotel but significant damage. was it a diversion? was he planning -- some were thinking up with the explosives by the aviation food fuel tanks. bullet holes were found in the fuel tanks. bullet marks. it did not pierce. a lot of experts say he did not have the firepower to pierce those because they have double metal walls. may be put the car by the fuel tanks, somewhere else, right now it's unclear but there was enough explosives to do a great deal of damage. >> brian: trace, if you don't think there's anything to them, knock them down.
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he was on some type of antianxiety like valium. psychotropic drugs. >> he was. he was on valium and antianxiety drugs. some would say the reason it's pertinent is because it goes to his mental state. valium can sometimes make you act irrational. valium can make you irritable or bring out the worst qualities in you. some are considering that as a potential factor for his mental stability. and then the reports that nbc came out with tonight, when his girlfriend marilou danley was talking with the fbi for five and a half hours, everything she told the fbi that he did, she thought, have some mental issues here. the mental issues being that he would lay in bed and moan and scream things like god, save me. weird things like that. she said this went on for a
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while. we don't know when that was happening. was it happening in the weeks prior to the attack? in the months prior to the attack? a lot of unknowns about what his mental state was at the time. >> brian: we will talk to to terror experts to get some analysis but last thing, about this other woman. was there another woman with him and could that be part of the reason why he sent the other woman out to the philippines? confirmation on that? >> it's a great theory, brian. a lot of people have speculated and all we can do is tell you the facts. we learned of the run-up in of the shooting, he was gambling up to 7-8 hours of time. maybe a couple times a day. spending tens of thousands of dollars in high stake rooms for video poker. a lot of people saw him in there and he was drinking and so forth. there were reports he was with a female companion. we don't know who the female companion was. we know it was not his girlfriend. whether or not he got rid of the
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girlfriend so he could hang out with this other woman, we don't know because right now, police have not tracked her down. they are actively trying to track this woman down. so far, we don't know anything more. they are checking surveillance video inside the mandalay bay and as you know, brian better than anybody, is nobody's got better surveillance than vegas casinos. they've got cameras on the air. they knew exactly what this woman looks like. >> brian: we saw the receipts. if there was a second person, we will find out from the person that went into this room. trace, thank you so much. great case. anything else before i let you go? i know you will never talk to me again because i wore you out. anything else you want to bring out? >> i will tell you this, as we've looked at this whole thing, we are talking tonight with the attorney general of nevada. we were talking about how the sheriff came out and said he believes that this person did not act alone.
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but stephen paddock did not act alone. they attorney general was trying to explain to us -- i did a report on tucker carlson's show. the attorney general rent on the record and said he believes this shooter had an accomplice in the attorney general's problem with that was he said that but he didn't really mean that. she had been up for three days and did not quite mean that. with the attorney general is saying in this instance is we don't really know if he had an accomplice. there's a lot a lot of work that went into this. he wasn't physically that strong. for someone to pull this off would be astonishing. the they kind of backpedaled saying we don't have any evidence. not a single clue that links him or leave him to somebody else who actually helped him -- as a go forward, you can see the police backpedaling a little bit. this whole theory that may be something to make somebody help
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them with this. >> brian: sheriff lombardo has not had much sleep. trace, thank you so much. awesome job. 7 minutes into the hour. let's do some analysis and bring in -- mike, you think a profile is emerging of a terrorist. >> what we are seeing is a guy who just decided if, in fact, reports are true that he went through all of the different spots -- he wasn't going after one group, he was looking for sites of opportunity, he was trying to bring as much carnage as possible. for a whole host of reasons. didn't think he was confident enough to get the weapons up to the room, could not have gotten the ammunition. there's so many things here that just are contradictory. the car.
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he's got explosives in the car. ammunition in the car. was he trying to make an improvised vehicle explosive device? >> brian: with that in the range of fire where he could have turned around and blow up the car causing a car bomb? >> or if you were to escape, could he penetrate into the building or another crowd? was this a suicide pact at the end of the game? blades of glory, suicide by cop? there's so many inconsistencies. >> brian: buck, we find out his two neighbors have spoken out and they don't want to give their names. they said they looked at him is of a reclusive weirdo. another neighbor said he would occasionally work out early in the mornings but never even look at us or say hello. >> it seems like it was a cycle half was hiding his severe mental illness for a long time. it would fit in with a lot of what we do know. as for what we don't know, the issue of motive. was he a psychopath with
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political motivation? i know people have been looking to this specific case in thinking is it's similar in some ways to the steve scalise shooting in alexandria, virginia? >> brian: the guy that lived in a health club and his car? >> going after conservatives specifically. the only connection to that, the only way to draw the parallel is because he went after country music setting. perhaps he was going after trump supporters. given we see this additional area, looking at possible dry runs, did he want to just find the most advantageous position for maximum carnage? the look political motive is no longer there. you're just dealing with the mass murder psychopath. i don't think we're going to find a political motive. >> brian: imagine what we were saying if it was the september concert that was suffering this concert. it was mostly wrapped concert. people would say race has a lot to do with it.
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jumping to the wrong conclusions, it would be devastating. >> when you study these type of cases, political motivation is a mostly a subset because it takes so much psychosis to go in and do this indiscriminate killing. the plan -- this obsessive-compulsive planning for this period of time, think about what his day was like to assemble these weapons. >> brian: days. >> days and days. the big question is what happened around him? was he that isolated? or are we that insulated not to see this guy, a man with an immense of weapons. >> brian: we should have been able to stop this, people saying in congress. gray area. when you look at the guns, the assemblage and when the shooting started, i don't see a security system that would have stopped it. i don't see anybody saying look out for the guy who's going to bust a hole in a window and take
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a machine gun to an outdoor concert. i never remember seeing that but international terror talks about this. they talk about las vegas being a target and isis has doubled down today. this is our guy. >> there were no red flags that went up against this individual. the circumstance, there was nothing else they could have been done. given the meticulous way of planning, he'd had a pretty good tradecraft in trying to prepare for mass murder. if he left him note, we would have seen it at this point in time. it's somewhat unusual -- for their news agency online to claim an attack that is not actually there. it happened a few times. >> brian: not that much, though. >> in this instance, to double down and give a specific month for when they say he radicalized, it's 1 of 2 things. the biggest surprise imaginable in this kind of a case.
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one in 10,000 shot at this point. or you have the islamic state so on its heels and on the defensive that they are desperate for the attention and they are trying to latch onto something that has nothing to do with them and sacrifice credibility in the process. >> brian: they had a terrible two months. they were annihilated in iraq. blown out of syria. we don't like what they left in syria. assad in charge. they have to establish credibility and after the canadian attack with the isis flag and what happened in france multiple times in five times in england, maybe they think hitting america would establish them with their terror group. >> they don't have a physical to caliphate. they have to be able to spread their message. so far, they've never had anything like this. they've not been successful on this scale at all. maybe the truck attack in france. this type of operational planning, for them to take credit like this without any information, it seems beyond the
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pale. >> brian: every night that i've done this show and even in the morning show, i'm used to getting updates either right before or during the show. today, not much. what is hopefully about the investigation? that they regret being so transparent or have things slow down? >> there and may not be that much for them to find. based on the age, 64 years old, he probably was not that active on social media. the footprint -- that's the quick stuff. they can pull all of your different accounts and files off-line. that will give a really good sense of who is this person. who is he talking to? what is network? given how careful he was in the preparation, he might have been very careful about not letting anybody with no what was going on. >> brian: they were talking with cruise lines to know where he was over the last few years. that's evidently what he liked to do. would you look at that? >> absolutely.
7:15 pm
where he spent the last couple years. you might have seen signs of that. what's happening now is people are questioning, how is it, this long into the investigation and because of all the cameras, we want to know minute by minute what he's doing. >> brian: we are saying we don't know? >> maybe they know. here's what's happening here. they have too much information. there may be too many pieces of evidence that they are still putting together. very concerned about prejudging the end of this. some folks were surprised they came out so early in the investigation because even if that was the case, why wouldn't he hold back a little bit and let the evidence take you where it should take you? >> brian: do you know what's interesting, what mike just said? we thought that was part of the obama administration's philosophy. let's say no terror activity. that goes to show you that the intelligence community speaking first.
7:16 pm
>> usually in cases, there is some media outlets that will look like an incident like this and say we may never know them out of even when the motive is blatantly obvious in the first few hours. i haven't heard that many outlets saying we may never know the motive here. that might be the first time this is true. >> brian: thank you so much. we will be doing this again. meanwhile at next, a congresswoman who has been in las vegas all day. the insider information and he's going to tell us what he's allowed to tell us without losing his top-secret clearance. don't go anywhere. this is "fox news tonight." i'm going on facebook live on the break. still, watch the commercials. when you have a cold stuff happens. shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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>> brian: we are following this story to see if he has another accomplice. multiple reports of state investigators have revealed that he had someone else with him. a mysterious relationship, but we don't know. here to update us the best he can, congressman rhonda santos. he's been in las vegas all day getting top-secret briefings. he's trying to get to the bottom of all this and try to get that information back into washington. a lot of this has been around gun control.
7:21 pm
thank you for the quality time. i know it is about 7:20:00 p.m. there. >> i tell you, brian. we've done a lot of oversight over different homegrown radicalization. terrorist attacks in the united states. what happened in europe. i would say talking with the folks i've talked to, the lack of clear evidence indicating any type of motive at this point makes this attack much different than the other attacks we have seen. there still has not been a scribe of his electronic devices, his phone. that's going to happen and hopefully -- there is not an obvious social media footprint but not everyone uses their name. he may have had some type of pseudonym. if and when they discovered the device, that may come out. i think something happened with this guy, over the past six months. we have to find out.
7:22 pm
the islamic state claims credit for this immediately after it happened. they are obviously on the ropes. you can't trust everything they say but i can tell you on our committee when we look at these attacks, when they do claim it, it tends to be the case. there've been one or two where it wasn't the case. his brother had not talked to him in six months. what happened over the last six months? that's the question they are trying to answer. they have not answered it yet. >> brian: so, they got to him within the last six months? that's part of what they said but we've seen no evidence of that. we find it strange when people rule something out. where logic -- people would say how could you rule that out so quick? >> what they said was we don't have evidence to substantiate what the islamic state said. i don't think they have evidence to disprove it yet.
7:23 pm
i think they are still trying to figure out what happened to this guide to motivate him to do this. not just to commit a horrible act of violence. obviously he did that but with such meditation and planning. you don't do that willy-nilly. >> brian: we saw the horror in newtown. we talk about the responsibility of gun owners. we remember in orlando, allah akbar. he did this, it destroys the lives of so many. the san bernardino, christmas party. the whole controversy with the iphone. bin laden, we knew who to focus our anger on. we don't know where to focus our anger on yet. so we've been focusing on guns. is that the wrong thing to do or is this the perfect time, congressman? >> it's a perfect time to get into a legislative debate because we don't know, atf is looking at all the firearms.
7:24 pm
we don't know if you manipulated any of the firearms. that's all going to be done. some have seen some of the photos. they have different judges they can make about that. let's get the facts and you can deal with that in due time. i think what people are really focused on, the people i talked to here -- a lot of people just have the question of why did he do this and what could he have done? could there be anything to be done to prevent something like this? we knew -- there were signs with omar martin. in this case, we have you have to see those signs. we have yet to find that out. >> brian: this whole bump stock thing, the device to allow a semiautomatic to become an automatic. there seems to be bipartisan support to get rid of that and make it illegal.
7:25 pm
as a rhonda support that? >> i want to get more facts. the nra put out a statement saying does this convert something to an automatic? there's pretty clear statutes on how an automatic weapon is treated under our law. i can tell you it's not anything i ever did when i was in the military, to bump fire stuff. there's a whole bunch of ways you can do that apart from just getting -- i think we need to get the facts. a lot of the democrats coming out don't know anything about firearms. and had never even heard of this before this week and now they want to do it. i think nancy pelosi said we want to do way more than this. i think on their side of the aisle, i am skeptical of their motive. >> brian: she said it's a slippery slope. good, not even being the good coy game. congressman desantis, thank you so much. thanks so much.
7:26 pm
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>> brian: president trump is receiving bipartisan praise for his handling of multiple handling of catastrophes. in the massacre. we are still seen garbage like this on our tv screen. >> the name calling situation with the president, do you have any regret? >> no. what i say? i want to hear you say it. >> you called him a bomb. >> that's not name-calling. he's a bomb bum.
7:31 pm
he's a bum. >> this man is disconnected from reality. >> go tell melania to put on her flood heels, get some bottled water, some food, pack up some extra atlanta falcons for both t-shirts and write them a check with our money, you cheap cracker. >> they laughed and they cheered. maybe we should listen to one of the victims of the las vegas shooting who met with the president while in a hospital bed. >> did he offer you words of comfort? >> she was super nice. he wasn't rude. he was much more comforting. >> brian: joining us now, until very recently, the press secretary and vice to back what is your reaction to that? >> it's not surprising, brian.
7:32 pm
i saw study came out recently that came measured the positivity and negativity of the media and when it involves truck president trump, it's more than three times the amount of negative coverage that president barack obama had received. >> brian: what is it like when he wants president trump watching television and they get personal customer he knows joe scarborough. he knows them personally. that's when you get so angry. it's the people that know him that he feels their personal attacks are so unwarranted and damaging. am i correct? >> it's also not who he is. one of my favorite moments from the campaign was when the president and vice president as candidates went down to baton rouge to visit many of the people who had been victimized by the flood down there. they come across a house with the couple -- an older couple whose home had been destroyed. the president asked.
7:33 pm
and he said he didn't really know if he had him in it. he looked at him and put his hand on his shoulder and said you're going to rebuild. a few months later as vice president, we went back down to baton rouge and he had rebuilt. that's the kind of inspiration that the president can provide. we see it in louisiana. in texas. in florida. puerto rico. now most recently in las vegas. that's the man that many of us had it gotten a chance to work around him. that's the one we see. it's really not what you see portrayed. >> brian: marc, i am kind of worried because the next president, is it going to be okay to call him a bum or a cracker? it's going to be okay to get laughed afterward. a lack of decorum that was not around with james madison or fdr or teddy roosevelt. you should not be an -- you really should respect the office paid we've loss that respect.
7:34 pm
>> absolutely true. prior to me joining the administration, i had the chance to speak to high school students or college students in their government classes paired when they found out i had worked on the mccain-palin campaign in the state of indiana, they often asked me what would i say if i had a chance to meet president obama? my reaction was the same. i would extend my right hand and say it's an honor to meet you, mr. president. that's the country we live and whether or not we have disagreements on policy or courses of action. there still needs to be reference for people who are willing to put their names on the ballot and step up and lead our nation, our cities. it states. regardless of the politics and even if we agree with their decision. there still an amount of respect that they are. >> brian: policy aside, rich people don't necessarily like president trump. even though he's a rich person. who had a dad who was very successful but not opulent. he became a billionaire.
7:35 pm
his dad was a multimillionaire. congratulations. the people he relates best to you and thrives with either blue-collar. the everyday person who feels as though they have a guy that understands him. how do you figure that and have you seen that? >> absolutely. we see it every day. at the president has a remarkable ability to communicate with people all across america. especially those who feel like they have been forgotten for so many years. the reason why the big blue ball cracked was because many people in those states that they had been left behind by democratic leadership, democratic parties, they were more focused on saying it's okay if your jobs get outsourced, it's okay if your paychecks aren't growing as much. president trump came along and said no, it's not okay. we need to put american workers first. america first. bringing our jobs back and what they are seeing now is a president who is backing that up and working with congress and pushing congress to do exactly what we were elected to do which is create jobs, lower taxes,
7:36 pm
repeal and replace obamacare, and restore america's place as a leader in the world. >> brian: how do you think he could lower the volume and intensity at all? his tweets are direct, exactly what he thinks. maybe it fuels the fire a little bit. could he over the course of the next three years de-escalate in that way" the the temperature? >> president trump is his own man. we've seen it throughout the course of history, presidents have used new ways to communicate with people. fdr with his fireside chats, president reagan using television. the oval office address so brilliantly. the president has an ability to reach directly to the people and tell him what is on his mind. they respond to men that way. >> brian: the stock market is up. trade deficit is down. the economic signs are strong. a lot of people aren't paying attention to the soap opera going on between -- in the war
7:37 pm
that exists between washington, hollywood and the president. that's bad news for the late-night hose. last thing, when he was hosting different shows and different advents, he treated the four managers and makeup artists and audio people with his company and with this company the same way he treated the host. in everyday quality to him. people wanted to be around him. i don't think enough people see that side of him. >> what you're saying seeing if that is coming out. through these recent disasters. these national tragedies. as the president is going out and talking about tax reform and getting people's taxes. the president is a man who can relate to everyday americans and he relates to american people because he can feel the needs, be aspirational. he can communicate with them in a way that resonates. i think the more people see that, the more they will get behind his program to make america great again. >> brian: marc lauder, you let us know what's going on the
7:38 pm
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called president obama's iran nuclear deal the worst deal ever negotiated during the campaign and many agreed even when it was released. "the washington post" is reporting the president is expected to decertify the accord next week. he's gotten when he went every 30-90 days. john roberts says the president has not made any decisions about the deal. here is sarah huckabee sanders, about six hours ago. >> the main focus he has had has been a comprehensive strategy on how to deal with iran. that is what he wanted his team to put in place. i think you will see that announced in short order and that will be a comprehensive strategy with a competent team him supporting the effort. >> brian: major decisions have to be decided by this president quickly. time to open up the doctor gorka folder. time to talk to sebastian gorka. you know this deal very well. before you can join the trump team. your thoughts about what the
7:43 pm
president is going to do. that is easiest just get out, is it? there's a downside because they've got everything -- everything first. their money, sanctions lifted. they were welcomed into the international community. >> the bottom line is, brian, the iran deal did not stop at iran getting the bomb. this is the biggest gaping wound of this deal. we gave billions and billions of dollars under the obama regime. they continue to behave badly. i was in the white house in the oval the day we recertified. we had key members of the cabinet, myself and steve bannon. it was only me, steve, and the president against recertification. the president was not happy. he was not happy that he was being told by his key cabinet members we have to recertify because they were not ones he
7:44 pm
believed in. >> brian: dr. gorka, i know mcmaster says he wants to stay in. he liked the agreement but he thinks tactically it's better to stay in. a few others. it's not as easy as getting out because they've got some money to get in and they've not been caught red-handed so to speak. we can't say here's your satellite photo, you're cheating. in my right or or am i wrong? >> it's kind of an absurd situation. this deal is so bad that when they are caught red-handed, having too many centrifuges or too much heavy water, they are allowed to rectify, given a month to fixed it. it's like the bank robber robbing the bank and the police calls the bank and says we will pick there in a couple of hours. make sure you are not breaking any rules. it's insanity. it's like monty python. the last nail the coffin, there's a clause, a section that has to allow the iaea, the
7:45 pm
national atomic inspectors to look at their military side. they just denied them and they said we don't care, we are not going to let you access these sites. that's why the president has to decertify. >> brian: i was just told today that secretary of state kerry was told that if terror was going to be included, they would have to stop at at the tr activities. and they said okay, the talks are over. and they said wait a second, we will stay in it. look at all the sacrifices we made to stand out deal. we turned the other way when syria, when they rose up in syria and tried to overthrow assad. we did not do anything. when the iranian people rose up, we did not even give a vote of support for those looking for some voting rights and legitimate rights inside the very educated country. we gave up a whole middle east influence in order to get this deal. when the deal was put in front of the senate, 42 senators voted
7:46 pm
yes. 58 senators voted no. do you know who voted no? chuck schumer, senator menendez, and joe mansion. are they going to actually criticize this president now? he didn't like it when president obama proposed that but now you're going to get upset if president trump a lot of it? >> the most absurd thing of all, when the obama administration, when secretary carrie -- they tried to convince the american people that unless we sign the deal, we have to go to war with iran. the insanity, if we don't send us a piece of paper, we have to bomb iran? this deal was signed at the same time that iran is listed by the state department as the largest state-sponsored terrorism. we gave them billions. there is a d.c. metro police officer who is in prison now because he gave more thought he was giving $500 phthisis
7:47 pm
phthisis and supporting them. we gave more than 100000000000 out of taxpayer funds are funds that had been frozen. that's caused supporting terrorism. >> brian: the iranian news agency taped it. on the airstrip and in iran. it was shrink-wrapped and delivered right to the iranian regime, evil at the day is long. unbelievable. dr. gorka, we will see with the president is going to because it's not an easy decision. the rest of our allies are not going along with us. maybe france. sebastian gorka, thanks so much. many on the left are ready to shred the second amendment but what does the supreme court have to say about that and keeping your arms? we've got the best of the business to break down the second amendment and the regulations put on it for the last century and the sentry.
7:48 pm
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>> brian: i'm sure you've been noticing many democrats are in a frenzy over the second amendment after the shooting on sunday.
7:52 pm
but stripping people of the right to bear arms -- joining us from washington, supreme court extraordinary reporter and wonderful anchors shannon bream who is also the host of the upcoming show which is named "fox news at night," that's the way shannon wants it. it begins october 30th. if you don't mind, by the way congratulations. i am in full support of this move. >> are you going to stay up late? right now you're working 24 hours a day. >> brian: right. i can't work my dvr. shannon, i thought about you because people are talking about the amendments and what has to be done. can you bring us through what we got? >> there's been legislative and judicial action over the second amendment many times but the deal with what the supreme court says right now, over the last ten years or so -- individuals do have a right to own guns.
7:53 pm
this isn't about a militia or the military, that kind of thing. when i first started covering the courts, one of the craziest things, you run out and try to figure out what it says. and to tell everyone in ten seconds. we had this big gun case back in 2008. as i looked down, running out of the court, i could see it was authored by justice antonin scalia. to tell me everything about the keller case. back in 2008, it took a very important step same basically there is an individual right for you to own guns. d.c. is where the case came from. they had some really restrictive stuff that basically -- you can have a gun but had to have locks and you couldn't handle it this way or that way. the court found it basically amounted to a band and that was not cool. this court, the highest court in the country, there is a second amendment right for you to own a gun. >> brian: true. but a lot of people want to restrict that right and do things like what we have done before and say an assault weapon ban. how does that work and where did it go?
7:54 pm
>> it's not without restrictions. even justice scalia who was a big hunter and second amendment proponent himself, even he said yes, there can be reasonable restrictions on this. it would be interesting to see what he would think of this current day. there've been some follow-up cases that have dealt with some of these other issues. a lot of people think it's time for the supreme court to take up some of those things. we had an assault weapon ban in place for a lot of years. gun advocates -- basically taking gun that's legal but changing something the way it operated but the way it looked, it looked scarier. the evidence that came out following that band was really mixed. some gun crimes went down, others went up. kind of a wash according to the study. another big case coming to the supreme court will be about whether or not you can carry. that's been a hot issue. the court takes both votes.
7:55 pm
and last term, they essentially made it impossible in some areas to actually carry a gun outside their home in california. a huge dissent. watch those. >> brian: into weeks, you will wrap me up after i've wrapped you up. thank you so much. look forward to the show. we will be back in a moment. i h. four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. your rates won't go up just because of an accident. we see their hunger. their courage. we see their dreams. we see the things that built our nation. and we wonder, what would happen if everyone had equal access to education? what would they discover? what new worlds would they build? that's why we built a university for everyone.
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8:00 pm
he is live in las vegas, he's been breaking this story. don't miss a minute. always remember, fox news tonight. we'll be live for at least three more weeks. ♪ >> stephen paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life. much of which will never be fully understood. >> trace: undergoes the investigation trying to unravel the twisted mind of a mass killer. investigators working feverishly to piece together the baffling clues behind the las vegas massacre and what they have uncovered so far is chilling. good evening, everyone, i am trace gallagher. we are live in las vegas. tonight, we know a bit more about the man who opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers near the vegas trip on sunday evening. investigat


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