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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 6, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ rob: a very long week, a rough week. heather: thank you as always for joining us. we start with the deadly plot which is thickening is authorities uncovered disturbing details about the maniac behind the las vegas massacre. rob: he may have been planning attacks in other cities. heather: new details about other locations he has scouted. >> reporter: a couple other cities including chicago. we learned stephen paddock did book hotel rooms at the blackstone hotel as the festival was going on, a huge music festival, tens of thousands of people from all over the world. he never showed up for that reservation. we also learned he scouted,
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looked up near fenway and boston, he never actually booked any rooms but more information is still coming out. a couple days ago, stephen paddock booked hotel rooms at another hotel in las vegas, the life is beautiful concert was going on in those rooms overlooking that venue. this leaves you with any questions including was he targeting other cities? did it just not work out? was he targeting the root 91 festival? questions we still don't have answers to at this point. police revealing new details about what was found in his car at the mandalay bay hotel. 1600 rounds of ammunition in his car in addition to ammonium nitrate and that leaves you with questions, the biggest one, what was he planning to do with his vehicle. listen to one expert's opinion. >> he has explosives in the car,
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ammunition in the car. would he try to make and it provides vehicle expose of the vice? drive and penetrate into your building, set that off. was this a suicide pact? at the end of the game a blaze of glory, suicide by cop? so many inconsistencies continue to emerge. >> reporter: there are more questions than answers, people are getting frustrated it is taking so long. police have so much evidence to go through. we are hearing of the reports including the fact that mandalay bay -- we are hearing reports he was seen with another woman in the days leading up to this. who was that woman? where was she? have police and able to question her? those are major questions. heather: we are getting some idea who we was and what he was thinking, thanks so much. rob: so-called bump stocks like
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the ones used by the las vegas shooter to murder 58 people in a matter of minutes are now in the crosshairs of capitol hill. heather: for some democrats outright ban on the gun accessory would not be enough. griff jenkins joins us with more on that aspect of the story. >> reporter: for most americans and members of congress you never heard of these stocks. there is shoulder stock devices that allows you to turn semi automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons capable of firing hundreds of rounds per minute, designed for people with disabilities and legal for purchase and used by the las vegas shooter. now there is a growing chorus of bipartisan calls to ban these gun modifiers, donald trump says let's take a look. >> looking into that. >> reporter: the national rifle association who traditionally opposes any kind of gun restrictions is calling for the atf to review whether these
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comply with federal law but executive director chris cox stopped short of calling for a ban until the review is done. >> we didn't talk about banning anything. we talked about atf reviewing whether these were in compliance with federal law and if not let's look at working together, figuring out a way to address this moving forward. >> reporter: paul ryan wants to look at this issue but for some democrats like house minority leader nancy pelosi, simply banning the bump stocks doesn't go far enough. >> i don't think this should be a substitute for the background check. the background check -- there are many things members want to do. how do we save the most lives? >> reporter: senator dianne feinstein is the only member of congress to introduce legislation in the senate. it has pretty cosponsors with republicans supporting it. expect to hear a lot more about
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it. rob: we appreciate it. the topic become is where do these come from? no one knew about them. heather: i didn't know about. we had some experts on "fox and friends" first talking about how easy it is for people to get the material needed to make them themselves, democrats are calling for the ban on bump stocks, the rifle modifiers were greenlighted by the obama administration, newt gingrich says the obama administration was a disaster from the beginning. >> in terms of public safety, particularly in chicago, it is staggering we never had a national debate, the failure of
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the system, all of whom are african-american and black lives matter care about black lives, what i really targeted would have been southside chicago and the terrible death rate that occurs there. we can't have an open honest conversation about these practical problems. rob: we are talking 2015-2016, a 58% increase, both of that southside happening, african-american neighborhoods, 487 to 769. where was president obama on that when it led to this? atf was under the obama administration allowing bump stocks to come on the market and be sold to people and if there's that much outrage among democrats and they want to go so
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far with banning weapons where were they on bump stocks? heather: mike baker brought this up when this happened at the beginning of the week which seems so long ago. the nra is firing back at the left for politicizing the vegas shooting. >> the other side has been so out right politicizing this tragedy we felt the need to speak out on this bump stock issue. for years i have tried to correct the media on semi automatics wednesday said they were fully automatic firearms, dianne feinstein and the rest said they were machine guns. for years i set the record straight. heather: we were talking about this off-camera. fully automatic weapons are illegal, it would seem to follow
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the anything that could make a semi automatic fully automatic would be illegal as well. rob: whoever would approve this to turn semi automatic weapons into something more powerful, you can shoot 500 people in ten minutes. heather: more news, a serial killer, this is growing by the hour, a small town where three women are dead and the fourth missing, the fbi investigating the three deaths. and two of them on the same day, on the street, the body was found six weeks later, announcing the connection. rob: the ambush that killed three american green berets, the pentagon says there was no us surveillance drones overhead
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before or during the joint training mission in the nation of niger, despite the us having drone bases inside that country. two other special forces soldiers, al qaeda is suspected of carrying out this attack. heather: the accused chelsea bomber doing a bombing trial run in his own backyards. allegedly showing him like a new jersey home. setting off bombs in manhattan and the charity run in new jersey. >> another and as a contractor may be responsible for losing national secrets which according to the wall street journal, resin-based hackers stole highly sensitive government documents in 2015 through the popular antivirus software on home computer. the contractor was not
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authorized to store the data but is facing prosecution. the third contractor to compromise and as a secret including ed snowden's in 2013. >> donald trump about to take major action after a meeting with military leaders. >> the calm before the storm. >> what storm? >> you will find out. >> military priorities defeating isis and stopping north korea and iran, getting nuclear weapons. rob: extreme weather, state of emergency declared in louisiana and florida as people braced for another possible hurricane coming up this weekend. heather: tropical storm nate
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already to blame for death across central america as it moves towards the golf. janice dean tracking the storm, not again. >> not a lot of time to prepare. in southeast louisiana, mississippi, alabama, florida panhandle you need to make preparations, completing them today because tropical storm nate is on its way, this is a fast mover, that is the good news, it is not going to linger but it is possibly going to make a hurricane as it makes landfall across southeast louisiana, mississippi, alabama, florida panhandle. the cone of uncertainty go anywhere in that area and beyond is where we could see hurricane force windss, tropical storm force winds heavy rainfall, hurricane force wind gusts and storm surge, tropical models are in very good agreement, the water is warm across the gulf of mexico, we have to prepare, complete those preparations, we will keep you up-to-date on the possibility of hurricane nate on the gulf coast.
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>> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and no criminal record, no digital footprint and so far las vegas police have no motive. >> stephen maddock living a secret life, much of which would never be fully understood. >> our next guest, tracking criminals and terrorists all around the world and takes us inside the investigation. >> the major insurance company no longer covering one of the most popular painkillers. >> you think by negative? >> all you do is nag me. the bathroom is a mess, you should go work out. heather: two hours of arguing. a lot more on the new study that says it isn't always happily ever after. if you are married you want to hear this. ♪
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heather: forget century city, california is the first sanctuary state. governor gerri brown defying the trump administration by signing a bill that prevents law enforcement from asking people about their immigration status and taking part in federal enforcement efforts, the law comes despite the promise of justice's fred to withdraw federal funding to all st. mary's cities. canada asked for them and they are getting refugees in record numbers, 13,000 people have illegally poured over the us canadian border seeking asylum this year. 6000 in august. those numbers are five times the number of stops by canadian border authorities during all of
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last year. rob: no criminal history and no online footprint. how do investigators piece together stephen paddock's motives? the question everybody wants answered. mike baker, thanks for coming on this morning. are we going to find a motive? is this going to just be the psychopath who wants to see people diet has no motive? >> enormously frustrating for folks who want the answer immediately. they want a specific reason. it allows you to put it into a box. it is horrific but maybe i can understand why. the problem is you got to let the investigation go through its paces, build these things on fact and that takes time. investigators, there are hundreds of them working this case, they are looking at everything related to paddock's financial background, looking at
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his bank account, the ins and outs, every transaction, credit card activity, investments, anybody who had any contact no matter how irrelevant it may seem or how minor it may be, talking to every individual who came into his orbit, finds that woman at the casino with them. rob: maybe there is something there. >> there may be something there. piecing this together over time, look to the degree you can at any social media. any letters he has written, phone calls, they have got computers. rob: they have gone through that stuff. do you think there's something they are not telling us? >> they know more than they are releasing to the public, that is standard. in an investigation your obligation is to do the investigation properly, not keep the public fully informed or the media fully informed. heidi heitkamp 7 is there an
2:19 am
answer they haven't revealed? >> that would be speculation and speculation is not helpful. do they know more than they are telling us? definitely. is there a reason for that? there may be looking at charges or worried about other people in the path, people they want as cooperative witnesses. this is one of those moments, there wasn't isis flag found in the car or specific ramblings on social media. people want that answer but need to understand. rob: you said it might be very underwhelming, the answer might be he is crazy, he wanted to watch people die. >> it could be. that could be at exactly. maybe unsatisfying isn't the word but the idea of people
2:20 am
wants to process something this horrible and understand why. at the end of the day that why may not be satisfying and may not close the door. people want to go, don't have the answer, they want a conspiracy theory. rob: they are flying around like crazy. >> best thing you can do a step back, have sympathy and support for the victims and let the investigators do their work. rob: hopefully we get some answer but maybe we will not. heather: it is 20 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump calls the iran nuclear agreement the worst deal ever made in american history. can the good negotiator in chief get iran on board with a new agreement? our next guest says it is an uphill battle. and if you plan on spending your weekend bench watching shows like stranger things get ready
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[ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. rob: foxbusiness alert, parents check the toy box, something in there might choke your child. >> reporter: this is a pretty big recall, toys "r quote us is recalling this ball that could cause a child to choke. what you are seeing on screen could break off, end up in a child's mouth and caused them to choke. there have been no reports of that happening. if you have one of those toys you will get a refund.
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rob: netflix making so many tv shows they need more money. >> they have to compete with hbo and amazon. if you plan on watching stranger things it will cost a little more. they are raising the price for the first time in two years. it will go up one dollar to $10.99 a month for one of their subscriptions, going up to dollars to $13.99 for a premium subsumption and if you have the basic $7.99 subscription that stays the same so you will see that increase. >> costco and amazon facing off with new delivery systems or services. >> this might change the way you shop, very similar to amazon pantry, you will purchase nonperishable items like cereal, canned goods from costco's website. they are doing something else,
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you will be able to shop for groceries and have them delivered that day through their other service available from certain stores. amazon testing their own delivery service. this could bring more amazon prime products, they will pick up the items directly from third-party sellers and ship them to you cutting out fedex and ups. rob: that is where so much of their money goes. heather: will you get it quicker? it is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. one man with seconds to spare making a decision to save lives during the las vegas massacre. >> hope we don't have to do it anymore. rob: one on one with man being
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rob: brand-new video, it is scary, of the las vegas massacre is the hunt for answers and testifies. heather: police focusing on the cold-blooded killer's past revealing the gunman may have been plotting and even larger attack. rob: live team coverage in las vegas, claudia cowan with details. >> reporter: five days later no known motive but investigators uncovered chilling evidence that has them talking to law enforcement officials in other cities where they believe the gunman, stephen paddock may have been scoping out other music festivals.
2:31 am
he reserved the hotel room overlooking the lollapalooza concert. he didn't check-in but there is additional evidence he was looking at motels near fenway park in boston and two weekends ago in las vegas he booked a room at the hotel overlooking another music festival. whether that was his original tiger a pre-surveillance or he had a grudge against music fans we don't know. officials say we don't know about the twisted mind of stephen paddock. >> he has virtually no footprint. he does not fit the profile of what we expected an incident like this, that makes it baffling, 44-year-old man who lives in rural nevada. you expect something like this. >> reporter: frightening video shows concertgoers running for their lives, firefighters happened to be passing that venue when the first shots were
2:32 am
fired. >> picking up dispatch, reports of gunfire, there is a lot of gunfire. now we do. this is that fast. >> reporter: along with a massive arsenal of weapons, ammo and bomb making material officials have revealed paddock may have had an escape plan and are not ruling out the possibility he had an accomplice, suggesting he be some kind of superman if he pulled this off alone. the coroner released the identity of all the people who died sunday night, 36 women and 22 men. the oldest victim, 67 years old, the youngest just 20. rob: thank you. heather: dozens of terrified concertgoers running for their lives. we have seen a video, nowhere to go until a veteran working as a security guard made a split-second decision to save
2:33 am
their lives. rob: the interview you won't see anywhere else. >> reporter: after tragedies like this there are always stories of heroes, police officers or everyday civilians but sometimes those heroes emerge in the most unlikely places. the broken windows at mandalay bay a constant reminder what happened that night, the concert venue a football distance from where i am here at sam's aviation facility, thousands ran from there, some came here. there was one man working and he had a few seconds to make a decision to save people's lives. >> 100 some people here, had to have enough room for them. what was the theme like inside this room? >> a lot of people were obviously upset and injured. i had a lot of people who lost loved ones that were separated. >> reporter: we saw a photo
2:34 am
online of a woman leaning against a wall in this corner. people were everywhere. >> imagine 100 people crying and weeping and confused, administered first aid kits, got some water. >> reporter: you were the only one here initially. >> the only one here, i drove by the venue to get to work. my officer before me -- i was sitting down doing payroll and heard initial pop pop pop. i thought there were pyrotechnics, fireworks going off. then i heard a round of magazine going off. almost like flashbacks when i was in the military, the 82nd airborne, first time i heard gunfire like that, ran upstairs to get a better vantage point to
2:35 am
see what was going on. heather: you were by yourself when this happened. you had literally seconds to make a decision to help these people, save their lives. what is that like? >> i just retired from the military four years ago. a couple days before i retired we had an active suture -- shooter situation going on. i knew what i had to do. >> reporter: is an emotional? >> a little bit. at first, kicking in the old military actions, know how to react. >> reporter: you are emotional right now. have you spoken about it? >> i talked to my kids about it. had a lot of people from all over the country, from new york, florida, california, texas calling me up, were you there? they keep saying stuff follows you. i was in new york for 9/11. >> reporter: how do you feel
2:36 am
about what you did? >> hopefully i made people comfortable and maybe saved some lives. i feel grateful i had the opportunity to work here and make sure everybody was safe. >> reporter: you are a good man. >> appreciate it. heather: what an amazing person. we spoke to a man named paul gilchrist, senior vice president, i asked him would you ever imagine a scenario where your facility would be used for something like this, he said absolutely not. he said how proud he is of his staff. we cannot have had a better ending, they were able to help so many people, an incredible story. heather: so many stories like that coming out and more will continue to develop. rob: donald trump reportedly planning to abandon the iran
2:37 am
nuclear deal. heather: what happens then? here to weigh in, fred, thank you for joining us this morning. the white house has not confirmed the president plans to make this declaration of noncertification on the nuclear deal but the president said iran is not lived up to the spirit of the agreement. what do you think he will do and what should he do? >> there's a lot going on and it is time for moral clarity by the president. he called this the worst deal ever and an embarrassment to the united states and i think he is right. he would like to withdraw from the agreement. senior advisers wanted to stay in so they invented a so-called middle ground in that the president won't certified the agreement to congress but will stay in the agreement to fix it later and add sanctions. unless hr mcmaster who is pushing this option has a magic spell to hip size the radiant into giving back the huge concessions they extracted from
2:38 am
john kerry and improve this agreement this is an option to make sure we never withdraw. my hope is he completely withdraws, planned in advance by ambassador john bolton. rob: that is where the confusion comes in. you have got well respected people like defense secretary matus, the senate committee, you should stay in this thing of the president saying something else. a lot of people who voted for donald trump see him as a great delegator of responsibility and he hired matus. the confusion is not helping anything. let's see if that poll to show you this is a polling voters in general and you see it is all over the place, 38% of polls
2:39 am
support, 26%, a quarter of the people have no idea what to do now. what do you make of that? >> it is very confusing. the foreign policy establishment does not want the us to back out of the deal because they are worried about offending the europeans. europe does not have a veto over us foreign policy or a veto over decisions of the president of the united states. if it is an embarrassment to the united states the president should withdraw, maybe congress will pass tough sanctions and make it better. we are learning congress won't do that. heather: secretary matus will not kowtow to what people in europe think is best. why is it best to stay in the deal? that is a question people have.
2:40 am
>> there was fake news on cnn that matus suddenly turned on the president, false. matus said in his confirmation hearing he wanted the us to stay in. matus is siding with foreign policy establishment that loves agreement and doesn't like to withdraw from them, just wrong. heather: they are not complying with the deal to begin with. >> that is an important point. not allowing inspections of military facilities. this is a major violation proponents of the deal don't want to talk about. heather: it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. a mother tossed behind bars for choosing to vaccinate her child but is that the decision to make? >> torched to a new generation of leaders. rob: democrats have a pretty big divide.
2:41 am
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>> an insurance giant stepping up to fight the opioid epidemic, will no longer cover most oxycontin prescriptions starting january 1st next year. and said the company is turning to a different painkiller designed to prevent abuse. cigna will consider oxycontin if a doctor believes it is necessary for a particular person. the cdc says 91 americans die every day from opioid overdoses. >> nfl star facing backlash after making what some call sexist comments towards a female
2:45 am
reporter. >> funny to hear a female talk about routes. it is funny. heather: cam newton losing his sponsorship deal and is apologizing for those comments. >> i realize the joke is on me. i learned a valuable lesson from this. >> another of his sponsors, gatorade is working with him but strongly condemned his remarks. he was joking. nfl players dropping to their knees during the national anthem and that is dropping nfl ratings. 30% of fans say they are watching less football most of them blaming the protests according to a new university poll which found 45% of fans disapprove of the kneeling forcing many of them to boycott.
2:46 am
rob: pass the torch, that is the message from house democrats demanding fresh leadership in their party. >> time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders and i want to be part of that transition and see that happen. >> linda sanchez aimed at democratic minority leader nancy pelosi, nancy pelosi's leadership has been under fire following the democrat's disastrous loss in 2016. we will be right back. so was your doctor's appointment at a steakhouse?
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>> i take full responsibility for my actions.
2:50 am
it was not my intent to disrespect your honor or disobey the court's orders. i stand here today scared and vulnerable baking the court to understand i'm not a lazy parent. heather: a mother refusing to vaccinate her son, put behind bars, sentenced for ignoring a court order but she said she was just practicing her religious freedom. who is in the right here? let's debated with former criminal defense attorney emily caballo and attorney jesse weber. thank you for joining us. i will start with an obvious question, who is in the right? >> michigan is one of 20 states that allows religious and personal exemptions for vaccinations but that is not at issue. it is important for viewers to understand this is not a case of religious freedom for vaccination. it is this mother signed the court order agreeing she would vaccinate her child in a
2:51 am
custodial battle. she is being held in contempt not because she's refusing to vaccinate her child but because she's refusing to comply with the signed court order. heather: state impacted in different ways, 47 states with religious exemptions of which michigan is one. 18 states with personal exemptions of which michigan is one. states with no exemptions, there are only three and michigan isn't part of that. what do you think? >> this is an issue about the court order but not so simple, just because she disobeyed and order. that doesn't mean she is in the wrong. the initial agreement she had with her husband was to vaccinate person but spread the vaccinations out, delays. her concern was to group the vaccinations together it it is her argument grouping them together goes against her religious beliefs and she has every right under michigan law to not vaccinate her child under
2:52 am
those standards and did what you are supposed to do which is take the required classes about dangers of not vaccinating your child before you get that exemption. heather: her son is 9 years old. does it matter if she took the class you are mentioning before or after the agreement where she agreed to vaccinate the child? >> she already signed that. which she should have done, modify the agreement, get modification. her grounds for doing so i just, you have religious exemption but you can't go against a court order, that is where she was in the wrong. >> she is a primary caregiver in this situation, how does that impact the court's decision? >> that is why the court is weighing this so heavily. the custodial battle in which the vaccination agreement was crucial to the course awarding her primary custody, it is important they are weighing this
2:53 am
so heavily and classes, that is under her right but not necessarily required so here she has the ability to move forward with this. she argues my attorney finds in the eyes of the court the same thing whether it is the attorney or you so arguing it is without her knowledge and a host of other issues about malpractice but important to know when you sign on that line it is ironclad. heather: people watching this case, how could this impact other cases? >> there is no constitutional protected right to a religious exemption but in the dialogue, in the beginning of this evil thing stage of the law we have to see where it goes. not so much about religious exemption but if you get ordered by court to do something you better follow or get in trouble. heather: how will it impact
2:54 am
moving forward? >> the take away is courts are loath to go back on an agreement. for viewers to take away anything, way these things heavily before you sign on that line. heather: a lot of discussion about vaccinations, whether they should be required, whether they are healthy for the child. thank you for joining us, appreciate it, have a great day. it is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. every marriage has its moments for better and for worse. >> what is terrible about learning to do the mamba? everyone does it now. >> everybody does it? >> i don't mean everybody. heather: the brand-new study that says it is not always happily ever after once you say i do. one dollar margaritas the deal you don't want to pass up, those details next. ♪ you laugh when you lie
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financial advisor can do for you.
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums ♪ it's a beautiful night ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ i just want to be here. rob: call out one of the producers of this wonderful program thinks this is her favorite song. this song. can you imagine? heather: after this week it is good to be thankful for
2:59 am
your life. it has been quite a week. rob: it has been quite a week. that is true. we are happy it is friday. it's time forked good, the bad and the ugly. get ready for a month of margaritas, applebee's offering dollar itas a dollar all day not just happy hour. that's a good deal. heather: up next the bad, the mom and daughter hauling pot. booking the duo on drug trafficking charges after finding $500,000 worth of marijuana in the toyota camry. rob: a lot of the weed. what if bliss may not be all that it appears? >> i don't care. i'm done. >> what? >> i'm done. i don't deserve. this i really do not deserve. this. rob: according to a study from the university of maryland only 60% of couples are happily married that's down from 68% in the early 70's. heather: i don't believe that. rob: happiest marriages
3:00 am
couples who spend time at religious centers, have extreme political views or consider themselves upper class maybe money does buy happiness. it has been a long week. we hope can you enjoy your weekend. heather: yeah. "fox & friends" starts now. bye-bye. >> the gunman mind the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history may have plotted to kill others with a car bomb. >> chicago police told fox news it believes paddock booked two rooms at this hotel overlooking the music festival this summer. another reported location, boston. >> members of both parties are looking to take action on bump stocks. add on devices that make semiautomatic weapons more deadly. [shouting] >> we will get that that over the next short period of time. >> that's what we want to prevent for someone to be able to fire 400, 500, 800 rounds per minute. >> nra came out


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